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In my estimation one of L. Ron Hubbard’s most important contributions to spiritual psychotherapy was his guided approach to witnessing.  The Scientology Grades were for the most part developed in Ron’s attempt to build a smoother, more sure-fire route to ‘Clear’, which he defined as the ‘unrepressed, self-determined’ state of being that is not continuing to unwittingly create his or her own mental barriers.  Engram running of the early fifties was a grinding, messy affair.  Notwithstanding ample claims otherwise in Scientology publications and lectures, the results were inconsistent and many times catastrophic.  Fifteen years of experimentation and research led to the introduction of the Grade Chart.  It was the culmination of years of research on how to achieve ‘Clear’ more rapidly and certainly than with the uncertain, hit-and-miss Dianetics engram running method.

As Ron developed each Scientology grade, along the line he claimed that each, individually, was the answer to attaining Clear, quite independent of one another.  For example, Grade 0 is the Communication grade.   The book that serves as the backbone of Grade 0 technology – and the auditing (communication) process itself – is called Dianetics 55!   The book explains the entire universe within the sole construct of communication.   It posits that if one were perfectly ‘cleared’ on the subject of communication one would have no ‘case’ (the cumulative aberration of an individual) and thus would not only be Clear, but also OT (Operating Thetan, later ‘higher’ postulated state of being).

It is the same for Grade 1 (problems), Grade 2 (hostilities and sufferings), Grade 3 (change), and Grade 4 (fixed conditions and ability to do new things).   The statement of those goals, intentions, and results at each Grade were memorialized in his lectures along the way.  And at every level you can find Ron postulating – in fact, stating as factual certainty in his own inimitable style – that that grade is the answer to Clear and beyond.

During much of that research period Ron included a caveat about each of those levels being the answer in and of itself.  That is, that if an auditor were addressing the recipient-client from the perspective and with the intention of improving ability his postulated Clear and beyond could and would occur.  Addressing ability was starkly in contrast to the approach in Dianetics, which attacked disabilities.   This is well covered in the Ability Congress lectures.  There, Ron pronounces as ‘law’ that if an auditor approaches a client with the attitude of improving ability, he will get more ability. If he focuses on addressing disability, he will cause more disability.

As was most often the case in the history of Dianetics and Scientology research, the survival considerations of fighting enemies and having the wherewithal to do so and carry on affected the ability or willingness to test out the hypotheses and claims Ron made along the way.  It was a fast-moving train constantly receiving and firing volleys, while attempting to lay ever-more instant and consistent track.  Critics of Scientology and Hubbard will give more nefarious, ill-intentioned reasons for that omission of testing.  The reason why is of little import, because regardless of causation, the fact remains.

Along the way, the once stable foundation of the priority of addressing ability as opposed to disability was lost.  I have found through 35 years of practice that this loss was fatal.  Focusing on disability results in a never-ending ‘bridge’ requiring cult-like devotion and ultimately creating regression.  Focusing on ability brings greater ability and determinism.   There is one thing that perhaps best distinguishes how we practice from others we are aware of.  Our first stable foundation is that we audit and train toward ability.

What We Do, Part One

For some orientation to what I would like to over in this essay I begin with a passage from Chapter 25 Epilogue from Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior (Amazon Books, 2013):

     As has been ably reported by Janet Reitman in her book Inside Scientology (Houghton Mifflin, 2011) and by Lawrence Wright in his book Going Clear (Alfred A. Knopf, 2013), L. Ron Hubbard was a very capable marketing man. What they did not acknowledge as much, but did not totally discount, was Ron’s ability to solve problems – including those of the mind and spirit. Ron had a knack for finding out what was bothering people, putting together methods to address those things, and then selling those methods as services – the end-all that people just had to get their hands on.

     The Reitman and Wright books detailed how Ron was continually creating new rundowns, new levels and new packaging to keep the Scientology public enthused over the latest in the mind and spirit.  It was the formula that created continuing expansion of the Scientology empire during L. Ron Hubbard’s life.  A strong customer base was established and continually kept interested and buying as new, essential route-to-total-freedom items were rolled out.

