The Luglis Reveal Truth in Italy

A rather significant front-page article ran this week in a major Italian newspaper.   One of its subjects, Renata Lugli, wrote a short introduction to the piece.   It precedes the article below.

Anyone that studied and understood the materiel contained in the PTS SP Course , knows that suppression decreases when the person can do something about it.

If I have to choose from the many suppressions that I received from David Miscavige, thanks to his deadly tentacles of his “church”, the one that was most damaging was the violent intrusion in the very personal matters that relate to my family .

No church, that can call itself a church, can assume this right. But this conduct has been pursued by the use of third parties with a vicious ability to turn theta truth into ENtheta perversions.

The effect that David Miscavige wanted to create in doing that was to instill in my son Flavio, a Flag Staff, an unnatural sense of hatred toward me, with the purpose of convincing him to work against me and my family by having him perform the ungrateful task of spying on us and report to OSA.

The intention of David Miscavige and his minion in OSA was to “punish” me and my husband because we did not wanted to disconnect from the other son of ours Tiziano, that left the Corporate Scientology . Even after Marion Pow and Mike Sutter (RTC/OSA mission) had come to Brescia and stayed for one week to convince us to disconnect from Tiziano and after that our son Flavio was for hours on the phone trying to convince us to do the same. The famous or better infamous policy of Disconnection!

For two long years I had to bear this suppression, till the case of Karen De La Carriere/Alexander Jentzch made it explodeIt was exactly then that I took a firm decision: it is our duty to make the Italian public aware of what David Miscavige and his minions are doing.

And by “chance” after a week I met with the news reporter Leonardo Piccini that works for LIBERO and thanks to his interest in the matter we have been able to send back the flow to David Miscavige & Co. to balance the flow we as a family received from them.

What was Miscavige expecting when he designed all of his plan against my family? That a mother would let someone steal her son and would just take the violence and abuse of that and stay silent? Just look at someone destroying the most precious things that one has:, his/her family, and just sit in a corner like a beaten dog and do nothing?

David Miscavige does not have the faintest idea to which extent a mother will go.

He can possibly stop the President of The United States with his lobbying, but he will not stop a mother!

I want to cite to you a sentence taken from a song that Lisa Marie Presley just wrote, and this goes to David Miscavige:

“You haven’t seen nothing yet!”

You should have known that you better not touch a family, and you should have learned this lesson from Sun-Tzu:

There are roads one does not follow.There are armies one does not strike.There are cities one does not attack.There are grounds one does not contest.There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.

-Renata Lugli

The Exposure of The Designer Lugli



The accusations do not come from a nobody, but from a major figure in Scientology, who starting from 1974 has done all of the awareness steps required to reach the top called OT VIII. This person is Claudio Lugli. He is a fashion designer.



I Will Explain What Kind Of A Nightmare Scientology Is

The Fashion Designer Claudio Lugli has been for years a leader in the Church founded by Hubbard. Since he and his wife got out: ‘They take away from you your money and your dignity. They even took a son from us!

…. He is a fashion creator, dressed people like Miles Davis, Pino Daniele or movie stars like John Travolta, and Chick Corea, but also the charismatic leader of the church founded by Hubbard, David Miscavige.

We meet in a luxurious loft in Brescia, and words flow like a river: “Me, my wife Renata and our two sons Flavio and Tiziano have been following Scientology since ever. We have been amongst the pioneers and the founding members of the Church of Hubbard in Italy, and we took great care in expanding and financing its operations. But today we decided to end with the Miscavige Organization”

“It has not been an easy decision, because it is never easy to find out a truth that makes vanish, just in one shot, 36 years of dedication and support to values that have been trampled on used just to support greed and personal interests.”

Because his majesty David Miscavige, lives the high life, the thousands of Scientologists that are still part of his cult  are totally unaware of this.

Renata Lugli is even more direct: “We found out that through the years a lot of things changed and that ‘Church Management’ betrayed the faith and the ideals in which we believed in”

To follow the story has been necessary to address issue that every Scientologist has at heart and discuss of what is happening in Hemet, California, the International Base where David Miscavige lives.

“For us is not easy to talk” – says Renata – “because one of our sons Flavio , a 35 years old boy, is still inside what I define as the MISCAVIGE CORPORATE Scientology. He lives in Clearwater Florida, north of Tampa, and it is 15 years that he is working as an auditor in the Sea Org, the advanced organization of Scientology. People there are made to work even 20 hours a day, sleep in a modest room and have a salary of $ 20 a week. But when you talk about Miscavige … things change. A friend of ours worked directly under him in the “Special Personal Service Unit”. This unit is reserved only for Miscavige and his wife. While other staff members almost starve he spends more than a  $1,000 just on food per week”

Miscavige and his wife have one Chef full time working for them plus an assistant Chef and several stewards and butlers. The head of Scientology eats every two hours, and he follows a specific diet, a low fat diet.

“Naturally all the food must be extremely fresh and of the best quality available. And for lunch and dinner Miscavige must have two different choices always available to him , and this means a 4 full course menu for two different people every single day”

Salmon for Miscavige comes fresh from the East Coast of USA or Canada, but the lamb must be only the one coming from New Zealand that has been fed by a special kind of corn. And steaks?  Everything absolutely biological, like filet mignon first quality.

“When Miscavige celebrate his birthday or when he is having guest of the caliber of Tom Cruise  – (The actor has been a Scientologist since years now-)  Claudio lugli says – everything becomes even more  fancy and extravagant: preparations began even 3 or 4 days ahead and servants have to follow a special “wish list” . And if what the master Chef created is not considered good enough, then, orders are placed in the best and most fancy restaurants available, and there is no limit, because the boss needs to be satisfied.  Foie Gras and truffle are the norm.”

And let’s talk about his residence:

“It is comparable to royalty, things not even imaginable to the Sea Org rank and file or the regular Scientologist.”

Miscavige owns fabulous buildings in Gilman Hot Spring, in Los Angeles and at Flag. In England he even has a castle at his disposal.

“Everything has been designed and custom made for him, only the very best and state of the art is used furniture wise”

Miscavige has a fleet of cars that only international collectors normally have, and also a large number of bikes and:
“If there is anything expensive that he does not own yet , there is no problem, it will be put in the next birthday or Christmas wish list “

Mrs Renata adds: “Per what Mr Hubbard wrote, money donated by parishioners had to be used to disseminate Scientology, they have never been intended to make live a life of luxury to somebody at the helm of the church. Hubbard never lived a kind of life like that, with such a flaunted style of life like Miscavige does, and this is also another proof of how much the original ideals of Scientology have been betrayed.”

And Mr Lugli adds:

“Miscavige invented a new, perverted mechanism to take money from the parishioners: the so called “Ideal Orgs”. I saw with my very eyes, in Padova at an event, a lady going up on stage and announce to a crowd of Scientologist that she would donate the three apartments she had just got as an inheritance fron her parents to the “Ideal Org Project”, the Scientologist were in ecstasy.

And what can we say about Mr Richie Acunto, he was rewarded as “Diamond Meritorious” because he had donated something like 10 million dollars to the “Ideal Org”! Richie was a good friend of Tiziano, my son, he married Tiziano and Jamie, but the point is that part of the money he had donated have been used to hire and pay something like 50 Private Investigators that for MONTHS besieged my son house in Hollywood because he had left the Church. Richie Acunto shortly after went bankrupt with his company the “Survival Insurance”, a huge insurance company, but this was of no interest to Miscavige. He has a very big team of people that specialize in fund raising, they even go to the parishioner house in the middle of the night and force him to pay some money.

It looks like that a parallel organization named IAS has accumulated funds in the order of a billion dollars.

But Miscavige’s perversion knows no boundaries: like a new born Caligula, that became famous because he appointed his horse as Senator, so Miscavige decided “to put the rank bars” to his dog and appointed the dog Captain. And if the dog barks at you that’s a sign that you “are out ethics” and so you will be punished.

“Ethics” in Scientology is a word that comes up continuously.

“If you are there you are like a prisoner in the STASI” – says Renata – “Things keep getting worse and worse, sons and daughter are estranged from their families, and they can keep just casual contact by phone with their parents or family members, and there is always somebody there listening and monitoring their calls.  You have to report each other to the “Ethics Officer”., he is the person that has to know everything so that things run smoothly without ANY external influence. And if your family thinks differently, or worse get out of the Church, they are considered immediately “apostate”, and barred for ever.” Renata keeps on telling me: “One week ago a boy that had just turned 27, his name is Alexander, died in very obscure circumstances. His father is Heber Jentzch, the President of The Church of Scientology International, but his mother, one of the highest trained auditor on the planet, and directly trained by Hubbard, was not allowed to see her dead son. The Church had imposed to Alexander not to have any contact whatsoever with his mother . This type of behavior is called “DISCONNECTION”, and now this practice became very usual and families are thrown in despair because of it.

But I would have never thought that this practice could go beyond death! That situation troubled me very much, because I have a son too that disconnected from us, two years ago, when we decided to leave Scientology.”

“In Scientology, a follower can be punished” her husband says- “they use what they call the RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force; it is in essence like forced labor, and you have to clean toilets, paint a wall, and various menial jobs for 8 hours a day, plus 4 hours you have to study, And this goes on for years, for some even more than 10 years. And what about THE HOLE ? That’s a place where staff members are kept against their will for weeks and weeks, intimidated and prisoners, and they have to sleep on the floor and eat some slop – armed guards are always present , movement sensor are in place, and doors are locked. Plus there is the constant threat of physical violence, and people in the HOLE are subjected to physical and mental degradation of the worst kind.”




Scientology in the USA is under a very serious schism problem. Some ex members are giving unprecedented accounts of information on what happened at the highest levels of their organization.

