Martin Padfield

Martin Padfield was one of the first to declare independence from Scientology Inc way back in 2009.   Miscavige has yet to silence him despite plenty effort.   Martin was profiled today in the London Evening Standard.


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  2. I remember when you first came out Martin. You helped me gain enough nerve to finally take the plunge. I have a lot of respect for you. You are a good man.

  3. Welcome to the Circus of the IAS

    You always wanted to be
    Part of a circus company
    For the fun and death defying
    But in time you forgot life is small in the big top
    And your dreams were slowly dying
    What you wanted was not a crime
    You could’ve done it

    Now you’re always just a little
    A little in the middle
    A little in the middle of where you’re bound
    Always just a little in the middle …

    – Milow

  4. Give them the hell they so richly deserve, Martin!

  5. Hey thanks mate – wasn’t expecting that. The Standard piece took out my references to DM personally, probably on legal grounds. The EG Observer has done a little piece too , ahead of a “Cult in your Backyard” press conference tomorrow (Old Court House, East Court 1.30pm for any that can make it). There’ll be some TV too in the new year where I’ve made it clear as day the difference between Corp Scn and proper Scientology.

    Ain’t nobody gonna shut me up any time soon.

  6. TWAAK!!

    One more 2×4 across that thick forehead of dm …


  7. Martin,
    I had no idea of your story in Scientology. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on your freedom. I steered clear in the late 1980’s. My wife, son,and daughter were spared the grief of disconnection from friends. I am thanked to this day. Your daughter’s grief shall also pass.

    Much Metta(loving-kindness)
    George M. White
    May all beings be well and happy!

  8. 1. corporate scientology destroys lives
    2. corporate scientology stunts spiritual, organismic, and creative potential
    3. if your lucky enough to “make it” #lol (i.e. corporate OT 8) you are relegated to a life of behavioral and thought control that is presented as ‘freedom’, ‘enlightenment’, and ’cause’ (but really total effect and a total delusion of rehashed mythologies i.e. “the chosen ones”)


  9. Also cheers to Martin! Powerful story!

    Martin have you read Gladwell? I was thinking what would have happened if you never got that first book?

    I truly believe that everyone has a path to walk. Thanks for being an inspiration in your strength!

    Steve Poore

  11. Thanks, Martin! Your story should communicate well to those still in, great job!

  12. Well done Martin.

    At this time of the IAS circus, you truly demonstrate in your LIFE the true price of freedom: constant alertness and a constant willingness to fight back.

    Thankyou. I am proud to call you a friend.

    PS: I understand how disappointing it can be to see things omitted or altered in a story — even when it is a good one. Everything you say or want included never makes it….

  13. Martin, you have more friends and admirers than you could possibly imagine.

  14. Tony, I always enjoy yourr simple, plain spoken comments. You keep it brief, yet fully commicate your thoughts and feelings. There may or may not be sharper knives in the drawer, but your the meat cleaver everyone respects. Your purpose and intention is always clear. Nice.

  15. +1 Tony. A good man indeed.

  16. I wish Saturday Night Live would do a skit on the absurdity of the lawyers denial. The last paragraph in this article, lawyers statement, is sounding so ridiculous.

    Marty, I think you should have a “best of contest” that highlights the churches denying responses.

    Make their annoying cackle into a contest for the “Church of Lientology’s Best Of”.

    Nothing like sarcasm and comedy to defang fools!

  17. “I truly believe that everyone has a path to walk.”

    Yup — it’s called our karma … the causes and conditions of our past actions that come together at a certain point — like Martin when he bought that first book or mine did in the early 70’s when I walked into Celebrity Center.

    I could have found some truly great Tibetan lamas who had just come to LA but that wasn’t my karma.

    My path was obviously to get into Scientology, the Sea Org, leave, then be a very heavy kool-aid drinker up to OT VIII when Flag severed all connection to me due to a “break down” (or whatever 🙂 —

    One of the problems I have with those who are MAJOR critics and nay-sayers of all things LRH is that instead of EMBRACING their path and their past — they attempt to cleave it from their lives.


    If only they could incorporate their entire life into their life TODAY — wisdom would arise. Honest, it would.


  18. Nice job on getting the truth out, Martin.

    In the “thisissussex” article it says, “Up to 8,000 Scientologists are expected to attend the annual Saint Hill gala, which will highlight the organisation’s humanitarian work over the last year – but, as guests arrive, protestors hope to spread their anti-Scientology message.”

