The Simplicity of Scientology


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  1. Well, this is what it should have been since the beggining. So simple and so effective. Good job Moosey. Wonderful.

  2. Beautiful. No one played the role of a moralist on her. No one told her what is true for her.

    She found her own answers, as it should be. THAT is freedom!

    Well done!

  3. Just beautifully said and so fundamentally simple
    with auditing, ethics and staying on the highway.
    Thanks! Seems anyone could relate to this in one
    way or another.

  4. Mosey, that is absolutely beautiful. You are beautiful.
    This totally makes our day out here in Atlanta, ya’all!
    XOXOXOX Shannon & Hiro

  5. Now that’s a GREAT COG!

    A thetan is good. He invented a bank to keep others good.
    That mechanism went wrong. And that’s why we’re here.
    – LRH

  6. See, that right there is the simple beauty of the philosophy.

    Thanks for sharing, Mosey.

  7. *****EXCELLENT WIN*****

  8. What an awesome description! Gives a new meaning to “bags fly free”. 🙂

  9. I applaud you, you power babe.

    I pretty much get drunk and out my “bagage”not the most efficiënt thing to do.

    Hell my first task in life is to out those things when I am uninfluenced

  10. Wow so simple yet so powerful, so powerful yet so simply said, thx Mosey!! You rock!!!!

  11. A thetan is good. He invented a bank to keep others good.
    That mechanism went wrong. And that’s why we’re here.
    – LRH
    Thanks for mentioning that. Let’s paraphrase that a little:
    Scientology is good. It invented the SO to keep it good.
    That mechanism went wrong. And that’s why we’re here.
    – LRH, uh, well, it was me but I won’t take a copyright on it

  12. Thanks Mosey! Simply short and sweet!

  13. Plain and simple truth. Thanks for sharing it. 😀

  14. A product of Standard Tech. Very refreshing.

  15. Mosey!! ❤

  16. When you realize that instead of hiding from the things you want to forget, to always be running from them when something or someone brings it back to the forefront (and then you are right back in the moment that it happened again and again), you are not living life to the fullest. To have so much baggage in your past that it weighs you down in the present when you can face it and be free of it, why put yourself through that? To live in fear of an event or place or memory, no one can live like that and truly be happy. When you face your transgressions (we all have had them) and put them to rest is truly freeing yourself. Sometimes facing it means some work, like an apology to someone you hurt. I think that part of it, to have to admit a transgression is the hardest and most feared part of all. But, once you have done it (no matter how the other party takes it, if there is another party involved) it is the most amazing feeling!! So much weight lifted, and you never have to fear it again. It does seem so very hard, yet it is so very simple like you said, Mosey.

  17. I liked that VERY much.

  18. And there she is! Special thanks to you Mosey for sharing your win with all of us! Your love and your joy shine through in this video, and on this blog.

  19. Wow, I am really grateful for auditors that can make someone feel safe enough to be able to have these life changing realizations. (Geeez, especially a 2D auditor, – which could be difficult for some) Auditors, – so extremely valuable. Love hearing these wins.

  20. Beautifully said Mosey! and you are a shinning example that just comes through in your So Real Communication as pure simplicity!
    and that rings so true for me too.
    We can live with the truth, that is us, and Ethics really is that simple! Thank you for saying it!

  21. Superb!, Mosey, Marty. “That’s what it does for you!”


  22. There you are, short and sweet and thanks for sharing, Mosey :–)

  23. Freedom Fighter

    Exactly!! Very, very well done!

  24. Ain’t that the truth, Mosey. So beautifully stated. Thank you.

  25. Truly, truly awesome. You look great, Mosey! Thanks for that.


  26. Mosey… you are the main explainer. Reminds me why I put up with all the crap we all put up with.. so people could have the same gains you are having.

  27. Beautiful… this lady visibly walks her talk.. It’s such an inspiration to see sincerity in action..And in a few simple but heartfelt sentences, in this video, she covers a lot ground….. first she saw what baggage was in her life, then she accepted to let go of this baggage, then, moving forward, she found the clarity to discriminate between what’s baggage and not, and then she mustered the strength to stop creating new baggage. That’s a lot.

    Most people on this planet never get to such level of clarity. Humbling for me to watch this video, to me it shows the transformations that unfold when a sincere thirst in a person meets a valuable religious technology.

    I have seen similar transformations happen when people with a similar thirst came across a transformative religious technology or set of practices. In my experience, the more genuine and simple the person (in the noble sense of the word) and the more simple the technology, and the greater the transformation.

    Thank you for this heartwarming video.

  28. From another Alaskan, great video, great cogs! On another note, there are so many of us here in Alaska that are or have left the CofM, that there is an individual here that was ordered to “clean up the field”. Anyone know what that means?

