Sunday Service with Paul Robeson


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  1. What is the significance of this post? I went off and googled Balm in Gilead and all that and got even more frickin confused!! Maybe some of you more brilliants can clue me in.

  2. Such a beautiful old spiritual. I thought I would add what I learned about it:

    Gilead was a region east of the Jordan River in the times of the Old Testament. It was renowned for its physicians and for an ointment (balm) that was made there. Many believed in its miraculous powers to heal the human body. In the spiritual, Jeremiah’s question of is there a balm in Gilead is answered, yes, there is — the work of the Holy Spirit makes the wounded whole and heals the sin-sick soul.

    Thank you for that Marty and Mosey!

    And thank you for hosting this blog, taking the time to care for it and allow so many to express their hopes, disappointments and realizations, making contact.

  3. Amen!

  4. What a great voice; amazing old hymn too.

    Mr. Rathbun – I think that we can ALL agree that your work certainly isn’t in vain. The number of people whose lives are infinitely better thanks to your endeavours are multiplying rapidly – like ripples in a pond. Keep going!

    Much love, IEG xx

  5. Happy Sunday!

    There is a balm in Gilead
    To make the wounded whole;
    There is a balm in Gilead
    To heal the sin-sick soul.

    VERSE 1
    Some times I feel discouraged,
    And think my work’s in vain,
    But then the Holy Spirit
    Revives my soul again.


    VERSE 2
    If you can’t preach like Peter,
    If you can’t pray like Paul,
    Just tell the love of Jesus,
    And say He died for all.


  6. For those readers who don’t know who this amazing man is, click on his four-part biography:
    Its long, but worth it. While many will not track with his affinity for the philosophy of communism (as I do not), don’t worry about it. Just concentrate on his intention(s), strength of purpose, amazing intelligence, talent and big-hearted humanity. For those of you who never personally experienced or observed Americans of African descent being brutalized, “caricatured”, and oppressed (legally), then do a little internet research or talk to someone who was there. Then, when you see where he came from, you will have an even greater appreciation for the accomplishments of the great Paul Robeson.
    FREEDOM! ,,,like Old Man River, she just keeps rollin’ along.

  7. Beautiful! This really resonates. Paul Robeson is from here, and I see streets and plaques about him most days.

  8. It’s very early here in California but never too early for theta! Thank you. Here’s more! “The Prayer”

  9. I thought I would get off easy today but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I was curious who Paul Robeson was so I studied up on him a little. First, I have to admire that he was active in fighting for civil rights. I can’t overstate the courage he must have had to confront that issued in the 60’s. However, as i looked further I found that he was active in supporting communism. I expect this will set off the America haters here, but if it hadn’t been for the confront and bravery of America, communism would have consumed Europe and today probably the entire world. Make no mistake about it, that was and still is the goal of communism. We wouldn’t be having this discussion today because there would no Scientology, no internet, just poverty and misery. A great example of this is Korea. In the 50’s we fought a war and both side were left in ruin. Today, under communism North Korea lives in utter poverty. I’ve read that one of the strange things people notice when they visit North Korea is that there are no birds. It’s the only meat some people can get. In 60 years, under free market capitalism South Korea has flourished. They’ve gone from nothing to a trillion dollar a year economy. I’ve also read recently that because India and China have adopted free market capitalism in 30 years 50% of the world’s poverty will have ended.

    I’m know there are people who think capitalism is evil because it allows humans to be like locusts, consuming everything in sight and leaving nothing behind, but the opposite is true. Back in the 80’s the favorite issue of the environmentalists was the rain forests. They thought we were all going to suffocate because all the tress were being cut down. Actually there are more tress on the planet today than at any point since humans were here. I’m sure everyone has seen old pictures of huge forests where loggers cut down everything. Looking at that had to make any decent person sick. The way this was handled was that the government allowed the forests to be owned. Since loggers now have it in their interest to have a healthy forest, they only harvest what they need and they work to ensure that the trees are healthy. If your issue is overpopulation the truth is that in all economically evolved countries population stays in check. It’s the poor countries that over populate.

