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Open Letter to Sky Dayton


Check out the log entries below from the office of David Miscavige’s “COB orders on the internet” excerpt book.

#1 shows he is excerpting some comment made to you (whether verbal or written you’d be the most qualified to recall) and distributing it to Scientology Inc international and Golden Era Productions executives and staff.

#2 and #3 are subsequent utterances he made to Gold staff over the next two days – referencing his ‘comm line’ to you and your recommendations to him.

#4, a year and one half later he is still dropping your name while uttering the usual utterly incomprehensible, do-less drivel.  This time it is to the four ‘highest’ execs he’s got at that asylum. Incidentally, 2 of those 4 are long-since on the outside looking in, while Guillaume and Yager remained imprisoned, see e.g. ABC Nightline Special on the hole.

Note well that Miscavige does nothing with the fact of your communication of ideas except to make others wrong with them.  Hell, he could have passed along your comm in full and told them to execute it as a strat plan and program if he had any intention whatsoever of disseminating Scientology.  But, he didn’t.  You can read myriad testimonials on this blog about how Miscavige handles all communication like this. Check your Science of Survival and compare.

Now, compare this to another – one of hundreds of such random, off-the-wall orders – order he delivered on ‘marketing’ just a few months earlier, see earlier marketing order.  Good reason I suppose for using your suggestions for no other purpose than making others wrong – I am sure your suggestions cross ordered his psych drug company marketing implementation plans.

Dude, bottom line, you spoke or corresponded with this guy almost TEN years ago.  Has he listened to a single thing you advised?   After TEN years do you think he is ever going to?  Do you really think you are serving the greatest good for the greater number of dynamics by supporting this suppressive sociopath?




2 SEP 2002



That’s ancient history and the fact is I can consider the Internet the greatest advance ever in terms of real dissemination to really clear the planet.  In fact, without the Internet, I don’t think the job could ever get done.


2 SEP 2002






You’ll also understand now why I can’t believe that CMU will not get set up with a full-blown Internet unit.  I read what Sky Dayton writes compared to you guys, and there is somebody thinking.  I could go on and on about Internet, but we’ve still gotten nowhere on this.


3 Sep 2002




Maybe one century we’ll get a Marketing Unit.  I think our guys are the most rank amateur there are.  They can’t even sell to Scientologists (I have Sky Dayton writing to me about setting up Div 2 internet sites and yet in 15 years I’ve never been able to get Gold or Int to care about one Div 2 function), let alone broad public actions to drive people in.


25 Aug 2004







[Internet Marketing Strat.] “I spoke to Sky Dayton who thinks the best thing to do is e-mail. And my plan is we can have banner ads, this ad and that ad, so what we’ll do—here’s my strat: Create a cutting-edge Div 6 interactive site.” He just won’t get it.  How many times have I said there’s some way to market on the Internet? He had an online bookstore. I said—wait a second, I want to know the way they market on the Internet and then we can keep it going forever.

Scientology Inc to Mimic Psych Drug Companies

It ain’t just the gaudy, cavernous Idle Orgs that is keeping public out of Scientology Inc. organizations.  It is also David Miscavige’s myriad off-the-cuff, off-the-wall orders across the org board.  Below is another classic – ordering Scientology Inc. Marketing to duplicate the marketing of psych drug manufacturers.

30 Mar 2002  






As a matter of fact, I don’t know what Marketing is thinking about.  A copy of this should go to them.  They should literally gather up from all these marketing companies all their Prozac, Paxil and all this stuff- all this psych marketing, I guarantee you, on the Internet site it literally tells the doctors how to sell their patients on it. So, my point is they could be using this right now.  You want to do raw public marketing, we just save that much money when they say, “We can’t get any research done.”

Founder of Scientology Net Nanny

Windhorse mentioned the infamous Scientology Inc Net Nanny software in a comment to the last post.   The software was presented as a template to set Scientologists up on the goofy, retro ‘Scientologist’ networking site.  But,  it was embedded too with a program that would block those Scientologists from finding out anything about David Miscavige or church of Scientology from the internet at large.   In the event anyone had any doubts about whose brilliant idea that was, I present David Miscavige’s order to Commanding Officer CMO INT (Marc Yager – roughly equivalent to CEO of church of Scientology International).   