  29. Can’t wait until I have that cog.

  30. Mosey/Marty. Thank you for this. I am doing my Grade 2 now in Toronto with my auditor Chris Black. 1/4 through it only. Going back in March to finish it. I had this same realization. I have it every day. “Is it wirth dragging these things and making new overts?”

    I cannot wait to keep going. I have great reality on what you are saying.

    That said. The Grade is not QUITE flat. Lol. You understand right? Haha.

  31. one of those who see

    I had a really great day and before going to bed I thought I would check the blog. Love you Mosey!!! So theta. I had a cognition off of yours! Perfect, simple explanation of wins from auditing!! And…Moving up a little higher, I might add.

  32. Beautiful success, Mosey!
    Not just a success “story”, but a real success!
    Congratulations and well done.

  33. Nice! Real nice!!

  34. Super!

  35. Very well done Mosey. You look marvelous!

  36. theosismanides

    Mosey that was great! The calmness in your face and voice shows results and what you have done about Scientology is not a minor thing. I am so happy you have that Big Realisation about all that “luggage”. We just need to get rid of it and see what is really that we do need to keep within ourselves. Thanks for this interview.

  37. Thanks for this Mosey! Would love to hear more of your wins.

  38. Mosey. Fantastic! You are being actually cause over life! Great for using the tools of Scientology to get there and for Marty delivering such effective Tech

  39. Mosey, your in a great place. You understand the how and the why of it all. And you choose to stay above the mess and free of it. You wont end up like poor old Jacob Marley, weighted down and trapped by that chain of overts he forged in life. Getting oneself cleaned up is like throwing off ones chains. Scientology auditing is a great tool for that. One of its best uses. Your video will help others see the value. Thank you.

  40. Very nice win indeed!!!!!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing it with us.

  41. EnthralledObserver

    So… is this an example of the infamous ‘wins’ I hear about? Like, seriously, is that all it is… seriously?
    It was all a bit vague, glossed over, as most Scientology jargon is, and from this I don’t think I’d pay anything to gain this insight to life… it’s common sense stuff that ought to emerge naturally from inside you as you mature. I know how to do this already.

  42. I prefer “the basics” over here. 🙂

  43. Very nicley put.
    Good R. And a refreshing tone level.


  44. Where is David’s woman? Locked up somewhere! Away from the press and the Internet and the public! Away from the publishers. He is so scared of that woman and her potential he has her BURIED in seclusion.
    She is HIDDEN like a piece of stolen property! Buried like a piece of evidence!

  45. That’s a product of good auditing.

  46. He sends out other Scientologist’s X wives, to speak for him on national T.V., hiding behind other men’s remains. That is pathetic. And he thinks that is a “bright idea”. I am almost down into a sympathy for this dysfunctional human being. He was overestimated. Clearly not up to the challenge. We all helped it to fester. The best we could do now is to knock it off, meet in some shelter, send him off into the mountains to destimulate and get fixed, suck it up, take the hit for his shit, and just move on.

  47. The simplicity is that it would take one phone call from David to Marty, for this to turn around. It is not like we would not help David. We would. And we would be glad to do it. It would only require some REACH.

  48. Wonderfull! So true! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  49. Nicely done Mosey – you’re a shining example of what I thought Scientology was supposed to be about and you sum it up so eloquently too. Hats off to you both!

  50. Additional Comment for All to Examine:

    Baggage as Havingness and Stable Data for the bring.

    Havingness: Why a being holds onto Engrams and Overts.

    Again, Congrats Mosey!

    Fly HIGH my Friend.

  51. Beautiful, Mosey. Simply perfect.


  52. I love this!
    You know what I love about hearing from some TRULY with the Tech alive in their life?? Look at her eyes! She is crystal clear, sharp as a tack. SO right there… in the moment, having this thought and expressing it clearly and thoroughly. Concise, to the point, happy and vivacious.

    I wanna be there so bad!! Well done, Mosie! Keep up the good work! Hoping to get to meet up with you soon, and maybe you can help ME get where you are! 🙂

  53. Grasshopper (Mark P)

    “Is that all there is?
    Is that all there is?
    If that’s all there is, my friend,
    Then let’s keep dancing.
    Let’s break out the booze
    And have
    A ball
    If that’s all
    There is”

    Mosey’s win is beautiful and deep, and if certain politicians and Wall Streeters had similar wins, we’d be in much better shape as a society. Too bad you can’t see it.

  54. I’ve watched you do this. You pick great routes but, I’ve also seen you change directions mid-stream because you see a better way for everyone involved. You are one of the least “stuck” people I know.
    That combined with your kind nature, makes you one of my and Mike’s favorite people in the entire world.
    We are so happy for you for the wins you have had using Scientology and we see what you say.
    Thank you for all you have done and do for us. We love you oodles and oodles!
    Laura and Mike Wilson

  55. Amen!

  56. Beautiful Mosey! You are beautiful inside and out.

    Your simple teaching about “what is scientology” would be called a “pith instruction” in buddhism. Revered Tibetan lamas are known for their pith instructions which are instructions that explain the most profound points of the teachings in a condensed and direct way for the student.

