Busted! Scientology Spies in South Texas

Please see this story in the Corpus Christi Caller Times, Scientology’s Rathbun questions why cameras are trained on his house in Ingleside on the Bay.

The Times told only a partial story, hamstrung by THREATS and FALSE denials that will come back to haunt David Miscavige, as per usual.

The Private Eye Monty Drake, who admits in the story to doing business out of the house with the cameras at issue, has been the church of Scientology’s go-to gumshoe in Texas since the late eighties.  He was retained then to go after former Inspector General RTC (Vicki Aznaran) after she and her husband sued RTC.   In the nineties he investigated every detail of the life of Lisa McPherson prior to David Miscavige causing her untimely death.

Monty was assigned to surveil my wife and me in 2009.  Because he did not know where we were 24/7/365,  Greg Arnold and Paul Marrick were flown to Ingleside on the Bay twice to case the town and propose to Miscavige a plan ‘ten times the magnitude of what was done for Broeker.’  The proposal included the purchase/leasing of three homes in my neighborhood.   Monty Drake was given the high-paying job of executing the plan.

Monty Drake is a loser, low-life excuse for a private dick.  You will learn more about him, his team, and how his operation was discovered and exposed over the  next several days on this blog.

In the meantime, you can divine quite a bit about his character by visiting his website:

Monty Drake’s Website (be sure to hit the shooting gallery link)

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  2. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. That’s a professional Web site? With cartoon sounds and characters? What a goof! What’d he do before he was an investigator? Color outside the lines in coloring books?

  3. That stupid shooting game wouldn’t let me exit.
    Monty Drake should be ashamed to be working for the Church of Scientology! What church hires private detectives to follow people? What a low-life job.

  4. Almost seems too easy to get DM to continuously corner himself.

    Legal will never handle him, as you’ve said, Marty.

    His actions and your/our constant vigilance will.

  5. Marty I cannot imagine how you take all this so well.

  6. “A private dick”?
    Or maybe… just a dick.

  7. Maybe if he stops payments for Monty Dreck, he will come after dm too. Sooner or later it is bound to happen.

  8. Marty, by DM’s nonstop harassment of you it’s almost like he’s elected you as his executioner. If you were to go after him in a court of law, that could very well be the end of his reign. Maybe that’s what he wants; someone to stop him because he’s so out of control he can’t stop himself.

  9. POB communication office

    We don’t know about this website nor this PI
    Appears ”mental”

    We work with high profile professionnals people who use professionals tools.

  10. Monty…shame on you for stealing Yosemite Sam’s shooting soundtrack.
    What a cartoonish website-just cheesey.

  11. Wow, this Drake guy is a real genius:

    “There’s a house I use for business out there,” Drake said in a telephone interview Thursday. “I do security work. I’m not at liberty to talk about that to anybody.”

  12. Karin Pouw used so many weird adjectives trying to describe Marty that it makes her look like she really has a problem.

    BTW, I love Marty’s house. It looks so cool. And gives off a happiness vibe.

    Also, I’ve now read all of Marty’s blog, almost all of the Recommended Reading books, plus Tom Martiniano’s “Vietnam-The Teenage Wasteland” (well done Tom, one of the best books I’ve ever read) so I hereby upgrade myself from Underdog to Regular Dog. I’m moving on up a little higher.

  13. Now I’m Regular Dog.

  14. This cannot be allowed. What does Surgar Ray have to say ?
    ACLU my 2 cents. If this was Communist China or Uzbecistan
    I can understand.

  15. I just spied the Scientology facebook page. There is 14,836 likes. Man, where are the other millions of IAS members? Must not of heard of the Internet yet. Lets start a facebook page of independent Scientologists to get to 20,000 likes before the Scientologist page gets to 20,000. They have a 14,836 lead. We shouldn’t win but so many people hate the corporate Scientology we probably would win.

  16. Perhaps DM is planning on opening an Ideal Org in Ingleside on the Bay with the real estate purchases he made with parishioner funds. Or perhaps it could be a PI internship location. See if you can spy and not get caught by Marty to a pass by DM. If passed you get an invitation to the next DM and TC party on their private yacht. Opps I mean the Freewinds. If a fail then you lose all your pay retroactively and are exposed in print and will be announced as scum by your former employer the infamous DM aka Ruler of the Gullible and Easily Confused.

