The Sorry State of Corporate Scientology

Natalie Hagemo came across an interesting thread on Facebook.  It was initiated by one Ed Bryan.  Eddie is using an L. Ron Hubbard quote that describes David Miscavige and his minions (including himself, and all the 34 kool aid drinkers who punched ‘like’ on the post) while acting as if it applies to those who have ceased the kool-aid addiction.
Before we move on to the thread, let’s review some history with its author, Eddie the ‘Corporate OT VIII.’    Here is my lovely wife putting this Miscavige’s go-to guy in his place in front our home in the summer of 2011:
Early on during that 199 day siege upon our home, Eddie sent an email to Debbie Cook whom Miscavige believed was still on his leash.  Since she lived but a three hour drive from my home, Bryan tried to recruit her to come speak against me at Ingleside on the Bay city council when they were debating banning corporate Scientologists entirely from our fair town.   Debbie responded by telling Bryan in no uncertain terms that whoever came up with their cockamamie plan to ‘handle Marty’ (from Miscavige on down) were pursuing a total lose.  A lose that was staining the name and reputation of Scientology.   Incidentally,  a)  Miscavige thus directing Debbie’s attention to Ingleside on the Bay affairs influenced the subsequent straight-out, hands-down spanking she delivered to his rear end in San Antonio, b)  Debbie was but one of several under-the-radar Scientologists who reported directly to me about the South Texas Siege efforts they were recruited to attend or support in one way or another.
Now, flash forward a year and a couple of months.   Clearly, Bryan, who was effectively ran out of town on a humiliating (including viral international publicity) rail, has been rewarded by Miscavige with preferred Office Of Special Affairs opinion leader status.  With that background, check out the the following thread and witness how insane, reversed, inverted, introverted, suggestible and afraid corporate Scientologists remain.   It is one sad state of affairs.   An OSA-sponsored “OT VIII” using LRH to support the idea Scientologists are so weak, suggestible and cult-like that they cannot ‘surf the net’ for fear they might be exposed to a datum that might throw them into an abyss.   Retrogression.
Recently a few people I (once) knew have fallen into the abyss. I thought it appropriate at this time to post something from LRH that might have an impact on anyone who thinks it’s OK to surf around the internet and look at garbage posted by disaffected Scientologists. This is what can happen:
from Tech Vol III, OPERATIONAL BULLETIN NO. 6 Late November 1955 “Processing Futures” Page 234:
“But it is not this matter of minor personnel changes which makes Scientology unstable. It is the impact of Scientology against the society itself. One stands up continually to the most cockeyed ideas of the mind and of Scientology. It would do a Scientologist an enormous amount of good to have run on him “Tell me a lie about Scientology.” For a short time it might unstabilize him entirely on the subject but he would come back more rational and more able and more capable of facing these outrageous lies which are told about Scientology. The world at this time seems to be bound on a downward curve, and we are in the lonely position of being the only organization capable of doing anything about it. One seldom objects to his own lies. These give him havingness. One always objects to somebody else’s lies. One can object to somebody else’s lies about a subject for so long that he finally interiorizes in with them. This is basically the anatomy of a squirrel. The world has hit him so hard on this subject for so long that he now believes he is the subject in a perverted form. However we have the answers to all of these things, and putting the answers into effect, we are getting places. Things never looked better. Auditors were never more welcome. Operational gains were never more helpful.”
Don’t let this happen to you or any friend. Look at or show them this reference.

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  1. Deep in deepest East Texas, right up on the Louisiana line, in the wee years of the twentieth century, my great-grandmother would greet people who had just moved into the area, spend time chatting with them, “how are you?” etc. etc. Then she would drop the bomb “do you belong to the Church of Christ?” If the answer was no then her immediate retort “Then you are going to Hell” This seems to be the same mindset of those above who have a Crashing Mis/U on the word ‘Scientology’

  2. Joe Pendleton

    Well, they’ve got all the answers. The exact mechanism of how we all have fallen into such a sinful/degraded rodent like state. I have to say, a curious reference. Even as early as 1955, Ron says he has the ONLY organization capable of doing anything about the downward curve of mankind. He says that the squirrel has been hit so hard on the subject for so long, but Scientology had only been around for about 3 or less years (?????????). Anyway, anything said against the CoS of course is all lies and will only aberrate the receipt point of said lies. Ron never acknowledged that he or his organization ever deserved to be criticized – all the critics of course have crimes and/or are psychiatrists or employees or dupes of interpol or the cia or the bank of england, etc etc etc

  3. The comments are pretty disturbing.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Does the word ‘lemmings’ come to mind?

  5. Wow, scary. As I read the comments below the article it was as if I was transported back in time to Nazi Germany. Only in a surreal twist they now have Facebook and use it to control membership and cover up why so many are leaving the party, while others comment in the hope that the Gestapo see what great little Nazis they are and don’t come knocking on their door. Note the huge omitted and telltale sign — not one self determined or original thought allowed or exhibited amongst the lot of them.

  6. Preferred Office Of Special Affairs opinion leader status….What the F is that? A status from OSA so you can have the privilege of making an ass of yourself while doing work for them? When I saw Cheryl Festa in a you tube video confronting a protester I thought, “What the hell is she doing?” Since when do public Scientologists go up to protesters and confront them? WHAT REFERENCE IS SHE APPLYING? She’s just making them important by doing that. She’s making their video interesting to watch by doing that! In my day – and that wasn’t that long ago – that was completely unheard of. Flag used to darken the entire Ft Harrison and put the protesters in the dark when they heard of a protest coming up. Next time you see a public Scientologist trying to intimidate, harass or embarrass or try to get someone to disconnect, just ask them, “As a public Scientologist, what reference are you applying?”

  7. Truth-Be-Told

    Really…Look Who’s Lying Now:

    Ed Bryan’s Arrest Record in Miami:

    Click to access mx-m450n_20110815_165222_ocr1.pdf

    Ed Bryan’s Mug Shot for Dumpster Diving, Stealing Credentials to Defraud and Harass:

    Video of Ed Bryan’s arrest:

    It’s no wonder why Ed Bryan doesn’t want people to look on the internet.

  8. martyrathbun09

    lock-step or your life…

  9. “We are going thru some tough times where the weak are getting weaker and the strong stronger by staying on track.” – What exactly does this mean?

    “Thanks for this, Ed. I’ve personally seen people close to me fall into that abyss in the last few years & have thought it bizarre. I’m happy to wave goodbye as they go and maybe even kick them on their way out if they’ve caused enough trouble to others but can be be hard to comprehend how they could step over that edge.” – RCS application of The Code of Honor.

    The basic underlying confusion that these people have is that Scientology (the subject) is not the same as the Church of Scientology (the squirrel organization). But, it requires that one differentiate to understand that; clearly these individuals are not capable of that.

  10. martyrathbun09

    It is utter hallucinagenic inversion.

  11. Letter from the ABYSS

    Ed Bryan, you are still an idiot. Pretending that you care
    about anyone at all. You should have your own chapter in “The Sociopath Next Door” by Matha stout, after the stamp man ! Go back to selling used cars or electrocuting Mexicans ( the reason why Ed Bryan fled the State of California in the Night) It makes sense that Miscavige would put you on a pedestal after doing y our apprenticeship as a Turd in the Punch Bowl.

  12. Phil Bruemmer

    Ed Bryan: Damn I hate when it’s too late to betray further…
    Yes Ed, it is a losing battle 🙂

  13. Phil Bruemmer

    “Here is my lovely wife putting this Miscavige’s go-to guy in his place in front our home in the summer of 2011:”
    LOL! She sure did. A real Scientologist and an OT.

  14. “The world at this time seems to be bound on a downward curve, and we are in the lonely position of being the only organization [sic] capable of doing anything about it.”
    There is that view again that creates the great potential for elitist thinking and justification for harming those that disagree. Only way: a recipe for cult thinking.

  15. Phil Bruemmer

    Re Video of Ed Bryan’s arrest:
    This was on You Tube ( I’m shocked that a Scientologist would do this!
    It was probably the kool-aid that made him do it.).
    (Davey might be adding LSD to it out of desperation.)

    Ed Bryan’s arrest report summery(sic):

  16. fcdcclassof74

    Well its apparent that some of the “church” goers are looking. How many fingers does one need to plug the holes in the dyke and I’ve never seen a lie plug any hole. Also the caliber of spokes persons are decling or just leaving. I wonder if a wad of cash will fix either condition? ARC Bill

  17. Currently I’m aligning the data in the PTS/SP course with the data in the Sociopathic Personality book by Martha Stout and comparing it to the “Ecclisiastical Leader” that Ed Bryan is apparantly madly in love with.

    Yes Ed, there is an abyss. It’s the deep, dark black-hole of a total loss of one’s personal integrity. An absense of conscience. It’s a blind “duty” to root out and make nothing of your perceived enemy. Much like the nazi propaganda machine making Jewish people into non-human things. Also, much like scientologists over the years using suppressive generalities to make ALL psychiatrists and psychologists into an unhuman “it” rather than a human “who.”