Those are statements that are coming from the highest ranks and people broke the conspiracy of silence and started giving interviews to the media.

People like Tom De Vocht that was managing for years the “Headquarters” of the Church in Clearwater – Or Amy Scobee, that was managing the network dedicated to all the celebrities in Scientology – a key figure that had daily contact with people of the caliber of John Travolta or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or the like. And even more, top managers like Marty Rathbun that worked almost his entire life together with David Miscavige, as second in command, handling legal affairs.

Or Mike Rinder  for 20 years the head of OSA the Office of Special Affarirs: they left Scientology and decided to give very detailed and strong interviews like the one they all gave to the St. Petersburg Times, in where they reveal the methods that David Miscavige used to keep his power.

Miscavige in 1986 became the undisputed leader of Scientology. Miscavige is 49 and is described by many as being very charismatic.

Many call him just COB, because he is the Chairman of The Board – basically the owner of the Church now, Church that was founded back in 1954 .

The ex members are accusing Miscavige of physical violence , a reality that is permeating the whole of Scientology. Mike Rinder even said that: “I have been beaten more than 50 times by Miscavige”. Rathbun, Rinder, De Vocht they also admit of beatings they did and they did it to “show the boss of what they were of “.

De Vocht says that there is no particular reason why people are beaten or abused by Miscavige: “Miscavige goes crazy for nothing, it is enough that what you say to him something that is not what he was expecting from you. And it could be something that happens, just for his whim – it can be the way you looked at him, or because you were too slow in answering his questions.”

There is a list of people that have been abused and Rathbun and Rinder made this list public in interviews:

Marc Yager: “Has been beaten about 20 times, he was treated like a punching bag”

Guillame Lesevre, about ten times, and Ray Mithoff was regularly beaten very violently on the head and strangled or thrown on the ground – per what Rathbun said.

Rathbun also says that Mike Rinder has been beaten at least a dozen times.

For Rinder: “Was not much the physical pain, but was the humiliation . Because you cannot defend yourself, you cannot raise your hands against the boss.”

But their accusations go beyond that and they say: “ Staff are disciplined with a justice system that include “public” confessions of your sins and the isolation of the sinner and he/she is sentenced to manual forced labor.”

Those are all very heavy accusations and more: “The Church has covered the Lisa McPherson death case. They made a mess trying to take care of her , but Lisa Mc Pherson died after was kept isolated for 17 days at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater.”

Rathbun was in charge of handling the resulting mess media wise, and he admits to: “I ordered the destructions of incriminating proofs and documents.”



Libero for several weeks tried to get the following questions answered by the people responsible for Scientology in Italy, but no answers were given.

Here are the questions:

  1. What are the aims of Scientology?
  2. In which areas of the society Scientology  operates?
  3. How many followers there are in the world, and in particular haw many in Italy?
  4. David Miscavige is the highest in rank in Scientology?
  5. How are the living standards of your religious leader, related to a normal member of your Church?
  6. Is it true that David Miscavige owns  luxury cars and bikes
  7. We were informed that many families  because of your policy of “Disconnection” have been separated. Does this policy exists. If so how does it works?
  8. What are and how do work the “Ideal Orgs” . What are the services they offer to followers and members of your Church?
  9. How many people left the Church so far?
  10. What is your attitude toward two famous of those high ranking ex members like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder?
  11. What are you saying in relationship to the very precise accusations that Debbie Cook gave under oath in an American Court of Law, in where she talked about THE HOLE and the abuses she experienced   while there?


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  2. “Anyone that studied and understood the materiel contained in the PTS SP Course , knows that suppression decreases when the person can do something about it.”

    “Just look at someone destroying the most precious things that one has:, his/her family, and just sit in a corner like a beaten dog and do nothing?”

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You wear that division 21 hat VERY WELL!


  3. I meant Department 21.

  4. The following is one list of people that have left the official Church of Scientology. (Most members stay silent due to disconnection and other factors)
    This might not be new news but it is important news.

  5. I love the whole Lugli family — some of the nicest and most caring people one could ever hope to meet. I hope Flavio will re-join you soon.


  6. Way to go Claudio and Renata!

    It cannot be said enough that the only way you can get ethics in on this operation is outside pressure. Their Achilles heal is out-PR (as if there is any left anywhere).

    I hope you follow up by contacting Italian police and diplomats to solicit their help in making their American counter-parts check up on Flavio’s well-being. And I hope you stage pickets where Flavio works with signs saying “Flavio, your family wants to communicate with you, remember, communication is the universal solvent”, “Flavio, was this what you envisioned when you joined the Sea Org?” etc. etc. He might get even more upset with you, but deep down he knows you love him and that is what will prevail in his mind and that will lead to your being reunited. Of that I’m very certain.

    Wishing you the very best.

  7. Claudio and Renata Lugli
    30+ year veterans getting wise to Church unconscionable conduct now a target of Scientology Inc.
    The “Church” takes one’s children and owns and possesses them as pieces of luggage or cattle.
    Violating the natural bonds of family and parent/children bond, they turn the children against the parent with malicious propaganda of how “bad and evil” their parents are.
    Then they make the child spy on the parent for OSA purposes.
    It doesn’t get more sickening in any Church.
    Congratulations Claudio and Renata.
    Congratulations LEONARDO PICCINI.
    This was A *great* question to ask the “Church”
    What are you saying in relationship to the very precise accusations that Debbie Cook gave under oath in an American Court of Law, in where she talked about THE HOLE and the abuses she experienced while there?
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    No response.
    The sound of silence is deafening.

  8. Tom Gallagher

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Luglis,

    You are both heroes Continue to expose the truth however painful. In the end justice will prevail.

    Love, Tom Gallagher

  9. Well, “church”, 2012 looks like its going to go out with a bang for you. Mr. Miscavage, that “pesky Internet” sucks, doesn’t it? Wow – people can actually find out, with just a click if a mouse, how EVIL you are! Yep, things must really suck in your world right now.

    Question – how can the celebs NOT KNOW SOMETHING?? Perhaps I am missing something here, but as Tory says, ” tick tock, tick tock”. Miscavage, you’re done.

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  11. re: “Everything has been designed and custom made for him,…” Makes sense when you consider how small he is. I guess things have to be shrunk down to fit his diminutive size.

    On a more serious note, great article, great post.

  12. The injustice at so many levels is beyond the pale.
    It is not a matter of IF but WHEN the tipping point reaches terminal velocity.
    IMHO the actual tipping point was Lisa Mc Pherson, the SF mission holders conference was a ramp up. Miscavige is a study in Menticide and that will be his legacy.

  13. Theo Sismanides

    L’ Italia vincera la soppressione. Il Mediterraneo e una grande zona di Theta perche abbiamo il nostro civilizatione antiquo. Noi sappiamo meglio sul Theta. Lo sappiamo da tanto tempo della nostra philosophia antiqua.

    Bravo ragazzi!

    Italy is gonna win the suppression. The Mediterranean is one big zone of Theta because we have our ancient civilization. We know better about Theta. We know it from long time ago from our ancient philosophy.

    Congratulations, guys!

  14. Ranata,

    Your communication cuts like a knife through butter with the truth being told.
    Very well done on this entire post! A mother’s love carries the force of Gods. I am with you and for you and my hopes are with the constant and unrelenting press, internet articles, TV news broadcasts etc., maybe there will be some change. Keep talking and please accept my deepest empathy for your scene.

  15. Theo Sismanides

    Renata wrote:
    “What was Miscavige expecting when he designed all of his plan against my family? That a mother would let someone steal her son and would just take the violence and abuse of that and stay silent? Just look at someone destroying the most precious things that one has:, his/her family, and just sit in a corner like a beaten dog and do nothing?

    David Miscavige does not have the faintest idea to which extent a mother will go.”

    So this goes to Renata, for going mad! Brava!

    STATE OF OT 14 SHSBC-296 – 23.5.63

    “But we have some responsibility in this direction ourselves. What do you think a thetan feels like when he suddenly finds himself freed, or a third free and perhaps able to operate some much and sees around him the symbols [refers to the symbols of the Helatrobus implants people, golden crosses on airplanes] which have been carried forward on the track which destroyed his civilizations in the past? Now, what do you think his reaction is going to be? I consider this very interesting, and this becomes to you and me, boys and girls, a very interesting problem. Because I’ve gotten mad a few times about it myself. It’s all right for me to say, “Well, actually it isn’t the Kennedy government that planted the Helatrobus Implants.” And I can say this to myself, you know, sit there very rationally, and say, “Well, they didn’t do it,” you see, “and they’re just implanted, too, and the reason they act this way
    and so forth is they’re just implanted, too, and just implanted, too… Why the hell do they have to carry along all of the symbols?” you see? “Why do they have to act this way?” you see? “They don’t have to perpetuate the misery that this created in this universe.” And the next thing you know, I’m roaring mad about the whole thing, you see?” [end of quote]

    What do you DM a Thetan’s reaction gonna be when they see all the destruction and misery you are causing? Let’s get mad, guys!

  16. Oh yes, it sucks to be David Miscavage!

  17. Thank you for your public announcement of the TRUTH about David Miscavige and Scientology! Please get this out to everyone! Maybe Karen can copy and paste and e-mail it to everyone on the list!

    There is karma – and good people in Scientology eventually leave – the truth is what Scientology needs right now. They are in bubble of David Miscavige’s making. His lavish lifestyle needs to be exposed. David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology are committing FRAUD each time they take money from people and lie about how they use it. Keep telling the world about David Miscavige’s lavish lifestyle – the disconnection – DM’s prison – DM’s abuse – all for DM’s personal gain. Get out of Scientology – and let the chips fall where they may! Time for a mutiny? Time to get rid of Miscavige!

