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How A Suppressive Person Becomes One


Ron Miscavige Jr and I once compared notes on our experiences with his brother David Miscavige.  Ronnie told me that it seemed his entire childhood consisted of completing fights that David Miscavige had begun and ran to him to finish.  My response to Ronnie was, “well that pretty much sums up my entire adult life.”

As will be made crystal clear in the material I am now working on, if there was one thing David Miscavige was expert and consistent at it was making enemies; and particularly enemies for Scientology.  The process always began through his obsession with assigning evil motives to others. I have never met a person who was so quick to declare others as evil, to obsess on the alleged evil nature of others, and then to treat them as evil.

I think it behooves us to recognize that David Miscavige is not inherently evil.   In fact, that is a lesson Miscavige failed to learn about others that lead him into his current state of being.

It is a lesson very clearly taught by L Ron Hubbard in the lecture of 2 Aug 1966, Suppressives and GAE’s (Gross Auditing Errors):

It might interest you how an SP comes about.
He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you 
can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all 
in. He’s been a bad boy.
Now, the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switching valences. He 
had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into 
that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is, he’s a bad boy. 
Man is basically good, but he mocks up evil valences and then gets 
into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad. The other 
fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad,” see? And eventually he got 
this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other 
fellow, see, in a valence shift or a personality – whole complete 
package of personality – and there he is. And so he’s now an evil 
fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like 
the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into 
The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve 
what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or 
postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the 
declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t it interesting?
When you take all of the furniture polish off, and all the cast iron 
and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s 
very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s 
very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a 
mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as 
Scientology at all – you’d wreck the whole universe – if that truth 
wasn’t a truth, and it is a truth.
It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you 
All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to 
another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got 
into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he 
started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired 
of him, something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident – 
after which time never advanced.
Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is 
composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle 
incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s 
being actively attacked by other beings, and he is stuck on the 
track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, 
is more real than present time.