    Is that the Co$ PR line, that there will be “up to 8,000…”?

    Would be very interesting if there were some way to estimate the actual attendence figures.


  19. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for taking a stand.

    “Try pouring a ton of steel without rigid principles.” – Jason Beghe as Hank Rearden, Atlas Shrugged, Part II. (Screenplay by Duke Sandefur, Brian Patrick O’Toole, and Duncan Scott, based on Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged.)

  20. Good going iMartin. News is in the making today at LRH’s home, it should be good.

  21. Dear Martin Padfield,
    You have our full support here in Australia and you have my support and respect. All the best to you, keep strong.
    Eric, Brisbane Australia.

  22. constant vigilance

    Martin, Thank you for going public in England and exposing the evil. And thank you for your years of service and huge wish to help. You inspired others to leave and maybe more will be similarly inspired once the protest gets aired in public now.

  23. constant vigilance

    I agree with others’ comments to do a SNL type spoof of all the church’s response answers and their lawyers too. When I read the church’s response to the protest, it was nothing but generalities and never do the address any specific charge brought against them. Goes against LRH, “ARC Breaks and Generalities” … “generalities won’t do.” in Sec Checking Tech.

    Get the brilliant guy to do the funny spoof. The one who did that hilarious one earlier as TC. After all, laughter is good medicine, right?

  24. Marty and Martin,
    Thank you both for paying the price of freedom: constant awareness and a constant willingness to fight back.

    You say, ” … was one of the first to declare independence from Scientology Inc way back in 2009.”

    I feel like you believe that now that this current wave of exodus from Scientology Inc is here that nothing prior has any significance. The first major exodus began at L. Ron Hubbard’s death when DM committed a coupe against Pat Broeker. Many saw what was happening and did not like it. They have been working hard to continue the tech outside the Co$. They’ve called themselves “FreeZoners” or whatever they needed to know how to stay connected as an island of tech purity apart from the DM squirrel machine. But they share your viewpoint on the importance of maintaining the tech outside of the control of SPs. You could have allies in them.

    It feels like you are running on them the same thing that DM runs on them: complete denial of beingness and not-is’ing.

  25. Great work Martin We will .have to see what effects the weekend brings and what follows up from Gala event LOL

  26. constant vigilance

    p.s. Re the church’s generalities on responding to media when asked: It definitely goes against LRH tech on how to handle Black PR, one of the steps is to take each “black accusation” and prove it wrong with proof and actual evidence, for example, “I heard you were shacking up a woman and you two are not married…” Go get the Marriage Certificate and meet in person and show it to the person. This would be the handle. So never has the church or DM ever taken an accusation or charge against them and tried to address it and answer it and handle it in any way, shape or form. They just spread their own entheta generalities, which as we all know, is one of the characteristics of an SP… speaks in generalities.

    If the shoe fits….

  27. Dear Martin, A great story of courage.
    My experience at Flag was like yours, 50 hours of nothing,
    “Im not auditing you” in spades.

    Aside note: If D.M. filled the Super Power Building with Slot Machines
    and Black Jack tables and opened it to the public he would have more money than the Mormons or the Beatles for that matter. Then deliver Super Power in Saint Hills as originally planned by LRH.

  28. SKM,
    Very nice. Very cool. Very Middle Way!

  29. Nice article Martin! Good on you, mate (my attempt at British 🙂 ).

    The sins of the past are coming home to roost. The real bitch of it is, the sins are still happening, only worse.

  30. Martin well done to you!!

  31. Very insightful.
    A few days ago I talked to someone about scientology. I told him a similar type of story. So I’m walking down 5th Avenue in New York City in 1973.
    A lady suggests a ‘personality test’. Now, I see a monk tapping me on the shoulder. He says “Go down the street to New York University. Take a few courses in religion and philosophy. Go to the New York Public library and look for the Pali Text Version of Canon.” That did not happen. I had to take the ‘personality test’ and spend tons of money over 17 years. Of course,
    it was my Karma the way it unfolded.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  32. Martin,
    I remember you well from working in the desert heat……
    Andre T’s ‘communication’, every 3rd word being the “F’ word, wasn’t exactly uplifting.
    The church’s answer to the newspaper of ‘apostates against Scientology’ is such a stupid generality trying to cause an ARC break in anyone attempting to bring about a reform of the church’s misapplication of LRH’s policies.
    Keep standing tall and the reforms will be implemented quietly sooner or later.