    Yes Ed, there is an abyss. You are currently swirling and spinning down toward the depths of it as we speak. At when you get to the very bottom, you will accomplish your unconscious goal…you’ll be just like Dave.

  18. It is attitudes like these that have made me want to avoid the trap of attacking the viewpoints of those that want to remain onlines with the Orgs. Invalidating the viewpoints of others is not a winning game. There’s no understanding in it.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for “best strategy” for getting those that are in to at least look at the viewpoint of Independent Scientologists? There are so many friends that I would still like to reach.

  19. Letter from the ABYSS

    Ha Ha Ha, Always pretending Huh Ed .
    Oh I get it now, its other people who are BAD ,
    never anything you do.


    Did Ed learn this dive technique in Uzbekistan??? or is this a technique learned in LA after Miscavige took all Ed’s resources? Since Ed is unemployed I can see why he had to take these extreme measures to defend DM. Diving for Dave. That ought to look good on a resume for work.
    Or… at least Ed will know how to feed himself when DM dumps him. ROFL

  21. richardgrant

    “…not one self determined or original thought…”

    That is exactly what struck me, too. It’s as tough this Ed guy is saying, “Here is what to think,” and all the commenters reply, “Thank you for telling us what to think — we feel better now.”

  22. It sucks to be a kool aid drinker! Ben Ochart (poster on the thread)used to work with Steve Poor at Sterling Mgmt. Steve woke up but Ben is still slurping the kool aid.
    I still say that Ed looks like the evil Emperor from Star Wars….

  23. Here is Ed in action.

    Oh…Mosey OWNED you in that video Ed!! LOL!!!

  24. “It would do a Scientologist an enormous amount of good to have run on him ‘Tell me a lie about Scientology.’ For a short time it might unstabilize him entirely on the subject but he would come back more rational and more able and more capable of facing these outrageous lies which are told about Scientology.”

    Some lies about Scientology:
    – The Church of Scientology is expanding like never before in history
    – GAT is the correct way to train auditors
    – COB is a legitimate post
    – L. Ron Hubbard selected David Miscavige to be the ecclasiastical leader of the Scientology Religion
    – I need to do my purif again
    – there are no quicky grades at Flag
    – RTC is Keeping Scientology Working an it’s none of my business
    – The Golden Age of Knowledge Books are precisley as LRH intended them to be

    … yeah man, I’m starting to feel better.
    Scientology works.

  25. Hi Marty,
    I’m a long time admirer. Thank you very much for giving me this great opportunity to express myself freely.

    Here is a lesson from history, dedicated to the corporate fanatics, imbeciles that call themselves Scientologist, while clouded in fear and being total effects of their peanut size minds:

    “Having been adopted as the religion of the Roman Empire, the Literalist Church terrorized pagans with relentless brutality. Pagan prophets were seized and tortured until they acknowledged that their gods were frauds.
    Priests were chained to their shrines and left to starve to death. Without any evidence to endorse the accusations, Pagans were condemned for sacrificing children, sprinkling their blood an altars to the gods, and making guitar strings from their guts – fantasy crimes to which they duly confessed after suffering agonizing tortures. Many were then burnt alive.”
    “Some ancient shrines were desecrated and razedto the ground while others were commandeered and forcibly transformed into Christian Churches.”
    The great works of pagan spirituality were thrown onto enormous bonfires and lost for all time”

    “By Ad 386 bands of mad monks, frenzied with fundamentalist religion, were running amok throughout the empire, completely beyond the control of the Law.
    Finally on June 16, 391 emperor Theodosius issued an edict that closed down all Pagan temples. A Christian mob immediately took the opportunity to destroy the wondrous temple of Serapis in Alexandria, leaving only its foundation. An imperial decreed demanded: “Burn all books hostile to Christianity lest they cause God anger and scandalize the pious”

    The pagan writer Eunapius writes despairingly that “Anyone who had a black robe had despotic powers.”

    Excerpted from “The Jesus Mysteries” by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

    A very sad and shameful state of affairs for the current Church of Scientology indeed.

  26. His hatred grows with his ineffectiveness………

  27. It is a great possibility that underlying the adversarial nature of Scientology Inc. and society and Independents is this core belief that all Scientologists have agreed to: only way.

    Aside from the criminal nature of DM which is a major reason to fight him, the very idea of “only way” is foundational church doctrine that effortlessly and literally creates a culture were independent thinking is deemed dangerous for the future of a cleared planet. Because there is only “one way”.

    So, for the greatest good for the greatest number a person will justifiably fight passionately “the enemies of mankind”.

    This one idea could be a huge why in the adversarial nature that Scientology has experienced.

    Independents must at some point come to grips with this singular concept head to head and courageously resolve it without justification.

    It’s a very core “why”. It sets the stage for a fight between oppsing forces.

    It makes independent thinking heretical. It makes enemies.

  28. Sounds to me like the corporate kids should twin up and run that process “Tell me a lie about Scientology” on each other to EP. The EP being, “DM is a squirrel and I am done drinking the koolaid “.

  29. I agree, Brian.

    Once you buy into the infallibility of Scn/LRH and its salvation mission, by default you are superior to mere earthlings.

    You know, this gets bantered about quite often “We are the only organization that can do something about it.” What exactly is it they are doing? What societal condition has changed that can be attributed to the Little Ol’ Org down the road and their heroic efforts? I mean, really. If you’re going to make such a claim, I want to see tangible proof and hard evidence.

  30. Wow!! goes to show you how truly messed up these beings are! can’t spot truth. Certainly cannot see. continuing to fight a war that they created, wow!

  31. The two comments that disturb me the most:

    “I’ve never understood why someone, who supposedly knows, goes off the deep end either. Big mystery, sort of. It could only mean that these people never did “get it.”

    No attempt to understand why “someone, who supposedly knows, goes off the deep end either” just they “never did get it”. MAYBE THEY FINALLY GOT IT!? >.<


    "Thanks for this, Ed. I’ve personally seen people close to me fall into that abyss in the last few years & have thought it bizarre. I’m happy to wave goodbye as they go and maybe even kick them on their way out if they’ve caused enough trouble to others but can be be hard to comprehend how they could step over that edge."

    Same again BUT " I’m happy to wave goodbye as they go and maybe even kick them on their way out"

    If you believe someone is foregoing their salvation to "fall into that abyss" and you're happy about it that says you do not care about your fellows even if you're wrong in such a belief. It's the same as saying "Meh he's going to be torture for ever, so what, I laugh, it makes me so happy. hahahahaha". 😮

  32. Breaking news from the Church of Disconnection: Gary and Gail Hill have been declared for refusing to disconnect from their son Dallas Hill, who is married to Jenna Miscavige Hill.

  33. John Nascimento’s comment particularly troubling:” It could only mean that these people never did “get it.””

    If “getting it” means going into agreement with complete other-determined operating, agreeing with out-tech of the most sinister variety, crush-regging for empty cathederals, endless lying to self about known abuses, spying on friends for OSA, self-abnegation on a daily basis – then happily along with most posting, I didn’t quite “get it”. I guess Tom Cruise “got it”.

  34. I enjoyed his facebook page photo. Terrifying. I laughed out loud. Oceans 11 have competition. Run Clooney.

    The comments on his page reveal a lot of “mystery” on the part of the kool aid drinkers on why others have given up on the church. Compare that with the lack of mystery independents have on why kool-aid drinkers remain so. It pretty much boils down to their missing data. As long as they refuse to look, it always will be a mystery to them, in their ever shrinking numbers.

  35. Because the OT levels were altered in the early eighties the OTs made today by the squirrel church are squirrel OTs . That is what i am calling them from now on . The man in the video is a SQUIRREL OT VIII .

  36. It means, simply:

    “We [Corp Scn] are going thru some tough times where the weak are getting weaker [Corp Scn is getting weaker] and the strong stronger [Indie Scn or people-who-can-think-for-themselves are getting stronger] by staying on track [Corp Scn is getting weaker by staying on track. Independent Thinkers are getting stronger by holding their position in space and staying on track].”

    Well said, Ed. I totally agree.

    Just saying.

  37. I have a plan:
    1. Hide key LRH references.
    2. Alter key LRH references.
    3. Create your own technology.
    4. Teach the altered tech.
    5 . Apply the altered tech.
    6. See that the incorrect tech is applied.
    7. Hammer out of existence correct technology.
    8. Knock out correct applications.
    9. Closing the door on any possibility of correct technology.
    10. Closing the door on correct application.

    That should do the trick. People will leave in droves or simply never sigh up.

  38. Yes! It is standard practice for OSA operatives to rummage through trash cans for valdocs.

  39. It’s like trying to get somebody to quit drinking. They have to want to quit first. That comes from within.

    I like your comment about avoiding the trap of attacking the viewpoints of those that want to remain online. Lead by example. Respect their right to their viewpoint and ask that they respect yours. Withdraw more than you reach. Let go.

