Secret Scientology Inc. Surveillance Photos


Yesterday, right in time to prepare for some high-class visitors to Casablanca,  none other than the fearsome Headley family, David Miscavige had a make over done of the surveillance outpost he operated on my block for the past two years.  Here is the story on the outpost for those who missed it, Casablanca Surveillance Outpost.

Now, the back window facing my house, from which the three high-powered Scientology Inc cameras trained on our home are positioned, was just done over.  By cover of darkness a team of Scientology Inc. plumbers took the tape blocking the camera holes off, resurfaced the window with one way reflective film, and posted a ‘no trespassing’ sign ON THE WINDOW to prevent any more tampering with their view:

Well, it just so happens that one of our high-powered guests is a computer genius.  He was able to intercept the still image feeds that David Miscavige receives from the surveillance outpost 24/7/365.   Please see below the SECRET fruits of the over-the-top surveillance system Miscavige has installed with millions of dollars of hard-earned Scientology parishioner donation dollars.

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  2. Excellent photos! DM got his money’s worth of gear. Hope you guys will come out with another “fishin” video – great to see there are windscreens on the mics!

  3. If DM had read Marc’s book he would have know better. Great photos! Smile for the camera please.

  4. Just in time to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that miscavige does indeed have “business” dealings in Texas.

    Somehow, I believe miscavige is so far gone down that rabbit hole, that he’ll read something quite sinister into those delightful photos.

    Thanks for keeping us well informed.


  5. Ha — ha — funny, but very cute pics! Lovely fish — hope it was edible and good eating.

    Maybe you can do a “Speed” movie thing where you run a repeating loop into their camera system so they think you are doing the same thing again and again while you are really out elsewhere doing what you do.

    Really, this kind of surveillance is so petty, vindictive, and weird, that CoS Inc. might as well just shoot itself in the foot and get it over with.

    I am sure you do all needed to protect your property (tell-tales, security cams, sensors, trash management, firewalls on your own networks, etc.) but what a shame that you probably have to live like that to whatever degree you might.

    Thank you for continuing to shine light on this low-toned, unethical, probably illegal surveillance.

  6. Wow, you people are obviously up to NO GOOD! LOL! Keep on dreamin’ David Miscavige.

  7. I wonder if there were a couple of kids playing and not trespassing if they could splattter mud on the windows?

  8. Hilarious.

    Vintage Miscavige (and vintage Monty Python Drake) — a “No Trespass” sign ON THE WINDOW! Ha ha ha ha….

    About as effective and subtle as “It’s just a small handful of bitter defrocked apostates trying to get publicity for themselves/make money/curry favor with the psychs and drug companies.”

    The lame — yet brazen — denials, coverups, explanations and idiocies are becoming more comical by the day.

    Miscavige apparently believes people look at his actions and statements and think “My oh my, this Miscavige guy is really a smooth operator” when in fact every single time he opens his cakehole or directs his minions in their Keystone Kop activities, people shake their heads and think “what a fucking maroon that guy is.”

    It really does suck to be so amazingly out of touch with reality Miscavige.

    But so nice to see Marc, Claire and K1 and K2 at Casablanca! Enjoy yourselves!

    Maybe the boys can throw mud pies at the windows!! For every action an equal and opposite reaction (though that would be more mature…)

  9. Yep and those spies are seeing nothing but Theta! Maybe it will destimulate them, lol!

  10. Chad Braunersrither

    He’s got a lot of ammunition against some fish killers and Broncos fans!

  11. Your sense of humor, Marty, is a more potent weapon than anything in Dave’s depleting arsenal. It’s also something that Dave himself is surely, and sadly, unable to comprehend.

    This quotation springs inevitably to mind, though it doesn’t do justice to your motives:

    “Living well is the best revenge.”
    — George Herbert, English clergyman & metaphysical poet (1593 – 1633)

  12. would a paint gun be considered trespassing?

  13. You might consider mooning and see if that image gets saved

  14. Oh my, what ever will they do with all that very valuable and very expensive footage of all those very normal people doing very normal things. The mind boggles. Please, raise my IAS status to the next level.

  15. who is in the photos then?

  16. Can’t something be done about this freak of nature???

  17. Hold on. I gotta crack another cold one before I finish reading this tale…

  18. martyrathbun09

    Actually, we set all the fish free.

  19. I don’t know. Those pictures look pretty fishy…

  20. Claire Headley

    Lol Sinar! Kaiden has one heck of an aim too 🙂

  21. Bert Schippers


  22. This is too much. Instant Karma soon.

  23. HA!

    4 photos, just 4, that’s all he could get? Let’s see, that’s what, $100,000.00 per photo?

    Good to see you are all having fun.

    Just think DM, you could be having fun too, if you weren’t such a psycho.

  24. Laughter!

  25. Dammit, BB, you said it before I had a chance to! ROFL!

    Thumbs up! 🙂


  26. Awww, those are cute. Maybe DM wants to post them to his FB page to show that he really doesn’t need to shove a hook into a fish’s mouth in order to catch one.

  27. Question With Boldness

    My opinion, the dwarf aka POB is a voyeur. This is one sick puppy!

  28. David has copied Government with every step. He is a copy. First the bank buildings he buys up as “Ideal Orgs” that look like Government buildings. Turning the Int Base into Camp David with security. Turning Int Management into the Internal Revenue Service to constantly tax it’s citizens. Of course there is his play military he plays commander in chief over. Not he he running his own little C.I.A..

    Trust me, the authorities in his neighborhood know exactly what children’s game he is playing with his toys and toy soldiers.

  29. Li'll bit of stuff

    Well. Claire, Kaiden can practice all he wants there!
    If that’s not mud on miscavige’s mug, then I don’t
    know! Great idea too Sinar!

  30. I meant, NOW he is running his own little C.I.A..

    “Every Step You Take” documentary can be purchased from here:

  31. Marty, you should put that same kind of film on your own windows…that would mean no one can look in. Like video cameras…and it would cause DM to really freak out that he could not watch the “Marty Show”.

  32. I wonder the annual amount of $$$$ of Parishioner’s donations allocated to stalk, watch and pursue those who have departed. The actual money paid out montly to PIs, to Lawyers and to Bribes of those is positions to “help” the Church.

  33. You know, this is a golden opportunity to send messages directly to Miscavige. I mean, my imagination runs wild with the things you could say and show to him, through his high powered cameras.

    You could write daily messages on poster board, step out on the veranda every morning and say ‘hello Missy’, perform skits, read him news articles, tell jokes, whisper rumors, and rumors of rumors — the mind boggles with the endless possibilities!