29 Dec 2000



As for the Internet, I don’t know how a marketing unit could operate without the Internet these days. Everybody is into the security, which is fine. But they sell kiddy filters to stop naughty Gold staff members from going into porno sites. The other one is to just have an anti-entheta on Scientology filter. INCOMM could resolve that easily.

Scientology Inc. Internet Nannies

Scientology Inc. is providing a ‘service’ to assist corporate Scientologists ‘keep undesirables off your lines.’    It promises to ‘clean up’ everyone’s email lists so that there is no one on it that is not a fanatical, kool-aid drinking Miscavige devotee.   In true Orwellian style it is being offered by the “IHELP” branch of the corporation.  Here is the pitch being distributed from the management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave:


Please read the below and follow the directions.  This is an
important cycle of action and will help keep undesirables off your
lines as well.


We are in the process of cleaning up all email lists to make
sure you are not inadvertently contacting some terminals who are no
longer in good standing with the Church. We have set up a line so
this can be done easily and a service will be provided for you to
keep all lists clean on a regular basis.

Follow the below guidelines to provide your email list for list
cleaning. Be sure to include any lists you use, e.g. your contact
list, email address book, email mailing lists, etc. There’s no
limit to the number of lists you can send in. The point is – send
them all!

If you are using Outlook, Thunderbird or another similar email
program to manage your lists, then these programs typically have an
“Export” function with which you can export your email list.
For example, in Outlook, select your Contact list, choose “File”,
then “Import & Export”. From the “Import & Export Wizard”, choose
the option to “Export a file”. Choose the file type called “Tab
Separated Values” (Windows). You will be prompted to choose a file
name. Save the exported data.
Otherwise, provide your email list in a comma-separated, tab-
separated or Excel spreadsheet file with one email address per line
in the file so that it can be processed easily.
If you have questions as to how to export your email list using the
software that you have, you can send an email to for further instructions.
Send your lists to
Let me know once you have sent in all your lists.


Indie 500 Update – Brad Halsey #340

News Flash. The real action in the Indie 500 occurred at Steve Hall’s  Brad Halsey roared out of the house!

I am gonna’ try and keep this write-up short and sweet.

I was on staff for D.C. Fdn. from 1987 to 1997 (was on tech posts the entire time).

I trained as an Outer Org Trainee at FLAG as part of the Class 8 Senior C/S training program from 1992 to 1996, an Int program that drew 135 people from around the world begining in 1992.

I was there at FLAG when the Golden Age of Tech was released in 1996. At that time only 2 of 135 people had completed that Class 8 Senior C/S training program. That program was a collossal failure at that point in time, based purely on that one stat.

I saw that it was going to add two more years to what had already been a 4-year stay, so I quit and went home.

Can you imagine training for 4 years straight on a Sea Org schedule, where you never get a day off because you are overdue on course? And then on top of that, you now have to do the whole Golden Age of Tech lineup? OMG man, they defeated me with that one, for sure.

Two months later I am back at my org with every intention to finish up my contract, and a golden rod comes down from Flag that says all my previous certs were cancelled and that I have to train from Student Hat all the way up again. At that point I routed out. I was done with it.

I was already Word Clearer interned and Class 4 interned with about 1500 hours in the chair as an auditor when I arrived at Flag for higher training, and at the time I left had completed the full theory of the BC and all auditing requirements on Level O.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was knowing that all the while I was there, they only made it harder and harder to complete.

It’s just plain, flat-out suppression.

Net result: “make it so nobody can get through.”

By obvious design, Miscavige has now made it so you can’t get up either side of the Bridge:

1. Who has the money to pay Org prices for auditing? (especially with the insistence nowadays that you give it all to the IAS in exchange for nothing in return.)

2. Even if you can afford training, who wants to be on training courses for the rest of their lives, never to even find the damned Auditor’s chair? OMG, LRH would just be aghast if he saw today’s lineup of “prerequisites” to Auditor training.

Anybody who cannot see that this is a blatant effort to KILL OFF all Auditor training is just blind as a damned bat!

And if you want to see a very nice presentation of statistical analysis over the past several decades, I highly recommend you go to the site called “Friends of LRH” and read the series there called “What Happened to Training.”

Wow, is that a good write-up! Especially from my own point of view of having lived it and been the effect of it.

There are so many things wrong in Scientology today that have all been so well documented on this site and others, that I need not go into any additional detail on any of that.

We all know how wrong it’s all gone.

