Dissociation and Denialism

Disconnection in the church of Scientology is as blatantly applied as ever; even while it is vehemently denied.  It is denialism, and a sort of dissociation, playing out in real time before our eyes.  If you haven’t seen it already, please read this story concerning the great pianist Mario Feninger and the wonderful soul Allen Barton, Mario Feninger Disconnects From Help.  It demonstrates denialism and dissociation in living color.

I have been closely following this matter for some time.  I came very close to initiating fundraising for Mario on this blog.  The only reason I did not was because Mario made it very clear to Allen that he would prefer not to receive the inevitable blowback of being associated with our types.  The story is very competently told by Ortega and it speaks for itself, so I will not focus on the details of Mario’s plight.

Instead, I will focus on the journey of Allen Barton (for related earlier post see,  Beverly Hills Playhouse.)   Look at what his simple act of kindness and care has wrought.   Examine the responses he received – disconnections, while denying ‘disconnection’ is an active policy – from Scientologists.  Consider their ‘rationale.’   Consider the factors that resulted in such obvious denialism.

Is that denialism, and the perpetuation of dissociated behaviors that it justifies, limited solely to the ‘Disconnect Policy’?   Consider that, before you knee-jerk a respone that the immediate impulsive response  itself may in some measure  be influenced by a form of denialism.

Also consider this description of denialism that I once posted on this blog under the title Denialism:

[From] Michael Specter, Denialism, Penguin Books 2009:

We have all been in denial at some point in our lives; faced with truths too painful to accept, rejection often seems the only way to cope. Under those circumstances, facts, no matter how detailed or irrefutable, rarely make a difference.  Denialism is denial writ large — when an entire segment of society, often struggling with the trauma of change, turns away from reality in favor of a more comfortable lie…

Unless data fits neatly into an already formed theory, a denialist doesn’t really see it as data at all.  That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just another point of view.

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  1. Well, the first rule of disconnection is that RCSers don’t talk about disconnection, right?

    If they did, that would bring the CoS into disrepute, and I’m sure THAT is also an SP act. I wonder if there’s a blog article waiting about that or if there’s a string to pull.

  2. The analytical mind thinks in differences, the reactive mind thinks in similarities. Oh how pervasive is that truth! As I read that article about Mario and Allen I began to see even more deeply than ever, the depth to which this mindset has set in for those still “on the inside”

  3. I consider that we are in crisis. RCS is incapable of self-examination and correction. Those caught inside are bound as slaves but worse than slaves as they are unaware of their state and vilify those who would try to show them a mirror.

    Thomas Paine said it much better than I can on 23 December 1776 …

    “The Crisis
    December 23, 1776

    THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God….”

    Thanks Marty for continuing to show this most egregious stain … disconnection and the ripping of families and friends from each other, creating a denialism so dissociated that it is buried deeply beneath the consciousness of those practicing it.


  4. The current state of of the CO$ is one of total denial. Cognitive dissonance comes to mind also. 200 million dollars have been raised for a Super Power building that cost less than half that amount. How many announcements has he made about impending Grand Openings and the sheep keep buying it? If and when it does open, he hasn’t the personnel to properly get trained to deliver the ‘special rundowns’ that Jeff Hawkins was quoted as saying was 95% PR.

  5. When I read this story last night all I could think: man oh man, the karmic blow back is going to be something! All that Scientology has used against people will be at their door step soon. No doubt.

  6. Is Denialism limited to the disconnection policy? God, no! There is so much denialism going on in the church that I almost deny it could be that bad! But it is! IMO Scientology does not exist in the church anymore, yet denialism has the members thinking they are still working hard and achieving the goals. 3 Swing F/Ns, altered tech, idle morgues, the infamous “I know every square inch of his body” wives, Saturday night bingo and bowling parties to get the public to pay million$ for real e$tate on behalf of the church, OT Committees spending countless hours to get papers filed…files that will never be used for anything, except keeping the OT committee from doing what they really should be doing according to policy…and more…
    I know it sounds like a generality, but I am hard pressed to find something within the church that is not a manifestation of denialism.
    The “more comfortable lie” is firmly in place.

  7. So much for the concept of ‘a world without insanity’……….

  8. I see a pattern in responses on disconnection by the church and churchgoers that is similar to…

    “Is not my dog.
    It didn’t bite you.
    And besides, you kicked out first.”

    The truth of what it is is subjective. Not subjective to each person individually. Subjective within each person depending on how they think it should be presented at every moment.

    I think that is a hallmark of denial.

  9. You may not agree with Allen Barton being declared but both Allen & Mario should have known exactly what would transpire here. Mario, as a member in good standing, cannot be connected to someone who is declared. It’s been that way since LRH first developed PTS/SP tech. Why Mario is broke and continues to me a member is another story. What a cluster fuck.

  10. Marty,
    Your blog today is relevant not just for the people in the corp church but for the American society at large. Very important point you are making for everyone who lives on this planet.
    But being inside Scn creates a narrower and narrower view of ones own spiritual journey and an creates an inability to relate to the outside world in a realistic way. Thus rise the fraudulent opinion leader scamatologists like COB and his minions like Grant Cardone who can perpetrate the holier than thou attitude mentioned briefly in Tony’s blog about Mario Feninger.

    Denial is a very real mechanism and can be a powerful opiate to insure that our fallacious beliefs stay intact till we find ourselves at the bottom of the pit looking up in horror. I was there and it’s not fun.
    Thank god there are people like you who were able to climb out and throw a life line to those of us who were being buried alive!

  11. So true and happening every day. Just read the email promotions bombarding us daily.

  12. The Church and all it’s PT members and staff WILL NOT last because they are living a lie….evolution is against them and they know it. One can deny all he wants but in the end it always catches up…..some worse than others but it always catches up…. The only thing that never changes is the truth. 🙂

  13. “That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just another point of view.”