     Because Ron so unequivocally mandated that only Ron could discover, create and memorialize mental and spiritual technology (the only stock-in-trade of the church of Scientology) upon Ron’s death the church’s expansion pattern also died.

     Consequently, David Miscavige took on an unenviable task when he was handed the reins of Scientology Inc.  And those reins were handed to him, whether begrudgingly or not, by Annie Tidman Broeker (Loyal Officer 2) when she sided with Miscavige against her then-husband (Loyal Officer 1) Pat Broeker. Miscavige had no choice but to radically change Scientology’s forty-year expansion pattern.

     The movement had been built and held together primarily through the promise and continual roll-out of new technology. Now Miscavige had to keep that movement going, but with no possibility of introducing new technology. For a while he seemed to have somewhat of a grasp of marketing, but all the marketing in the world could not keep an organization thriving when it had nothing new to sell. At least not an organization whose viability depended on continual emanation of new technology to sell. And by firm religious belief and church doctrine, he was powerless to create any new technology.

These facts – recognized by credible, outside observers and by insiders like myself – are at the heart of why Scientology (the whole package) is as dead as a door nail.  The promises are infinite while the delivery of them is impossible.

The first thing that probably distinguishes us from all others we are aware of who utilize some of the discoveries of Ron Hubbard is that we do not play – in any way, shape, fashion, or form – the baiting evaluation game that comes part and parcel with Scientology.  That is the incessant, overt and covert, game of continuous evaluations along the line of ‘the next roll out will really get you there’, ‘the next level will handle your problem’, ‘you need to act in this fashion so that you see the wisdom of taking your next step’, ‘you’ll understand that when you get to ______’, or any other of the pitches that were memorialized in unalterable, firm Scientology policy and mental technology throughout the years.

That most decidedly includes the insidious safety valve, bait-and-switch line ‘the reason it didn’t work for you was that it was corrupted by someone else, and now we’re going to give you the real thing’ as is so regularly chanted by the church and the shadow it casts, Scientology practitioners outside of the church.  The real thing is precisely what is described in the book passage above: the never-ending promises to the stairway to Heaven that demonstrably does not lead to Heaven.  It more often leads instead to the perfect cognitive storm: holding these two conflicting ideas counterpoised,  a) I have done everything Ron prescribed, so I know everything there is to know, and can never improve because I am already perfect – b) all the while colliding with the deep-down, suppressed self-recognition that the individual has become intolerant, arrogant, callous and miserable.

This find-the-ruin, bait-and-switch mentality is woven into the woof and warp of Scientology.  It gets played from initial marketing to the highest reaches of the bridge. It has always been, both inside the church and without, that those who play it best are sainted with being the most ‘On Source’ (with L. Ron Hubbard) Scientologists.

It also happens to be Ron’s first,  greatest  – and ultimately most fatal – departure from the technology he primarily borrowed from in creating Dianetics and Scientology: Rogerian client-centered psychotherapy.  The second the client is played – in any way, shape, fashion or form – by definition the process is no longer client centered.  Instead, it by definition becomes practitioner – or organization – centered. The road to restoration of self-determinism becomes paved with enforcement of obedient following.

Do I mean to say that Ron was a con?   Do I mean to say that everything he discovered or purported to discover was fraudulent?   No; as you shall see in further installments.  But, I am defining what it is we do and the first thing we do is stay true to the client-centered philosophy that is at the heart of – in fact, is the sine qua non of – all that is workable in Scientology.

The Rest of the Story

From the outset we have represented that at Casablanca we are about the practice of repair, remediation, reconciliation, sane and integrated Scientology progress, graduation and transcendence of and beyond the Scientology experience.

We don’t solicit ‘success stories’ at Casablanca.  My view is that they have been used in the past as a cult positive reinforcement mechanism.   When you audit and coach toward ability – rather than simply release – folks attain abilities through applying what they gain in auditing toward life.   To pin someone down to a statement of result after only subjective, contemplative practice in some ways can act to constrain and limit the potential gains.  In some cases it can set them up for losses since their immediate seemingly miraculous releases don’t seem translatable into abilities in life (in a stat push environment that is often enforced).

