Steve Hall has done it again, and even bigger and better than ever before.

The last chapter of my book The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know refers folk to gateways into the Independent Scientology movement.   One of the central resources noted is Steve Hall’s latest creation,, the Voice of Independent Scientology, guaranteeing Scientology as a force for good.

Here is a brief preview from Steve giving a taste of the breadth of the site as a central resource for Independent Scientologists:

“Using Scientology to Fix Scientology” which is a History of the Indie movement
“START A GROUP! It’s 1950 All Over Again” —
Article explaining the Independent Scientology logo —
Article explaining no management —
Ball busting article on “What is an Independent Scientologist” —
I mean it’s just a ball busting website. And unlike Corporate Scientology’s cold lifeless corporate Corbis-generic website, ours really has life and a unique personality.
There’s even an article with photos on how to replace the battery on a Quantum.
Check out the Links page which is pretty cool. It describes each of our websites with photo of each. —
FAQ to answer any question. —
It also lists the Beliefs of Independent Scientology (something people search engines for) —
There’s a place to order an Independent Scientologist t-shirt —
Article on re-opening the Training Bridge with photos of Jimmy Rebel’s place —
Articles to explain why they need Training where you learn how to handle the Super Barriers of life —
All the links to download Dan Koon’s training checksheets —
An article giving LRH’s intention for Academy Training —
Article about iScientology —
There’s a whole section laying out key LRH References on applicable subjects regarding Independent Scientology
There are book reviews on 8 key books (with pictures) — yours, plus Frederick Douglass, Sociopath Next Door — your entire reading list.
Plus I have one article from Jim Logan — the one on 3-swing floating needles as out tech.
Article on what they should do as an Indie Scientologist —

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  2. I’m just laughing, Marty, because the visitor count went from 11 to 812 in minutes with this announcement. It shows how much traffic visits your site at any given time. And it shows how much power is generated by ARC lines. As LRH says, the only lines with power are ARC lines. The Church is dead, long live Scientology!

  3. Damn awesome!!!

    In the movie “The Book of Eli”, the character fo Gary Oldman (a damned genius of an actor), wants possession of the last known copy of the Holy Bible known in a post apocalyptic world. He wants to use it to control others in a bad way – for his own power and benefit.

    The opposing force, played by Denzel Washington (another damned genius of an actor) wants to deliver the book to those who will preserve it in a way that people can read it and use it as they wish, without a black- hearted dog forcing it on them.

    This wonderful site of Steve’s reminds me of that passion – to deliver the “tech” to those who will reach for it of their own accord, and refuse to be made to reach for it under unacceptable and terms set by a tyrant bent on control and misplaced power.

    Well done, just damned well done!

    Immortal liberators, I salute you!

  4. Scientologist

    Super great site!
    It says “Management of Scientology Organizations is unnecessary.” However, LRH wrote many words on the importance of management (and leadership, program writing, seniors, command channels…) and the importance of these in an organization (aside from religion or the freedom to practice). Is there something I’m missing? I know DM is an SP, but what does this have to do with management? Someone has to manage an organization. Ask any successful business, non profit group, or kindergarden.

  5. Wow ! Steve !! on your new site and so professional.

  6. This is friggin amazing!!
    I am so proud to be associated with this dream team.
    Thanks for creating this site Steve!
    Thanks again to Marty, Mike Rinder and all the other notables who are changing the suppressive corporate cult of Mctinyfists back into the free subject of Scientology.

  7. Mr. Marketing.

  8. Steve — terrific. Thank you.


  9. That’s what happens when “Jesus, God and Buddha” all decide to kick some ass at the same time (joke — apparently that’s the “best” black propaganda old broken-down David Miscavige could dream up to say about me). My response? As mentioned on facebook,

    12 days, 215 hours and I just relaunched Scientology.

    Maybe there’s something to what they say after all. I don’t remember being Jesus, God or Buddha, but if David Miscavige says so, maybe it’s true. “Let there be life” you know? Actually, none of this would even be happening without a ton of hard work from many others — Ronnie Bell for proofreading, Haydn and Lucy James who wrote articles. The site also includes articles from Dan Koon, John Aaron Williams, and Jim Logan. And this all happened within the context of what we are doing. Every person posting on this blog has made this possible. Every person who has withdrawn support from DM and his merry band of thieves and traitors, is helping.

  10. Organizations can manage themselves. We didn’t say there can’t be organizations that manage themselves. We don’t need an international, Flag level, or continental level management bodies. That is what the stats say.

  11. This is a very nice site. Well done Steve. Our thanks.


  12. Steve, Great site. Masterful. Has something for everyone. Would love to see some good links to more, if not ALL, LRH material, lectures, processes, the lot. Lots of stuff online, but its authenticity is not always evident. As time goes on I hope this can happen. The articles on the site and the checksheets are a strong start.

  13. In my view, the statement that “Management of Scientology organizations is unnecessary”, is directed at the totalitarian, all-encompassing rule of a mother church, which directs and even micromanages every aspect and function of the actual churches where the subject is studied and practiced.

    I’m also of the opinion that there’s no place for such an overarching hierarchical authority in Independent Scientology. Naturally, any bustling study/auditing group will organize itself, just as every independent church of other faiths does. There will always be a need for that – but at the local level only.

    Just as the Catholic Church of Rome no longer controls the local Baptist church around the corner, so has the corporate institution of Scientology Inc. lost control Independent Scientology organizations. That is the new paradigm, and it’s never going back to how it once was.

  14. I like the Independent Scientology logo, incorporating both I, S, and the 8 of infinity.

    Question: where does Freezone fit in the mix? Will IS and Freezone join in a unified effort, or will we have three dishes on the menu (corporate, independent, and freezone)?

  15. What a work of art Steve!!
    It must be nice using all of your skills and talent to produce sanity and help spread a technology to better mankind without that crazy monkey on your back.
    Marty, it was real smart to add that site to your book. For me it really as-ised something. I feel that the Indie movement jumped up a whole condition with this new book release and the incredible site of Steve’s and the work of Dan Koon. I can just see the tech spreading all over. And I can just see McTinyfists beating his beet red face with those tiny fists trying to figure out how to stop the spreading of the tech.
    This really makes me think about the LRH reference about how flourishing and prospering drives the SP nuts. We know he is already nuts, but this must really be messing with his mind.
    I also like this strategy of everyone taking responsibility for spreading the tech and lots of islands of sanity popping up without the need of a “leader”. We have leaders in strategy and setting good examples, but the nice thing is that we don’t need leaders telling us how to live our lives and micro managing our beingness. This is very exciting!! What a great time to be alive!!

  16. This is amazing awesome. The articles are hugely inspiring; the look professional and aesthetic; the FAQ a celebration of our freedom and our bright future.


  17. “F/u/N” – an F/N with YOU in the middle of it.

  18. A w e s o m e (and very theta) !!

  19. Yes S, there is a great deal you are missing. The site does not state: “Management of Scientology Organizations is unnecessary.” I am toying with the idea of explaining what it does state but have decided against it. The site is self explanatory.

  20. Truly amazing! Thank you Steve Hall.

  21. Steve you are incredible. Thanks for caring.

  22. I’ve thought of this a lot, and I feel that all that any Scientology group needs to flourish and prosper is a three way coaudit with access to a C/S, a cram off, a course sup, a word clearer, and someone to help when people request ethics guidence. As the number of three way coaudits increases, there will be need for more access to C/Ss, course sups, etc. You don’t need any one to do any admin, but not any other post.

    This way anyone can train up, coaudit, get standard C/Sing and crams, and if wanted, not ordered, they can request help with someone trained in ethics.

    If any one wants to just audit, not train, then the auditor can arrange the C/S and off they go, no need for any other terminal.

    As soon as you get into policy letters, as far as I am concerned, you are shifting goals, changing the game, usually to make money. I can’t see any reason at all for any other post.

    Independent Scientologists have as their primary public, other Scientologists. In my view, the goal of the Indy movement is to clear the CofS. This is not to discourage anyone from dissemination, not at all, but we already have a public.

    My opinion.

  23. This resource site is a major turning point! It’s Day One of a new era.

  24. Wow, wow, wow!

    Man, you should be making a million dollars with products like this! Totally professional, beautifully functional and comprehensive in approach, this site is a great new resource for Independent Scientologists everywhere.

    Thank you very much Steve-O! Your ability to help is equal to your desire to help – and that is a rare thing.

  25. Very Theta Steve! Hallelujah that someone understands management does not apply out here beyond people managing themselves! Associated Terminals is ALL THE WAY UP THERE!

    Management and police fall under significances . As in who is significantly more valuable and who is significantly holier.

    From ORG series 23.

    (HCO PL 16 February 1971, Lines and Terminals)

    There is a scale concerning Lines and Terminals.

