  34. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes of course Marty, but it’s the game that counts!
    Just like the cat playing with a little mouse. So
    disproportionate in the eventual outcome!

    Say, here’s a little maneuver you could mebbe,give
    a try. Would mock up something like this: Couple
    of inexpensive laser torches mounted on a slow
    speed fan. With the beam points aimed directly
    at the offending window.

    Just be another reminder to him that, no matter what
    hair-brained scheme he or his cronies can cook up,
    using miscavology’s extorted “war chest” millions,
    you can foil it with practically no expense at all!

    Still, like Sinar’s idea the best though!

  35. Nice photo’s! This must be really enturbulating information for David Miscavige – looks like normal people having a normal life!

    Just one question – has the Corgee (dog) been declared an Espee yet? He looks familiar and thought maybe there was a write up in the Free-dumb magazine….

  36. Amazing!……David….just admit it….Marty owns you and all of your attention units.
    What a painful existence. Dying slowly ain’t no way to live.

  37. Li'll bit of stuff


  38. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    I think in most states having a property “posted” (No Trespassing signs) allows the legal tenant to file charges against any who come onto the property if they can prove it. Of course I ain’t no lawyer.
    But a high watt beam of light directed at that window they put reflective film on will show you all the camera’s that are behind that glass.

  39. Indeed, David Miscavige might find them quite “fishy”. 🙂

  40. Double dammit, I said it and then read that you’d said it. 🙂

  41. ^^^

  42. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    T. What you say is true. If one installs reflective film on the windows of their own home no one can see into the home in the daytime. But people can see into the home at night because of the light inside. Also, if one is inside a home with reflective film on the windows it ruins their ability to look out at night because of the mirror effect. The mirror effect is on the outside in the daytime and it reverses to inside the home at night.

  43. Solutions to this spying are so simple.

    1. Go shut off the breakers to the house if the breaker box is on the outside. If it is a house that is likely.

    2, Find the electric meter outside of the house, it should have a breaker that can be shut off.

    3. Send a power surge into the house . (poof!) (Many ways to do that).

    4. Send a high powered lazer beam (Available on Ebay, lazer pointer 1 watt or greater) into the camera lens which will burn out the sensor chip.

    That is how fragile David’s set up is and how does he protect it? A “NO Trespassing” sign! Here is Mr. secret agent man, playing with the big boys with kinder toys!

  44. Laughter! Sometimes David Miscavige is funny!

  45. Looks like fun all around! I need to head down that way sometime in the future. Love all the boats tied up next to the homes and of course the amount of theta and comraderie is priceless! Looks like everyone there at Casablanca were kids for a day!

  46. Oh, total cost to fold that million dollar surveillance system? Free unless you go for the laser pointer! Laser pointer on Ebay 190.00 or best offer!

    Tactical High Power Laser 1W 445nm Blue waterproof focusable
    Returns: Not accepted
    Buy It Now
    or Best Offer

    Wow David! Are we a problems release or what! Oh, you are too right Dave? Looks like I have found a solution to your solution at a fraction of the price and little or no effort! You are NOT a rocket scientist David! What the hell! Who helps you with your solutions? Oh. nobody because they are all stupid DB’s! You are the brainchild right David? 190.00 to take down your costly surveillance system! You out smarted everyone right David?


  47. You are being PERMITTED to spy, and you think you are getting over!

    Laughter! You are tripping David!

    And your compulsion for voyeurism is on the history books!

    Good luck with the longing looks!

  48. Li'll bit of stuff

    Not his style,unfortunately, Nance. He’s definitely more
    preoccupied in his games of trying to stay aloft while
    trying to fly over the cuckoo’s nest! (flutter!flutter!)

    Trouble is, his bat-wings keep getting caught in his “prince of darkness”cape! He regularly ends up in a free fall, head first, impaling himself on his own horns! (BTW,
    he thought that having these surgically “added” would
    enhance his fearsome image! -Another no-brainer!)

    This level of incompetence, of course, does NOT sit well
    with his 500 year old mentor, Count Dracula, so word
    has it that HE, personally, will do us all the honors, by
    hammering that stake through the upstart’s chest, and
    personally nailing the bungling (blood)sucker’s coffin
    shut—once & for all!

    Nothing upsets a profession more than being humiliated
    by an over zealous, wanna-be, upstart!

    Seems there is a limit to how far you can go in the
    “sucking” business!

    Count Calvin,
    (reporting from ‘The Crypt’)

  49. Good idea,
    Chinese School for Miscavige.
    Maybe something from the Tao Te Ching?

    "Yield, and be perfect, 	
    bend, and be straight, 	
    be empty, and be filled, 
    be worn out, and be renew, 
    have little, and gain much, 
    (but) have much, and be confused!"
  50. In your face Miscavige! You non-fishing flounder!

  51. All I can say is wow. Now that’s stalking. Besides in many state you need a permit for a no trespass post. I wander what is the law in Texas.

  52. Holy high level surreptitiousness – I was admittedly expecting some heir high midget unholiness unfoldingness … and got so so so much more !!!

  53. great pics of yooz and great to see !

  54. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Some mean SP´s on them pictures! I can understand why DM finds it necessary to keep track of their every move and at all times know what they´re up to in order to protect his beloved church against their attacks – no matter the cost. I believe he´s getting his money´s worth. Scientologists will just have to dig deeper into their pockets to sustain his worthwhile pursuits. Church………?#?%!=???

  55. I love this idea!
    How about a WANTED poster with Madam Miss Cavige’s mug on it:


  56. Li'll bit of stuff

    You know,T, that sounds appropriate for what it’s worth!
    The big difference with Marty ( that the coward can’t have!)
    —is that Marty has no need to hide from his brain-washed
    stooges. What they don’t yet realize, is that “they” are
    probably already, themselves caught on video, making a
    laughing stock of themselves as the latest hair-brained
    video surveillance-gone-wrong comedy to go viral!

    Stupidity that can be bought, is quite embarrassing too!

  57. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice thinking Ronnie, and what about a dose of good ol’
    reverse Scientology. Ie poster boards— exclaiming;-

    ” Dear miscavige, we have been approached by a panel
    of expert psychiatrists who have earmarked you for an
    extensive study in “paranoia induced sociopathic fixation,
    upon subjugation by persons of superior intelligence and
    dominance syndrome.”

    “In keeping with your spirit of generosity, we have agreed to
    allow them the use of OUR premises, to undertake this
    valuable research. They have confirmed that broadly
    disseminated papers and reports shall be released, which
    are almost certain to propel you into the limelight in ways
    that you could not have even have imagined, not in your
    “wildest” dreams!”

