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Ruthless: Rape and Hypocrisy


My attention was directed to the latest on Karen De La Carriere’s Surviving Scientology youtube channel.  There, kept-man first-class Jeffrey Augustine interviews Ron Miscavige’s ghostwriter Dan Koon, in no small part in response to my review of Miscavige’s book Ruthless. The effort is understandable if one reviews Karen’s eager promotion across several fora of Ron Miscavige’s expose’ of his own flesh and blood. At the same time it highlights the hypocrisy that is the trademark of the Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC).

It is apparent in the book Ruthless that there is only one thing in his life that Ron Miscavige considers more intolerable than the thought of bearing any responsibility for his own son. Beyond piling on his living son while pile-driving his deceased wife Loretta, Ron’s book obsesses most with asserting his innocence to rape charges brought against him in the eighties. A great deal of Ruthless is devoted to complaining about the alleged injustice of being arrested, booked and forced to defend against the charge.

Here’s where the hypocrisy enters. A few years ago Karen offered me thousands of dollars to indict and convict Ron Miscavige of that very rape charge on my blog.  She said that Ron had confessed the crime to her in Clearwater Florida in the eighties and she wanted to publish it.  She said it was fair game for publication because even though Karen was a Scientology counsellor at the Clearwater facility at the time of the confession, Ron had admitted the crime outside the four walls of a counselling session.  She said that Ron told her, “Karen, I don’t know what got into me. I lost my mind. I got rough with that girl. I raped her”, referring to the woman outside Philadelphia who had so accused him.  She referred to Ron Miscavige as a predator who needed to be put away for the protection of society.

I told Karen that rape is a serious charge for a he-said/she-said accusation and I would not be taking the subject up.  Karen pressed me with a plea that it would do all manner of harm to David Miscavige and Scientology.  I informed Karen as I had on numerous occasions that that was not my purpose nor the purpose of my forum and that until she and others evolved from such hateful motivations they would continue to live the miserable existences they did. I also reiterated what I told her several times: that I never allowed editorial influence no matter how generous one was with donations to the blog.

Fast forward five years. Augustine on behalf of De La Carriere is using her forum to attack me for pointing out the hypocrisy of Ron Miscavige’s book.  Kept-man second-class Tony Ortega does accept money for publishing salacious content. That is how he makes his living. Only now Karen doesn’t want to protect the public from a rapist, she wants the guy pointing out the rapist’s hypocrisy to be discredited. As per usual, on-demand Tony dutifully complies.

There is another layer of hypocrisy. Ruthless ghostwriter Dan Koon’s first response to my review of Ruthless justified his efforts by promoting his next ghostwriting assignment, Jesse Prince’s book. Dan wrote of it as if it were the continuation of carrying out a noble endeavor. Meanwhile, Jesse is making the rounds swearing that he has evidence backing De La Carriere’s rape accusations against Ron Miscavige. The problem with a culture of complaint is that the blaming never seems to end. Ultimately, it has no other ends.

This business with trying to get me to publish Ron’s confession occurred while Ron was still with Scientology’s priesthood (the Sea Organization). So, here is the lesson in ASC ethics. A confessed rapist who is a Scientologist deserves life in the penitentiary. A confessed rapist who is an anti-scientologist deserves sainthood and the best defense money can buy. If you are with ASC against Scientology, you can get away with murder (or at least violent rape). If you don’t toe the party line, you are “bought off” or worse and are fair game for attack by those who themselves have long-since sold themselves. Kettle, meet pot.

Ruthless Bunker Mentality

What remarkable effects a little independent thought can produce in cyber-cultist minds imprisoned by self-imposed two-valued, us-vs.-them thinking. Tony Ortega had more comments to his critique of my review of the book Ruthless than he has had since his four-month campaign attempting to destroy my family’s credibility. He ended that series with the injunction to his followers that I was pretty much irrelevant to the Scientology world upon his pronunciamento. But, a simple posting of my thoughts on Ruthless brought his trolling legion to life, his cheerleader in chief working feverishly to spread Tony’s line onto every forum from secret Facebook anti-scientology clubs, to ESMB, to Pinterest, to you name it. A line Ron Miscavige Sr. and his co-author Dan Koon instantly adopted and represented as their own independently arrived at conclusion – their only public response to date.

In the after-flurry of Ortega’s bunker-mentality response, it was brought to my attention that Ortega and Jeffrey Augustine went on record at the Bunker in an effort to discredit my review (a weak-sister imitation of the dead agent caper incidentally, attacking but one fact of dozens shared). Both recounted an episode at my home in 2012. Per them, former scientology PIs Greg Arnold and Paul Marrick claimed to have spoken to David Miscavige. I heard a claim resembling their recollections at the time too. That is why I later asked Marrick and Arnold through their counsel to swear to it under oath in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology, et al.  A first year law student would understand the importance of such testimony on the issue of David Miscavige’s alleged hands-on involvement in investigative operations.