  26. Or False significances, of course. Out here trying to apply organizational culture would become false significances. As in Tom “ruthlessly putting in ethics”. He is not qualified in any capacity to work in any part of this country’s justice system. Who is he “ruthlessly putting ethics” in on? Brooke Shields! She’s dangerous! Out of control! Because she is not a clear ! And Tom didn’t turn her in to one either! He just ruthlessly tried to unmock her, i mean er, put her ethics in!

  27. Steve,
    I am missing words to express what I feel about that great piece of work.
    The closest is a translation from an article on the german Indies site.
    “Some Simple Truths
    1 If you create the Bridge for you and others it will be there for you . If you don’t, it won’t .
    2. In the CofS no working Bridge is being created anymore, only the image of a Bridge. People are there through the hope that one day they would be able to do the Bridge.
    3. The Changes and mis-applications in auditing-tech, admin-tech and ethics-tech in the CofS give troubles to those who want to progress up the Bridge. They give troubles to those who want to help others by applying the tech.
    4. The number of auditors trained today determines how many PCs can be audited in the future.
    5. The degree you and me are creating the Bridge will be the degree the Bridge will be there for you and me.
    6. Without the independents the ones in the CofS have no chance, as they are to much under the pressure to take part in changes of the Bridge.
    7. If the aim of auditing or of the Bridge is an enlargement of freedom and self-determinism, then evaluation and invalidation from others leads into the opposite direction and invites to a giving up of self-determinism. This is not the road to increased spiritual freedom.
    8. The longer people are stalled or detoured the greater the danger they give up and consider their goals failed.
    9. The presence of charge lessens the reality of a person. Enforced affinity, reality or communication are not components of ARC, they are a brand of ARC-break.
    10. Living communication addressed to areas of charge can dissolve charge. In this way a person can change reality self-determinedly. Attempts to persuade and enforce a reality result in new charge (or in restimulation of old one.)
    11. Creation of your future is taking place now, here and just where you are. ”

    Thanks to all who help and have helped.

  28. Declared by HAPPY

    Great website. DM is going to go crazy or already going nuts

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  30. Love it Steve. I added it to my blog links, and gushed about it on my blog. Very very well done!

    I love the checksheets – I checked over a couple. Is there a comm course checksheet that anyone has? Also, it sure would be nice to find a decent source for emeters. I have a Mark 6 that is woefully out of tune. (Bob Grant, perhaps you could clean the movement 😉 ).

    Again, awesome!


  31. I am wondering if we could take up a little collection to get banner ads running next to the corporate ads, kind of like the Pepsi Challenge and see which one wins. My money is on Steve Hall.

  32. Note that in this section :-

    A PL is referenced. The correct title is:-
    page 82 in 1973 green vols.
    This looks like a terrific website and lots of work must have gone into its creation!

  33. Thomas Schäfer

    Hi Steve,
    I guessed so, and you know what?
    OSA is not sleeping. In a split second they grabbed the iscientology(dot)com domain, forwarding it directly to the Corporate Scn mainpage!
    In order to at least mislead the ones who mistake .com for .org…

  34. Hmm lets see….I can either read or go to my local org for “C-Note” Sunday…and watch a magic show. “Aba-Cadabra….ala kazaam…give me a Benjamin to support our scam!”

    Super cool site Steve!!! And got my kindle version of Scn Reformation last night…its gonna be a great weekend!

  35. Thomas Schäfer

    Correction: Seems to be an older automatic forward. So it’s coincidence…
    Anyway, the way to move up and the way to move down seem to be only three letters apart 🙂

  36. Love the website, Steve! Wonderful notes on management.

  37. We need some kind of organization but do we REALLY need management? As long as we share the same goal, I think we can manage without management.

    We need to take a good hard look at the OEC volumes and get rid of all the PLs that stand in the way of achieving our goal. There’s a lot valuable stuff, like the Data Series. But there is also a lot of stuff that just goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Management? I’ll be my own manager from now, thank you very much.

  38. What a brilliant idea. Great looking site.

    DM must be doing back-flips over this and there’s nothing he can do about it other than yelling at his juniors for not thinking to buy up the domain name.

  39. Wow! I have only looked at a couple of pages of Steve Hall’s site and, well…….
    It looks like the COCS’s (Church of Corporate Scientology’s) flag ship, the HMS OutTech just took a broadside!
    It’s taking on water. Soon it will be listing. (or rather out-listing)
    Let’s put out some lifeboats and rescue some survivors.

  40. I meant “from now on”.

  41. iAmNotAnIndie but.....

    This is so damn awesome. Even though I am not a Scientologist (Free Indie or Church-owned slave-species), this earns Respekt.

    This illustrates, In a nutshell, how the Church is so last century.
    The Indies are so 21st Century.

    Go, Indies! 🙂

  42. YEE HAW!!! What a fantastic site! And beautiful (aesthetic.) Steve, your wonderful products are so amazing! LRH is proud! So glad to see your talents going toward promoting the REAL PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENTOLOGY! You make me proud to be a TEXAS INDIE!!!

    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  43. Wow! Steve, you rock! This is history in the making. Your website + Marty’s book deliver a crushing blow to DM and Corporate Scientology. We’re winning. We’re flourishing and prospering.

    And this, by the way, pisses off our good old friend Tony Ortega and kicked him into high gear. Now that the RCS is all but dead, he’s gone into unrelenting LRH-bashing mode. The last thing he wants is a bunch of happy, devil-may-care, independent scientologists spreading the philosophy of a man he loathes. Looks like we’re about to lose an “ally”.

  44. As a non Scientologist, I must say, that site is quite impressive. We degenerates 😉 over at the rodeo have been talking about it and you have done one hell of a job. (Yeah, we know you all don’t really care what we think…but we do).
    All kidding aside, If I did not already have an opinion or knowledge of Scientology, if I came across the iscientology site, I believe it might encourage me to find out more. It is welcoming and forthright and transparent.
    Very Well Done…Please don’t ask me to file down my incisors for that.
    Honestly, ARC and good luck to you all.

  45. I love it, Dan. Game on!

  46. Hi Dan,
    I love that term!! 🙂

  47. I just took a look at the site. Absolutely stunning work, Steve.

  48. Thetabob, You may be right. Politics makes strange bedfellows and the enemy of my enemy is my friend are two reasons for past synergy but there are hugely different agenda’s. IF Tony thinks that there is a future in bashing LRH, he is wrong. That horse is just about out of the race. The battle is over the next hill, and LRH’s reputation is only one small part of it. LRH is resting in “ancestor” status. Who continually beats a man dead for over a quarter century, who most acknowledge was not perfect. There has got to be a better story out there for Ortega to champion and make a living from. Too much of scientology processes and philosophy is useful and high minded for that to be bashed without recoiling on the basher. There is still some heavy lifting to be done, we will see if Ortega is up to the task, or stuck in the past.

  49. You know what Tony Ortega wants? Or you think you know what Tony Ortega wants. So he is an ally when he is in lockstep, but when he points out something that is not comfortable for Indies then he becomes the enemy? I don’t buy that and I don’t think most people here do either.
    I think you indie folks are much stronger than that. And some of you even have a damn fine tuned sense of humor
    Thetabob, this attitude you have in your above statement is the antithesis of what I read on iscientology.
    Tony has NOT been bashing LRH. His blog followers have. Please know the difference. And what difference does it make. You should be trying to change peoples minds with open communication. If you throw up a wall every time someone says something you don’t like, you might as well be back at INT.
    Again, I wish you all the best.

  50. Wow! I clicked on the link and next thing I knew, a fascinating hour had gone by. Quite a tour-de-force, and a great resource to point anyone to who is willing to stick their toe into waters outside of the Church.

  51. Someone just needs to take on this project, figure out how to do this and do it. It will take some work. Who knows, maybe someone is already working on it?

  52. iPat formerly Pat

    You sure did relaunch Scientology. Had one of DM’s minions thought of it, he would have held a special, never before imagined, sure to blow your sock off event.
    I think in honor of this I just might change my ID to iPat. Yeah, iPat; I like that!

  53. PreferToBeAnon2

    Looks great–from what I can see! Can you pass on that the pages are not loading. I only see the template and can’t access data. I am on a Mac using Firefox. The pages seem to be caught up with and the rest of the site won’t load properly. This applies to every section on the drop down menu.

  54. The Freezone is a catch all term that includes compete and total squirrels in it, while Independent Scientology is all about Standard Tech (red on white) and is never going to come off that. So if someone wants to run NOTs on Grade II, they are welcomed to go to the “Freezone” and get messed up. Personally, as explained on the website it is impossible to attain OT unless one maintains balance on each side of the KRC triangle as the move up the Bridge. Scientology increases a person’s knowledge dramatically. Their potential control and responsibility also rises tremendously. But in the Church, they knowingly depress their own R and C, despite their K rising to the stars. That is a recipe for cancer. How do I know? Because they are dying flies and not because nobody said something.
    Sit out there and “go OT” in the Church, or even in the Freezone, and refuse to take any responsibility for the people being harmed in the Church, and exert ZERO control over that situation, and I can pretty much guarantee personal disaster will come crashing through the ceiling into the person’s lap. That’s my personal theory and opinion, but is substantiated by events.
    The way out is the way through — handle the hell out of the Church, while also delivering.