    I’m not sure this is true, but I’ve made the observation that the difference between Scientology and all other religions is that to practice Scientology you have to have your ruds in. It seems that it’s easier to “find god” when your starving. If you want a cleared planet, it’s only going to happen if we are economically developed

    I want to see a world where everyone is flourishing. I want technology to evolve to allow us to get off this planet and explore the universe. When capitalism is allowed to take root in space exploration it’s going to be the next gold rush. I think it’s going to start with mining and tourism. I’ve heard there are single asteroids that are solid titanium and worth over a trillion dollars. Speaking of asteroids, if you don’t care a bit about economics, we are surrounded by an asteroid belt and eventually one of them is going to collide with earth that is big enough to end everything. We can keep that from happening, but it’s going to take an economically developed world that can finance the technology to do it.

    I don’t know if he was misinformed or low tone, but at a time when the world was at the brink of slipping back into the dark ages Paul Robeson was on the wrong side.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Paul was an equal rights activist. For that he was treated like a human being by the white public at large in the Soviet Union. He was regarded as animal by white America. The ‘sin’ for which the United States government targeted him – and ultimately killed him – was leading a world peace movement. You, in my opinion, have been blinded by the right. Paul Robeson was a mountain of a man.

  11. Spiritually moving service
    Sunday service from Texas,
    very well done Marty and Mosey

  12. Amen to that Brother Marty.

  13. Tom Gallagher

    After the marathon of the last posting we could consider today, Sunday, a day of rest or ‘Sabbath’.

    Thanks Marty and all of the commentators for the enlivening insights.

  14. Two things in this blog recently have given me cause for increased hope – “There is a Balm in Gilead” and “Karma is relentless”. The universe may right itself yet.

    Reading up on Paul Robeson reminded me of Steve Biko – A Black Consciousness leader in South Africa who died in police custody in 1977 after being questioned and tortured for 24 hours. He was well known for saying that the white man should realise that he is not superior and the black man should realise he is not inferior. Another version of the Great Middle Path, perhaps.

    Biko also said “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. That, too, is a familiar theme and probably the reason why it is so hard to penetrate the mindset of the Kool Aide drinkers.

    As for politics – well that’s a minefield. In South Africa we have been freed from the lunacy of apartheid, and yet this past week had the most shocking shooting of 34 striking mineworkers, not to mention those, including police, who died the week before and those in hospital. What horror. What a mess. We have shamed ourselves – but sadly it is probably part of the process of re-organising everything. The chaos and the remnants of oppression have to blow off before we can truly get it right.

    Fortunately, there is a balm in Gilead, and Karma is relentless.

  15. Paul, you couldn’t find a better ally in me on the subjects of freedom within capitalism and free-markets vs. the enslavement of “equal outcomes” within the communists and the far left.

    But I am very careful to not get the idea that anyone who is on the other side on this issue is “misinformed” or “low-toned”. Different viewpoints are held for a variety of reasons that are very personal. Painting people as “wrong” or atleast assigning them to the “wrong side” is not helpful to the discussion of the pro-capitalist viewpoint. There are very happy, up-toned and well-studied communists. I know. I’ve met a couple.

    And the best strategy for promoting capitalism (so as to free them from the trap of being taken care of) is to not put them in a “wrong side” box; it’s to simply promote what you know is good. Attack the IDEAS of communism if you must. But the people who associate with those ideas are worthy of more than that.

  16. Ok, I jumped the gun here. After I left my comment I started to feel that I had made a judgement without enough information. I went to Wikipedia and read the full article on Paul Robeson’s life. As I read it I put myself in his shoes and I have to say I couldn’t be more impressed. He was extremely accomplished in everything he did and he spent his lifetime fighting for civil rights. He was a remarkable person. Under the circumstances I’ll even forgive him for his support of communism.

    On the subject of communism I can also put myself in the shoes of people who fought against it. We fought World war III and it was the cold war. A lot of good people were hurt and a lot of bad people were made allies. In the end we won because of the confront of some very remarkable people.

    Sorry for the diversion here. I’ll try to be more responsible in the future.

  17. Joe Pendleton

    PAUL ROBESON!!!!!!!! What a delightful suprise to see his name on your blog. Ron himself extols Robeson’s greatness as a singer as well as his TR1 in one of his lectures. My parents (who were fellow travellers politically of his) introduced me to Robeson when I was a little boy, as they were great admirers of his. I currently have 3 of his CDs on my ipod (Carnegie Hall concert, Ballad for Americans album and Odyssey of Paul Robeson CD, which I think is his all time best album) and I listen to him frequently.