    It is these teachings that one can repeat over and over until it seeps into every fiber of their being and they can start to embody the teaching.

    Not everyone is going to study scientology to the depth others are or have. Just like many are not going to study and practice buddhism as others have.

    HOWEVER, with a pith instruction — many can take this to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

    Wonderful, Mosey.

  57. Line above should read:

    Baggage as Havingness and Stable Data for the being.

  58. Marty, Great product on Mosey from auditing her. Mosey is a beautiful being and her win communicates so well it keyed me out. This is how it should be! And Oraclemysticism, I liked your posts and agree. Thanks.

  59. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    Thanks for sharing! Big hugs to you & Marty 🙂

  60. So very apropos to use the now commonly understood word
    “baggage”. It works wonders in disseminating.

    Again, Mosey, very genuine, huggable and real. Congratulation!

  61. I use Windex.

  62. PreferToBeAnon2

    If she is still alive.

  63. That communicates very well in it’s simplicity!

  64. She is a very clean and very pleasant being. I enjoyed watching the video.

  65. Now THAT”S Scientology. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your win Mosey!

  66. Write that in stone. It is the view of a free being. Well said Mosey.

  67. Dear Mosey, awesome win and beautifully spoken.
    well done!

  68. Go Mooooooosey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy to hear your wins
    This is really the SIMPLICITY of Scientology.

  69. Whoa! What a wake up call. When I first entered an org (FCDC) I was twenty something and was a mess. Now I see that I have more than just O/W mass. I never understood how to make amends to all those beings who I had transgressed. Really I was a real asshole. I still do not know how to throw off the baggage because many of those being are passed or out of my space and though knowing it was wrong helped me, I did not see how I could take responsibility. My chains still rattle. ARC Bill Dupree

  70. Lovely! Love how personal integrity is clearly restored as a result of true auditing gains. Hurray for empty suitcases!

  71. This is lovely. Thank you both for sharing.

  72. I am still smiling……Thank you

  73. Just finished reading Jenna Miscavige’s book…I needed a win and there you are.

  74. EO, Scientology is not for everyone, LRH himself said this. And some people really should stay away from it or they will be disappointed. Perhaps you are one such person?

    And that’s OK, no-one is forcing you to have anything to do with it. By the same token, hopefully you will let others who do want what it has to offer, get all they want.

    If you want to get some idea of what it actually offers, I would suggest you get a copy of the book Self-Analysis for cheap from Amazon and use one of the mental exercise lists in it for awhile . Find out for yourself if there is anything there for you, or if you should just move on. It will cost you practically nothing.

  75. Marty,
    Did some Indies DISCONNECT from you??? Really???

  76. Beautiful! An auditor’s dream to hear this!!

  77. Dani Lemberger

    VVWD Mosey! Real happy to hear your wins. This IS what Scientology is all about. Congrats to Marty, the auditor, I guess, on the product.

  78. Nice product of auditing: awareness of the law of karma leading to a workable and practical discrimination between good and bad behavior (and their consequences). That is an increase In spiritual intelligence.
    Me likee:-)

  79. martyrathbun09

    Watchu hearin?

  80. EnthralledObserver

    It will cost me nothing, trust me.

    And that is a false claim that Scientology is not meant to be for everyone… you know it is. The claim that LRH repeatedly made was that it would ‘Clear’ the planet of criminals and crime and insanity, etc. and give superhuman abilities to those who go all the way up his ‘Bridge’. So, unless you are suggesting I am an SP pegged for destruction, then it is supposed to work for me too. Problem is, it doesn’t work as it was claimed by LRH. All you seem to have are these vague and so sublte ‘wins’ that you barely can notice them, that I’m telling you that any healthy and able adult should already have mastered. Scientology has frequently been touted as being for the ‘able to become more able’, but all I’ve read here are the (subtle, as I;ve already pointed out) cognitions of people who’ve discovered what is ‘wrong’ with them (according to Scientology). Give me a definitive example of someone ‘able’ becoming ‘more able’ – I bet you can’t.

    Nothing I have seen here is remarkable… it’s ordinary and quite frankly boring and not worth the paper it’s written on.

  81. Nothing really. But it seems like some people aren’t communicating to you anymore. I assumed it could be disconnection and that would be sad and very ironic.

  82. i·ron·ic
    1.Using or characterized by irony.
    2.Happening in the opposite way to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement.

  83. Thanks Mosey. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve pointed out and demonstrated that it’s 1950 all over again.

    The mechanics of corporate enforced suppression are experiencing a final death rattle.