We have, however,  maintained a book in our guest apartment where visiting former church members – and those new to Scientology –  stay when they visit.  The book serves the purpose of giving folks a completely voluntary feedback communication line.  I have never published words from the book because for the past several years the church of Scientology has run a propaganda operation against anyone who has expressed success or equanimity restored at Casablanca.  Since we moved into our new quarters near San Antonio that is not of concern because the church has no means for determining who visits us.

I have decided to publish some entries from our guest book now for a couple of reasons. One, we have been at it for so long and so consistently that we have dozens of notes that can’t possibly be traced as to identity (provided I leave out dates). Two, the church has expended so many millions in attempting to destroy our reputation and credibility (and been echo’d by their agents in the field), I want to share what is that we do in the words of those we do it with for balancing the record purposes.

From the Casablanca guest book:

As I write this note, a deep and profound love flows through my body and condenses into my ink and onto the page.  And here it remains in the physical universe as a gift for you both to revisit time and again.  Thank you both for your warm hospitality and abundant theta and for helping to mend the last remnant of a heart that was broken and is now fully healed…there is magic in the world and in this special place, where special beings come and go, the magic is nurtured and cared for and it grows – as it shall continue to grow and fill the whole world and every being in it.

Words cannot describe how I feel towards Marty and Mosey.  But, I can only say that they are devoting and dedicating every moment of their life to help others, like me, to do better as a thetan.  Thank you, Marty my brother and friend for applying standard LRH and helping me to regain my abilities and my self worth.  Mosey, you are one of the most beautiful kind souls I have met in my lifetimes.  Thank you for everything you do.  We are so lucky to have you as our true friend. 

I had (many) years of auditing at the C of S, but nothing like what I had in the last 5 days with Marty.  Marty’s C/Sing is spot on and his auditing is AMAZING!!!!!  

Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes small is big. Sometimes enough is abundance.  Sometimes simple is profound.  These are those times. With heartfelt gratitude and love.

As the week here in Casablanca with you is coming to an end, a new era begins for me.  An era of ‘I’ve got my life back and now the world has to deal with me directly; and no longer vias around me’   I came with a shy hope to sort matters out and now, as I’m parting, I’m at total peace.  What an amazing week it was!! 


I have spent 2 weeks in Heaven.  I am not a ‘religious’ person in the conventional sense of the word, but I have to say Marty and Mosey are like 2 angels in human form who were sent to guide my way on this journey.  Every wish I had has been granted with such love,tolerance and understanding that nothing could ever top this.  They have taken the ‘granting of beingness’ to a new level.  They epitomize what ‘family’ should be but even more than that.  All I can say is that I hope others can experience what I have.  I love you both (also Chiquita and even Cat !) and wish that  you achieve all your own dreams – you deserve them!


Thank you for taking care of me with such obvious intention to help me find the answers I needed.  Thank you for restoring my Bridge, for restoring my willingness to believe my own thoughts, for teaching me.    Thank you for the most penetrating auditing I have ever received.   Thank you for the expansion I feel, for the huge new understanding I have of myself and of life itself, and thank you for putting together pieces of myself that I thought were lost for this life and maybe forever.


In the past decade I have been to the Freewinds and Flag and I must say my experience here in this simple Casablanca far surpasses all the glitz and glamour of Freewinds and Flag in service, convenience and of course ARC.  I arrived here feeling like this was my last stop before the graveyard. I’m going home feeling a renewed zest for life.

Thank you so much for your hospitality and caring. Session after session the wins kept getting bigger.  I am not afraid to live any more or face the future thanks to your superior auditing. You and Mosey will always have a place in my heart and home.

This has been an experience of a lifetime – I’ve gotten more case gain in four days of auditing – than the entire time in Scientology (decades).  To say I am thankful is such an understatement.  This has been a life saver – an awakening – which opens up a whole new game.