  18. Hi Marty,
    Thank you for your blog, your perspective gives a much more human look at the organization that as a whole, and from the outside, seems entirely evil! I was just wondering if you ever told your story of leaving scientology… the why’s and how’s. Also, I wonder how you were able to reconcile the destruction of documents in the Lisa McPhereson case… did Scientology rules/tenets allow such things?

  19. It is the goings on very public like this that is eventually going to cause the meltdown, and sooner than later. In what form is perhaps the only remaining question, but a topple down revolution no doubt. Hopefully a very public overthrow that includes the internationally televised arrest of Mister Scab as well as his high ranking ghouls that are very knowingly continually committing high crimes (felonies) against parishioners.

    Very well done Mr. & Mrs. Luglis !!!

  20. martyrathbun09

    Scientology rules/tenets made the destruction mandatory.

  21. Fa schifo essere Miscavige.

  22. Thanks for answering! Were those corporate Scientology rules or was it based on L Ron Hubbard’s teachings? I’m just trying to figure out for myself how a belief system that is meant to help others (and from what I’ve garnered from your posts, has indeed helped many – the technology itself) can actually be used in such unethical ways. Thanks again for your insight.

  23. How appropriate to make reference to Caligula. And how ironic that the real Caligula was given that name “Caligula”, which means “little boots”. This was given to him by soldiers under the command of his father, a well known and revered Roman general named, Germanicus. Caligula, as a little boy, used to dress in a toy soldiers uniform and wore small versions of the soldier’s boots called, caliga. His real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

    Fast forward to today, and we have our own “little boots”, bestowing rank on a dog, torturing and humiliating his staff, and, like Caligula, making up the rules as he wishes and living in luxury all the while.

    The comparisons are just damned spooky.

    Time will tell if the same fate that befell Caligula will befall our own “Little Nuts”, but in the case of the former, a high ranking officer who was for years the butt of jokes on behalf of Caligula, took matters into his own hands, personally perforated Caligula in a hallway of the palace, and likewise disposed of his wife and small daughter. You cannot say that people in those days did not know how to act on their convictions, and when they acted, boy, did they act. I see similar guts at work here from the Lugli’s. But, instead of dispatching Little Nuts with the ancient Roman gladius, they are using the weapon of today – truth, confront, courage and the overwhelming conviction to protect themselves and their loved ones from psychopaths like DM.

    Pax Vobiscum

  24. WOW!!! Holy Smoke!!!
    This is huge!!!
    What courage you have – you are greatly admired and this stand will certainly perpetuate not only in Italy but to other leaders such as yourselves worldwide.
    The light of TRUTH will be the undoing of this one man regime.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Corporate Scientology interpretation of L Ron Hubbard’s policies.

  26. Just for the record, Marty, were those DM’s rules?

  27. “Mr. Scab”

    Good one! It fits.

  28. Claudio and Renata, thank you (and kudos) for standing up and blowing the whistle on Miscavige’s crimes to a major newspaper. As has been said many times, ‘sunlight disinfects’. The more Scientologists file these public knowledge reports, the quicker the end will come for the evil Miscavige regime.

  29. Thank You for speaking out Renata and Claudio. I wish you the best in reuniting your family outside of Miscavige’s Corporate “church”. Please keep us up-to-date on the latest developments in your family’s story.

  30. Beautiful writeup! I keep saying this-You have to be SUPPRESSIVE to blow incredible people like you off the lines. Renata I can feel the mama bear in you-good for you !!
    Claudio, I looked up your clothing site as I am a fashion nut and I loved what you said “My Goal is a Simple One-Inject Beauty into the world. My work is for You” On your blog you list great freinds of yours and you put Miles Davis(he is passed now),who is one of my favorite musicians.
    Here is a great video of him with his version of the Michael jackson song”Human Naure”

  31. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Bravo a Claudio e Renata, e Dottore Liccini, anche. Forza Italia!
    Renata likening things to the STASI is spot on.
    Thank you.

  32. I agree Karen. When I was on staff at Flag there were no beatings. Little Davey was not around nor was Mike Rinder or many of the other players such as Marty. I worked in the N/OTs Div in the FSO. There were however a couple of crazy people who tried to stop us but did not have enough power to do us in. I wrote weekly reports directly to LRH for 1 year. I always included copies of KRs to him of many things. He always thanked me for the data. My how things have chnaged.

  33. While reading this article, this quote struck me:
    “But Miscavige’s perversion knows no boundaries: like a new born Caligula, that became famous because he appointed his horse as Senator, so Miscavige decided “to put the rank bars” to his dog and appointed the dog Captain. And if the dog barks at you that’s a sign that you “are out ethics” and so you will be punished.”

    So, I did some reading on Caligula, and, as expected, found some parallels with DM.

    Notice to uninformed readers: These parallels are metaphorical. The Church of Scientology (including David Miscavige, etc) did/does not engage in murder, etc. Killing is a parallel metaphor to nullifying, statue(s) is a parallel metaphor to picture(s), deification is a parallel metaphor to glorification, etc.

    The following quotes are from Caligula:

    § Overview.

    There are few surviving sources on Caligula’s reign, although he is described as a noble and moderate ruler during the first two years of his rule. After this, the sources focus upon his cruelty, extravagance, … presenting him as an insane tyrant.

    Caligula worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor (as opposed to countervailing powers within the principate). He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and notoriously luxurious dwellings for himself.

    § Youth and early career.

    He was soon given his nickname Caligula, meaning “little (soldier’s) boot” in Latin
    (A Roman caliga: )

    § Emperor: Early reign

    Caligula’s first acts were said to be generous in spirit, though many were political in nature. … He … put on lavish spectacles for the public

    § Emperor: Public reform

    Caligula was criticized for executing people without full trials and for forcing his helper Macro to commit suicide. … A number of other desperate measures by Caligula are described by historians. In order to gain funds, Caligula asked the public to lend the state money. … The current and past highway commissioners were accused of incompetence and embezzlement and forced to repay money.

    § Emperor: Construction

    Despite financial difficulties, Caligula embarked on a number of construction projects during his reign. Some were for the public good, while others were for himself. … He had the imperial palace expanded.

    § Emperor: Feud with the Senate

    Caligula … decided that numerous senators … were not trustworthy … He replaced the consul and had several senators put to death. … other senators were degraded by being forced to wait on him and run beside his chariot.

    § Emperor: Claims of divinity

    When several kings came to Rome to pay their respects to him and argued about their nobility of descent, he cried out “Let there be one Lord, one King”. … Reportedly, he began referring to himself as a god when meeting with politicians and he was referred to as Jupiter on occasion in public documents. … Caligula had the heads removed from various statues of gods and replaced with his own in various temples. … Caligula’s religious policy was a departure from that of his predecessors. … Caligula … had those in Rome, including Senators, worship him as a physical living god.

    § Emperor: Scandals

    Surviving sources present a number of stories about Caligula that illustrate cruelty and insanity. … describe an insane emperor who was self-absorbed, angry, killed on a whim, and who indulged in too much spending … He is accused of … killing for mere amusement, deliberately wasting money on his bridge, causing starvation, and wanting a statue of himself erected in the Temple of Jerusalem for his worship … later sources … provide additional tales of insanity. … They state he sent troops on illogical military exercises, … and most famously, planned or promised to make his horse, Incitatus, a consul, and actually appointed him a priest.

    — End quotes —

    These quotes reminded me of a not cool Kool-Aid drinker:

  34. Richard Royce

    The most evil thing that the Scio dictator has done is rip up families.

  35. Indie-saurus-rex

    Another punch in the right direction by the Luglis! Bravo!!!

    These types of counter-efforts are definitely working. Here’s a video I came across, which I assume to be quite recently shot and published. It appears to be an internal PR video from Saint Hill designed to assure staff that everything is just fantastic! within the Corporate Church, when it’s actually far from it.

  36. Joe Pendleton

    Absolutely FANTASTIC to have this story told in a new unit of time in an important Italian publication. This story and ones like it need to be told over and over and over again. The CoS’s outrageous and unethical handlings of how money is procured and spent need to be continually publicized so that potential new customers can find out exactly what awaits them if they walk in the store. And of course, the terrible and tragic disconnection stories between loved ones CANNOT BE TOLD TOO OFTEN. These points need to be emphasized and publicized as often as possible. Thank you Reneta and Claudio.

  37. I am always lost for words with so many of your posts Marty. The Luglis’ are some of the most gifted persons despite these difficult times for them. I was never good in writing words and communication has always been a challenge for me. (My PC folder has been sitting preped for KTL since 1992. When I discovered a $1750 FLD for my Purif was more valuable to the Org or the “Misscarage” then my life. It was a thing Scientology Inc. couldn’t handle cuz, I guess I simply took LRH’s definition of integrity to heart. They clearly did me wrong, and from there.. quickly things snow balled to prove: The entire structure “could do no wrong” which of course is insane. So that was that for me, Scientology Management way back then was insane, I concluded. It took years to pass before any sense of it would come to light, which I guess brings me here now to present time.) Regardless of that, I try. There are hundreds of remedies for any possible problems clearly stated in LRH Policy. It was always LRH who kept me on the right path… I’m talking very very clearly stated Policy here, boy can that Man can communicate! So now we know a bit more a bit better, but still we find no WHY that blows the doors wide for redemption and justice.