  17. As I just posted there are 14,836 Scientologist who liked the Scientology facebook page. That is pathetic. Lets just stop with our attacks on Corporate Scientology and just start from new. It is just a thought but really. Just call it Scientology. We pay taxes and learn from past mistakes. I mean the old man kind of pissed off a lot of people on the way and then left it in the hands of whoever. He has workable tech. We are all aware of the shortcomings but we could start over with what we have. The Church has no chance. Besides it’s their freedom to believe what they want. They have had their warning.

  18. Sorry, but another thought. One of the problems with Scientology is it started to attack outside groups; psychs, AMA etc. Why? Scientology is a grassroots movement. Leave it at that. One person at a time. Let it go person to person without the heavy ethics or out-reality. Leave the celebs alone. Leave the media alone and lets get the show on the road.
    The Church slit its own wrists. I am more interested in having some fun and living life. The way I want to live not the way some collective group says to live.

  19. Oh boy, this guy sets a new standard for low. Apparently he is getting so much money he had a game designed to recruit CHILDREN to generate hits (clicks) on his website. It’s a pathetic BLACK HAT technique for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How pathetic is that? Realize every click is a new “hit” on his website. Are any of his actual paying clients going to play that game? Are any of his clients actually children? Who would even think of using CHILDREN to boost rankings on a site that has nothing to do with children?

    He’s a private investigator — why would he want kids on his site? So he puts a kid’s game on there? It’s worse than pathetic. It’s PERVERSE. It begs the question, what else does he use children for?!?

  20. “Monty Drake is a loser, low-life excuse for a private dick”. That sums it up! This goons site is not something that would attract anyone except DM!They are from the same flock!

  21. Marty, you are fantastic — a real thorn in DM’s side. I totally get why he hates you. You must just completely piss off the little guy. Thank you and keep on goin’ on.

  22. Just under 15,000 likes for the official corporate Scientology FB page? According to DM, et al, that many new people walk into the Orange County org every 25 days. Where are the other millions (or is it billions) of corporate Scientologist ‘likes’?

    Tell you what. If Marty put up a ‘Marty Rathbun’s Place’ on FB, I’ll betcha it’d get a lot more than 15,000 like in short order.

  23. He is a “low life loser dick private eye” Jesus Marty – you now owe me one new laptop sans spewed Mt Dew.

    David Mismanage, is f**kn up fast and picking up speed !

  24. She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes…

  25. So, you are preaching that we cease practicing one of the Scientology fundamentals – Ethics Tech. Let’s not bother trying to put in Ethics on Darth Midget and the Church of Black Scientology, eh ? That seems to be your message.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  26. Om peace

  27. This is too funny! It illustrates the “rights” between cultures in Scientology.

    While Ed Bryan is being a “good boy” by teaching people on Facebook not “to look”, David Miscavige has the whole neighborhood under surveillance!

    David Miscavige has the right to look. Ed and everyone in his circle to not have the right to look.

    Is there a class system in the Church? Yes. Who has the most rights? David Miscavige. Does ANYONE have the same rights as David Miscavige? NO! Why? Why? Why? Chairman of the Board IS NOT ON ANY ORG BOARD CREATED BY L. RON HUBBARD.

    Well, Marty has mocked up his own Org Board down in Texas, and look at the punishment reigned down on his and his wife for it!

    Why? David feels he has the right, and Marty does not have the right.

    I have to ask myself, What rights do people really have under David Miscavige? Any left? NO! He has along with everything else managed to strip the rights away from Scientologists. They do not even have to right to use books they once bought, meters they once bought, rights to standard tech, rights to fair treatment through a reasonable justice system, rights to a standard bridge etc etc. ON TOP OF THE Fact that Hubbard admitted Honest people have rights too!

    David has set it up that he is the only one with the right to look. Even when he is taping people illegally. I NEVER saw video cameras in auditing rooms when Hubbard was alive. If the Church is going to hand charge someone for training and then give them a cert and then charge someone for getting the auditing, why the hell do you then suggest the certified person can not be trusted? Diesn’t that get figured out at exam if there is a flub?

    Scientologists do not even have the right to practice anymore without being filmed and policed!

    Staff do not have the right to come and go or walk on the streets!

    And all the while David is running these “Human rights” campaigns.

    Are you tripping David Miscavge? You are tripping aren’t you?

  28. I wonder what firm they paid for that one.


  30. I did not know that Monty investigated the McPhersons -before- the Lisa McPherson tragedy. That was before I became the DSA CCDallas.