The lawyer represented it could not happen because Mr. Arnold and Mr. Marrick did not wish to help Monique Rathbun. That seemed odd since it was the Rathbuns who salvaged their white elephant lawsuit that had that lawyer in a desperate, groveling panic. So, what does one conclude? A) Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold were afraid to go under oath on their braggadocio because it was nothing more than telling tales to jack their self-importance? B) Their lawyer is a bottom feeding liar of the most unethical and immoral sort? C) Their lawyer was the one who did not wish to help Monique Rathbun?  Based on a lot of experience I am not at liberty to share at this time, I concluded it was a combination of A, B, and C.

To those not drunk on the ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) Kool Aid, I have all of this documented for later laughs.




I did not plan on reading Ron Miscavige’s book.  Since Ron spent dozens of hours on the phone with me after leaving Scientology to share his observations and thoughts about his experience I did not think there was anything else to be learned from him. Then after his first sensational press junket, his publisher St Martins reached out to me as follows:


Hi Marty,


The only book to examine the origins of Scientology’s current leader, Ruthless: My Son David Miscavige, and Me (published by St. Martin’s Press on May 3, 2016) is the revealing story of David Miscavige’s childhood and his path to the head seat of the Church of Scientology as seen through the eyes of his father, Ron Miscavige.


If you are interested in receiving a copy of the book to share with your readers, please don’t hesitate to let me know.




Christine Catarino | Associate Director, Marketing
ST. MARTIN’S PRESS | 175 Fifth Ave, 15th Fl., New York, NY 10010


So, I indulged Ms. Catarino and read the book.  I also complied with her request that I share the book with my readers. Here is my review:

It is ironic that St. Martin’s Press reached out to me to publish a review of its much-publicized book Ruthless by Ron Miscavige with Dan Koon. I had offered to conduct a free-of-charge fact-check on the manuscript but Ron and St. Martin’s ignored it. As Ron was well aware, I was in a particularly authoritative position to spot errors. I spent more than two decades working closely with Ron’s son David, the target of the book. Thus, I had more first-hand experience with him than anyone who has left the Church of Scientology he leads.  My motivation in offering the fact-check was to protect Ron from publishing defamations against his own son, and the deleterious emotional and spiritual effects that would ultimately have upon Ron himself.

After Ron left the Church in 2012 I spent dozens of hours helping him to better understand David.  He had never been in a position to know much about what David did most of his days. He had a lot of questions about stories he was being told by disgruntled former members. I had a lot of answers. None of them appeared in Ruthless. Instead, Ron and Dan apparently favored tortured and recycled opinions and ‘facts’ attributed to others or no one at all.

Upon leaving the church, Ron told me of much peer pressure he received from the scientology disaffected crowd to spill the beans on his son. Ron wanted my opinion. I told him that for a father to write a scandalous tell-all (what the media and anti-scientologists wanted to see and the only thing an American publisher would pay for) would be ill-advised for several reasons. First, Ron had absolutely zero first-hand knowledge about the lurid rumor mill material the anti-scientologists and media yearned for. Second, I questioned the moral propriety of a father writing an expose’ on his son; regardless of who the father and son may be. Third, I noted that a father-son expose’ would contribute nothing to intelligent public discussion on scientology; in fact, it could only detract from it. Ron expressed agreement with my reasoning on the several occasions we spoke about the subject.

      Ron informed me during our 2012 and 2013 discussions that he had two critical objectives in life.  One was to receive some retirement compensation from the church of scientology. He told me he had sought counsel with the then go-to anti-Scientology lawyer and had been advised he had no legal basis to make such a demand or claim. I suggested that Ron phone directly to his son David to seek financial help.  The second target Ron disclosed was to remain connected with his scientologist and non-scientologist family irrespective of the financial demands he planned to pursue.  I told Ron that that was simple. Just don’t cavort with people who are actively attacking scientology.  I said that given the fact that the church of scientology considered that I was one of the more influential anti-scientologists, he might even want to consider not communicating with me so often and so openly.  I advised that to flaunt his anti-scientology allegiances would be tantamount to disconnecting from his scientologists family. Apparently, he took my advice on both scores.  At least until he achieved the objective of obtaining a healthy retirement fund from David.

Ron then drifted deeper into the anti-scientology camp and I did not hear from him for a couple of years.

Having now read Ruthless I have a better sense why Ron and St. Martin’s declined my volunteerism. By the time I handed over my work product, there would not have been a book. I do not believe I have ever read a book more chock-full of hearsay, double hearsay, and anonymous hearsay than this one. A remarkable feat for an alleged first-hand account by a father about his son. The majority of sources for Ron’s published rumors leave a lot to be desired in terms of accurate memory, truthfulness and objectivity toward Ron’s son. For purposes of the review I’ll save readers the catalogue – but it is a lengthy one.

Absent the scandalous material Ron was told about his son, there is no material upon which to hang the rest of the book, the slant of its narrative and its message. Take all the passages prefaced with “he told me…”, “she said…”, “I heard…”, “others have claimed…”, “people have told me”, etc. out of the book and all that would be left is a pathetic self-apologia. It would be a hundred pages or more of justifying why Ron as David’s father bears no responsibility for how his son turned out. Ron repeatedly trashes his deceased wife to create an alibi for himself while assigning David’s first negative trait (his son allegedly complains too much) to her.  Ron based that on an embarrassing and cowardly venting about his former wife’s alleged continuous fault-finding with Ron.