  55. I am also glad to see Independent Scientology Flourishing and Prospering in this way.

    As Marty says, the “Great middle path” is the way to help the most people and thus bring the greatest benefit to the greatest number of Dynamics. Mathematically, making true help available to the broadest spectrum of peoples is the path to a pro-survival future.

    As individual Scientologists we know that the Great Middle path, while reaching a broad number, is nevertheless straight – and narrow. Those who walk it successfully now are doing so with the hard lessons learned from wandering off of that path. We all owe them a debt of gratitude and support for somehow persevering and remaining Pan-Determined despite any reason why not to.

    It makes me proud when I see more and more individuals like Steve Hall and those who helped him get this stellar product giving of themselves to keep this path clear, safe, visible and easily followed.

    Very, very well done and continue guys!

  56. Add: and for a total perfect example on that, all one has to do is look at Marty. He audits while also slamming in ethics and taking these jokers to the mat. I’m doing the same thing, but I’m group auditing. That’s not just a phrase, Scientology-cult IS group auditing. So is this blog. Read the History article. 🙂

  57. You got it Tony, as always. Ronnie Bell found an incredible, ball busting quote that I am going to put into the site…

    “When edifices – particularly political edifices built around the myth and personality of one man – collapse, they collapse suddenly. The center does not hold. The man dragged from the spider hole isn’t a dictator, he’s a prisoner. The Master of the Universe hedge fund manager who’s really just a Ponzi schemer gets booked at Rikers like the rest of ’em. The spell cast by power, once broken, is hard to restore.” ~ Rick Wilson

  58. Funny! Thanks Scott!

  59. Thank you Bob, we all agree on that. The wicked witch is dead.

  60. Hey Steve This so ROCKS! And I have only just begun checking it out! You are a real pro dude. I really have to validate you for the “Reverse A-E” in particular. I am going great guns on it and moving a whole lot of TA in the process. Its only up from here on out!

  61. martyrathbun09

    ilike it too

  62. Thanks Scott, you guys also play an important role by running the facebook group for Indie Scientologists. In RJ-67 I think LRH says it took them 6 years to crush the guy responsible for the disaster. This time it took us less than four. So we’re getting better. (joke)

  63. How incredible this scale is, WOW! we ought to consider adding this to the Management essay. Menacing particles, dangerous impressions, non-existent terminals… that is the CoS and DM.

  64. This is beautiful Worsel, and you have perfectly summed up the situation. I think the fundamental underlying these points is that the universe is made of Help, that’s what it is. Even I didn’t get the sheer power of that truth. To be specific, the physicists keep looking at atoms and sub atomic particles and breaking them down into smaller and smaller pieces… and they don’t know what they are looking at. Sure, LRH says its a vibration. But what is the nature and essence of the vibration — it’s HELP. It is actually Help. The physical universe is made of Help. That’s what it IS. And the proof of that is the more you outflow help to the universe, the more it appears there for you. It’s one for one. So easy! And LRH found this in 1960. And here in 2012 even Scientologists are just now catching up to what this means. That puts means physicists and molecular brainiacs will need about 300 years more.

    If you outflow help, everything that you need will show up. I wrote a killer article about this Help button on the site. It’s giant, giant, giant, giant, giant.

  65. As I wrote on facebook last night, “I know someone who is shitting bricks right now.”

  66. I am very happy for you all and privileged to have been at this juncture in the to see the evolution from fear to independence. Hey, nice tag “from fear to independence”

    My prayers for the best success for everyone bringing freedom to human beings.

    This is the beginning of something.

    Love to you all,


  67. Mark, there IS a source for meters and John Aaron Williams and Jim Logan owe me an article… (nudge, nudge, you guys). There is a guy making meters in Russia and they have found the quality is excellent, maybe even better than the Quantum because of the movement. After a read, the quantum continues to move around before it settles, and this one does not. They have been testing all meters for over a year. The only thing these meters don’t have is a TA counter, but big deal. Neither did the Mark V and TA can just be added up from the worksheets.

  68. Thanks Dan, but I think we would not want to compete directly with them for the same reason I would refuse to run a race against a team of convicted child molesters. Have you see their shit website? Impersonal, corporate, cold, stock photo… Miscavige ALWAYS gets it wrong.

  69. Thanks Terril, I got that fixed.

  70. I like it…iCarol Kramer formerly Carol

  71. Standard Tech is Red on White. Green on White consists of the policies Ron wrote to forward Red on White. If a policy no longer works, it needs to be deprecated. This is in alignment with a number of references, most notably the Admin Scale – Purpose is senior to policy.
    Command-and-control worked when LRH was the final arbiter, but fell apart when he departed, despite his best efforts.
    A keynote of independence to me is the willingness to to own Scientology – have high KRC – and to let others do the same. It is risky because as free beings we will disagree from time to time, but it is the only way Scn will survive. The alternative is c-note Sundays and chickenshit “OT VIIIs” and bald-face lies by Karin Pouw-du-jour.

  72. Steve, outstanding site!! a real Wow! This should make others stand up and take notice like now!!

  73. Not true. Here is what Tony wrote in his blog two days ago, verbatim:

    “Here at the Underground Bunker, we have a lot of respect for the longtime Scientologists who are declaring themselves independent of David Miscavige’s corporate church as a matter of conscience. We think it takes a lot of guts not only to walk away from an organization that might have been their home for decades, but also to speak out publicly when we all know what that can mean in the way of retaliation from a bullying crew that hides behind religious cloaking.

    And no matter how much the Anonymous folks give us hell for it, we’re still convinced that the indie movement is an admirable group that has no desire to replicate the Church of Scientology’s abusive practices: the Sea Org, disconnection, fair game, sec checking, regging, and the rest.

    What independent Scientologists and official church members do have in common, however, is an abiding admiration for L. Ron Hubbard. And that’s fine with us. However, we can never understand why they are so sensitive about the rest of us actually looking at what the man said and wrote about science, human beings, and history.

    This is Hubbard. This is Scientology, official or unofficial. And we’re going to take a look.”

    What he WANTS is for everyone to look at all sides. Scientology is multi-faceted and needs to examined accordingly.

  74. It is a matter of Caveat Scientologist. The one thing we do know us that the c of m has abandoned the subject entirely.

  75. I love Patrick O’Brian’s books own the entire 22 book series of which the film Master and Commander with Russel Crow is based on two. Yes, the pirate ship “Robber of the Seas” just took a full broad side and is out-listing very badly. As Admiral Horatio Nelson famously taught, “Never mind maneuvers, just go straight at ’em,” a great motto if there ever was one. Confusion to the crooks!

  76. Mr. Hall – I have clicked every one of the above links and am going to read each of them. It is going to take a while! If the descriptions that Marty gave for each link is accurate, I have a feeling it’s going to make the Independent movement much more clear to me. I have been defending the Indies based on what I read here and interpret in the comments. I am excited to read something concrete about how this movement is going to proceed. Thank You!

  77. You are totally correct. Tony is a friend and will always remain a friend. To me, opinions are a personal thing, not something that determines friendship. Scientology is not and never will be “for everyone.” Many people do not need or want it. They are actually happy already. It just needs to be there, and free, for those who want it. Tony is a very intelligent man.

  78. I’m not sure what you are talking about. The website is up and it’s there. There is a second phase of the website being worked on, which is the “reviews” section. That is in progress and will be online in a day or two. There will be a separate announcement on that when it is ready to go.

  79. Lol, that is awesome, thanks, and I love your name.

  80. I have been trying to figure out how to explain this to people for about… it seems like two years. Had a couple of different articles up on scientology-cult, then took them down because they weren’t right. Tried mentioning it a bunch of times on Marty’s blog and watched the response. I think I finally got it sorted out and it’s there in that ball busting article. Mark Shreffler came up with the analogy of the train at our Scientology Summit at Marty’s last week. He is a dissemination genius. Hope it sheds light, because I really believe it IS how we take the Church apart. That process alone will result in Church of David Miscavige disbanded.

  81. Awesome site Steve! I’m really jealous of your design skills. Your site puts the corporate church’s site to shame on all counts. I love the “Who’s in Charge?” section!

  82. Thanks, Thoughtful. I read over some Freezone / Association of Professional Independent Scientologists web sites and read the history article you referred to.

    I don’t know if “Freezone” would agree or not as to whether that umbrella includes complete squirrels. I know that for IS, the criterion is that anyone can be an independent if he/she uses any of Scientology. Wouldn’t that leave the door open for “squirrels” (a term I personally do not like) in IS as well?