    A fellow by the name of Eric Arthur Blair (AKA George Orwell) saw this coming a long time ago. What he (or anyone else from his day in a position to positively influence society artistically, politically or spiritually) didn’t realise was the ease with which this “Orwellian mind” could so easily be created within the white picket borders of western society. (As opposed to the national dictator making full use of humanities need to be patriotic to one’s country and “fight” for one’s freedom).

    Hubbard took this to a level even Mr. Blair couldn’t have imagined. The irony of course being that even Hubbard knew this. And, at least in the beginning, made many warnings to that effect.

    Marty it is very hard to read and hear stories like this. Very hard.

    All I can say is that those of us who now “know the truth” as it were have a rather awkward and (I would say) VERY undeserved responsibility to somehow, in whatever way we each can… Well… to steal a phrase from the advertising world… Just do something.

    Anyway… Tough stuff to digest my friend. But unquestionably it must be digested.

    The ability for a gro

  14. BTW — Mario is a wonderful pianist and was the reason I started hanging around CCLA back in 1970. I heard him as I walked by.

    He has a website wwwDOTmariofeningerDOTcom — you can purchase a DVD or a CD of his music, through paypal


  15. From Allen’s website:

    “Allen is a graduate of Harvard University, and has numerous L.A. stage, television and film credits as an actor. He currently works primarily as a writer/director, and helmed LA stage productions of ABOUT FAITH (2001 world premiere), BURN THIS (2006), THE LAST FIVE YEARS (2007), I MAKE YOU LAUGHING (2005 world premiere), PINK DOT (2006), RABBIT HOLE (2008), THE REAL THING (2009), ENGAGEMENT (2010 world premiere, also writer), as well as several short films. His first feature film screenplay, REAL MUSIC, was a top-three finalist in the 2005 CAPE New Writers Competition, and is currently in development.

    Also a prize-winning classical pianist, Allen studied at New England Conservatory, was a summer fellow at the prestigious Tanglewood Institute in Lenox, Massachusetts, and has recorded five compact discs, currently available at the i-Tunes store and other major digital download services. He was a prize-winner in the 2002 Los Angeles Liszt Society Bi-Annual Competition and performs regular recitals in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and throughout New England, including nearly 20 annual holiday concerts at the BHP’s Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz, as well as appearances at fundraisers for the Katselas Theatre Company and S.T.A.G.E. at the Wilshire Theatre. Allen is a Steinway Artist.”

    Allen’s published credits don’t include his starring role in the Dianetics DVD. Now that he’s diss’d DM and turned his back on DM’s cult, they are going to have to remake that little flick. A flick that has been for many years one of the very first things that people newly interested in Dianetics watch. Oh the horror…we’ve cast an SP in a church promo piece.

    I’ve been to Mario’s home many times. Sat in on his intimate performances, enthralled by his music. In the late 90’s I helped him establish a non-proit foundation to help further his goal of retaining the purity of classical music. He is a true genius.

    He was a good friend of LRH. He is into an A=A=A between the church he loved and the mad-dog SP who took it over.

    That Mario is in denial is too obvious. That Allen woke up from that nightmare is apparant. That members of the church of scientology are the third parties who have created a conflict between these two amazing men is also obvious.

    What I’m pondering is this: How do you wake up a person who is not only in denial, but who is thoroughly convinced he is not in denial?

    It almost seems the process used to help a person in a coma is the appropriate level of case entrance.

    Mario!…Pssst…Mario…wake up old friend…

  16. Marty,
    I read that too at Ortega’s blog and broke my heart. I’ve seen Mario around here often; he is quite old but still manages to be gracious and smile back at being recognized.

    This is a tragedy to the spirit, quite degrading for a being to approach the end of his live as a serf to this cult.

    And is not just Mario Feninger, you can watch the once powerful Ken Holden, being escorted around the Complex like a prisoner of war, a broken man, really pitiful.

    The core of this insanity is ignorance and fear of what is. For all our desires to have and to remain, the universe is in a constant state of flux, unending flow and counter flow makes up this reality, no system, guru, belief or attainment can change that.

    A very healthy step in the direction of personal freedom, is to realize the futility of holding on to data, from whatever source, as at the end of the day and despite our best wishes to the contrary, all data is relative, transient and at best only partially true.

    Thank you for keeping the flame of wisdom alive.

  17. As an addition to my post, I would like to say that my current position in space, happy and successful in life, is due to my own ability to perceive, analize and think, greatly enhanced by what I learned from some of LRH’s words.

  18. No. The Reactive Mind thinks in *identities*. Everything in an engram is *IDENTICAL* to everything else in the engram and to everything in present time. A=A=A. At least according to Ron Hubbard in the materials of Dianetics and Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  19. Addition to my first post:
    Scientology, in its pure form AND CORRECTLY UNDERSTOOD, is and forever will be, what you make of it.

  20. Marty,

    Disconnection is but the tip of the iceberg. And while its jagged and ugly edges intrude into the world and cause great alarm and wonderment tothose who see it, there is a massive volume of denialism that lurks beneath the surface and in some ways supports that tip of disconnection.

    The examples are too many to be covered in a list here, but some of the most egregious:

    – Scientology is expanding faster than ever (the “proof” being Miscavige cutting the ribbon on new buildings for old and failing, unviable orgs — with people giving money because they WANT it to be true and this in their universe is how they can make that happen)

    – “We are the greatest force for Human Rights on the planet.” Meanwhile the abuses are documented daily (and nobody need read the media to discover this — if they would open their eyes and look at the state of the staff in their local org….)

    – “We are the ONLY guarantee of your eternity.” (While we espouse the fact that you are an immortal spiritual being….)

    – The wins of pc’s and pre-OT’s are more brilliant than ever — as the numbers walking away keep growing and as those who are still loyal to the church are demonstrably less able to confront and have cleaned out bank accounts.

    – “We conduct the largest private drug rehab program in the world” — Narconon is on the verge of being legislated out of existence, not because there are psychs “out to get it” but because of the corporate mindset having pervaded Narconon the mighty buck is all that matters and Narconon lie to defraud insurance companies and have deaths on their hands resulting from negligence and incompetence.