    Paul Robeson is one of the greatest performing artists the world has ever known. His father was born in 1850 I think it was and was a slave until he was a teenager. As I recall he became a minister. Paul Robeson was a graduate of Columbia on his way to becoming a lawyer (was a college football star as well) before he became a singer and actor, the first black man to have real dramatic acting roles in movies in the 1930s as well as the first black man to play a lead on the Broadway stage (in Othello).

    He was indeed a champion of human rights for all peoples and was as Marty mentioned, persecuted viciously in the United States for his political beliefs and for his courage to fight for civil rights for black people. His final betrayal occurred at the hands of the Russians as they gave him counltess shock treatments which virtually destroyed him.

    His art lives on in his music (and some of his movies which can still be see). There has never been another recorded singing voice like Paul Robeson’s. And it was not just the sound, but his greatness of spirit which made him such a powerful communicator. One can be uplifted from the “ordinary-ness” of existence and transported to theta realms by just listening to him sing. None of you will ever regret reading his biography, written by Martin Duberman, an absolutely riveting story of this great man, but also a necessary story about art and about American history.

  18. Paul,
    You made a great point on asteroid mining and the future of space exploration. I too look forward when we can finally go back to space.

    However you judged Paul Robeson based on his political views and not on the beauty of his music. You so terminally condemned him for being a “communist”, further you allowed yourself to be polarized into the good-evil, us-them, Capitalism-Communism trap. These are the mind twisting, delusional dichotomies that get us all in trouble.

    “I expect this will set off the America haters here, but if it hadn’t been for the confront and bravery of America, communism would have consumed Europe and today probably the entire world. Make no mistake about it, that was and still is the goal of communism. We wouldn’t be having this discussion today because there would no Scientology, no internet, just poverty and misery.”

    And that my friend is what this blog is all about.

    First at all, America was not founded on capitalism, to the contrary, the founding fathers rebelled against the British Empire, which was not a Feudal system Like Spain, Portugal or France, but was modeled after the Dutch Economic system. This monster was and still is a conglomerate of private investors, corporations, banking and insurance cartels, which has the office of the King of England and the entirety of the British Parliament at their service.
    This is the wonderful system that brought us slavery, indentured servitude, debtor’s prisons; unbridled human exploitation and worldwide drug running (sugar, alcohol and opium). This is the wonderful economic system, where the Dutch and the British East Indian Companies had the fate of whole sections of human population at their disposal.
    And last by not least this Capitalist system made a point to starve and depopulate Ireland, just because the British landlords found “the white chimps” too numerous and inconvenient for their economic benefits.

    The only reason that you have not read the words “Capitalism” and “Communism” in the U.S. Constitution is because Karl Marx was not even born yet.

    Believe me, you will be equally dead by either the left or right hand.

    This is the economic system that David Miscavage and the Church of Scientology not doubt would love, as they have managed to take every conflicting or erroneous LRH policy writing, and turned it upside-down to serve the same suppressive ends of total control and domination.

    I hope this help,

  19. Cool metaphor for Spiritual (and world) Peace.

  20. martyrathbun09

    No problem, thanks.

  21. Please, Paul — I guess someone was bound to bring up Robeson’s political interests, but the conflict is not Communism vs. Capitalism. That’s just what “They” want you to think. “They” being the super-mega-ultra-rich banksters (“banker” + “fraudster” = “bankster”) who have defrauded the masses for centuries.

    For one thing, you might want to read some more history about the Korean War and North Korea. Another historical perspective holds that the whole thing was a provoked, stage-managed, conflict. That South Korea now flourishes while North Koreans go hungry certainly has something to do with their economic system, but maybe not as much as it seems. How far is the US from plunging into economic despair? Unfortunately, many very smart people say not long, and this in a supposedly “capitalist” or “free-market” economy. The truth is that whether it’s the US, China, Soviet Union (or post-communist Russia), Britain, or Korea, Greece, Italy, Spain, there are money-manipulators who literally scheme and play countries and populations against each other, play the so-called “Left” versus the so-called “Right”, and the enfranchised versus the disenfranchised. Meanwhile, these banksters defraud both the Left and Right, the Center, and everybody else, driving all into economic slavery as they gradually strip the value out of the currency with their constant wars and their “boom and bust” economic manipulations. While the manipulated masses suffer, the banksters make billions no matter which “side” wins a particular staged conflict. At the end, entire countries and regions may be laid-waste and starving, to feed the ultra-powerful’s vampire-like thirst for wealth and control.