    One postulate I have to make better sense of it all, is the God granted Beingness that Miscavige must somehow come-to-be-known in every corner of the Entire Universe for his crimes, and until such ends, his Hell will not be deep enough. So You go boy! Where would we be without him?? Hmmm… Or perhaps its this; Our responsibility in the matter are far less then we could ever have imagined them to be, and the Earth Game itself is far greater then we could possibly realize. I mean, I give you Crop Circles and 9/11 as a totally planned event… an “inside job” as Exhibits to please the diseased, cough…cough… Courts. Like, WTF is going on here?? Well I have a lot of theories…

    I wondered once about Heaven. I couldn’t come to conclude very much on that one but I was quite pleased with myself when I figured, if indeed there was such a place it would certainly be made up of People, like you and me, and we wouldn’t likely need to tolerate assholes there. That cheered me up a bit. Ya, that and what we know from LRH directly. The Soul isn’t perishable. Nothing proves that better then good old Standard Tech done well, I left my body 30 feet behind one time. What a treat!

    I wish i could say so much more here but I don’t type well either and I think Ill give my two fingers a rest now. Thanks for listening. And sticking together.

    One last thing my friends, and its a bit off, way off… a real zinger… I found this guy named Stuart Wilde online and i know very little of him but this article of his really made me think of things, and of course ‘Mr. Special’ there running the “Church” seemed to fit-the-bill. You’ll see what I mean and why its here. Its pretty heavy, but heavy things are things LRH never suppressed, it took me all the way past the wonders of the OT levels too.
    I only wish I knew more about them…

    Here it is.

  38. Dear Renata und Claudio,

    I will never forget your story of a stolen son, Flavio. I just can imagine the 3P orchestrated against your family inside the cult and I feel for you and also for Karen. After you told your story, I signed with my name. After what happened with Alexander, I went on the Indie 500 list. That’s my message for DM and answer to the sadistic cruelty he is perpetrating.

    Thank you for speaking out so clearly and I wish that Flavio can spot the 3P and the source of the suppression. I appreciate you and what you are doing very much, and I am glad that you are here. I believe that you have thousands and thousands of people on your side

    One of the first stories I read on the Internet when starting to search about the CoS was Tiziano’s and Ignazio T.’s. I was outraged about the mean treatment they received. I perceived that everything they told is the truth, and it urged me to approach the Indie movement. Also Tiziano’s interview was shown several times on German TV, and it is clear who the public will believe. No denial and further harassment from the coward cult leader DM will change that.

    David Miscavige with his evil and inhuman treatments of families is making one enemy after the other. The bulwark of lawyers, PI’s and remaining members of his cult will not hold up to the intentions and determination of the people who DM made his enemies. If I would have made so many enemies, I would be scared, very scared!

    Karola Andris

  39. Li'll bit of stuff

    Claudio & Renata, it’s Miscavige’s turn to be a punching bag.
    And he has personally invited every single person that he
    has “punched” (or otherwise punished) to give it back to him.
    How do I know this? Well, it’s his Reality level,isn’t it? His “level”
    of ARC! The Affinity level is –hatred! The Communication is
    acceptable only if it’s “solid” ie; “punching” or worse!!
    So let us respond accordingly, after all, THAT’s his level of
    understanding, aka “TOUGH LOVE” Right li’ll davey ?

  40. Thomas Schäfer

    Hi Theo, I really love the way you are reviving the roots of our greco-romanian civilisation. Makes something in my past start swinging in joyful serenity. I join in with your revival-postulate.
    And all the luck to the Lugli-Family.

  41. Phil Bruemmer

    David Miscavige is (still) fighting a losing battle.
    Here’s to the day when he can no longer afford to pay the lawyers.
    The end should be interesting.

  42. Miscavige is the worst Capo di tutti Capi possible. A totally deranged Godfather. But like Nero and Galigula and many others: he won’t last for long. The times they are a’changing.

  43. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Grazie Amy
    too kind. Yes we do hope Flavio will re-join us soon.
    It will be the most sensible thing he will do in his entire life!!
    We are here for him 100%

  44. I think it’s disgusting that DM lives this lavish life style while the rest of the Sea Org gets by with almost nothing. I don’t however have too much concern about him living the good life. I have no doubt he lives in a personal hell. No matter where he goes he’s going to be stuck with himself.

  45. Theo Sismanides

    I am missing a “Think” at

    “What Do you DM THINK a Thetan’s reaction gonna be ….” BUT…. who cares what HE thinks now… Thetans get mad ALL OVER THE GLOBE!

  46. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, here comes Italy! Go ragazzi, go!!

  47. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Renata and Claudio:
    “There are roads one does not follow.
There are armies one does not strike.
There are cities one does not attack.
There are grounds one does not contest.
 There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.”…

    And there are those who stand up for the rights to protect those roads, armies, cities and grounds. And there are those who do not wait for the commands of a sovereign. Thank you for being one of those.

  48. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  49. martyrathbun09

    Not really, had been interpretted that way since their inception – including by the Guardians Office as far back as the sixties.

  50. + 1

  51. By now only the blind do not see that these interpretations have not been fully workable.

    It is truly great that Scientology can be applied on a higher level than that, as evidenced by the Independent Movement.

  52. About DM:

    Is-it not punishable by the law to beat juniors?
    Is-it not punishable by the law to sequestrate people?
    Is all the money used for personal expenses properly filed with the IRS?

    Al Capone was caught for tax evasion, maybe that could work here too?

    But the problem here is to replace a suppressive chief without destroying the church, not to throw the baby out with the proverbial bath water

  53. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Ingrid,
    Miles was and IS a HUGE being.
    I had the pleasure to meet him and stay some times with him.
    He is a true artist.
    Thanks for the music!!
    Yes (says Renata) I am definetely a Mama Bear, and I can let DM play cougar … He hasn’t seen nothing yet

  54. Sam
    we thank you for being such an inspiration!
    We well remember talking to you back in the days……
    Your note should be inserted in Sun Tzu 2012

  55. Renata and Claudio, congrats. You are free from the Collective. You are no longer assimilated. You have demonstrated that resistance is not futile. I hope you will be able to free your son from Miscavige’s Church of Borgology.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Beware swapping one doomsday guru with another.

  57. Rory Medford

    more people need to come out like Renata and Claudio and share their story of disconnection so this practice of splitting up families stops within the C of S.. DM is really starting to piss off the wrong people and for sure he is pissing off too many people for this crazy behavior to continue

    The list of unhappy people leaving the church continues to grow its amazing how many people have left and I’m sure the exodus of people will continue and the support will continue to dwindle like a candle in the wind

    well done on sharing your story

  58. roger weller

    great article to wake up to this morning, haven’t been able to see or speak to my daughter in 12 years.

  59. I loved this video!!!!

  60. “All I am I owe to my mother”
    George Washington

    George M. White

  61. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Joe you are completely right when you say:
    “And of course, the terrible and tragic disconnection stories between loved ones CANNOT BE TOLD TOO OFTEN. These points need to be emphasized and publicized as often as possible”
    This is the reason we did it.
    We hope others will do the same everywhere in the world.

  62. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Karen thank you for everything you say.
    Yes they think they trade in cattle.
    This is how far off our religion is gone.
    From search of self determinism to become a sheep with dogs barking at you!!!
    And their attitude toward their crimes when they get exposed is incredible. As you say:
    “The sound of silence is deafening”

  63. Unfortunately, the church is already destroyed. It is beyond repair. Most of the valuable beings have left or have been declared and you won’t be able to rebuild the church with the remaining brainwashed drones.

    Anyway, the last thing we want now that we got rid of our shackles, is to buy ourselves a new set of chains.

  64. Ingrid, Claudio, Renata, awesome what you have done, Ingrid nice video thanks to you all! ML carol

  65. This proves for me that one must be very aware when Mike Sutter shows up on scene. He was the one on the line who busted up my marriage. I bet he did many, many more too at the behest of Miscavige.

    As far as Miscavige’s “Special Personal Service Unit”? Fitting that he has his own “SP Service Unit” LMFAO!!

    Miscavige must be shaking in his boots now that everyone is waking up. Pretty soon he will have to turn to drugs just to get through his day, if he hasn’t already.

    It’s a good thing Marty has offered to audit his evil ass, I’m not sure how many people could stomach the prick long enough to get an F/N of any sort.

    When that suppression shatters, as is about to happen, hang on to your hats folks, it’s going to be a beautiful ride for us all!! For me, I’m just happy to have a front row seat.

  66. Renata, you have done what you needed to so. Bravo. La mano della vendetta. The church does not even consider for one minute the pain they cause. They have no conscience. You will get your son back. At some point they will turn on Flavio and the lights will all come on. Your being there, your whole family, will be his stable foundation and he will return to it. It will all happen when its supposed to happen. Everyone is learning and growing from this. Sta Forte.

  67. Just posted on another forum, someone in the CO$ from 1985-2005 considered
    that auditing and training was now considered a side issue. Far more important were
    the actions of the front groups,WISE, CCHR etc. I don’t know how true that is, though
    stats on training auditors are near 0, of if this was just one persons innacurate opinion.

    Auditing and training are expensive and labour intensive activities. Crush selling the parishioners for donations cheap. CCHR, WISE members etc probably work for free, and pay their own expenses. Then people who use policy etc are charged lots of money or get declared if they object. A scam raking it in from all sides.

    Thus POB’s italian suits and life of luxury.

  68. I don’t know about you folks but I vote for Claudio as “Best-Dressed” OT VIII on the planet. The guy exudes professionalism. Once again we see DM and the current interpretation and enforcement of policy destroying valuable long term relationships with upstat Scientologists. Someday soon the 100th Monkey will see that the Emperor has no clothes.

  69. 🙂
    Way to go you guys!!

