Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

Heads Up – Jim Lynch Let Loose

David Miscavige has come up with a ‘solution’ for no longer being able to spy on my wife and me electronically. see  Scientology Spies and Going Mobile.

Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.) has wound up failed journalist, turned Scientology Inc. gumshoe, Jim Lynch and granted him an unlimited expense account to harass my wife and me from a distance.   Lynch is zig zagging the U.S. by airplane dropping in on our friends and relatives spewing a litany of criminal-mind (the criminal – in this case David Miscavige – accuses others of that which he himself is doing) allegations against me.  The randomness and distances of his routes betray a financial mindedness of a sick Saudi prince.   Some church.

If you know Monique or me very well there is a good chance you’ll be seeing Lynch unannounced.  We would appreciate it if you would record any conversation you may have with Lynch should he show up to your home or office (for evidentiary purposes).   Feel free to share your views about the nature of his boss (Miscavige) and Lynch’s activities should he contact you.   Otherwise, you are also free to tell him to get a life and get off your property.

Jim Lynch - Scientology Inc. operative

Jim Lynch – Scientology Inc. operative