    – Which brings me to “the end of psychiatry is near” — we are cleaning up the field of mental healing and eradicating psychiatry from the face of the earth. But that is patently untrue, as any observer can see. And these days, the RCS has lost the PR war with psychiatry. While many think psychs are crazy, they now think Scientologists are crazier.

    – There are 10 million Scientologists around the world (“yours is the only city/country/area where the numbers arent adding up”) — if this were true, Scientology would be the same size as the LDS Church. Where are the Scientologist Congressmen? Mayors? Presidential Candidates? Hotel chain? Temples in every community?

    I could go on, but it wouldnt make the point any more clearly.

    I firmly believe that disconnection is the most important thing to expose as the iceberg beneath the surface tends to effect those who are willing participants fairly exclusively. Whereas disconnection impacts innocent people –friends, families, loved ones.

    Allen Barton’s story is a perfect example.

    Disconnection is going to be the issue that will break the back of the RCS. It is completely untenable. The RCS are like the supporters of segregation back in the 50’s and early 60’s. Absolutely convinced of their god-given (and legal) right to discriminate(violate human rights) — and they didnt realize how far down the river they had sailed and were on the verge of going over the falls in a barrel as public sentiment rose against them and eventually swamped them first by bringing their evil deeds to public attention and then by legislating against their abuses. I can hear the rumbling of the falls….

  21. The utter sadness and indecency of these stories had thoughts arise in me while taking a shower.

    False isms and the numbing of intuitive conscience:

    Conscience is intuitive, it is innate, natural and not taught. It can be acknowledged and thereby be made to be a more prominent role in the human psyche. It is the soul poosession of us all.

    Conscience is an inner sense that distinguishing right from wrong, the decent from the indecent. It could be postulated that conscience is the voice of the soul, the voice of God. Conscience is the individuals access to truth, Dharma and the blue print of optimum behavior of all interactions in life.

    So what happened to these people that feel they can harm people and call it ethical?

    The Nazi youth movement gave dogs to young boys in training and told them to care for the dogs. Then at some point when the boys bonded with the dogs emotionally they had to kill these dogs.

    After repeated atrocities the conscience can be train to go numb, and easier to murder Jews.

    When a political or religious ideology indoctrinates people to see their conscience as a weakness you have a Karen Palau (or whatever is her name).
    And you have a dangerous human being that sees decency as a barrier to their indoctrinated delusions of spirituality and power.

    Sociopaths could be considered to be an individual who has practiced numbing their consience for many life times. Their desire for power and ego has utterly obliterated the voice of conscience. Conscience to them is the enemy. Because conscience would deconstruct and be a barrier to their false narcissistic goals of ego and power.

    All you people who are now on the good guy side who used to be on the side that is attacking you now knows this process.

    When the only hope for man is at stake, the greatest good becomes the enemy of YOUR conscience. And good decent people can be made to act like criminals and thus become one.

    By this time the individuals conscience is numb to the voice of decency that is inherent within the nature of soul, the nature of goodness, the nature of God.

    Be careful what you agree to. Listen to your own conscience and protect it like an uncompromising fierce warrior.

    Evil can be made to look good when conscience is numbed through wrong knowledge and repeated violent actions.

  22. I think that’s right, and it does seem the more pressure is brought to bear from outside in the form of such stories, the more strident and ludicrous the lies and denials from within become, the more entrenched in their own rightness the remaining die-hards will become.

    I’ve noticed that despite cosmetic improvements such as the elimination of freeloader bills the general attitude towards the “wog world” has actually hardened and disconnection is MORE stringently enforced. Small case in point – until last year my eldest daughter would at least get replies to her letters to her best friend whose parents are still very much “in”. Now, not even that. She’s obviously been instructed that her best friend’s Dad is too dangerous or evil or whatever.

    Denialism and its first cousin disconnection are dangerous. Jim Jones’ final speech to his faithful, with a dead congressman outside and the net closing in rapidly, was all about how the outside world was cruel and out to get them, and therefore they had nothng to fear from death – it was time to move over to the other side (Target 2?), “let’s just be done with it and move into the next place”.

    Not trying to be alarmist – just pointing out that the issues are serious, is all I’m saying.

  23. 100% agreed. However I’m certain that as long as DM and cronies are around disconnection will continue to be used as THE primary tool to keep the ignorant uninformed. He knows how potent a tool it is to keep himself in power.

  24. +1 (for each paragraph)

  25. The tech of pushing people into „dissociated behavior“ had been introduced into Scientology in the early 80ies. The next attempt to re introduce it had been more hidden and refined. For example no more heavy sec checks in public view as done in the early 80ies.
    A cleanup of this madness has to be done on an individual level. Odd as it may sound, the handling can be done with the same tools those „introducers“ did apply but with a reversal of intention.
    Basically all that had been done is to use Scientology tech and reverse the intention and application. The standard tech of destruction: create confusion and then teach the exact opposite. If the injected confusion is connected to mental stress then this has a lasting effect and cannot be resolved without time to decompress or external help.
    Sample: The Sec Checks had been done with at least 2 persons in front of the e-meter. The precelar had been shouted at. The shouting had been done while the TA went down. Exact opposite to the auditors code.

  26. Now that Mario’s predicament has been publicized, RCS will probably finally give him some help. I think I recall that you said they finally gave Dennis Clarke some help when you embarrased them on that issue.

    Mario is a treasure. A followup on this story would be good. Keep their toes to the fire.

  27. I met Mario outside of AOLA in 1989. He had played some Chopin at the LRH Birthday event that year and I was truly impressed by his charm and virtuosity. He had just finished OT 5 and shared that accomplishment with the audience.

    He asked me if I was an artist and I replied “just a dilettante in that area”. He smiled and granted me 100% beingness and told me that there was nothing wrong with that, because the root of dilettante was “to enjoy”. Not all of us can play like Mario, but we can still do what we can to appreciate music, and he was all for that. This was a rare moment. To be in communication with such a nice person was a rare and special treat, and unfortunately, all too rare around Pac.