  70. Thank you for your story
    My view is DM has no morale principles or understanding whatsoever of
    ethics Policy.if he ever did its not in the real world.
    Its witness by the number of stories told about how families have been
    treated, let alone individual’s ones that have be reported as mistreated .
    Its documented, but what actually is being done by majority and by the
    authorithies, if families are reporting for information and to insist for
    data. All evidence currently seems to lead only from inside as getting
    ” cut off from communcation to the outside world ” and its controlled
    communcation is suppressed in the form of letters/ or odd calls
    made , and the answers are ” all is Ok and report only good roads to fair
    weather attitude. Who in their right mind to believ this much longer.
    or do theyjust believ all is alright , hold back and suppress and believ in
    hoping all is ok, . regardless of age. They have family don’t they ?
    When is it enough.
    I certaintly wouldn’t sit back and think my child might be ok, grown up or
    not,I would want to see and ensure the well being and health was ok
    I dont beleive enough is done by families outside to those that remain within
    in the way of their relationship with their love ones within to act for
    concerns . Surely they read / and view internet and enough
    is out there ( or are they remaining blind), I would be asking all types of
    questions and wish answers / They must realise theirs control surely.
    Like if me as a Mum with some one of family being inside I would want
    answers and evidence of the well being and state of mind, not land up
    receiving an authorithy notification to visit a corpse. Harsh as I may
    sound it just so bloody annoying, and its out of control I think LRH would
    have screamed the walls if knowing how bad its got . It certaintly would not
    have got this far ever, for this to even be a discussion.

    policy on ethiocs He uses it his way and applies the HCOB of degrade to a number of stories
    that have been told how
    actually ethics is
    how to apply injust and a from of his own method of what he calls ethics

  71. Excuse me my last blog message of erros the last para should read/
    Number of stories been told how actually ethics is or was applied, however DM has had his own method of what he believes ethics to be.

  72. Theo Sismanides

    Yes Thomas, this area here has given a lot to the Western “Civilization”. Now, with Scientology we can re-create a new better game for this civilization.

  73. “Auditing and training was now considered a side issue.”

    Boy are you ever right about that! A few weeks ago I visited my local Class 5 Ideal Org to see for myself how they were doing. Between Day and Foundation they have 190 staff members, and the stat for First Paid Service Starts is averaging only 6 per week. At the mission I started at over 40 years ago, we got more than that with only 5 staff members.

    The OIC (big bulletin board with graphs for all the orgs’ stats) did not include a graph for any level of Auditors Made, or for Clears Made, or for any level of Releases Made. These are the Valuable Final Products of the org per LRH, yet stats for them are not being kept, or at least not posted on the OIC for staff and public to see.

    I saw ZERO public in reception, the bookstore, the video displays area, the reg area, the hallways, or the Qual library. There was a family of 3 public talking to 2 staff in the ABLE activities area, which was physically larger than the entire auditor training area.

    Meanwhile, the place was swarming with staff, mostly talking to each other, and appearing to be quite happy playing org despite getting next to no actual production. In the 30 minutes or so I was in the org, wandering around, not one of them approached me to ask if I needed help with anything, or even to body route me anywhere for extraction of my money. When I approached a Public Reg to ask a question about a particular book, he did make a feeble attempt to sell it to me, which I deflected with ease, despite never having taken the Success Through Communication Course which contains a drill for deflecting unwanted questions. He just folded and walked away like a good, compliant junior.

    Activity without production is Esto Series 16, Sit 3. The LRH remedy for it is “bait and badger” to get the staff involved to realize that they’re “faking work.” Since today’s Brave New Staff Members comply totally with Command Intention Coming Straight From The Top, my inescapable conclusion from this visit was that “The Top” (David Miscavige) is FAKING WORK.

    Let’s see. Doubt Formula as follows.

    LRH said the VFPs of the Church as a whole are Auditors Made, Clears Made, and OTs Made. Those would therefore be the STATS of the head of the Church, David Miscavige. They’ve have been declining steadily since 1990 (exactly date coincident with Miscavige taking control of sales and delivery of org services), and now stand at less than 20% of their 1990 levels. That’s “BAD STATS.”

    Meanwhile, Miscavige’s ACTIVITIES such as heavy IAS regging, the Golden Age of Tech, the Ideal Org program, diversion of public to the Basics prior to auditor training, etc. have all been major deviations from what LRH said to do. That would logically account for the downtrending stats, and is “BAD ACTIVITIES.”

    And, finally, Miscavige’s personal behavior has been reported by dozens of his former associates to be chronically below 2.0. Per the Chart of Human Evaluation, that means that his intentions are destructive to others, and he’s basically trying to die and take them with him. That’s BAD INTENTIONS.

    So, let’s see. Bad stats — check. Bad activities — check. Bad intentions — check. All for TWENTY-TWO YEARS, and he’s still on post! Even if LRH DID select him to lead the Church (which we all know LRH DIDN’T do), is there any way LRH would leave anyone on post with this kind of performance? Absolutely not!

    The simplest description of David Miscavige is that he’s a CHRONIC DOWNSTAT STAFF MEMBER WHO HAS BEEN FAKING WORK, and influencing his juniors (which is all staff everywhere) to do the same. This leads us to the most cut and dried personnel decision in the history of personnel decisions. However he got his post in the first place, he’s flunked out as far as keeping it. He should have been Fitness Boarded off staff at least two decades ago. Whether or not he’s an SP is irrelevant as far as this goes. What we know with certainty is that he’s a TOTAL DOWNSTAT FAKING WORK, whose downstat, work-faking nature has infected his juniors all the way down to the “troops on the ground” in my local Class 5 Ideal Org.

    This is really a very routine personnel matter. Beach the downstat now, so everyone can get back to actual production.

  74. stats on training auditors are near 0, of if this was just one persons innacurate opinion.

    That is not inaccurate, and it’s not just one person’s opinion. Stats for major auditor course completions in the corporate church are down at least 95% since the mid-seventies. See here:

    What Happened To Training?

  75. scilonschools

    Total and unreserved RESPECT!
    It is behavior like this that turned a ‘Scientology Hating Critic’ (me) into someone who says there is something Scientology (REAL that is) can offer the world!

  76. That is so true their silence is defening. LRH stated to say nothing (from the PR Series) “IS FATAL”. It is the omen of little Davey’s fate. When I met him and had a talk with him back in 1997 the first thing I noted that his TRs were out! How the so called upper management did not notice this is beyond me. But LRH was right when he said that, “The lowest confront there is is the confront of evil.”

  77. To thetabop

    But if the tech is workable, at least a part of it, that is necessary to have a structure to train and cram the auditors. That seems to be a missing piece in the “freezone”.

    There are several possible scenarios.

    A first one: the independents become very strong, build their own structure and become the “New Era Church” (NEC plus ultra, so to speak 🙂

    A second one: a Com Ev on David Miscavige, he is removed from post and replaced by a board of directors with cross-checking securities.
    With the pre-1980 prices and the disconnection policy cancelled (as it was cancelled by Hubbard in RJ68), the CoS would become again affordable, friendly, without ARC X in families, with a good repute, it would prosper and flourish.

  78. “It’s a good thing Marty has offered to audit his evil ass”…

    Really? Better use an industrial grade meter. The three-meter rockslam would be a sight to behold!

  79. What I wanted to say, ‘cept you said it better. Well done Renata and Claudio! Great work.

  80. one of those who see

    I am so sorry Roger. I am hoping that the evil of enforced disconnection ends soon.

  81. The OIC (big bulletin board with graphs for all the orgs’ stats) did not include a graph for any level of Auditors Made, or for Clears Made, or for any level of Releases Made. These are the Valuable Final Products of the org per LRH, yet stats for them are not being kept, or at least not posted on the OIC for staff and public to see.

    That’s a very telling report. Mind telling us what org you saw this in?

  82. Who is going to fork over £3500 for a couple of rud-obsessed, three-swing intensives when it’s easier to fleece ’em of thousands more on the utopian dream of a “cleared planet”. That little to no actual clearing is taking place anymore is irrelevant it seems.

  83. Karola +1
    I would love to hear the story of your journey and your exit

  84. “I don’t believe enough is done by families outside to those who remain within…”

    Wtf would you have them do? I disconnected from my own mother at the height of my churchiness and reconciliation attempts made by other family members were ignored (some even compounded my decision). Such is the culture of extremism that pervades Miscavige’s “church”. What rights do you think you have to know of an adult’s wellbeing if they choose to cut you from their life? In my eyes, my mother had become an impediment to my spiritual growth and happiness. She became a non entity. Letters were ignored. Xmas prezzies were returned to sender. All this on my own volition – as a lowly public, ffs. And yeah, I read and read and read. I still had an answer for everything, the naive, arrogant little asshole that I was. So tell me, if you were my mother, what would you have done?

  85. “The most important zone of ethical conduct in an org is at or near the top” LRH

  86. I’d be glad to, except I’m still under the radar due to business connections, and which org it is would be a clue for the Church to ID me. Unlikely, I know, but I’d prefer to be careful for the next few months. But I’ll bet any reader of this blog could walk into their closest Class 5 org and make similar observations.

  87. I bet they had a statistic for IAS donations i.e. rip-offs.

  88. The story of how the “church” took Tara and BJ away from Mike Rinder is one of the most horrendous stories yet.
    Both BJ and Taryn were born and raised in the Sea Org ~~ in the same nursery as Alexander Jentzsch.
    BJ and Taryn are both slaves at the Flag Land Base, getting their sleep deprivation while they make quotas and no doubt subject to the abuse and draconian punishments.
    (I invite Mr Webb to post a summary of current day Flag Land Base punishments.)
    A couple of years ago
    Mike and Marty went to the Fort Harrison to see if Mike could see his kids.