Nowhere does Ron even attempt to reconcile that indictment of David’s mother with his repeated references to her advising that David not be thrown headlong into scientology as Ron had insisted. That is important because David’s second unkindly trait (aggressiveness) according to Ron is passed off on scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Per Ron Miscavige, that was impressed upon David so indelibly because of his being an exceptionally devoted scientologist – something Ron admittedly encouraged and his wife purportedly warned against. Ron conveniently omits his role in consistently urging David’s path with the superior salesmanship abilities Ron claims to possess. These facts make Ruthless read like a bizarre, self-absorbed case of cognitive dissonance playing out with Ron. He condemns Hubbard for creating his son while devoting a lot of the book to defending Hubbard (a courtesy he does not deign to afford to his own son). His left hand types that Scientology made his son intimidating and aggressive, while his right hand types that a significant result Scientology had on himself was “I never again even had the urge to strike her” – speaking of his wife whom he habitually brutalized over the previous decade.

One particularly ruthless section of Ruthless serves to illustrate how the book is the worst possible realization of the three reasons I suggested (and Ron once agreed) for not writing it in the first place. That is where Ron performs a lengthy psychiatric evaluation to assert his son is a psychopath. He cites a book to support his theory, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. Clearly, it is a book Ron has not read – yet another case of being told by others, in this case not disclosing the lack of first-hand knowledge. Ron’s book claims an altruistic purpose in attacking his own son. That is, he seeks the abolishment of the so-called Scientology ‘disconnection’ policy. In short, the doctrine holds that the only way to protect oneself from the fallout of a sociopath or toxic personality in one’s life is to cease all connection with him or her.  Ironically, had Ron read The Sociopath Next Door he would have learned that such a policy is not only not unique to Scientology, it is the very same method of dealing with toxic types called for by Stout; a view she shares with most recognized experts on sociopathy. Specifically, “The best way to protect yourself from a sociopath is to avoid him, to refuse any kind of contact or communication.”

In light of the fact that Ron’s book repeatedly claims his motive is to abolish that same practice in Scientology, and that Ron understood that his continued association with the anti-scientology community would in itself result in disconnection from his scientologist family, the very heart of the work would appear to be insincere at best and more likely hypocritical if not fraudulent. Ron had a choice and he opted for disconnection, even after being counselled on how to avoid it.

Stout’s book undermines another fundamental premise preached throughout Ruthless. That is on the subject of where responsibility lies if in fact Ron’s son were the villain he paints him to be. The Sociopath Next Door examines several popular theories in currency about the causes of sociopathy (ranging from genetics to our economics system). The theory Stout gives most treatment to points the bony finger right between Ron Miscavige’s eyes. It lays responsibility at the absence of or abuse by parents or guardians. She cites the considerable viable evidence obtained during the 1980s and 90s flood of American adoptions of young Romanian children. Those children wound up having an extraordinarily large criminal and anti-social record. Studies determined the misfits all held only one thing in common.  As infants and small children they had been orphaned as a result of anachronistic state birth control laws.  None of the sociopathic children received the physical and emotional love and affection afforded most children in their early formative years by their parents. Most suffered privation and corporeal punishment.

Had Ron read the book that most definitely would have stood out to him for the following reason. In 1998 I coordinated locating a number of people particularly knowledgeable of David Miscavige. Reporters for the St Petersburg Times were working on a feature about his son and asked me to arrange those interviews.  Ron and I spoke at length then about David and his upbringing. During the course of those talks Ron told me that he sometimes felt guilty because he regularly ‘beat the hell’ out of David when he was a small child. However, he then said with a measure of pride that since David became who he did he no longer regretted it.  He was proud because he drew a connection to that habitual corporeal punishment to David later having survived Scientology’s most dire chapter possessing the toughness to lead the church through it and rise to the top.

Ron was doing what I witnessed him often do, take credit for the exemplary adult he asserted his son had become. When David’s resilience brought admiration Ron’s way, he sought to intensify it with such braggadocio. When the outside world was more recently piling on Scientology and his son for allegedly being too aggressive, Ron apparently contracted a case of selective amnesia. In either event, a fact check would have indicted Ron Miscavige, applying the very psychiatric standards he used to attempt to bury his own son.

On that same score, an anecdote is in order. In 1981 a then 19-year-old David, his wife Shelly and I drove from Los Angeles to New Orleans to watch his family’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles play in the Super Bowl. We met Ron, his other son Ron Jr, and David’s mother (the Ron-maligned Loretta) there.  After a disappointing Eagles’ loss we went to a large buffet restaurant downtown. A group of victorious Oakland Raider’s fans chided us, noting that we were wearing Eagles t-shirts. Ron Miscavige started shouting profanities at the group of Oakland fans and approached them hostilely. He threatened to break their heads. I put a hand on Ron’s shoulder to prevent a brawl. He hit my hand away with a violent full swim move and kept marching. Only one thing stood between Ron and a fisticuffs that by the looks of him could have wound him up in the penitentiary for aggravated assault. His son David ran in front of him and looked him straight in the eye. “Cool it”, he said firmly. And Ron did. It wouldn’t be the last time David saved his old man from doing hard time in the big house. And that is yet another story Ron truncated and altered in Ruthless to vindicate himself while convicting his now-deceased wife and his son.