    He’s a sucker for punishment……heap it on fellas!

  58. Anon-onyourside

    Such beauty and happiness must enrage DM. He probably is screaming everytime he thinks of the Marty, ” You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little [boy] like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?”

  59. Just don’t take any undersized fish! They’ll report you and you’ll be raided! “See! I told you there were illegal activities going on. See!” A small voice was heard coming from the ankle region.

  60. peeping DAVE…….ähhh no Tom, this is DAVID’s new GAV …..the GOLDEN AGE of VOYEURISM

  61. The “Speed” movie thing would be appropriate as Miscavige relives the same day over and over again, a la the movie “Groundhog Day”.

  62. Marty, put up a big rear projection screen and show tech films to his cameras, or a still of you, Ron, or maybe a jail cell. Some of those screens are as wide as a house.

  63. EnthralledObserver

    Now that’s precisely what I was thinking… may I suggest a paragraph by paragraph rendition of Marty’s latest book, and the next bombshell publication to come? You’ll be giving it free… heh, but what better ‘donation’ to the church could be more fitting and useful??? :p

  64. BillyJackIsBack

    If cameras are pointed at you, could you point a bright light at a window. or would the light be a trespasser? A light passer? There are also inexpensive lasers (as low as $10 for a pointer that could be rewired to work on an ac/dc/ power converter-match the voltage, of course). It should not disturb anyone in a vacant house. Is spying on you legal? If it is, the laws should be changed, affording you a right to privacy.

  65. Looks to me like a band of rabid bitter apostates has descended upon the Rathbun residence to wreak havoc and spread suppression.

  66. Gern Gaschoen

    Yup. I think this is a wide open comm line to the thetan, itself. Lets do something. Head masks! Real pikes! Giant Inflatable (but slightly deflated) Squirrels!

  67. The cameras are actually a handy means to remind DM of all his losses; ie the Headleys. Casablanca is used for Photo Ops. DM’s desire to know is used to torture him and remind him of these losses.
    Marty, Mike, Steve, and all the others would never let DM see or know anything they did not wish him to see or know? The Corpus Christi video stakeout is like having a security camera fixed on the front door of a warehouse, while its being emptied at the rear loading docks.
    Someone here is playing checkers. Someone else is playing chess. Mismatch.

  68. Marty, But how did their photog get into your back yard without you all noticing?

  69. Not a bad idea. Maybe we should have donation campaign to finance setting up and running such a setup to send the appropriate messages back through the surveillance system.

  70. Likewise not a bad idea, if feasible.

  71. Broke my straight face.
    Can’t stop laughing.

    May all fish be well and happy!

  72. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    Marty, You know a paintball gun would actually cover those windows with a film that blocks them and you wouldnt be trespassing

  73. I agree Cindy! And I am pretty sure if I was caught filming the neighbors kids from my upstairs window I’d be hearing a knock at my door. That’s just preverse.

  74. The Demonic Midget is just trying to get some tips to improve his fishing. But he can’t figure out how you do it, because he didn’t see anyone jumping in the canal to shove the hooks down the fish’s throats. It sucks to be a lousy fisherman.

  75. I think its time for some softball games on your street. Please be careful not to hit a ball through the no trespassing window. HA!!!

  76. KimberlyinOklahoma

    Bravo! David Miscavige is going all out now, isn’t he? I’m sure glad that he’s putting his parishioners hard earned money to good use! That fish is squirreling the tech and must be stopped at all costs!

  77. I warned against the used of camera blinding LASER devices when it was suggested on the previous post about those cameras:

    Use of LASER beams powerful enough to blind those cameras poses a hazard to the eyesight of anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of a reflected and/or scattered beam. Now that those windows have been covered with partially reflective film, the hazard has greatly increased.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  78. Great minds think alike?
    Those are wonderful photos!

  79. Pretty good idea Over Run. Or better yet, play the movie Battlefield Earth over and over, that should drive Mctinyfists nuts..

  80. If you mean a paintball marker, there would be a significant chance of breaking the window – which would no doubt result in a lawsuit.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  81. lol incredibly fearsome 🙂 🙂 :). Good to see the boys are having fun, Mark and Claire…

  82. Actually, with a laser you could destroy the camera. Marty, you have a right to privacy, so destroying the camera will probably be ok.

  83. “The government doesn’t need to stop the Church of Scientology. Miscavige is doing that.” ~ Steve Poore 35 year Scientologist –

  84. Li'll bit of stuff

    Michael A, Hobson, you’re the most complete living example of a service
    facsimile I’ve ever seen posting on this blog, to date.
    Go ahead, CONTINUE to be as obnoxious & nasty as
    you like! It seems to be a compulsion that affords you
    some perverted satisfaction! Control freak supremo!

    Calvin B. Duffield
    Independent Scientologist

  85. “No Trespassing” at a window? I don’t believe I have ever seen that.

    Possibly “There are no cameras behind this pane of glass-Really and Truly- I mean it for sure!” would have been less obvious.

  86. Is it legal to take survalence photos of children? There is nothing funny about that. What possible reason could they have for taking and sending photos of children to COS in Cali?

  87. I wonder if a little bit of strategic tree planting would help with privacy. I’m not sure if Marty has soil in right angles, but I’ve gotten good results with this.

  88. Guest — good thought, though I must repeat the story told here earlier about the church PI’s who took up residence in the office across the street from Robert Almblad’s place and because there were 3 trees in front of his building, they were chainsawed in the middle of the night and left toppled into the street (these were trees that had 10″ diameter trunks). The only ones that were felled were the ones right in front of Robert’s place, not the ones on either side.

    So, Miscavige doesn’t just destroy trees with his horse and buggy state-of-the-20th-century-art printing facility (“the largest digital printing facility in the world [in my mind]”) he has his Keystone Kop minions cut them down with chainsaws….

    Though if Marty did plant some trees and Dave’s flunkies took a chainsaw to them, it *would* be caught on *their* video, so they might worry about having a record like that….

  89. constant vigilance

    Steve Poore, Excellent article and the quotes they made of your words was powerfully and eloquently put–real “right between the eyes.” I am so proud of you for taking the big step to leave and speak out about it. Keep speaking. Keep outflowing the message.

  90. constant vigilance

    Marty, If anyone else had taken pics of kids surrepticiously from hidden cameras, they would be arrested as a stalker, a pervert and all kinds of stuff. Can’t you complain to the police and show them pics you got and tell them the history of it and get the police to get them out of there?

  91. HaHaHaHa!!! Great one, Tony. I know it would drive me nuts for sure. Should be interdispersed with video’s of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and commercials for Vanity Fair and the Anderson Cooper show, just to round it all off very nicely.