  33. Martin-I have always enoyed your posts ( for some reason they have an English accent) and enjoyed our exchanges on this blog. I had no idea you had gone through such hell-thanks for getting your story out there!

  34. interesting omission. It used to be the cut and paste response from the church being the line about ‘bitter apostate’ followed by expansion claims. however in the ES story, no claims at all. Maybe because the UK is small enough where such could be verified easily?

  35. martyrathbun09

    Not as simple as that (your perspective or what you’ve seen of mine). Yours is patently inaccurate to start with. Few left after the funeral event. It began five years before Hubbard’s death; and Hubbard condemned them to damnation. We also cleared thousands upon thousands for several years after his death. The ‘freezoner’ mythology is quite mythological in several respects. But, bless you.

  36. 2briancox: ” … was one of the first to declare independence from Scientology Inc way back in 2009.”

    In part (only in part) there is a problem with your understanding of “declare independence from Scientology Inc” — Marty’s blog was brand new in 2009 and Martin WAS one of the first who “declared independence” on Marty’s blog.

    Back earlier, with the Mission Holders Conference, Mayo etc — people RESIGNED from the Church. That was what was said — I resigned …

    People told their shocked friends — they “resigned” —

    I haven’t found that Marty “runs” anything on people — he simply states his own perspective — ie. Joe Blow is a nutcase and squirrel, NOT a scientologist or whatever …

    Like it or not, Marty is an opinion leader. Not necessarily a great position to be in as he is often skewered this way or that way — so when he states an OPINION (as above) – others might go to that side of the fence — but he doesn’t RUN it IN on people …

    Seriously 2briancox — surely you can see a difference between Marty and dm … or perhaps you can’t —


  37. So, do you think anyone left Scn Inc before 2009 that wasn’t worthy of damnation?

    Do you know anyone who has been active in FreeZone? I just think you’d benefit from talking to someone you can relate to who has been where you are. Since they, as you, have been condemned to damnation by their former church. And neither one of you is really a devil.

  38. Due to Marty’s blogs and other attacks on the Church, COB RTC David Miscavige has outlawed the internet:

  39. Martin

    Well done! Keep up the good fight.

    The church’s “Dead Agent” statement is so full of outpoints, misdirections and lies that I would be surprised if many people find it even remotely believable.


  40. Thank you Martin for what you are doing to expose the corruption of the CoS.

  41. Ha!
    ” … has no knowledge of the church today what so ever.”

    The only ones who have ‘no knowledge of the church today whatsoever’ are those still in it.

  42. Li'll bit of stuff

    What a great job you’re doing, my friend! I dunno whether
    your a soccer or rugby man, but I’d like to think of you as
    being on the same side of the SCRUM ( for the ignorant,
    it means a tightly bound team of 8 rugby “forwards” pitted
    against an similar opposing team—to see who can push
    the other team “off” the ball after it’s thrown in between the opposing packs.) It’s an outright pitting of brute force
    against brute force—yet with a surprising degree of technical
    skill, akin to that mastered by championship weightlifters. ( I myself am a former strength coach, having worked with
    a number of sports stars, athletes, bodybuilders & power-
    lifters. Still involved to this day, with a passion! Amen!!)

    As an anology, we all understand that unless a CRIMINAL is prepared to “give himself up”, then the “other side” are obliged to FORCE him to do so, if justice is to prevail.

    We also understand that we are dealing with a somewhat
    “unique” criminal, in that he has conspired to commit his
    heinous crimes all within the “sacrosanct ” protection of
    so called “religious faith!”( “Church “of $cientology.)
    and the questionable “legal protection” to so continue.
    All of course, quite indefensible, in terms of morality!!

    We, The INDEPENDENT Scientologists, are preparing to
    use that FORCE, evident in the rapidly growing numbers,
    to end the criminal tyrant’s reign of terror and robbery!

    so, “Ready? —crouch,—-touch,—-pause,—ENGAGE!!”

    All the very best mate, right with you!

    Durban, South africa (home to the Springboks!!)

  43. martyrathbun09

    As to the two questions, yes, and yes. As to the rest, nobody has been where I have been. As to being advised to get in comm with people, please…

  44. HI;

    Probably just a word issue, but to be clear, when people ‘resigned’ from the CofS, and then continued applying the tech either in a group or individually, they were ‘independent’ Scientologists. The term ‘independent’ was used by countless independents at that time, but oddly enough was not that well known due to the lack of mass comm, such as we have today.