My rediscovery here of the real Scientology has been nothing short of wondrous…Your purpose of bringing LRH’s tech and its workability to the personal level where I believe it was always meant to be has made a huge difference in my life.

The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In

The church of Scientology and David Miscavige have had zero influence on my recent announcement that I will no longer wear the label “Scientologist.”   Scientology Inc. lost in their effort to silence us and to prevent us from using what we learned of the mind and spirit from L. Ron Hubbard’s work.  We succeeded in our four-year effort to free the methodologies of Hubbard for independent application in accordance with practitioners’ consciences.  What prompted me to eschew the “Scientologist” label was the conduct of those we paved the way for while we were withstanding  the very best shots Scientology Inc. could and did take at us.

I hold no malice for any particular individuals.  I understand – and so too might you if you read and consider Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior – that these folks really are doing everything they can to be the very best Scientologists they think they can be.  And that is at the heart of the sickness they exhibit. While we were fighting for their right to practice Scientology, eleven folks instead of practicing it figured out how to monopolize it, at least in their own minds.  They put together a corporation that proclaims ownership of independent Scientology under the name Milestone Two Ltd.  Based on my experience with its secretly chosen 11 founding member ruling council, having read as much as I could of their charter before giving up after losing count of the points of hypocrisy (and duplication of the original Scn Inc intent and activity, including policing in KSW and a ‘justice committee’ to deal with ‘out-ethics actions which are destructive to statistics’) within it, I concluded that if these folks were honest they would call themselves “Scientology Inc, Ltd” or perhaps “Squirrelbusters Light.”   And that is how I will refer to them from here on out.

I am going to share some facts that led to this conclusion (mostly in the chosen 11’s words).  But I am not going to single out individuals.  I care for them all.  I still hope one day they too can graduate from the cult mindset within which they are imprisoned.  And while some of them have declared me an SP, in Treason, a Squirrel – and as we shall see worse –  I will not return the fire because I understand, like their alleged second biggest bogeyman (apparently I am number one now) David Miscavige, how they are simply an inevitable product of the Scientology system.

The new self-appointed leaders of the independent movement dramatize – self-righteously, arrogantly and defiantly – all that is wrong with the church of Scientology (except perhaps in a  less disciplined, organized and competent fashion as the church – hence the adjectives ‘Ltd’, and ‘Light’).  That their war-like attitude is inculcated by Scientology is evident by their insistence in wrapping themselves in L. Ron Hubbard tech and policy with every one of their hostile utterances.  Another tell-tale indicator is their apparently irresistible compulsion to target and blame at every turn.  They will insist they ‘supported’ us in our fight all the way – while instead to a one, they hid, rode coattails and served as persistent distractions.

I will not refer to the chosen 11 by name and won’t allow witch hunting, and ad hominen diatribes in the comments threads.  That is their game, and apparently one they learned in their Scientology experiences – given their continual assertions of how ‘on Source’ they are.

Let us start the facts rundown with something perhaps fresh in people’s minds – the Roast Beef Productions documentary Scientologists at War.

Scientology Inc Ltd founder #1 (numbers 1-11 are arbitrarily assigned since they have represented – or misrepresented – to the public that they all are of equal import having somehow miraculously gravitated together into a cluster) published the following with respect to the historical events chronicled about my wife and me in Scientologists at War:

“They were themselves [Marty and Monique Rathbun] using the harassment to establish their cover.”

I submit nothing else need be considered to justify the conclusions that I have already shared at the outset of this post.  However, since I don’t foresee addressing this issue again, and for the benefit of the conscience impaired who haven’t seen all they need to see with the above,  I’ll continue quoting Scientology Inc Ltd founder #1’s published views about me and my work.

“[Marty] justifies [his]own cesspool of past crimes (instead of taking responsibility for them) by “lessening the overt” i.e. criticizing the subject and blaming it for [his] own harmful deeds, still pretending [his] corrupted version of Scientology was the real thing.”