    In reading over the History article, I saw the IS logo larger and therefore in a little more detail. I love the way symbolism is woven in. There’s not just the main part of the I, but also the earth as the dot over the I. And there is not just the 8 which I associate with infinity, there is also the fact that the IS that make up the 8 form a Moebius strip — a two-dimensional object with only one side, that is therefore “unbounded” in the sense that you can never reach an “end.” So very nice on the logo — the multiple layers of symbolism harmoniously support one another.

  83. iPat I love it….changed my id to iCarol Kramer. We are on a roll!

  84. Ah! “The center does not hold.” Immediately come to mind two poems.

    Eliot’s The Hollow Men ( and Yeats’ poem The Second Coming, which certainly has resonances with the current state of affairs (

  85. Respectfully Steve (and Marty, Indie500, The CofS, and the public), you don’t save Scientology by abandon management, on any level. You do save Scientology by reformation*, but that is done from inside.

    ML/Anonymous for now

    *Reform means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc.

  86. Well said Ronnie.

    Steve made a great choice in choosing you for editorial services. Your intelligence and eloquence shines through in everything you write.

    Thank you very much for being here and communicating. Can’t get into trouble doing that now, can ya’!

  87. burythenuts, I couldn’t care less what Ortega thinks of, or writes about LRH. He is entitled to his own opinion.

    You say that his blog followers are bashing LRH and that he is not. Well, check out this link.

    Then check out this link.

    I rest my case.

  88. iNice!

  89. Much, much better!

    Affluence attainment

    Consists of:

    1. Hard work
    2. In ethics
    3. Standard Technology
    4. Doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet
    5. Applying the formula of the condition one is in. -LRH

    You got that in spades, bro.

  90. I know MANY who are hanging on in the Cofs in a ‘failing hope’ kind of way, who need a site like this to help them work their way through Doubt. I think what you have done with this site is strike a MAJOR blow in breaking up that ‘failing hope’ ridge.

    You are hereby declared iScientology’s first Kha Khan. (I hope I spelled it right)


  91. Mark, there are emeters in guaranteed working condition on sale on Ebay by Mike, “Tech Library”. Mike also has tech vols, the CDs, basic books, Congresses and such available.

    He guarantees his meters work, or return for a full refund or another meter. I trust him. He has a Quantum on sale there now.

    Also, at “Spiritual Freedom Zone”, you can find a person who repairs emeters.

    The only outpoint is that no one checks the ‘movement’; the dial’s hardware. This is the crux of the whole thing, without the needle responding flawlessly, there is no Bridge, period. All the rest of the gadgetry can be screwy, but if the needle reads instantly and FNs, you can still get up the entire Bridge.

    What is needed and wanted is a digital meter that reads instantly and FNs. For someone with a basic skill in electronics, such a design could be easy. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering Tech, but I”m way out of date, or I’d do it right now.I’m sure someone some where has it all figured out.


  92. martyrathbun09

    Read my book. You have an mu on Reformation.

  93. This is truely awesome.
    In the 70’s when I went Clear there were many
    who went step by step , some even worked with Ron.
    Great things ahead for all mankind.

  94. Increasing awareness how to? Some tell you in order to increase awareness you take this or that drug. Others tell you close your eyes and say to yourself some words for years. Now let as have a closer look on the what „awareness“ is. Awareness is not only your perception of something. Sample: you make a time travel with your car 500 years back in time then those people see your car. Can smell and touch your car. Sit in the car and drive with the car. But are they aware of that car as you are? No. Or you laptop? They see the laptop but have besides the perception of the laptop no clue what a laptop is. Thus in order to be aware of something you not only have to be able to perceice something, you also have to know something about it.
    If you could make a „one shot OT“ then you have someone that can perceive something but has no clue what he is facing. Thus you see, you can increase awareness only if you know something about what you can perceive. In order to know you have to learn. Thanks to the this new pages you can now learn and know.

  95. Dear Marty,
    Dont let your conflictincliened (GPM-Mentality) mind clutter your judgment. The entry was aimed at the people inside Scientology.

    ML/Anonymous for now

  96. Mrs Libnish,

    You wrote:

    “Scientology is multi-faceted and needs to examined accordingly.”

    By whom?

  97. I remember several years ago, back in the ARS days, meters were being build that had an automatic TA; when the needle went off the dial, the meter would instantly self adjust and put the needle back on the dial, and record the change in the TA settings. A lot of experimentation was going on back then.

    Ability Meters in England seems to have had a very good one; I don’t know if they are still around. I have two Quantums so I never bought one, but I was tempted from what I read about it.

  98. First Principle

    Very happy to see the webstie. It’s wonderful.
    I’m looking for a resourse to find certain LRH references that have been left out of the Basics editions.
    In particular I’m looking for the “Happiness and Interest” essay that used to be in New Slant on Life.

  99. *** WOW! ***

    Beautifull webpage Steve and gang.
    This is just awesome.
    Thanks for the great and very aesthetic art work.

    If you don´t mind, I just made shure other important idomain-names will remain also in good hands.

    I just iregistered: 🙂

    *** ***
    *** ***
    *** ***

    ASAP, they will be rerouted to mama. (

  100. constant vigilance

    Wow Steve, you are a genius! Your site rocks! I haven’t even read as much of it as I’d like to, but I will be pouring over it every minute I have. You have done such an excellent and huge job, big kudos to you! Steve is saving Scientology. Corporate Scientology is dead. Long live Scientology! Thanks to Steve and Marty and Mike and and and … all the other brave pioneers!

  101. Some further quotes from HCOPL “LINES AND TERMINALS”

    ” The trick of the scale is the awareness factor. At a position
    on the scale the being or org is NOT AWARE of the scale levels above him.”

    ” Thus a well-organised group is not at effect and can make an effect upon any group below it on the scale.

  102. And by the way, we know what we’re doing. We’re saying “Come out and play” while Miscavige and people like Ortega are saying “Keep Em Separated”.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Read my book. You have an mu on Reformation..

  104. Dear Marty,
    The CofS s is not the Catholic Church and besides (in resent time) historical similarities they are not identical.
    The first lesson of understanding this is: How does “Drawing on 50,000 years of wisdom.” correspond to “There is only one source”.

    ML/Anonymous for now

  105. LRH’s reputation will ultimately depend on the public perception of Scientology in application. For at least the last twenty years that perception has been resoundingly negative, with “secret beliefs”, crazy movie stars, divorces, bankruptcies, disconnection, PIs, espionage, harassment, threats, blackmail, slave labour, inurement, violence, imprisonment, torture and death. Is it any wonder some choose to hold the founder accountable (that he had his own colourful past only feeds the A=A=A computation).

    Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass if LRH is “bashed”. Outside of valid criticism and honest debate, the extreme mockery and hatred I’ve observed towards Hubbard seems largely a mere byproduct of a “church” out of control.

    When DM and the Co$ are but a distant memory, and the public are used to seeing Scientology and Scientologists as having a positive, beneficial effect on society, I doubt even the most hardcore “critic” will spend much time and energy harping on about the darker side of a man long dead.

    The future of Scientology is ours. Let’s own it. 🙂

  106. martyrathbun09

    Read my book. You have an mu on Reformation…

  107. Wow, that is awesome. What fantastic foresight and initiative — the very things of Independent Scientology.

  108. That’s perfectly stated Steve, and yes, Marty is the best possible example of that in practice. In the early 80s as a young Sea Org member I concluded that if one was really going to go OT it was not enough to get audited, trained and solo audit up the levels. I believed – wrongly as it turned out – that at some point an OT would need to join the Sea Org itself to take on enough reponsibility for the environment he found himself in.

    Fast forward 30 years and the same concept holds true – to me anyway. The only difference is that we don’t need uniforms or command structures, and certainly don’t need vein-popping idiots in gold braid screaming at us. I would modestly venture that in the last 3 years I have quite probably taken on more responsibility for the continued existence of the subject in the UK than all the local Scn Inc “OTs” combined. One of the last conversations I had with a local OT public before going Indie was concluded by him acknowledging that the Church had indeed gone way off policy and out tech, but that Miscavige wanted him to raise money for Ideal Orgs. Therefore “for my own good” he needed to report me to OSA (and did). Go figure. Is that an OT? Not in my book. (How’s it all working out for you Nick?).

  109. Yes, even I am amazed at how it all comes together.

  110. +1 to that. A truly aesthetic and wonderful resource.

  111. Dear Marty,
    You are missing the point:

    If a ruler rules
    Well assist him
    If he rules with violence
    Do not support him
    And let that be
    his penalty.

    ML/Anonymous for now

  112. “The physical universe is made of Help. That’s what it IS”.

    Wow – I’m ending off the day on that one! Wow! Taking a walk…

  113. Love it. I’ve been telling my friends that the entire Bridge is outside of the walls, now I have proof.

  114. martyrathbun09

    Read my book. You have an mu on Reformation….

  115. Lol, thanks Bob. Hey, it’s interesting to see how ethics, legal, delivery and marketing all work together now that the complete picture is starting to emerge. Ethics was vital, but it’s only the first phase. There was more up our sleeves, and there is even more still. And it’s all beautiful. Even Marty, he spends way more time on auditing people — actual delivery — than he does on any police action.