Bottom line – there is a raging SP named David Miscavige at the top and he’s your WHY for all of it.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.

Please add my name to the Indie 500 list.

Brad Halsey

Marilyn Brewer


Marilyn Brewer


 I got into Scientology in summer of 1971 at the mission in Phoenix, AZ.  This was shortly after high school, did a little college in Tucson, AZ, and continued at the mission in Tucson, AZ where I received Standard Dianetics, objectives and ARC Straightwire.

I eventually ended up at the newly formed “CC Phoenix” under Doreen Casey, the ED and the org was a Sea Org org.  Joined the Sea Org and was sent to LA to train as a Flag Rep for Phoenix.  I was kept in LA and became the D/FR ASHO Day (under Val Mazzafari and Ingeborg Steinberg the FR WUS).

Then I was transferred to Sacramento org as FR Sacramento until went to Flag (RONY, Relay Office NY) where Flag management was while CW was being put together.  We were in Queens along with Jill Carlstrom, Alan Buchanan, Diana Hubbard, Roger Barnes, David Light, Grumps (Ron Gablehouse) and Liz Gablehouse, and George Cuthbertson (our famous cook).

I arrived by bus to Clearwater Nov ’75 just in time for Christmas. I was then the FR EU/UK, Org Manager EU/UK, Management Aide (all in the Flag Bureaux). I did lots of missions to EU/UK.

In 1977 I was on OEC/FEBC training Flag with Mike Rinder, Jens Bogvad, Hank Laarhus, Joyce Colt with Chuck Beatty supervising. In 1981 set up WISE, then off  to St. Hill to set up SMI Int.

Back to LA in 1982.  June ’82 my husband Ed Brewer was killed in a car accident in the hills of Glendale, CA.  (Certain amount of mystery around that still. Church management did not tell all on this. )

After Ed died, I went back to SMI Int in LA.  (was gone for the time period when de-dinging got its start in the mission network).  As a result of being gone and not getting “tainted” by the de-dinging, when I returned I was sent to the mission holders conference in San Francisco as the SMI rep.  The story of this infamous conference has been covered a thousand times.  It was a massacre and in my opinion the beginning of the end of Scientology as we knew it.

Back in LA I did an eval to “sort out the Bridge”.  Due to the success of that eval I got pulled to Int as D/ED Int for Establishment.  (Marilyn omitted here that LRH was impressed by her eval on the bridge sort out and it was a wildly effective eval). At the time there were 4 people in Exec Strata, (ED Int-Guillaume Leserve, Jens Urshkov-D/ED Int Production, Peter Specker-Qual Exec Int and myself).  It was my job to man it up and get everyone hatted.  So I began the process.  It took me over a year to get all the posts filled but I did it with lots of missions out around the world.

One of the last posts to be filled was a major post turnover cycle that started at the mission level, progressed to and through a Cl IV org, to AOSHEU and finally arriving at Flag.  This turned into a 6 month job to get Freddie Hunsicker, the last person to fill the last post, properly replaced.  As soon as he arrived ED Int got prompt orders from Vicki Aznaran to turn Freddie over to man up CST. Guillaume landed more bricks on me.  I screamed and yelled it was “off policy”.  His response was “If we didn’t do it, then Vicki would take Jens Urshkov (our only real evaluator at the time).  My heart was broken and I just thought there was no way to enforce policy.

Then along came DM (David Miscavige).  Every week we had to write up a “Weekly Report” for our area to be forwarded to seniors ultimately landing with DM for final summary to LRH.  We as Int Execs never got to see the outgoing summary, but always saw the incoming letter from LRH.  I concluded by the responses coming in that LRH was being lied to by DM.  I concluded that based on the fact that LRH’s response did not fit “the scene” at Int Mgmt.  With only a single viewpoint to operate from, the multiple viewpoint system was lost.  The odds were not too good.  That was all in 1984.

Finally left the Sea Org because David Miscaviage kept coming down to see ED Int and telling him of certain celebrities 2D peccadilloes after he read reports and worksheets of these celebrities.  This was gross.

By the beginning of 1985, I was gone to Canada to see Ed’s family. Now out of the SO  I stayed 2 years then came back to the states, ending up in Portland, OR with a large Scientology field.  I went back to med school, only this time for Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture.  I just celebrated my 20th year reunion last year since graduating. I have been a practicing acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and Dr. of Chinese Medicine for that period of time.

