How A Suppressive Person Becomes One


Ron Miscavige Jr and I once compared notes on our experiences with his brother David Miscavige.  Ronnie told me that it seemed his entire childhood consisted of completing fights that David Miscavige had begun and ran to him to finish.  My response to Ronnie was, “well that pretty much sums up my entire adult life.”

As will be made crystal clear in the material I am now working on, if there was one thing David Miscavige was expert and consistent at it was making enemies; and particularly enemies for Scientology.  The process always began through his obsession with assigning evil motives to others. I have never met a person who was so quick to declare others as evil, to obsess on the alleged evil nature of others, and then to treat them as evil.

I think it behooves us to recognize that David Miscavige is not inherently evil.   In fact, that is a lesson Miscavige failed to learn about others that lead him into his current state of being.

It is a lesson very clearly taught by L Ron Hubbard in the lecture of 2 Aug 1966, Suppressives and GAE’s (Gross Auditing Errors):

It might interest you how an SP comes about.
He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you 
can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all 
in. He’s been a bad boy.
Now, the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switching valences. He 
had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into 
that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is, he’s a bad boy. 
Man is basically good, but he mocks up evil valences and then gets 
into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad. The other 
fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad,” see? And eventually he got 
this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other 
fellow, see, in a valence shift or a personality – whole complete 
package of personality – and there he is. And so he’s now an evil 
fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like 
the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into 
The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve 
what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or 
postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the 
declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t it interesting?
When you take all of the furniture polish off, and all the cast iron 
and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s 
very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s 
very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a 
mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as 
Scientology at all – you’d wreck the whole universe – if that truth 
wasn’t a truth, and it is a truth.
It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you 
All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to 
another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got 
into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he 
started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired 
of him, something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident – 
after which time never advanced.
Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is 
composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle 
incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s 
being actively attacked by other beings, and he is stuck on the 
track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, 
is more real than present time.


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  1. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Always good to keep in mind.
    Too bad no one can get near enough to DAVID MISCAVIGE to run Power Process on him.

  3. InternetHatMachine

    Hi. Not a scientologist, Anon here, but this explains so many prominent Republicans.

  4. Dave got stuck in an incident back on the track where he was under attack but had others fight his fight, while he was busily ripping off their hats, beating them up, unstabilizing and destroying his defenders and accusing everybody indiscriminately in being evil. All that while destroying a workable technology of helping people.

  5. haydn (T Paine)

    Fascinating, Marty, totally fascinating that David Miscavige continuously assigns evil motives to others when L. Ron Hubbard warned against doing that very thing in a taped lecture: The Conduct and Attitude of Scientology. Its a fantastic lecture on the Organization Executive Course which states: (and I paraphrase) “Don’t assign evil intent to others, if you do you will start a war. That’s how wars start. Someone does something, an evil intention is assigned to it as motive for having done it, such requires a response, you have war.”

    All further proof that what David Miscavige does is the exact reverse of Scientology.

  6. And many other politicians in general, from both sides of the aisle. It is definitely not confined to one party. They each have gems and bad seeds.

  7. Excellent reference and spot-on.

  8. “David Miscavige is not inherently evil”. Maybe not – the concept of an evil thetan doesn’t fit…. in any case the ASSIGNMENT of evil as in “Joe Blow is evil” is arrogant and dangerous I believe, as only God/Supreme Being can make such judgements. But if one is defined by one’s ACTIONS, then David Miscavige is surely as close as it gets.

  9. This applies too in my opinion:


    One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

    He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

    “One is Evil – It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

    “The other is Good – It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

    “The one you feed,” the old Cherokee answered.

    (Author unknown)


  10. If you think about it, we’ve practically got DAVID MISCAVIGE right where we want him.

    He’s been spotted and recognized for the whole track SP that he is. He is contained and basically hiding within a rapidly disintegrating cult which practically nobody will come near and from which many are bailing and then stepping forward publicly to report his crimes.

    The only thing better would be fully removing him from power. But, I think that’s coming pretty quickly.

    As of January 1st, 2012, it became much harder for registrars to continue slaughtering parishioner bank accounts for empty cathedrals and for ruining cases with altered tech.

    I tell you, the dust hasn’t even BEGUN to settle since Debbie’s email exploded within the bunker. I have to believe many are gearing up to withdraw at present. I also have to believe that the pillow talk going on right now amongst on-lines public and even staff is reaching a fever pitch.

    It takes massive energy and resources to fool the world.

    It takes only a light sentence or two to tell the truth.

  11. Non-scientologist, interested bystander here. I became interested because men like miscavage facinate me.

    I have always agreed with basic goodness as a theological point, and that evil is an absence and not an actual thing. But “man is basically good” is also dangerous in the hands of a manipulator, because it allows them to (1 justify themselves and (2,condemn the actions and choices of another individual. Ie: I am a good person, and I am not being good, so it must be someone else’s fault. If YOU had not done X everything would be okay.

    The denial of personal responsability for one’s actions always makes deep spiritual truths into something dangerous. And failing to grow a conscience (or more likely, searing ones own conscience shut) does not and will never make bad choices okay.

    Also? And I know you know this, but it badly needs to be said: no matter how obvious the might have been good is, or how needy the terrified little boy, people like this WILL. NEVER. CHANGE. The denial of personal responsability has become such a critical part of thier persona, and manipulation such a habit, that a true change for the veterans is almost impossible. If a man like him offers a hug, in other words, check both hands for a knife.

    And I know that most people who read this blog already know this, but abuse of any sort tends to have the same effect on the individual reguardless. I don’t know your jargon for it. The secular name is codependancy. You become dependant on both the abuse, whatever the abuser is using, be it drugs or whatever, AND to the idea of saving them from themselves. Which you can’t do. Ever. Only they can do it and then, only when they want to. And barring a deep crisis, they will never want to.

  12. Excellent quote Marty.

    And the Radical Church of Scientology is increasingly being made in the image of David Miscavige.

    They keep creating more and more enemies and it is like watching a massive pile up on the freeway as they just keep plowing into the back of the pile, apparently utterly oblivious of the wrecks that have gone before them. They wrong target everything. They make out the problem is the media, but they continuously fire off footbullets that results in more and more media and making disbelievers, if not out enemies out of the media themselves.

    See yesterday’s “Ship of Shame” piece on Channel 9 Australia. I commented on the church response yesterday and now today they have managed to CREATE another story and rehashed everything that was said yesterday. Yesterday the reporters were sort of incredulous and a bit dismissive of the church. Today the reporter, responding to Virginia’s idiotic line that this is just a small group of people coordinating an attack (and therefore they should be ignored or not believed) has the perfect come back. Now he is overtly antagonistic and says to her, well, maybe they ARE coordinated because they are trying to expose the abuses.

    You hear this line in the church – “Ooooh, they went to the media, they should have handled it on church lines, nothing justifies going to the media….” It’s a pretty good line: it allows the church to do damage control and squash any internal dissent that anyone is stupid enough to voice (see how far you get writing a report on Miscavige to IJC – you will be pulled in and sec checked by CMO/RTC/OSA within days and then threatened with disconnection for being “disaffected”) and on the other hand, if someone DOES escape the compound and the thought stopping and decide that the abuses have to stop and they go anywhere other than to the prison guards, they are immediately the subject of character assassination and strange claims about plots and cabals to “destroy the church for personal gain” or “take over the church” and what they say is internally D/A’d with “they went to the media. Therefore they are SP. Therefore they are lying.”

    But this is getting tired. One by one the sockpuppets who spout POB’s dictated lines are losing any credibility. Virginia Stewart is just about done. It’s pretty clear to everyone in the United States that there is no “church spokesman” here any longer. It’s bunker mentality and the best they can do is send letters (most media reportedly get NO response at all). ANZO is a bit behind the times. But this may be the last you see of Virginia Stewart. No doubt Miscavige has been loudly proclaiming what a fuck up she is and that she is just like Karin Pouw and Tommy and Heber and Rinder and everyone else. That he is the ONLY ONE that could do a proper interview with the media, but he “doesn’t have time” [read “is terrified of what they might ask”].

    One final thought – Debbie Cook’s email had an unintended benefit. The sockpuppets and OSA people are now telling the public Debbie has been expelled and declared. It is a wonderful D/A to “it should have been handled internally.” She tried to keep this out of the media and even had her email taken down by the Village Voice. Look what “trying to handle it internally” got her. It will shake up that stable datum with a lot of people.

  13. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for another pertinent and informative write-up and LRH reference.

    It leaves me curious as to how POB (DAVID MISCAVIGE) reacts to and processes this while reading the truth about his own condition. I guess he can’t though because he’s not in present time.

  14. John, liked the two wolves story. Those still involved continue to feed the evil wolf.

  15. I imagine seeing every person I meet as having some evil motive in what they say, what they do, why they’re even here – that’s so solid and low toned and introverting as hell even just to imagine.
    I’m sure I’d need much liquor or drugs to gain some kind of release from that boulder of mass sitting on my head. I think I’d like to get away, take a scuba trip or dine in a fine restaurant in Paris – but the people there are bound to hurt me somehow. Maybe they’ll piss in my wine or spit in my food.
    I’d always need the upper hand, so that even my BFF wouldn’t dare hurt me, as I know is his deep-seated wish is to do so. Keep a collection of ammunition gained from priest/penitent files just in case they attack. See, that proves they’re all evil, doesn’t it?
    I can just imagine this down to the solid boulder with just the tiniest crack or sliver to peer through. A boulder of confusion where even that sliver is crooked and skewed.
    That is madness.

  16. Tom Gallagher


    I think your points about the ongoing implosion are spot on and demonstrated by the phone call this morning from the Cincinnati Org to my sister inviting her to the Grand Opening of the new Idle Morgue on February 11. No doubt they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel as she had emailed the PES last year stating that POB is an SP! They’re probably going to have to photo shop the cheering crowd. HA!

  17. Mother of Grendel

    Not just the RCS, but also the members (adherents) it has left. Friendship, camaraderie – forget romance – with RCS adherents are a thing of the past: there is no real communication, sharing of reality, affinity – just a mindless “agreement” on PoB’s latest command intention and a circling of the wagons against his enemies. So sad.

  18. Marty, excellent quote. It is very interesting to know that even David Miscavige’s brother Mr. Ronny Miscavige has nothing good to say about his own brother.

    Mike, very revealing comment! Especially your observation on Debbie supposedly being declared an SP etc. although she was trying to stay out of the press and handle the situation “internally”…

  19. Great reference, Marty and great analysis on the PR and state of David Miscavige’s “union”. The ridiculous lines of Virginia Stewart’s response is in this YT:

  20. I will accept that David Miscavige is basically good when he is no longer in a position of power. Give him a post where he is solely responsible for the production and where he cannot manipulate others into doing the work, have him produce good products on his own steam, and then maybe I’ll cut him a break. What I don’t want to see is the Church allowing him to “retire” in luxury. He really doesn’t deserve that and wouldn’t do anything to rehabilitate him.

  21. Random Stranger

    David Miscavige’s Personal List of Evil:

    1) People with eyes

    2) Trees

    3) Grass

    4) People with heads

    5) Noise

    6) People with brains

    7) Ants

    8) Molecules

    9) Air

    10) People with cameras

    11) People with a thetan

    12) Everyone

    13) Non-Tom Cruise people

    14) Taller people

    15) Midgets

    16) Anyone with a better suit

    17) Dwarfs

    18) Men with bigger you know whats

    19) Anyone alive

    20) People

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Thank You for voicing some of the things that I think and never take the time to write and express. You and Marty take the leadership role by example and don’t even need the title.