    This is not about the so-called “1%” — this is not going to be resolved by taxing the “rich”. It’s more like the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. They are playing the Obamney-ites versus the Rombama-ites now at the front of the stage, though the differences between the two, after you look through the propaganda and the divisive rhetoric are really quite superficial. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it is said that the last pieces are being laid for the deliberate implosion of the US and world economy, in order to consolidate the power of the mega-ultra-super-rich power-mad banksters. We are at the precipice of absolute worldwide “1984”-style tyranny.

    Robeson grew up during America’s apartheid and the civil rights struggle, and nobody should be surprised by his political choices in the circumstances He was talented, accomplished, educated, and famous, and he undoubtedly recognized that gave him more power than the average person to spread the word. Anyone with a huge amount of integrity and courage might do the same.

    I’ll go out on a limb and guess that many others here are like me late-50s or older, participated in the civil-rights and anti-war (Vietnam) movements, and can identify with Paul Robeson and his struggles against racism and exploitation. But Communist China is just as racist and oppressive as imperialist Britain or the US ever was — racism and exploitation only seem to continue regardless. And what should have been the lessons of Vietnam go unlearned and we go over and over into protracted, bankrupting wars that, while seeming to pit totalitarianism against democracy, are actually instigated, staged, and controlled by the schemers above the schemers.

    For those of us who want to contribute to the motion of peace and freedom versus tyranny and perpetual war, the challenge is to look beyond the propaganda, the distracting dog-and-pony shows and the staged international conflicts and “spontaneous” uprisings, inform ourselves as to the actual hidden facts, and rip down the curtain that hides the real SPs.

    Let’s let Paul Robeson, a great artist and man of obvious integrity, rest in peace, and let’s please not perpetuate the sham conflicts that keep us from focusing on the true oppressors of us all.

  22. martyrathbun09

    You noted: For one thing, you might want to read some more history about the Korean War and North Korea. Another historical perspective holds that the whole thing was a provoked, stage-managed, conflict. The sad truth is that virtually every U.S. war was, including the revolutionary war.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Who killed him is up to question. I have read quite a bit about the man, and I spoke to his son. His son and I believe the CIA ultimately orchastrated his demise.

  24. Marty thanks and thanks to everyone else for the info. I listened to this when I woke early and I swear I have been humming all morning. Beautiful

  25. Marty,
    Please don’t bother posting my reply to Paul that starts with the words “America haters?”. It is unnecessary, since he got it on his own.

  26. Yes, you are correct, Marty. The Revolution is said to have been fought to throw off the day’s banking fraudsters, but soon enough this fundamental conflict re-emerged:
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson

  27. Now your gettin’ into the banker’s territory, Marty!

  28. No, Karl Marx had not been born yet. But Adam Smith was living. And it was his ideas that inspired many of the constructs of our government.

    It was his understanding of economics which caused us to surge to such great wealth. He understood that the resources of a nation at any given time are finite. That is coal, timber, grain, steel and, above all man-hours, have a value that is fixed at any unit of time. They may change over time, but the only way to use those resources to make sure that everyone gets as rich as possible is to use those resources EFFICIENTLY to provide what is needed and wanted.

    Capitalism measures that efficiency as carefully as possible, tracks who is using those resources the most efficient and gives more access to those that use our resources most efficiently. That measurement of efficiency is of course called “profit”. And when someone is squandering those resources and NOT providing what is needed and wanted they are dissolved in bankrupcy court to prevent that inefficiency.

    Communism and socialism on the other hand use the most inefficient, corrupt and manipulative system of distributing those resources possible. Of all things, the have decided to use POLITICS to distribute resources.

    And THAT is why North Koreans eat grass while South Koreans have the fastest internet on the planet.

  29. Dani Lemberger

    Hey Marty & Mosey, this is beautiful and touching. And Gilead is just 30 minutes away from our home. Luv ya, Dani & Tami

  30. Richard Royce

    Dear Comrad Pendelton! Your posting tickled me. First of all I knew Paul Robeson too! He bounced me on his knee when I was 2 at my father’s apartment in NYC. My father and his crowd were fellow travelers and he would have fund raisers or other get togethers at our apartment at 1 west 89thst. All of this was before Stalin was exposed for the monster he was and the believers Kool Aid drinkers like our breathern over at the COS not knowing what was really going on bought the PR. And the PR was good. They were saving the world. Creating a society where there was equality of all peoples, where no one went hungry and where war would end (when everyone joined up). It sounded pretty good and a lot of really good people went along with it. Then when Stalin was exposed a lot of people left just like those on this blog but there were many others that just wouldn’t believe what they were told was true. My father died a true believer, long after Stalin was exposed. When I first told him I was involved in Scientology his comment was “what is Scientology doing about Angela Davis?” (She was the head of the CP at the time and being persecuted by the gov. My kids cut me off when they found out I had left the fold of Sci. Parallels!