    You are an inspiration. Merci beau coup!

  84. Tony,

    There couldn’t be a higher height of irony.

    Maybe there are some five, six or seven figure “massages” via the sawed-off pope prompting some grumbling and dissension.

    Unfortunately, throughout history, some folks do have a price. That’s my take.

  85. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Beautiful Mosinator. Whatever gets you to where you need to go. You look shiny and happy. That’s what counts 😀 xxx ❤

  86. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tony. Some comments here have read like disconnection letters or even declare orders – and no, haven’t heard a peep from the authors since.

  87. Very nice Mosey, I sort of got a similar conclusion from my auditing, That is one reason I support Marty, as I don’t want to carry forward the baggage from the Cult.

  88. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter

    Very nice wins Mosey. Sums it up nicely.

  89. No need to be bored, E.O. There are thousands of blogs and websites out there. I don’t know why you’re wasting your time with this one.

  90. I find your post here rather boring and unremarkable…and cheap…not worth the electrons firing my screen……

  91. A visual message of Pope Dave, courteous of Ortega, gripping his Holy Water…..

  92. Well, for one thing, I am no longer color blind. For another, my IQ was measured pre-Scientology at 125, and now it is measured at over 135, both using non-Scientology-related tests. These are concrete measures. Results may vary. And I admit that I cannot walk on water.

    Of course, I have myriad other wins and gains that you would consider “vague” and “subtle,” so I will leave those alone.

    And, bye the way, Scientology can help anyone. You personally would get something out of using Scientology.


  93. Well, Marty, everyone needs to grow at their own speed. I for one have found the blog and the commentary exceptional. You have been getting TA, my man, and I think it is awesome.

  94. Their loss.

    There is only one way. Connect, and be willing to connect with all.
    Be willing to experience all and be pan determined. Its a starting
    point. 🙂

  95. “I don’t think I’d pay anything to gain this insight to life… it’s common sense”
    Except that you still carry your baggage with you.
    It seems you have no idea about spiritual mass.
    I’ll bet you don’t even realized what she was talking about.

  96. Eric S AKA WindWalker

    Thank you Mosey.
    That was delightful!

  97. One of those who see

    Just watched Mosey again. Keys me right out! This is what it’s all about. No force needed. Auditing works. LRH wants us to LOOK. We look, we take responsibility and we improve. Simple. Well done Marty. Really nice to be on this journey with you.

  98. Really?

  99. Look at what Frank Serpico had to live through. When Pacino asked why he had stepped forward, Serpico replied:

    “Well, Al, I don’t know. I guess I would have to say it would be because … if I didn’t, who would I be when I listened to a piece of music? ”

  100. I am more inspired by her presence/level of consciousness than the actual words that were spoken – I felt a deep sense of peace when I watched this.

  101. That woman has been seriously underestimated. And seriously mistreated. And the Church’s response is that she is trying to profit off her uncle’s name! They are so far out of communication they sound absurd. She signed her Sea Org contract at seven years old, with out her parents present. Who the hell has ever profited from being connected to David Miscavige except by financial pay offs as a result of his abuse?

  102. Glug glug glug, yuk yuk yuk ! 🙂

  103. Hey Tony, I guess they aren’t in Power, eh? 🙂

  104. How do you know it doesn’t work as claimed? Have you tried it? I believe you have posted that you have not tried any, and had no intention of trying it.

    As far as what have various people have gotten out of it, there are plenty of individual stories posted all over this blog. Takes attentive reading to notice them.

    Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Scared? To spend a few bucks on a used book?

    Cluck… cluck cluck cluck cluck…..

    Or are you a hired troll? A volunteer troll for OSA? Oooooooo! 🙂

  105. Especially as it’s a blog and not written on paper in the first place! Unless you’re printing it all off…… Boy, that would cost a lot in paper!

  106. Interesting how Mosey’s calm and happy little video brings out a Grinch…..

  107. EnthralledObserver

    “Except that you still carry your baggage with you” Says who? You? You wouldn’t know normal from insane, mate.

    “Spiritual mass” hmm, let me mull this concept over… and all I’m getting is the ‘bulk of nothing’. It doesn’t exist… stop beating your head against the walls in the search for otherworldly answers.

    Mosey said what she said… was there a secret code I needed to apply?

  108. Hi Tom,
    You know what always got me about disconnection is that a full on bot RCS would be in comm with a murderer or criminal to “salvage them” but if a person still audits and speaks his mind about the tech some would consider them worthy of “cutting comm”. At one point I had someone who shall go nameless wanting me to pledge an oath to KSW to be a member of the club. No thanks.

  109. I agree.
    I always thought if you wanted to change someone then you had better to be willing to be in comm and make a good argument.