    I’m not intending to be critical of anyone here, but Scientologists have been publicly leaving CofS and starting their own practice as independent Scientologists for decades.

    However, I think the “Indie Movement’ is quite recent, and was started on this blog. That is an entirely different entity.

    My opinion.

  45. You just reminded me that I was curious about Atlas Shrugged Part II. So I checked out the reviews and it appears it is even worse than Part I. Very disappointing, since I am an avid fan of the book from Waaay Back!

  46. “I feel like you believe that now that this current wave of exodus from Scientology Inc is here that nothing prior has any significance. The first major exodus began at L. Ron Hubbard’s death when DM committed a coupe against Pat Broeker.”

    In my opinion you are dubbing in things that are not there. And the mass exodus began the night of the San Francisco Mission Holders conference. Two very highly trained people I knew well resigned following that event along with many others I did not know. They were very aware of the truth and chose to toss the Kool Aide in the trash. Sad to say I gulped it down for a much longer time before acquiring a case of hemorrhoids that forced me to LOOK.

    Your statement that Marty considers “that nothing prior has any significance” is a fabrication out of thin air. Get a grip buddy. Clear your words. He does not say or infer that.

  47. Hey JF!
    Thanks, I will take “meat cleaver” as a compliment… 🙂

  48. Marty, I think you know I am not invalidating your experiences or claiming they are the same as someone else’s.

    I see a glaring similarity between your situation, viewpoint and goals.

    Except I would rather not see the invalidation and non-granting of beingness that I see toward some. I value much of the work you did clearing people in the church. I even think it is a net positive that the church is even still capable of clearing people in PT. But there are people who did the same in FreeZone all that time a well. Why be so critical of them?

    My experience was, when I got out of the Scn Inc world, was that there were FreeZone terminals here where I live. And no “Independents”. So I got in comm with them. And I’m doing great moving on the bridge with a group of great tech terminals.

    I’m positive you even know someone who knows someone who works with these very terminals on an auditing internship. In Elma, WA.

    Don’t you think this damnation deserves to be reconsidered?

  49. I agree. Between 83 and 84 I know of some hundred that went offline in my area. Either declared SP or going offline by own decision. Some with doubt formula statements. Some that joined bill robertson group in germany, some doing some own little thing. But as years went by not very stable. What they all do now I do not know. Being not on comm with them.

  50. I agree. Wasn’t aware of a special definition for that phrase. Marty, I apologize.

  51. Let’s face it, there have been people resigning or leaving since the early days of Dianetics. There have been major players who left over the years as well, such as Nibs, John McMaster, Alan Walter, Bill Deitch and many others. The difference I see between everything that came before and the Indie movement is the internet. David Mayo would have not gone down the drain had the internet been around when he started his AAC in Santa Barbara. He had many good people working with him, plus there was tremendous disaffection with the public in 1982 and probably before as well. I attended an LRH Birthday event in LA in March 1982 and there was so much disaffection being voiced by the performers that a massive pushback ensued from Management right afterwards. People who broke ranks before did not have the platform offered in cyberspace and could not get their message out. The other difference in today’s scene is DM. Before DM, there may have been individual managers or individual policies that were repugnant, but LRH himself was never repugnant. DM is repugnancy personified. Oh, and the 3rd difference is people like Marty and Mike who had decades of experience at the very highest level of the organization. And can’t forget the hardest working man in Independent Scientology, the Godfather of Marketing, Steve Hall.

  52. Hey Mike I got some interesting news for you – you must have been implanted! Yes, I just heard that with my own ears from an OT VII Corp Scn fresh from the IAS event. I was just coming back from the IAS event (the message to all attendees on the way in was a simple banner – “COB is an SP”), stopped to get some petrol on the way home and got into a conversation with this OT VII, and her OT husband joined her. (I will probably feaure large in her next 6-month check – let’s hope so anyway). I told her I had good and valued friends such as your good self and asked how she thought some one of your history of service and dedication could become an overnight SP. Well, this was probably internet lies. OK, suppose it isn’t. Well, she says brightly – he could have been implanted! Aren’t you just clutching at straws? I say as her husband tries to shepherd her away. Isn’t that just a teeny weeny bit implausible?

    You gotta laugh – you just gotta.

    I’ll send a full report on a fun evening later – and also on the press conference tomorrow. Marty – Dani and Joe say Hi and Joe enjoyed his session!