    To read about his current condition is very sad but not surprising. The EP of the DM Bridge is “living fearfully in present time, broke, PTS and out of communication with the world and the ability to not realize it”.

    What a tragedy.

  28. You may send him this HCO PL asking if he ever felt he was inhibited to look for truth for himself.
    HCOPL 700416 “Morale”.
    (If possible)

    I wonder if it would be possible to create a “dead-agent” pack solely based on LRH Quotes and References to dead agent the RCS Management by LRHs words alone.


  29. As I love classical music, this one really makes me sad.
    It’s such a shame artists are subjected to this bullshit.

  30. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    “…Unless data fits neatly into an already formed theory, a denialist doesn’t really see it as data at all. That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW.

    How many times I heard that in RCA :
    If you look at it with a different point of view (like for example mine)……

    It’s just a matter of Viewpoint as for example:

    he died of cancer while auditing on OT7 and was only 50 years old. That is a false point of view.
    The right point is:
    ” He decided to leave his Body while on Ot7 and start a new game. He was really OT !!!!!!!” ad absurdum…….

  31. Marty, I too felt grief reading Tony Ortega’s story of Mario. Mario is a personal friend of mine and I have been to many of his concerts and went exterior hearing him play the grand piano in the FH lobby one night. He has taught teachers of piano and concert pianists and improved them all. He is well respected in the arts field by one and all. One day about four months ago I saw him at a public gathering and he followed up asking me for a donation to help him pay rent. I was shocked that “someone on OT VII” would need that kind of help. (My bad.) And then I went to a mutual friend of ours, an OT VIII Kool Aide drinker and former student of his, and told her about Mario’s predicament to see if she also would like to help him with a donation. She adopted the famous corporate Scn “No Sympathy” tone level and said that she would not be contributing even though she had known for some time of his troubles. She said that “he is responsible for his own condition” and “he created this” and “he should have saved for his old age,” and etc. She stopped short of saying, “he pulled it in” which is the famous corporate Scn Service Facsimile of all time. But I was shocked to see someone at the top of the Bridge, and auditor trained too, adopt such a “No Sympathy” attitude to someone who had been HER PIANO TEACHER too! She raves about his talent as a performer and as a teacher. Yet when asked for a little compassion, turned her head and made him wrong.

    I know from experience that other churches have programs to help their down and out parishoners. It is called charity and mercy. “The quality of mercy is not strained. It falleth from the heavens like rain…” (or something close to that. Yet our church kicks you to the curb when they have sucked you dry of all your money and you are then unable to buy food etc. As an example of that, look at Dennis Clark. I don’t know if he is still alive, but last I heard, the once high profile ED of CCHR, stalwart psych buster, was living in his car in Hawaii and was unable to pay for the medical attention he needed, much less food and board. He asked the local org there for help and was turned away. When in the hospital no one came to give him assists.

    Given those details, and I’m sure there are thousands of stories like that, how can our church even dare to call itself a church, when for eons the mere definition of a church was a place of sanctuary and a place that offers succor and help and uplifting?

  32. P.S. to my last post. I know how and why Mario disconnected from his former student and benefactor: He is on OT VII and at every 6 month check, in the Sec Checks many questions are about if you’re connected to SP’s or Squirrels or Disaffected Scns. Once they ferret it out of you WHO, you are then forced to, made to disconnect. If you don’t disconnect, you will be kicked off of the level. So these OT VII’s think their only choice is “spiritual freedom forever OR stay connected to someone.” The idea of spiritual freedom and powers beyond belief is a hard dream to kick aside just to remain connected to someone. So the OT will bend their own mind and warp it to be in agreement with the church’s viewpoint, which is “our way or the highway.”

  33. I would love to help,it’s absolutely heart breaking ,I have family members in the sea org and ill be there till the end to help them,if ever they need my help,disconnection from family hurts.

  34. Mario Feninger founded the first French Scientology mission in Paris in 1959, together with Jean-Jacques Delance, a former SH exec who was Clear number 17, translated LRH materials into French, and was later declared when he became a “Mayoist”.

    Mario is an exceptional talent. He gave a private recital to staff and public in Copenhagen in the late 70’s. I was there and the guy rocked. Check out his website. http://www.mariofeninger.com/ There is some very nice music.

    Now, regarding denialism, it’s pretty bad here in France. 90% of the French parishioners don’t understand English, so they have no way of knowing, even if they were interested, what’s really going on in the church because most websites exposing Miscavige and the RCS are in English. They are fed the party line by OSA France and the French execs, and are convinced that the French government is packed with SPs who want to destroy them. The French parishioners aren’t aware that OSA France has had to deal with numerous PR situations involving major flaps created by CC Paris and Paris Org execs and staff. If you sell an entire LRH library worth thousands of Euros to a raw public who is stone-blind, you’re bound to be attacked.

    OSA France and the French top execs have made sure that overts of that nature were quietly handled unbeknownst to the parishioners.

    Things are changing though. In the last two years, a number of French scientologists have publicly left the church. Many parishioners are under the radar and have quietly stopped donating to the IAS and Ideal Org schemes but won’t go public for the usual reason: they don’t want to disconnect from their family, friends or business partners who are slavishly following the party line.

    The French orgs and missions are shrinking fast. There aren’t more than 1000-1500 active scientologists left in la Belle France.

    Now here’s the good news. In order to fight disconnection, denialism and obscurantism, a number of French scientologists created a blog last month – very similar to your blog, Marty.

    Here’s the link. http://scientologie-secte.org

    We hope our independent French Canadian compadres will share their views with us.

    The French revolution is on the march.

  35. Mike Rinder said,
    “Disconnection is going to be the issue that will break the back of the RCS. It is completely untenable. The RCS are like the supporters of segregation back in the 50′s and early 60′s. Absolutely convinced of their god-given (and legal) right to discriminate(violate human rights)”

    I absolutely agree. Back when I started Scientology and way before being aware of the insanity that it has now become, I was worried that I was being sucked into a religion.