  116. Thoughtful,

    Your new website that you and all the contributors in various forms that helped put this together have moved the independents forward and put a wooden stake into the Radical church of Scientology.

    My hat is off to all of you! And you have my personal thanks.


  117. Very expansive way of viewing. Thank you.
    That article above started with a very simple realization: The only reason why there was a Bridge, ever, was because someone had created it. The rest came from that.
    The “starting a group” sheds great light on importances in life and ones actions.

  118. “By whom?”

    By anyone who has an interest in it. Knowledge is power.

  119. WOW, Steve, this site is even better than the last one you created! I know they have different products but I had to tell you…it’s AWESOME!

  120. It would be good to see a Debbie Cook or Karen D-like email blast going out to tens of thousands online Scios with that link in it right about now.

    Great site, Steve. It really looks great. And those checksheets are an excellent solution to the problems that Independents have run into in the past.

    It’s good to see Scientologists taking responsibility for and handling the abuses in Scientology. This project has gone a long way towards eliminating that abuse.

    Very Fricking Well Done.


  121. Chicken out rathbun

    Capitalized: a 16th century religious movement marked ultimately by rejection or modification of some Roman Catholic doctrine and practice and establishment of the Protestant churches

  122. Beautiful post mwestern. That perfectly sums up how I feel, too. +10
    With all the crap DM and his supporters have pulled, I can’t blame anyone for bashing Scn.

  123. Hey Steve!!!!
    Brilliant. I’ve read many of the entries now and it pleases me to no end how much agreement there is between yourself, myself and many others who are involved in the philosophy and practical application of scientology.

    You cannot get a flow without agreement. This river is FLOWING!

    After a tremendous amount of “lookiing” by many fine individuals, successful and unsuccesful applications are being distilled into simplicities which will move the subject forward and make it useful to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of the knowledge.

    Without the constraints and insanities of a corrupt “management,” sane individuals are now and will continue to use the tech to improve conditions across the dynamics. That is its only valid purpose IMHO.

  124. Any management that poses a threat to freedom of the technology and creating a monopoly is not needed and wanted. Who wants to go through this kind of dev-t again?
    Any lame brain can see that management is needed. Management ala RCS style is suppressive and I think we need to do a good danger handling on it and ensure that this NEVER happens again. If the seeds of tech are sown far and wide withoput interference I think you will see many beautiful islands of sanity sprouting up. I think people are basically good.

  125. Great post Mrs Libnish!

  126. Fantastic, love your new site! I was just thinking about doing the Academy Levels and voila there are the checksheets! Amazing, thank you for what you are doing for everyone.

  127. Now that Scientology exists primarily and most dynamically in the field, the LRH policy about the field applies: basically, let them do whatever the hell they want. The central orgs will sort out any foul ups. Of course, the central orgs these days will do nothing of the sort, so the field is IT. The field will eventually sort itself out with whoever delivers the best results moving to the highest position of influence.

  128. Yes, don’t you think so? When I look at their site I see “cold, corporate, distant, stock photos with zero personality” — the antithesis of Scientology. I tried and tried to move Scientology marketing in the correct direction, but when i finally started making headway, DM had me transferred from Marketing to scriptwriting — writing his bullshit videos for his propaganda events. I was in agony because to refuse was to loose my wife without even having the chance to say goodbye. In the end, I bit the bullet, lost my wife, got out and started over from scratch, built up a new life, caught up on web technology, launched with Marty the initial attack on Miscavige, and now have rebooted Scientology. A long road, but it was the only alternative to surrender and I don’t do surrender.

  129. Oh yeah, I was going to say imagine if the CoS website was the website for international Buddhism? No way would that fit. It’s not spiritual. It’s materialistic, because so is one-dimensional Miscavige.

  130. Tango 23, I wanted to express my gratitude to YOU for turning me onto The Sociopath Next Door. That book helped a lot and you can see I’m now promoting it big time. It was a big missing piece of the puzzle. I wrote a pretty good review of the book that is now on the new website and also on

  131. I just love pounding in wooden stakes — the more splinters the better. Can’t get enough of it. But thanks, you helped make this possible too. Without all the people in this movement this would not be happening.

  132. I have a software program written by Hank Levin in California that turns a laptop into a meter. I have used it and it is very workable. Automatic needle reset, Clock, session timer, TA counter and a really cool graph along the bottom of the dial that tracks the needle movement. An F/N makes a sine wave on the graph and it doesn’t have to go three cycles for you to know it is an F/N.

  133. Steve, Oh, yeah, I know. Poor Gloria Idda. Anyway, maybe the office pool will be when will surpass Scientology. org on Alexa. My guess is one week.

  134. My take on Tony Ortega is that he is a journalist and has found enough around the periphery of Scientology to make a career out of writing about it. That is what it is for him, a gig. Well, more power to him. He personally has no skin in the game like those of us who have delved into Scientology for our personal betterment or to help others or, like DM, to ensure that no one will benefit from the subject. He is out on the periphery but, man, there is a lot going on out there. So, he is keeping himself interested in life and paying his bills. Like I say, more power to him.

  135. Thanks LDW and we should acknowledge DAN KOON who was probably the first to envision this new “business model” and wrote about it on

  136. Thanks, as a matter of fact they’d already been up for over a year on I just pulled them over. It just goes to show that this website was overdue.

  137. That is hilarious! Well said!

  138. Oh, and has anyone noticed that Steve has graciously provided a link to the corporate church’s website? Maybe they will return the favor.

  139. Steve,
    Brilliant creation! The website is a wonderful, and communicates so much! You are incredibly talented! Very Well Done!

  140. This scale can be assessed by the way. And reading items can be taken up. Even in solo auditing. I mean, if you are scrounging around looking for something to get a read. Of course, anything can be used to look for reads if you are digging around. But if you are really desperate and you have not been able to find anything anywhere ……. whip this one out and get your seat belt on! 🙂

  141. OK, portland84, then reform it already. Marty’s not standing in your way.

  142. “A long road, but it was the only alternative to surrender and I don’t do surrender.”


  143. What makes you think “thetabop” is actually an Independent Scientologist ?

    In any anti-Co$ venue, when I see any anonymous identity posting negative PR attacks on one of Darth Midget’s other proven enemies, it is safe to assume that the poster is one of his OSA minions or dupes.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  144. Many thanks, brother. I’m humbled by the contributions of Steve, Haydn, Marty, Lucy, Jim, and everyone else who contributed. Mine was but a small part, but it felt very good to help.

    Hey, Trouble used to be my middle name, and I’m still the persnickety kid I always was! 🙂

  145. As told by a chicken shit keyboard commando ~ false identity in hiding.

  146. I love that term!! -TD
    Me too. I can’t even imagine what LRH might have done with the comm lines available today… but it is thought provoking and exciting what WE can do in line with standard tech and purpose, and as many ARE doing. Hell I’m starting to get rehabbed on purpose myself and I had long since thought that wouldn’t happen this lifetime.

  147. I love how all these back seat drivers and closet bots try to tell Marty what to do and how to do it. They don’t even have the guts to use their own names let alone DO something themselves about it. Lame!!

  148. Good luck to you guys for you got a giant mountain to climb.
    I have a big chip on my should due to my church and also FZ stuff. Some in the FZ were very helpful but others still acted church.

    I may read the books but this time I can make my own choice and my own thoughts with my own data that I know now.

    I did not have judgement before in and out of the church but now I do.

  149. Hi Alaska Ronn!
    I liked the point you made and I would add that it seems that a lot of people in Scientology went kind of brain dead and stopped thinking for themselves. Once out and made into “SP’s” people have nothing to lose, so once they get over the idea that the cult has no power and this “SP” indication is really a badge of honor then they can really start creating again. Witness the work of art that Steve created and Marty’s Reformation and Dan and Mike and Karen and Jim and and and and….Kaboom Mctinyfists is up shit creek without a paddle.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Oh,yeah ‘chicken out’ is, or I guess was, also ‘portland 84’

  151. Dear Thouightful,Thankyou very much.
    The Sociopath next Door by Martha Stout was major in
    coming to grips with many situations in Corporate Scientology for me.

  152. Perhaps I was too harsh. Still a bit leery after Tony O. named L. Ron Hubbard the number one person crippling Scientology.

  153. Thanks Dan!! You da Man!!

  154. … ‘chicken out… was, also ‘portland 84′ -Marty

    Yup. That was my perception.

    OSA bot you reckon? lol Not that it matters…

  155. Tom Gallagher

    Steve, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Karen, et. al., From the bottom of my
    heart: Thank you all for all you do and are doing. Folks like you all make tomorrows. I’m on your flank. Bellowing loudly in the field.

  156. Why not!?! What a great idea – an emeter/laptop with all the bells and whistles! An F/N makes sine wave – how perfect! No question about what is an F/N this way! I hope to see more of this development in coming years.