When landing in Portland I got back on lines at CC Ptld.  (Too much story to go into)  Mid 90s was ready for some L’s and took off to Flag for L11/12.  I was training as an auditor at Ptld when along came GAT.  I was at the end of the rope.  I slowly drifted away and moved back to Phoenix to be closer to family.

Closer to PT in 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I became an Indie (in my mind, unofficially) but due to all the time devoted from me to fight this, I didn’t need any outside distractions.  So now my fight is nearly up and I have nothing to lose and wanted to officialize my Indie status.

Last year I found out that Tom Martiniano (who I hadn’t known before) and Linda McCarthy were in Phoenix.  I was so thrilled to meet up again, especially Linda because we were roomies back in the early days at the FH (Fort Harrison hotel, at Flag in Clearwater).  She has always been a good friend – but now she is a sister to me.  Tom is my fantastic auditor.  I don’t know if you can imagine someone with a heart so big to do all that was necessary on me to get me onto NOTs.  We had planned to do a 3-way round robin on NOTS, but it didn’t work out on my end….but no worries because Hayden James and Lucy have picked up the slack.

I’m telling you all of this now because in the RCS I would never have had the opportunity to receive this auditing.  As usual when you apply standard tech you get amazing results.  I would have awful pain and go into session only to come out with no pain.  After many months with Tom, it really is a miracle:  I have no pain.  My nurses and even my family can’t believe it. And while the cancer is not cured this lifetime, I’m 100% sure that I will never see the likes of breast cancer ever again.  Tom and Linda were there for me on more than one occasion to pull me out of some real rough situations.  Tom and I finished a few weeks ago and I’m spiritually in the best place I’ve ever been.  This current body has a lot of difficulty breathing and so it will be cast away for new shiny model.  I’m looking very forward to it and plan to be heading to Italy and wine country!  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

It’s been such an honor and pleasure to hear the stories of the ex-SO/RCSers; both Indies and non-Indies alike.  Old kindred spirits.  I thank you all in advance for the fabulous support and until the next time… Bon Voyage.

Marilyn Brewer




SO Mgmt 11 yrs

Special kiss to Alex Castillo, my buddy

The Game Where Everybody Wins

A new necessarily quiet-for-the-time-being independent told me that he wanted to make a big contribution to the cause.  He asked what do I really need or want.  Knowing he was flush at the moment and was intimating he was thinking monetary contribution, my snap answer was $12,755 so that everybody who paid into the Indies Defense Fund for the Battle of San Antonio could be made whole just like those who contributed directly to Debbie and Wayne were. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if that individual didn’t cut a check on the spot.

I have a list of every contributor to the fund and the amount donated that was made through my blog’s donate page.  I don’t have an address for anybody.  Please, everyone who contributed for the Cook defense through my blog’s donate page (or mailed one in directly to me) e-mail me with your name and address where I can send a check to.

Some have stated they would pledge the money to some other worthy sub purpose if they ever got it back.  Still, I need to write you a check; you are free to do whatever you want with it.  But, in order to save me (and us by extension) unwarranted taxation I need to administer this fund in that fashion.  If you wish for the money to remain in the fund itself, you can also let me know by email.  In a reasonable time – once I’ve heard from most everyone – I’ll report on what remains in the defense fund, and will therefore be available should the need arise.

Personally, I think it would be perfect poetic justice for you all to get your contributions back to use as you see fit; so don’t be shy.  I look forward to the day when I can tell you who it was that I wrote a check to you on behalf of.   Poetic justice is beautiful thing.

So, email me your address.

email address:

Another OT VIII Has Seen The Truth Revealed

This is the story of how Halina Cirillo fell in and out of love with the Church of Scientology.

A bit of background about myself.  I was in Scientology for 40 years, on staff in Toronto through most of the 70s.   My original post was Director of Processing which I held for 3 years and was then recruited into the Guardian’s Office and held the post of  DG PR CAN.  As D of P I had 18 auditors in the HGC and our well done auditing hours at that time have never been matched since.  I left the GO in disgust in the late 70s after being shown confidential session data about my brother.  Then I became a public Scientologist, very active in the Church.  I am OT VIII, mid St Hill Special Briefing Course and am IAS “Patron with Honours.”  I have been successful enough in my business career to have been able to donate in excess of half a million dollars between the Bridge and other Scientology campaigns.