  23. David Miscavige and the RCS PR “machine” just continues to make more enemies and give fodder to the media. Has anyone heard or is there a reference of signing one’s own Declare and then not getting a copy of which you signed? Tony Ortega’s Villiage Voice coverage of this latest antics is at:

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Good post Marty.
    I find it interesting that David Miscavige treats others as he sees himself.
    The old adage about running your case on others, or claiming others are the way you “know” people are.
    Since miscavige is the “leader” of the cult he runs that case into the organisation. After he took over the church that is when the sec checks started hitting real hard. He needs sec-checking.
    I am not interested in treating this guy with auditing, he doesn’t deserve it as far as I’m concerned. He can do ethics though. He has quite a liability formula do get done, the sooner he starts the better for him.

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi there brother, hope all going well with your plans and
    the book too! Looking forward to the big launch day!

    Regarding David Misacavige, nothing said about him, can mitigate him from his certifiable insanity!!
    This single irredeemable quality alone, should disqualify him
    from being fit to run any organization/s, especially SCN & DN

    It looks odd, said directly and bluntly like this…. doesn’t it ??

    The “LEADER” of Scientology, should, in the view of the
    world at large, appear as a “living example” of what a real
    accomplished end product can look and act like. So it goes without saying, he should also appear totally SANE!

    Even his highly paid legal advisers are fully aware that he
    isn’t and must have had the most mind wrenching times
    trying to reign him in from his kamikazi missions impossible!

    I believe that in mimicking Hitler’s insane dreams of glory
    it will be his own insanity that will spell the end of him!

  26. Good news – I know that LRH pointed out that talking about the bad behavior of another is a lowest gradient for responding to unethical behavior. A recent study has found that it has actual health benefits for people and the broader community! “gossiping – specifically spreading information about a person who has behaved badly – can play a critical role in maintaining social order, preventing exploitation and lowering stress.”

    So, don’t stop, people. It has been a relief for me to hear from others about things I have believed for a long time, but was afraid to say them. I feel that, over time, my anger has dissipated and, while I still feel strongly about the injustice, I am personally feeling less and less anchored down by regret and disappointment over my years working for the Church.

  27. Tara, your comment about the priest-penitent files made me realize that DM emphasizes confessionals and sec-checks so much because he is CONVINCED that the overts are there and he’s just GOT to find them so he’ll know he’s right about everybody, that they are ALL EVIL! That’s an answer to a question that’s been in the back of my mind ever since my husband was put through such a grueling routine of sec-checking to get onto the OT levels–it degraded him, made him feel hopeless, and shut him off from “life.” He has been recovering from that, but it’s like a wound that takes a lot of cleansing and regrowth to heal.

  28. First time I noticed that Miscavige was weird was during the Basics event. About one of the transcribers on 8-8008 he said, (gender neutral)
    “Let’s reduce THEIR universe to zero.”
    I remember thinking at the time that we all have had momentary hateful thoughts. But for a religious leader to BRAG such a thought, and to his worldwide congregation!! And a Scientology leader no less!!
    An SP can’t hide their destructives urges ALL the time.

  29. Hi John, When I first got into Scientology and read that “everybody is basically good,” I immediately thought, “Oh, I don’t know…I’m not sure I’m basically good!”
    After some processing, there came a day when I realized happily, “I really AM basically good!” That was followed by the thought, “But I don’t know about anybody else…”
    Further processing and training, and the day came when I realized, “Wow! Others ARE basically good!” That was followed by the thought, “But not psychiatrists and SPs.”
    Then one day in an OT V session, I looked off at something in my universe and saw that a being is basically good inside, but can be wrapped up in so much black mass and confusion that even HE doesn’t know it! And that was the day I saw that everyone, EVERYONE, is basically good!
    We just have to help them blow that mess and find the real THEM! And we will, though for now we can only hope to keep them off the power lines.

  30. I met him…i’s a pretty accurate portrait…Huh…But don’t forget: a well known SP is like the naked king: no power anymore.

  31. Great post, Marty! Thank you!
    I figure this group of guys on this blog are considered some of the most “evil” and “bad” ones. Only the one’s I’ve met are the furthest from it. So reversed it’s almost comical.

  32. The insane David Miscavige projecting his OWN evil intentions into his fellow man. The result? Evil beings around the clean Pope.

  33. Lynne,
    Your cog on everyone’s basic goodness, and how you got to that cognition, is exactly why I get such consistent case gain reading this blog.
    I adore you for sharing this, as I treasure all of you who share your insights. Hallelujah!!

  34. And may it as well be just plain pride coming from the sense of influence and authority which is an spiritual poison that any human being can became sick of, unless there are real authorities to balance that power. My point is who will be that power, the government, the media or internal policy letters.

  35. martyrathbun09


  36. This is another reference I feel applies:


    A service facsimile is a brother to R/Ses and evil intentions.

    This is easily seen when one understands the anatomy of the service fac and the right/wrong, dominate and survive computations that enter into it. And when one understands that an R/S always means a hidden, evil intention and that the total reason for an R/S is to make wrong. In order to get someone to succumb they have to be wrong.

    Way back up there the idea preceding the service fac was right, really right. Then it came down a bit and was a method of survival and then it was a method of dominating and then it was a method of being right in order to make others wrong.

    And in that contest one got enough overts so that the communication line took a switcheroo. What was right about it is now wrong about it and what was once wrong is now right. A=A=A enters into the situation where rightness becomes wrongness. All of his overts get piled up on one of these fixed ideas, or what we call a service facsimile.

    It isn’t actually a facsimile at all. It’s the guy himself keeping facsimiles in restimulation because he “knows” what’s best. The person himself is generating the fixed idea; it is not the bank.

    It isn’t what aberration the individual is dramatizing. It’s what aberration does the individual dredge up in order to make somebody wrong. It isn’t the accidental thing you think it is. It’s intended.

    The intention is to be right and make others wrong, to dominate others and escape domination oneself, to aid own survival and hinder the survival of others. That is the service fac—blood brother to the hidden, evil intention that is behind the rock slam.

    This does not mean you will necessarily see R/Ses on every service fac you run. It does mean that WHERE A PC IS R/SING IN AN AREA YOU HAVE AN AREA OF A HEAVY, A SEVERE, SERVICE FAC.

    Know when you see an R/S that the individual is in the grip of an evil intention which he himself is generating. He intends that area or subject on which he is R/Sing nothing but harm.

    Calculatingly, covertly, he will go to great lengths to carry his intentions out, at all times carefully concealing the fact.

    The evil intention is not limited to terminals. He’s not R/Sing on a terminal; he’s R/Sing on the evil intention. The evil intention can associate with many terminals.

    The R/S dominates the individual; it is the person. He has been overwhelmed by it. In that area he has no ability to reason; he has no freedom to choose. The evil intention is substituted for livingness. It is his safe solution to life, his service facsimile.

    The service fac does not respond to ordinary auditing because in the course of ordinary auditing it does not get inspected. It, by its nature, forbids inspection. But when addressed at the right/wrong level
    the pc gives it up easily because in that area he has no power of choice.


    We have had, for many years, service fac processing with which to handle these obsessions, and thus to handle the person who R/Ses.
    But it is not just finding one service facsimile. You find many service facs which then add up to the big one. At Saint Hill in the mid-60s this was commonly associated with R/Ses.

    It was what the pc had done with the service fac to make others wrong which was important, not just finding it. Early on, the tech included auditing them out with Dianetics. And you found many, many more than one on each pc. We used to get complete character changes with this.

    The full tech on this has been submerged over the past several years. It is probably this omission of requiring several service facs to be run and then auditing them out with Dianetics that has resulted in so many R/Sers going on up undetected.

    As of this writing the full tech has been exhumed and we have now New Era Dianetics tech to help strip these packages down and take them apart at their basics.

    So we not only have a more thorough means of handling service facs than ever before—we also have a more reliable route to the handling of an R/Ser.


    You may audit off one, two or three apparent service facsimiles that all answer up to the complete description of a service fac. And they will run. But all are actually leaning on the central service fac that is in restimulation in PT. As you take these lesser service facs off the central one comes to view.

    On the first ones you find, the most you can hope for is you found something that blew the TA down and moved you closer to finding the main service fac. So you take them.

    If you’ve found a service fac the needle will be looser and the TA in reasonable range. And it will run on the right/wrong, etc. brackets and the pc will get off automaticities. When you’ve finally found several and walked it all the way through to the service fac it’s as if all the other service facs you’ve been peeling off are like the bands of trees and sod that lie up against the mountain peak. So you take the service facsimiles and run them as you find them. You unburden the cliffs before you pull the mountain out by the roots.

    As you’re running out the first service facs you’re reversing the dwindling spiral, you’re restoring the individual’s ability to handle his environment because he’s now seeing it, he’s now beginning to confront it.

    And by the time you’ve pulled the main one—the mountain—out by its roots you’ve returned him to sanity. He is now able to inspect; he no longer needs a “safe solution.”

    It is the most dangerous thing in the world to have a safe solution, because that is the hole out of which sanity drains.


  37. LOL…yes, same humor as…an old friend of us!

  38. Many know that Grade IV is where service facsimiles are addressed, but the real tech to handle an R/Ser is on Expanded Dianetics. Go into your org and find out how many auditors are trained on Expanded Dianetics. That will tell you everything you need to know about how this tech got lost – again.

  39. p.s. The amount of address to service facsimiles and evil intentions on Expanded Dianetics is EXTENSIVE. It uses the powerful technology of Confessionals, Listing and Nulling AND New Era Dianetics to really handle a person’s craziness and out valenceness. It is probably the most important action on the Grade Chart when a guy needs it but you probably have very little knowledge of it.

  40. This article reminded me of my only personal contact with David Miscavige in 1993. The C of $S had just celebrated the victory over the IRS, and all FBOs and DSAs were ordered to the Freewinds to get hatted on tax withholding for payroll, as the church had not previously had to withhold for federal, state or FICA taxes.

    David Miscavige addressed the assembled group of reverent (cowed!) staff. He fixed the group with an intense glare and shouted that he had worked too hard and for too many years to have the likes of us FUCK IT UP!!!

    I was stunned. This was the leader of our church and the first words out of his mouth were profanity that made us all feel that we were worthless, after we had each individually butchered our org’s financial planning to pay for the ordered trip—-or paid for it ourselves, as was commonly the case.

    Having been a Class V staff member for 12 years at that point, I was no stranger to screaming, distempered Sea Org personnel. But his words impinged so much that I soon after began the long process of doing my off-staff routing form.

  41. Sample of how Davey would roll on this:

    List and Null:
    Auditor: “What do you use as a safe solution on the third dynamic?”

    POB: “Everybody is suppressive and I’ve got to handle it myself.” BD F/N

    Auditor: “Thank you. Your item is ‘Everybody is suppressive and I’ve got to handle it myself.’ Your needle is floating.”

    Auditor: “Here is the first command. Locate a time when you used ‘Everybody is suppressive and I’ve got to handle it myself.;”

    (Runs the chain back to planet Glytch and gets the postulate made at the time of that STUCK incident, indicates floating TA, ends session.”

    COB Success Story: “I finally woke up to the fact I have been suppressing the very group that I was entrusted to preserve and expand. I am in Treason to LRH and mankind. I am going to get my ethics in and resign immediately and appoint Debbie Cook as new COB. Thanks to my auditor, my C/S and LRH.”

  42. Simply Revolting

    One of the most (if not the most) important and enlightening quotes ever…

    With such an SP affecting the spiritual future/freedom of individuals, who have a desire to escape the traps/limitations of a ‘un-erasable’ and often threatening universe (even to their survival as a being) it is a truly dangerous situation.

    LRH warns of the consequences of not making it. The very insanity that has made us near-slaves has again nearly closed the door on freedom.

    And yet we only have ourselves to turn this around – I must confess, I still find that a bit hard to confront!