His screed goes on to call me “weak”, “blind”, a “Career Nazi”, an “SS Officer”,  “Gestapo”, “a legitimate 2 ½ percent CoS war criminal”, compared me to “professional psychologists and mental counsellors”,  and a “sociopath”.

When weakly  challenged on all this by someone at the Milestone Two Ltd on-line forum, he defended it (also published) by reference to PTS/SP tech claiming he got sick by my supposed operation to fake harassment and “tricking ex members” into providing me with a “safe haven”, and he got well by coming to these conclusions.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founder 2:

Attempted to out a comment poster (by posting the person’s name) on my blog with whom he disagreed.  When I disallowed the post as a spiteful and personal attack on a person he had received a tremendous amount of money from to help – far more than I have ever received for services from anyone – he accused me of being in league with and funded by his client.  Neither charge was true.  He then plied me with a barrage of minister-client privileged ‘facts’ about the character of the family of his client in an effort to enlist me to vilify them with him.  I declined and pointed out his grotesque, unethical (and factually illegal) violation of confidences he was paid handsomely to keep.  Upon investigation it turned out that the person he was going to ‘out’ and personally attack was not even the person he was quarreling with on the blog thread.  Shortly after that kurfluffle he posted this on my blog:

“Watching that video [my own description of the Int base] the other day on The Hole, in a new unit of time, the egregious facts emerge. You were there and very much involved in the entire lead up to that insanity. An integral part of probably the most suppressive group in the history of Scientology, RTC.”

This all broke out in a discussion in which Mike Rinder and I mentioned that we had first hand knowledge that L. Ron Hubbard re-instated the Disconnect policy in 1983.  Apparently to prove how heretical such a notion was – because apparently ‘Disconnect’ is such a diabolical policy –  he disconnected from me and began a whispering campaign with other eventual Scientology Inc Ltd founding members against me which has continued to this day which resulted in the formation of Scientology Inc. Ltd.

Scientology Inc. Ltd Founder #3: 

This individual came out on my blog at the height of the Scn Inc Squirrelbusters raids upon our home claiming our actions were saving Scientology.   Within weeks this individual published a testimonial on one of Office of Special Affairs’ 35 plus anti-Marty websites claiming I was driving people off the bridge by misinforming them that there was no justice to be had in the church and producing nothing but ‘natter.’  The individual claimed to have received 100% standard handling by David Miscavige’s church of Scientology.  Later, the other ten wise men of the Scientology Inc Ltd council were seduced by this individual with similar claims about me, necessitating that they take charge of independent Scientology.    It leaves one asking, ‘taking charge on who’s behalf?’

Scientology Inc. Ltd. Founder #4:

Here are some of the bases upon which he has declared me in writing to be ‘an enemy’ and in treason  and in confusion (apparently I’m in all three conditions at once) to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology:

“Your response to the attack of Miscavige is quite predictably stimulus and response, and is how any trained and intelligent person would respond if he had completely lost the plot and taken on “winning the fight” as his stable datum instead of applying Scientology fundamentals to the resolution of the bigger picture.  It seems to me that, rather than tangling with the cur dogs nipping at the wheels of the fire engine, you have become one of them. “

“Much of the Indy field, having certainty on the fact that DM is an SP, sided with you, figuring that if the SP is attacking you, you must be a good guy!  These are not necessarily correlating facts.  Both guys in a bar fight might still beat their wives.  The point here is not that I think you are an SP, which wouldn’t matter a damn anyway one way or the other.  What matters here is, who do YOU think you are? “

“I think the site [Moving On Up A Little Higher] must attract people who share your confusion and thus find solace in the fact that they are not alone.  This is NOT the condition we need to share!!”

“You had never done, as far as I can detect, a really good handling on the conditions you created with DM.  How many years did you work with the guy?  How much damage to the church – and to the forward progress of Scientology – was done as a result of it?… It puts your recent ponderings and degrades of Scientology and LRH in to  a new perspective as it is not so grievous  an overt to arrest the growth of something that does not completely work, or a Founder who actually put his pants on one leg at a time. Now, let’s all pause to meditate…. !!”