    In addition, David Miscavige has gotten BJ and Taryn to write the most horrific disconnect letters to Mike Rinder the worst I have ever read.
    Essentially Miscavige and Scientology Inc have turned his kids against Mike Rinder poisoning their minds with their “Church” propaganda and getting them to write hate letters to their Father.
    Radical Scientology Inc HATES the family unit.
    Radical Scientology Inc does encourages WAR between children and their parents.
    So, what else is new ?

  89. Party Hat: I’ve read all of Stuart Wilde’s books as well owning several of his CDs … here’s the problem — Stuart in my mind, went over the edge with his experimentations of ayahuasca (google it if you are unaware of it) and his various retreats that center around ayahuasca.

    To my mind, he’s never recovered. My suggestion is that you read a few of his books — like his best (I think) “Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power” (very buddhist/tao like), “The Trick to Money is Having Some”

    And stay far away from his recent programs, his website and newsletter. All very political, very other worldly and as Marty says : beware of swapping one fear monger for another 🙂


  90. True, Calvin, and as you know, where you and I come from we have a saying “You strike a woman, you strike a rock”. He shouldn’t mess with mothers!

  91. Wow! Very, very powerful article of truth. Sat me back in my chair amazed.
    In essence there is no love in the Miscavige Church, just greed, dehumanisation & punishment under the guise of Religion.
    It is quite the remarkable communication coming from someone who actually saw first hand what it is like at the upper levels connected to Miscavige, thank you for shining the light, may your family be whole again very soon.

  92. Scott Weible


  93. Venice film festival promises sex and Scientology.

    Lucky plants that get to go the Venice Film Festival to observe and report! Have fun!

  94. I’m still under the radar due to business connections, and which org it is would be a clue for the Church to ID me.

    Sorry to hear that, but it means that I’ll just have to consider your report mere hearsay (not that it’s completely outside the realm of believability).

  95. Reading the last part of Caligula story, I realized it could serve as a warning of what could happen after DM’s demise.

    Again, these possibly parallels are metaphorical. Neither the Church of Scientology nor the Indies engage in murder. Killing is a parallel metaphor to nullifying.

    The following quotes are from Caligula:

    § Assassination and aftermath

    Caligula’s actions as emperor were described as being especially harsh to the Senate, the nobility and the equestrian order. … these actions led to several failed conspiracies against Caligula. Eventually, a successful murder was planned by officers within the Praetorian Guard led by Cassius Chaerea. The plot is described as having been planned by three men, but many in the Senate, army and equestrian order were said to have been informed of it and involved in it.

    … Chaerea had political motivations for the assassination.

    … By the time Caligula’s loyal Germanic guard responded, the emperor was already dead. The Germanic guard, stricken with grief and rage, responded with a rampaging attack on the assassins, conspirators, innocent senators and bystanders alike.

    The Senate attempted to use Caligula’s death as an opportunity to restore the Republic. Chaerea attempted to convince the military to support the Senate. The military, though, remained loyal to the office of the emperor. The grieving Roman people assembled and demanded that Caligula’s murderers be brought to justice. Uncomfortable with lingering imperial support, the assassins sought out and stabbed Caligula’s wife, Caesonia, and killed their young daughter, Julia Drusilla … They were unable to reach Caligula’s uncle, Claudius, who was spirited out of the city, after being found by a soldier, to a nearby Praetorian camp.

    Claudius became emperor after procuring the support of the Praetorian guard and ordered the execution of Chaerea and any other known conspirators involved in the death of Caligula.

    — End quotes —

  96. I hear you loud and clear! And so would LRH if he were around, none of these abuses would have been allowed to continue – period. Just as LRH cancelled the disconnection policy when he heard of the undue hardships created on families, he would have cancelled DM out of existence as the suppressive brutal leader that he is. It is good that you are speaking up loud and clear and exposing the brutality this man has enforced on all parishioners as the OSA (idiots) do not have the gonads to take a stand. This is why this must be done externally as internally they are useless and terrified of doing anything and spew out lies as to how none of it is true or try to lay blame on those doing the whistle blowing, stupid beyond belief. I see why it must be exposed in the press, would never have ever condoned that in the past, but any other way of handling it has failed, only external pressure has resulted in any change within and even then no one within knows that is a result of the sacrifices we all have made out here. But I suspect the minute the pressure is off with DM at the helm horrid conditions would return, like the hole, licking and sleeping on he floor while he lives the life of luxury.

  97. The parallels to Caligula are eery, I’m sure if DM could get away with murder legally, he would, I see that as the only difference, but I think the destruction of the theta being is almost worse than death, as dead you exteriorize and move on but with DM you suffer a continuous endless degradation of spirit. But unlike death, those that escaped his trap have experienced a rejuvenation of spirit, even though it may take a while, they do. Prayers for those who have escaped and may they continue to heal i.e., recent escapees LRH grandaughter and Deevil Miscaviage’s own father! I can’t even imagine the evil that is being employed to rein them in.

  98. Fantastic find, thank you for sharing this, you gotta love artists!!! Amazing talent!

  99. My mother threw me out the street when I was 14 for repeating something negative I heard about Scientology. For the entire time I was in I ignored golden rods on people. I have always put my friendships above the religion. And it pisses me off when people use the religion to get away with enemy or suppressive actions. It is suppressive to turn your back on a friend! That is suppressive!

    If I was your mother what would I have done? The same thing I did as a child to keep my family together. I would have signed up for the comm course. I would have come in to find out what the hell it was that could stand between me and someone I cared about.

    The situation reversed. I got in and started going up the bridge a few years later, she blew and got antagonistic. They wanted to declare her and I stuck a rag in her mouth to shut her up and told the Org she had gone to Flag for correction. They forgot about her. I had to listen to her bitch for 20 years. She is on solo nots now. Why? I got her back on the bridge. Nobody else cared enough about her.

  100. Cindy Plahuta

    Thanks for getting your heartbreaking story out! I know 1st hand what it is like to have your much loved child turn you in to the “Church”. I know 1st hand what it is like to have your much loved child disconnect from you. I know 1st hand what it is like to wake up very day to feel like my heart has been ripped out of me. As you know, it is beyond any pain that you could imagine.

    I do not know any organization, group, situation or person whom is more Suppressive than The Church of Scientology. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand up to the C of S. You are both true heroes!

    I hope with everything in me that you will be reunited with your son soon.

    Cindy Plahuta

  101. Deafening indeed.

  102. Claudio and Renata:

    Thanks for standing up and speaking out. This article in a major Italian paper is a real blow to the enemy.

  103. I am going to spill a big secret.

    Being in “good standing” does not guarantee you will make it up the bridge.

    Being “on lines” does not guarantee you will make it.

    Being on staff or in the Sea org does not guarantee you will make it.

    Having money and paying people for tech cycles is no guarantee either. I don’t even want to go there. You can pay someone to blow you or someone you care about OFF the bridge!

    Being interested is no guarantee.

    Being “good” is no guarantee.

    Being smart is no guarantee. Being beautiful and being sexy is no guarantee.

    Being connected to only people that give you applause is no guarantee.

    Knowing high classed auditors is no guarantee.

    There is only one guarantee that can get you up the bridge. And that is if someone else cares about you. Even if you care enough about yourself, you can not go it alone.

    People really are not hardwired to care or not about others on command. It has never worked out. Love is at the top of the CDEI scale, not the bottom.

    That’s the truth.

    Where is the clears and OT’s?

    Where is the love?

  104. Claudio and Renata
    Molto bene!!!!
    So happy to see you have stepped into action.
    May this article travel around the globe and cause David Miscavige, aka the new Caligula some very bad days!

  105. “Mere hearsay?” Most of what’s reported on this blog is unverifiable by readers. What I’ve reported can be at least roughly confirmed if you’ll just visit your own closest Ideal Org. I’m sure you’ll find it similar to mine. I do, however, empathize with your shock. I was shocked, too.

    I was doubly shocked when the Personnel Procurement Officer had no answer, or even recognition of an outpoint, when I asked her why she was still recruiting when she already had 190 staff members, instead of re-assigning at least 150 of them to just go out into the great wide world and run the Dissem Drill on anyone and everyone they could find.

  106. Gerhard Waterkamp

    The Scientology Church wages war against families and when they cannot split up the family they try to split up friendships. When confronted with the evil and sickness of the church, this is the time where the wheat separates from the chaff.
    Renata and Claudio, thank you for showing the world what you are made of and that there is a better way. I hope Flavio will wake up and show his true colors again.

  107. Oh yeah, the second biggest secret I have?

    If someone is in this Scientology arena and can not care about the person in front of them, they have not made it.

    I don’t care if they are “OT”. I don’t care if they are “CLEAR”. I don’t care if they are “Sea Org”. I don’t care if they are “trained”. I don’t care if they “classed 1000 auditor”. I don’t care if they are “Chairman of the Board”. I don’t care if they are a movie star.

    I don’t care what status or symbol or experience or reading ability or speaking ability they have. If they can not care about the person in front of them, they have NOT MADE IT. Their time and money and effort in Scientology is of NO VALUE TO ANYBODY.

    Fifteen minutes of responsibility processing at 16 years old and I was able to walk out of the Org and care about the person in front of me.

    I don’t know how some other people like the leader of the fucking Church just for starters, is NOT able to care about the person in front of him. I don’t know how some people are selling “help and hope” and setting everyone around them up for LOSS after LOSS!

    Get real! If you can’t care about the person in front of you, you have NO VALUE. I don’t care what your cert says! I don’t care what your title says.


    This is where a thetan has made it OR NOT!

    I do believe Hubbard meant for us all to care about the guy in front of us.

    Because he made it possible for me, to care about the guy in front of me. And that is the greatest gift I have taken, from this arena of Scientology.