    Then I would look at my fear of religion and I would end up contemplating the undeniable historical facts: That the top cults on this planet have wielded unrestrained power and control over the lives of not just its members but all unfortunate people who fall within their sphere of influence.

    Disconnection/Shunning has been one of the main tools of insane religions.

    And it is terminally destructive when these cults assume control of government, as then where would you go when you are shunned?
    How would you and your family survive when all places are controlled by the Church?
    Would you even be allowed to have a family?

    The construct of Scientology is just as destructive as that of any other theocracy:
    -Dividing and splitting human beings while claiming unity and fraternity.
    -Creating war and conflicts while pretending to minister and pacify.
    -Slaving the soul while preaching emancipation.

    Religion to me is like the Borg from Star Trek: “Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated”
    And I’m pretty sure that God is Borg.

  36. Martin: Is that true — there are no more freeloader bills? When did this happen?

  37. It’s true. Before I did dianetics and removed my reactive mind I used to look a horse and see a house and a turtle and a 1956 yellow Ford pick up truck. They were always the exact same thing to me. I looked at my wife and saw my great grandfather, an apple tree and a jet ski. I simply saw all identities as being the exact same thing. A=A=A.

    Then I learned that when I fell down and knocked myself unconscious when I was 1 year old there was a horse and a turtle and a yellow ford pick up truck by the house, in my vicinity. Who would’ve known? And I learned when my mother was having sex with dad (to conceive of me) dad keep yelling to his father in the next room: the jet ski is under the apple tree. It was traumatic. Nasty little engrams. A=A=A.

  38. Interesting move, people are leaving so let’s make it easier to leave; although the smart ones should know that the freeloader bill is not enforcable.

  39. Gerhard Waterkamp

    It is complete and utter loss of reality that drives these people. My daughter Sarah, who is in med school busy like hell and not involved in anything Scientology, found out she got declared. Most likely because she is still talking and visiting with her declared parents. A clubbed seal friend of her send her this email and this is how she found out she got declared.

    “Hey YYYYYYY,

    As you may have noticed, I tried calling you twice earlier this week. I’m sort of glad you were unavailable, though, considering it would’ve been extremely difficult for me to communicate all of this in a concise manner, as I can do here.

    A little over a month ago your declare was issued. You can believe that my heart dropped at 1000mph when I heard about it last Friday. Back in September, you and I talked and said that should you ever be declared, and if I chose to disconnect on my own volition, you would want me to communicate it directly to you. And that’s what this email is about.

    For the sake of my family and their Bridge, as well as my own, this is what I have to do right now. I’ve been doing some courses and having good wins, so I obviously don’t see myself straying from the church. And with my family being the utmost support system in the my life, I obviously don’t want to endanger them either.

    If I didn’t think that this was going to be resolved at some point, I would’ve postponed this communication for as long as humanly possible. But if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that everything will work out one day (hopefully sooner than later) in favor of both of us.

    You are one of the most knowledgeable and talented beauties in this world, and I KNOW you’re going to do big things. I want you to keep chasing the things in life that you want, because you are more than deserving and capable of attaining them, and you know that.

    I regret not one moment spent with you (in fact a lot of them were some of my favorite moments in this lifetime), and I know there will be more to come. So although this is going to sever our communication for an indefinite amount of time, I can say with certain optimism that we will meet again.

    I love you to death, and I hope you’ll still be able to keep your love for me despite this obstacle we currently face.


    P.S. Everyone who’s watched “Distance” is blown away by your performance. Thank you.”

    I do not see denial, all I see is a mental slave ordered to disconnect from one of his best friends trying to make his friend feel sorry for him.

    Personally I see in these characters weak beings who just enable the very system that suppresses them. The exact tool invented to free them from their enslaved state of mind is turned against them to re-enforce their slavery. They are not new characters. They lived in 1933 in Germany, they lived through the McCarthy Area in the US and they are the remnants of CS members.

  40. Good nieuws! I contact you soon.
    Bonne nouvelle ! Je vous contacte bientôt

  41. Brian….a crystal clear explanation of the methods and results used in the black evil hole that is the corporate Scientology of today. Bravo.

  42. If the CO$ were a government, they would be North Korea.

  43. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Just a remark for Marty and Steve;

    friends of Lrh fully translated in French:
    a new Blog of french independents (very active):
    a second german Blog of independents (very active):

    Why not add the links ?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. Forgot our Belgian and Swiss friends! Apologies!

  45. Um… “The ability for a gro…”???

    Gremlins I tink.


  46. And yet… Well you know the answer…

    Somewhere inside that sea of evil behaviour he is unwittingly ensuring that his days are numbered.

    The sad part is how many get crushed along the way.

    Truly sad.

    But his day will come.

    I garuntee it.

  47. The term “cognitive dissonance” – defined as an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. George Orwell, in his novel 1984, called it “doublethink.” I am not sure if you have written on the subject of doublethink before Marty, but it seems to me it would lead to stress, anxiety and possibly madness having two contradictory thoughts and feelings going on inside of you for years…

  48. Roger from Switzerland Thought


  49. In my personal opinion Grant Cardone is a 100% genuine douchebag.
    If he is a model Church Scientologist, well I don’t even know what to say about that.

    He’s a Miscavige brand Scientology OT. A guy who knows he’s superior and therefore doesn’t have any problem harming people in his actions, whether for personal profit or status as a Miscavige Scientologist, it seems that he acts without regard for others.

    Some might feel a hint of remorse for destroying the livelihood of this man, but I get the feeling he enjoyed it and took a “win”. I bet he got a nice Commendation.

    If the Church of Scientology encourages and supports this type of behavior I think that is just disgusting.

    It’s possible that Miscavige brand Scientology attracts and grooms these types of people.

    I’m also repulsed by his sales tech. It appears to be all about making money. Extracting as much money from the poor suckers as possible.
    Does he cover fair exchange or delivering a quality product?