  53. In your dreams, DM! Funny post though.

  54. Exactly! The very point I made in the comments section. How ironic that OSA should say of me that I am uninformed about the Church! If only the clubbed seals were informed they would stop subjecting themselves to 3-hour bum-numbing hypno-fests of propoganda and lies. It’s the fact that I AM informed that worries them!

  55. More of a soccer man, but good analogy nonetheless. My beloved Crawley Town are 4th in League 1 in case anyone’s interested…no? Oh OK then.

  56. Thanks man – I always enjoy your posts.

  57. Will do! There’s a ton of good stuff happening in the UK just now – I’ll tell more later…

  58. Brian he is right the mass exodus’ started before the funeral. There was the Mission Holders Massacre exodus, and there was the split of David Mayo and the exodus that followed him. Then there was the OT exodus, when all of the OT8’s got told they had to go back onto OT7 and a small percentage of them complied. The rest I guess, changed their telephone numbers. Of course, the fourth, and most fruitful exodus is happening now. With people not walking away and moving on, but people moving away and forming into Independents. This has been the most constructive exodus.
    The Freezoners struggled under the burden of suppression from the Church on one end, and internally from one class Xll flipping into the movement in the valence of an RTC Inspector. (Who discredited everyone’s value except his own). A few OSA plants in between to generate conlfict, hate and mistrust, and a handful of dishonest people making others miserable and setting people up for losses with “the tech” because they really didn’t know what the hell they were doing. And they didn’t care either.

    YES, there were the Freezoners. The ones that could survive had to move to remote areas or grow secretly and silently in remote areas to stay afloat from the Church and suppression.

    YES, they were brave the majority, and YES they took a lot of ass whippings and NO none of them could hang out a shingle or advertise or practice their religion in the open.

    YES they opened doors before us. Every action counts. It really does. Anyone that has shared in this burden is a hero.

    BUT, the truth is, we were not able to see any significant stable progress that was long term meaningful and established new freedoms for the Freezone until Marty hit the lines and turned around and faced the suppression head on.

    Don Larsen, God bless him, was one of the first that stepped forward. But he did not have a plan to see through to total correction.

    Marty has been the first one to stand inside a department 21 within this Scientology theater and straighten things out. This has created a SURGE in the Freezone and Independent movement and not only boosted bridge progress, but laid out a path and means to handle this situation as it has been stuck in department 21. This has shattered a lot of suppression in the Church and in the Freezone! It has bled into handlings in the Freezone that have made it better there too!

    He has made it possible for lines and terminals to exist out here with Scientology. He has not chopped up the lines out here, he has provided air cover and usual solutions. Know the truth. Know the truth is a usual solution. Before Marty, there were only three people that I know of, that were able to BUILD a very large network of lines and terminals. David Mayo, Ralph Hilton, and Max Hauri. Max is far enough away and dealing with Russia, so he has managed well.

    Long before the funeral, there was a situation:

  59. BTW, yesterday I strolled into St Hill, as you do, and was apprehended by a SO guard, son of an OSA staff. I explained that as a founding member of the IAS, with the card to prove it, I did indeed have every right to be there. He said I was committing suppressive acts. Have I? what could they be? His response was – get this – “what you are doing now” i.e. Being there and communicating! When I had stopped laughing I asked him if beating one’s staff could be a suppressive act. Was he aware that Miscavige had been doing that? Corrupting the tech? I don’t know if he noticed it but I had a mike on – the whole thing was recorded by the TV crew! OSA – Channel 4 won’t roll over like the BBC did. They will air what the hell they want. Sucks to be OSA.

  60. Very well done Martin! Thank you for your courage and the burdens you have carried to make this world a better place!

  61. Well said Calvin! My fellow rioter!

  62. I believe he actually outlawed all “illegal” talking, whispering, letter writing and is planning to present legislation to outlaw unauthorized thinking as well.

  63. Martin — thanks. Dat blew charge! Appreciate knowing what happened to me. Though I am a bit confused about the timing of the implant? Was I implanted to become an SP before I left (logically I guess as otherwise I would still be there?). Then who did the implanting I wonder?

    Have a fun weekend.

    I respect your integrity and courage Martin.