  31. Richard Royce

    Oh one other thing,
    I just watched the video Thrive and saw in it a parallel on the world stage what is happening in the COS. Not only that but it presents a real workable solution on the world stage that has it’s parallel solution in the COS. There is hope! There is a Balm in Gilead!

  32. FCDC Class of 74

    I agree with Tom Gallagher it is nice to switch gears and reflect, put yourself in touch with another dynamic. I remember the services Sunday at FCDC, there is a time to slow and smell the roses. Thanks Marty. Bill

  33. martyrathbun09

    Interesting saga, thanks for telling it.

  34. Thank you, Marty, for sharing this beautiful old hymn, masterfully sung by the great Paul Robeson. It made my Sunday morning!

  35. martyrathbun09

    Hi Dani and Tami! I almost posted that Dani can sing Paul Robeson like nobody else alive. But I didn’t want to create a demand for performances. But, now that you have pitched in… I fondly remember singing Joe Hill with you when you were here.
    Love, M&M

  36. Amen brother!

  37. sounds out of the Money Masters videos I finally got to watch.

  38. “The sad truth is that virtually every U.S. war was, including the revolutionary war.”
    Do I dare utter words about the event in Sept 2011? Not for a minute do I believe the so-called story we’ve been told.

  39. Indeed. I usually hate to be so agreeable, lol, ;-), but it was a nice switch.

  40. “but the conflict is not Communism vs. Capitalism. That’s just what “They” want you to think. “They” being the super-mega-ultra-rich banksters (“banker” + “fraudster” = “bankster”) who have defrauded the masses for centuries. ” “Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it is said that the last pieces are being laid for the deliberate implosion of the US and world economy, in order to consolidate the power of the mega-ultra-super-rich power-mad banksters. We are at the precipice of absolute worldwide “1984″-style tyranny.”

    Bob Dobbs, spot on! Thank you!

    IMO, the alleged political spectrum of communists on the far left, fascists or dictators on the far right, and moderates or centrists in the middle is a flawed view the con men want us to have. It’s a pretended argument. It’s fantasy.

    A more accurate political spectrum shows government having 0% power at the far right, and 100% power on the far left. (We could assign this spectrum 0% power at the far left and 100% power the far right. It doesn’t matter. We’re just talking about the DEGREE of government intrusion and control as we move across this newer and more usable spectrum.)

    In this example of the spectrum, at the extreme right is no government. At the extreme left is total government.

    On this clearer spectrum, the far left is communism, socialism, nazism, fascism, kings, dictators or any other form of total government.

    The middle path is limited government, which role is to protect the unalienable Rights of The People. That’s where our Constitution for the United States and Bill of Rights is. You might call our Founding Fathers of our Republic (not Democracy), “Constitutional moderates”. This is the position of Ron Paul. (There’s a lot to be said good about the “middle path”.)

    The degrees from 100% to 0% (left to right) go from Monarchy, then Oligarchy (where America is at now), to Democracy, then Republic, and finally Anarchy.

    Below is a short video expounding on the above;

  41. that was Sept 2001

  42. roger weller

    lrh mentions him on a pdc tape, what a great voice.

  43. You may not know this about Mr. Robeson, yes a giant of a man: he was
    forcibly sequestered in a psych hospital, I believe it was in England, and he
    was repeatedly electro-shocked dozens upon dozens of times, because he was considered too much of a rabble-rouser…..and that’s what precipitated his untimely death….. I heard that on a nationally broadcast radio show.

  44. Love things spiritual.

  45. Marty, thanks for this. What a man; what a voice in Paul Robeson. Listening to him makes even this atheist have a “come to Jesus” moment. 🙂


  46. Excellent understanding, 2briancox.

    Capitalism gets a bad rap from those who don’t understand it. This short video busts the myth about exploitation.

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