  92. Good point. I know tree vandalism is considered a serious crime in many places. I know of one policy that gives a $10,000 reward for confidential tip leading to tree vandal prosecution, and a penalty of up to $1 million.

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Check out the extensive build up to this, Christine.
    enough is enough. I don’t back down to this attitude.
    from anyone. I’ve said what NEEDED to be said.

  94. Not in Florida they don’t…

  95. Calvin??? What’s happening with you?

  96. Wow, the fact you can intercept images and or communications on Micsavige’s spying comm lines must send a shiver up and down his spine. Let him stew in the unkownness that conjures up. What else has been or can be known?? Sleep well Davey.

  97. I am sorry but I have a family and I could not sit back while depraved indiviuals carried out the type of campaign that DumbMoron uses to try to get to you. I know I can have it or not but it still does not sit well with me. Know I support you all. ARC Bill Dupree

  98. Calvin, I have enjoyed some of your posts particularly, but this one is out of ljne. While you may be sufficiently plugged-in to tech and law to know that Marty can’t actually go pointing lasers at that window, not the case for all of us here. So Mike was just posting a warning that it could bring trouble.

    Or you may be unaware that here in the US people are frequently arrested for aiming lasers at other people, planes, cops.

  99. Jean-François Genest

    It is PLENTY ! And that is why Sea Org members working for the entity Church of Scientology International (Int. Liaison Office, Flag Bureaux & Networks, Senior Exec Strata, CMO Int and IXU) rarely got paid their weekly allowance, and had so much difficulties getting funds approved, if any, for basic operating supplies. It is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to spy on people than to deliver Scientology across the planet.

  100. Jean-François Genest

    1. Wow! You can fish right off your deck! That’s awesome!
    2. Oh my God, Mosey and those 2 kids are way too uptone and SOOOO dangerous! Gotta spy on them for sure.
    3. I am glad Y ‘ all are enjoying yourselves and having a great time. Θ

  101. Claire, It is so awesome to see you guys there.
    I hope you have a wonderful time. Truly!

  102. Jean-François Genest

    Well, truth is, David Miscavidge •IS• “a stalker, a pervert and all kinds of stuff”. However, he pays others to do that work for him so as to avoid incrimination.

  103. For every camera pointing towards us there is one pointing the other way. Check out a cult guard – and son of an OSA SO member, telling me on the eve of the IAS event with DM in residence that having a chat with him at St Hill is a “suppressive act” while Miscavige psychosis apparently isn’t – fun just doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  104. BAAHAAAHAAA. Good one.

  105. Jean-François Genest

    … and David Miscavidge’s favorite tech film:
    Brokeback Mountain, in a loop, over and over and over…

  106. Anon-onyourside

    I assume this was pre-Internet? The Internet is their biggest enemy. It shines a light on their filthy activities. But, obviously not enough or they wouldn’t be videoing Marty so blatantly.

    I can only conclude that the reason Miscavige doesn’t get that his unfettered reign is over, is that he is too stupid to understand the power of the free flow of information allowed by the Internet. His every move against Marty is immediately blogged. Unlike the 80s and 90s, people are watching. Marty’s Internet surveillance of David Miscavige is thousands, if not millions, of times more powerful than Miscavige’s pathetic cameras behind mirrored glass.

    Perhaps the way to get Miscavige to understand what a microscope he is under is to have headlines such as “David Miscavige orders 24/7 surveillance that includes video taping of underage children.”

    If the parents know about the taping, they have every right to report it to the FBI. Miscavige is such a vindictive, lunatic loose cannon, there is no guaranty that he won’t post the videos of children on some nasty website that is visited by pedophiles.

    If his lawyers have ordered the surveillance, they should be reported to the state bar association for failing to inform the children’s parents that they are taping their children and for failing to document that they have destroyed those tapes.

  107. OMG this is f–king crazy! Isn’t this against the law?

  108. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Mike is right. Only last week I heard a news story on TV where airline pilots had testified regarding their encounters with the beams from laser pointers and laws are in effect, or being put into effect, making it illegal to point lasers at people and aircraft.

  109. Nice photos but I doubt it’s a good idea to surveil and photograph children without their parents’ consent. There are actually better photos posted by Claire Headley on FB and these are, by Claire’s posting of them, approved by their mother.

  110. Actually, whilst professing to be a Scientologist, you have attempted to apply Black (reverse) Scientology tech to me with no more justification than you don’t like whatever it is you misconceive to be my “attitude”. Fortunately for me, I’ve had sufficient training and enough experience spotting such Black Scientology attempts that your apparent effort to cave me in has failed.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  111. Have more nice days

    One week at this place. A couple of reflections:
    • The surveillanceapparatus with regards to a private home appears as something invented by Soltan Gris.
    • I trust the “Halfway house”, with the ongoing improvements (for example the does move it up a little higher. (Don’t skip management thought – the orgboard carries the weight of the bridge.)
    • Great many viewpoint exist (including my own I guess) that cannot be checked out, ie.“a fact is something that can be proven to exist by visible evidence. An opinion is something which may or may not be based on any facts.”
    • The story with TC is one that cannot be checked out.
    • One of my own opinions is: I do favor PB whom I believe was #1 on this particular chain of “slaughter the opposition”.
    • Anonymous does not equal OSA.

    ML/Anonymous for now

    When Crocodile Dundee enters his hotel room in New York, he sees a TV and says – I’ve seen one of those before (back in Walkabout Creak), he turns the TV on and Lucy Show appears on the screen – Yea, that’s right.

  112. Ditto that! Right between the eyes.

  113. No, it was in 2011….

  114. Announcer: “Don’t miss the next episode of HERE COMES DAVEY BOO BOO! This week, Davey Boo Boo proves he’s not running surveillance out of a nearby vacant house by putting reflective mirror film over the window in the middle of the night, and then for added effect putting a NO TRESPASS sign on the window and another on a nearby telephone pole. Nope, nothing going on in this vacant house.”

  115. Li'll bit of stuff

    Regular dog. There was no attempt on my part
    to infer that a suggestion I made in jest, to Marty,
    be taken literally!!
    Of course the dangers of pointing lasers at the EYES of people are well established, and to be heeded–no question!

    My point to Christine should merit another look
    though, unless you feel that it’s quite acceptable
    to selectively PROHIBIT one’s right to counter or
    utter upon the (obnoxious) opinions of others.

    (Clue) I’m talking about about a long series of
    previously unchallenged similar remarks, here.