  64. The lines and terminals David Mayo established, was unmocked by the Church. The lines and terminals established by Ralph Hilton, was actually unmocked by a Freezoner (dramatizing RTC Inspector so, unwittingly working for O.S.A.). The lines and terminals Marty has established, have not been unmocked by either the Freezoners , the Church, or the anti Scientologists. In fact, efforts to suppress these lines and terminals have only caused them puff up! So, there is a wide difference now. The lines and terminals are stable. But there are a lot of power terminals on these lines. And they are here, because of the power terminals keeping them together. Marty, Mike, Karen, and many more. Every action counts. When I view it, I see the same people that were actually making it go right in the Church, have shifted out here and are making it go right out here now. David Miscavige makes things go wrong. Terrill Park also held together a large network of lines and terminals until his mediator began to attack the standard tech people. But again, that suppression came from inside the Freezone. The problem with the Freezone, from where I view, is that there has been as much internal suppression as external suppression. And that has kept it barely alive.

  65. The difference I see before the Indie movement is Marty. The Internet was used to collapse the largest Freezone forum and group, with entheta and conflict. The Internet works both ways. It can be used to create or destroy.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Why be so critical of them?
    I am not. Stop mocking it up.

  67. And I guess that is why when internal suppression starts to manifest on this line, I get a little noisy. 🙂

  68. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it —

    It is KARMA — otherwise known as CAUSES AND CONDITIONS:

    Which means — NOW the causes (the bad tech, the invalidation, the messed up processing) come together with the CONDITIONS … the internet, Marty, Mike, and others to create

    what we are now seeing as this vastly large and vocal and effective INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY movement.

    It’s called timing perhaps.

    The causes and the conditions must come together AT A PARTICULAR point which creates NOW …

    There is no reason to feel upset or resentful that the Freezone doesn’t have the presence perhaps IN THE MINDS of those on this blog that the Independent Movement appears to have.

    No one has been slighted, really. And if someone feels that way — he/she should examine his OWN mind/ego and see … “what am I defending and why”

    Honestly — how fortunate we are to be coming together and THIS MOMENT AND THIS TIME …

    Sometimes — it brings me to tears


    PS: And IF we would each take the time to examine our own lives we would see that what we see in front of ourselves is ONLY the causes and conditions that have come together at this moment in time …

    It’s a pretty empowering thing, really. To KNOW that I am creating my life … each and every little wrinkle of it 🙂

  69. Damn dude! You a bad ass. 🙂

  70. I agree Windhorsegallery. It took me a few years after leaving in 86 or 87 to sort out for myself those things I learned from Ron that resonated with me as truth and those things that didn’t.

    To me, the essential wisdom from Ron is: you can find the simple linch pin of a moment, from the past, to unleash vasts amount of energy. We can go within and look and find the root cause of negative states of being. And with one accurately focused attempt, whole sections of mind get blown away.

    “all I’m trying to do is to get you to look”. That is paraphrased Ron.

    That is all he was trying to do. No mas, fini, end of story.

    So I say thank you Ron for that simple habit that I have made my own.

    I can look, find, uncover, realize and be free whenever I so choose. And I choose it every moment of my life, unto forever.

  71. LOL!! You can always beat up on their “logic” Mike!!
    Man you have to have a high confront of stupidity to try to talk with some of these kool aide drinkers!!

  72. Thought: because I don’t consider myself a Scientologist in the same way you all do, I don’t acknowledge the folks who declare independence because I’d feel disingenuous if I did.

    I do feel happy though, for all the people that release themselves from Lientology.

    I just wanted to communicate that because I don’t write an acknowledgment, but I feel one.

  73. Wow Martin,
    Great Job with the Evening Standard newspaper.
    According to Wikipedia, this is read by 1/2 million Londoners daily.
    It was valuable that about RPF abuse, INT Base abuse, was revealed once again from yet another person.

  74. Good on you Oracle! Noisy is good when the trolls crawl from under the bridge. I consider the largest difference between the current activities and past exodus events is that between Marty, Mike, Steve and Karen(and others for sure) we have a method of identifying the 1.1s because their tactics are well understood (esp by Mike and Marty).

    This becomes a huge spotlight of illumination on activities that quite frankly are simply not believable by the rank and file person, esp. those at the Kool Aide stand within the CO$. I have benefited enormously from the data on this blog and my troll antenna have moved on up to a new higher level as a result!

    Thanks Martin for stepping out and helping to shine even more light on the Miscarriage ….. of Justice!!

  75. That is kick ass Martin!

  76. Sunshine Disinfects

    Loved this reply Christine. Certainly makes me think! Is there any easy to read book on Buddhism that you can recommend? I have always found your comments insightful!

