Scientology Spies Caught in South Texas


Breaking News from the Corpus Christi Caller Times:

Surveillance Cameras Watch Rathbun

Stayed tuned here for the main story when it is available.

37 responses to “Scientology Spies Caught in South Texas

  1. It’s hooked up to a computer and they are monitoring it remotely.
    I hope you called the cops and they got a warrant and went in.

  2. From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…which the Church masquerades as a supporter of…
    “Article 12.
    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

    What utter hypocrites.

  3. Wow! ….Marty as they say in the sports world, “you own David Miscaviage”.

    At this point 99% of his time must be spent figuring out what new communication lines you have formed overnight or what your next move is going to be that is “suppressive “.- Amazingly sad.

  4. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Are the squirrel busters from last year involved in this?

  5. I don’t see what DM’s problem is really.

    Just because you look relaxed, get to go fishing, have many friends, have fun, produce Clears, have a tan, are making money, have become the go-to guy about Scientology, have a nice wife, are enjoying life, are relevant etc…etc….
    C’mon what is all the fuss about?

  6. No. These cameras are too big and heavy to fit on their hats.

  7. Answers the question “What your donations purchase”
    The Clubbed Seals think they are sending TWTH to Africa
    or some such lie that pulls at your emotions. But here proof that its for spy equipment and D.M.s PI’s.

  8. Tom Gallagher

    Mest Cabbige is such a totally degraded being.

    Marty, he thinks you’re going to commit the same types of crimes as he himself is engaged in daily and He, as Pope, is going to catch it on video.

    Good luck dave. You are a murderer and a pervert. It’s known world-wide even amongst your few remaining staff and the clubbed seal status seekers like Ed.

    Good gawd, you sawed-off hateful perv, I’d hate to have your identity or reality.

  9. It proves that you are very important!
    Keep up the good work!!

  10. “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly”

    I genuinely can’t believe the idiocy. Simple Simon-ass m******f*****s.

  11. I’m guessing they acquired the house (rented or bought) back then and now are continuing to use it, but more covertly.

  12. martyrathbun09

    I’ll tell the whole story; but I am going to wait for Collette from the Caller Times to go first. He deserves the scoop.

  13. The cob cultists give me the heebie jeebies the same as these cockroaches do….

  14. Li'll bit of stuff

    Irreversible INSANITY!!!

  15. Thank you David Miscavige for announcing to the world, through your actions, that Marty has the absolute truth about your ass.

    My God you are a dumb ass, DM.

  16. David Miscavige, You have a condition. Voyeurism.

    voy·eur (voi-yûr)
    2. An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

    voy·eur noun \vwä-ˈyər, vȯi-ˈər\

    Definition of VOYEUR
    : a prying observer who is usually seeking the sordid or the scandalous

    SECRET looking is the key. Wanting the other person to NOT BE AWARE they are being looked at is key.

    The principal characteristic of voyeurism is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of his/her interest, who is often unaware of being observed. Voyeurism may involve the making of a secret photograph or video of the subject during an intimate activity. When the interest in a particular subject is obsessive, the behavior may be described as stalking.

    The term comes from the French voyeur, “one who looks”.

    In today’s society the concept of voyeurism has evolved, especially in popular culture. Non-pornographic reality television programs such as Survivor and The Real World, are prime examples of voyeurism, where viewers (the voyeur) are granted an intimate interaction with a subject group or individual. Although not necessarily “voyeurism” in its original definition, as individuals in these given situations are aware of their audience, the concept behind “reality TV” is to allow unscripted social interaction with limited outside interference or influence. As such, the term still maintains its sexual connotations.

    A voyeur may observe others without them being aware of it by a number of strategies. The voyeur may observe the subject from a distance, or use stealth to observe the subject with the use of peep-holes, two-way mirrors, hidden cameras, secret photography and other devices and strategies. Secret photography may involve the use of normal cameras, but with the photographer being concealed. Sometimes the camera itself is disguised or concealed. The use of telephoto lens enables the distance from the subject to provide concealment.