Ron Miscavige and his co-writer Koon have clearly taken to the anti-scientology agenda with some enthusiasm. It has created a Kafkaesque reality where Scientology (and by extension Ron’s son) has become in the words of former Scientology PR man Mike Rinder, “Fair Game.”  He defined that in a podcast as meaning one “can do or say anything against Scientology” and get off scot free.  A prime example were the authors’ responses to the Church pointing to a scandal involving Ron’s other son Ron Jr.  The Church referred to law enforcement documents indicating Ron Jr. was a regular client of a human trafficking prostitution ring. Ron Sr.’s response was, “It’s a convoluted mind that comes up with this shit.”  Mr. Koon said, “Dave can’t bring his father down, so the closest target is his brother. Dave doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any collateral damage to Scientology so long as his brother is squashed like a bug.”

Both Koon and Ron Sr. ignore the fact that their book invited such a response in as overt a fashion as possible throughout. One of Ron Sr.’s prime arguments for exonerating himself for how his son David allegedly turned out was to ask his readership to compare his villainous descriptions of David to his other son, Ron Jr.  For example, after vilifying David’s supposed negative behavioral traits – including “perversions” (no particulars are supplied), he writes “Yet who can say for certain these tendencies were part of David’s makeup from birth or they were learned?  Because none of my other children expresses these traits, I am inclined to think they were latent in him from birth.” (Incidentally, the genetic theory is the least useful of several according to Stout). He goes on to describe Ronnie as “the most considerate and thoughtful person you ever would want to meet.” Again relying on hearsay Ron Sr. offers Ron Jr. as comparative bait, “I don’t think Ronnie ever gave anyone reason to dislike him, and I have been told that, as adults, Ronnie and David couldn’t be more different.”  The released documents that Ron and Dan wail about indicate that Ron was living with his son Ronnie when he was arrested for repeated solicitation of sexual favors from human chattel. The latter fact is conveniently omitted from the book, while Ron Sr. describes his visit to Ron Jr. and his wife as akin to boarding with Ozzie and Harriett.

Yet, the Church and Ron’s son David are vilified for accepting their comparative invitation. The anti-scientology camp Fair Game policy apparently holds that if you are a Scientologist you not only are deserving of being marginalized and defamed, but if you resist you commit yet another unforgiveable, heinous crime.  I am not a fan of ad hominem attacks or counter-attacks. But, I am contemptuous of those who wield double standards in an attempt to leave a class of people defenseless against scandal-mongering.

Ruthless has mud-slinging opportunism written throughout it as does the history of its rollout.  Ron Miscavige first hit the headlines with the LA Times’ revelation that a Scientology-hired private investigator had been instructed by David to let his father die if he observed him having a heart attack while on a stake out. Ron’s handlers milked the story for all it was worth while Ron and Koon got busy on manufacturing a hearsay-heavy manuscript. When Ron later told me that he was in the process of inking a deal with St Martins Press to publish a tell-all about his son, he went out of his way to inform me that his change of heart about attacking his son had nothing to do with the wide circulation of the scandalous PI story.  I told him that was a good thing for him. Since he had acknowledged to me that Mike Rinder was part of his advisory team, I told Ron that I assumed that Mike informed him that the accusation about David instructing the private investigator is in fact “provable bullshit.” I waited several seconds for Ron’s reply, but there was silence. So I continued, informing Ron that Mike or I could tell him that in a combined fifty years of experience in directing Scientology investigative work, David Miscavige never once spoke to a private investigator. It was something he never would do and was far less likely to ever start doing the older he became. More silence from Ron.

Until many months later when he published his book and went on a marathon marketing tour. The entire prologue is a come-on promotional tease for the rest of the book, relying primarily on that big lie. It concludes with Ron Sr.’s feigned, wide-eyed wonder “And for a son to say that about his own father – just to let him die!? This book is the story of how that came about.”  Well, what about a father profiting by writing this about his son and repeating it at countless media promotion stops, when the charge has been credibly debunked?

In summary, my view is that paradoxically Ruthless is an apropos title for the work of Ron Miscavige Sr.

Meet the Editors – What Is Wrong With Scientology?

The book What Is Wrong With Scientology is likely to be rather controversial to Scientologists.  It addresses some Scientology sacred cows in a fashion that may cause some uneasiness, even among independent Scientologists.  Think of this old Zen proverb before shying away: Unless the medicine stuns you, it won’t cure the disease.

One of the reasons I asked a couple of  Scientology technical experts to serve as editors of the book was to function as a reality check that my radical-at-first-blush ideas were technically sound.  Another reason is because in describing what is wrong with Scientology, I tell what Scientology is, or what it was intended to be by L. Ron Hubbard.  As you can see below, nobody likely has a better reality on both scores than my two editors.