    Anyhow, I don’t have any beef with you bro’
    I come to this blog on a daily basis to get some
    destim. from regular encounters with real crims.
    and gang violence. I appreciate finding that here
    as opposed to pathetic service facsimiles.


  116. If I was you, I would have my house swept to see if there is a listening device in your home. DM is such a slime I wouldn’t put anything past him. Check into it. If the local police or the FBI can’t or won’t do it, I’m sure that they can recommend a private business. As you are laughing at his spy cameras pointed at your house, he could be listening to everything that is said in your home. Really Marty, please consider this.

  117. Tampa….now that’s a great idea. Whoopsie.

  118. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ho-hum! Like I said, Fred–Go ahead!

  119. We in RTC are not surprised that Texas is spinning wild tales of tinted windows and spies!

    Texans tell tall tales.

    Texans love to attack COB RTC David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology as they have nothing better to do!

    Well sir, now the bitter defrocked apostates in Texas have gotten their comeuppance:

  120. constant vigilance

    Marty, I want to reiterate that you should pay to buy whatever apparatus you need to sweep for bugs in your house. He won’t stop at cameras, he will try to get listening devises inside or outside your house. And you could even get donations from the Indies to start building up a “war chest” for things like this.

  121. Thanks for the link.

  122. If I’m not mistaken, I think you were refering to the JB artical? Where JB tells the story of fishing with DM. Loved it!

    and got it! ( big smile)

  123. I can assure you that doing the paint ball thing or anything
    of that nature plays into D.M.s hands/ He achieves Victem status which he craves. Doing nothing ,ignoring , yawning or snoozing for the cameras would drive him nutzoid, not taking action is far more damaging to D.M.s game. “Art of War” Dont fight an enemy on his ground or fight his battle.

  124. The Headly’s have such beautiful children. The midget must be in total misery to waste that much money on pointlless surveillance.

  125. You could title the movie series the PEEP SQUEEK PRESENTS by David the Dildo Miscarriage.

  126. Anon-onyourside

    Amazing. I don’t think Miscavige will get it until the day he is arrested for tax fraud, embezzlement and a litany of other crimes. If this was England, the bookies would be taking bets on what crimes he will be arrested for, how long before he gets arrested, and how long his prison sentence will be.

    Miscavige is being sued personally for monetary damages. One of the reasons he is desperate to get the case kicked, is the plaintiffs could get a court order allowing pre trial discovery of his finances. Wouldn’t that be interesting! (BTW, if the case is kicked in Tx for jurisdiction reasons, it just means it has to be refilled somewhere else, Miscavige doesn’t win anything except a different judge and city).

  127. Little Davey would love that. Better to let him be the PEEPING Tom he is and show him some real life outside of the bunker. I mean who gives a rip. There is nothing to hide and you get a direct comm line to the Kool Aide stand at Hell Hole Central at his expense.

    Oops, I forgot that is is funded by those patronizing the stand which is no longer me TFG.

  128. In California they take their trees pretty seriously, much more so than human trafficking!

  129. The photo of that window with the No Trespass sign makes me laugh and laugh and laugh….oh the ironing.

  130. “David Miscavige orders 24/7 surveillance that includes video taping of underage children.”

    Now you are talkin! +1000

  131. Hi Martin, I saw that on Facebook. Fascinating! The guy didn’t know what “OK” means. Talk about rote.

    Here’s what gets me. He knew you – or at least knew of you. He knew you were an “SP”. And yet, this is the best he can do for a “handling?” It is not like you jumped out from behind a bush and caught him (and St. Hill, for that matter) unawares. So, therefore, he had to be the “state of the art” guy for handing SPs. And, this is what he does? This is the best they can do?

    I have to admit, I suspected that they pulled up that back-hoe to provide a little noise pollution for your video, but they even missed that chance!

    Well done, sir!


  132. Fishing AGAIN! When you all should be at INT Clearing the F^&%%ing PLANET! What kind of dilettantes are you, anyway???

    Seriously, man what fun. Way to flourish and prosper, guys!

    As for the cameras… What a bunch of maroons. I am surprise they can even find the plug.


  133. So the fish that monique is holding will be set free?

    I hope you truly are freeing the fish if you’re not going to eat them. I’m no scientologist but I would think that killing fish just for sport would be “out-tech.” Who knows, that fish may be your grandson from your last life.

  134. Bravo for my DRAWSOME partner & her husband. I think dm suspects “some overts”.

    Bravo: The Headleys

    Bed Man Mike in OKC

  135. Ive never met the man but I’ve seen the infamous Nightline debacle & thats why that guys never speaks in public, unless its rotten down for him.

    Rinder Rath, Scobee, MAt- any of you that have met him, could you not imagine dm at a IAS meeting later on, blaming

    “the SPs, those rogue Scienotologists calling themselves “Squirrel Busters”, that is NOT how a Scientologist acts. We would never approve of something so terrible. Those people were all connected to SPs.

    Good News though, We have sent all of the squirrel busters, there families, friends,their friends families, neighbors and even people they never met to 6 years in the RPF RPF”

    “Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray for LRH”


    “Jelly, Safi, lets GO!, NOW!.”


  136. constant vigilance

    Excerpted from the lecture The Fact of Clearing delivered on 4 July 1958. This can be found in the Clearing Congress lectures.

    “All you have to do is, is show people the possibility that truth exists, and then ask them whether or not this item is true. And if they find that this item is true then they will recognize truth.

    “People do recognize truth when they see it.

    “But another little factor enters in. Sometimes you only get the synthetic personality to look. And if only the synthetic personality is looking, its primary characteristic is that it can’t confront truth.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  137. Anon OYS
    I assume this was pre-Internet? The Internet is their biggest enemy. It shines a light on their filthy activities. —

    I have said that for 10 years. After watching the Bill Curtis hosted, Documentary about Artie Lerna. I knew, I just KNEW then – that even though they won the battle, that the internet would obviously get bigger and bigger. That, like a computer virus, once it spread, you would never get the shit back in to the horse.

    It became so obvious, that the internet, effectively killed this regime, granted dm is still in power, a full 12 years later, but you can not seriously think he has the same power as he had in 2000. He is on his way down, it is a certainty.

    Now without his #2 & #3 guys who are long gone.

    Now that Marty & the wonderful Headleys, have given cob dm a collective “one gun salute” and a big “up yours”.

    As the Headleys, stood their ground & embarrassed the cob, dm. And we all know what Martys been doing to cob dm & his fragile ego.

    IF I check this blog 5 times a day, I can not IMAGINE How many times cob, dm checks this.

    So For Marty & The Headleys,, I say bravo or hip hip hooray or godspeed.