  50. Exactly correct Christine.
    “I consider that we are in crisis. RCS is incapable of self-examination and correction. Those caught inside are bound as slaves but worse than slaves as they are unaware of their state and vilify those who would try to show them a mirror.”

    I am having my ‘at bat’ on the subject. Having “shown them the mirror” now comes the vilification. It is precisely the subject of Marty’s post today and could not be more prescient! Reminds me of Toms experience in Vietnam. Need to keep your sensors alert as we call in the coordinates for the airstrike! Don’t panic, just git er done! Then reload!

    Meanwhile, the shrapnel of the shattered family, the relatives who know they may never see the other members of their family again, the pure hatred that spews from members of the CO$ about those that have distanced themselves from the insane behavior of a church gone mad is something that a few years ago I would have said would NEVER be happening. WRONG!!! THAT IS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR THE CHURCH OF $CIENTOLOGY TODAY.

    I feel like Captain Dan as he sat on the mast of Forrest’s shrimp boat in the storm. BRING IT ON YOU SPINELESS PIECES OF SHIT!!!!

  51. Voltaire, the news of the blog in France are excelent. This comm line I am sure will help others to communicate their views, experiences and so on.

  52. Grant Cardone is a 100% genuine douchebag.

    Standing ovation.

  53. MRinder, I am 100% on the same page with you on this.
    And this reminded me of the earlier post, many moons ago, about “Why we stay”.
    The mindset and denialism of those points you mention above is the Godzilla Glue that sticks us to the trap. For underneath all the reasons of why we stay, there will be that glue sticking it altogether.

  54. Hi Newcomer …

    I hear you but I try not to mirror the aggression of the RCS – there is enough hate in the world … Let’s not add to it.

    Hate never dispelled hate …

    I’m thinking our best method is offering help to those who seek it and live by example …


  55. I would like to add something to what Mike Rinder wrote above re the denial aspect. This will be a technical viewpoint that comes from an L R H´s datum: Suppressors – 15 March ´62 “A suppressor will be the impulse to forbid revelation in another. …… A “suppressor” is often considered “social conduct” insofar as one prevents things from being revealed which might embarrass or frighten others.
    In all cases a suppressor leads to suppression of memory and environment”.
    Denial is so, so in depth within the RCS and all has been done in an attempt to prevent revelation of the unspeakable crimes and treasonous acts perpetuated by the so called leader of the current church and his minions.
    The public thus ends disassociated from truth, environment and eventualy of their memories plus whatever else follows.
    I will add that several comments posted by others have been very good too.

  56. The C of S would rather see that elderly man live in the dark with no heat or light and starve, than communicate with someone aware of their ability to inflict emotional pain on others. That is the true nature of Celebrity Center.

    The enforced segregation is along the same lines of the KKK. Where a gang was willing to go out and hang some black guy for talking to white woman.

    Too bad I don’t know the name of the WHO that told that elderly man to return the money someone gave him as a gift to keep his utilities on. I don’t like it that these domestic terrorists hide under the umbrella of “The Church of Scientology” and under “the mask of love for L. Ron Hubbard and mankind” .

    These people need a retread in Christianity before they are ever going to get Scientology. What about ” love thy neighbor “? What about “Thou shalt not bear false witness”? No wonder they don’t get it when Hubbard says you can spot a suppressive by the “CAN’T HAVES” he runs on others?

    That elderly man ain’t no fucking Sea Org Member! He isn’t obligated to file any Gift Reports. Meanwhile Miscavige is loaded with expensive gifts he does not pay gift taxes on! Scamming the I.R.S.! Everything he has taken from the Church as a highly paid executive under “Sea Org perks” such as food, personal labor such as chef, laundress, etc,.shelter, air travel, legal expenses…. these are all GIFTS. These perks were set aside for Sea Org Members making 25.00 a week. Not five figure salary executives!

    Then you have some out to lunch theetie wheetie “Master at Arms” who will not leave the building without getting approval from SOMEONE, ANYONE, telling this elderly man to return some gift from a caring student and running a can’t have on him. How has that worked out to be the greatest good for the greatest number against the backdrop of the out P.R.? Take a math course! I would think math proficiency should be some kind of requirement when a person has to add these things up.

    The “Master at Arms” does not have a clue that David Miscavige is ethics bait. Because he has forbidden all of the staff he represents through fiduciary TRUSTS, not to look at any communication on the streets! David Miscavige = Mr. Sticky Fingers. Mr. “How to know, to make them all not know.”

    He is a racist, a segregationist , even separating his staff into classes and dictating people are only marry those within their own class. He is a master at tax evasion, fraud, extortion, domestic terrorism and embezzlement.

    And he has seniors too, that he has to answer to.

  57. Another sad story about Disconnection. I attended several of Mario Fenninger’s concerts, all for Scientology events; he is a brilliant and gifted pianist who also charms his audiences with his graciousness. To hear of him asking for this kind of help and then rejecting it due to Disconnection is heartbreaking.

    Having been the target of extreme Disconnection with my son, which I was able to handle due to the courage and help I got from this blog, I can attest 100% to the Denialism which attends this horrific practice.

    During dinner on my birthday, my son told me how glad that he was that I had gotten back in communication with him, and cried as he said this (at 22 years of age.) He had not cried since we had been reunited. I took this as my thanks for all that I had been through, and all the actions that I took to make this happen, though extreme they seemed to me at the time.

    I am certain that my son would not have survived the disconnection, as he had three “episodes”, each increasingly worse, and the last one ended with him in a psychiatric hosptial near death, having been badly beaten by the police. This was found out by me a month later on Facebook. This put me in full action mode. Each of his three “episodes” occured with a few days of his latest disconnection. (He would disconnect, get back in communication, then disconnect again, each time upon the insistence and urging. from Church officials.)

    I can honestly say that now he is happy, healthy,and prosperous; with his own business, his own home, his own vehicle; a dog, a fish, and many good and dear friends with whom he goes hunting and fishing. He has had NO EPISODES since he reunited with me and turned his back on Disconnection.

    Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Marty and Monique for having this blog and the many dear friends I made here who helped me with advice and moral support. I couldn’t have done it without, and I know that this is TRUTH.


  58. Grant’s entire premise for success is David Miscavige’s defintition of power, “Getting others to listen to you”. On other words, “Selling”.

    “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”


    What is David’s successful action in this world? It isn’t leading, it isn’t auditing, it isn’t research, it isn’t management or P.R., That is obvious.

    What is his strength? He is a fucking ace salesman!

  59. Sorry for the typo. Last sentence should have been:

    “I couldn’t have done it without YOU, and I know that this is TRUTH”.

    My eternal gratitude,
    Lady Min

  60. Words of wisdom from Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama, Gelug school, Buddhism):

  61. What is our REAL CRIME! We aren’t customers anymore! We aren’t buying into his company!

  62. In the late 90’s or early 2000’s there were a couple who were actively trying to get elderly Scientologists together and do simple things for them. For the very elderly, just to stay in touch with them and make sure that they were doing ok, and for the whole group, simple things like making sure they got some sort of seating at events where they would not have to shimmy their way to the seats and all. For the life of me, at the moment I can not remember their names.

    The husband owned a janitorial company, was remarkably skinny and had a deep baritone voice. Moustachio’d! The wife was very quiet, but when she talked, a sweet voice. I believe there son was in the SO for a while. Handsome and tall.

    I think that they are broad minded and gentle people and I think they would be happy to hear from me, regardless of my status with the church. I could have them call on Mario and see that he is being helped while this is all being sorted out.

  63. Words of wisdom from Grant Cardone (New OT VIII, Church of Scientology):

  64. Jane,
    ” but it seems to me it would lead to stress, anxiety and possibly madness having two contradictory thoughts and feelings going on inside of you for years…”

    IMHO that pretty well sums it up but I would also add … (“complete and total insanity and an inability to undertake any form of pro-surviival activity on any dynamic”) to your list!

  65. Really David?

    Said Miscavige, “If a fraction of what they said about me was true — a fraction — I wouldn’t be here.”

    He added later: “I’ve not only not been convicted of anything, I’ve never been indicted for anything. Now I think that’s where you finally have to look at the, quote, critics and say, “Hey. Put up or shut up. Let’s see some evidence.’”

    “The one incredible thing that we all needed was what David did,” said jazz musician Chick Corea, a long-time Scientologist who lives in Clearwater. “(He) came and took all the dropped balls and caught them all and kind of saved the organization from splintering apart, and put it back together again for all our sakes.”

    “Here’s what I do know,” (David Miscavige) he said, slapping his black leather desk top with each word. “No Scientologist — no Scientologist — is involved in attempting to do in another Scientologist.”


  66. Mike, you have a beautiful mind.

  67. I should have said “virtual elimination”. Credible reports that F/L bills are easily being negotiated to zero for those who will “go back on lines” [read “tow the party line and be a good informer”]. Incidentally I was helping one soul recently who left who was told categorically that whatever she did she was NOT to “join the Independents” – straight from the MAA’s mouth.

  68. “RCS is incapable of self-examination and correction.”

    No Qual. That is exactly right. It’s “Hit don’t hat” for decades now. And the organization reeks of a sociopath entity:

    1. GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM — the tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Sociopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A sociopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

    2. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH — a grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Sociopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

    3. NEED FOR STIMULATION or PRONENESS TO BOREDOM — an excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Sociopaths often have low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.

    4. PATHOLOGICAL LYING — can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest. (The Church denies denies denies)

    5. CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS- the use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.

    6. LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — a lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted, and un empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.

    7. SHALLOW AFFECT — emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.

    8. CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — a lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.

    9. PARASITIC LIFESTYLE — an intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.

    10. POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.

    11. PROMISCUOUS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR — a variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests. (Even lower in the Sea Org, anti children / dissemination laws, forced abortions, forced divorces, can’t haves on the second dynamic)

    12. EARLY BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS — a variety of behaviors prior to age 13, including lying, theft, cheating, vandalism, bullying, sexual activity, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, and running away from home. (Think of the behavior of the young CMO)

    13. LACK OF REALISTIC, LONG-TERM GOALS — an inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals; a nomadic existence, aimless, lacking direction in life.

    14. IMPULSIVITY — the occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.

    15. IRRESPONSIBILITY — repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.

    16. FAILURE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OWN ACTIONS — a failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.

    17. MANY SHORT-TERM MARITAL RELATIONSHIPS — a lack of commitment to a long-term relationship reflected in inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable commitments in life, including marital.

    18. JUVENILE DELINQUENCY — behavior problems between the ages of 13-18; mostly behaviors that are crimes or clearly involve aspects of antagonism, exploitation, aggression, manipulation, or a callous, ruthless tough-mindedness. (Just look at the behavior of the young CMO)

    19. REVOCATION OF CONDITION RELEASE — a revocation of probation or other conditional release due to technical violations, such as carelessness, low deliberation, or failing to appear.

    20. CRIMINAL VERSATILITY — a diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.

  69. BRAVO!!! 🙂

  70. Jean-Francois Genest

    Great points.
    Eventually, there will be more people in the state of disconnection than Corporate Scientologists connected to the Reverse Church. They will then start to disconnect themselves from themselves, in a Flow Zero fashion (self onto self). It will be very amusing to watch.

  71. I think that denialism is even worse in the case of the Australian Lawyer that sat and denied that PTS type 3 were to be isolated. It was so bad that the tv show quoted an actual LRH policy and he just sat there and bare face lied about it. This to me is the bottom of the pit. Deny LRH policy that was actually shown!

  72. Jean-Francois Genest

    True. Denialism makes total sense.
    Radical-Corporate Scientologists are funnier than bloopers. Their denial of the truth is beyond ridiculous.

  73. Jean-Francois Genest

    Ouch! Ouch!
    If THAT is a product of the “Top of The Bridge”, i would rather swim across.