    The United States FBI assert that some individuals who engage in “nuisance” offenses (such as voyeurism) may also have a propensity for violence. An FBI researcher has suggested that voyeurs are likely to demonstrate some characteristics that are common, but not universal, among serious sexual offenders, who invest considerable time and effort in the capturing of a victim (or image of a victim); careful, methodical planning devoted to the selection and preparation of equipment; and often meticulous attention to detail.

    David, Your obsession with Marty is down right unhealthy. The marriage is over. He isn’t coming back home. He has new friends and a new life now. You put yourself at total effect of him by all of this nonsense, and you are pouring millions of Church money into a your personal obsession.

    Go take a walk and find something that does not remind you of Marty.

    Do it over and over until your fixation is something you can manage.

    Think of how obsessed I am about you and wanting to know every detail
    of this noisy investigation! Try looking in a mirror. That is where you need to go look David, to the Mirror.

  17. Globetrotter

    Sanity and Insanity

    I just recently came across this (from a talk by LRH to Class XII auditors):

    “PTS was the first thing we were trying to handle with L 10. That was the first entrance to this. And all of a sudden, the whole background of insanity fell out in our laps. And this remarkable fact was discovered: that insanity had nothing to do with competence. Insanity is exclusively motive. That’s all insanity is: motive. So you can have a very brilliant insane person, or a very crazy, dumb insane person. Competence has nothing to do with it. And psychiatry has defined insanity as competence and incompetence. Sanity was competence and insanity was incompetence. And that is totally incorrect. They were on the complete wrong road.”

  18. To the inside lurkers, this is YOUR Church of Scientology, low life rat bastards.

  19. martyrathbun09


  20. This is no less personal than being robbed or burglarized… pisses me off for you and Mosey.

  21. Marty, you are SUCH a tease! I can’t wait to hear from you about the details. Be well, Marty and Mosey. While we are entertained from afar and laugh at their antics, you are harassed by goons. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I wish we could all materialize at your front door when they pull this nonsense to make a materialistic show that your friends and supporters span the globe – since materialism is all Mest Cabbage understands.


  22. At least cockroaches are edible with a great deal of seasoning….

  23. like! A lot!

  24. I think that you should invite the whole possie down and do some serious “MOONIN” from where the sun don’t shine. Give DM a real hot photo to remember everyone when he leaves the church. Hey, maybe the photo will get printed in the next Freedom Mag too!

  25. Ha Ha Ha! They are soooo busted! Don’t they get that they can’t hide?

  26. “That’s all insanity is: motive”-LRH
    Exactly!….and Miscavage has been very busy dismissing LRH, destroying Scientology and stopping the making of Clears, OTs and the Auditors that could make them in abundance.

  27. Perfect, Oracle!
    The cob likes to watch…I can just see him now, all sweaty and fixated looking at Marty in the videos….real creepy..

  28. Marty, Co$ spying aside, your place looks nice. Can’t wait to come visit you.

  29. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I would be both alarmed and terrified and so angry. Thanks for being brave under is kind of treatment… Due to your blog and countless other stories, plus some strange texts and phone calls, I’ve protected myself as best I can from e CO$. I’m small cookies in terms of other members who left the church but I’m gonna watch my back nonetheless……

  30. **(((Another reality,*little dicky is a clone or an Agenda with CIA?*)))** 1Luv* Forgiveness.

  31. constant vigilance

    One thing that Karin Pouw said is that they aren’t watching Marty so much for Marty, as it is to discover WHO goes to see him, and then once his visitors are known through surveillance, the church moves fast to “disconnect from them.” I say take their fear of more converts to Marty and strengthen that by bringing in many more Scn new converts so that their worst fear comes true in spades. Just hat all the Cof $ lurkers on what precautions to take when coming to see Marty, how to beat the survellance system, and then schedule them in, keep them coming, and watch the church go beserk over it. Not only does it make DM crazy, but think of the huge number of C of $ people who will be saved and brought out of that environment and the huge influx of new Indie members. A win-win.

  32. constant vigilance

    And if that idea I gave earlier doesn’t work, I like the Mooning idea as a back-up plan!

  33. I guess being a PI gives you a legal right to be a leering pervert. Working backwards on the same motive chain those that compose DM’s circle jerk (sorry ladies) there is a unified theme, jollies for cash. Sick, sick, sick from the top on down. ARC Bill

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