    Back to the cult

    and the fact that it continues to use, poor hapless parishioners to do their dirty work. It reminds me the stories I read about Kamikae pilots, most people know that they gave the pilots amphetamines, before flight and would naturally, rile them up and send them on their way.

    So, I assume dm rants and raves and finds ONE GUY, and has him- get a group of fanatical scientologists together – and they rile them up and the rest is history of course.

    We were all witness.

    The only thing more interesting, than Marty & Moseys video coverage of the SQBs, were the SQB’ OWN videos.

    A crazy, you had to see it to believe it and we ALL saw it.

    Absolute, must see TV

    Everyone had the exact same question, “wtf re you people doing?”, what are you possibly hoping to accomplish with these videos?

    Look, when Marty went out there with the hose, & cooled that guy off,
    I spit MT Dew all over my Laptop.

    But, after a while, I started to feel bad for the Squirrel Busters !!!

    The overweight guy, The guy with the Santa beard with the sunglasses, that could barely put together 2 complete sentences. I started to pity this ass hat !

    I mean, talk about being outmatched. This was Holmes vs Ali. You have a guy like Marty, who – from the stories I have heard, was the LAST guy you wanted to have a meeting with. The last guy you EVER wanted to see in front of you. The guy that wrote the manuscript these guys were using.

    Did they really think it would work? What did they really think would happen? That Marty would suddenly shut up and go away?

    I would imagine, Marty has been offered a ****load” of cash to GTFA.

    While I am not privy to ANY information and its pure speculation.

    I AM positive that all of the signed and video taped confessions, before being paid off by the church– i am positive that those are signed under duress, or as the Pablo Escobar called it PLATA o PLOMO, “Accept my money or receive my bullet”. I am positive that it happens exactly as it has been described.

    Marty, cob dm biggest liability, has not been paid off. I think Marty likes Effing with Mismanage y point is, I can not imagine what Marty has been offered, the guy knows as much as anyone about the cover up and the spies etc… The fact that he has not been bought off, proves to me that Marty knows way too much & — AND I think Marty just likes ***ing with this man. He also, by accident, be showing the cult, that not EVERYONE can be bought off & threatened into silence.

    I see Rathbun and Rinder both, as smart enough to have protected themselves, from any unforeseen “accidents”.

    Ive said it before, THIS is the more entertaining than ANY thing on TV or Radio or the Movies.

    Ive watched as Marty has gone from everyone assuming that he was in the RPF or DEAD. Then his gradual return. Back when this blog was one page, maybe 2. Its nice to think of where this site has come to from that first time finding it.

    BAR NONE: It has been the most entertaining reality programming, Ive ever seen. (I am sure it is not as 1/2 as entertaining to Marty or Mosey)

    While I may not comment all of the time – I check this site, DAILY. Multiple times, DAILY. I view this page more than I check my bank account. So I Know cult leader cob dm is checking it daily (and probably reading my comment about him – hooray)

    HE has got to be pulling his hair out. Every single thing he has commissioned has failed and failed publicly and failed miserably.

    SQbusters, John Sweeney, Bert Lehey, BFG, Janet Reitman, Tommy Davis, Anderson Cooper, Narconon Arrowhead, Alexander, TB Times: Truth Rundown, Paul Haggis, Debbie Cook– I could obviously keep going ALL of these things have backfired, While he was able to ultimately buy off Debbie Cook for good this time, the testimony is in public records now (don’t think he moving away from easy subpoenas is a coincidence, because a NDA doesn’t mean jack shit in front of a Grand Jury – david mismanage has made sure, that she is way out of sight)

    But, this shit isn’t working all of the time, these tactics will backfire more and more, as more people stand up to the bully.

    It is only a matter of time,

    I will be here watching, popcorn and mt dew near by, waiting for the next chapter i the saga

    I love this Cliffhanger Marty- the Headleys arrive “whats gonna happen next”

    Turn in next Season to the most entertaining realty show available, anywhere !

    Hip Hip Hooray


    Sorry guys I just started writing and could to stop.

    Cheers Beers and it is not tone 1.1 to be queer.


  138. BTW Dave, without your whipping boy Andy Hutton’s “help” this year we were able to get all the folk we wanted in to the event, including reporters who have got great audio and visual footage. Reports to follow…. Also the “Cult in your Backyard” conference was a great success.

    I spoke to several attendees on their way home – their conclusion summarised: bewilderment. If it’s all this good – where is the actual expansion. Even the hypnotised and brainwashed are beginning to smell a rat. Sucks to be you…

    One more thing – of the 3 – 3500 (generous estimate) attendees, how many were paid to fill seats this year? Even with the paid actors there were LOTs of empty seats. Not quite the “8000” Mike Garside predicted.

  139. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Depends on who does the mooning.

  140. Boo ya! LMAO 😆

  141. Robert Langdon

    Where can I email you at Marty?

  142. Chupacabra Ric


    I am a nobody in this fight. Not a Scientologist. Not a Good Christian… just a native American 5th generation Los Angeleno adopted into a Jewish Family that never felt like I belonged anywhere. I grew up in So-Cal and have been approached many times about joining Scientology, but I am not much of a joiner. Suffice it to say that while Scientology has always intrigued me… something about it always set my BS separator on high alert. That said… I have read through your blog… read many VV articles… read books on LRH… and done a lot of research over the years. And I feel compelled to tell you something.

    Besides the fact that you seem to love to fishing (I have been a professional tournament sport fisherman for years), I do not think I have ever been as impressed by any one persons writing, honesty, courage, grace under adverse conditions, stoicism, and just absolute integrity to what you believe in, as I have with what you, Mike Rinder, and others here, regarding both what you are fighting for… and what you are fighting against.

    In short, you make me want to BECOME an Independent Scientologist.

    I would like to volunteer my services to you, so if you have the time, and the interest, send me an email and I will gladly outline what I can offer in time and/or effort.

    With Kindest Regards.

  143. I know what to do. You need to get an ASL (American Sign Langauge) interpreter, and have him of her sign your entire book to the cameras, so that David Miscavige can read it without having to buy a copy.

    Of course he’ll have to have the entire performance interpreted, you might be sending his spies secret messages in the middle of the text…


  144. I am of Blackfoot Indian Blood from North Dakota,
    Welcome to the Tribe

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    btn, you’re right! What an idyllic place to hang
    out and just chill with real friends. The totally
    relaxed atmosphere,– is not even sullied by the
    mini-circus goons, clowns & stooges planted
    surreptitiously in their “flower pots” on the
    adjoining property! — Nope! Not sullied at all.