    Like the new website! This kind of vector can only help move a reformation forward. With continuing gratitude to all of you spearheading this mission…

  157. Be able to experience anything. Be able to see the genius and the flaws of Ron. Hatred and negativity toward anyone who dares to criticize Ron will cause the outside world to see Independents as shades of the Cof$.

    To be successful in the world, Independents must help human beings free themselves from suffering. And as you get successful, the world will still be asking you questions about the genius and flaws of Ron.

    Embrace the criticism with wit, reason, kindness and impassioned dedication to the truth more than Ron’s personal flaws or genius. And cop to his flaws unflinchingly. He may very well respect you for it.

    If flaws he had, then let people discuss them. If you attack those that have legitimate grips with Ron, you will become that which you are becoming independent from.

  158. Great initiative flytrike!

  159. Brilliant work Steve, truly brilliant!

  160. And when others criticize Ron, try to suss up if they are simply enjoying negative hate or truly have a valid view. Some views of Ron are valid and some people just love to knock others head off.

    This one fact will help Indies in changing world criticism towards Scientology.

    I’m being nice about here. The world will come at you with guns fully loaded.

    Be willing for Ron to be criticized. It will happen anyway. And how you conduct yourselves will determine alot.


  161. Definitely need to add a new abbv to the dictionary: iScn!

  162. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for all the great checksheets. Got five guys currently on the Solo 1.

    In regard to the Co$ returning the favor…I think they could word clear “grant” and “beingness” till the cows come home, but they still won’t grasp the concept.

  163. Steve,

    What a stunning, beautiful website, man~~~!!! Sharp. Very very sharp.

    You guys are freakin’ kicking the old, crusty cult to the curb.


  164. There has been comment on how the Freezone are squirrels.
    I take issue with that.
    It is true that the term FZ includes many varients of Scn, and some may be inadequate. Or even wrong headed.
    However most who call themselves FZ are quite standard. I know this as I’ve been promoting “TECH outside COS” for more than 12 years with success stories from the FZ. I have only promoted Standard Tech in this endeavor. I have on rare occasions posted about Ron’s Org wins, but few are in english.

    Steves list of auditors contain 50% of people that I know were FZ
    long before “Independents ” were coming out on this forum. Others may have been active as auditors but I don’t know them personally.

    Marty has been very successfull in bringing together the real scientologists.

    My suggestion is that one acknowledges that the FZ and independents work well together. Just read Steve’s auditor list!

    Further comment on Rons Org. Recently Max and Erica Hauri
    visited London with abour 40 auditors, mostly Russian. Dined with one of the EDs of the 10 Moscow FZ orgs. She has one div 4 start every week. 10 staff 8 of which are auditors. Open every day.

    The RO leaders are now class VIII and are teaching L’s tech
    to appropriate terminals.

    So they have a slight varient on entity handling. They train more audtors than the rest of the world.

    The FZ and independents should really be aligned in some way.

  165. Heart of oak, Martin, heart of oak.

  166. OMG, I can see that working. These would be some charged items.

  167. Thank´s Steve, Tony, Ronn, Sinar.

    Mission complies.

    Check it out:

    And I´m going to change my nickname also, to …
    well, what do you think?

    flytrike goes ==> iflytrike 🙂

    Isn´t this funny? 🙂

  168. Brilliant posts, Brian and spot on.

  169. Sounds like a Free Market!

  170. Thanks for the ack Tony. Yea… I went brain dead to say the least after my last “Senior CS Int Special Program” back in ’06. I paid for 50 hours of (unbeknownst prior) Sec Checks by a CLIV intern, no less. It’s funny now, but it took years to get back feelings in my left nut.

  171. iCarol Kramer

    Tony right on!!

  172. What we are really doing since 2009 is a flawlessly executed Danger formula. This is the re-organize step. They should have listened while they had the chance. Now, it’s too late.

  173. iCarol Kramer

    “Mctinyfists is up shit creek without a paddle”……I love that line, it is so true!!

  174. Sorry for butting in, but 2012 – just get some auditing, real auditing by a standard tech auditor (there is no substitute if you want Scientology) – the significances will go by the wayside and you will be able to experience and perceive reality and see.

  175. Jethro Bodine

    Just a comment – “iScientology” has a very Apple sound to it, e.g. “iPod”, “iPad, “iPhone”, etc.

  176. Terril is an OEC FEBC grad!

  177. Thanks! Reposting under the post.

  178. What do you mean ” Trouble USED to be my middle name”!?!

  179. Some further quotes from HCOPL “LINES AND TERMINALS”

    ” The trick of the scale is the awareness factor. At a position
    on the scale the being or org is NOT AWARE of the scale levels above him.”

    ” Thus a well-organised group is not at effect and can make an effect upon any group below it on the scale.”

    “At a position on the scale the being or org is NOT AWARE of the scale levels above him.” = Explains the people who are still in! Right there!

  180. Absolutely, Dan. I always knew that an F/N was a sine wave. It totally makes sense that the current would be flowing from negative to positive and back again with whatever amplitude that was allowed by the capacitance of the being at the time.

  181. Regular Dog (formerly Underdog)

    Wow. What I see of the iscientology website in the first 5 seconds, i.e. my first and immediate impression is: Those are the most aesthetic and beautiful colors and arrangement and combination of colors that I have ever observed on the internet ANYWHERE!!!!!!! It gets first place on the planet. Being as that it how it is, it invites further looking. So I’m gonna go and look some more! Super job Steve. Absolutely stunning! That’s what I got in the first 5 seconds. I’m blown away by the appealing colors.

  182. Very impressive site, Steve! Thanks.

  183. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Awesome site! Love it! VWD, Steve, and thanks for mocking this up!!

  184. You forgot the Kaboom part Carol……………. ; – )

  185. Very Well done Flytrike !
    In the days of IPads, Iphones, IPods,
    I think iIflitrike is cooooooool.

  186. It’s so unfair. You guys can duplicate workable tech toward a known and ethical goal. The bad guy can’t even conceive of what I just wrote.

  187. Original version of a passage from Revelation 14:6 traditionally interpreted as referring to Martin Luther:
    “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people”.

    Contemporary interpretation of the above passage from Revelation 14:6 interpreted as referring to Steve Hall, Marty (and others):
    “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of Cyberspace, having the everlasting Independent Scientology to preach unto them that dwell on the Word Wide Web, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people”.

  188. Theo Sismanides

    wow, amazing… iflytrike, hehe. Talking about speed of particle flow, here!

  189. Mike,

    Just a suggestion here…..It would be better if you tempered your comments with more ARC and less self-righteousness. Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion, as we all are, but it seems to me that your comments would garner more attention if stated with more affinity.

    Just sayin’………

  190. Theo Sismanides

    Hi burythenuts…. good to see you here. We are exchanging blogs lately, hahaha. I enjoyed the conversations at Tony’s blog. Guys, if anyone wants to have some fun with some wild thetans, just visit Tony Ortega’s new blog. It was such an adventure.

    So, it’s good to see people who think otherwise about Scientology visit this site and communicate in such a nice way about the iscientology site.

  191. CommunicatorIC

    Thoughtful (Steve), three quick questions, if I may.

    You state, “Independent Scientology is all about Standard Tech (red on white).”

    The FAQ states:
    “Does Independent Scientology use disconnection or fair game? No.”

    Similarly, the Beliefs section of the site states:
    “The use of disconnection, dirty tricks and “fair game” to silence whistle blowers, critics and dissenters is evil.”

    Given the above, do Independent Scientologists share the view of Jim Logan, see

    that HCO Bulletin of 10 September 1983, “PTSness and Disconnection” (providing “Therefore, the tech of disconnection is hereby restored to use, in the hands of those persons thoroughly and standardly trained in PTS/SP tech.) was NOT written by Ron, is NOT Standard Tech, and does NOT qualify as valid “red on white?”

    If the answer to the above question is “yes,” how do we know this? How do we know this purported HCOB was not written by Ron, is not Standard Tech, and does not qualify as valid red on while?”

    More generally, how do we determine what actually was written and/or approved by Ron, is Standard Tech, and is valid “red on white?”

  192. Hi Dan;

    Is that program available? Did you connect the cans through the USB port?

  193. I just looked some more and read some LRH on the new website and had some realizations and the iscientology website really does feel good. It’s inviting and friendly and pleasantly fresh like a morning flower. Great job Steve.

  194. Hi Martin;

    I don’t want to appear more dense than usual, but what does, “I – T. It.” mean?

  195. This is a step in the right direction!

  196. Dear Marty, Alaska Ronn, Bob Dobs, Tony DePhillips, iCarol Kramer

    Anonymous does not equal OSA.

    Pending reply: and the mu is?