    Yeah, they may give you some shit when the light bulb finally goes off for them (“Dude! Why didn’t you convince me to get out of there earlier?!”), but, ultimately, it is up to them.

    The ultimate gift is the granting of beingness. Be generous with this gift. Only good comes from it.

    Just saying.

  40. Essentially:
    Lie, lie, lie!!
    Punish, punish, punish!!

  41. It really sucks to be Ed Bryan.

  42. “It has happened for a long time and will probably continue for a while …”

    They are evidently disturbed about recent development. It confirms that members talk about the situation of people leaving the church. Church management have not been able to hide this fact.

    I say thiis facebook thread was uplifting, an acknoledgement to us all.

  43. Tom Gallagher

    The clubbed and bloodied seals have morphed into ostriches with their heads up their corporate-cult asses.

    How utterly pathetic………..

  44. What’s sad is LRH wrote enough prophetic things that contain enough truth and CAN and DO get used by David Miscavige and (whoever forwards his enemy lines and actions) in the manipulation of church public (and staff) and to deflect the awful truth of himself, his evil and his incompetence as an exec and redirect attention onto external enemies, ie the Independents, all the while creating zealots AND raking in billions “to handle the attacks”. And it’s made to look like this is 2012 that LRH is talking about not 1955, when he wrote the quoted reference. Like, a group cannot be hijacked in 40 years? So it’s “reinforced” by an LRH reference which is what people are agreeing with. Manipulation, deflection are some of the key words that come to mind.

    In the quote Ron says “Things never looked better.”

    That was 1955. The situation has changed and a tyrant now has a clenched fist over the tech and the group. This is 2012 and counting.

    No wonder they don’t promote the Data Series in the church.

  45. First, I’m not a Scientologist, so a lot of the in group references don’t make sense to me. However I am a writer, and one of my many interests is Religion, both organized and independent. I stumbled across Mark’s blog while doing a comparison between The Church of Scientology and the Fundemantilist Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.

    In both cases the religion had no “succession plan” in place. In both cases the new leader made organizational and other changes. There are other factors, but since I’m typing on my iPad, I’m going to avoid listing the whole bunch right now.

    What I am going to do is suggest that everyone should read The Authoritarians by Bob Altmeyer, a professor at the University of Manitouba.

    Bob’s book doesn’t once mention either church, but I can see some parallels in the book to what happened to both faiths.



  46. I find this thread very interesting and insightful. I agree that the fellow citing LRH has evidently done exactly what LRH warned of: lying and then interiorizing into the lie.

    LRH was correct in my opinion in pointing out that we are comfortable with our own lies, but sure don’t like the lies of others. In a broad sense, that is why sound research and good science are hard humans — we tend to be blind to data that disagree with our unexamined assumptions, and we tend to be doubly blind to our biases. And from all accounts, DM is probably the most interiorized into his own construct of reality — has anyone heard even the slightest hint from him of self-reflection, apology, self-examination, etc.? Seems like he may think he is so right he is immortal, when from an exterior-to-CoS point of view, he may be so wrong as to be … well, many of you will know the rest of the quote. (This is why part of all solid research is disclosure, disclosure, disclosure on who the researcher is to make evident possible biases.)

    In the end, this is all an ARC break. Independents have exteriorized from the lies and totalitarian control of thought and speech. They have a very different reality than those still interiorized into corporate CoS. This break in R drags down the other corners of the triangle. The communication becomes one way from CoS with no duplication of the exteriorized view. The A still holds on — it seems clear to me that there are people who are “in” who care about people who are “out” and vice versa. But until people “in” can actually duplicate communications (blogs, Internet, debate, etc.) the break in R cannot be fixed (at least I don’t see how).

    So as long as CoS suppresses truth and believes its own lies, it is not-is-ing and alter-is-ing. As long as it fails to address the ARC-X, it will become more ARC-broken with the world. (Heck, there are even rumors now that Tom Cruise may be leaving Scientology.) So Hubbard’s own tools could help resolve this — which is not to say LRH was right on everything.

  47. Thanks for reply Statpush. And also by default it could very well be the reason that society has rejected Scientology aside from rejecting other church dogma.
    If I walked into Guitar Center and claimed my guitar is the only true guitar, other guitar owners will instantly reject me with adjectives we are all familiar with.

    “Only way” discredits the validity of other people, other approaches, religious philosophies and practices. And since other people are the very woof and warp of “red meat wogs” to be made into Scientologists for a cleared planet it will never happen. Why? Because the earth is composed of many ways, many true spiritual masters.

    Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi was voted in the top 100 influential spiritual books of the 20 century. It is required reading in many universities. It was the only book on Steve Job’s iPad which he read once a year since he was a teenager.
    Yoganana praises and writes about the greatness of other teachers throughout the entire book.
    Maybe humility is more powerful a selling technique then “only way.”

  48. – Everyone needs to flatten and then re-flatten their objectives before Super Power can be released.
    – All Orgs must be Ideal Orgs to the New GATII quals before OTIX and X can be released.

  49. The following has worked for me: Refer them to official church sites ONLY, the Freedom mag website contains enough evidence of the crazy stuff that”s going on in official Scientology and will often make the person curious enough to look further.

  50. Hapexamendios

    Like sheep to the slaughter.

  51. Hi Joe!
    You’re right! That stuff gets real old.

  52. Theo Sismanides

    Mosey, you are Amazing…. thanks lady… hahaha… he shut up cause you said the right things and stormed him with answers. Excellent TRs.

  53. Of course Ed’s pet quote, in order to be interpreted the way he and his posse are interpreting it, have to assume that everything said about Scientology is a “lie”. And in any event to what is Ed referring that he is implying are lies? The information about David Miscavige? The crush regging horror stories and that current Church financial machinations violate LRH Policy? Three swing F/Ns? Other gross technical departures implemented in the Church? Nothing in any of these categories are even about Scientology, let alone lies about Scientology. The refer to an individual, his actions and the consequences of his actions in violating actual Scientology.

  54. “Hallucinogenic inversion” exactly describes it! It’s as if they are dramatising exactly the phenomena that LRH describes in that reference.

  55. DWD (Down with Dave)

    your wife rocks btw! I love how she kept her cool, which must have been incredibly difficult
    My favorite line from Vanilla Sky – OPEN YOUR EYES! I only wish TC would hear that.

    Cheerio – keep up the good fight!

  56. What does all of this say about one’s tone level if they can be so easily hypnotized, such as Ed Bryan?

    But, more realistically, what’s really going on, in my humble opinion, is that these koolaids are desperately trying to hold off the horrible truth of what they’ve gotten themselves stuck in. And what overts they might’ve committed for the brutal little psychopath running the circus.

    Must be very painful for a thetan to have to play that game. After all, these koolaids aren’t literally in prison. They haven’t been restrained physically. They aren’t being held at gunpoint. Nope. They have fallen into the worst trap of all. They’ve AGREED to be the effect of an evil person.

    As Jason Beghe stated in his original rant from several years ago, (paraphrasing here), “You do it to yourSELF. You trap yourSELF.”

    Spot on.

  57. Mother of Grendel

    Hey – Richie Acunto “likes” the post, so it must be good!

  58. DWD (Down with Dave)

    I am not here to insult LRH, but you do realize that his life “story” was by and large, just that – a story. Respectfully, how do Independent Scientologits reconcile themselves with that?

  59. And failing one through ten …… beat the livin’ shit out of em!!!

  60. -Ideal Orgs are the key to clearing the planet.
    -Your registrar can help you go free.
    -Come to the Prisonwinds and speed your bridge progress.

    Yep, yep, noticeably doin’ better

  61. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    And the turd(s) continue to float.

    Actually, if there ever were a ref that applies to this situation these folks continue to swim in it would be The Anti-Social Personality.

    This communication IS anti-social, back stabbing, 1.1, a ploy to yank yet another “against the grain” person from their ranks out from the wood work.

    It did produce some fine theetie wheaty dillatants out into the sunshine!

    Makes one wonder how they survive without their backbone!

    My reply….. Ed you idiot, how does this ref override my application of um let’s see, The Axioms, Factors or simply The Code of Honor / Scientologist??

    And btw Ed, Dave your commander in chief could care less about your efforts at kissing his ass, he retired you from reality long ago!


  62. Which brings up an interesting point. Tom Cruise disconnected from Nicole Kidman as she distanced herself from the church. He apparently worked their kids to do the same having “ruthlessly put ethics in on himself”.

    Now TC wants to have visitation with Suri but she and her Mom have distanced themselves from the CO$. Seems like TC could be declared for wanting to hang with the those disaffected with the group thinking kool aide consumers. Better get on this one Davey, your flock is getting flucked up!