    (I participated in the McPherson family data collection and genealogy during the later trial preparations, but that is another story, and I don’t recall Marty being much involved)

    What I do have to add is that Monty worked on David Alexander (picketer) from 1998-2000 and the biggest job of all (until Marty), was monitoring Alan Walter, who passed away in 2009. Monty had an agent who infiltrated Alan’s group in North Texas.

    I met with Monty on a few occasions. He seemed like a nice guy – said he was a “Methodist” active in his church. He could not understand why a church like ours could get so excited over “apostates” as to spend thousands of dollars for him to dig through their trash. I remember that I had to explain some things and even invent some reasons. But sometimes we both shrugged and rolled our eyes. It was just too unreal.

    The last time we met was when OSA Int flew us both out to meet top attorneys at the HGB for a “strategy session” about “taking down” the Alan Walter group. If memory serves, Helen Kobrin was in attendance and said she was working on OT III. I enjoyed this meeting because the OSA Int Invest Off was insouciant (a big Italian) and because he liked my style, my bossy boss Pam Bowen, who would never let me even utter the name “Alan Walter” under penalty of “out-security,” had to sit back and shut up and let me do the talking with Monty and the attorneys.

    During the meeting Monty suggested sending “AW” (Alan Walter codename) an e-mail that would load a keystroke logger virus on his machine. This is of course, “illegal.” I laugh now knowing what I know, for the big show that was put on by the two attorneys – the “righteous indignation” mocked up where they sternly told Monty that he’d better -not- do -anything- “illegal”!!!

    Monty reported that AW had been seen meeting suspicious black suits in black cars out near his country home. Silly me. Not knowing that the OT levels were -all-over-the-Internet- I piped up that AW must be dealing in “secret OT levels.” The attorneys (remember that the lady says she’s doing OT VII) played right along with it, “oh, yes, yes – good one!” and made me think I was “one smart cookie”!

    But whatever he was dealing in, I had to come up with a plan. I did so, and everyone was thrilled at how brilliant and efficient it was (we were going to get the IRS after him, among other things) and I actually ran the plan back home with Monty and… of course it didn’t go anywhere, that I know of.

    I’ve always wondered though, if I didn’t owe the Alan Walter group a bit of amends for my participation in what I now recognize to be harassment – plain and simple. I guess I will only know when I contact the Knowledgism people and find out.

    Monty’s agent into the AW group in 2003 was a street-wise, biker-type who was extremely smart. He was copying their mailing lists and all kinds of things there and coming back with a lot of data. Well, he ended up in the hospital for some reason and passed away after a failed operation – something like that.

    I’ve shared that I knew about Monty before, but I never heard back and I began to believe he was no longer working for the church until I saw this posting today. Wow! Of course. I might have known. More thousands in parishioner funds squandered on ridiculous surveillance schemes so that DM can know when people go to the bathroom!

    Let me know if a witness is needed on these things.

  31. Oops – I meant “I don’t recall -MONTY- being very much involved” in the 2nd paragraph there.

  32. And another one – I meant to say that the lady attorney said she was working on “OT VII” (not OTIII)

  33. My thoughts exactly and the site wouldn’t even load properly on my phone. If there were a web site that said this is how not to do a professional company web site this would be it.

  34. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    Hey Dave,

    I’ll bet you a case of yor finest preferred Scotch you’ve played that gun game on Gumshoe’s site and retain the highest score!

    I’ll even next day air it if you answer up!

    Thought so you prick!

    How about you offload one of the 3 shacks you have around Casablanca and kick the money to my mothers health care?

    Again, thought so you life sized micro prick!

    Helping one of your own is like pulling nails outta concre….. No wait… Like pulling your thong outta your tight ass!

    Just think, answer up and next day air! Ahhhh…

    – Jackson

  35. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good Dog! (..pat, pat…)

  36. And how did David Miscavige work it so he is the ONLY ONE with any rights? Hey! Don’t you all remember that slick magazine he sent out to everyone with the NEW ORG BOARD called, whatever, had some wierd new org board on it nobody ever saw before. “Who gives a shit” I thought as I tossed it is the trash. It looked so wierd I couldn’t think with it. I guess nobody else was very interested either. Red tape, right?

    Well, there is was. He put up a new Org Board and with nobody really paying attention, he managed all the rest.

    How’s that for freedom from amnesia David?