The Editors of What Is Wrong With Scientology?

Dan Koon

Dan was introduced to Scientology in 1969 at the Berkeley California Scientology Mission.  He joined staff there in 1971.  Between 1974 and 1976 he audited to the state of Clear and trained through the St Hill Special Briefing Course (an intensive two to three year study of all lectures and writings covering the entire development of Dianetics and Scientology) at an advanced Scientology organization in Los Angeles.  In 1977 Dan joined the Sea Organization (Scientology’s priesthood) and was stationed at Scientology’s international headquarters for the next twenty-seven years.  He worked directly with Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard on technical training films produced to help perfect the art and science of Scientology counseling. He spent thirteen years as a senior researcher and writer for the L Ron Hubbard Technical Compilations Unit. That group searched, organized and compiled Hubbard’s Scientology writings in accordance with Hubbard’s written wishes. Dan left the organization in December 2003 when after years of deteriorating liberties it had taken on the character of an insular cult.  Dan is a painter and writer.  He also continues to consult independent Scientology practitioners. He lives with his wife Mariette in her native Sweden.

Russell Williams

Russ got involved in Scientology in 1974 in Phoenix Arizona. He joined the Sea Organization in early 1975 and served for the next thirty years.  For the first seven years Russ held a wide variety of posts directly involved with the delivery of Scientology training and auditing.  During the 80s and early 90s, Russ worked in the LRH Technical Compilations Unit – along with Dan Koon, for several of those years. During the early 80s Russ also corresponded regularly with L. Ron Hubbard, coordinating the compilations of Hubbard’s work into books, reference volumes, and course packs.  In the mid-90s, Russ worked for a stint in Scientology’s international management, as the highest authority over the delivery of Scientology services.  Finally, after spending several years in a Scientology concentration camp (described in more detail in this book) Russ decided his dignity and integrity required he break ties with Scientology Inc.  In 2004 he moved back to Phoenix, where he works as a freelance writer, editor and photographer, consults independent Scientologists, and enjoys life.

An Idle Scientology Org Story

One of the problems for Miscavige with the Independent Scientology movement is our persistence.   Massive black propaganda campaigns, phalanxes of private investigators, lawsuits, Facebook Nazis, buying off the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you name it – Miscavige has tried it.  But, we keep on thriving and expanding.  And with that the truth continues to out and becomes corroborated, and thus more and more credible.  Today’s post is a case in point.

Newcomers may not have seen Dan Koon’s article from August 2009 on Steve Hall’s Scientology-cult.com, Thoughts on the Ideal Org Program.   Dan had the opportunity to drop in on David Miscavige’s then-latest fraud,the Malmo Sweden Idle Org.  Dan, with his decades of experience with LRH, Int Management and David Miscavige was able to divine that there was no intent to deliver Scientology services in Malmo by just a short, aborted tour of the place. 

Of course, Miscavige counting on it just “going away”, put a couple of nasty, defamatory publications out on Dan and carried on with the fraud across the world. 

Now, meet Phil Bruemmer, former Malmo Idle Org staff member.  Phil shines the light on what was going on inside from Malmo’s opening up to the present.  As you will see Dan was right.  Though, I have always contended he gave Miscavige far too much credit for speculating it was all a real estate scam.  It is a scam.  The level of fraud that Phil reveals is astounding. 

Welcome Phil.  And thank you for shining the light of truth.

An Idle Org Story

by Phil Bruemmer

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1971.

I am a “new OT IV”, Class VI C/S and an OEC/FEBC grad.

I am also a course supervisor, professional word clearer and trained Cramming Officer.

Posts I have held include, Director of Communications, HCO Cope Officer, Basic Courses Supervisor (that’s Basic Courses Supervisor – NOT Basics Courses Supervisor.) I ran the Comm Course and HQS, before they were suppressed out of existence), Word Clearer, Cramming Officer and Executive Director.

That was all in San Francisco Org.

I held the post of Senior C/S, and later, auditor in Stockholm.

Around 2004 I went off staff and audited in the field under the “control” of I HELP for a few years, during which time paid I HELP to annoy me.

I went on back on staff to be the Senior C/S of the soon to open “Ideal Org” in Malmö in April 2009.

I left Malmö in August and sent a farewell letter to IJC, CJC and RTC (the Justice Chiefs as I was under comm ev). Below is the comm which I sent in while waiting (& waiting, & waiting…) for the Findings and Recommendations:


To: International Justice Chief

From: Phil Bruemmer                                                                                                            RTC Reports Officer                                                                                                                                                                       RTC Rep EU                                                                                                                                                                                   CC: Cont. Justice Chief EU

Re: The Church of Scientology

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1970 and most of that time I have been staff.

I am a Class VI C/S (mostly non-GAT), OEC/FEBC, MCSC (1978) interned, PWCC and Cramming Officer

Some posts that I have held throughout my staff career are:

External Comm Flow Officer, Internal Comm Flow Officer, Dir Comm, HCO Cope Off and HAS, Basic Courses Supervisor (HAS course/HQS course), Word Clearer, ED, Cram Off, auditor, C/S and Snr C/S.