    Kinda makes sense though. Why would anyone want to hang with the likes of Katie or Suri when they could cozy up to heavy hitters like ED (the snake) Bryan or perhaps the Allenders?

  63. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Conan, thanks a lot for the historical background. It’s very interesting to see this and how the church of christianity put up against any science and any knowledge.

    Unfortunately for the church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was a bit wiser and gave Man tools to use and see for himself and become able to move, even on his own, if needed. He literally said, why do you need a church for a via?

    With the advent of the internet and ALL this information being shared now, a Scientologist should be able to draw his own conclusions. We live in an Era where judgment has been improved, even under the yoke of a falsely presented God or a tyrant taking the place of the leader of a religious movement.

  64. That was my take on it too where you say that “they are evidently disturbed about recent developments.” This comes out in the “We are going thru tough times….” and the “mystery” or “bizarre” angle to the fact that people are leaving. They have not spotted the “why” so the mystery goes on. If their heads are in the sand its going to be hard to unravel the mystery. This just reminds me how lucky I have been to be kicked in the rear just hard enough to pull my head out the sand. Would I like others to experience this win? Oh yes!

  65. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    talking about MU’s:
    ” Damn I hate when it’s too late to help….”

    Has no clue about Scientology..”too late to help”…. My god. Never heard that from Lrh……


    Lrh Ed in 1955 ?

    ” I’ve personally seen people close to me fall into that abyss….. I’m happy to wave goodbye as they go and maybe even kick them on their way out if they’ve caused enough trouble to others but can be be hard to comprehend how they could step over that edge”

    he’s is happy when people leave and wants to kick them ??? Even people close to him. Doesn’t care about his friends when they voice their troubles…
    he doesn’t know of the power of auditing ! 100% not a Scientologist !

    “I’ve never understood why someone, who supposedly knows, goes off the deep end either. Big mystery, sort of. It could only mean that these people never did “get it.”

    Wow ! This guy should do the comm course there he’ll learn to better understand people !

    Seems they didn’t get this quote from LRH at the end he says we have auditors to handle it !
    I’m 100% sure that none of his friends audits !

    weird…weird. I’m so happy to be out !

  66. tubalc,
    ” It pretty much boils down to their missing data.”

    I consider it FALSE DATA. LRH notes that hang ups at doubt are caused by PTS Condition and/or FALSE DATA. I agree that someone who did not consider they were in doubt would qualify in a big way as regardsb the MISSING DATA!

    But I think this ‘mystery’ that is referred to is really a DOUBT CONDITION.

  67. Agreed 100%.

  68. I consider the severe reality adjustment I received from the CO$ was a real blessing. I am not proud of the fact it took a real sledge hammer blow of an action to wake me the fuck up but I have a new motto because of it. “It takes what it takes!”

    I wished it had all been a bad dream but alas …… was the truth and now the CO$ is part of my past.

  69. Ed Bryan is the one in the abyss, especially when he did and posted the squirrel busters “on a boat” video on YT which seems to have disappeared. He is pictured in this article- in the video.

  70. Michael Fairman

    Again, it’s Plato’s allegory of the cave on steroids. “Oh my God, he’s seen the light, and it’s made him insane!” And now a metaphor mix: Ed and his thread bearers are neck deep in the quicksand of their own blindness and stupidity. And since each has his (her) arms wrapped around a boulder of lies Miscavige has chained to him (her), down, down, down they go. Are we seeing the last bubbles of breath?

  71. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    here the products they are getting with their squirreling:

    DM Tech 100% applied !
    I can’t write LOL about that story !
    What could I write ? LO….?

  72. Charlie Uslander: It’s been a big mystery to me why these folks have gone so awry and what you posted really clears it up!

    It’s a big mystery because you have not bothered to try to see and understand a differing viewpoint (ie. apply Scientology). Whether you agree or not is neither here nor there. You haven’t even looked. I’d start doing that first before accepting a dose of Hubbard’s zeal from a man who, considering he is supposed to be the highest quality product sold by your organisation, comes across as a bit of a chump.

  73. From time to time I take a look at Marty’s hate site(s), just to make sure I’m not like the kool-aid drinkers who are not able to look and analyze and discern.

    VF’s last blog post is completely full of generalities or distorted specifics, ad hominem against Marty (with a disgustingly distorted picture of Marty’s face). And then he finish his post with “You won’t find clarity, accuracy or truth in what he [Marty] says or presents. …”

    Then, I read the comments to see if somebody is writing any corroboration to cross-check. Surprise, surprise, not even one comment even trying to write a cross-checking corroboration.

    Unfortunately, due to security, sometimes Marty is leaving out some specifics in his blog posts. But, then I read the comments and start finding comments from people who have first-hand experience with the subject blog posted. And, these people are not only writing cross-checking corroborations, but also expanding and giving additional information.

    To all these people, with first-hand experience, who take their time to write cross-checking corroborations and giving additional info: A BIG THANK YOU!

    P.S.: This thanks is also to Mark Shreffler, who 2 days ago answered my questions like a system model, exactly what I was looking for.

  74. I hate to say it, but I’ve seen a couple of independents acting rather gleefully in these comments at mishaps that have affected CoS KoolAid Scientologists.

    I agree with you Dean; I think compassion is rather key, and those without it always bring out the sceptic in me when they discuss spiritual matters.

    Labelling yourself ‘indie’ does not mean you have sidestepped the problem IMO. It’s something that you have to always be on guard against. Schadenfreude is very easy to slip into, regardless of where you are on your journey.

    Something that struck me is the people who have done the most to further Scientology (whether explaining things to me personally, dealing with the media and coming across favourably, or disseminating to public), are invariably at the more compassionate end of the spectrum.

  75. Mrs. Libnish

    Mr Rathbun, I like you….but your wife is nothing but AWESOME! I would like to make a wager on how many of those people who “liked” or commented on that ridiculous post will have blown by next year.

  76. Above The Radar

    Yesterday I got an email from my oldest koolaid-slugging friend asking what’s up, as we have not been in comm much this year while I was “coming out.” When I told him I am now out of the Co$ and an Indie, he expressed disappointment. It was less than a year ago that I too was chugging koolaid, so I still remember what it felt like. When I would inadvertently see part of a news article that spoke negatively about the Co$, I would get a body reaction that made me feel physically ill, and I had to reject the reality of that article. On new years day 2012, when I received Debbie’s email, it was only because I trusted her and considered her an Opinion Leader that I allowed myself to read her letter, and once I finished reading it I was instantly off koolaid and knew my life would never be the same. But it was the trust factor, knowing who she is/was, that made me allow myself to look.

  77. I absolutely agree with Kat that all current Cof$ members should – Like dear Ed has basically contended- be run on the process “Tell me a lie about Scientology” to an actual EP. Of course, they’d start out spouting and (shedding) all the distortions that have been asserted to them about those who have left, but ultimately they would just naturally start giving up the bogus “straight up and vertical” stats espoused by DM, and the sorry true status of the Idyl Orgs, along with all the uncountable large and small outpoints they have encountered when going for services or attending events for years now. I’m sure a good percentage of the cogs- if allowed to be reached and stated- would be along the lines of the famous Pogo quote “we have met the enemy,,,, and he is us!”

  78. Post of the thread!

  79. Above The Radar

    Also, this year it still “seems” that there are lots of koolaid drinkers left, but I will say that I have been a subscriber of the razzline mailing list for a number of years, and once upon a time, there were 100 messages or more per day. Now it is down to about 15-20 per day on the average, so I hope that’s some kind of indicator.

  80. If the cult members have the slightest sense of humor left they should see the movie The Dictator! Unless it’s already put on the Forbidden-movies-to-watch Flag Order?
    Highly recommended. It cracked me up! 🙂

  81. I clicked on the link to Ed’s blog “contents are unavailable”. Mmmmm, I wonder why? (not really)

  82. Bert Schippers

    Wow. Insane.

  83. Brian,
    Very valid points. This is actually a huge topic, which could undoubtedly fill several books. And strikes at the heart of what’s wrong with organized Scientology.
    Some time ago I listened to an LRH lecture where he stated (paraphrased) ‘in order for Scientology to succeed we must not exclude people’. Yet, LRH went on to turn Scn into a salvation religion, the ‘one true way’, everything else was either psych-based or an implant. Certainly I am over-simplifying, but you get my point.
    The publication of KSW solidified that position and introduced gravity to the pursuit. It became ‘with us or against us’, ‘win or die in the attempt’ and lots of hammering and stamping.
    In my opinion, KSW brought unneeded fear and seriousness to the subject. And when championed by not-quite-bright fanatics it becomes a battle cry to wipe-out anything non-Scn. When the fate of the planet (or universe) rests in your hands…well, almost any transgression can be justified. Taken to the extreme you could include KSW point 11: Stamping out of existence any independent thought.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for exact application of the auditing technology to achieve the expected result. Outside that, I feel KSW has done no service to the Scientology philosophy.
    No, I’m afraid Scn has adopted many, many exclusions (medicos, psychs, other religions, governments, homosexuals, out-spoken Scnists, etc), and in doing so guarantees its failure.


