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The Mecca of Thought Control

There is not likely to be much breaking news on Debbie Cook’s mission for a while: Cook re-iterates intention to handle it internally.  So, let us not continue to kid ourselves that it is as simple as getting people to pledge allegiance to  “following policy.”  People dedicatedly defending David Miscavige fully believe they are following policy.

David Miscavige has quite apparently implanted a new End Phenomena (the state or ability achieved by participating in a given grade of one on one counseling) for the auditing technique known as Objectives. It is evident from the fact that Objectives are being run in huge, arbitrary blocks of time on corporate Scientologists at all levels of Scientology.  You can see the latest evidence in the mass email below this post from Barbara Dews, a prominent “Service Consultant” for Flag (Corporate Scientology’s “Mecca of Technical Perfection” in Clearwater Florida) sent to corporate Scientologists far and wide.   The missive seeks to demonstrate that everybody at every level of the Bridge ought to condition their minds to accept the need for massive doses of Objectives.  The email ends off with this brag as to time of delivery: 

In the TRs and Objectives course room in the Coachman, we’ve been completing people in a average of 130 hours.  

Now, if I were sitting at my desk as Inspector General of RTC circa 2003 and received a report that a Scientology drug rehabilitation center Narconon  (servicing only heavy drug addicts who require the most hours of Objectives) was averaging 130 hours on each drug addict, Narconon would received a mission to correct its grotesque out-tech.  Now, understand – the majority of those receiving an average of 130 hours of Objectives at the “Mecca” currently are Clears and “OTs”.

When one completes Objectives one is in present time, able to stay in present time, and is able to receive, duplicate, understand and carry out a clearly stated, simple direction.  Wonder of wonders, the person being run on Objectives recognizes that he or she is in charge of his or her own mind, body and destiny. That is the purpose of Objective processing.

Most people who are not very seriously damaged bio-chemical personalities can achieve that intended end phenomena in an intensive (12 1/2 hour block of counseling) or two.  That is assuming one is being audited by an auditor and not a mind control specialist.

Now, assume most folks achieve that result in a couple, maybe even a few, intensives and they continue on for an average of 130 hours.  What then is happening for the next one hundred hours (note, OT’s are being required to pay Class IX rates for their objectives)?

Simple. That person is learning to carry out meaningless, senseless, and expensive orders for hours on end while exuding a bright, cheery (read The Stepford Wives, The Truman Show, The Manchurian Candidate) attitude.

In other words, the perfect deployable agent willing to sign over one’s life savings, give away his children to a cult, dress up in a goofy uniform and make a clown of himself in the street with a camera taped to his head, you name it.

David Miscavige’s new Golden Age of Objectives End Phenomena:

Able and quite happy to carry out meaningless, expensive orders until one’s savings are depleted, one’s family is sundered, and one’s integrity is non-existent. Able to listen to, duplicate and believe hours of David Miscavige’s tortured, misquoted tidbits of L Ron Hubbard writings to make them stand for precisely the opposite of what they were intended to achieve. 

You think I am overstating the case?  Here is what L Ron Hubbard had to say about overrun on 4 October 1978 in a “confidential” HCOB – the quoted passage containing NOTHING THAT IS CONFIDENTIAL:

An overrun flow eventually winds up with unconsciousness, and that would wind up to hypnotism.  Hypnotism is the state of being under the duress of another’s command. 

Can Scientology be any more corrupted than this?

The email from Flag Service Consultant:

—–Original Message—–
From: Barbara Dews <barbaradews@flag.org>
To: Barbara Dews <barbaradews@flag.org>
Sent: Mon, Dec 26, 2011 8:15 pm
Subject: Here is a Technical Briefing regarding TRs and Objectives!

Technical Briefing regarding TRS and OBJECTIVES

Objectives are placed on The Bridge after the Purification Rundown and before the Grades.  Ideally, a preclear newly starting on The Bridge will receive a full battery of Objectives to EP at this point and be set up to fly up the rest of the Grade Chart.

The Objectives are a vital part of setting any preclear up for the rest of their auditing on The Bridge.  They also help handle the adverse affects that drugs have on a person’s case, which could stop them from being able to make it in the rest of their auditing.

There is a misconception that Objectives are just a “barrier to get through so that you can get onto the real auditing”.  That idea is completely false.  And by quickying or not doing their Objectives, a person is actually cutting out his chance to get full gains from his auditing.

The purpose of Objectives is given in HCOB 12 April 1962, CCH’s Purpose:

This is the purpose of the CCH drills – getting the pc out of the past and into present time.”   LRH



“Objective Processes do several things:  they remedy havingness; they locate the person in his environment; they establish direct communication with the auditor; and last but not least, they bring a person to present time. 