  43. Lynne — One of the more astute and accurate observations that has been made on this blog.

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    refs. for above post. taken from 1975 Tech Dictionary
    INSANE, 1. the truly insane cannot control or withhold their
    evil impulses and dramatize them at least covertly. the insane
    are not always visible. But they are visible enough. And they
    are malicious. ( HCOB 10 May 72 ) 2. having been pronounced
    insane by a psychiatrist or being incapable of any responsibility
    for social conduct. ( HCO PL 6 Oct 58. )

  45. Li'll bit of stuff

    Typo –pg.211 should read pg. 209

  46. Claudio Lugli

    A real sign of what is greatness.
    Thank you M!

  47. I remember that Tax convention in Nov of ’93 and was there, providing food service to David Miscavige (my first trip to the Freewinds among many more). It was not like the Maiden Voyage anniversaries conventions which seemed to have quite a bit more entertainment for the passengers and was very serious.

  48. Mike,

    They got your message !

  49. In the End the German Government will ask the Church of Scientology to apply the policies written by L. Ron Hubbard !

  50. No one else has commented on it, so I will. David Miscavige and his older brother Ronnie are the two embodiments of the antisocial personality and the social personality. I have never met a genuinely nicer person in my life than Ronnie. Always pleasant, never dramatizing. DM, not so much. They could not be more contrasting.

  51. George M. White

    Interesting post. This idea of the assignment of evil to others.

    I met David Miscavige only once and the meeting lasted only
    a few minutes. It was on the Freewinds on the party deck and I had completed OTVIII that day. It was 1989. I can honestly say that what registered the most is what he did NOT say. – what was omitted from his communication.
    He was holding back and he did not say anything positive about my completion or the accommodations etc. With his “tendency to assign evil to others” he might have been looking for defilements to attach his substance. At any rate, as the story goes, about three days later I received a phone call from the Freewinds registrar who had escaped with the aid of friends with a boat. She was on the dock in Ft. Lauderdale
    and described the handling by Miscavige as ‘bloody’. After verification of the story, I did my grand exit from scientology.


  52. cJam, that’s right. A Scientologist might express it as “The SP and the PTS are a team.”

  53. Oh yes, it was indeed serious. We were instructed and drilled to go back to our orgs and implement the new withholding system for taxes. Payroll was already ludicrously low for most orgs, but now we had to withhold taxes as well and all of us knew that our staff would hate this. Hence, the drilling and orders to write knowledge reports on any negative reactions that were counter-intention to Management.

    On the final evening we were allowed off the ship on Antigua for some recreation, but most everyone was too exhausted and downtone to have much fun.

  54. Tony DePhillips

    Great points Bryan.
    You are indeed a wise man.

  55. Tony DePhillips

    Plus one.
    If you added up all the conributions to Scientology from the people within just this blog it would be staggering. Probably hundreds of years of Sea Org service and millions of dollars donated. As well as probably millions of hours of auditing and c/sing. Sounds REAL suppressive…

  56. martyrathbun09

    For SPs maybe. Do not sell R3SCA short.

  57. ExIntStaffMember

    Lynne, I read your comment on my iPad in a public place and had to fight back an open sob (of relief). You really spelled it out, girl.

  58. Dear Marty,

    Your post touched me in the innmost of my soul.
    In the last days I was thinking a lot about evil people and that thetans are basicly good and honestly with my experience in the Church of Scientology this subject was quite confused.
    But I came to a good conclusion about the problems I was having which were mainly existing in my mind.

    After I attested to the state of Clear long time ago, I was so keyed out that any person I was in communication with instantly keyed out and life was so fun ! I didn’t meet any evil person and everybody I was in touch with was good – I was able to see the goodness in any person and granting them this beingness and they were able to love themselve too. It was a fascinating experience and the best wins in my life -I keyed out a whole Fsm group that they were disseminating like mad – until …..I was summoned to ethics as a FSM and was assigned a condition of danger by a very serious ethics officer ( I wasn’t able to grant him beingness for how he was) by reason of only having started 2 new people in div 6 and not having achieved the target of 3 !
    I fool went in agreement with that nonsense, also the rest of our FSM group and about 2-3 weeks later the whole FSM Group was gone !

    Now in PT I had 3 people that were attacking me heavily about things I would not handle correctly. I knew the attacks were lies and that it was evil (one of those persons suffers heavily under disconnection). The attacks came out of the blue in a period of heavy affluence.

    I was schocked and confused and my first impulse was to heavily fight back, put my EO hat on, demonstrate with facts how wrong and evil they are and they have to make amends. I have the power to ruin their career, not wanting such out ethics particles on my line…give them a severe reality adjustement etc…thinking out al kind of evil scenarios to attack because I was right and they were wrong !

    I was able to hold myself back and not do the usual things as I’ve observed in the church. I kept arc in and was thinking it over for weeks and honestly I didn’t know what to do as I felt the urge to get their ethics in and I should do something as it could end in a catastrophe if I don’t act.

    Until I decided to do nothing, granting them the beingness of that they are intelligent enough to realize that they were wrong and those attacks weren’t based on any real facts.

    I kept high arc in, didnt mention any more the incident and just kept on having fun….They were avoiding me, couldn’t confront me fully and I had this evil thought : “Yeah, now you realize your bullshit…ha…hahhah.” and I thought I should talk to them and get them to confess and so I would be right and they wrong…..

    Again I’d to withold myself to act on this impulse ( per LRH policies those acts would have been ok) and decided to grant them the beingness that they don’t have to feel bad about it and gave them that feeling in the comm-cycles I was hing and bingo !!!!! The whole matter keyed out, everybody is having fun again !

    In my mind the whole thing was a very serious matter and those evil valences wanted to act as it could all have been justified by policy and tech….

    Nevertheless today this was my final conclusion “beings are basicly good ” and you and then I read your post. Great !!!!!!!!!

    I blew some Services facs and valences.
    Thanks a lot youg man !
    Continue your good work !

  59. For sure. I loved Grade IV. I remember I was at my org’s graduation and supposed to give a success speech about Grade III. I was mid handling my service facsimiles on Grade IV and could not refrain from talking about Grade IV when I was supposed to be talking about Grade III.

    What Expanded Dianetics really does is address the guy’s OCA and tone level. If the OCA is low on the left, he is out of valence and is charged up with losses and other emotional trauma. He’s been subjected to abuse in one fashion or another, is sitting in it to the point he went into another valence he thought others would find more acceptable.

    If the OCA is low on the right, he is crazy to one degree or another. That stems from evil intentions and service facsimiles. These postulates are stuck in the heavy energy of a painful incident that contains unconsciousness.

    (Reference: Expanded Dianetics Lecture #1 and the Expanded Dianetics Series HCOBs)

    These types do stick out. They are stat crashers. They are overwhelmed. They are critical and nattery. They are sick all the time. They roller-coaster in auditing. They screw up areas. Chaos surrounds them. They are in battle with one person or another all the time. They love to stir shit up.

    (Reference: C/S Series 22)

    Grade IV is a miraculous grade and for certainty’s sake I hope no one thinks less of it as it is a vital action for any case. Most pcs address their service facsimile case thoroughly enough with a well-run Grade IV that Expanded Dianetics is not necessary. It is an action that is put on a pc’s auditing program after noting that the guy needs it. That’s about all there is to it.

  60. Sorry for the typos !

  61. You make me laugh before I’m done reading the first line. I know that it’s just going to get funnier and funnier as it goes on.

  62. I cracked open my Tech Dictionary to look up Service Facsimile again. I was halfway expecting to see a picture of Miscavige next to the word. Maybe someday after Miscavige is gone, they can do that! Thanks to Marty for being a warrior and pumping out the Truth (a dose at a time.)

  63. Very interesting analysis. Yes, I remember Ronnie as very theta, compared to the entheta presence of his brother; quite a contrast.

    On a somewhat related note, some news from the front in Europe. I just received a copy of an e-mail apparently making the rounds among staff there; the article “Blood on Their Hands” (by Thoughtful at Scientology-Cult). They must be asking questions at the very least. I think a beachhead has been established in Normandy…

  64. LO
    Well, it is ONLY the 2nd link, the that reports on page 3 ally Urusla Caberta’s mention re high-ranking Scientology dropouts and Debbie Cooks email to 12,000 members which Ursula calls “an unusual procedure”, adding her hope “that she (Debbie Cook) survives that.
    All of the 5 papers more or less repeat the general attack on Scientology.
    One is better than zero!

  65. And 2 years later Lisa McPherson died at Flag under his leadership, and possibly as a result of his “executive C/Sing”.

    Way to go, David Miscavige.

  66. Yea, at Tampa org there were 135 staff and only three people in the whole org who could audit NED. Sad.

  67. The Truth shines brightly!
    Thanks Marty 🙂

  68. one of those who see


  69. Someone very close to me, as close as can be towards the top of the scale, while still keeping a distance and thus a communication, suggested that absolutes, including evil, are not obtainable in this universe.

    In keeping with the truth of the Opening Piece and with the excerpted lecture and with uncanny co-incidence and instanteneous co-cognition, I understand the means to an end of this malevolence.

    We are the auditor. What ever is there of the pc is what is there – and together we are greater than this bank.

    Bit by bit, the truth – and this creature is no more.

    David Miscavige – In Dianetics 55, it is stated “there is no such thing as sanity totally opposed”.

    Truth will vanquish the creature you’re become. There IS being.

  70. Your point about the Registrars jobs getting harder is so true. I’m sure it carries over to the public division as well. A new raw public coming in has a real ability to find out the truth about DM with one Google search. I got an email from the local Mission today that there was a new commercial that will be airing in the Seattle area. It included a link to a YouTube copy of the commercial. It’s a pretty well done piece but in it they say that the Church is welcoming 4.4 Million new people a year. The word “Welcoming” is a pretty broad word. I guess it would be pretty stupid for them to give any true Div 6 Stats. Which, with DM at the helm “Really Suck.”

  71. True. I met Ronnie Miscavige only once. It’s a fun little story and a great example of what kind of person he is.

    He and some others were temporarily staying in an apartment building across from CC INT in order to prepare for a Gala event.

    I, as an outer org trainee, at CC Int was also staying in the same apartment building.

    One morning, I was headed across the street to go on course and pushed the “down” button on the elevator. When the doors opened, the elevator was packed full. He was front and center. He smiled & said “Good Morning!” He was surrounded by 4 or 5 others and a bunch of musical equipment.

    I hesitated to get on the elevator because it was so crowded. He being a social personality, moved back and waved me on saying “there’s room for one more, come on in, it’ll be fun.” I recognized him.. He didn’t know me.

    The doors close and he leans forward into my ear and with a cheesy private eye, top secret accent, he whispers as loud as a whisper could possibly get “Psssssst. I’m going to need you to give me the secret password to get inside of this building.” Everyone on the elevator found great humor in this, exept for me. .

    I knew who he was but I also knew I wasn’t supposed to give it out and I certainly wasn’t going to whisper it outloud as he did. He knew what he was doing by putting me on the spot and was having a little fun with it. Obviously, I had no words. I looked at him right in the eyes. He looked at me. I looked at him. He quickly raises his eyebrows a few times, as if faking a flirt, smiles real big and asks: “Pretty please??” Everyone cracks up again.

    The elevator stops, doors open, so I wave him over and away from everyone else and said “OK. I’ll give it to you. It’s 4-4-4-3, then hit enter.(not the real #) He asked me to give it to him one more time. I repeated it: “4-4-4-3”. He said “OK. I GOT IT.Thanks so much!” I crossed the street, while he and his crew were arranging all their equipment on carts before crossing the street. .