  84. + lots.

    The Buddhist religion has also been incredibly good at that. They basically said “here are our tools. We like them a lot. Try them. If they’re not for you, don’t worry”.

    The net effect of that has been buddhists concepts and practices incorporated into clinical therapies, academic papers where aspects of their prayer and meditation have been subject to fMRIs and debated, integration into mainstream culture as a ‘fashionable viewpoint’, etc, etc.

    When you see a spiritual or religious practitioner of any nature discussing their faith in the media, those that have the attitude of “This is what I believe. You may not, and you may find it odd. That’s alright. But this has helped me become a better person” NEVER come across badly, no matter how hostile the interviewer. And I mean NEVER.

    A little humility goes a long way.

  85. Brian,
    Take a look at Creation of Human Ability, and this datum from Route 1-8 “Have preclear discover many things one after another, which he considers safe to look at.”

    This is also expressed in Route 2-25, Viewpoint and Viewpoint ARC Straightwire as a practical approach to using the above datum. Here’s a snip:
    “The basic formula and goal of this process is to increase the preclear’s ability to tolerate views. The auditor is trying to do two things. He is trying to improve the tolerance and comfort of the preclear in viewing and experiencing knowingness, lookingness, emotingness, effortingness, thinkingness, symbolizingness, eatingness, sexingness, and mystery.”

    Scientology can run out “Scientology”. It’s for use. Have at it.

  86. DWD,

    I think you will find some answers here:

    We are not naïve about his story, however, per first hand accounts of Steve Hall, contrary to some people advice, it was DM who pushed to advertise his story as a fairy tale.

  87. Tory Christman

    So true! “Penny Atwell Jones” (One of the rah-rahers above) was AT the Airport at 1:45 am the night I escaped out, July of 2000, leaping up and down, with a gang of $cios/and OSA.

    So were the police, saying “Stand Back~! SHE (re myself) has to decide which group she is going with”,

    And the 3 “SPs” who came to meet me there: the late, great Robert Minton, Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince.

    I’d spent 7 years on OT 7, having written to Miscavige over and over about how this “tech” was NOT working, never to hear *a* word back from him.
    Finally that night—now that I’m OUT—Penny is leaping up and down “Tory! Tory!~” So I go over, “What Penny?” She says: “I can get a message to David Miscavige TONIGHT”. I pointed to the SPs and said: “I PICK ****THEM***!

  88. Tory Christman

    I have to say, I never get tired of hearing Mosey nail their asses, though. Mosey—YOU ROCK!

  89. Appeal to their strength as Scientologists. Point out to them that even if it is the worst type of entheta, those true to the word of LRH can handle an opposing viewpoint. They don’t have to agree. Just read.

    Then get them to admit one small, inconsequential thing the CoS does that is not quite right. “OK, I’ll admit that the crush revving is a bit too much”.

    Then, over a fairly long period of time, get them to admit to deeper out-points. Don’t give them ideas. Listen carefully to them, and you will hear what doesn’t sit right with them.

    After a while, you will have built up a small pile of things they are unhappy with in the CoS. Show them all these at once. Again, not confrontationally, but in a sense of “don’t worry, I see these things to”. Ask them whether this is the church LRH would’ve wanted.

    If they weren’t going to bite, or weren’t subconsciously entertaining the idea, you wouldn’t have got this far. They will falter. The key to the dissonance is the fact that what CoS is doing is not what LRH would’ve wanted. But like eating an elephant, you only go a bite at a time.

    When they are ready to admit that CoS has departed from what LRH would’ve wanted, then you can truly reach out to them.

    Be gentle with them. “Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams”.

    Hope this makes sense. Am multitasking.

    Best of luck.

  90. OK, this is a “wog” perspective, but isn’t the reference Bryan quotes actually saying the opposite of what he means it to say? Isn’t it saying that confronting “lies” about Scientology will actually make you a stronger Scientologist in the end?

  91. Tory Christman

    PS: Here is her comment above: “Charlie you can always read great refrences in a DA pack at the MAA. Clears it all up” FTR: I spent years “getting handled” re lies C of $/OSA wanted to promote, via “DA packs”. DA (for anyone lurking or new) =Dead Agent, which means to make someone dead or thought of SO poorly no one will read or listen to them.
    Penny; WTFU! If you can’t read BOTH sides, which you cannot…you are locked “in”. What will it take for you morons to WTFU? Hate me all you want, *I* don’t care—but LEARN BOTH SIDES. There lies the difference in ALL of this. If you cannot LOOK and learn both sides, YOU are “in” a CULT. (And spare me the “I don’t want to look”). Ask ANY logical thinker about that, first, and NOT s/one “in” a Cult.

  92. Ed should be glad that the arresting officer ‘Fleischhauer’ = ‘cutter of meat’
    didn’t put his name into action and cut him up……..

  93. It’s good intel on who’s who if nothing else. I can see Eddie has 103 subscribers on FB, but I can’t find the actual thread. Anyone know how to access it ?

  94. Robert Dam, Danish New OT V, is interviewed tonight on Skavlan, the most popular talk show in Sweden and Norway. Robert was for years a major printing supplier for New Era Publications and is well known in the Danish field. He has left the church and has a very informative web site on the abuses of the current Scn management.

  95. +1000000000

  96. 🙂

    I think maybe what poor Ed was trying to articulate is:

    There are some parishioners who have a weak certainty in the direction RCS has taken Scn. And because of their lack of certainty (read – Not with the Program), any information they stumble upon which confirms their suspicions makes them “weaker”.

    Whereas, the “strong” corporate Scnist, being utterly and completely onboard with DM’s leadership, just get stronger and stronger by all of the “lies” they may find on the internet.

    Wow! It really is 180 degrees opposite.

  97. Fishing for responses that can be used against us Indies back home in Co$, are you ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  98. Add special blinders for ‘peace of mind’, deluxe edition gold-plated, only $560.00. 10% discount for a dozen.
    Doin MUCH better now, what a relief!

  99. And Ed “the victim” Bryan then tried to convince the cops that I had abused him for taking him to the police (he didnt want to go, I did some good Admin TR’s 8C). He squealed like a stuck pig and tried to convince the police to charge me with assault. They laughed.

    His “handler” Dave LaBlow, and the Freedumb people then spread around that I was “being charged” with “abuse of the elderly”.

    Let’s not forget also that Ed was playing the role of Thurston Howell III on the paddleboat version of Gilligan’s Island behind Marty’s House.

    This guy is a total robot, incapable of thinking for himself — his only thoughts are interjected by his handlers for him.

  100. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    “Church of Disconnection”
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  101. Smart. Sounds like the Buddhists got that right. But that’s what you do when you’re in it for the long haul. No anxiety, no Thursday @2:00. Essentially they let the material speak for itself AND have enough faith and trust in their fellow man to give him the time and space to have the data.

  102. It’s way over the top, Sacha Baron Cohen cringeworthy satire — but all I could think about as I watched the movie was Admiral General Captain David Miscavige….

  103. Right Wendy,
    It almost sounds like they are self listing to some extent (no wonder as they are experiences real losses with their friends falling into the ‘abyss’). The problem is as they are not confronting, not LOOKING and thus NOT finding the correct ‘WHO’, this mystery will go on until they DO LOOK AND FIND THE TRUTH.

  104. What is really interesting is Ed’s comment: “We are going thru some tough times…”

    Wonder what he is referring to?

    The constant exposure of the real story of the RCS in the media?

    The mass exodus of OTs?

    The legal cases?

    The government investigations of Narconon deaths in 2 states?

    The empty “Ideal Orgs”?

    More people “off the level” than actually auditing on OT VII?

    And everything was supposed to be better now that Mr. Miscavige “removed Rathbun and Rinder from all positions of authority”? (They are STILL telling people this….)

    Ed, would you care to elucidate on exactly what you meant by the “tough times”?

    UPDATE: Maybe Ed had forewarning of this:

  105. There are quite a few later LRH references on squirrels and how they come about. If Ed chose that 1955 one it looks like a DESPERATE attempt to find a supportive LRH reference to NOT LOOK, yet LRH’s “LOOK DON’T LISTEN” is quite well known by trained Scientologists. I see no way how anyone could kill that one.

  106. R-factor for Ed: The item needing confronting is the bank. Once confronted, it as-ises. Op-terming is not as-ising. No confronting is not as-ising. Not-ising is not as-ising. Alter-ising is not as-ising. One must see something as it really is for it to perish.

    If you really wish Indy’s to perish you must see us as-is. This, naturally would require some looking and confronting on your part.

    Training and auditing is the road out. Op-terming is the augur into the ground.