  77. uhh…sir…I mean…Mr COB sirr..shouldn’t it be “Outlawed Internet” and not “Outlawed THE Internet? sir” Uh…please don’t hit me

  78. 2Briancox,

    Thank you for your post. I duplicate where you’re coming from. I get that people have left the corporate CO$ many years ago, and began to work in the Independently of the Co$. I have been in Scientology in this life time for 12 years, and I had many disagreements along the way. I put up with a lot of the crap as a staff member and a public, because I loved the tech and found it very workable and could better conditions for an individual if applied.

    Despite being a rank and file Co$ member and IAS Patron, I still had disagreements. Because of my past (which I will explain at another time), I wasn’t a kool aid drinker, I just loved Scientology. I had stumbled on to the FreeZone sites many times, much to my MAA dismay. While I respect and support their right to religious freedom, I was not able to identify with it, despite not being able to identify myself totally with the Co$.

    I was interested in Standard Tech. I did not find the FreeZone as “on Source” as I would like, but understood and respect why they left. As a point of agreement, I think that we could all agree that DM is supressive, a hustler, and is destroying LRH’s legacy. If our ability to agree is that DM has got to go, then I think that is something that we could all agree on. Other than that, I think that we should maybe agree to disagree. In the same way that the Christians do. Methodist and Baptists are both Christians, but have different different viewpoints in regard to practice of their respective viewpoints of Christianity.

    I personally got to the point that it became hard to be in the Co$. Nevertheless, I couldn’t do the FreeZone, as it did not align with what my understanding of what the Tech was suppose to be. As a result, I stayed in the Co$, until I recieved of Debbie Cook;s letter, and my FSM told me that she was hooked up with Marty and Mike, who had left. Not knowing them, I decided to check them out, and as Christian’s say, they were the “answer to a prayer!” I am not interested in doing other things with Scientology, I just want to do Scientology standardly as Ron had laid out, and not in the suppressive, squirrel, abusive, vulture culture that the Co$ under Miscavige has become.

    I respect the FreeZone and the their right to explore and express their Religious beliefs as they wish. While I respect it, I don’t personally identify with it, despite having some things in common.

    Very Well Done Martin! Thanks for getting this thing started!

  79. Wow Martin, Incredible! Can’t wait until the video or news report comes out!

  80. Mike,

    Not only were you implanted to be an SP, unbeknownst to you, you were also implanted to be a loving husband and wonderful father!

    Implanters! Go figure!

  81. Oh, but you don’t know about ALL the FUN they are having!! 🙂

  82. Great interview Martin. Well done on busting the IAS event! You Brits certainly are a cheeky lot, eh wot?

  83. Brilliant, Martin! Well done! You came across just right, with a real story to tell. Hopefully, the Standard will do a follow-up and cover the protest.
    Richard Kaminski

  84. Laugh! Looks like the CoS might provide us with a late Silly Season!

  85. COB’s ideal scene is to bring everyone in the world into the same compliant frame of mind as Tom Cruise, i.e. make everyone a dedicated Scientologist who worships COB as God and dutifully obeys COB’s every order, whim, and caprice.

    We in the “New Sea Org” (NSO) are working to achieve COB’s ideal scene wherein everyone is 100% compliant to CI just like Tom Cruise.

    This evening, CO NSO will give a special briefing on COB’s ideal scene to IAS members who have attained the state of Chromium Nickelodeon.

    This exclusive briefing will take place after “COB’s ideal Scene Banquet” at St. Hill, a $5,000 per plate extravaganza in which COB will descend, as it were, from the heavens aboard a golden chariot. After COB’s feet touch the earth, he will unveil a new piece of lost Tech wherein the EP of all of Scientology is summarized as this: Donate to the IAS today!

  86. Grrr! Looks like those SP transcriptionists are at it again! Now we in RTC will have to re-re-re-re-reissue the Basics again.

    That will be $5,000 per set from each of you — and all of you are expected to donate 20 sets to the re-re-re-re-reissued Basics Library Campaign once again. You know the fire drill: Cough up the money or be sent to ethics for counterintention on COB!

  87. Tony is definitely sharp, wise and knowing. He just doesn’t wallow in wordiness.

  88. So true!

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for the update,bro’.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good-O, TO! Say, there’s room for you in the scrum
    too ! Plus we could use a bit of the feminine fragrance
    to balance the heady whiff of sweat & steam coming off
    our “front row.” They ain’t no match for us Indies!

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Eric—gee it’s been months—good to have your tempered
    presence here again!