  37. Clarification. History buffs, this is how he did it.
    After Hubbard became an “off the lines issue” David had control over, he sent out this glossy mag of the “new Org Board”. I think the mag was clled “The Command Channels Of Scientology” but I could be wrong about that. He had all of these new attachments to it, RTC, WDC Watchdogs blah blah blah. All kinds of significanes never seen before on any Org Board by Hubbard. He had all of the stars positioned right on top! All of the royalty of Scientology. One got the impression all was in good hands and there was a fucking United Nations up there! Maybe he even got it approved by Hubbard, I don’t know. It did not look familiar to me. Then he offed the others one by one until he was the last one standing. That is how he formed a dictatorship where he is the only with rights.

    Why? Because of a magazine mailing. Because of abbra cadabbra.

    Do you know it used to be a RIGHT to open a mission? An honor bestowed by Hubbard was a mission charter.

    Now it is a 40,000 tax penalty if you want to spread the word!

    Beyond that David, rmember these wise words, all too true words:

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Abraham Lincoln

    It isn’t Marty or us that divided the house. When I was in the Sea Org, the staff could not stand the sight of you. You are NOT an inspiration. You came off as the Grimm Reaper. And you have panned out as the Grimm reaper. You and your little army of juvenile screaming Meemies. And that is why the house is divided. There is NOTHING religous about your presense. Except your long trail of crucifictions.

  38. Every response from the church is filled with ugly words and HE&R (Human Emotions and Reactions).

    Mr. David Miscavige – who is the mastermind source behind these responses – acts and sounds like a spoiled wimpy teenager! And mum won’t help you out.

    Such an embarrassment reading your sh#t! You’re digging your own grave deeper and deeper. How come you are so out of touch with the world?

    In the church we were taught to shut down our feelings and HE&R especially in writing reports.

    What happened to practicing what you preach?

    Your off-rails actions never stop surprising me. Your desperation escalates until this game is over – it’s already over! You just don’t know yet – soon you will …

    It’s painful to watch existing cult members still playing musical chairs on the sinking Titanic trying to protect their Queen Bee.

  39. It’s better to have true members than millions of kool-aid sheep that are so PTS they don’t dare press that Like button anyway.

  40. … and we can only wonder what other types of websites he has in his possession … If he does SEO “experiments” like that on his “official” site??

  41. Congratulations!

    Your first upgrade was from Kool-Aid Drinker Dog version 6.6.6 to Under Dog ver. 007

    Now you upgraded yourself up from Under Dog ver. 007 to Regular Dog ver. 🙂

    Nice to have you here on board!

  42. Phil Bruemmer

    I’m guessing that there is an interesting tale of how y’all busted this operation…

  43. Phil Bruemmer

    Oh, I hadn’t read enough to get the back story.
    Got it now.

  44. Bl**dy H*ll – that website is beyond sh*te. Quite why someone purporting to be a respectable businessman has such a loathsome website with a juvenile game in which the object is to shoot dead as many “gringos” as possible completely eludes me. Monty Drew should concentrate on KEEPING his dick private. Ghastly little scrote.
    IEG x

  45. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Hmmm, osa bot staff?or osa bot public? is that you Bruce? so transparent…how troll…

  46. Yes, well Karin Pouw certainly has a problem, having been Church PR for years under the Miscavige regime. My guess is that she is not even on post anymore and that it is only her name being used in these putrid responses to press inquiries. Who’s the last person to have spoken with her. Yes, I believe what you are reading under her name should actually be signed David Miscavige, or Karin Pouw Miscavige, or David Miscavige Pouw, or Danny Sherman Miscavige Pouw or Karin Miscavige Sherman…pick one.

  47. I think that I will go to his site and request he investigate the $COS for fraud. Maybe if we all did it he might have a cog.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Yes, an important witness. The McPherson investigation was concerning ‘before her involvement in Scn’ and took place after her death.

  49. Thanks. Yes, Underdog was an upgrade from Kool-Aid Drinker Dog.

  50. Definitely.

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  52. OMG, this is like the worst (and hands down the most annoying) website I have ever seen.
    Gee thanks Marty, …..there is five minutes of my life I will never get back!
    Oh the LULZ.
    That was hilarious and horrific at the same time.

  53. That is a pretty astute theory.

  54. Amen brother

  55. Joe Pendleton

    The US Attorney responsible for your part of Texas Marty, really does need to be made aware of this. Hiring private eyes, keeping cameras focused on folks and harassing them verbally (to say nothing of trying to destroy their careers as with Rinder or get them evicted by spreading rumors to their neighbors, etc) because of their RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES/DISAGREEMENTS/COMMUNICATIONS absolutely MUST be some sort of federal crime as these acts directly leadi to violations of a person’s First Amendment rights (free exercise clause) as well as I would guess other statutes against religious harassment, hate crimes, etc. These crimes should be prosecuted and would no doubt lead to Miscavige himself being indicted if this line would be pursued.