I resigned from the Church of Scientology on June 1, 2011 while I was still in good standing.

My adventure in Scientology began in the winter of 1971 when I witnessed a startling change in my brother within two months of his becoming a Scientologist.  He literally turned his life around.  This prompted me to visit the Toronto Org.   I threw myself into Scientology wholeheartedly.  I observed and experienced Scientology working fantastically well in the 70s but I started to notice things changing in regards to the application of the technology in the late 80s.  The biggest change I saw then was that the freedom of how to apply the tech, including personal ethics conditions, was no longer my choice – instead, the Church began to more and more dictate what tech to apply and when and how to apply it.

The following major incidents helped open my eyes as to the real state of affairs in today’s Church of Scientology:

1.    In 1989 I was told that three Toronto public Scientology opinion leaders wrote 300 reports about me which, based on what I was told, I considered to be mainly false and misleadingThe then CO WISE CAN (Mary Ann Frith) got involved and, based on these false reports, CSWed the International Justice Chief in an attempt to have me declared without a Committee of Evidence.  A non enturbulation order was issued on me. When I learned of these reports (none of which were shown to me) I immediately flew to AOSHUK in England to get any necessary handling.  I was security checked and plant checked and nothing of significance came up.  I did an ethics program and returned to Toronto hoping and expecting this would remedy the situation. Unfortunately, it did not.

In a last ditch effort to handle this insanity I compiled a comprehensive rebuttal document which I forwarded to ED Int requesting a Committee of Evidence at Flag.  This was granted.  The Committee of Evidence was held in Toronto several years later.

I was ordered to more security checking at Flag and had to do a major, punitive ethics cycle.  My Flag auditor doing the security checking was dumbfounded that I had been ordered to do this again.  Nevertheless, I completed all the recommendations of the Committee of Evidence.  Even after doing all this it took me well over a year to get the non enturbulation order lifted.

The then CO OSA CAN (Janet Laveau) told me years later that these three people intentionally planned a campaign to get me declared.  To my knowledge none of these individuals were corrected.

The lesson I learned from this was that my Church, supposedly operating on truth, does not always practice what it preaches

2.  When I first began auditing on OTVII in 1994, the required 6 months checks were very short (3-4 days).  After the Golden Age of Tech for OTs came out (1996) things changed.  I couldn’t understand why security checking became more pronounced the higher I went up the Bridge.  I previously never had any objection or resistance to doing appropriate ethics cycles which resulted in release of charge.  After 1996 the 6 months checks consisted mainly of security checks laced with a presumption that one was really out ethics.  Despite having no real difficulty with my Solo auditing, the continuous security checking brought about a tremendous degree of introversion.  I couldn’t count the number of times I red tagged as a result of the security checking.

Part of the introversion was that for some time I thought this was just me, however, I later gradually found out from others on OT VII that they were encountering similar difficulties.

To complete OT VII is a humongous cycle.  I finally did so in 2005.  Before being allowed on the Freewinds to do OT VIII the Freewinds insisted I had to be security checked at Flag again.  This introduction for the first time to the Freewinds didn’t leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  It didn’t get warmer and fuzzier.  I arrived on the Freewinds expecting that the summit of Scientology service delivery would epitomize the greatest amount of ARC anywhere.  Instead, I couldn’t believe the bad control I experienced.

Everything was micro managed to the hilt.  For example, I had some difficulty sleeping on the ship and needed to exercise in the evening to be fully sessionable the next day.  In the middle of my workout, all sweaty, I was ordered to the HGC and questioned by the Tech Sec why I wasn’t in session at 8 pm.  I never felt less free in my whole life and couldn’t wait to finish the service.  When I did finish OT VIII the examiner missed my FN and didn’t call it.  I was devastated.  Later on, she called me back and told me she missed it.  I was never so glad to leave.

The lesson learned here was that there is a tremendous dichotomy existing in corporate Scientology today.  For example, LRH says communication is the universal solvent but, in my opinion and experience, the Church prohibits free communication in many ways.  Corporate Scientology exerts stifling control over its parishioners – by the time one gets on OT VII one’s power of choice has been almost wiped out by the introversion they have brought about.

3.  In early 2000 while on OT VII I wrote to RTC requesting help with a cycle inToronto.  I was not satisfied with the way RTC handled the matter so I wrote to Executive Director International (Guillaume Lesevre) about it and I was subsequently dead filed by RTC.  I learned of this on my next 6 months check from an irate Flag MAA who assigned me a lower condition for questioning RTC and I had to do a major ethics cycle.