    I start walking up the drive toward the door at CC Int when I hear his voice yelling from behind me (above all the the passing cars) “YOU DID SAY 4-1-3-3,. RIGHT??” Frustrated, I’m shaking my head in disagreement at him while starting to walk back towards him answering him, “NO… that’s wrong!” He scratched his head as if very puzzled and yells back : “It is???.” I answered “Yes.” He suddenly busts out laughing, as did his other buddies. He points at me and yells back “Just joking with you. I got it the first time! Have a wonderful day. You’re great! What a great sense of humor!!

    Now …there’s a first impression and fine example of a fun & playful Social Personality.

    Thank you Marty for posting this reference. It certainly helps to know or remember the answers are there & something can be done (and that it isn’t genetic). LRH designed processes to handle the Anti-Social personality. But the Anti-Social can only be helped if and when he is able to “see” these outpoints in himself or realize that he is destroying everyone and everything around him followed by allowing himself to be audited. He cannot see it in himself though. He only sees the evil and the problems in everyone else around him. They are all evil and out to get him. Very sad.

    The fact that so many people with a purpose spent their lives & energy in the SO or on staff trying to create a better world for everyone and were unable to move on The Bridge (as part of their exchange in return for all of their hard work and dedication) is the first indicator.

    The fact that David Miscavige has had full access to any and all of the works of L.Ron Hubbard at any given time and chooses to hang on to his copper rods to “ground his energy and power” instead of availing himself of this amazing technology is an outpoint above and beyond any other in the history of Scientology. . .

  72. I’m really looking forward to getting Tech trained. This is all fascinating to me. But the kicker… the rub… the thing I can’t shake here is: How did David Miscaviage rise to the position he has, BEING what his IS?

    Perhaps it wasn’t as glaring back in the day, as it is now. But still, there were indicators: mid-training in auditing left unfinished, un-hatted post (COB), was he ever placed on post? How about his pronouncements over “SP’s”, when he was pointing to the highest trained people in Scientology at the time? His tone level, his training and lack of it, his assumption of power from Lt.JG to Captain… how did that happen?

    There is so much missing data for me. But it needs to be understood. Someone dropped the ball, and how that happened will/can prevent it from happening again in the future.

    I think it’s too easy to say,”Well, he’s an SP and we need to get him out of there. And besides, the TECH is now all out in the open for all to use, so we can preserve it and protect it and use it in the future.” Uh uh. The ethics officer in me says, BS!, and really wants to get to the root of all that. Who walked away from their responsibility? or let it be taken away? How did Class VIII+ auditors not spot, or handle correctly the indicators shown by this SP: POB? And when they were handled with out-tech and out-admin, why was that allowed to go on? WDC? Int Strata? If anyone should have seen this coming, they were the ones at Ground Zero!

    Once again, Marty, I’m anxious to read your upcoming books. I have no doubt you’ll touch on some of this. But I truly hope you’ll do more than Touch. Delve. Dig. Bring it all to light, so we can learn for the sake of the future.

    that’s my 2 cents at the moment.

  73. uuh! spooky stuff you write about this poor little pob aka DAVID MISCAVIGE
    spookier of all is that it rings correct!

  74. Les — Bet they don’t have even 100 staff these days….

  75. great one Lynne!!
    I suppose ole DAVID MISCAVIGE has a great one that says “people are EVIL son of bitches totally full of OVERTS”.
    suppose all you have to do to have DAVID MISCAVIGE voice the ser fac is to ask him:”why should people be sec-checked?
    betcha he could not stop himself saying it.

  76. HA! YES!!+100!

  77. one of those who see

    Jim, all i can say is Wow! This really touched me. Wow. An incredible communication. I do love it here at Marty’s.

  78. Very nice win, LO.
    And such a higher toned, effortless action, too. You made it go right by granting them rightness. Beautiful, magic, even!

  79. My reply was to IHM…

  80. Mike — They probably had to donate 50 to the new and improved idle org of cincinnatti.
    Ok, I’ll trade you one uselss loafer, two unhappy booksellers and a supervisor for one david miscavige trained nazi ethics officer ( ya just never have enough of them these days)

  81. Very good point Dan, totally agree on all your points. The mystery is perhaps why he disconnected, unfriended and blocked all of his non biz old friends on Facebook without a word some time ago.

  82. Dear Friend,

    You forgot the Big One regards Shorty’s official evil being identification list:

    Namely, tall men on stilts.

  83. Thanks Lynne. More Blow-down………….

  84. This is very true. Ronnie had a huge heart. His assistant/Secretary (Rosemary) was the same. Their Office was next to the 800 unit before CMU went to Int. It was always funny hear Rosemary explaining to Him that he had to go home and be sessionable for the following day. She was like the sweetest mom in the world insisting that her boy go off to bed even though he didn’t want to. It was really to see them work together. Both had such high ARC and would alway use ARC to gain your assistance. It least that was my experience.

  85. Tom Gallagher


  86. Cindy Pinsonnault

    This makes you realize that DM is terrified. From his viewpoint, everyone IS against him. We are all, in and out of the church, against him. He has to be afraid of every single person and every act. Seeing that, you realize then why he must stop everything. He must stop the church – it has power to hurt him. Everyone has the power to hurt or destroy him so he must destroy everyone first. He must attack and violently, or he is certain that he will be attacked. He cannot trust anyone or love anyone – they would kill him. He must defend himself against everyone and everything. He must work to instill fear in everyone to stop them from attacking him. He cannot see beauty or appreciate goodness – he surely considers those tricks that might weaken his defense. He is controlled by his evil actions. What a horrible, small life.

    How sad for him and for all of us that this ruined, evil little valence is in a position to harm the one technology that might save him.

  87. George M. White


  88. Tony, David Miscavige became the evil guy. The evil guy became David Miscavige “to the reactive mind”! 🙂 You see, it’s interesting, it’s like a super valence shifter mock up thing…LRH said the darndest things! 🙂 Tony, all beings deserve the helping hand, even DM and believe you me he has plenty of ethics to get in, in his future.

  89. What a beautiful statement!

  90. Tom Gallagher


    My thoughts exactly. Bring it all on Marty.

    POB (David Miscavige) quivers.

  91. Tom Gallagher

    A perfect summation Cindy.

  92. Tom Gallagher

    I’ll piggy back here.

  93. “A new raw public coming in has a real ability to find out the truth about DM [ David Miscavige ] with one Google search.”
    + 1
    David, you’re out PR. Go over the rainbow. We will handle your communications.

  94. Priviet Misha,

    я согласен с тем!

  95. Plus one back atcha, Tony!!

  96. Thanks for sharing your cognitions. Not only does it back up the reference Marty posted, but also shows the application of “what’s true is what’s true for you”, but you have to experience or observe it.

    I’m afraid David Miscavige is too pre-occupied looking into the cases of others to ever be able to confront and handle his own masses…

  97. From the people I know who knew him when he was still a kid, they say he had a magnificant gift for applying the third party law in order to manipulate others and gain a band of loyal (pts) buddies.

    He also has zero scruples, so false stats…glowing but false reports are his stock in trade. Also, due to zero scruples, he’s good at raking in dough. This has been the ONLY thing that has kept him in power, in my humble opinion (which may be wrong).

    How he got there is explained by LRH in the PL Ethics, the Design Of:
    “They arrived where they arrived, in charge of things, because nobody when they were on thetheir way up said “NO.”

    So, now we’re saying NO!

    Lesson learned.

  98. Nothing new here, but it struck me reading Fish and Frog’s comments on the previous topic, putting them together with this topic, that the Co$ is psychotic almost by textbook definition. The ‘members’ have no inflow of comm, no understanding, no duplication. The definition of communication seems to not apply. They are cut off. Stuck in an incident. The tone of the Co$ is so driven down towards “hiding”. The characteristics of the Co$ so fit those of an SP. Stuck in an incident long ago forgotten by the rest of the world. There are no media covertly lying. The government is giving the Co$ much more than its rights under the Religion Clauses. The more-than-half (the intelligent half) that have left the Co$ are those dedicated to resurrecting the goodness of Scientology from the ashes: not “apostates”. I feel sorry for those still in the sinking ship, stuck in an incident that is, for them, ongoing. But at the same time, I hate them for being so very, very, very blind. They are still contributing to the utter destruction of Scientology and to the destruction of those still involved in the Co$ incident, but then, isn’t that part of the definition of an SP, that he is PTS (potential trouble source) to himself?

  99. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    There is no such post as COB. This is a self appointed post created after LEH’s departure in Jan 1986.
    LRH created the Exec Strata to pick up his hat (see LRHED339R) headed by ED Int. he also created the watch dog committee. Exec strata Exec Ints handle the functions of LRH’s hat, the Watch Dog Committe’s individual members specialize in the sectors e.g. WDC Sea Org Orgs. It is these 2 committed that head up international Scientology as designed by LRH.

  100. Joe Pendleton

    Yes, Marty. As far as I’m concerned, the brackets on process R3SCA eplain much of human behavior on planet Earth. I have gone over these brackets with numerous non-Scientologists as to how aberrated human interactions look, and it has indicated to EVERY ONE OF THEM.

  101. Hehe… yes. that would be definitley the best outcome.

    They should investigate the IAS… and its money flows.

  102. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    You speak truth

  103. So true.
    We see you David Miscavige.

  104. I know that LRH pointed out that talking about the bad behavior of another is a lowest gradient for responding to unethical behavior.
    Source reference? Please?

  105. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    I can count over a hundred years of SEa Org service with just 3 people. The order of magnitude is many multiples of thousands.

  106. I think it apropos here, before this goes too long, to express gratitude to everyone for their compassion and genuine care expressed in the Memoriam to Annie. Thanks to a wonderful CS, and the pure miracle that is Scientology properly applied, I am more able today to enjoy the wonders of life. And not just me.

    Years ago the band The Fixx were hot on the scene. One Thing Leads to Another came out, and I went to see the band in Oakland, along with all sorts of other groups, and “headlined” by the Police. It was a good show.

    I like the amazing guitar work, and as few other bands, the lyrics. Cy Curnin is a Buddhist. I bought their latest album one day while in Los Angeles, and came back to the Base with it. I took it to Annie and played it for her. There was one song in particular, that I played for her. It was one of those that “racket up the ages”. Today, in as light a touch as could be, I was reminded.

    Here’s a link to it. The Fixx – Secret Separation (extended version).

  107. In the Lecture “Para-Scientology” LRH actually is amused about how Mary Sue was putting this stuff together and how anyone around was very careful about the whole cycle. Anywhere sheets in the whole office and such things.
    And guess what: this Lecture isn’t sold anymore in the church. It’s gone.
    It was the first of the Classic lectures which were re-released early 2000’s.
    And yes, he reduced her universe to zero.

  108. And I will bet out of those 3 who could audit NED, none of them could audit Expanded Dianetics. It is its own separate course, and for very good reason. It requires tailored C/Sing based on study of that person’s life and trouble spots. With NED you just follow the exact steps of the rundown.

  109. Als Religionsgemeinschaft gilt Scientology in Deutschland nicht.
    Scientology as a religion is not in Germany.
    Scientology as a religion is controversial in Germany.

    This is an accurate assessment and conclusion in both translations: Scientology as written and spoken by LRH is no longer taught, learned or used anywhere, except outside of the RCS, ergo conflict and controversy

    BTW, received a call today from someone who was disconnected from me. She said, “I am no longer drinking kool-aid since reading Debbie Cook’s email.” It is working.

  110. Just a footnote here. A strange hobby I will tell you about is that I study serial killer documentaries. I have listened to interviews of all the famous serial killers. In my opinion, people like to demonize these killers, and demonize their enemies. That can lead to bad strategy in crushing them when they need to be removed from a power point.

    You listen to Bundy’s final interview, the one he gave the day before he went to the electric chair, he is “in session.” He spills his soul. And what’s fascinating is that every thing he says lines up with LRH tech.