  110. EnthralledObserver

    I cannot disprove any of your statements any more than you can prove them… but ‘colour blindness’ is a ‘defect’ that you supposedly corrected. An appropriate example instead would be taking normal sight and increasing it to extrodinary sight (seeing extra long distances/night vision/magnification to see tiny details ordinarily not able to be seen by the eye/x-ray vision) – do you get my drift?

    I don’t know what to do with your claims… I cannot comment as I would have to trust that you are being truthful, and I cannot, I’m afraid. My gut tells me that if your results were genuine and could be replicated (even just in some others, if not everyone) the general public would already be aware of them. Don’t let my cynical outlook stop you from sharing them publically with proof and sticking it to me… if there was ever a time for ‘Scientology’ to prove itself, now would be it.

    IQ is something that is not concrete, I don’t believe, you get varied results anyway, and an increase can come from other factors… sorry, this one, if true, might have to stay in the vague basket. But at least it was one of the things LRH was promising… so we’re on the right track here.

    I won’t ever be trying it for myself, but thanks for acknowledging that it WAS intended to help ‘everyone’, even if we can’t agree yet that it actually can.

  111. “One of Those Who See” writes: “LRH wants us to LOOK… We look, we take responsibility and we improve..” I never heard this before, and I like it…
    This transcends all religions, its about wanting to more forward, wanting to see clear, wanting to be human. This is humanity at its best. Be willing to look, looking, taking responsibility and improving is about as good as someone can get, in my view.. It does not matter what faith you belong to, what religion you follow or not, unless you are willing, ready, eager, able to look, take responsibility and improve, as a human being, you are stuck. The path to freedom is simple, but it takes to want to look, take responsibility and improve. For me the definition of aging Is when you stop to do that.. Thank you for this great quote..I feel energized just reading it..

  112. EnthralledObserver

    I comment, because I often read statements I consider illogical and sometimes outright lies/misinformation. Just as you wish I would understand and agree with your points, I want you to hear and comprehend mine. Scientologists might look upon me as inferior, but I can assure you that I do not feel as such. If you feel my time is wasted, that’s your own perception… I feel differently – and you know what… it’s perfectly okay to be different, just thought I’d say that, as I’m not sure if that’s allowed in Scientology given your penchant for LRH worship. I merely want everyone to consider the absurdity that one man alone came upon this revelation of how to save the populations – and didn’t even have to prove it – just did a little hypnotism (and experts state that’s what auditing is) which made a few feel ‘high’ and bingo… instant following. Yeah, right…

  113. EnthralledObserver

    Cheap… yeah, lucky for you my opinion and advice doesn’t cost a thing. Unlike Scientology. Let’s say the whole things works… then what type of person feels justified in making a profit ‘selling’ it as a religion to the rest of the world? That is despicable. If you genuinely wanted to help, then you just would. Scientology is a business… selling a dubious product no less. If it works, it’s about time those peddling it PROVE it. If it can’t be proven, and you still find people who want to try it, you should not be allowed to charge even a cent for it.
    Don’t hide behind the religious curtain and operate a business… either BE a business, or BE a religion for the good of the community. What, are you scared you will fail and go broke because no-one donated of their own free will – OR – that you cannot prove your product works? Pick a fricken side… that’s what’s pissing us WOGS off. Money or Spiritual salvation… one or the other. To operate under both is morally wrong… then there is the whole ‘fraud’ thing too.

  114. Beautiful!
    Can you imagine the cult deliver just that thing?
    It would take the world in no time.
    Unfortunately the cult has other fish to fry – lies, entrapment, greed, power, …
    It is nice to see people fly free without a cult tricking them.
    Well done Mosey!

  115. Well, you don’t seem to be very “enthralled” about much of anything anything, but I could be wrong. Perhaps you could post some of your wins or abilities gained from using your own common sense……

  116. I can’t believe what Marty and Mosey have been through and managed, and confronted and lived through with so little. Facing off a billion dollar corrupt dishonest para military organization of people prone to domestic terrorism . To withdraw allegiance and/or desert a comrade, against the back drop of this suppression they face, is totally out honor. Ego before success lacks in noblesse.

  117. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Ah well. It’s not always a bad thing 🙂 Some people annoy the crap out of me to the point I have to disconnect for a while regardless of religious doctrine one way or the other. And I’m pretty sure I’ve been disconnected from by a few people I’ve rubbed up the wrong way 😀
    People come and go. Point is they’re doing it on their own determinism now 🙂
    Hi Tony! Long time no talk to 😀 xxx

  118. Bill. I think you can loose the rattle in those chains. You may need to get a bit creative on the amends. I recall the movie on Ghandi when he advised a man who killed another over religion to raise the dead mans son in the religion which the man hated. Hopefully your days of being an asshole were similar to my days of being an asshole and did not rise to that level. If someone has died whom we have wronged, usually there is a charity earmarked for theuir memory in the obituary notice. A donation in the persons name may be enough to still the rattle. But there is usually a way if the will is there.