  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    You “smashed it” home —with this one, great-8!

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Exemplary comment, newcomer! Mirrors my own experience too, as I’m sure it does for many others.
    One might say, therefore, that one certain VFP
    ( Valuable Final Product) of this blog is simply:
    (from the mind-numbing apathy of miscavology!)

  94. Li'll bit of stuff

    Really clear job done on the overviews, TO, As always,
    you do a superb job in helping to broaden the perspective
    of who’s who in the Zoo of the power struggles of Scn.

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    nocaseonpost, please may I thank you personally for
    the most genuine and heartfelt revelations! Each point
    you made sends a clear message of taking back
    your right to practice Scn, in complete freedom and
    according to your (and our ) evaluation of what
    constitutes REAL basic Scientology! (free of toxic,
    suppressive individuals, influences and criminal
    exploitation ——personal as well as financial! )

    No bullshit to baffle brains acceptable here.

    Just Open-ness, truth, high ARC & a good old
    healthy quota of integrity, moves us all on a little
    higher. We are presently re-building upon the
    original foundations of LRH’s successful earlier
    mission models! Still a LOT of work to be done,
    including bulldozing away the rubble of a two-bit
    Ponzi operator who put up some glitzy morgue
    buildings, convinced that these would entice the
    “living.” ( living, breathing walking bank-accounts!)

    But all he managed to get in there were just a
    few “living dead!!”( addicted miscavigeoholics)!!

    So now is the time for the re-emergence of a reformed “Independent Scientology”–here to stay and here to grow—where there is not just hope,
    but genuine realization of one’s dream’s.

    At long, long last—they can become a reality!!

  96. Send me an email at and I’d be happy to suggest a few emails.


  97. Marty, I owe you an apology. I thought the intent of the phrase, “declare independence from Scientology Inc” simply meant the words themselves. But it seems you have a special definition that means something specific which I didn’t understand.

    So I was attacking something that wasn’t there.

    Forgive me.

  98. martyrathbun09

    No apology required. I’m not always real clear.

  99. Thank you, Oracle, the history lesson is most welcome, as I got into Corporate Scn in 93. What I know has only been based on my experience with the church, which I now count as an only somewhat rereliable source and I’ve pieced together my understanding beyond that based on the stories of others.

  100. You should use carbon paper to distribute this message. Not this squirrel bloggy technology.

  101. Thanks, nocaseonpost. I think I have a very similar experience with the Co$, as for a long time I had been a part of the group … only because I saw it as the only way to really use the technology of Scientology. So, I put up with a lot that I really disagreed with. And of course, I stayed silent about my disagreements because I was obviously well aware of the policies within the group that wouldn’t tolerate any open dissention. But for a long time, I compromised my own reality and it wore on me. Finally, I hit a disagreement that put me in a position where I had to make a choice, so I left.

    I then got involved with a few FreeZone members and I was quite impressed with what I found. No hounding for tons of money. No heavy ethics used to control people by demanding who they can and cannot communicate with. And what I’ve discovered is that there are many types of people in the FreeZone. They aren’t all on the extremes of contraversial tech application. Many are just Scientologists that have been working to practice their religion on their own for years. My CS was given the BC by Ron personally. She has an excellent understanding and application of the tech.

    Sure there are those in the FreeZone that will try to audit over the internet and such things. But it is a Free Market. People have their own opinions and practices. If you don’t like someone’s practice, find another. Maybe I’m fortunate that I happened to live near some great terminals. But my experience in the FreeZone has been amazing! Nothing like the stories you hear within the Co$.

  102. Really Great Points, Oracle and newcomer!

    The Independant Movement headed up by Marty, Mike, Karen1, Steve Hall, Mike, Hayden and others have The Double Triangle, ARC/KRC in good balance. As LRH said, it takes a balance of Force and Intellegence. The CoS/Micavige, has lots of Force (including big$) and less and less Intellegence (Intellegence is exiting) THE BALANCE WITH WIN OUT!


  103. constant vigilance

    To The Oracle: Can you please email me privately at Thanks!

  104. Sunshine Disinfects

    Hi Christine…….Many thanks for your email address……I have sent an email to you a few days ago.

  105. martin
    I scanned the files on the talk you had at St Hill and saw
    you talking to the guy back in Oct last year . Pretty non confrontable
    the guy you addressed, by the way unfortuanetly Lost contact details please get update email if you can from Marthy or if you have Mike’s email could you pass yr email I can use through this line ok Hadley.

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