    What I’m getting at is that these evil blokes have a reactive bank. Yes they are stuck in an engram, but there are moments of theta, too. They can appear like normal human beings, and that is partly why Bundy is so infamous. He blended in with society so well, yet was killing all these women. And what he said was interesting, because frankly the way he described his moments of dramatization when he raped and killed these women reminded me totally of NOTS tech. Right on the money.

    The basic goodness does show up here and there. Those close to Miscavige probably saw it here and there, maybe? You tell me. And that’s not to throw dirt on the message here, as this guy is an evil son of a bitch. It’s just to point out that even Bundy had his moments of grace. That’s what makes these guys so dangerous. People want to remember the good and be reasonable about the bad. The stats tell the tale, however. Miscavige is a stat crasher and needs to go. Period.

  111. Mike, so spot on as usual!

    They are painting themselves into a corner.

    It is very clear to those involved that writing up David Miscavige on internal lines doesn’t work. The person receiving the report, IJC or otherwise, wouldn’t dare doing anything about the report, other than reporting “disaffection” to the nearest RTC terminal.

    That RTC terminal is not going to analyze the content of the report but immediately try to organize an interrogation/sec check of the one writing the report.

    This is well known by Debbie and others who states that there are NO internal lines to report this to. Not just because the actual terminals have been removed, but because no criticism of DM or the current Church operation can be accepted, no matter how truthful it is.

    So in essence, they have set themselves up to bypass any policy on standard justice and procedure when it comes to anything having to do with David Miscavige or RTC. You “can’t go to the media or take it to the courts” leaves no possible option for an insider to do something about the current scene.

    Mike and Marty and other independents know this, and I think many on the inside know this too, but are too afraid to question or do anything about it.

    But when one gets into a circle of trying to cover up with lies, the lies just continue and in the end the ramifications become to large to cope with. No matter the pressure and counter-operations of the Church, they won’t be able to cope much longer, and the more they resist, the more the media will dig in – what they hate the most, and the dwindling spiral just goes deeper, faster and larger.

    They have themselves set a pattern in motion that now can’t be stopped and the only victim in the end is themselves.

  112. “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” — Voltaire

  113. Thanks Marty for posting this quote.

    It is ironic how you simply state the truth, even leaving some redeeming qualities for David Miscavige himself, despite the personal abuse you have been subjected to, compared to the similar stories he is positing about you on their various anti-Marty sites.

    Who is the real Scientologist applying the tech?

    Sad, sad…

  114. Li’ll bit – “The “LEADER” of Scientology, should, in the view of the
    world at large, appear as a “living example” of what a real
    accomplished end product can look and act like. So it goes without saying, he should also appear totally SANE!”

    (Yeah, he should at least “appear” to be sane. At a minimum. Like, making sense when speaking in public, following rules of grammar. Associating with people who give the appearance of sanity. Throwing the Co$ leading tech people into RPF and harassing grandmothers in their homes isn’t sane.)

  115. Lynne, you’re dead accurate here.

    There hasn’t been an executive inspection by David Miscavige which didn’t include one or several run-ins with some staff “who has overts” or “who has withholds”. DM always adds that they are “major” and this gives the future sec checker the task of continuing until the “major” overts are confessed – often made up or exaggerated to simply get out of the endless sec check.

    IN ALL of these cases, DM also makes it clear to those in his entourage that the person most definitely has evil intentions against COB and again, the interrogation won’t end until the most heinous evil purposes have been pulled in what sadly called “FPRD” through complete auditor evaluation and invalidation which are “standard” ingredients, but somehow DM has convinced RTC and the HCO personnel that HCOBs don’t apply to “ethics baits”.

    The sec checker then writes up summary reports with all the overts and withholds gotten off and all evil purposes on COB and his office keeps every single one of them on file for future reference.

  116. haydn,
    I remember that lecture. Loved it. Not to take away from what you wrote – the ref is 3 Nov 55, London ACC (4th ACC?), titled Attitude and Conduct of Scientologists. The OEC has so many incredible lectures. If the current staff would just apply what they have learned things would move along a little quicker to an EP and all could get the show on the road. Of course, we know why that isn’t happening but it is still nice to put it out there. As more recognize the truth, the source of suppression, and become less effect of it their cognitions will return and they will join us here.

    The other point is the ESTO tapes and the concept of positive postulate. It is assumed that the staff and people are basically good, not bad, and no negative postulate is even considered. With that as the correct attitude and viewpoint it is so much easier to hat staff, correct people, and bring about needed change. The belief of evil intentions and bad in others is the anti-thesis of LRH’s view. It is only the basic inherent goodness in people that allows them to rise up in tone and ability as they rid themselves of other thoughts, false pictures and incorrectly made postulates that no longer fit in the PT environment. So simple for us to see. So lost to the current sheeple. Ah, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks haydn for indicating the reference you gave. That, along with what Marty wrote above are so correct for this situation.

  117. Thanks to Pat Krenik for posting this story on

    “To me, the most important foundation upon which Dianetics and
    Scientology is built was stated in the First Book—that is, “Man is
    basically good.” I know of no one who believes this as strongly
    as Ron does. It is my feeling that this alone in times of
    contemptuous press, financial difficulties, the betrayal of friends—
    times when it seemed that all he had built was crumbling to pieces,
    kept him going, kept him persisting to his goal of helping MAN.

    In Phoenix after the fall of Wichita, a producer with whom Ron had
    worked in Hollywood came to see us at our small apartment. He was
    offering Ron what would seem to the ordinary man like ice cream and
    cake for eternity. After picturing this dream in the clouds, he said
    to Ron, “Now, really, do you think this Dianetics, this research of
    yours, is worth it?” Ron sat for a very long time—silent, his eyes
    closed. Finally after what had seemed like hours he opened his eyes,
    and said, “Yes! Yes I do.” After his producer friend left, I asked
    him why he had taken so long to answer. He replied, “I was watching
    pass before me a parade of all the people I had helped, their
    expression one of hope and faith in the goodness of the future.
    Nothing can be worth more to me than that.”

    And that’s the way he is. His belief in the innate goodness of Man,
    in being able to bring this and Man’s abilities to the fore
    continues him in his research. It enables him to communicate to
    anyone despite their physical disability to do so, or any language

    His preclears are all over the world. The time he has spent
    processing is too vast to enumerate. Even he does not know the
    hours; he works and there is no time to him. This used to be very
    disconcerting to me. I remember one time in Spain, I had spent the
    whole morning shopping in the market and the whole afternoon
    preparing dinner on one oil burner and a charcoal fire. This was a
    difficult process for one used to supermarkets and a gas range.
    Ron had gone to the park. Dinner time passed. The food got soupy
    from reheating and the charcoal supply got nil. My patience wilted
    and I went to the park. I found him sitting at a sidewalk cafe, a
    middle-aged Spaniard with him. He motioned me to sit down and be
    silent. He was processing. The fellow had been in the Russian army,
    had fought in the battle of Stalingrad and then had been forced into
    servitude in Siberia. His legs had been so badly frozen that they
    would not bend at the joints. This peglegged walk was to carry him
    through life and to deny him work because of his slowness. After Ron
    had finished, we invited him home to dinner. He walked naturally
    again. His realization of what had happened to him did not come
    until he walked to the door to leave. He suddenly stopped and began
    shouting, “I walk—I walk. ” – Mary Sue Hubbard, 1955

  118. Random Stranger

    David Miscavige’s Evil-Prevention Checklist:

    1) Garlic around neck.

    2) Eliminate people.

    3) Miniature copper rod in wallet.

    4) Sleep under crystal pyramid.

    5) Practice scary faces.

    6) Read TC’s nightly lullaby text message.

    7) Lucky rabbit’s foot key chain.

    8) Get big buildings to hide in.

    9) Stop watching those scary movies.

    10) Take bullet-proof underwear in for adjustment.

  119. David Miscavige fits the bill!

  120. Jean-François Genest

    LIKE / +1
    Thank you John for posting this HCOB.
    1978 – The year of Lightning-Fast Tech !
    Thank you LRH and David Mayo for all your help!

  121. We are that power. You are that power who reads this message. You are an almighty spirit. You really are as CAUSE as you choose to be. Auditing simply points out that you are running from shadows. Let me tell you right now, they are shadows. You can be cause. Intention is cause. The more you take responsibility for your upper dynamics beyond the first and second, the more powerful you become. You simply fooled yourself one too many times, and believe it all now that you are not that causative. You are. And it’s waiting for each and every one of you who has not had that realization yet.

  122. And now *you’re* “mocking up” the other fellow to be evil, IHM. Demonizing the other side is a lot easier than understanding them, isn’t it? God forbid that Republicans, or worse yet, Tea Partiers, might have an actual *point*. LOL!

  123. Jean-François Genest

    Well explained LDW.
    (The same way the boss of the Mafia becomes IL CAPO, DA BOSS)

  124. Tom Gallagher


    You and yours are good souls. Love is ultimately infinite. Or perhaps better stated, Ultimate Love is Infinite.

    My best wishes.

  125. Jean-François Genest

    Marty, thank you for posting this valuable reference.
    The valence aspect explains (and helps to as-is their ill effects)
    the behaviors and attitudes of several RTC, WDC, CMO Int & Exec Strata staff in their interactions with Sea Org staff at the lower echelons. Most of these folks were actually dramatizing David Miscavidge’s valence onto us.

    You and Ronie Miscavidge, on the other hand, remained in your own valence throughout, regardless, and it was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  126. “Someone dropped the ball, and how that happened will/can prevent it from happening again in the future.”

    “Someone”, Bozz? Why don’t you try pretty much EVERYONE?

    While I posted about this in some detail yesterday, the sum of the reasons why I believe a sociopath like David Miscavige could have taken over the Church of Scientology by merely telling a few lies is this:

    You, and other Scientologists, have been trained to take your reality from authority figures. So rather than being made more able as you ought to have, you have been made more dependent.

    Rather than taking personal responsibility to LOOK and to FIND OUT WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU, you have been manipulated by your desire to help, and clever stories to make you think you were helping.

    And of course, you have paid dearly for the privilege of having what is actually real taken from you and substituted with a “reality” carefully crafted to make you a willing slave who could believe that doing bad things in the name of the Church of Scientology was actually, quote-unquote, “Good”. You wanted to “help”, right?

    Abandon a trusted friend? You’d never do it in a million years!
    Disconnecting from an SP harming the group? Well, they can always do A-E, can’t they?

    Deny your children an education? How could you even think of such a thing?
    Agree with the Sea Org recruiter to send 14 year old Jimmy to the Free Winds? It’s the best thing for his eternity!

    Let a coup occur in the Church? A faithful Scientologist would never allow that while he drew breath!
    Be thankful that Church Executives have stopped a dangerous SP who forged letters from LRH? Wow! We are so lucky!

    So Bozz, the unpleasant reality is that David Miscavige has fed you lie after lie after lie; and the part of you that *knew* that something was fishy was squelched by the “good Scientologist” part of your being who wanted to *help*.

    Your inherent goodness was taken advantage of. That’s not a reason to stop being good, but it should serve as a warning as to what you can fall for when you allow others to determine what is “reality”.

    So I hope that you, and others, are willing to get your information from independent sources. Don’t stop looking. Don’t engage in “Stop Thinking”.

    And don’t allow power to be concentrated in the hands of a few: monopolies of all sorts, and especially power, are inherently bad.