The lesson learned here was RTC won’t allow you to question them – if you do, you get dead filed.

4.      I was involved in an ongoing business dispute with my now ex partner (an OT VIII).   I decided to end the partnership and in late 2006 I proposed a 50/50 split which would have been a win/win arrangement.  He refused outright.  I tried for the next 18 months to resolve this directly between us.  This whole incident should have been a simple and easily resolved business partnership dispute.  It is the practice in Scientology that Scientologists are expected to use the services of WISE to get business disputes resolved rather than using the courts of law.  The involvement of WISE starting in 2008, and subsequently that of the Church, turned it into an incredibly arduous, punitive and costly cycle for me in particular.   In the Summer of 2008 my ex partner was on the Freewinds and, soon after returning, he advised me that the Freewinds MAA Samantha told him “to take control of the company and be at cause”.

Because of a legal gag order I am unable to go into all the details of what took place.  I can say that a WISE mediation was held in Fall 2008.   The WISE mediator ordered me to continue operating in partnership with my ex partner.  Believe it or not I reluctantly accepted this ruling but, within six months, things predictably fell apart.   WISE were unable to get anything resolved.  The Church now stepped up their participation considerably.  The WISE mediator arranged a meeting between himself, myself and the CO OSA CAN in her office and CO OSA interrogated me in a very unfriendly fashion about this whole situation.  She also asked me to lend money to my ex partner for a full WISE Dispute Resolution assuring me that he would pay me back.  The whole cycle had  become insane and it was now perfectly clear to me that justice would not be forthcoming from the WISE mediation, so I informed CO OSA that I would be suing my ex partner.

I then filed suit.  Two days after he was served (March 2009) we again agreed to attempt WISE mediation.  The mediation resulted in us splitting the files on a 50/50 basis (what I originally proposed in 2006) and each of us operated our business separately.  The WISE INT Enforcement Officer agreed that if I withdrew the suit there would be no further action or repercussions against me by WISE or the Church.

That turned out to be false – within two weeks Samantha, Freewinds MAA, ordered me to report immediately to the Freewinds for security checking under threat of a non enturbulation order and a declare.  I had little choice but to do so.  Once the security check took place I was flabbergasted to discover that a good part of it concerned disagreements with management rather than the business dispute.  I was told by the MAA and the D of P how they salvaged my life and how grateful I should be to give donations to the IAS and the Book campaigns for all they had done for me.  This cycle cost me about $90,000.  My ex partner was never forced to undergo such punitive measures to my knowledge.

Problems arose with the mediated settlement in the spring of 2011 and the WISE mediator failed to take steps necessary to remedy it.  I resigned from the Church on June 1, 2011 and again sued my ex partner on June 3, 2011.  The legal matter was finally settled in January 2012.

Lessons learned from this were that the Church, in my opinion and based on experience, lies about not getting involved in business matters of its parishioners, and that neither WISE nor the Church properly follow their own Justice policies.


I have experienced many great wins and life changing cognitions in Scientology.  But I have also realized that I have been the recipient of numerous and continuing subtle but destructive forms of indoctrination which combined into a highly effective form of mind control.  The net effect of this is a being with reduced self determinism with less control over his/her own life, and who blindly follows any and all direction coming from the Church.

It is well known that the only way to truly control people is to lie to them.  I have observed that the Church of Scientology is engaging in the use of lies on a wholesale basis for the purposes of controlling their parishioners.  I can’t believe now that I bought the Church line that it is unethical to read anything except LRH or to engage in activities other than those directly supporting Scientology (as stated by the Freewinds C/S).  I was truly shocked to recognize the diabolical mixture of good and evil that today’s Church of Scientology consists of.

I now understand why a self determined being such as myself would be so receptive to mind control practices as to blindly follow non survival and unjustifiable Church orders and mistreatment.  It is incredible to me now how long it took me to really wake up from my super-indoctrinated and somnambulistic state.

I can no longer be part of the Church of Scientology.  I now consider myself to be an Independent Scientologist.  My life has never been happier nor more stress free than since I left the Church.

If you wish to communicate with me directly my secure email address is:

I want to thank Marty for his courage and for all he does to provide such a helpful and enlightening forum. I also wish to say how much I appreciate the contributions of Mike and all the other incredible beings active on this blog.