  56. It’s almost laughable now when I see clearly that the biggest criminal attacking scientology is the criminal who is paying PIs to investigate the real white-hats who are trying to deliver.

    Miscavige is getting more and more pathetic in his speech, mannerisms and actions as the withholds come to public view. Without his sanction against the internet or his rabid use of disconnection, he’s down to a few dozen of the most degraded beings in his camp.

    Good thing more and more people are connecting…both to the internet and with their real friends.

  57. Does anyone have a picture of this guy Monty?

  58. In the article regarding the private investigators suing the church: “The church issued a statement saying the lawsuit is a frivolous shakedown attempt for money.”

    Yeah, like an empty ideal org building….just to name one.

  59. Maybe there is some angle that Monty can sue the CO$ and get some of those big bucks himself that he seems to be missing out on.

  60. I'm Awake Now

    The plot thickens…. pretty soon even the average Kool Aid drinker will start to feel [more] uneasy with the general tone level of the Church. The way they speak about “apostates” is fearful and reactionary. The Freedom (DUMB) Mag is just straight black PR these days. It is getting easier and easier to approach Scientologists and have discussions about this stuff, because we’re all wondering why we’re striving to be Tone 40 and Management is turning into an antagonistic/1.1 slimeball of comm. Don’t look! Don’t read the internet! HA! Can’t wait until my family is out of this cult and back on the real Bridge to Total Freedom. The day is coming!!!!

  61. I’m just glad that his “shooting gallery” doesn’t resort to using crude racial stereotypes as the “bad guys.” Oh, wait . . .

  62. After experiencing that website, it makes total sense why “The Duke” would hire him.

    A psychopath with a Napoleon complex channeling John Wayne.

    “Lifes tough, but its tougher when you’re stupid” – JW (Sands of Iwo Jima)

  63. Monty’s shooting gallery — how incredibly tacky and unprofessional.

    Karin Pouw — at the end of the Corpus Christi Caller article — how does she keep her nose from becoming longer than a Texas mile? And the obligatory praise of DM in that one paragraph — irrelevant to the case, non-sequitur, and sticks out to this reader as defensive: methinks Karin (and the man) doth protest too much.

  64. The game is for “The Duke” to play.

    (BTW, the game developers site is in Russian. I will now be scrubbing my computer with all anti-virus, malware, spyware software at my disposal. I didn’t play the game, but the site screams “VIRUS”)

  65. Can we all take up another collection and hire Drake to spy on DM? If we all took what we usually would have donated to the “I’m holding you hostage IAS events”.

  66. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Abraham Lincoln

    It isn’t Marty or us that divided the house. When I was in the Sea Org, the staff could not stand the sight of you. You are NOT an inspiration. You came off as the Grimm Reaper.

    Exactly right, Oracle.

    I was with the international renovations team for nearly a decade, and well recall how any sudden visit by DM and his (ever present) entourage would instantly cast a dark cloud of seriousness and foreboding over all the staff. The man was feared, not loved. He projected threat, not ARC. He never spoke to the staff – only to the Renos I/C and project leaders.

    Our group routinely pulled off miracles in the service of his orders and ‘command intention’, but he never once thanked us for a job well done. Any commendations we received (and there were many), came from the local level – never from him or his office.

    I suppose he thought we were chronically and severely upstat because of his ‘hard chrome steel’ domination, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. We did it for our people and for LRH. If anything, he was an unnecessary and unwanted impediment to what we were doing.

  67. ‘strue what you say about what staff and public really thought of DM – those that saw him close up at least. I remember about 8 years ago there was a Charities Commission tour of St Hill to determine whether to grant CofS religious recognition in the UK. (Something that I have it first hand from them will NEVER happen by the way. The cult solicitor Peter Hodkin and OSA know this full well but keep the public strung along with false promise that it is just around the corner).

    Anyway I was public at the time and there was the usual “comand intention” bull to get all public into the org, make it look like the course rooms were full. Well, I was “on study” watching Miscavige show these officials round. He was moving quickly, pointing to a meter used for wordclearing giving about 3 seconds worth about that, showing the reference books etc. His demeanour was one of arrogance mixed with boredom – I got the clear impression this was all “beneath him” and he just wanted it done and dusted. There was no 2 way communication – he was talking down to them as if they were naughty school kids. It was embarrasing and I knew right then and there that there was no chance of getting religious recognition in the UK.

