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Love And Respect For Family

Check out this article on one of the fastest growing religions in America:


The Amish don’t spend millions each year to promote themselves.

The Amish don’t build gaudy, multi-million dollar shrines to themselves with state-of-the-art a/v gadgets to cajole people in.

The Amish don’t proselytize at all.

Apparently, the growth of the Amish is simply due to their nurturing and respect for their families and decent treatment of their own.

Imagine that.

That imagining reminded me of the Village Voice interview with Mimi Faust of the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  She recounted her childhood when her mother abandoned her for Scientology Inc.’s para-military priesthood (the Sea Organization).   It reminded particularly of this bit of street-wise wisdom that she imparted:

I asked Mimi what she thinks of Scientology today. She didn’t want to badmouth it, and assumed that some people find something positive in it. But she pointed out that it was her understanding Scientology wants to unite people. “Well, how are you going to keep the world together if you can’t keep your family together?” Mimi’s interview at VV