    ML/Anonymous for now

  197. What an incredible key datum re Dynamics and Help!!!!!
    The universe just shifted and things aligned.
    Thank you big time for that one and your new wonderful website.
    Yes, you are doing it, no doubt about it!
    Greta 🙂

  198. Theo Sismanides

    Awesome site Steve! Great new design and lots of info on it. Thanks indeed.

  199. That list could be used as a basic repair list for x-SO.

  200. Did you get an ethics handling from a pimply faced 16 year old too?? 🙂

  201. This is what I took it to mean:
    Stands for “Information Technology,” and is pronounced “I.T.” It refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people that work with these technologies. Many companies now have IT departments for managing the computers, networks, and other technical areas of their businesses. IT jobs include computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, Web development, technical support, and many other related occupations. Since we live in the “information age,” information technology has become a part of our everyday lives. That means the term “IT,” already highly overused, is here to stay.

  202. You crack me up Bury the Nuts! Could you please get rid of that picture of Kirsty Alley???! PLEASE??

  203. Hi Terril;

    I agree that the FZ should not be summarily dismissed, even if parts of it have shifted a few degrees. The FZ was/is a very major step in what now exists.

    BEFORE there was a Reformation, there was a Rebellion, and very few here are fully aware of that; and that rebellion manifested itself in the FZ, in ARS, in ACT, and countless groups and individuals who simply did their best to get the show on the road and keep it there. They got the tech out, they broke the monopoly, and many suffered heavily for it. They are the unsung heroes.

    Some day, some one will write a history of the Rebellion that became a Reformation that became LRH Scientology.

    It’s been a very, very exciting journey … a wild ride … highs and lows … wins and heart aches … just thinking now of how things were 18 years ago … longer … things have changed in wonderful ways.

    Anyway, today the sun is shining.


  204. Thoughtful +1
    I am so done with the THEM vs US mentality.
    I am so done with UNFRIENDING someone who thinks differently and has even opposing viewpoints sometimes.
    Tony is a good friend of mine.
    Tony has a great future on the horizon…

  205. What a beautiful mind you have, Mabu. Thank you.

  206. Then they op term from different directions.

    “Marty! Why didn’t you “nut up” and kick David’s ass?”

    “Marty! You brute! You were rude to someone!”

  207. Thank you Scott! A great reference!

  208. It is never safe to assume. Assuming is always a gamble. And if you are assuming it means you do not KNOW. MYSTERIOUS TERMINALS is on the above scale.

  209. I don’t take advice from anonymous cowards.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  210. Everybody out here could be labeled a squirrel so people might as well let that line of attack go. A lot of people do not have an examiner to send their p.c.’s to at the end of a session! Who does Pierre use as a C/S? Some auditors are not using a C/S. There are all sorts of variations and make shift situations people have to endure. But the thing is, people are making it go right. How squirrel is the RPF? Read it drill do it? People get sent to the RPF and then ordered to squirrel! We are not in Orgs or working for Orgs or working under Orgs. We are disenfranchised. We are no longer part of the Franchise. We are spending our money, earning our money, making our own way without a license. We are the illegal immigrants to the OT universe. Why get nit picky about what John Doe is up to in his own living room? Take care of your own living room. It is out of the enforcement band and into curious hands. By that mere fact alone we have all gone squirrel. People need to step up and get trained so they can know where they are going and how they are getting there.

  211. Yeah, Google Hank Levin and you will find his site. I think it is called the Ability Meter. And, yes, the cans connect to a box that goes to the USB port.

  212. Wow, fantastic. You guys are smoking up there in the great Northwest.

  213. …. software program written by Hank Levin in California that turns a laptop into a meter:

    similar product designed by a russian engineer:

    I have checkt the demo software from both, looks great.
    But have myself no session experience with them.

    And here are some further informations about them, by a third viewer:

    Ihope this helps.

  214. 2nd form schoolboy humour which I really shouldn’t inflict on this forum of fine folk, I apologise. You said I hope I spelled “it” correctly, you did. I will try and keep my juvenile impulses under more control. A bit over-excited by the total re-booting of true Scientology I guess.

  215. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Good idea !

  216. Thomas Schäfer

    The VK1-50 E-Meter this guy designed seems to be the killer:
    It’s all in german, but try the translation function. It has an automatic reset, TA-Counter, a normal/solo switch that automaticly corrects the TA for solo-sessions. After adjusting the sensitivity, you dont have to touch the meter anymore during the session.
    Seems like its free to build for personal use just paying for the prices of the parts. The plan and all are there. Its the last in a row of VK1-Meters, so it should be technically mature.
    Any of the entrepreneur spirits??? (You would have to contact the designer before going industrial or copying plans, as he only permits free construction for personal use)

  217. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    We are talking about Clears and OTs – self determined people that are (should be) sane. They can form a grohrroup ae gup and work together and they don’t need tousands of policies to achieve that as they can think for themselves and are cause over their lives. You need rules only if the people in the group are’nt cause over their lives.
    For a sane person it’s a normal thing to be punctual and you don’t even it have to mention it or write it down as a rule. But with people that aren’t cause you have to write down all kinds of policies about punctuality, control mechanism for it and people that control other people etc.

  218. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Start to think for yourself and take your own decisions, you’re a free being ! 🙂

  219. Freedom Fighter

    Steve, it looks like the cult aparatus has grabbed the .com version of the URL…

  220. Freedom Fighter

    The FZ and independents should really be aligned in some way.

    The FZers are the original independents. There should really be no distinction between the two groups other than that. The only distinction that should be made is between individuals who are standard and who are not. Generalizing one group as bad and one group as good is, well, generalizing and should be avoided.

  221. Freedom Fighter

    Oops, only the first line of the above should be italicized. Forgot to properly close the quote tag.

  222. Brian and Dan Koon,

    My thoughts exactly.

  223. Communicator,
    Read an Article entitled Dianometry: Your Ability and State of Mind from Jan 51. This is a discussion of “infinity valued logic”. You will have to decide for yourself eventually the question you ask on the issue on disconnection. Hung in “maybe” is a recipe for being stopped unable to go on effectively.

    What makes sense to YOU? Does it work? Are the results attained?

  224. I use a Clarity Meter put out by Hank Levin. It’s the simple one, just a dial, Tone Arm that you move, Sensitivity, and a switch on the side to compensate for high TA reads (the same thing as the Church meter, if the TA soars you get the same size read etc.) I’m “old school” on meters. I like to move the Tone Arm to set. It has an LED read out for a counter, but you still have to note and deduct Body Motion.

    This meter works like a charm. For what it’s worth, I recommend it. I haven’t tried the Clarity Meter that auto adjusts the TA, nor the software program version.

    Jim Logan

  225. Thanks Theo. Its good to see you guys come over and visit us too. we may be gangsters, but we are mostly good people just like you all.

  226. You are not the first to say this.

    Whenever I see someone straining at the leash to attack those whose opinions differ from their own, its safe to assume they are either running DM-style implants, or are using the subject of Scientology to mask their own desires – to lash out indiscriminately.

    Very low-toned.

    Mr. B
    Free Thinker, Eudamonist, and Holder of the Golden Oblong of Not Leaping to Conclusions.

  227. I wrote an article for Scn-cult, 3D Engram, that covers the infinity valued logic I applied in looking at this topic – disconnection.

  228. Great new blog Steve, it takes an iNdependent such as yourself to come up with something so iNfinitely iNspiring and iNtelligent 😉

  229. I have a software program written by Hank Levin in California that turns a laptop into a meter. I have used it and it is very workable. Automatic needle reset, Clock, session timer, TA counter and a really cool graph along the bottom of the dial that tracks the needle movement.

    I hope those guys will work an a combination with an iPad.
    Laptop is somehow too loud and too big for an audited session.
    iPads are big enough for the dial and the needle track.
    The needle-track is a great idea.

    There is a german site about e-meters (the site is some years old now).
    The guy stopped delivery of his meters at some point (for whatever reason – i don’t know).
    He even developed a simple simulator:
    and an inspection device:

    Maybe the information is of some value for the iMovement.

  230. Hello Bob,
    please read my post above.
    I am sure you’ll find some valuable info at the page.
    It’s german, but you could easily find some germans with good english for translations if needed (my english is not good enough for translations into english).

  231. Totally agree Steve. My vote is for de-centralization. Let orgs operate independently (e.g. set their own prices, manage their own business). Good ones will quickly gain a reputation and flourish.
    Make the entire LRH library digital, no need for DM’s fancy print factory. Use social media to market and push grassroots, no need for centralized marketing.
    Current RCS manangment is stuck on the track (circa 1950-60). Top-heavy and out-of-touch.

  232. No can do Tony,…. it is my personal pet peeve protest.
    I used to really, really like her…but now she is just being willfully blind! When she finally walks (I have faith), then I will retire this AV.

  233. Steve Hall Creative.
    I am an artist myself and your design communicates “hope”.
    I am sure it was intentioned.
    Impressive piece of work and great communication!

  234. Thanks, but don’t stop the humour!

  235. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  236. Mike, the very concept of “attack your enemy” which you are demonstrating is a good illustration of what I meant by legitimate gripe with Ron.

