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Meet the Editors – What Is Wrong With Scientology?

The book What Is Wrong With Scientology is likely to be rather controversial to Scientologists.  It addresses some Scientology sacred cows in a fashion that may cause some uneasiness, even among independent Scientologists.  Think of this old Zen proverb before shying away: Unless the medicine stuns you, it won’t cure the disease.

One of the reasons I asked a couple of  Scientology technical experts to serve as editors of the book was to function as a reality check that my radical-at-first-blush ideas were technically sound.  Another reason is because in describing what is wrong with Scientology, I tell what Scientology is, or what it was intended to be by L. Ron Hubbard.  As you can see below, nobody likely has a better reality on both scores than my two editors.

The Editors of What Is Wrong With Scientology?

Dan Koon

Dan was introduced to Scientology in 1969 at the Berkeley California Scientology Mission.  He joined staff there in 1971.  Between 1974 and 1976 he audited to the state of Clear and trained through the St Hill Special Briefing Course (an intensive two to three year study of all lectures and writings covering the entire development of Dianetics and Scientology) at an advanced Scientology organization in Los Angeles.  In 1977 Dan joined the Sea Organization (Scientology’s priesthood) and was stationed at Scientology’s international headquarters for the next twenty-seven years.  He worked directly with Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard on technical training films produced to help perfect the art and science of Scientology counseling. He spent thirteen years as a senior researcher and writer for the L Ron Hubbard Technical Compilations Unit. That group searched, organized and compiled Hubbard’s Scientology writings in accordance with Hubbard’s written wishes. Dan left the organization in December 2003 when after years of deteriorating liberties it had taken on the character of an insular cult.  Dan is a painter and writer.  He also continues to consult independent Scientology practitioners. He lives with his wife Mariette in her native Sweden.

Russell Williams

Russ got involved in Scientology in 1974 in Phoenix Arizona. He joined the Sea Organization in early 1975 and served for the next thirty years.  For the first seven years Russ held a wide variety of posts directly involved with the delivery of Scientology training and auditing.  During the 80s and early 90s, Russ worked in the LRH Technical Compilations Unit – along with Dan Koon, for several of those years. During the early 80s Russ also corresponded regularly with L. Ron Hubbard, coordinating the compilations of Hubbard’s work into books, reference volumes, and course packs.  In the mid-90s, Russ worked for a stint in Scientology’s international management, as the highest authority over the delivery of Scientology services.  Finally, after spending several years in a Scientology concentration camp (described in more detail in this book) Russ decided his dignity and integrity required he break ties with Scientology Inc.  In 2004 he moved back to Phoenix, where he works as a freelance writer, editor and photographer, consults independent Scientologists, and enjoys life.