  119. Its not possible to keep everyone even temporarily on board unless you talked out of both sides of your mouth, which you dont. If you did, eventually you would loose more than a few. I think the direction you have taken and the way you have staked out the place for the tech in the greater body of the worlds wisdom deserves high marks.
    And some who leave may feel they need to have their own banner and agenda which differs from yours. Some may be unable to tolerate other viewpoints. But I see it as potential growth in the Independent world of scientology. You don’t need or want 76 Trombones leading the big parade. You dont need any. But you know that.

  120. Tony and Marty, Hey, maybe it’s just that some “Indies” just don’t want others to experience similar wins, gains that Mosey expressed here.

    I wouldn’t refer to them as “Indies.” As they are not really “Scientologist.” at any rate.

    And then some Indies are just very busy helping others with Scientology and therefore not here. While others may just be very busy Flourishing and Prospering – using Scientology to do so.

    I think it’s telling that this great win of Mosey’s doesn’t get near the # of comments that say, some criticisms of Scientology or LRH would get on this blog.

    The good news is it’s probably not more than about 20% and that means that 80% love it!

    Thanks again Mosey for sharing your great win! and VERY WELL DONE to you Marty as Mosey’s trusted Auditor!

    Just my 20 cents, Steve Poore

  121. Was reading the philosophy section in Creation of Human Ability yesterday and thought of this video. Quite in addition to the fact that Mosey truly shines and the video is enchanting because of it, the honesty in it speaks volumes. What an ad for the subject. I’d spend millions showing that video during the Superbowl half time break!

  122. Being able to see the machinery that kicks in and the consequences of allowing the machinery to control is a quality that many do not have, OT or not.

    That is the quality I most admire. Sending love.

  123. “Mosey said what she said… was there a secret code I needed to apply?”
    No, just some life experience, boy.

  124. Thank you Peter without going into details I guess that is why I gravitated to service groups IE fire department, Lions clubs afterwards because of the guilt. I also pulled away from the ORG too and even after finishing Grades and starting my HGC internship. It was handling the O/W or lack of. That is why I am still a PC. Bill

  125. @EnthralledObserver. Enthralled my ass. Obviously the only thing that ‘enthralls’ you is to rain on someone’s parade. Hit the road and don’t look back.

  126. Great Win Mosey! You got it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  127. Oracle,
    Love your similies…hidden like a piece of stolen property and buried like a piece of evidence…Ha! so true. Song is perfect, they should play it on loud speakers at the base.

  128. Hi Sam!!
    We watch you raising hell over in Scotland and England. Good stuff!! 🙂

  129. Mosey – beautifully stated – I am very happy for you.

  130. Mosey – that was so beautiful and pure honest communication. Some run from the shadows of their baggage. Others simply confront, acknowledge and play the game of life. You have demonstrated the essence of freedom to be, do and have as an independent free being. Some video you reminded me of – enjoy.

  131. Not sure what I did wrong. That isn’t the video I had playing. Here should be the read one a duet of dancing.

  132. In the mountains above Los Angeles a rumor persists that
    Shelly Miscavige is in a “Mini Hole” in the woods..Other possible site is the Bunker “Vault” in New Mexico

  133. Fucking awesome Mosey.

  134. Marty – sorry to hear about some of the “disconnection” going on. Your blog has been, to me, quite an eye opener; not only what you write but also all the comments. I truly appreciate what you do and have nothing but good things to say about you.

    The most memorable auditing session that I received was from you. It wasn’t a long session but it changed my life. We handled a service facsimile regarding the church that had been nagging me for years. Since then I have been observing my “behaviour” regarding ser facs and am happy to report that any tendency I had to be creative in using ser facs in my life have vanished. I live and let live. What freedom!

    Thank you Marty.

  135. WOW, I have never realised that becoming an SP would be so easy. I just posted an opinion and here I am in the SP group. This is great. So effortless. Do you mean that here I can actually say what I want? And believe me, I have a lot to say.

  136. Clueless. I love people who alway turn to “experts” for advice on what to think about something. Why bother with self-exploration when all you have to do is consult some “expert” for all your answers? “Just f’ing Google it”, as the saying goes

    The MO of so-called “experts” is making nothing out of anything that does not comport with their early 21st century constructs.

  137. Right on target!

    Like the Titanic, there are only a few genuine survivors of the SO,

    The current one sunk in the middle of an R6 created by DM Associates.

  138. What a pleasure it was to watch Mosey’s video yesterday, and see in her face and eyes the real, honest, genuine results that accompany good auditing. Her smiling face says all that needs to be said.