  107. 2.5 Scientology families in good standing with the “Church of Disconnection” asked if they could spend some weeks by us at home (we got a big house) without mentioning the reasons they dropped communications to us since we are declared SPs. One of those person was on staff in an ideal Org for 2 years and it seems she left some months ago. They know we are out and declared and didn’t answer to our communications anymore for the last 2 years.

    Out of the blue comes than this E-Mail to us evil SPs. Can we stay at your home for some weeks ? 5 adults and 2 kids.
    We invited them to come and didn’t ask why and they also didn’t tell why !
    This will be very interesting !
    This family is a huge Family, and in several countries they have members and connections which are Scientologist. Probably it goes into hundreds of Scientologists .

    Perhaps they just want to say hello and have a good time !

  108. That’s where I live now, Bend Oregon. I read it in the newspaper this morning, which made me utter out loud “WTF!?!?!?”

    For the record, this dentist has loyal customers and high ratings – ratings made a long time before this came out. It is really bad that this woman thought that this training would be religious in nature, and it should NEVER have been perceived that way. So, how could it perceived that way? Because Mr. David Miscavige can’t leave well enough alone, but has to insert himself in every endeavor under the sun, moon, and stars.

    If the tech works, it works without having some idiot from the church continually pushing the connection between these supposedly secular programs and themselves.

    So, not only was the dentist ordered to pay, he and his staff were ordered to go to classes on how to recognize religious discrimination.


  109. Roger From Switzerland Thought


    They meant all the points and they even admit to it that all their friends are reading garbage.

    The last warriors in the “Führer’s Bunker”

  110. Thanks for posting that Truth-be-told.
    He omitted to post on Facebook that he hounded and harassed Marty and Mike
    as a stalker, danced like a lunatic celebrating his stalking from a paddle boat in the canal behind his house while surveying Marty and Mike.
    He omitted to tell those Facebook sheeple that he then showed up at a trade show in Miami Beach Convention Center in order to stalk Mike Rinder.
    Ed Bryan, who had been warned about trespassing several times,
    tried to avoid paying to get in to the Convention by dumpster diving to pick up a discarded badge.
    He is 71 years old and he hurls his body into a dumpster to get a free badge ?
    Such is the love of a new OT VIII for Miscavige.
    He was arrested by Miami PD.
    Giving a “whole new meaning”
    to the ETHICS, conduct and behavior of a TRUE OT VIII !

    Give Ed some credit, he does know how to make a fool of himself. When he showed at my door claiming he was doing a “documentary”, we ran his license plate and had his name, his Burbank Business, and his picture on the web on Scientology Cult in 5 minutes flat.
    While LAPD were cruising to my home, ED Bryan and his cohorts fled like a bunch of cockroaches.
    Ed Bryan is an embarrassment.
    He does not just embarrass himself, he is an embarrassment to the word
    A year later, he is still an OSA Operative pumping a little plea to the die-hards all in the spiritual black hole, unable to look, unable to see, unable to think.
    When deeply involved in Scientology, drinking the Koolaid and being a good toeing-the-line Scientologist, there are 3 major FEARS

    1 A fear of being connected to SPs,
    2 A fear of becoming an SP
    3 A fear of being declared an SP.

    Incredulously, many believers in the flock are whipped into obedience with these fears hanging over them in a meaningful way !
    I re-read it to see and understand the FEAR of being INFLUENCED by SPs or INFLUENCED by Reading the internet !

    Still, I believe in miracles…..

  111. Yes Mike, “down with Dave” can be taken as “I’m OK with Dave”, can’t it?

  112. I have the tech vols and read the bulletin in context. First, this was published 57 years ago(!!!). So, any reference about how the public perceives Scientology is, shall we say, stale dated.

    But the ironic thing is that the reference does apply… to Mr. David Miscavige! Read this section:

    “This is basically the anatomy of a squirrel. The world has hit him so hard on this subject for so long that he now believes he is the subject in a perverted form.
    (emphasis mine).

    “David Miscavige IS Scientology” – Sound familiar? So, Ed, good on you for the reference, but like Ron always does, it went straight over your pointy little head.

    By the way, for a little context on what Ron thinks about how to deliver, please read Operational Bulletin number 10, which came out about a month after the one quoted by Ed. A little quote here (but the whole bulletin is a gem):

    “The organization in general will only be as healthy as its legal control of the subject appears formidable to any hungry invader. Hence, no membership organization, no loose stock distribution, no large unpaid bills, no overcapitalization because of property. Own litte, do much. Owning much means doing little.”

    This was 1955, when we got the rights back for Science of Survival, so the “invader” reference was about control of the subject that was a real threat back then (CADA, and a few other groups).

    Oh, but the rest! No IAS, no overcapitalization because of property!. Own little, do much. That sounds like good advice to me, and the exact opposite of what Mr. inversion Miscavige is doing.

  113. I think you’ll find most biographies of religious leaders have been embellished or airbrushed to some degree. It’s the nature of the game.

    Personally, I think more along the lines of ‘does X work for me?’. If it does, great. If not, move on. I’m interested in practical application in my own life than pursuit/unabashed praise of a leader/father figure. For me, the works have to stand or fall on their own merit. The search for a ‘faultless being’, whose views & beliefs I co-opt just because they are his, is simply an abdication of critical thinking like any other. It’s the Milgram Effect over and over.

    If X works, and LRH wrote X, that’s good enough for me. Ive read just about every anti-Scientology and Scientology exposé there has been. No matter how it’s sliced, he lived a full and interesting life, and helped some people while he was here. That’s a successful life in my book. If I can do those two things before I check out, I’ll be happy.

    A fair question though, and one a lot of people curious about Scientology ask.

  114. You probably have to be a “friend” or “friend of friend” of Bryant to see it. You will only see public posts on his profile page.

  115. This is whole thread about independent thinking, and the lemming-like approach of the CoS.

    You then attack the first person who does not tow the line.

    Beware the slippery slope my friend…

  116. peg pardon, Fleischhauer = “Hitter of meat”
    didn’t put his name into action and hit him, beat him up…..

  117. It makes perfect sense to me, considering who is posting support for him.
    I could go down the list and explain who most of these people are, how they have lived in the theater of Scientology, and say a lot more about them too. I am kinder than that.

    I will say the VAST majority have never been on staff in any Org and for sure, not in the Sea Org. Some of them are auditors that have not audited since they got their certs. A few of them live off the public that go to the base in various forms. One of them has lived off Scientology public for decades. And really wouldn’t know what else to do with herself. In short, these are very fragile people.

    If THIS is David’s support frame within the Scientology community, he is in worse condition than I imagined possible. Most of these people will throw in a verbal line to cover themselves but when it comes to stepping up and going on the front lines………….well, here is it the contribution, face book likes. Facebook applause. They are people for the most part, who will not face an inconvenient truth, take a risk, and/or are actually profiting themselves in some way from the current situation. In short, another vulture culture on the Church.

    It actually blows charge for me seeing these names in these conditions.

    I guess Ed is in the best condition, he seems to be the leader and he is willing to move around.

  118. Same here! I’m still laughing …
    His character – perfect duplication! 🙂

  119. Well, I separate Ron from the technology and subject of Scientology. Every man alive is flawed. Bobby Fischer was one of the best chess players that ever lived. If I ever get back to chess, you can be sure I will study the games he played. But he was crazy.

    I reality, Ron’s true story (such as I can discern) is inspirational, because it lets me know that I can own this tech and do not have to have superpowers to do it. I feel the same way about business “leaders” who are lousy at public speaking. They are inspirational because I know I can at least do as good a job as that jabroni.

    But, regardless of history, Ron was brilliant, He was brilliant and very able. And incredibly prolific. If he was running a scam, he was the hardest-working scam artist in history! But of course, he wasn’t a scam artist.


  120. Still a shame that David Miscavige would use an elderly and fragile man like Ed to go out and do his thugging for him. Really David, have you no dignity?

  121. In my own perverse sense of havingness I would like to see Eddie do a clay table demo on that LRH reference. It’d make for some interesting figures & concepts.
    It’s a sad and degenerate thing that the upper members (and the rest) of the RCS are so introverted into the us verses them mentality; the sadly noble havingess they must demonstrate to each other is their last grasp for sanity before the lights go out. How right they must continually tell each other that they are…

  122. This was rich Mosey:

    “Yes he is auditing while you are running around in a golf cart”.

    This really sums it up.

  123. Check out – it’s a work in progress. But that’s exactly what we want to address.

  124. Yeah I noted the 2nd one too. It is that how they handle people close to them no wonder I got the boot. No loyalty or wondering what is going on or communication. Just get the F out of here. LOL a blessing for me as I lead to my waking up.

    They are also not the only one that can do anything about it. I am with a bunch of people that are doing something about it every day. I see more changes in society from them then I have from the cult.

  125. Sinar, thanks for the link, very approp. Re- the video – “This Video is Private”. Telling enough.

  126. After reading the dox on Tony’s blog, it is very clear that the good dentist crossed the line by A. linking the program to Scientology himself (all the while distancing himself from Scientology by saying he only uses the tech… idiot!), and B. then posting Tone Scale posters in the office, but finally C. forcing her to go or be fired. It was C. that killed him.