  108. I’m glad you posted this. I hadn’t seen it before.
    There’s some good knowledge reports here. Especially what went on behind the scenes in 1981.
    I’d like to see a good history book written about the power struggle that went on in the church between the G.O., management, and the field.

  109. Claudio and Renata,
    You’re right! Disconnection has become an insidious manipulative action used to threaten and keep people in line.
    As you know I have 2 sons. One is in the sea org and the other not. The one that isn’t stood by me when I was declared 1 1/2 years ago. He stood by me because I am his MOTHER, his FAMILY and he LOVES ME and he has more INTEGRITY in his little finger than Miscavige and his minions could even conceive of. He was worked on for over a year to disconnect from me and because of his INTEGRITY he refused to disconnect from anybody. Now two brothers don’t speak.
    Two groups were sent to “handle” my family. One was Mike Sutter and my other son sent to get my second son, wife, grandkids “handled”.
    The second group was headed by Samantha, Freewinds MAA to “handle” some of my husbands family and “friends”.
    Third, one of my life long “friends” was pitted against my husband to “get him to do the right thing” and leave me. Yes Lee, you were on speaker phone. I heard the whole conversation.
    I don’t talk about this much but, your post is real to me, so I thought I would.

    What Miscavige does not understand is INTEGRITY. And my INTEGRITY is more important to me than my immediate life. I’m one of the most blessed people in the world to have family who feel the same way.

    Thank you Claudio and Renata for speaking up in Italy!!!

  110. Bravo Laura.

  111. plus, plus, plus

  112. Curiosus,

    I don’t think DM will ever be com ev’d. He’ll either be arrested and sentenced by a US Court (and hopefully jailed), or he’ll flee with our money to some country where there are no extradition agreements with the US.

    Now, the way DM has rigged the whole thing, we’ll never be able to elect a new board of directors. It’s going to be a legal headache. See:

    Sure, we do have workable tech, and some kind of organization is needed to deliver it and to make sure it can be used by future generations, but seriously, after all these decades of harassment, invalidation, thought control, evaluation and suppression, I’d like to enjoy my new found freedom and make my own decisions.

    Regarding training and cramming, I think hundreds or thousands of small “academies” will naturally sprout in cities, towns and villages once the dust has settled. People will exchange advice and wisdom on the internet. Hell, even C/Sing will occur on the internet. And it’ll be FUN.

    So, I’m not worried about the future of the tech.

    The aims of Scientology have been squashed by the Church of Miscavige. They have become: “an implanted civilization run by lunatics who urge individuals to be at war with each other, and where the able cannot prosper and honest beings have no rights, and where man is systematically stopped from rising to greater heights.”

    I’m afraid that a new “church” with a new board of directors will not learn from the past and that it will eventually repeat the same mistakes.

    Of course, I may be wrong. Or a cynic.

    But history has shown us that even the best intentioned groups have at some point failed to live up to their aims and eventually gone downhill. Why? Because they started to write down more and more rules and laws and don’ts to stop the group from going downhill even further, and so the group became suppressive and fascist. Take a look at the green volumes and you’ll see what I mean. KSW#1 is a very good example. This PL alone turned countless scientologists into raving fanatics.

    So let’s be very careful about postulating a new church of independents. It may well come back and bite us in the arse – again.

  113. “Mere hearsay?” Most of what’s reported on this blog is unverifiable by readers. What I’ve reported can be at least roughly confirmed if you’ll just visit your own closest Ideal Org.

    Not to make this personal, but you’re posting behind a pseudonym, and not even willing to state your general location. I’m afraid that automatically discounts any report you make in a public forum, no matter who you are, or how sincere you appear to be.

    Reports from people who post here with their real names are far more believable, just for the fact that they risk ruination of their personal reputations if they make a false report, or otherwise embellish the facts.

    As to strolling into my local Ideal Org to verify your story, you might have noticed that I’m not exactly anonymous, like yourself. Security would escort me off the premises within minutes if I tried such a thing.

    I’m not saying that you’ve filed a false report, but given the alarming nature of what you said about that org’s failure to post their most vital statistics, I’d rather hear it from an identifiable source.

  114. Wow, that was an all out assault, pay attention world as to how vicious corporate Scn’s are. And what was your crime Laura to deserve this? You would think it would be something like you murdered someone, but no, you simply disagreed with the brutalities and human rights violations being committed by David Miscaviage & Co.

  115. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes indeed Wendy, he sure shouldn’t. Remember the
    recent case in Cape Town, where a policeman’s own
    young daughter was raped by a child predator, only
    to be acquitted due to “insufficient evidence.” The
    enraged father hunted down the acquittee and made
    him pay the ultimate penalty. Although the father is
    now serving time for what can only be described as
    just retribution, it just goes to show that one shoudn’t
    mess with a child’s OTHER parent (the father) either!

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes indeed, TO, and one can qualify that caring even
    further—-that for it to be pure—it should be totally
    unconditional. ie.not dependent on the possibility of
    some payoff, or favour. (that is just 1.1 falseness!!)
    And when compared with that rock solid datum of;
    “taking FULL responsibility for….” we find we’re
    actually talking about one and the same thing.
    CARING! (even when they’re NOT in front of one!)

  117. Ronnie,

    I reported the truth of what I observed. If you doubt it, that’s your own creation, about which I can do nothing. If you can’t personally stroll into your local org to confirm my report, just send in someone they don’t know to do an obs mission for you.

    It’s easy to be brave about using your real name when you’ve already been declared and have no current important business or personal connections to lose. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being under the radar while rearranging your life to minimize the losses sure to occur when you finally do announce your resignation from the Church.

  118. Oracle, thanks for sharing that. But considering what I know now, I am grateful she never set foot inside the org and signed up for a course. Aside from funding Miscavige, who knows where it may have led. She was never actually against me improving myself, or learning new things, she just didn’t want to see her youngest son robbed of every last penny and be a slave to a greedy, abusive cult. Looking back, I can’t really blame her. At the time (2003) I believed I was doing the “right” thing by disconnecting, despite being well aware it went against everything I had learnt up til then regarding communication and ARC. Deep down, however, I knew some (not all) of her concerns had validity. I was well aware of the church’s history and of the abuses, even back then (2003). But in my zealous, arrogant quest to “go free” and “save the planet”, none of it mattered. None of it. The “greater good” was all that was important, not the trivial matters of a family rift. That’s what families are up against. Purpose. Zeal. Faith. More often the individual will conquer it him/herself – on a gradient scale – as the results get sloppier, the lies greater and more frequent, the outpoints more difficult to ignore, with decent answers less and less forthcoming. Much like one crosses a Bridge to Freedom, I believe a church member must cross his own churchie bridge as well. From cultic valence to true self. It’s a hard slog but you get there in the end. It’s inevitable.

    PS. My mum and I are now doing great. 🙂

  119. Ronnie,

    There are some out-points in your comments to me:

    (1) You make a big deal of my using a screen name, when by my actual count just now, 40% of those commenting here are using obvious screen names, and another 20% are using first names only, without putting their real names in the body of their comments, so we don’t know if they’re giving even their real first names. 40% use first and last names, but only about 35% are using names that are obviously their own. So, why are you making a big deal out of my being in the majority? It seems added inapplicable to me.

    (2) You call my report “alarming,” despite its being entirely consistent with what others have reported from visiting their local Ideal Orgs. Also, the stats I said weren’t on the OIC board are the same stats that haven’t been shown at events for the last 22 years. What’s “alarming” about that?

    (3) My entire comment included a condensed but pretty hard-hitting Doubt Formula on Miscavige. The observations I reported from my org visit supported the conclusion that he should be removed from post. Why would you want to challenge data supporting that conclusion, when it’s the same one on which this whole blog has been based since it began over 3 years ago?

    I’m genuinely puzzled by these outpoints. But I don’t really want to get into a debate with you about them. I’m stating them simply because I couldn’t let your casting doubt on my report stand. I accurately reported what I saw. If you feel the need to confirm it, send a friend into your local Ideal Org.

  120. Thank you for this post and the one below. The video had me in tears. Your “secrets” may be the only ones worth knowing.

  121. My reply above was meant to follow Oracle’s post of 11:13 PM.

  122. Li'll bit of stuff

    Curiosus and Thetabop, while I tend to agree broadly
    with both your views based on what you have each
    emphasized, there is yet another factor which alters
    even seemingly ideal scenes from remaining so!

    Obsession to have a game/s !

    How often have you seen a smooth running scene,
    suddenly, inexplicably, become altered on it’s course
    because someone decided to “change” somehing?

    Quite often, it turns out that they were bored with
    proceedings, and decided to inject a little “interest”
    (via the creation of a little “problem”) maybe just a
    counter idea / thought / purpose / intention, or even
    a method, just to “be noticed” in the game of getting
    attention, or creating an effect, something thetans
    just LOVE to do!

    “The Factors” explain this phenomena extremely
    well, and manage to put the actions of many into a
    proper perspective –even in the case of the insane!

    Such as David Miscavige!

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    You have done more than GREAT! You have also made your mom super proud of you too! Well done on getting free of the insanity of Miscavige’s “church” of mind control!

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    diogenes, if it’s any consolation to you at all, many
    of us have been through the exact situation you
    are experiencing via my good friend Ronnie. Not
    being able to dispense with your mask, as I had
    to do for around 7 months (finally doing so on
    the 12 may (Mother’s Day)2012,) can sap one’s
    energy, for sure, but as you have tried to tell
    Ronnie via a sincere origination, it is just not
    something you are prepared to do at this point.
    (sacrificing loved ones/friends/business) for
    the “fair game” target practice of OSA or others
    of destructive intent.
    When it IS finally “right” in terms of what’s right
    for your survival, I trust that you will make your
    bold move. That time is not far off now.
    Ronnie? Patience my friend, we ain’t seen the
    best yet, from “diogenes”

    Calvin B. Duffield
    Steve Hall’s Indie 500 list # 301

  125. It’s easy to be brave about using your real name when you’ve already been declared and have no current important business or personal connections to lose.