On 11 October 2011 I had a committee of Evidence, which was held on me at CLO EU. It is now 17 December and I have not had any word on the findings and recommendations.

This is too bad as I had wanted to let the cycle complete. However, I am disinclined to wait any longer.

The”church” in its present state has departed so far from the church that I joined as to be unrecognizable.

The Technology and the Administrative technology have been altered beyond workability in some cases or the misapplication renders it mostly unworkable.

The altered material which is called, “The Basics” is one example of this. The training of GAT auditors who robotically learn and who “audit” over their own out basics is another. I can’t believe any of them, or their C/Ses, Supervisors or Cram Offs, ever bothered to listen to or duplicate the LRH lectures on Level 0. It seems this would apply as well to the members of the RTC who pass final videos.

I personally experienced some of the out-tech being run on OTs at AOSH EU within the past year (running NED on Clears, squirrel sec checking). From research I have done since, I have come to the conclusion that this sort of squirrel tech is practiced throughout the world in the “church.”

I have also become aware of an inordinate number of persons on, or completed on, OT VII/VIII who have lost their bodies due to cancer.

In 1989 I lost a wife to cancer. She was a Class VIII C/S who was bogged on VII for years. Apparently, there was no tech to debug her (or no one cared) and she later got cancer, suffered for a number of years and finally dropped the body.

There were some others who got cancer at that time and I have recently learned there have been many more, even in recent times. It makes it seem the tech not only does not work, but that its unworkability is extremely hazardous.

I do not believe for one moment that LRH would release a tech which was so dangerous. I can only conclude that the original LRH materials were altered.

Currently the training of auditors is a non-existent activity – with the exception of a few know-best GAT robots that are being trained in the squirrel technology of the Chairman of the Board RTC. These robots train and then intern through auditing other robots on the training lineup. When they hit an HGC they are totally unprepared to audit public, particularly public treated to 20 years of out tech who now expect Miscavige brand “Scientology” tech to salvage them.

I am not going into detail on the quickie Grades being delivered at Flag at this time and the fact that lower Grade Chart actions should be delivered in the orgs (maybe the orgs can’t be depended upon to quickie them fast enough to suit the SP who is running this show).

Much to my embarrassment, I let myself get sucked in to helping to open the “Ideal Org” in Malmo. I watched the 4 man CMO Int Mission putting the org there. I can say it was a bunch of squirrel know-best that got the result of no org.

None of these Missionaires had done an OEC, much less the FEBC. I remember well the scorn and derision leveled towards the subject of the OEC (has to be recompiled by COB) and the FEBC. I shouldn’t have to point out the degrade of LRH admin tech. I learned that the FEBC is no longer being used to train execs.

I’ve seen the new “admin tech” that is being used and there is no tech in the new tech.

After 3 years the SO has had to move into this “Ideal Org” where a number of SO members are working to keep it going. There are CLO staff as ED, HAS and at least 3 SO full time on recruitment. There might be others now. From what I’ve seen none of them are OEC/FEBC. Even if they are, they won’t be allowed to do what Ron says as their seniors in the Ideal Org Unit won’t allow it. Applying correct source is not popular in the church these days.

What I see is going on is that the Church of Scientology has been taken over by persons of ill-will who are altering the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology for their own purposes. Either that or they are extremely stupid and can’t study or duplicate source. Or both.

I see a denigration of Source as a standard operating basis by such persons.

I see misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology.

Where was the vaunted Religious Technology Center which is stated to “exist to ensure the purity of the Scientology religion” when all this suppressive alteration was occurring?

The purpose of RTC is said to be; “to ensure that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly applied”.

Yet, stated purpose notwithstanding, RTC has enforced the study and application of squirrel technologies in Scientology.

My last “hope” as a staff member was that the COB would wake up to what was being done under him and take steps to remedy the situation. Well, that was the last bit of theetie-wheetie in my universe. I came to the realization that the situation is exactly what the COB has ordered.

All of these squirrel “Ideal Orgs” are COB orgs.

They are David Miscavige orgs.

Well, COB RTC, is NOT Source.

COB RTC is not even a trained auditor. He never made a Clear in his life (or a release for that matter).

He is not a trained administrator.

The proof is in the pudding.

I joined up to help LRH clear the peoples of planet earth. I did not join up to help some SP destroy Scientology.

I won’t dwell here the extreme bad PR which the church has at this time, or the fact that the OT levels are available to anyone who wants to read them, complete with misunderstoods and out of context out gradients.

This all occurred under the watch of the Chairman of the Board and the Religious Technology Center.

The Church, under David Miscavige and the RTC, has become a suppressive group, by definition:

SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS, are defined as those which seek to destroy Scn or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate suppression of mankind.”

That is straight out of the Technical dictionary.

I am not a member of that group.

I am a Scientologist.