    The big deal is simply about this: Marty is in P/T!

    david miscarriage isn’t !!!!!!

    And he doesn’t have the means to get there either, since he has made it his life’s mission to destroy
    that which COULD have saved him.

    Oh well, can’t say I’ll miss him, can you?

  146. Or one of the many LRH quotes Miscavige removed from the books or tapes.

  147. C. Ric, your post is clearly meant for Marty but I’d like to jump in here and as an Independent Scientologist say thank you for your offer to help.

    I have noticed over the past several months that more and more individuals that have no horse in this race are voicing their support for the success of Independent Scientology in light of the David Miscavige reign of destruction that has been exposed.

    David here is a new rising statistic for your consideration, -“the number of people reading Marty’s blog made to want to BECOME an Independent Scientologist”.

  148. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, magnifico man! This has to be the post
    of the week!

  149. Or a huge collage of all the people who have spoken out, exposed his crimes or declared their independence. It would be gigantic. Confront that!

  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    PoB, understandable! Comes with the territory of
    the Indies. Where even fish get another crack
    at swishing again as part of the bigger game.

    Unlike dippity-do and his hair-brained goon-squad,
    who pay the ultimate price of humiliation when their ill-judged PI antics come back to bite them squarely
    on the butt!

  151. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good one Wayne!
    Simply sucks to be fixated on Marty!
    Serious sickness, from which no recovery possible,
    INSANITY–that is!!!

  152. heathergraceful

    I trust he got the landlord’s permission before putting the tinting on the window.

    Beautiful pics. Love those Headleys.

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    C.Ric & Tango, You guys have just lit up the blog
    with your personal introductions. Let me add a token
    of real welcome for having added the richness of
    your backgrounds to our swelling numbers.

    Calvin B. Duffield
    declaration 12 May 2012 Mothers Day
    Indie 500 # no 301

    PS. You are welcome to fill the few remaining slots
    in the Indie 500 group. It only takes a few minutes,
    but will give you a huge sense of personal liberation
    from suppressive influences! Simply Google up;-
    Steve Hall Indie 500.

  154. Chupacabra Ric
    Welcome to the dialogue! My mother told me a dark family secret when I was a boy that one of our ancestors came down from the Black Hills with a baby so some of that blood is running in my veins and the Jewish side of my father!

  155. LRH said the way to shatter suppression is to flourish and prosper. If anything will shatter DM’s game it’s pictures of happy kids running around with big fishing persons all smiley!

  156. Yes, indeed – that story cracked me up. 🙂

  157. “He regularly ends up in a free fall, head first, impaling himself on his own horns!”

    Sucks to be Miscavige, impaling himself with his head up his ars antiqua.

  158. and also, a reworking of Mark Twain:

    “May you – Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no-one is watching, screw like it’s being filmed, and drink like a true Irishman”

  159. Anon-onyourside

    BMOC, agree 100%

  160. outstanding interview Marty!!

  161. one of those who see

    Hi CR! Well you certainly belong here whether or not you become an Independent Scientologist. Welcome! Thank you for your support.

  162. Chupacabra Ric

    Marty and Mike Rinder have impressed me with with their writings, interviews, and dedication to helping others from the COS… You, and others posting on these threads, making declarations of independence, and having the courage to lose EVERYTHING in an effort to start over and GET THINGS RIGHT… that is more than impressive. In fact, it is nothing short of awe inspiring.

    My post may have been directed to Marty in an effort to make an offer of assistance, but my compliments and admiration were directed to ALL of you.

    With Kindest Regards.

  163. What an overt on the 5th dynamic! I fell in love with trees on OT1. Maybe others had the realization how alive they are in other places, but that did it for me. Someone who would order sawing trees down for no better reason than surveillance couldn’t be a very high case level. Such a person simply does not recognize or understand life its myriad of manifestations.

  164. Waiting to hear more.

  165. Thanks for the new Martin. Empty seats = Someone is in trouble staff wise. At the Maiden Voyage / release of OT8 the ship was not fully booked a week before sailing. We had to recruit people to go for free to make the ship look full for DM. According to some of the missionaries that were working on the event. There was an army of people working on that too. Turned out to be all about DM. The ship actually does not hold that many people either. It is not like a big cruise ship like Royal Caribbean or Princess or Carnival. It was going to be a major flap if it was not full for the Maiden Voyage. I couldn’t believe we were begging people to go for free the last ten days before the voyage to create illusion for David Miscavige.

  166. Great quote! Hubbard had a beautiful mind. Thanks for posting.

  167. Kind regards are powerful! Cause shape shifting! Yeha- Noha!

  168. I knew there was a chainsaw massacre in this theater someplace.

    Halloween is right around the corner too. What is more Halloweeny than Corp. Cof$ playing trick or treat 365 days a year?

    This is the time of year when the physical and supernatural worlds are closest and magical things could happen. The plight of souls lost in purgatory at the Int Base will scream at the heavens.

  169. you know, the light from a 2 dollar laser pointer, shone into the lens of a camera, will overload the sensor and make the image naught but a bright blur. an easy way to get some privacy without trespassing, or even leaving your own property.

  170. CR, welcome, I’m Alaska Native – Athabascan. Welcome to the Independents!

  171. Invite the PIs to expose their employer’s unethical behavior.

    Turn the PIs!

    Scientology PIs ought be encouraged to become anonymous whistleblowers against their employers!

  172. Calvin is correct. Mike Hobson does this same thing on all the other sites he posts at. He always seems to need to make others wrong.

  173. It is only a matter of time. A matter of time . . . But then what? If Miscavige is suddenly out of the picture, by any or whatever means, what then would Happen? Who is next in line? and would it be any better than it is now? A sudden reformation back to Standard Tech, KSW, and treating S.O. members like human beings?

  174. Jeff Siebrand

    He can’t. Something as solid as him would sink.

  175. Tom Gallagher

    It sucks to be a failed camera boy, doesn’t it dave.

  176. ROTFLMAO, “Ive said it before, THIS is the more entertaining than ANY thing on TV or Radio or the Movies.” I wholeheartedly agree, I can’t tell you how many countless TV programs I’ve ignored due to Marty’s blog. I feel my IQ has increased from some of the spot on observations of the posters here.

  177. Thanks for your kind words Ric. Much appreciated.

  178. Freedom Fighter

    I still like the idea of posting a picture of Marty with a big fat grin on his face right in front of the camera lense. I’m sure nothing gets at DM more than the thought of Marty doing well.