“You supported yourself by taking whatever people would give you in exchange for your auditing skills – which is propitiative and a degrade in its own right.  This does not contribute to Scientology or it’s dissemination.”

“You live in the boondocks, lobbing grenades from your bunker and inviting the Indy field, itself looking for stable data, to participate in the dialogue… This is cur dog activity, however else it is justified.”

““UPPER LEVELS. There are other OT levels above VIII but these will be released from time to time when people are ready for them. We’re already higher than Man has ever been and it can get quite stratospheric.” L. Ron Hubbard”   The notion that you would express opinions so obviously contrary to LRH is treason at the least, and more likely simply another dramatization of confusion.”

“You need a good, thorough ethics program.  I don’t know how real all of this is to you, but it is real enough to me to alert you in this regard.”

He pronounced me to be in treason for not ruthlessly following the seven points of power in the policy letter The Responsibilities of Leaders.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member #5:

“I think your attack on Scientology and LRH is because you are going to take Scn, and “fix it” and become the new “source”. The only thing blocking your way is “KSW”. It made no sense at first for you to say that KSW blocks thought. Made no sense at all because it is just a treatise from LRH to protect his tech. But then I realized that if you blow KSW out of the water, then you are free to take Scientology from LRH (who is also bad) and turn it into your own technology.”

“Marty, you haven’t been around enough to be the scholar you think you are. You write only from an Ivory Tower. I look at your past products and they align with your new track. When you get into life and start experiencing it and getting good products – in volume, then I will treat you as someone who has somewhere to communicate from.”

“It makes you look a little 1.1 – gather up all of the field, get them listening to you and then doing a 180 and trashing Scn in front of them is pretty much making you look like a modern Pied Piper. Please – realize you have unhandled o’s and w’s”

He too pronounced me to be in treason for not ruthlessly following the seven points of power in the policy letter The Responsibilities of Leaders.

This fellow who accused me of having designs on the “Source” position is garnering a lot of credibility in the Milestone Two community by pronouncing that he’s got OT IX, X, XI, and XII (so, don’t despair wise man #4) which apparently he received telepathically from Ron.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding members 6, 7, and 8:

Have made repeated assertions that they are my friends, yet have encouraged and supported this assault.  They plead ignorance.  And just as quickly I will note that that too is the hallmark of a Scientology organization.  If you want to create an organization and profit from its collective power, then you are responsible for the fruit it produces.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 9:

Don’t know much about this person except that this person publically invalidated wonderful efforts by an OT VIII, integral Scientologist friend of mine to get another Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member on his feet and into practice – and when pointed out to both of these people,  neither took effective action to restore the damage done to my friend’s reputation.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 10: 

A wonderful, tolerant person.   He is absolutely being used – for credibility purposes – and has no inkling of it.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 11:

I really don’t know him from Adam.  The only thing I’ve heard from him is an impassioned plea to reconsider that the late-Kingsley Wimbush was misunderstood, that de-dinging was really on Source.

None of the people whom I have repeatedly publicly recommended as the only integral Scientology pracitioners – each of whom has far more training and decades more products than any of the eleven – I  regularly refer people to were consulted or offered positions on the council of secretly anointed 11.  Not surprisingly, neither was I.

I will tell you honestly that I found communication with the Scientology Inc. Squirrelbusters far less evaluative, far less hostile, far more uptone, and far more infused with ARC than the communications I have received from the core of the Squirrelbusters Light, the Scientology Inc Ltd 11.

Five of the eleven Scientology Inc. Ltd rulers have spent time in our home in the past year.   All of them were invited for the express purpose of telling me where I am wrong, proposing how independent Scientology should proceed, and make any other suggestions.  All of them expressed nothing but cloying admiration for our work (to the point it was uncomfortable for us).  Not one of them raised even a hint of any of the condemnations I have re-published above, nor even asked any questions that would indicate I should even reconsider any step in my life journey.    It is my experience with these people that has led me to investigate what is it about Scientology that encourages an attitude of entitlement and a character marked by cowardice and deceit.  More on that in my next book on the subject of how to graduate from Scientology.