  139. Mosey, you bring out the harmonics of art and song in everyone with your explanation of auditing and simply what it does for you. I am thrilled with what you are getting out of Scientology and LRH’s Tech. When applied Standardly, that is the result! Especially when you are able to apply it to your life. That’s REAL knowing. I am proud to know you through this media and look forward to more of your wins of the application of this wonderful simple technology.

  140. When I said that I have a lot to say, I refer to a time when nothing made sense to me. I was betrayed by the local organization to which I had paid lots of money and after the money had been paid, no help was forthcoming. That was the beginning.

  141. The reason that I am saying this is that I am very happy that she did not have to go through so much BS to get her gain.If ever. She is a very sweet being, we can all see that.

  142. Well, this is not a forum for proof one way or another. I am sorry you have the idea that I would lie to you about what I have observed. In any event, it is always good to have dissenting views.

  143. My 2 cents worth: Mocking and getting mad at Enthralled isn’t effective and isn’t appropriate.

    How about this: I don’t think the effectiveness of Scientology is something that is provable to an outside observer. If you want to know what Scientology does or does not do, the only way I know of would be to make a sincere effort to use by delivering and / or receiving it, and make your own observations.

    Nobody is trying to make you do Scientology if you don’t want to do it. Or if they are, they shouldn’t be. If you already feel you have the abilities that Mosey says she attained, then don’t do it.

    I don’t mean this resentfully, I mean that you have a right to do with your life as you please, as do people who want to use Scientology, as long as they don’t try to harm or deceive them, and as long as they allow the person to have their own viewpoint. If you don’t think this is possible with Scientology and you are not willing to try it for yourself, that is totally your prerogative.

    Even people who think Scientology is a total crock, as you seem to think, could have this viewpoint.

  144. Hi Mosey! Nice win – same as I had ‘cept I thought I was clear but I guess not LOL!
    We are exactly what we think we are.
    Isn’t that incredible!
    And all ya gotta ta do is read a book – helps to have a friend. I’m so glad Marty has you and you probably have no idea what you have done for others
    (OSA is so busy they don’t even know I declared myself (Thanks Steve Hall!) – I still get to talk to my kids!)

  145. I can hear is now:
    “I pledge alliegence
    To the PL
    Of Keeping Scientology Working
    And to Close the Door
    Using 7 to 10
    One PL
    Under Ron
    With purity and rote application for all”


  146. Nice, Gnostic. Welcome.

  147. ”He invented a bank to keep others good…”, a real telltale.


  148. “People come and go. Point is they’re doing it on their own determinism now.”

    Great comment, Sam. And maybe some are thinking it over (looking) and could be back.

  149. Is that simple!
    BRAVO Mosey!!!

  150. The Simplicity of the internet.

  151. The Catholic Pope resigned.
    Maybe the “Pope” of RCS will follow his lead now…

  152. Tony did you know that the first Bishop of Rome named Petrus dispised Maria Magdalena and started an hate campain against her. She was not a prostitute but Jezus Wife

  153. And Obama is an Anon just like Stephen Colbert.

  154. EnthralledObserver

    I avoid Scientology. 😀 WIN!!!!!

  155. EnthralledObserver

    Got some… Cheers. I am a mother of five old enough, and intelligent enough, to see, hear, know and apply good, solid common sense, logic and deductive skills.

    Are you jealous I didn’t have to get sucked into a scam, fleeced and spat out the other side to have gained it?

  156. EnthralledObserver

    I’m not enthralled by Scientology, I’m actually a bit horrified – my name was coined using the fact I was enthralled observing the current slow, yet sticky demise of the cult. This forum here is a sideline story; I did not name myself for you here.
    You can keep telling me to hit the road, but I won’t… just saying.

  157. EnthralledObserver

    “I love people who alway turn to “experts” for advice on what to think about something. Why bother with self-exploration when all you have to do is consult some “expert” for all your answers?”

    That is such a juvenile statement. It might be beyond your comprehension that some people don’t know ‘everything’, so I admit I haven’t studied hypnosis. Historians claim LRH was an expert or at least very adept at hypnosis, others who have studied hypnosis and compared auditing say there is a correlation. LRH knows hypnosis, and auditing, that he invented/codified, resembles hypnotic techniques – it isn’t a stretch to see that LRH could have incorporated hypnosis techniques to develop auditing – whether deliberate or not I can only speculate. And because I have no technical knowledge of such, I refer to what those that do have said about it.
    I then asked here for a demo of auditing… didn’t get one, but eventually found a COS demo on line, and compared my information I gleaned from the experts with what I saw. I decided the experts had merit.
    You see… us wogs CAN think for ourselves. What information did you rely upon before making that initial decision? Or did you just bound on in hopeful that the person taking your money was of sound character and knew what he was doing?

  158. EnthralledObserver

    Thank you.