Phil Bruemmer

I guess my comm was a bit wishy-washy because, instead of declaring me, I got this email from the Cont Justice Chief:

Cont Justice Chief Europe
*To Phil Bruemmer
Dear Phil,
I  have been in receipt of your letter today and I also learned that
you  have not yet been in comm with the Chief Public MAA, despite her sending  you several e-mails and the fact that I mentioned it to you in my  e-mail 3 days ago.
However, I sent you personally a copy of the Findings and Recommendations of your Comm Ev, along with a letter, today. Though I sent it in Prioritaire, due to the X-mas week-end, you might receive
it only on Tuesday or Wednesday, per indication from the post office.
At this point, you should get prepared to arrive to AOSH EU very fast in response to the Comm Ev Recommendations, in order to terminate your cycle. Let me know when you will have it in hand and let me know what will be your arrival date to AOSH EU.

I expect rapid origination from your side upon receipt of my letter.  

Ml, Arnaud, CJC EU

My reply:
Dear Arnaud,
First of all I want to tell you that I have received no email from the Chief P/MAA since the 26th of October.
I have checked my email daily (in fact several times each day) & there has been no email from her or anyone regarding my comm ev Fs & Rs.
Ask her to show you the emails she said she sent.
(Note: I _did_ receive an email from her _yesterday_ via xx, who is up here on a tour.)
I appreciate your sending me the Findings and Recommendations of my Comm Ev, however, as far as I am concerned the cycle is done.
You can see my communication of 17 December 2011.
I am going to be very blunt here;
I am no longer a member of the church of Scientology.
My 17 December communication to you should have made that very clear.
I do not want anything to do with the church, its management or any of its affiliates.
I do not want or expect any harassment about this.
I am done and I want to be left alone to get on with my life.
I _will_ go legal if my life is interfered with by the church, or any SO units, or by anyone connected to the church.
There are individuals in the SO that I still like and admire – as individuals. However I want nothing to do with the corporate body.


Phil Bruemmer

“THE NEW MALMÖ IDEAL ORG!!!” is a disgrace to the concept of a Scientology Organization.

One need only read HCOPL The Ideal Org and compare it to the existing scene at Malmö (or any other “Ideal Org”) to see that it is NOT an ideal org.

CMO Int, the Ideal Org Unit, RTC and what currently passes for the Sea Org are a disgrace.

When Malmö opened it opened with a new squirrel org board. Then, even this org board was not followed.

All staff were put on a minimum of 2½ hours per day “Basics Sales” during which they were on the phones harassing people to buy the Basics. Mind now that people on an orgs mailing list are also on other lists and get call at all times of the day or night from around the world. In addition to all-hands Basics sales there were all-hands “Book-a-thons” and other all-hands.

The result of this was that key posts were often unmanned (Course Admin, Tech Services, D of P, Examiner, etc).This led to slows on service lines and resulting injustices on staff for bad service and low stats. But the stupidities continued to be enforced, as it was “Command Intention.

In short staffs were held responsible for posts that they were prevented from holding by the Senior Execs who were “establishing” and “stabilizing” the org.

The org was manned up with disaffecteds from other orgs and by people from other countries who spoke no Swedish. For example, the Public reg personnel were German, Russian or Romanian. The Basic courses supers were Russian, Swiss and 1 Swede. The public disseminators were mainly Hungarian with poor English skills and no Swedish.  It is disgraceful to not have Swedish people at the entry points for new public.

The HGC opened with: 2 Hungarian auditors who were rushed through their Flag training for the opening of Malmö. They were borrowed from Budapest for 3 months, 1 Swedish Class IV who was borrowed for 3 months from Denmark Day org & 1 Class IV from Croatia.

Later on there was I Hungarian V Grad, 1 German V Grad and the Swede and Croatian IVs.

The D of P was a Hungarian and the OES was a V Grad from Hungary.

Qual consisted of an Israeli Qual Sec, Israeli SSO, Senior C/S was an American and the examiner was German.  (That was the final-line up in Qual, not the opening line-up).

There is more. Much, much more. I know folks like long interesting stories but this would be too long. It is also not all that interesting to me. I was fascinated at times by the sheer insanity being perpetrated on what used to be Scientology and I did learn how to survive being constantly under threat and duress while maintaining some integrity, that was interesting at times J

The point of this missive is to point up the fact that this “Ideal Org” operation was never intended to follow LRH policies regarding Scientology organizations and was doomed to failure from the start. It was intended to fail. The CMO Int Mission first and the Mission second were rewarded for this successful failed mission with promotion to the Ideal Org Unit.

The org board then seemed to work like this (after the dis-establishment mission left):

Ideal Org Unit I/C (Lucky Story, or her junior, Smith) issue orders to LC (The Office of LRH is now the Office of CMOI. CMO I enforce Source usurper’s squirrel dictates). LC bypasses anyone and everyone to carry out her duplication of what is needed or wanted.

(“I’m Lucky’s right hand in the org” – Monica Röhrig, CLO EU SO member, LC Malmö & junior sp in charge of ensuring suppression of anyone insisting on standard policy application)

There is another bypass line to the FR, who also bypasses anyone or everyone on the org board.

The FR’s major function seems to be Product Officer of the org, who batters staff to get products for posts they’ve been cross ordered off and to ensure they do the actions they have been cross ordered off post to do.

Go ahead, try to make that logical!

These 2 also are run by CLO to bypass.