  68. Gerhard Waterkamp

    The church went bad when parts of it gave up the principle of ARC for the principles of power, control and domination. For them the technology was no longer a tool to free people, but became a tool to manipulate people to achieve and maintain power and control.
    The upper management and OSA are the worst infected with this virus and they started to dominate the church and made it this abomination it is today.
    The case of Tom Cruise’s bride auditions is a brilliant example how all these things work together: Power, control, domination and the tech abused to manipulate an outcome, finding a fitting bride.
    I think it is remarkable how some individuals that have been heavily involved with this were able to pull themselves out of this abyss and find back to the true humanitarian roots of Scientology: helping others and one self to live a better live. These people are my heroes and Marty leads the list.
    Others have a way to go.
    It is important to recognize this so independent Scientology stays free from the desire to achieve power and control over others.

  69. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    “There is no basis for this frivolous lawsuit, least of all in Texas courts,” Pouw said. (from the Mark Collette article). I’m glad to see that Karin Pouw now has legal credentials in addition to her myriad other accomplishments. On a similar note, I was once a plaintiff in a lawsuit where the defendants whined a similar refrain about the suit being meritless and frivolous. (Fast forward a few years, they shelled out $5 million in a settlement.)

  70. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Yes, POB, you read that correctly, and the IAS didn’t get one nickel of my share of the settlement.

  71. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  72. Gerhard Waterkamp

    This is a bit off topic of this post, but it is hilarious.

    “Coming soon. Church denials are coming sooner.”

  73. “but he never once thanked us for a job well done. Any commendations we received (and there were many), came from the local level – never from him or his office.”

    That is really sad. I wonder if he has ever thanked anyone for a job well done? I mean, when it isn’t an event? Has anyone ever received a commendation from that man when it wasn’t an event?

  74. Thank you for all you have done Ronnie. 🙂

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  76. “What your donations purchase”
    Drakes website “Shooting Gallery”

  77. I’m afraid DM is going bananas and Marty Rathbun is to blame for everything. So he is intensifying his focus on him. Hence the recent activities.
    Marty Rathbun is his greatest enemy at the moment. In a way quite a compliment. But it could be dangerous nevertheless. A sociopath really going berserk might do something unexpected.
    Hope you stay cool. I know you will.

  78. Jethro Bodine

    Elmer Fudd with a can of spray paint could do a better job of designing a web site. Now I know who buys all those “HTML For Dummies” books.

  79. Karin Pouw, “spokesman” for “Church” of Scientology International is a pathological liar.
    As is standard as usual the “Church” defends itself by lying and denying most of their despicable acts.
    They had Tommy Davis LIE that there was no Disconnection !
    [size=150]SEE this

    This precipitated the exit of Paul Haggis, 2x Academy Award winner. The LIES. The blatant lies.
    Haggis goes on to list other factors — he was shocked when Davis claimed in an interview with John Roberts on CNN that Scientology did not support the practice of “disconnection.” Haggis knew that Davis was lying. He himself was asked to “disconnect” from the parents of his wife, Deborah Rennard, who had left Scientology.


    They had Senior Managers at INT Base LIE to the St Pete Times (now called Tampa Bay Times) on affidavits
    that “David Miscavige never laid a hand on any one”.
    Let’s see if that can hold up in a Court of Law.
    Lying to the media is one thing. Lying in a Court of Law is perjury, contempt of court and carries jail time…

  80. Ooooooooooooooops
    Here’s the link that works.
    Tommy Davis on Disconnection

  81. John Wayne had integrity. He was hardly acting. Great quote by the way.
    There was only one Duke. The rest are cheap imposters,

  82. Well said Gerhard! There have been a few people that leaked into the Independent / Freezone who have had the mission to rein power over others in the tech arena. Deciding who can audit, who shouldn’t, domination domination, putting “others” ethics in. It is as if they do not recognize differences and similarities.

    In an Org, what everyone does, effects someone else so you have a right to make demands on people. And to have expectations. But to come out here where you aren’t paying for someone’s mortgage , and they are running a practice, and to start slandering them and expect them top answer up to you or report to you is like some kind of confusion. Like the creature that showed up at Marty’s house harassing Mosey for learning beyond the bounds of what SHE considered, “A standard Academy”.