    I worked for Thomas Kinkade for 7 years. He was a very Christian man, and the company had a large number of sincere Christian men and women. We had company prayers, and other activities, but it MUST be noted the Tom and the company were very much aware that there were non-Christians working there. And this was a company that published paintings by Thom with very Christian themes, such as crosses, and Jesus walking with St. Paul. There were no issues, and it was a great place to work.

    Oh, and by the way, I applied LRH tech when I was there, but never made any deal at all about it. Worked, too!

    Point is that there is a line, and the good dentist appears to have crossed it, and it has nothing to do with the seminar, really.

  127. My favorite video: Scientology Inc Car Wash

  128. It sure does. He’s trying to stick his finger in the Titanic hole in the hull to stop the Miscavige ship from sinking.

  129. Also appropo, from the VV article;

    “All these guys are trying to do, and it goes for the Squirrel Busters down with Marty, is to try and get a rise out of you,” Rinder says. “Get in your face and say something about your wife or get a rise out of you so that you will react and they’ll have it documented, and then they can get you prosecuted. That’s it. They have no purpose to actually accomplish anything.”

    Before Bryan could cause any chaos, however, Rinder had security check the badge he was wearing to get into the place.

    … and the rest, as they say, is history.

  130. Ah, B and Statpush! Common ground.

    BTW, if any of you desire to read Autobiography of a Yogi be warned. It will possibly bring up in your mind that you are reading about implants, inverted 8th dynamic and the author is keyed into it.

    Suggestion: push through those thoughts and judgements and keep reading. There is magic afoot for those that see. There is a reason that Harper Collins recognized this book as in the top 100 important spiritual books of the 20 century.

    To me there IS only one way: sincere, dedicated spiritual practice and study. And the names I call the only way: Buddhist, Yogi, Christian, Scientologist, Hindhu and every other path that leads to liberation, joy, love, happiness, benevolent power etc.

    We must see each other as a family of souls, not enemies embroiled in competition. That is surviving as the 8th dynamic.

  131. If the Kool aid drinkers ran “tell me a lie about Scientology” they might say things they have heard Indies saying, but I will bet you that soon after that they might have the cognition that they aren’t actually lies and they might go free. The crap that the cult of cob does usually reverses and works the opposite or has other unintended bad affects.
    Maybe they aren’t unintended, maybe cob wants his ethics put in…

  132. Martin we could say to John Nascimento’s comment ” It could only mean that these people never did “get it.”….Thats ok John, the independents will pick you up next lifetime…lol

  133. one of those who see

    Mosey, one word …PERFECT!!!!

    Thought you guys may want to see this: Ideal Missions??? more direct donations for yes, more BUILDINGS.

  134. Jethro Bodine

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

    This type of thinking is so typical among the Kool-Aid ® drinkers: Just quote any LRH reference that mentions the word “squirrel” and it somehow will “dead agent” Marty and the independents, oops, I mean the “bitter defrocked apostates”. Any stories of abuse or corruption told by former high-ranking members are of course “invented” and “entheta”, no matter who tells them or how many times different people have to tell them to the media.

    The church of Scientology was supposed to be an organization that could correct itself from within. Organizations like WDC, RTC and INCOMM were all supposed to keep the organization free from suppression, infiltration and corruption. However, this structure only works when the top of the org board is not corrupted. Clearly this is not the case in 2012, and I’m not sure if it ever was the case. Clearly, the C of S is dead; it’s in a dwindling spiral that’s unstoppable because the top layer is incredibility corrupt and their public is incredibly blind. It also seems that those who are the most heavily invested in Scientology in terms of time and money, and theoretically stand the most to lose if their “church” were to fold (OSA and RTC are quite the fearmongers as to what will happen if someone leaves), are also the ones who are most shut off from the fruits of observation. Not to mention the disconnection and fair game that WILL result if one is to publicly leave corporate scientology and speak out about the abuses and corruption. Just look at what they did to Marty, Mike Rinder, Marc Headley, Karen #1, Jeff Hawkins, Bruce Hines, Mark Fisher, Placido Domingo Jr., Amy Scobee, Steve Hall, Tom DeVocht, Jason Beghe, Michael Fairman, Paul Haggis, etc (really, there are too many names of upstats to list here). For those OT 7s and 8s who have left, well, congratulations as it shows an incredible amount of integrity on your part. Actually, anyone who leaves corporate radical Taliban scientology should be proud of themselves for being capable of making their own decisions and keeping in their own code of honor. The easy thing to do is to just follow the crowd.

    My only hope is that the last one out the door of the last Idle Morgue, aka “Miscavige Mausoleum”, still standing, turns off the lights (electricity is expensive!).

  135. Joe Pendleton

    Tory, you are missing something here. There are no “both sides” to be looked at by true believers in any religion. I attended a fundamentalist Christian church for a while and I can tell you that the orthodox do not recognize any need whatsoever to look at the opinions of those who say that Jesus is not God or that you can still go to heaven if you are a Muslim or Jew. In fact, Paul warns against paying attention to those who would take you away from “the truth” as being very harmful to your eternal salvation. Now, the posters on this blog who identify as “Indies” do define themselves as Scientologists differently than the Church of Scientology does. And that’s the point. Organized and enforced religion and beliefs kills independant and individual thought.

  136. Tory Christman

    “This seems to be the same mindset of those above who have a Crashing Mis/U on the word ‘Scientology’ A note to all: This week-end I drove by “The Church (gack) of $cientology Sherman Oaks on a Friday night: Closed. Yesterday afternoon—mid day, I went to a cell phone place. Low and behold, guess what was next door? The “latest” Hollywood Blvd. “Testing Center”…totally closed, locked with chains across it. (The big sign one we closed down while picketing about 4-5 years ago). Just an update on FACTS re Corporate Scientology as is here in LA. Keep up the *great* work Davey boy and minions Your local, friendly SP: Tory/Magoo :).

  137. Jethro

  138. This FB post is the drivel you get from anyone who has no ability to confront evil. Such people do not have the ability to even conceive that David Miscavige could ever do any wrong, much less face the reality that he is in fact evil. Thus they never even look at the evidence, no matter HOW many people keep telling the same, consistent story. It’s just a total and complete lack of confront of evil, and that’s all it is. And such types are NEVER going to come around. They are just too easily overhwhelmed by force, or the just the threat of force. That guy in the video, the alleged OT8, he is such a bypassed case it’s just not even funny. OT8? Completely LAUGHABLE. When Miscavige put him back on Objectives, I bet he had really great wins! I wonder if he is trained. Can you imagine being audited by a GOON like that? OMG!

  139. I loved this film!

  140. That’s right!

  141. It’s always amazing to see people that started out on a path to spiritual freedom and they end up so thoroughly trapped and robotic that they’ve lost all sense of themselves. They then commit overts based on instructions from handlers and end up with an inability to look at things from a Pan-Determined viewpoint. I can’t believe that this guy is really an OT VIII, something must have gone awry along the way.

  142. Next time I see Ed, my first question to him will be, Ed, are you still drinking?
    Ed Bryan is a drinker. Oh, yes, Kool Aid, but he also likes his whiskey daily.
    Ed stayed with me about about 3 years ago when he was making his transition from Clearwater to so. Calif after his divorce.
    The whiskey apparently was his solution to chronic migraine headaches. He’s “OTVIII”
    He once told me that the only thing that would give him relief sometimes in morning was pouring ice water over his head during morning showers.

    Oh, and Ed is pretty much deaf, so even if he wanted to watch TV to hear the latest atrocities of CoM he couldn’t – he’s conveniently well insulated from all the “entheta”

    Ed Bryan, What a Piece of Work!

  143. For those who don’t leave now, it tells you one thing about them; they are deaf, dumb, blind, and they are all too easily corrupted. But the JOKE is ON THEM, because they toe the line thinking they can still GO FREE!! And they don’t KNOW that the Bridge had been BLOCKED for THEM TOO! What a bunch of SUCKERS they are!!! They think they can BUY their way into HEAVEN, but of course you CAN’T!!! They will all get what they deserve!
    And that is, sent BACK to OBJECTIVES — Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! And end up doing the Bridge all over again from the bottom UP, with No Final Destination is SIGHT!!!! . . . SUCKERS!! You thought you could win by being THE QUIET, SUBSERVIANT MOUSE! . . . . WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. I feel sorry for my ole buddy, Ed. Nice guy, but I guess just not too bright, even with all those Fab Ls and 8 OT levels under his belt. He must be getting a bit edgy though to see his other OT buddies jumping off into the “abyss”. I guess he just can’t see that they are really just jumping out of the DM’s Abyss and into the truth and freedom that independent Scientologist experience. Good ole Ed will come around someday. After DM is totally exposed and gone, he will wake up and smell the coffee. He might even feel that it is okay to surf the net again.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Hey Rainman! How are you doing?