If one didn’t fully understand Scientology,  it would fairly make one wonder whether Scientology Inc. Ltd was not simply a creation of the original Scientology Inc.   But, the question is purely academic.  That is because certainly, the published founding documents of the former guarantees that ‘independent scientology’ ultimately must become that which it resists, the latter.  If you read and consider Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, you might come to a similar conclusion that I did: the whole thing was predictable, even inevitable.

I don’t plan on spending any more time or mental energy on them.  I consider them – at best – a distraction.  Its authors and directors have already drained enough of our resources – physical, mental and spiritual.

Suffice it to say, the way out is not the way back in.

I have represented since before the inception of this blog that my purpose is to help folk graduate from this type of madness (reference: Welcome page).   After all we’ve experienced in the past four years, that purpose is stronger than ever.

Scientologists at War

A Roast Beef Productions presentation aired on channel 4 in the United Kingdom tonight.  Don’t know how long it will be up on You Tube (courtesy apparently of WWP) so you may want to watch it soon if you are interested.

Scientologists at War


You Will Know

Don’t bother reading Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.   All I was trying to say was said much more succinctly and melodiously by others long before I bothered messing with it.


Mmm…hmm…hmm…mmm…hmm… Yeah, yeah
When I was a young boy I had visions of fame They were wild and they were free They were blessed with my name
And then I grew older And I saw what’s to see That the world is full of pain And my dreams they left me
And then I got stronger Inside of the pain That’s when I picked up the pieces And I regained my name
And I fought hard, y’all To call by my place And right now you could ask me And it all seems in vain
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] You just stick by your plan [Go from boys to men] Go from boys to men [You must act like a man] You gotta act like a man [When it gets hard, y’all] When it gets hard, y’all [You just grab what you know] Got what you know [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] And my background sing
You will know [You will know], yeah…eah… [You will know] [You will know] You will know, you will know [You will know]
And I know you’re cryin’ ‘Cause it’s all in his vein And the things you want you can’t have It just all went away
But life ain’t over Hoo…hoo… Just grab the winds and make demands And the vibe will take you far
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] Stick by your plan, boy [Go from boys to men] Go from boys to men [You must act like a man] I know it ain’t easy [When it gets hard, y’all] it gets hard sometime [You just grab what you know] Yes, it does [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Stand up tall, don’t you fall, and you will know, yeah
[You will know] [You will know] Ah…ah…ah… (You will know) [You will know] Hey, there’s no doubt about it [You will know] Hey, you will know
[You will know] You will know [You will know] Hey…ey…hey… [You will know] You will know, yeah [Oh, you will know] Hey…
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] Stick by your plans [Go from boys to men] Boys to men [You must act like a man] You must act like a man [When it gets hard, y’all] It ain’t hard, yeah [You just grab what you know] Grab what you know [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Oh…oh…oh…
[Your dreams ain’t easy] [You just stick by your plan] Hey…hey…yeah [Go from boys to men] Boys to men [You must act like a man] I know it ain’t easy [When it gets hard, y’all] [You just grab what you know] Yeah… [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Come on D and sing this song
[You will know] Yeah… [You will know] You will know [You will know] [You will know] Hey…
[You will know] [You will know] [You will know] [Oh, you will know]

Mosey’s Maternity Ward

The Road I Must Travel

L. Ron Hubbard was a great observer and describer of phenomena.  He once noted that the universe abhors a vacuum.   He also noted that when confronted with a vacuum of data, people tend to invent data to fill it.

I have intentionally not shared a lot of personal information over the past several months; and I don’t intend to start regularly doing so in the near future.  However, I have observed that Ron’s description of the information vacuum has apparently created a field day for those intent on reading tea leaves and those who harbor intentions inimical to my own.   And that has apparently upset some folks.  So, I am going to attempt to fill in the vacuum in the hopes it might set some people at ease.