    Peace, and Good Luck,
    Mr. F

  127. Just to clarify a little…I made this post because, for the past several years, I’ve been ground control for a close friend going through an abusive relationship (and by “going through” I mean “purposefully perpetuating when EVEN THE GUY is willing to let it end”) Her biggest hang up is religious in nature, and half of it is “He’s basically a good person.” (the other half is “and God can work miracles with ANYONE, even him”)

    That’s why I believe acknowledging an absuive individual’s innate goodness is dangerous to the victims of said abuse, because it inadvertantly feeds the belief that whatever is happening to them is their fault (if they were better, after all, the innate goodness of the individual would come to the fore and they wouldn’t be hurt anymore). Abuse is ALWAYS the abuser’s choice, not the victim’s. (The victim’s choice is, of course, to allow, accept, and condone, rather than to condemn and leave. Codependants always suffer in silence) Choice is a huge, huge, huge thing. If an individual chooses to perpetuate a behavior, be it alcoholism, a creative impulse, or violence, they are choosing against their own nature (and will continue to do so) because they benefit from it. The benefit is first and foremost, not having to ever face what they have turned themselves into. Some form of spiritual or mental pleasure is usually secondary and transitory (ie an alcoholic’s euphoria doesn’t last past the first couple of years). To turn an abuser into their own greatest victim is, IMHO, neither right nor fair, because it denies the personal responsibility for who and what they have become. David Miscavage is who and what he is because David Miscavage wants to be that way. He benefits from it, It is his choice, and he–he alone–is responsible for perpetuating it.

  128. Ethics gradients (Is this data in the “new” Miscavige “fixed” Ethics books?)

    1. Noticing something non optimum without mentioning it but only inspecting it silently.
    2. Noticing something non optimum and commenting on it to the person.
    3. Requesting information from ethics personnel.
    4. Requesting information and inferring there is a disciplinary potential in the situation.
    5.Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.
    6. Talking to the person derogatorily.
    7. Investigating in person by ethics.
    8. Reporting on a post condition to ethics.
    9. Reporting on a person to ethics.
    10. Investigating a person by interrogating others about him.
    11. Asking others for evidence about a person.
    12. Publishing an interrogatory about a person that points out omissions or commissions, of ethics offenses.
    13. Assigning a lower condition by limited publication.
    14. Assigning a lower condition by broad publication.
    15. Investigating a person thoroughly in his or her own area.
    16. Interrogation stated to be leading to a Court of Ethics.
    17. Interrogation in a Court of Ethics.
    18. Sentencing in Court of Ethics.
    19. Suspending a Court of Ethics sentence.
    20. Carrying out a Court of Ethics discipline.
    21. Suspension or loss of time.
    22. A Committee of Evidence ordered.
    23. A Committee of Evidence publicly ordered.
    24. Holding a Committee of Evidence.
    25. Findings by a Committee of Evidence.
    26. Submitting findings of a Committee of Evidence for approval.
    27. Waiting for the findings to be passed on or carried into effect.
    28. Suspending findings for a period of time.
    29. Modifying findings.
    30. Carrying findings into effect.
    31. Publishing findings.
    32. Demotion.
    33. Loss of certificates or awards.
    34. Denial of auditing or training by a Committee of Evidence for a considerable period of time.
    35. Dismissal.
    36. Expulsion from Scientology.
    In the “new improved” (read: altered) version, apparently David Miscavige has ordered gradients be abolished, like other things he decrees were mistakes Hubbard made. Right?

    KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! And know the tech. And have fun. 🙂

  129. Wow. Amazing. I totally got it.

    Here’s to the courage, the heart break, the wonder, the infinity, the illusion and the ultimate as is.

  130. I hear ya.

  131. Evil is surely one of Life’s parasites! No life of its own.

  132. “Ethics Review” HCO PL 29 Apr 65 Issue III. A list of 36 steps of “Ethics actions in degree of severity” L Ron Hubbard

  133. Great post Marty.

    I was born into an Eastern Christian religious tradition in which humanity is considered basically good because it is stated in Genesis as well as in the oldest oral traditions that God created Man in His own Image and Likeness. It is believed that God is Good, therefore Man is also good, in his essence being created a child of God.

    The Eastern churches display Icons which are paintings of sacred beings, Jesus, Mary, and Saints. Here are examples:–PC6rg0QGZwMXFAg&sqi=2&ved=0CJgBELAE&biw=1212&bih=739

    The sacred figures always have a perfect circle visible surrounding the head of the figure; it is either clear or shining silver or gold; this is usually called an ‘aura’, but I see this as being a circle or sphere (3 feet?)behind the head of the figure. Draw your own conclusions. I believe it is an illustration of the true nature of a human being – Thetan + body.

    This ‘aura’ goes back a long way in religious art traditions, Buddhists have used it and it goes back further than that. It is how knowledge about the true nature of Man was transmiitted in pre-literate cultures – through pictures.

    “Sin” is a stain(like a valence) that covers and clouds this essential basic goodness, and it is the Eastern Church’s mission(among others) to remind people of this and encourage us to live up to this basically good nature and to see it in others as well. This is the meaning of “Forgive those who trespass against us”.

    In the Eastern traditions, Man is called “the Icon of God” to remind us of our Likeness to God.

    If all this seems too serious and ‘holy’, let us recall the old saying “Beer is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

  134. Observations from someone finding discrepancies between materials by L. Ron Hubbard that were changed after the RTC, and increasingly so after L. Ron Hubbard ex-animated his body and David MIscavige took control:

    “HCO PL 22 Jul 82 “Knowledge Reports” was released shortly after that RTC had come into being (incorporated on January 1, ’82).

    The urge to write reports and send to RTC was instigated at least as early as July 19, 1983. A form carrying this date and issued by RTC was entitled: “Keeping Scientology Working Alert Form”. It started of with a definition of squirrel, then the form asks various questions like “Name of the squirrel/squirrel group”, “Where are they located?”, “Who is involved in the activity?”, “What are they doing that is squirrel?”, and so on … This outline is still followed on the RTC website.

    Report system is far too often used as a tool to get even with other persons. Per my personal experience it seems not always being used as a means to help the fellow staffmates and/or public. I have also met various persons that were of the opinion that one has to report every little thing that seems not totally alright. Then in the media the Knowledge Report system is often referred to as some kind of tell-tale system, or simply playing Judas. This could turn out like this sometimes, although not as a rule.
    Realize that people always seem to find ways to misuse something that was originally developed with a good intent.

  135. Jim – the wonders of the application of standard tech. Life goes on and the world turns another day. Wonderful song. Thanks. Maybe this will imbed.

  136. Hope they include some Central Files staff on that trade because they “only need a few more volunteers to get Central Files completely caught up and in PT before the weekend!” as I was informed on a message left on my voicemail this afternoon from what sounded like a 10 year old SO member on mission there ending it off with “if you could drop by and give us a hand, that would be awesome!”

    Since I only live 5 1/2 hours from Cincinatti. I’ll run right over.

  137. Two best parts of this video:

    1. Scientology spokesperson defending Scientology by using unnamed “psychology studies” (LRH rolls in his grave)

    2. The quote, “Why didn’t they just leave, people leave all the time”

    I thought only a small group of defectors left?

    Get your story straight people! {Sigh}

  138. Inside the corporate Sci-tology, gradients and Ethics Policy as defined and set forth by founder L. Ron Hubbard are out the window, and there is rampant abuse of power and gross malfeasance by David Miscavige and associates concerning the Creed of Scientology, the original materials, philosophy, Auditors Code and Ethics technology.

  139. Love the story. So true.

  140. First Principle

    Nice Jimbo. I saw that same tour in Toronto ’83.
    Love you man.

  141. David Miscavige truely is a witch doctor in a suit.
    How an SP becomes one is a piece of tech well worth knowing. It really sheds light on the responsibility of the postualtes a being makes – they can and do turn round and bite you. It also gives further example of the fundamentals of a problem ie postualte counter postulate.
    Tech would handle dm but he is far far away from ever being a legal PC – it’s justice for that terminal one way or another.

  142. He needs Objectives…

  143. Lynne,
    Taking up unreading items is gross out tech. Covered extensively in the academy levels and also, briefly on solo 1. I know, I’ve been there. It’s the black hole of black holes. Luckily, at the time, I disagreed. Hopefully he will sort this out and find his own truths.

  144. Joe Pendleton

    And then there’s what is happening on the recipient side of suppression. I recently got a promo piece from an org for the SP/PTS course which offered the following LRH quote highlighted on the email:

    “An SP confronted by someone who knows and can use all the tech concerning SPs would shatter.”

    Of course, we also have the datum that when one knows the tech of something, one can not be the effect of it.

    As almost every Scientologist has done this course (and we veterans have done a version of this course AT LEAST twice), I have to wonder about all this. I know Heber, Guillaume and Tom Cruise have done it. And we all attested that we understand, know and can apply the course material.

    I think it’s important that we as a group and as individuals at some point actually confront the above quoted datum and look at whether it is or isn’t true and if you think it is true, then what are the conditions that cause the above to NOT actually occur in the “real world”.

    As we say in some parts of Looziana, I can “guar -ohn-TEE” you that David Miscavige will NOT be the last SP. And it would be kind of nice if the next one didn’t get to spend thirty plus years on post.

  145. Re: “It is assumed that the staff and people are basically good, not bad, and no negative postulate is even considered. With that as the correct attitude and viewpoint it is so much easier to hat staff, correct people, and bring about needed change”.
    Everyone who deals with bad responses to Debbie Cook’s letter please take note. No matter how hateful an answer appears to be, there is a person behind it that sits in some trap. It compares to a pc becoming misemotional – a definite reason to continue the session.

  146. When I was presented this “handle it on (proper) lines” piece, my answer was to refer to the Danger Condition formula. I asked “why do you think, bypassing of the usual lines is a point of this formula?” And have the person explain that to me.
    Asking for the statistics of made clears and trained auditors was the other part of my answer.

  147. Having spent 3 years on the Int RPF (1998 thru 2001) it was interesting that NED and XDN were quite commonly known and used, as well as extensive use of R3SCA. (and of course, lots of FPRD forms) Perhaps the RPFs were the last redoubts of this tech. We were certainly out-of-sight, out-of-mind and David Miscavige pretty much left us alone. It was quite a busy and generally winning HGC. My observation upon returning to the Int base in 2001 was that the RPF group that I had just left were generally in far better case shape and more uptone and productive than the average staff at the base. Partly due to the quality and quantity of auditing, but also due to the general extreme PTSness observed in staff at the base who had maintained a closer connection to DM on a regular basis. The “cowed and ill” nature was shockingly obvious to me and was the start of my realizations that something was direly wrong. Almost every single person who was on that RPF are now out with perhaps less than 5% still in the Sea Org.

    But, I wonder…. Are the RPFs now swung over to exclusively plowing everyone through “The Basics” as a first action?

  148. Reading through all the comments on this thread I suddenly remembered an anecdote about DM.

    In the early 80’s, he was racked with serious asthma attacks and allergies. It damn near killed him and at one point he made a trip to a specialist and his allergies were extensively tested and diagnosed.

    He was told that he was basically allergic to HIMSELF!!

    Needless to say, he hit the roof and royally rejected the diagnosis.


  149. Regarding “Using the proper lines”:
    I have recently seen a TV documentary on the sinking of the cuise-ship “Oceanos” in 1991, near South Africa.
    The guitarist of the entertainment crew tells what he experienced. After hearing a muffled explosion the engines stopped. When he asked the captain about it the answer was something like “Everything is okay and we are not sinking.” This strange answer stuck to his mind and he went down to the lower decks and found that water was flooding in the rooms there.
    The captain and the officers left the ship taking their luggage with them. This guitarist, Moss Hills, together with other members of the entertainment crew saw to it that life boats were watered. But when the tilt had become to great it became impossible to water any more boats. So he went to the bridge, not familiar with the communications equipment he pushed all kinds of buttons:
    Moss Hills: So we just started to go on the radio
    “Mayday, mayday, mayday” trying to make some type of contact and so we did make contact with some ship and told them, what the situation was and he says to me
    “What rank are you?”
    And I said “I’m not a rank, I’m a guitarist.” And he says,
    “What are you doing on the bridge?”
    And I say
    “Well, there is nobody else here!” (……..!!!!!)
    He and his mates managed to rescue all passengers, eventually. You can see him and hear little fractions of his story in this video.