  146. I am OT VIII but I can’t handle entheta on the internet.

  147. The Co$ bots seem to always use these references that are far fetched from their view point. This is verbal tech par exelance.

  148. Tony,

    I gave Ben my personal face to face briefing before he got my announcement. It was almost sad to see him back on his heals on any of the outpoints I threw at him. On a positive note, thing is that I know I impinged and there are now many seeds of doubt swirling in his head even as we speak.


  149. This guy’s addled wits have been shaken and stirred one too many times. I get the idea a hundred years from now he will still be on the same line of thought, but by then he will be inhabiting the body of a house fly. Can you imagine a house fly thinking, “These squirrels, (bzzzzz) I told ’em it’s despicable what they wrote (bzzzzz). He asked me if I’d read it. Of course not. I had a camera on my head (bzzzzz). I could see everything, so clear. And smell it. (bzzzzz). Must wash face now. (bzzzzz) Not going to read Marty’s blog. (bzzzzz) It’s all lies. Lies and lies. Filthy. (bzzzzz) Must clean legs now. (bzzzzz) I know when I’m hearing lies even before I hear them so must wash face now.”

  150. This arrogant nincompoop wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes at the Int base.

  151. Joe, correct you are. While we value the ability to duplicate/understand and be willing to experience others’ viewpoints, there is a stopping point brought about by our moral codes. In theory we may cognite that we are willing to cause or experience ANYTHING – and thus release a great deal of charge we have stored up on horrendous events such as causing or being effect of murder, rape and other such atrocities.

    But how willing and tolerant can we really be? At some point I am not willing to pilot a commercial airliner on a crash course into the World Trade Center. Is anyone else HERE on this board willing to cause that effect?

    Perhaps I have misunderstood the auditing question(s) and, if so, I would appreciate any word clearing anyone can offer.


  152. I unsubscribe early this year. Just couldn’t stomach it anymore.

  153. Take a view point and then find some LRH Quote that somehow
    fits it. Then cave in anyone that goes against it. It is that simple.

  154. Seniors have to take any jobs these days, even unethical ones. (besides I am sure he spent his 401K in donations)

  155. This is a mission and mostly privately funded.

  156. I have been surfing the internet about scientology for over 12 years now and none of what i have read has changed my opinion of scientology .

  157. Just making it Rain, Man!

  158. Wayne,
    I have read that book myself, and recommend it often. It is a wonderful read and very enlightening. I was researching the religious right and how they claim to follow God, while at the same time expressing hate to anyone who doesn’t think like them. He has it available FREE ONLINE.

  159. Marty, your wife rocks! And all these other “Scientologists” really need to take a look at 1969 Code of a Scientologist:

    10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.
    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.
    12. To support the freedom of religion.
    13. To help Scientology ors and groups ally themselves with public groups.
    and so on.

  160. Appaerently the “new” OT levels must have new end phenomena:
    “One who is at effect of data, “entheta,” and cannot think for himself.” lol

  161. martyrathbun09

    Good on ya.

  162. And They All Lived

    DWD, you asked what I wanted to ask. One of a bunch of questions. And B, you answered a lot. Thank you!! And Mike Hobson, you’re a great example of why people like me are afraid to go beyond lurking. Fair or not, the Indies have the burden of proving they are no longer what scares me about CS. Especially if they used to be.

  163. At that point his lifespan will be about two weeks or so, and just when he is about to have a cognition… oh, shit. Now he’s a gnat!

  164. Gee, I hope I don’t “get it” because I’ve noticed that the symptoms are devastating!
    On second thought, I’ve found that once you’ve “had it” and recovered, you are immune from this disease.

  165. Does this guy even aware of what he is communicating? Did he actually read the LRH quote himself before he posted it and then imagine what the consequences would be if all “church” Scientologists were run on “Tell me a lie about Scientology”?
    Man, if they did that and actually acknowledged the cognitions and indicated all f/ns, there would probably be an insurrection!

  166. Yup, totally agree NCSP.

  167. It’s a good question to ask, DWD. Yes, I do realize that LRH, by all credible analyses, fabricated or embellished many details of his life. His types of research likewise would probably not be approved by any university graduate committee.

    On the other hand, his veracity or even sanity, while relevant in a way, can also serve as a type of distraction from the deeper question of do the techniques work, and if so why?

    Perhaps LRH was, as one writer dubbed him, a bricoleur. But I myself, as a student, auditor, and preclear experienced some remarkable events (perceptions, realizations / cognitions, etc.) that I will always stand by.

    On the other hand, I will stand against cult-like practices of CoS — those practices deliver slavery packaged as freedom.

    My own deepest wish would be that Scientology auditing and other techniques (I don’t personally care for the term technology, but that’s just me) would be researched objectively and carefully. I would also like to see documentation of clear and OT abilities — and would add that I have some attainment myself that

    But in the end, scientific research may not be able to reach into the gnostic realm of one’s own knowledge of self and universe. How can you, for example, prove that a person loves someone?

    In the end, I think it is possible that madness and genius may be companions. Newton, the perpetual virgin and alchemist, was one of the inventors of calculus. Edison reportedly also believed in something akin to “body thetans” — yet no one doubts his success as an inventor (though Tesla eclipsed him in many ways not broadly recognized). And Tesla himself was probably OCD and had some other problems. Kennedy, whom I consider one of our greatest American presidents, was apparently a womanizer and was addicted to drugs. And so on.

    In fact, here’s an interesting article on geniuses who were also quite bonkers in some ways:

    I just know that I saw auditing do some amazing things. I still remember as a student auditor when I saw that an F/N (floating needle) really was very evident and not only was accompanied by “VGIs” (very good indicators, like smiles, brightening, etc.) of the person being audited as well as “cognitions” (realizations or insights) — but also, you could see before the person could when those end phenomena were coming. How? On a number of occasions, I would see the needle of the e-meter begin to “float” before the audited person did. Then upon the person showing those “VGIs” and voicing a realization, then I could acknowledge that the “needle was floating.” (To do so earlier would have interrupted the process before it was complete and before it had reached the person’s consciousness.)

    That kind of experience is what makes people say “Scientology works.” Because it does. For me, the question remains “Why?” and how can it be documented in a way that creates broader recognition, use, and so on.

    So do I realize Hubbard made stuff up? Yep, he was a teller of tall tales. But it is not an either/or proposition. He may have been both a teller of some tall tales _and_ an insightful genius.

  168. Ed thinks it very dangerous to surf around the internet, looking at things written by “disaffected scientologists”.

    Really Ed? Is your “certainty” that fragile?

    This leads to the current situation of 15 year old non-scientologist kids knowing more about your church than you, and other folks that have been in Scientology for decades!

  169. one of those who see

    Hi Chris. But, still we used to get money for our organizations by delivering services, not by begging direct donations. That was my point in posting.

  170. I think that to understand these groups one must broaden the comparison to also include non religious groups, such as dictatorships, gangs, etc. I know the results will be surprising.

  171. Absolutely. And they take the last nickel from the parishioners. I remember giving to one Organization $30 and thinking I had given up my lunch money ! (The Los Feliz mission does well catering to a really young group of artists)

  172. PS Above I stated that Edison perhaps believed in something like body thetans. Here is a relevant quote and its source:

    ” … our bodies are composed of myriads and myriads of infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life …”

    So what did he have in mind? Something like body thetans? A sort of genetic entity concept? Cellular consciousness? Other?

    In fact, a little Googling will turn up a number of beliefs across history for multiple entities attached to a person (Christianity being one obvious instance — Google “can a Christian be demon possessed?” and you will have over a million hits pop up).

    Are body thetans true or not? Are they metaphorical versus literal? I don’t know.

    Are Scientology’s “body thetans” an odd or unique belief? Absolutely not. The name used just varies belief system to belief system.

  173. Underlying such behavior, as that of Ed Bryan, lies the desire to be appreciated and admired. This is ego. That is the tech used to get IAS donations.

    Unfortunately, I find the product of Scientology to be pumped up ego. The higher one goes on OT Levels, the greater becomes the ego. This is the opposite of Buddhism.

    I hope my observation is wrong but this is what I see.


  174. The very concept of ‘squirrel’ is quite despicable.

    I know many won’t like to hear that, and would justify why LRH came up with it. Anyway… it all comes around.


  175. Thanks for the reference, Wayne. Will check it out.

  176. Anons even know more Scientology than CO$ members

  177. DWD (Down With Dave)

    Ok – your wife is great! I love her…….but I did not think she was a Scientologist? Anyway, there have to be more ways to have fun with this – why argue with these morons? We have to think of ways to be both creative and amusing – maybe one day everyone dresses up as DM and his beagle? OR – when they turn the cameras on you, hold up signs such as “this is how your donations are being spent!” that way – DM is not so apt to show these to everyone, lest someone actually begin to THINK

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