    I am firm on my desire not to try Scientology for myself, so I guess I will never be convinced. However, I want Scientologists to recognise the concerns some people have, based on certain sets of evidence, that a person who goes through with ‘trying it out’ may not, in our opinions, be able to be objective. A ‘win’ as characterised in Scientology is not disputed by exes… but the cause of it is, and whether it is helpful or harmful, or even just the bait for the next step in indoctrination. I want to know the truth, and you all should too – you’re the ones who are using it. If someone claimed there was a toxin in my coffee I drank everyday that might cause me ill, even though my coffee tastes great, I enjoy it and it makes me feel energised, I would still want the truth discovered and choose whether I’ll continue to assume the risk or give it up. This is your responsibility to yourself and others. LRon was not the perfect role model he’s been made out to be in the past… it IS possible he made at the very least some errors in judgement, let alone the accusations that he deliberately set about to invent a mind-controlling system for his own financial and power hungering gains. Look into it… that’s all I wish.

    I also take issue with charging for ‘religious’ services. That is morally wrong to bait someone with their eternal salvation and make yourself rich upon it. If you have a viable product you can prove works – by all means sell it. If you swear you know how to gain spiritual salvation – share it freely. I don’t really care to know the details… I’m not interested in your product, I am only interested in my desire to see people treated fairly and caringly whilst following the laws and social acceptances of our lands – of which mine and yours are most likely very similar if not exactly the same.

    To sum up what I mean… I urge you to look, not just at the result of your product, but at its history, where it came from, who really was the man that claimed to invent it, and why it garners so much controversy. My concern is for you, I’m not involved, and I offer it genuinely.

  159. But you are not “avoiding scientology” by coming to a pro-scientology blog and posting here.

    Talk about disingenuous!

    You came here to comment on this particular post by Mosey, after not commenting for quite awhile on other posts Marty has made recently, and you basically have posted a lot of statements minimizing and discounting the value of what Mosey posted.

    This blog is kinda like “Marty and Mosey’s house”. Frankly, it makes me wonder what’s going on with you. Why would you come to someone’s house and act like you have been acting?

    Like, how does your husband feel about Scientology? How would he react if you showed up with a Self-Analysis book or any other book by Hubbard at your house?

    Whose “win” is it? Yours, or someone else’s?

  160. Well, does psychiatry or psychology “work”? What kind of person would charge for counselling services instead of giving them away free to those in need? What about “self-improvement workshops” like those by Stephen R.Covey of “7 Habits” fame which can usually be afforded only by corporations because they are so expensive.

    If you’d really read this blog more thoroughly, you would know that Marty audits people whether they can afford to pay him or not. And even for those who do pay him something, he has no fixed fees.

    That is all a matter of public record.

  161. EO,

    you are quite right, LRH knew a lot about hypnotism. He was quite open about it and talks about it in several books and lectures. He used it to research the human mind, just as Freud and many other psychoanalytic researchers did. Today, most psychiatrists and many psychologists are trained in using hypnotism.

    Hubbard describes how he used it and how it helped him discover engrams and the reactive mind, in a short book titled “Dianetics, The Evolution of a Science”. This was actually published as a magazine article before the big Dianetics book (Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, or DMSMH) was published.

  162. EO, I do not feel you are inferior. I do feel you are not very well informed in some ways but that’s understandable. You seem intelligent and indeed seem to have a lot of commonsense. And, you wouldn’t be here posting if you didn’t want to know the truth about things.

  163. Hey Dave, good post. You visit Geir’s blog sometimes, yes?

  164. “My concern is for you, I’m not involved, and I offer it genuinely.”

    It’s almost comical that you’re telling Scientologists to study the history of L.Ron. Did you just wake up or something?

    You’re not posting out of any concern. You’re posting to get a rise out of people on this blog.

    Its a waste of blog space, and only serves you’re own satisfaction.

    “Boy, I sure told them Scientologists a thing or two!!!”.

    I can’t speak for Scientologists, but I’m sure alot of people on this blog have heard your arguments a thousand times.

    Let’s hear some fresh insight.

    Just saying

  165. I agree with you in many ways. It is up to each individual to take full responsibility for the sources of his information and enlightenment. No one can do that for him, he has to do it himself. In the end, the full truth never hurts, and we each need to make our own individual observations as to what that is, and not be afraid to confront it, no matter what anyone else says, including LRH and including critics of LRH. I hope what I am saying here acknowledges fully what you have said.

    Not all independent Scientologists would say what Jeff here is saying. I’m not one who would say that.

  166. Occasionally. It’s a good blog that seems very rational, doesn’t go extreme in either direction. (I’m not comparing it to this blog when I say that. I like this one too.)

  167. sorry, maybe I misrepresented….i’m not a Scientologist

  168. Beautiful Self-awareness!

  169. Did he accuse other guys of being gay?
    I think we got him.


  170. I finally got to see your video. Nice win! Well done to you and your auditor!

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