    These are different CONDITIONS. You have NO RIGHT to police people for what they are doing inside their own homes! You can’t stop people from talking on their own telephones!

    Everyone out here is in a field practice or has their own group. To be sitting here in the U.S. or Canada or Mexico running some internet comm ev on someone sitting in Switzerland who isn’t paying any attention to you and there is no exchange or taxes, is crazy. There is also one person who wanted to train and collect taxes on the person they trained on all of their income for life and had a plan to retirement like this. Someone else who wanted to set up an ” International Management” and have qual O.K.’s to audit.

    None of these worked because, no way to ENFORCE this madness. See, if it can’t be ENFORCED it doesn’t fly. I would rather see the subject and the people in it come on up and out of the enforcement band about it. It only means people in the Independent Movement will need to get trained themselves, (I got it now) , run their own tech inspections and quals and make sure tech cycles are on the rails. The policing doesn’t fly out here and truly, people have rights to do whatever the hell the want. They are the ones that bear all of the responsibility for the outcome. If they are not doing anything of any value they have no clients. And id people are paying someone to screw things up, they bear the burden of fixing it themselves. It is not a big deal.

    We need to get out of the witch hunts and back up to casting spells.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  83. Tom Gallagher

    It should be quite clear from here on out that any utterance from Karin Pouw is nothing less than pob’s bow-wow. What a couple of “fixed” Poodles.

    Thanks Marty for the update on the Supreme Eunuch and his ever dwindling crew. They are utterly pathetic at best.

  84. Thanks Karen#1. Pouw is so willing to lie, what does that mean for core Scientology precepts, like: Axiom 29, Axiom 36, Axiom 38, Axiom 40, Axiom 50 — not to mention the need for truth in general for case gain?

    I am particularly reminded of this from Axiom 38: “Lying becomes Alter-is-ness, becomes Stupidity. (The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or another’s lies.) Anything which persists must avoid As-is-ness. Thus, any thing, to persist, must contain a lie.”

    I understand the rationale that one could lie for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. But lying on purpose is a shallow and unintelligent path toward a greatest good. A quote from Marty says it all: “You tell the truth, it becomes your past. But a lie becomes your future.” Well, Pouw’s lies become her (and CoS’s) future because they make false data persist into the future, which vetoes the chance for reality, which destroys the chance for ARC, which makes CoS increasingly wary of society — and vice versa. So lying as greatest good? Hardly. It’s just another Third Dynamic overt with a change of motivators used to justify it.

  85. How awful! He should not be part of ANY P.R. situation! Even the ones he threw for Tom Cruise ended up as overt products and OUT P.R.!

    I can’t tell you how many PUBLIC, who were outrageously successful businessmen, told me they would like nothing more than to sort the Church out, help out, fix and improve conditions and lend their expertise. But the first thing they would have to do is get rid of David Miscavige.

    I also can’t begin to tell you how many PUBLIC said that Mike Rinder should be the one in charge of the Church. Mike was ADORED by everyone. Anytime there was an event and I would tell someone about it the question was always, “Will Mike Rinder be there?” They were also always the most curious about Mike Rinder. “Have you met Mike Rinder? Do you know Mike Rinder? Does Mike Rinder ever come here? Why isn’t Mike Rinder in charge of the church?”

  86. Marty,

    When Pat Broeker surfaces, or when someone has the chance to talk with Pat, I’d be very interested in Pat’s description of LRH’s final years of sending down traffic.

    My question is specifically to Pat, did he and Annie put the headers on the traffic?

    Reason is, is because when LRH writes to ASI, there is traffic to COB ASI.

    Which was Miscavige’s position.

    None of that traffic, in my recollection, gave COB ASI any type of dictator power though.

    It is important to ask Pat, exactly what the LRH traffic was, and who exactly put the headers on that traffic, whether it was Pat or Annie, or was it LRH.

    By headers, I mean the post titles.

    It’s pretty clear that very much other of the 1981 traffic when LRH came ‘back on the lines” after the period of not sending down much traffic, he send his traffic to individuals.

    Like to “KK” and to “MY and to other positions.

    The implementation of the post titles and who put those titles there, I think has relevancy to history.

    I ask not just for any of us alive, but for the people who generations from now, would like to know.

    All the CMO people inbetween LRH and the execution people, even when in many cases it was the CMO people like “KK”, who got direct orders from LRH, it is important for future generations, who just might be curious is sorting out a lot of the tiny details that may not seem relevant at this time, being that Miscavige assuming the dominant dictator “top decision maker” position, is the obvious biggest problem.