  179. Marty, you handsome devil you. Look at those pictures! (GASP!) Please tell your friend that is a computer genius that I would like to meet him. I am *TRYING* to upgrade to the new Windows 8, without much success! 🙂 I promise – NO security checks! 🙂 You gotta love this blog! 🙂

  180. It is so great to see the Headley family relaxing and enjoying themselves.
    A well-earned and deserved respite.

    David Miscavige is so stupid. Lovely photos of an entirely theta moment. Don’t think that is quite what he intended. Stupid man.

  181. Thank you that was beautiful.

  182. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for the vindication, Sharon!

  183. Mike,

    Yup, they buzz cut three of our beautiful 20 year old live oak trees. Creepy stuff. Police report said “criminal” and “felony” because it was over $10,000 in damages.

    See the photo of midnight lumberjacks, about 1/3 through this VV article:

  184. Li'll bit of stuff

    That’s it Nance! Boldness makes waves every time!

  185. And I think the location of choice for that style of massacre is TEXAS! Must be a coincidence that the Miscarriage has a lot of attention units fixated on TEXAS. Maybe it is because he knows where the next massacre will originate!

    Jeeze Davey, it must really suck to be you!!!!!!! Have another really wonderful day in your little bunker pulling on your little thong……..

  186. Great job Martin. Can’t wait for the WikiLeaks Truth version of the event.

  187. This totally brought back memories from the 70’s when I was helping to fight against the suppression of American Indians and was part of the AIM (American Indian Movement), we would have FBI operatives attend our meetings and everyone knew exactly who they were as they were so out of place. I’m a born rebel and thank goodness, so it is so fitting that I’m here and now with all you wonderful rebels and I’m so on do more rebelling to set things right.

  188. Sinar,
    Would a water pistol filled with mud work?

  189. How would you possibly know *all* the other sites I post at, “Sharon” ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  190. DM is probably going to need to rent yet ANOTHER nearby house to film anybody who dares to approach and possibly trespass at the first stake out operation if he hasn’t already done so.
    Showing him a normal life should drive him nuts so or so.

  191. “I trust he got the landlord’s permission before putting the tinting on the window.”
    The Miscarriage does not ask permission from anyone for anything. To do so would be paramount to admitting there was another being even remotely comparable to his poopyness. We know that there is no one even close in this universe!

    And if there were a flap to develop with the landlord, His POBness would simply buy the house (with parishoners money) and have the owner sign an NDA.

  192. JFG
    We already know that DM is plenty aberrated on the 2nd dynamic. What with the disappearance of his wife Shelley, visiting brothels with Pat Broeker in L.V., his fixations on proving S.O. members being gay or lesbians up to changing the definition of the 2nd dynamic to ‘Creation’, etc. It’s not a big step from there to child porn.
    He has no real life and must live “OTHERS’ LIVES”.

  193. VWD Martin!
    You really got to this guard with the torture story. All he had left was acting back as a robot.

  194. And don’t forget to check Chicita’s collar…..

  195. Really?
    Why do you think the fish is going into “the trap”?
    You offend the goodwill of the fishies 🙂

  196. “Who knows, that fish may be your grandson from your last life.”

    And where I come from, we eat what we harvest.
    We use to play soccer for sports.

  197. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carry on,Fred!

  198. Point a laser at the camera lens and that will blind DM’s view.

  199. David likes to dress people up in costumes too, how Halloweeny is that? Did you read about the theater ushers he dressed to serve him and Tom in his custom theater at the Int Base? The rest dress in military costumes . David’s toy soldiers. These are costumes, all costumes. It is Halloween at the Int Base 24/7! Forget the exorcism! There is a psycho in charge! It’s all so very Halloweeny!

  200. Menacing particles! And a psycho Voyeur!

  201. These are not surveillance photos and Marty did not magically hack into a camera feed, Marty’s tongue is planted firmly in cheek. Look at the camera angles. These are just pictures he took of his family and you’ve all bought it “hook, line and sinker”

  202. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    “LIKE” !!

  203. I suppose I should feel honored that I have my very own Internet Stalker, now.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  204. Li'll bit of stuff

    Greta, you think she’d allow herself to be used like that?
    No way in hell, she’s way to sharp for that!
    AND her teeth too!!!

  205. I used to work in Downtown Los Angeles. From my 40th floor office, I watched them dig this enormous hole where the Disney Theatre is now.
    Eventually, they built this rather unusual structure, which, on the outside, was highly polished, almost chrome-like. What they didn’t realize was that the reflected heat would, and did, raise the temperature of the condo units right across the street from the Disney Theatre, some 15-20 degrees, summer and winter, due to the reflected heat. Eventually, someone decided to burnish the polished metal, so it didn’t reflect as much Sunlight.
    No doubt, there is as much Sun light in Texas as there was is in Los Angeles.

    I also, used to know this fellow who owed a large “bus”, some call it a “Coach”. Kind of like the Coach you used to see on “Extreme Make-Over Home Edition”. If I come to visit, can I park my Coach on the street? It’s pretty tall, and very long.

  206. Me too! Here’s to constant alertness and willingness to fight back!

  207. Chupacabra Ric

    breppen, in case you hadn’t heard, Russell Means, of the Oglala Sioux, and one of the main individuals behind the AIM, passed today.

    Great Spirit, Great Spirit, My Grandfather,
    All over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. . .
    Look upon these faces of children without number
    And with children in their arms,
    That they may face the winds and
    Walk the good road to the day of quiet. . .

    There is no death. . .
    Only a change of worlds. . .
    Only a change of worlds.

  208. Marty, I don’t mean to be unduly alarming, but it just occurred to me that there might be another reason for renting that house so close to yours besides the cameras. If you use a wireless router / access point for internet, DM’s people could be trying to hac your home network. At that range, I doubt if they would have much trouble picking up your WiFi radio signals.

    If you have not already done so, I think it would be wise to have a network security expert verify that your wireless settings are as secure as possible and that the router settings cannot be changed via a wireless connection but only through a direct cable connection. This person should also check your computers/laptops for trojan horse programs, keyloggers and/or rootkits.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  209. Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic – the Walt Disney Concert Hall

  210. Contagion of Abberration. Whomever at INT steps in to fill Darth Midget’s place will almost certainly be a valence clone of Darth Midget. But why should we Independent Scientologists care who the next successor is at the Church of Black Scientology – unless they are going to cease the persecution of us Independents.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  211. Pingback: David Miscavige – Paranoia and Cowardice | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  212. I personally wish to book mark this particular
    blog, “Secret Scientology Inc. Surveillance Photos | Moving On Up a Little Higher” Blinds Online on my own website.
    Do you care if perhaps I reallydo it? Regards ,Gregory

  213. martyrathbun09

    I don’t mind. Thanks for asking.

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