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Wake Up

I’ve heard some comments from Miscavige shills lately – latest one posted in the comments section of this blog – that the folks who have spoken out about Miscavige’s habitual, sadistic and felonious behavior are “casting Scientology in a bad light.”  Such comments are a sure sign that either a) the commenter never read the articles nor watched the video interviews and/or b) the commenter is living proof that what Miscavige has created is a potential kool aid drinking following.  All fifteen people who spoke out in the Truth Rundown series so far have been emphatic that Miscavige’s sociopathic behavior could not be more off-policy and out-tech. It is Miscavige’s messenger boys who have thrown L Ron Hubbard under the bus at every turn, and at Miscavige’s direction. They swear that their “tough sons of bitches” conduct is as on-Source as it can be.  If you think that that type of sophomoric behavior is what Hubbard considered tough then you do not even have the first clue what Scientology is.  If you agree with Miscavige’s cowardice (first evading any questioning of his own behavior and supplying only spokespeople who were never in the vicinity of the dozens of unlawful acts disclosed, and second blaming his psychotic behavior on Hubbard) then by all means come after me hard and follow Miscavige to his inevitable Miscavigetown.  You can carry on defending Miscavige’s rightness to the point of being as right as a being can mistakenly think he can be (listen to all several dozen Hubbard lectures on Serv Facs to get the full import of that last comment).