    Love your enemy is what won the pagan world to Christianity before Constantine’s take over. Love your enemy is not pacifism. Love your enemy is not being a doormat to unscrupulous idiots.

    Love your enemy is being able to be calm, centered with your wits about you when under fire. Loving your enemy is being able to see the humanity in those who diametrically oppose you with respect. It is not weekness or capitulation.

    “to love despite all provocations to do otherswise is truly a sign of greatness”

    Which Ron do you apply, attack enemies or love.

    These are valid indescrepencies that need reasoned and balanced inquiry without the well trained and well word cleared application of attack.

    Be willing to look, talk and listen about anything with anybody about Scientology and Ron with respect. It will win people over to you.

  237. Steve, I had a chance to check out the new site this morning. What an excellent job you and the indies have done in creating a solution to the madness. VVVWD to you all.

  238. I vividly remember the day that the HCO PL EC Network Disbanded hit the lines, while I was Sea Org crew at Celebrity Center Los Angeles in August of 71. Yvonne, our beloved CO, was running around the org shouting with delight:

    “No More GI! No More GI!”

    with her irrepressible grin.

    While on the OEC years later at Flag, I figured out years later she was celebrating that her main stat was now Paid Completions (delivery of service) – which she was so dedicated to seeing done.

    And as your article on Management points out, Steve, Miscavige made sure this all got horribly twisted back toward money as the primary object, and hence, there are few auditors being made by the Cof$.

    Well, by God, we are already making auditors in the Indie Universe! Who can and will audit.

    Fantastic web page, Steve.

  239. It was nice to see you put up with us, Theo. I think a lot of people at Tony Ortega’s new blog really loving talking to the independents. I know I do. Many, but not all of the posters try to engage and be respectful. But there is a lot of humour, some of it crude. But it is good to discuss and exchange ideas. Thanks for posting over there, Theo.

  240. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  241. Li'll bit of stuff

    iLike! iLike! iDo! IDo! iSee we outgrow th’ midget show!

  242. Li'll bit of stuff

    Proof! TR3 doesn’t work on a ‘bot, Marty.

  243. It is only unsafe to make assumptions unknowingly.

    Knowingly making assumptions allows for thought in the absence of full data with conclusions known to be contingent upon the validity of the assumptions. Acquisition of further data allows the assumptions to be modified and the previous conclusions to be modified after further thought.

    Heuristics (rules of thumb) such as I stated should never be mistaken for infallible true facts; but, I don’t have that problem.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  244. It could have been packaged as an assessment and delivered as OT9.

    Figure out SOMETHING to give the people that paid for it! How difficult was that? I didn’t have to follow Pat Broker for decades blowing millions to figure out something to serve up to the curious.

  245. Sorry for the wrong indication.

  246. I was assuming too much. 🙂

  247. Yes Greta, and it explains why Kaboom McTinyfists can’t grow orgs and get Scientology to do anything but die. Even the idea of help drives him wild.

  248. … and why should someone create the Bridge, if not for help.

  249. I don’t need or want case evaluation from you, whomever you actually might be behind that pseudonym.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  250. And which agency should make that distinction?

  251. Or were you hoping each individual could assess these matters and decide for them self?

  252. About Tom and David:

    When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.


    One day I realized I was mistaken about the Int Execs and the corporate institution Scientology had become.

    I ceased being mistaken and I left.

    The people that are still there against the backdrop of the outpoints, are simply dishonest.

  253. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve, magnificent job, my friend! When one sees
    ol’ AXIOM 10 motivating creation like this, you just
    gotta be chuffed. As a fellow artist, I’m reminded
    of LRH’s assertion of when a piece of art has reached
    completion;———(…when it communicates! )

    ……………….It sure DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………

  254. Dear Li’ll bit of stuff

    Ahh, that’s what Marty was doing. Silly me – for believing I was only executing my right ie. “to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinion of others”.

    Anonymous does not equal OSA or BOT and all though anonymous does lower my credentials, my handle is actually very good credentials. (And yes, I remember Edgar Winter in park, blowing his saxophone “for the Angeles”)

    Pending reply: and the mu is?

    ML/Anonymous for now

  255. Its a beautiful website, carefully thought out and written.

    I would love to see an addition to the information about Scientology, something I have found to be very true in my life.

    Scientology is something I USE. I also USE my education. I also USE my mind. I also USE my body. I also USE my attitude. I also USE my country’s constitution. I also USE communication and CREATIVITY.

    I am none of the above, for these are all things one does, not what one is.

    I often see this on this blog, this effort to label someone as a “true” Scientologist or a “false” Scientologist. And depending on which “SIDE” one is on we get the labels: A squirrel. An apostate. A sociopath. And so on.

    If I have an “identity” at all, it is “citizen of the universe.” I have found it fruitful to expand my view. Citizen: A native, inhabitant, or denizen of a particular place.

    This is from the 1953 Webster’s College Edition:
    Civilize: 1. To bring out of a condition of savagery or barbarism; instruct in the ways of an advanced society. 2. Cultured and courteous; refine.

    I was hoping so much that there would be a return to the concept of Scientology is for USE. By ANYONE, Scientologist or NOT, who cares to learn it and learn it well.

    I was hoping there would be a return to the principle that it is NON-DENOMINATIONAL and available to all of good will, with no one demanding that one BECOME A SCIENTOLOGIST, in effect or in reality denouncing one’s existing affiliations / membership. It was the basis on which I first took up Scientology training. I was told that it was perfectly OK that I was a Buddhist. No need to turn my back on my love and joy and experiences and my group. But it turned out that it wasn’t true, and more and more I found myself being pressured to denounce Buddhism in favor of Scientology, to declare myself a Scientologist.

    I have long reflected on all this since I walked out of the CHURCH of Scientology. All these labels obscure the truth. These labels are all based on exclusion. Someone is not good enough, is awful, is detestable, is this and that and judge and judge and judge and judge.

    I’ve had a belly full of this. Don’t you think its time to end this unworkable way of teaching Scientology auditing?

    Make it safe and make it acceptable for the Rabbi in the synagogue to USE Scientology auditing. He can still be a Rabbi — a Rabbi who is a trained auditor. He does not have to BECOME A SCIENTOLOGIST. But if he wants to deliver auditing, he does need to BECOME an auditor, one who USES auditing to assist others. The same for the Christian minister. It should be safe and acceptable for him to use Scientology. He does not have to become a Scientologist to do this. If Scientology is offered “identity free” then it will be freely used, by everyone, not just by those who are willing to forswear their original allegiances to become a new identity.

  256. I was hoping there would be a return to the principle that it is NON-DENOMINATIONAL and available to all of good will, with no one demanding that one BECOME A SCIENTOLOGIST, in effect or in reality denouncing one’s existing affiliations / membership. It was the basis on which I first took up Scientology training. I was told that it was perfectly OK that I was a Buddhist. No need to turn my back on my love and joy and experiences and my group. But it turned out that it wasn’t true, and more and more I found myself being pressured to denounce Buddhism in favor of Scientology, to declare myself a Scientologist.

    You’re right.
    At some point it was not enough to be a student, to be a pc.
    That was the point when Scientology became a cult.

    I was hoping so much that there would be a return to the concept of Scientology is for USE. By ANYONE, Scientologist or NOT, who cares to learn it and learn it well.


  257. Freedom Fighter

    Honestly, I don’t think there needs to be any sort of governing body that does that. I think the market place will sort it out just like it’s already done. People are flocking away from the non-standard version of SCN (aka the “church” and other individuals) in droves. Have been for decades. Isn’t that how it also worked back in the early days when things were booming?

  258. Li'll bit of stuff

    Go ahead! Be as fucking, obnoxious & nasty
    as you please! And i hope it gets you what
    you deserve, Michael A. Hobson.

    Calvin B. Duffield
    Independent Scientologist

  259. Thanks for posting this, Marianne.

    My main contact with Scientology was as a public person back in the 1970s, and that is how I perceived it too, based on the Scientologists I met. Anyone of any profession was free to learn and use scientology. It was not particularly “a religion” but a set of tools for use.

    I did run into a few of the other kind and who are now the majority apparently, who seemed to have brought a cultish mindset with them and have remodeled the CoS in their own image.

  260. I agree.

  261. 🙂 θ

  262. You appear to be wishing me some sort of harm, something I have never yet done to anyone on any public forum. At least you have a name and seem to be a real person as opposed to a pseudonomous identity.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  263. Li'll bit of stuff

    Aha! We agree!

  264. Steve,

    Your site is beautiful!! I can not say it better then many who’ve already commented about it. It was easy to navigate and understand. Kudos to you.

    Karry Campbell

  265. “We are the illegal immigrants to the OT universe!”

    TO, you outdo yourself with every post!

    If we ever have a softball or any other sports team, I submit “Flying Squirrels” as our team name and mascot.

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