    But as a former nerd of the admin top structures, to me it is important to hear from Pat Broker, his opinion of Miscavige’s usurpation of power, and whether there is the tiniest iota of LRH input into giving Miscavige the stamp of approval.

    The only stamp of approval I saw, was the fact that the ASI traffic from LRH, which was the hardcopy black on white paper copies of the traffic from LRH to ASI, the fact is there were about a dozen to two dozen despatches which have “COB ASI” as the top left header at the top of those despatches.

    If LRH accepted and presumed Miscavige was the head of ASI, and from the other ASI traffic where LRH states in that traffic that ASI has some responsibilities (“LRH image” being the big one), and with a few other comments showing ASI’s superiority over the “church” in certain matters, then LRH might have presumed that Miscavige was his top executing leader above it all.

    But no where in LRH’s traffic to ASI’, nor even in the LRH RTC traffic, does it give dictatorial power to the COB AS or to the COB RTC position (and I don’t ever recall seeing any “COB RTC” traffic, but that’s just a hole in what I saw if there are a few pieces of traffic to specifically “COB RTC”, I wish early RTC people like Steve Marlowe and Laura Marlowe and early ASI people like Terri Gamboa, and I really would like it is Pat’s recall on this early traffic to all of these “new” echelons and organizations (RTC, ASI) in the 1981-1983 period) would give their thoughts, for the future generations, who have to sort out this whole Miscavige era mess.

    From reading a wide and pretty extensive smattering of the final years traffic from LRH, it was clear to me LRH spread responsibilities around to the various organizations, and each was to “wear it’s hat.”

    Needless to say, the hats are all unworn, and Miscavige has been playing the necessary dictator and blaming those who should have been made stable in those various top echelon organizations.

    I once was told by a former ED ASI that Miscavige just called himself COB of both (ASI and RTC), my interpretation of this usurpation by Miscavige was slightly based on the fact that prior to assuming COB ASI, Miscavige was being the Int/S In Charge and LRH had been sending down traffic to Miscavige to deal with various top management level issues. I guess this was just after the downfall of the slew of just prior Int level people and the downfall of the Guardian’s Office people.

    My commnent sorry, is off subject.

    If Pat Broeker, is listening to this blog, please share the history Pat!

    It’s for the future generations, who might just want to know the details of how illegitimate Misavige’s usurpation truly is, in terms of LRH’s even giving David Miscavige the “Chairman” of anything label!!

    Chuck Beatty

  87. Thank you, Karen. I had not watched this interview for quite a while. What a bald-faced liar Tommy Davis is. He must be rotting from the inside. He couldn’t even look into the camera as he spewed his false witnessing. He obviously didn’t think that the precepts in Way to Happiness applied to him or his fellow S.O. members. Same goes for those above him in the chain of command who ordered and permitted him to lie, including and especially David Miscavige. That video is so pathetic. One can only hope and pray that Davis and others will come to their senses and come clean to the world. They owe it to themselves…not to mention to the world!
    As you so often say, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant!”

  88. Stated well and accurately as I see it.

  89. Thank you, Oracle. I’m proud of what I and my fellow reno techs did to help, but today, I feel like I’m in the company of giants. So many here did so much more to help. I thank them all.

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  91. That’s cool!

  92. For them the defense of “Scientology” is the greater “truth” even when the Scientology has been changed.

    It is the inability to look and see what is there.


  93. I wonder if Pat Broeker really cares.


  94. Interesting point about Mike Rinder. It was when I heard that Mike Rinder left that I decided I better find out what the hell was going on, giving myself permission to look on the internet for the first time.

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  96. Cool.
    I always looked at events if Mike Rinder shows up and was disenchanted when he wasn’t.
    And when I heard that he “blew”, I knew there is something really really wrong at the top.

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  98. Hi Jackson,
    I think we spoke, just before you flew ship. Are you the jackson that I told to “Blow” in not so many words? The timing seems around that time, I called you and whined to high-heaven that the Church had did me wrong; over a bloody-cry-baby debt of $1700 for my Purif. God dam them!! I gave extensive wind to that bullshit… They fucked me on my Quote “CONTRACT” unquote.
    To THIS day!!! They want their debt payed. 20 years later!! Got a Statement from the Tres. Sec. six months ago from the Edmonton Org. “Dear Tony….”
    Well, anyway. How many Jacksons are there? I hope you had it with me saying so

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