    (Note: some of the data given in the beginning of the video seem to be diverging. According to this documentary the ship was not damaged by the storm. An valve had been forgotten to be build in after some repair and so sea water came flushing in through the toilet system and showers.)

  150. Ron Miscavige Jr is out and speaks at last?
    Did I miss the memo? Can we have more Ron Miscavige Jr?
    Does he needs a Witness Protection?
    I’m actually being serious.

  151. Looks like that David put a shadow on anyone that was near him. This shadow does not disappear no matter what one is thinking or doing about it. I have been told on and on that those people like David have no power as that is written by Ron. But again, if someone can put a lasting shadow on others he has power. And negating that power he had over oneself is key to keep that shadow there.
    I had my own experience with people I met that overpowered my ability to stay sane.

  152. Perfect, Jim. Not only you and your comment but the song. I’ll try resposting to see if we can get a picture. If not, so be it.

  153. Marty, thank you for this reference from LRH indicating that underneath it all, as LRH says, “the old furniture polish”, the “cast iron” and “old garbage”, underneath it all you find a good person. In the last post, I told the story of how I had realized that it was important to apply “What is Greatness?” to David Miscavige, and how I had come out of “hating him”. I agree with Jim Logan, and have had a similar realization, that we are David Miscavige’s auditors, and as such, we need to handle the job with care, compassion and understanding, also stated in my last post.

    Despite all the damage done to Scientology, there has been a benefit, probably a very necessary benefit, to the whole experience with David Miscavige. The benefit has been each one of us coming up to a state of personal integrity. Each one of us having to find out on our own, about self-determinism, and how this applies to understanding the tech of LRH. Even before David Miscavige, there were instances where I went along with others’ interpretations of policies that I did not agree with, mostly evaluations of Ethics Officers and MAA’s, and thereafter suffered ill effects. Because I implemented someone else’s idea of how the tech should be applied, instead of my own, there were not so good consequences. This whole experience has taught me that:
    1. I have my own mind
    2. I can understand the real technology, and
    3. No one has the right to interpret it for me, and
    4. what I read is what I read, and
    5. no one else has the right to tell me that what I have read (by LRH) is different from what I know I read and understood.

    In the past, if there was an “authority figure” who told me that the tech was to be applied a certain way, and I disagreed with it, I was not willing to stand up for myself and say so. Now I am; loudly and publicly. Basically, we are no longer “reasonable” about allowing someone, even an authority figure, to tell us how Scientology is to be done. And if we have to revolt to do it, then so be it. Most of us have tried to change things from the inside. The Independence Revolution came about by each one of us standing up, and saying “NO” to the alteration of the technology. We didn’t say “NO” when he, (David Miscavige) was little (in influence and authority), but we are now. I have known since 1981 that something was dreadfully wrong. Just didn’t have enough awareness and personal integrity to do something about it. Didn’t know I COULD do something about it.

    So we have evolved into higher states of being, understanding, and awareness of what it takes on a personal level, each one of us, to keep Scientology working!

  154. LOL!

    Makes sense to me! Thanks for that JB……you owe me a new monitor.

  155. Just how inefficient is this organization? Let’s say Tampa has 100 staff. How many public are there in courses at the Tampa org at the present time, do you think? I get the impression from comments on earlier postings that there are perhaps a couple dozen public in there that regularly take classes and come in to get audited. What do those 100 people do all day, 16 hours a day? Their time is clearly not consumed by actual customer contact? There’s got to be a lot of make-work bureaucracy going on — making all the paper clips in the holder line up just right. I could see an org with dozens of customers having 5-6 people on staff.

  156. Lady Min,
    Awesome. Very well written! Thank you!! :-),

  157. There’s some uncanny parrallels here with the sinking just a few days ago of the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast. It’s now known with certainty that the Captain abandoned his ship knowing there were passengers dying on board. The coastguard gave him an epic SRA as he was waltzing off in his lifeboat, leaving his stricken vessel behind; it was left to the passengers and crew to help each other and fend for themselves:

  158. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    LOL!!! Was that specialist PTS/SP trained? Sure sounds like they were. THAT one made my day. Thanks.

  159. martyrathbun09


  160. LOL, Very sharp observation, Brian 🙂 🙂 🙂

  161. The answer is contained in C/S Series 22 PSYCHOSIS. I don’t have it handy, but LRH basically says no one on their rise up to power said NO.

  162. A humurous scenario. But, you gotta get him on the cans first and I doubt that’s going to happen.

  163. Made me chuckle, sorry. I believe Marty covered that with “Ron Miscavige Jr and I once compared notes on our experiences with his brother David Miscavige.”

  164. Alex Castillo

    I can only feel sorry for this guy DAVID MISCAVIGE. Having been so close to the Tech and LRH for so long and having had the opportunity to clear his fucked up mind and spirit and become a decent human being, he chose the dark path, betrayed his benefactor and became a criminal. That’s sad to say the least.

  165. It’s the “personal contact” anecdotes that really help me get a grip on the materials of the post. Thank you, Emilie! You really brought it home.

  166. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Carcha, you’ve nailed it too!

  167. morelivesthanacat

    Got this on FB today quite incidentally:

    “Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” –Robert Heinlein

    For those who don’t know, LRH was good friends with Heinlein. Not that it matters, but damn, is that right on the money or what?

    Those of you still “in good standing”, send that around to your FB friends. But start it off with the by-line (otherwise they might be too scared to read past the first line).

  168. Jim,

    I forgot how good the band and that song are.
    Thanks for sharing your story regarding Annie.

    I was a wee lad of 15 when I caught The Fixx and The Thompson Twins opening for The Police in Seattle during that tour. They all rocked! And it wasn’t just the funny stuff I’d been smokin’. 🙂


  169. How’s this for how David Miscavige became suppressive:

    1) Get born as a near dwarf.
    2) Spend your formative years getting picked on
    3) Find that the only way to avoid getting picked on is to be aggressive and scary
    4) Find out that being aggressive and scary doesn’t work with all people, and makes enemies out of those who are bigger and scarier than you
    5) Find out that you can run to others to bail you out when your actions get you in trouble

    David Miscavige became the person he is by learning to be afraid, and to manage that fear by being aggressive towards others. He is no more than a kid who grew up getting beat up by schoolyard bullies, and has decided it is better to be a bully than a victim.

    He continues to act like a bully in all aspects of his dealings with people; and he’s too stupid to think of any other possibilities like cooperation, kindness, or disregarding those who do not do what he says. He has to feel that he controls others in order to feel secure, because he is, at heart, the shortest kid on the schoolyard afraid he’s going to get beat up.

  170. Li'll bit of stuff

    John, you truly speak sooth, it shows in your every single
    post. Thank you for sharing this beautiful appreciation of
    Mary Sue for LRH! Your heart speaks to us who listen!
    Just know, that your Axiom 10 is definitely working! OK?
    Effected ….. Li’ll bit

  171. Thank you for your very nice acknowledgement, FishFlyToo!!!

    Love your name, reminds of all those times on TR’s (Training Routines) when I answered the question “Do fish fly?” with “Yes, they do!” LOL!

  172. Actually, what I really meant was answering the question “Do birds fly?” with the answer “No, but fish do!”

    For Non-Scientologists, “Do birds fly?” and “Do fish swim?” are questions to which, in the training drill, may be answered in any way by the coach, even ridiculously, and the student must acknowledge the answer, to the satisfaction of the coach. These drills provide many humorous circumstances that make Scientology training fun!

  173. JB,

    Thanks for sharing this perspective. Wanted to add that David Miscavige was mostly in Clearwater in ’98-01 with his hands full handling the Lisa McPherson suits and the 6 International events and so did not mess with the RPF, making it almost impossible to graduate at a later time and lengthening the time by 2-3X of what you spent in.

    Thus, those areas mentioned by Marty (FSO and FSSO) suffered a greater degree of his close proximity and squirrel orders. I left in 2001 due to a direct David Miscavige Squirrel and out tech order which was impossible to actually do at the FLB and graduated to an isolated Indie.

  174. PersonalJudas

    I think you are oversimplifying the Scientologist’s idea of a ‘being is basically good’. You used the term, ‘inate goodness’ and I would say that that is just what it is, innate. It is not necessarily manifest so should not be seen as a ‘get of jail free card’.
    but a person has volition too; we say a person is ’cause of his own participation’.
    Acknowledging a person’s basic goodness in no way absolves him of responsibility for his actions and the consequences thereof.
    It does however, open the door to understanding why he does what he does.
    It is perhaps, also a mitigating factor and so there is forgiveness.

  175. Joe, very interesting post. My opinion about why this has occurred is that Scientologists have not had the data concerning what has really been going on. For example, until the “The Truth Rundown” very few people knew that beatings were occurring at INT. The truth about the crimes has been very carefully hidden.

    It is also my opinion that David Miscavige is shattering, because Marty and other Independents, in fact each one of us who speaks out, is applying the technology to him. In the past, he would have instantly sued someone for doing what many are now doing and saying. The fact of declares not being given to people; now in many cases, not being issued at all, his unwillingness to give interviews, all are indications of the “shattering”. The “shattering” appears slow, due to his massive accumulation of influence and power, but, IT IS HAPPENING!

  176. What would have happened if people would have attempted to use “the correct lines” within such a Danger Situation? Like writing a note to that Captain? Complaining to the Company? etc.
    There is much reason for that line in the Danger Formula.

  177. They call people up all day trying to persuade them to buy another set of “Basics” or convince them to come to the next Reg Event. Or come in and see the IAS to give money to buy WTH booklets because “the King of Outer Moldovia said he wants WTH booklets for his country and we have to deliver [and we cannot use $2000 of the billion we already have, we need to collect $1000 from aqt least 100 people to be able to get them the booklets].”

  178. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wonderful handling, Lo and we all need to take stock of
    just how effective it is to simply grant beingness to the
    dramatizers so caught up in playing out their ‘engrams!’
    Also,the ability to ‘not take things too seriously’ and in fact,
    being able to ‘laugh off’ offensive behaviour, is simply
    an outflow and therefore a restorer of Sanity!!!
    Granting of Beingness
    Laughter,the Best Medicine
    Both extremely useful tools in the SCN toolbox! Luv, Li’ll bit

  179. martyrathbun09

    Good point Sinar.

  180. Yesterday I commented that “Virginia Stewart is just about done… this may be the last you see of Virginia Stewart.”

    Tony Ortega today is making me look like a prescient genius.

    With some excellent investigative reporting he reveals that Virginia, who sockpuppeted herself into a corner when she proclaimed there is no such thing as disconnection and that anyone who breathes a word of criticism is a “liar/apostate/cheat/thief/child molester/meanie,” was in fact disconnected from her father! And only when he threatened to go to the media about it did she resume (after 22 years) a “good roads/fair weather” comm line.

    He died last year, so now the cat’s out of the bag and Virginia is going to be put into one and become the Karin Pouw “spokesperson” of Australia — assumed to be alive because letters have her name on them, but never seen or heard again in public.

    See Tony’s report here:

  181. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha, Yup, The mental state called INSANITY sure seems
    to have a plethora of repercussive effects, wherever it is permitted to be dramatized! COB= certainly certifiable!