Monique and I worked hard throughout 2011 to create some time for me to write some books that I believe will help Scientologists and former Scientologists heal and move on up a little higher with their lives.   Things did not go as planned.  2012 presented some issues that I thought, right or wrong, deserved my attention.

We wound up spending the bulk of the year assisting with battles (Battle of San Antonio, mop up of Headley affair,  expose of the Pat Broeker affair, etc.).   We with forethought entered them and exited them without a single penny in compensation; not even for the not insubstantial personal costs involved.   Fundraising for them diverted much of our income for the year.  This was the case much to the frustration of Debbie, Wayne, Marc, Claire, and others who demanded I be compensated.   We did not do so because the road I feel I must travel requires absolute independence of thought and obligation.  The pursuit of truth can, and has through history – including with Scientology- , been compromised by financial considerations.

We decided to move at the end of the year and Monique decided to go back to work in the health care field for two reasons.  First, it was necessary in order to obtain the type of premises that would afford us our life back from an intelligence apparatus the likes of which have been unknown to the world since the infamous East German STASI.  Second, it was necessary to afford me the time and space to get done the books I am in progress on.  Monique knows what I have to say – and what I have been trying to find the time to complete in the full context I have always asserted it deserves in books form.   She felt it so important to be said that she gave up – temporarily – the joy and fulfillment of auditing in order to make it happen.  We also forfeited our only assets, $35,000 in equity from a lease/purchase option, in order to effectuate this change.

Thanks to great research and planning on our part, we are moving forward on our plans while also rebuilding our lives from the intrusion.  It is not that the STASI (OSA, Scientology Inc.’s Office of Special Affairs) has gone away.  It is that they are buffered.   Thanks to the good people in our community, and the rather ethical and uncorrupted law enforcement agencies in our vicinity, we know more about their rather extensive and expensive surveillance operation than it can divine about us.   Their absurd black PR campaign being run directly at virtually everyone we have known or met (including everyone who has visited us and all of Monique’s family) is indication of the level of frustration of not having 24/7 access to our every movement.  It also doesn’t hurt having Sugar Ray Jeffrey as a neighbor and friend – the only man in history who has kicked Scientology Inc.’s ass two times in one year and who is fully motivated and prepared to do so again if they get too adventrous.

As far as what I have to say in my books, I am previewing some of it on the blog of late – but those are simply snippets.   I will say the following.   I believe I will demonstrate that perhaps the most powerfully destructive fault with Scientology is its promise and authoritative insistence that only it, to the explicit and must-be-agreed-upon exclusion of examination of any other data or technology, with scientific precision delivers ultimate truth.   Understanding that, in my view, opens one to potential heights that Scientologists wind up insisting they have achieved, but in reality are not even aware of.

Where ultimately does that go?   I don’t purport to know.  I do believe, though, that the moment one is certain he has arrived, he in fact has died spiritually.

To borrow a line from Tom Morello, ‘the road I must travel, its end I cannot see.’

The Simplicity of Scientology


Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver

Having spent most of this year working on de-fanging the beast – largely uncompensated and nonetheless rather successfully –  we are gearing up for delivery once again.  We are prepared to deliver the entire Scientology grade chart.  We are particularly ready to assist those who are interested in moving on up from their corporate Scientology experiences.  If after having read What Is Wrong With Scientology?,  and understanding the need or desirability to evolve and transcend from Scientology Inc, you are yet still feeling somehow held back by masses or energies or some dots that just won’t connect or disconnect, we can assist with the process of overcoming those barriers.  That goes for anyone at any level of experience with the ‘church’ or the subject of Scientology.

I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs who recognize their gains but also sense there are other dimensions  of concern that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible.   In my view there is no reason to abandon the skills you have worked to achieve.  Rather than invalidate them, think instead of honing them toward handling those zones to which your intuition leads.

Those interested in real Scientology and transcendence beyond where corporate Scientology can take one, give us a holler at Casablancatx@hushmail.com to schedule.    We are now scheduling the month of September through the end of the year.

Sunset at Casablanca