“’Present time’ is a very important factor in mental and spiritual sanity and ability.  A human being can be stuck in literally thousands of different past moments.  His behavior and attitudes are influenced by such past incidents and experiences.  As a matter of fact, a person can be totally regressed and can be in an incident of the past to the entire exclusion of present time.”  LRH




You have probably seen or experienced examples in life of people manifesting a need for Objectives – someone with low Havingness that just can’t seem to be able to have money or MEST, etc.  Someone who isn’t able to have a discussion in PT with you but just operates on a circuit of repeatedly telling you “I don’t know”, etc.

To give you some more reality, one of the individual processes is called Opening Procedure of 8C.  LRH considers this process one of the most important processes.

The particular thing that this process deals with is the person’s ability to be willing to take and follow orders.  Anyone who has been an executive and has had trouble getting their junior to follow orders were possibly dealing with an insufficient quantity of Opening Procedure of 8C run.

LRH says about this process in PAB 47 “The first thing that Opening Procedure of 8-C does is to get the preclear used to the idea of following somebody else’s directions and leading him to discover that by following somebody else’s directions he does not collapse or become ill or die.  In other words, the preclear discovers that he can follow orders without becoming entirely ruined.  This is an interesting discovery, since the physical universe is continually ordering him around and if he is resisting orders he is resisting the physical universe.  Resistance is the one step necessary to entrapment.”


In Creation of Human Ability, LRH says, “The trouble with most cases, and the trouble with any case which is hung up and is not progressing, is that an insufficient quantity of Opening Procedure of 8-C has been used by the auditor. This has been found to be an invariable rule.”


He goes on further to explain why this is so vital to have it done to a product before you put the pc onto subjective auditing, such as the Grades, NED or even the OT levels.

In PAB 47 he states “There is another point in the Opening Procedure of 8-C which cannot be too thoroughly stressed.  Nearly every failure in the past where the preclear has been audited and audited and audited, the auditor was unaware of the fact that the preclear was not following the directions given him.  A survey was taken of preclears who had a great deal of trouble in being processed in Scientology, and each one of them, either by means of a meter or by their own statement, was discovered to have uniformly avoided running any of the auditing commands given them, even though they were giving the auditor every assurance and appearance of running the auditing commands….


“There are two errors which can be  made in the running of the Opening Procedure of 8-C.  The first is not to know and do the process, and the second is not to run it long enough.  How long is long enough?  In many cases, twenty-five hours is not long enough.”


Thus, if you bring someone with Objective processes up to the point where they can confront and control the MEST of the physical universe, you will have gotten them able to confront and control the MEST that their own bank is composed of.

One of the very first steps of the NED pc program as given in HCOB 23 June 78RA PRECLEAR CHECKLIST is for the C/S to verify that the preclear’s Purification RD and Objectives have been run to their full end phenomena.  Both of these actions are factually part of the full NED Drug Rundown.

In HCOB 22 June 78RA NEW ERA DIANETCIS FULL PC PROGRAM OUTLINE, LRH states that Action Five is “A battery of Objective Processes is done on this step…  Many pcs will have had a full battery of Objectives earlier in their auditing, following the Purification Rundown…  The C/S should verify whether Objective have already been run to EP; if they have not been, they are run at this point in the NED program.”   LRH


LRH stresses this point of thoroughly done drug handlings in many different references.  One of these is C/S Series 73, HCOB 23 Dec 71 RB THE NON INTERFERENCE AREA CLARIFIED AND RE-ENFORCED, where LRH states “It is VERY important that a pc be fully set up with Purification Rundown, Objectives and any other needed drug handling steps, lower grades and any other needed lower Grade Chart actions, before he goes onto NED and goes Clear.” – LRH


LRH also very clearly states his viewpoint about the vital importance of Objectives in HCOB UNHANDLED DRUGS AND ETHICS.  “Several recent cases have come to light where the person was permitted to go on upper grades, Expanded Dianetics, Power and even OT Levels whose drugs had not been handled.


In each case there was no or poor case gain, organizational upsets and wasted auditing.


It is fully established that a chief cause of failure in cases is unhandled or only partially handled drugs including medical drugs, treatments and alcohol.”   LRH


In the TRs and Objectives course room in the Coachman, we’ve been completing people in a average of 130 hours.  On a full-time rigorous Flag schedule (at least 8 hours of auditing per day), a person can complete within 4 weeks.  And for those who have a light drug history or who have already had some auditing on Objectives previously, the person could get done in as little as 3 weeks.

In this way, someone coming to get through their lower Bridge can complete the Objectives, Grades and NED in a matter of weeks.

Much Love,

D/Snr C/S Flag Service Org

I want to help you get there.   Call me or write anytime for anything.


Barbara Dews

Flag Service Consultant

323 872 3585