Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

Past Lives Survey


Please participate in this survey by posting your response in a comment. List the question number followed by the answer letter and any clarification/verification you would like to provide.

1. What degree of proof do you have of the existence of previous lifetime identities of your own?

a)      Knowingness by virtue of memories or perceptions, validated and acknowledged, or not, only by e-meters and auditors.

b)      Verified historically recorded events and/or locations out of session, after the fact of recalling (having had no previous education or information about them).

c)       Demonstrated to another person by location of physical evidence of past life recalls.

2. If you have witnessed as a C/S or auditor the return of a Scientologist in a new body after death, which of the following applies:

a)      We located his or her old folders and carried on with no glitches precisely where he or she left off from the previous lifetime.

b)      The person identified unique (could not have been suggested by an old acquaintance of the deceased) evidence of the deceased identity’s life.

c)       We determined that the past life identity was suggested to the preclear by others, or there was no evidence (unique information provided by preclear that he or she could not have been briefed on by another).

3. What happens to thetans between lifetimes on this planet?

a)      Reports to implant stations for forgetting treatment, then gets dumped back on earth.  (If so,where are the implant stations located)?

b)      Exteriorizes, cruises around for a while (or not), then enters another body?

c)       Other.