    You just made three wrong assumptions about me in one sentence.

    A) I declared my independence publicly while I was still in ‘good standing’ with the church. I have no idea about any subsequent SP declare by the church (though I don’t doubt there is one).
    B) You know nothing of the business/financial connections I lost when I declared my independence. Oh yes, I did lose some.
    C) You know nothing of the many friends and family members who disconnected from me, my wife, and my children over this. Yes, I lost friends and family too.

    “Easy”? You must be kidding. I sacrificed some things to stand in the light and tell the truth.

  126. I, for one, sure am glad you did, Ronnie Clear As A Bell.

  127. You make a big deal of my using a screen name, when by my actual count just now, 40% of those commenting here are using obvious screen names, and another 20% are using first names only

    I commented to you because of the sensational nature of your report. It was only when you refused to tell me which org you observed this in, that my radar went up about your anonymity.

    I was also very careful not to make this a personal attack. I merely pointed out that your story was less believable because you’re posting behind a pseudonym and refusing to give even the most general specifics about an alarming report.

    You call my report “alarming,” despite its being entirely consistent with what others have reported from visiting their local Ideal Orgs.

    Who else has reported this? Where? Give me a link. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere, except by you.

    I’m genuinely puzzled by these outpoints. But I don’t really want to get into a debate with you about them. I’m stating them simply because I couldn’t let your casting doubt on my report stand.

    You wouldn’t be in a debate if you’d simply told me which org you observed these things in. That refusal, and your anonymity, cast a cloud of doubt around your report. If you don’t understand that most people will doubt or ignore alarming reports from someone who refuses to state their name or show their face, then you’re not looking at this from any viewpoint other than your own.

    Just how much credibility do you think all of these high profile whistle blowers would have, if they hid their names and faces? Exactly none.

    It’s a fact of life, and it was the only point I initially made to you. I even allowed for the fact that you’re probably telling the truth about what you saw. Sorry if your ego was bruised by what I said, but I told you this wasn’t personal.

  128. Ronnie,

    You’re right, I did make those assumptions. Sorry if I gave you any wrong indications, or omitted the recognition you deserve. All I really remembered from the story you told when you first appeared on this blog was that you were in the Sea Org, had some problematic adventures as many have, and left. I assumed you’d been declared. So, now that you’ve clarified what happened, may I officially say that I stand corrected. And you have my respect and admiration for the courage you displayed.

    That said, I don’t think it’s right for you to suspect others who have not yet made a move similar to your own. I can grant beingness to what you did being right for you, being who you are in the circumstances you were in. But others, being different beings in different circumstances, may require a different path. I believe you should grant beingness to them on that.

    The idea that data reports from people stilll under the radar are automatically unreliable is ridiculous. In my humble opinion, my comments on this blog have been useful. I view my report of my visit to my local Ideal Org as a commendable, which you seemed to want to somehow twist into an overt. That’s not OK in my book.

    But I also understand your eagerness to expand the team of full-fledged “outs,” and even help it along with a little bait and badger. I see nothing wrong with that. But I won’t be invalidated for having my own path. So, consider that the guy you baited and badgered fought back like he was supposed to if he’s going to be worth anything as a team member.

    If all goes well I’ll be making my “out” announcement within the next few months. Until then, I will have nothing further to say about this issue, and will continue to post comments on other matters when I consider I have something of value to add to the discussion.

  129. Ronnie,

    This is in response to your comment a little higher up on the thread the way it displays.

    You keep saying that my report was “sensational” or “alarming” when it wasn’t. DM hasn’t allowed stats for Auditors, Clears, and OTs made to be displayed at events in 22 years. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that they also don’t appear on the OIC board in a public access hallway at my local org. As for 190 staff producing only 6 paid first service starts per week, haven’t many others reported the Ideal Orgs to be dead? My report was just more of the same.

  130. Thanks for the happy ending!

  131. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ronnie,brother, I really do get the passion which you
    hold for being up front and, if necessary,personal,
    in regards to the “outing” of our erstwhile comrade
    here, yet under radar; This really does come down
    to a personal choice, being made by “diogenes,”
    with “understandable fears” being a real impediment.

    I have a reallly good friend, an ex- staffer, auditor
    OT, whom i absolutely guarantee is the boldest, most
    up front character you could ever meet.

    He would rip the little penguin-in-a-tuxedo to pieces
    with his bare hands if he could somehow get to be
    alone in a room with him.

    He has chosen to remain under the radar for the
    same reason as diogenes has given above. Simply
    stated, he has someone very close to him, in their
    final years, who clings to their “cherished”, CO$ and
    is oblivious to the actualities which abound!

    Why not just tell all to the blinded one?

    Because he cares! Cares enough, not to shatter the
    slender thread that this person clings to in the final
    days left. I consider it highly irresponsible to “ruin”
    a frail person’s remaining time,for the sake of “telling
    the truth at all costs!” Especially when that “cost” could kill the person, literally!

    Ronnie, we are both compassionate, as well as being
    passionate people! I urge you to feel some of that for
    our friend “diogenes” I can assure you, it is painful
    enough, to have to suppress the need to break free
    of the chains that inhibit one’s natural impulse to
    communicate all, but Ronnie, it is made unnecessarily
    more painful by needless put downs or criticisms.

    Cutting this person some slack here, that’s what I
    would call compassion.Peace bro.’

  132. So true. I did not intend to exclude fathers in my comment – I have an impression that Miscavige is generally dismissive of women or doesn’t think he could have his ass whipped by a woman. My comment was in support of your viewpoint and a warning to DM in light of him stepping into the headlights of Renata and Karen (and many others too). (We live in a wild country, you and I,….but I would not leave it for anywhere else! You too, I would guess.)

  133. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Wendy, Okay if we’re just “parents” then?
    Just kidding! But I’m thoroughly behind you’re assertion
    “you strike a woman, you strike a rock!” in it’s potency!!
    Oh yes, the dwarf would have trouble scraping himself
    off the tarmac if any one of us happened to catch him in
    our headlights too! And this experience is something one
    get “used to” when driving around our “wild”country, especially at night, if you follow me on this. When you
    see the strength of our public protector Tuli Madonsella,
    or the DA’s Ms Mazibulo, there is still lots of room for
    optimism in this country—that’s for sure!!

  134. Thanks Christine, advice well received. I don’t think I would ever read much more of Stuart’s work, time restraints and all. I am a greater fan of David Wilcocks. He more current, much more current…
    His most recent update was posted just a day or two ago here:
    Everyone on this blog, and I’ve followed this blog continually for three years now, should know get/stay abreast or follow/watch… whatever… DW. What is going on today in the real World that Wilcocks’s is reporting, particularly is his essay on ‘Financial Tyranny’ that is not mainstream news as yet, has everything to do with our predicament. Why? Two reasons, 1) Because the Technology that is being used via Winston Shrout can take DM out in a matter of Months. And 2) He needs our help.
    Now, certainly I suck at communicating, but thats only on paper.

    As for swapping one doomsday guru for another. Stuart Wilde isn’t that.
    DM is, that’s all he’s got. In fact, I am certain, DM sees nothing but that for himself. He thinks its his most precious sacrifice. Why else would he record his every act and every move. When I heard he had the whole musical chairs incident recorded by Gold. I was, well, what do you call that??

  135. Daniel Victor

    Dear Renata and Claudio,

    enough is enough. Your story just meant the tipping point for me!

    It is so cruel what the Church does to so many of its members. And the world should know!
    Soon I will be opening a blog which focusses on the subject of DISCONNECTION.

    I remember what impact the story from Tanja and Stefan created in me. And I was struck again when I read what you, Renata, were writing directed to David Miscavage.
    Yes, many of these stories are available at different places in English – if you know where to find them. My idea is to publish different disconnection stories in one book / also e-book, translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian …. People of the world need to know what is behind the shiny facade of the Church of Scientology.

    No – the Church has absolutely no right to decide who may communicate with whom, it has no right to separate families. The Church must be STOPPED in doing that.
    And because DM cannot give up its disconnection ‚tool‘ as one of his important instruments to control and discipline its staffs and parishioners the Church must be stopped altogether!

    But before – I am sure we can put a lot of pressure on the Church by starting media campaigns to free specific persons held by the DM.
    But this needs to be combined with a specific approach and program to free these persons from their own limited and indoctrinated way of thinking and drawing conclusions.

    I am thinking of a specific „docking station“ on the internet for those who cautiously dare to open their eyes and ears a little to find out what would expect them if they dared to leave the Church and what the world has fond out and criticizes about the Church of Scientology.
    It should be ONE website on which maybe 20 ex SO members briefly tell their story and encourage to leave, plus links for further information (e.g. Marty’s website) as well as links for direct help.
    This way they should find out that there exists a community outside which would welcome them warmly and that they could continue to go up the bridge also outside the Church – in case they would like to do that.

    On my blog I will inform all of you about several powerful projects designed to stop David Miscavage.
    It feels so good to take action now. Finally.

    Enough is enough!

    I’d appreciate very much any personal comments and suggestions of yours in respect to what I am planning.

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  138. Li'll bit of stuff


  139. Wow I missed seeing this in some of the travels of mine giving me absence from the blog. What an amazing story and THANK YOU TWO SO MUCH for speaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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