  182. Awesome, Marty!

    To me, one of the most valuable and truly uplifting things about Scientology is the recognition of the fact that everyone, no matter who, is basically good. At core, no matter how despicable someone is, they are good. This is different from “Science” & the mental health professions, which state that we are the product of mindless, accidental evolution, and that any concept of “good” and “evil” must be viewed in natural selection terms, and that people can be born without ANY conscience at all. It is different from the Judaic religions – the “fall” of Adam and Eve, and the introduction of Sin – we are born sinners because of the fall. And different from certain strains of Buddhism, as I understand the concepts anyway, which speak of good and evil as essential parts of the universe.

    Because of this view that we are basically good as a fundamental tenet of Scientology, the crazy way “Ethics” and “Justice” actions that have occurred – with the attribution of evil motives to people who are truly good – makes NO SENSE TO ME.

    Endless sec checks.
    Golden Rod with general and incredibly damning accusations.
    People showing up on doorsteps and in public places “shaming” people with profanity and a Nazi mockup.
    The “Finance Police” and the kid-led SO “ethics” missions that Miscavige started.
    “Un-friending” people in FB who have a differing point of view.
    Disconnection and paper-less instant expulsion
    The “Anti-Marty” and “Freedom” mag sites.

    These are outpoints against the religion and basic tenets of Scientology.

    The FACT is that when you make someone more themselves, which is really all Scientology is about, they get better and better, and nicer and nicer. This is one way of knowing that Independent Scientologists are truly Scientologists. They are very nice and genuine people. And they know their shit 🙂

  183. Hi Mike,
    I knew both the Stewarts. It broke Allen’s heart, the situation with his daughter. Terrible thing when a daughter refuses to communicate with her father – it was never the other way with Allen, he so very much wanted his daughter.
    Here’s a section of email he sent in Feb 10 which throws a bit of light on the senario regarding how he felt about the Church. He’s referring to CBR.

    He actually met with LRH late 1980, he told me the story:

    “Bill was the head of reno’s at FLB and got a message to drop everything and go see LRH in Clifornia. Did so, was driven out into the country in a blacked out van, ushered into LRHs room, after being told LRH was very sick and they thought was would die. LRH woke up, kicked out the messenger, said “Hi Bill, want a drink?” and pulled out a bottle of scotch.

    He told Bill that he had lost control of the CoS, all the networks cross ordering each other etc, but mostly if he put in a request for info on (say) Syd Fdn being downstat – what’s happening? he would get an answer back, “We found the SP Sir and he’s declared!”

    No data, nothinghe could use. Seemes like every level of commend the request went through, the more entheta it picked up.”

    Allen was great bloke and is sadly missed.

  184. Thank you very much. Cheers.

  185. “You gotta get him on the cans first” = arbitrary. 😉

  186. Good points. Prepare yourselves for him running off with his pockets full of gold. That is the scenario I envision in short order. I won’t chase him down provided he only fills his pockets and not secret vaults, and gets the hell away for good. That is just my personal take on it, you all can hunt him down if you care to. I just want that cult to straighten out and get back on Source.

  187. Lady Minn, points well made. As a BC student and before that as a public and as a staff member, I knew absolutely nothing about all this. But I wasn’t referring to folks like me. I was referring to people who were right THERE on the scene watching Miscavige and having to experience what he was doing. Many of these folks were OTs, fully trained execs on LRH policy, experienced auditors, all who had done the PTS/SP course and attested that they fully understood and could apply the data therein (and the data is on many tech and admin courses as well).

  188. Lady Minn – YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. I’ve been in contact with a public scientologist via another social network. This contact has being interesting and educational.

    According to the data they provided they were average scientologist female with husband and kids. Rate as upper middle class. They interacted and had relationships with none scientologists. The claim was they live by LRH finance policies and while they acknowledge reg’ing they say they just say no (cannot afford it) and they do not get any hassle for that. The church of scientology worked for them.

    A claim was the church of scientology is not perfect but it is working on improving.

    A claim was that whiners are those who “did something stupid” and got themselves in to debt or otherwise in to trouble. The whiners are dumb asses who couldnkt apply the tech properly.

    As regulars here may know I am not a scientologist but I recognise manipulation and exploitation and as a result have a lot of issue wirh the church of scientology.

    Despite logical argument I was unable to get this woman to understand that the church of scientology does not care about getting people in to debt and even encourages and facilitates it; I suggested a big step in the right direction would be to stop helping people get loans they couldn’t afford; that is loans they couldn’t get through other means. A bigger step would be to stop encouraging people to take loans to pay for future services.

    She was even complacent when I gave her examples of squirreling; one of the advantages I have is access to earlier recordings of LRH lectures which can be compared to current; there are a number of omissions in the current ones.

    She could not understand the point that scientology (by ideal) is not meant to create people who fail and yet many of those certified under Miscavige as being clear, OTx were still falling victim to such as bankruptcy and suicide and murder, attempted suicide. I said okay extreme cases but each one was a certified OTx under Miscavige, wtf went wrong?

    She could not get beyond the fact it was their fault. But they had all this awesome scientology training… Well they fucked up so they did something wrong.

    Protip: if you have been properly trained you do not fuck up so badly. Excuse the explitives.

    Such is the mind of a Miscavige Bot.

  190. martyrathbun09

    Their line sounds like the wingnuts blaming the trillion dollar housing bubble mortgage scam on the homeowners.

  191. IMO, LRH was a victim of what he created regardless of motive. He made mistakes and had his own issues that ultimately resulted in his demise; namerly his increased isolation from the church of scientology and ultimatetly his death and the abuse of it by David Miscavige to finally seize control.

  192. Tara, and the real truth of the matter is nobody can run objectives on him! Isn’t that worth pondering? 🙂 I consider David Miscavige a waste of bandwidth. A waste of time and I just overlook him. Even if he completed his objectives his experience doesn’t add up to anything of value worth paying for. Try objectives anyway! 🙂

  193. Yeah, you probably have a point.
    However, I don’t know any senarios in life that wouldn’t look a whole lot better in reptrospect if this or that was done.
    I see many complain that if LRH hadn’t created the GO – a lot of this crap wouldn’t have happened. Maybe…
    But what if LRH by doing what he did bought us just a little more time. Perhaps this window of opportunity is what it is. There’s a whole stack of SPs in Govt’s all over the world working really hard to destabilise anything that that might jepodise their agendas. Truth is not tolerated in the corridors of power – just ask the CEO of Wikileaks.
    I’m not saying you’re wrong or I’m right – all I’m saying is study any conflict in the humanities, especially warfare and just look at the ‘truth’ coverups and the actions taken to secure victory. They don’t have secret service agencies for nothing.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to find Miscavige behind some of this movement to have the censorship issue of protecting copyrights on the internet being debated in Congress as we speak. He has a lot to gain and heaps of fun to be had for his OSA bots.
    We live in dangerous times – time to apply Danger in PT with regards to going Free if that is truly what one desires.

  194. This is par for the course.

    The church has managed to manipulate and twist so many things in order to “be right” at all costs.

    The inculcation of select LRH quotes by constant repetition has resulted in mindless robotism on the part of many. Of course, many of these “justifiers” are in fact LRH quotes or paraphrases of them and that is what is so insidious. You can find a quote to justify anything — its harm or benefit depends on the viewpoint of the person reading it and the intention they have in its use.

    Some classics that have become canon law to avoid any critical thought about the church or Miscavige:

    “They pulled it in”
    “They are responsible for their own condition”
    “That’s just a motivator”
    “They were motivator hungry”
    “If they’re messed up its because they were out ethics”
    “They are just nattery, and you know what that means….”
    “They blew because they have overts”
    “It’s the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”
    “They failed to apply the tech”
    “They are SPs”

    And that’s just a VERY short list. But you hear the same lines coming out of the mouths of KoolAid guzzlers time and time again.

  195. SKM, he tried to reduce her universe to zero.;-)

  196. It is a good indication John, thanks.

  197. Sherb,

    Read both of your above posts. Very nice. You provide an opportunity for me to add something I would like everyone to see and think about. It’s been said in many instances before: How much can anyone ask of one man? The finest minds in all history tried for thousands and thousands and thousands of years to crack the riddle of life. Ron pulled it together. That alone qualifies as monumental. But the man didn’t stop there. Most people in the western world recognize the name “Scientology”. Back in the 1200’s if you said “The world is round” you might well end up dead. The disposition of the world isn’t all that different today. Yet Ron pointed out much more than just a round world. And he got it across. People tend to revere him as super-human above it all. That’s actually an act of cruelty. The shoulders Scientology rest on today are, rightly, ours. And now WE must make it on our own. Let’s try to carry Ron for once. The first challenge we have is to admit we can rise above, and be individually, truly, great. Then rise. God knows we have it a hell of a lot easier than he did.


  198. Thanks for the post Carcha. I agree with you. The next step forward could be summerised with this – the age of responsibility.
    If one really looks at it and agrees the 8 Dynamics are of equal value, there really isn’t any guesses at what to do next. Logic is such a failing as a group effort, it’s only hope hope is by the eforts of the individual. So much reliance on others is folly – but how do you convience a humanoid that they are individuals, with the potential to be self determined?

  199. Thanks Marty for keeping your blog fresh and relevant. It’s a breath of fresh air blowing away the cobwebs in the stale world of Miscavology.

    And thanks to all of you for being here and talking to one another. Over the years, I had gotten to the point of despair of ever witnessing Scientologists actually communicating.

    If it wasn’t being accused of “nattering” or “enemy line” then communication was met with “you’re self-auditing” for plain old-fashioned itsa. In the last 20 years I have not gotten any communication from a Scientologist – staff member or not – that wasn’t a bloody reg cycle in some way, shape, or form. The “party line” comm is so devoid of actual life that I unplugged my phone from the wall and said “The hell with it, they don’t talk anyways.”

    Miscavologists have neglected one very important skill dear to the (imho) true Scientologist – listening.

    At any rate, I keep having one random thought occur to me every time I see DM being talked about…

    Who is pulling his strings? Are we certain there isn’t another person(s) who fulfills the role of puppet master? I make no attempt to remove culpability from DM, his actions are his own and he is accountable for them, however, I can’t help but think that despite his madness about “all out to get him” there seems to be (at least to me) a sense that he feels he has some “air cover” for his activities.

    Who is he connected to? When he’s off on one of his jaunts, who is he meeting with? Who is he reporting to? Who makes him feel “right” about what he is doing?

    It just seems to me that most madmen like having an audience of some sort, a confidant, someone to get feedback from. I don’t think TC fills the bill, even for DM.

    Perhaps I’m dead wrong, but I just have this feeling that all is not known and perhaps we will trade one bad master for another should DM finally be removed.

  200. Nah all your Americans are just too…..American 😉

  201. “As will be made crystal clear in the material I am now working on, if there was one thing David Miscavige was expert and consistent at it was making enemies; and particularly enemies for Scientology. The process always began through his obsession with assigning evil motives to others. I have never met a person who was so quick to declare others as evil, to obsess on the alleged evil nature of others, and then to treat them as evil.”

    So how does a person like this, surrounded by trained, enlightened, clear or OT Scientologists allowed to become the head of the church?

    The question isn’t that there are people like this in the world, the question is why was this type of person allowed to get power?

    ……and I do mean allowed.

  202. That’s exactly why I chose the name…the TR’s. Love them. We all know that birds fly but we have to be reminded that Fish fly too. Some fly more than others.. Google Flying Fish, they are very cool. . .

    Oh..and one more thing about that name, I loooooooooooooooove to fish. I’m a fisherwoman 🙂

  203. Jessica Bason

    I looked into Scientology about 6 years ago, I was a former drug addict and I saw scientology books in a book store. It talked about how it could help me, I signed up for a “free” personality test, took it and then it began. They were trying to charge me, telling me what I needed to buy. I started researching before I committed to anything and I am happy that I did. Thank God I didn’t get involved in this cult and that if it wasn’t for people like you all, the ones who speak out I could have!! Great article and thanks so much. Jessica Mae

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