Halina Cirillo

Hy Levy is in the Hereafter

Hy Levy passed away in his sleep last night.   A couple weeks earlier he told Mosey and me that this was just the manner in which he wished to pass. He died of complications caused by cancer.   Hy was diagnosed late last year.  He chose not to fight it.

Hy felt blessed to have friends like Pat Shannon, Carol Kramer, Laura and Mike Wilson and his brothers and sister-in-law.  They went out of their way to try to convince and facilitate Hy to fight the cancer.  When Hy made it clear that that did not align with his intentions, those friends did everything they could to support him, comfort him and buoy Hy’s spirits.

Hy particularly loved being Jewish-mothered (his words) by Pat, Carol, and Mosey.  He even took to calling Mosey “Sophie” when he wanted to let her know he noticed the extra care.

We were honored and blessed to host Hy for nearly the entire month of April.   Hy worked with me for a few days on rehabilitating his confidence on exteriorizing from the body.  Once he felt comfortable with that all he wanted to do was enjoy himself.  Hy considered Casablanca was his Shangri-La, he sent us a copy of Capra’s original 1937 Lost Horizon so we would fully understand the significance to him.  He just wanted to be here, sleep when he wanted, get up when he wanted, sit by the canal in the sun or shade scratching Chiquita’s belly and having long calls with Pat or Carol or his family members, taking long drives with me and talking about the hereafter, but most of all getting fussed over by Mosey.   Hy’s favorite song was Live Like You Were Dying.  It inspired him to make up a bucket list for his last couple weeks here. It wasn’t as dramatic or adventurous as in the movie by the same title, but it was what Hy wanted.  Thanks to the saint-like support of Laura and Mike Wilson and Mike Laws and Yvonne Schick, Mosey and I to were able to help Hy accomplish his bucket list to his satisfaction.

Hy chilling to Jimmy Buffett on a sunset cruise

Hy wanted to stay, but felt he needed to get back to spend time with his family and have a proper Jewish funeral.  That was carried out early this afternoon.

Hy did a lot of good for a lot people.

He was from the old school of Scientology registration.  Sure, he had to make his money quotas. But, Hy was concerned with doing whatever he could to facilitate people to move up the Bridge.  As Scientology Inc became increasingly commercial and greedy in it is registration practices, Hy Levy found himself getting into trouble for helping Scientologists navigate around the crush, hard-sell pressure to give up their homes and retirements funds.  The last ‘crime’ Hy Levy was punished for in corporate Scientology was helping a person to reverse a transaction that Scientology Inc had performed on that person’s account without the individual’s consent.   Hy had to stick his neck out to undo larceny committed by Scientology Inc on its own public. Shortly after Hy parted ways with the corporation.

All Hy really wanted to do was to prove to himself he could catch up with the computer programming profession he had left for more than twenty years, and make enough money to enjoy the simplicity of freedom.   Hy accomplished that with flying colors.

Hy could have left it at that.  But, Hy cared about people.  He cared about Scientology being hijacked and used to harm rather than help people.   To speak out would be tantamount to forfeiting the quiet simplicity he longed for and attained.  Against his own self interest, Hy stood up and spoke out loud.  He exposed the Scientology Inc. money machine,  see Tampa Times The Money Machine.  By doing so, Hy saved a lot of people from facing financial ruination at the the hands of corporate Scientology.

Hy will always be a hero in my book.

He will always be our friend.

We love you Hy Levy.

The Least of Miscavige’s Troubles

Tony Ortega reported on a number of Miscavige’s troubles on Sunday, see Village Voice Runnin’ Scared, including a new German documentary on OSA, Sudden Sam Domingo rocking the UK, and another Idle Org lie.

Those events – while indicative of the state of affairs in Scientology Inc – have not even caught the dictator’s attention.  He’s got dike leaks happening that he is rapidly running out of fingers with which to stanch them.

But, that is not the worst of it. Notwithstanding more than a little bit of effort lately to squeeze details of upcoming events out of me, Scientology Inc. remains ignorant about what is in store for the coming months.  Suffice it to say, Miscavige is facing a long, hot summer.

In the interim, I’ll repeat what is becoming somewhat of a mantra: the best way to contribute is to deliver.  LRH’s remedy to Black Dianetics is being realized. Be part of it.