The other line used to bypass is the Exec ESTO who, using squirrel ESTO tech, creates dis-establishment. The squirrel ESTO tech is held in place by LC EU and ultimately by RTC, who refers any reports to LC EU. Working with the LC and FR he helps to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion (Note that LC at the time and E/ESTO were handpicked by the CMOI mission.)

CLO, under CMO I run a permanent recruit “project” in the org. This recruit project uses “ethics”, rollback, has in the past gone through pc folders to get data on prospects, etc.

In one instance an HGC pc was 2d flowed to get him under the domination of a female SO recruiter. I went to the I/C directly on this one and it was stopped.

Folders of prospects were taken out of the org and given directly to the Senior C/S CTO who programmed for actions to help with recruitment. This of course is a permanent bypass of HCO and Qual, not to mention the Exec Council and Ad Council.

Dapper Dave “Supreme Squirrel For Life” Miscavige, has managed to install a thoroughly corrupt hey you org board which extends from his very own self all the way down and throughout what used to be Scientology.

In April 2011 I announced my intention to leave when my contract was complete.

I was put on a sec check. Not a leaving staff sec check per the policy (HCOPL LEAVING AND LEAVES) but, a sec check to ensure I didn’t leave. Or maybe it was just to punish me. Or maybe it was both.

I realized this when, after completing the end ruds I was told by the MAA that I had more to do.

This went on for 5 intensives. I had to borrow money to pay for this in the NOTS HGC at the AO.

I get 700 US bucks a month retirement pay for all my years on staff, and my church, which I gave all those years to, bleeds me for whatever it can get from me. And makes me wrong in the bargain! Staff pay in an un-Ideal Org does not cover auditing in the NOTS HGC, even at half price.

It used to be that trained OTs could co-audit, but some sp put an end to that as it messed with his income

(Oh Dave, the fires of hell are as cold as ice compared to where you are going to end up)

(You stupid, suppressive little prick, all the money and all the shyster lawyers in the universe can’t help you beyond this lifetime).

Somewhere along the line I realized they were not going to let me go. I would have to cave-in and submit and become a stupid, soulless robot, or be killed or blow. Or find some other way out, so I ceased to cooperate. Having spent 2+ years in an Ideal Org and dealing with the current crop of what is laughingly called the Sea Organization I had learned the benefits of being 1.1. I slid out and out the door (“just slip out the back jack…”)- Okay, I still got a comm ev but, by the time it was done I was well versed on the scene both inside and outside the cult. Plus I was out of there and out of control J

I wasn’t going to put this up on this blog as I considered my experiences in the Ideal Org to be very small potatoes compared to other stories I have read here. I also observed that the Ideal Org scam is no secret and therefore felt my posting would be redundant. Then some friends pointed out to me that my telling about Malmö might be of some benefit in getting others off the fence and /or out from under the radar.

Maybe so.  Maybe my friends have it right, but I am on the fence about that.

With all that has been written on this blog, scn-cult.com, friendsoflrh.com, savescientology.com, etc., and with all of the LRH quotes cited on this and the other blogs and, with all of the LRH references which have been referred to here, with the all the published wins from the application of Scientology technology OUTSIDE the cult church,  I doubt this latest complaint is going to reach anyone whose personal integrity is so lacking that they would help that disgusting, degraded, perverted suppressive to remain in a position of power.

That is what your silence and inaction is doing – propping up another suppressive dictator.

This particular dictator is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out.

If not for a handful of real Scientologists Davey would have already wiped out any chance any of us have of going OT. If you think he is so powerful and smart think about this: He is killing the only chance he has of getting out.

How smart is that?

No, your silent acquiescence is merely prolonging the inevitable.

There is not going to be any miracle that will save the church from the suppression. It has gone too far for too many years.

The guys who could have handled it didn’t and they are either dead or out here keeping Scientology working. It is over. The church is dead. R.I.P.

You are observing the death throes of the snake.  It can still bite, still inject its venom, but it is dying.

It has destroyed lives, families, hopes. It has tried to destroy any hope any of us had for a better world, for our chance of being free. You want to sit on the sidelines and let this go on until it finally ends?

You can’t deal with an sp. Look at the definition of Suppressive Person in the tech dictionary. (Do it now, before he changes the definition!)

Two days ago I learned from a friend that my wife and I have been declared suppressive since 19 February 2012.

We weren’t surprised. My wife had a sort of “yeah, well didn’t your friend have anything interesting to say?” attitude. It was another alter-is, of course, they didn’t send me my certificate!

So far I have re-done OT I, which was, of course f….d up in the cult. Now I’m working on II and doing just fine and dandy, thank you. Then I’ll re-do III and go on from there.

A word to the wise: You are NOT gonna go OT on altered tech delivered by someone who is determined there will be no OTs.

I am grateful for having worked in one of Davey’s Ideal Orgs because all of the tech on PTS/SP has been made very real to me and will stand me in good stead throughout my eternity. Indeed it ensures that I will have a better eternity, no matter what happens here and now. I have good experience on four flows J

So, thanks Dave.  I know you intended to burn the house down, but you ended up watering the carpet!