  74. Occasionally Disconnection can work in your favor. Who here wouldn’t WANT to disconnect from THEM? Here they are: The Cardone’s at their finest! Yes. Standing Ovation Please – but for Us not them!

  75. When he says “sell others…”, it seems like it’s some false beingness that you are deceiving others into believing.

    I don’t really get what he’s talking about. Whats wrong with just being yourself, having a good product and selling it? I dont agree with the salesmans main product being commissions.

  76. Deep spiritual wisdom awaits you in the Church of Scientology.

  77. If anyone wishes to help Mario, contributions can be made to his Legacy Project, the purpose of which is to assist him to “write up” his hat as a pianist and a musician in a form that can be utilized by future generations. This will help him to survive and to continue with his purpose. I don’t think that anyone will know or care where the money originates from.

    All Mario really is “into” is contributing his beauty to this world. As others have mentioned here, he is a beautiful being. Music has been his main via. For those not familiar with this great artist, I recommend clicking on some of the other links on his site.
    One could probably even (unobtrusively) attend his musical events and he would appreciate that as an acknowledgement of who he is. One could merely ignore the entheta on his lines.

  78. I wouldn’t even care how much of a douche he was if it wasnt for stuff like this:

    Click to access 6820938.0.pdf


  79. He is talking about domination.

  80. Geeze Christ he sounds like a pimp!

  81. Great post from Mike Rinder. I have suffered heart breaking disconnetion myself.

    There is a famous scene from an old Marx Brothers movie from the 1930s where Groucho as the leader of his country is speaking to its citizens and he says “Well, are you going to believe ME or believe your own eyes?”

    And such is denialism in groups, most prevalantly found in religious and in nationalistic activites. It is the members of a group who both individually and as a group make decisions to deny; they in some way AGREE to this. Ron was indeed correct in his axiom that “The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.”

    Musters and rallies (like Hitler’s in Nuremberg to use an extreme example) work at convincing group members that it is moral and correct to do this.

    I can remember the evening in the early 80s when I first saw the goldenrod on David Mayo, claiming he was a squirrel. If you weren’t around in the 70s, you don’t really understand what a Scientology superstar he was, right next to LRH in the pecking order AND in the adulation and respect he was given. And then …. POOF….. he had been a squirrel! And I just accepted it, kind of even with a self-satisfied air that, as “just” a Cl. IV Org CS, I now had a higher status in the CoS than Mayo himself. You would think that as an “aware” individual, I might have at least questioned some of the obvious outpoints, but …. deny, deny, deny, accept, accept, accept. It never even OCCURED to me to do anything else.

    And when my old friend came into work one morning electrified because of the event he had attended the previous night? The one in late Jan 1986? My friend was an OT5 and a Cl. V auditor and a veteran staff member of many years and he told me that I just HAD to go to the org and watch the event about LRH’s moving on.

    When does one question ANYTHING in Scientology? It simply isn’t DONE! Capisce?

  82. Jane, a shocking story indeed, both about Mario (who I don’t know, but sounds like he is a great guy who has contributed much to so many individuals on so many dynamics) and that terrible OT8. Stories like this don’t do much to improve the PR about the kind of “case gain” one should expect to make on 7 & 8 (though I realize that is an individual issue). But then again, I thought Heber had his shit together and he’s been a guzzler for 30 years now, so the OT8 in your story is probably right – we all do it to ourselves. But geez, knowing that, can’t we still show a little love and compassion to people in our OWN group, or did fucking everyone forget what Ron said was the key issue to consider hen looking at beings together …. that of “help.”

    Of course, the only people who are allowed to come to you “cap in hand” and do it CONTINUALLY are the those demanding donos for the CoS.

  83. Thank you Sidney for getting it.

  84. BUT, the North Korean gulags are more humane than
    CO$’s RPFs. I read up on a guy who had been in a
    gulag and he in detail went over what they did and their
    daily routines and how to get out. I was in the RPF and
    I would rather have gone to North Korea! Their administrators
    could learn a thing or two from DM.

  85. Oracle, that’s a pretty good list. Thanks for posting these. Is this list of 20 traits from a certain book or policy? I ask because I might like to read more of such.

  86. Why Mario is in this situation is quite irrelevant at this time. He is reaching the end of his life and it is very important to him to not loose his dear friend , his auditor who , he hopes , will help him in the end . Besides that . he is in constant fear of being evicted from his home . These two factors supersede anything else , they are PTPs of magnitude , I would say!
    The Legacy project is a great way to help an old man in need , a great artist , one of the last great Master.
    The Allen Barton story is heartbreaking on so many levels.

  87. Jesus Christ, the reactive mind does not think in similarities people. Read the book, apply the tech. The reactive mind doesn’t even think, period, it identifies and reacts.

  88. Recall the last time your reactive mind had a concept?

  89. Ooops. I forgot to include the link to Mario Feninger’s Web site for anyone who would like to contribute to him and his legacy: Here it is:
    You might enjoy checking out the whole site and reading about him, too. Remember to turn your sound on.
    Most pages have excerpts of him playing his magical music.

  90. This is a joke right? Some sort of satire – it’s a little sketch, a parody of corporate greed – please tell me it is so.

  91. Grant’s video – posted wrongly under the Dalai Lama’a words.

  92. It looks like the end product of Grant’s program is, “Severely PTS to the Middle-class”.

  93. Chris, thanks.
    Here is a reply to the church by Milton Katselas:

    Click to access 6820981.0.pdf

    It seems Cardone, the DM Clone, even copied the lower sociopathic characteristics of his master.

  94. You will get the new discovered “Reversed Motivation Scale” and the holy MEST priciple of life “Taking is holier than Giving”.

  95. Marty and Mike,
    Great blogs.
    While the toxic policy of Disconnection is enforced, another lie is that it was the idea of the parishioner and not the MAA or ethics officer.
    It is emphatically an achilles heel.
    It will not withstand the test of time.
    Another part of the culture within (especially Sea org) is

    It comes from
    An Evil Intention !
    An Evil Purpose !
    A contra survival goal carefully plotted with malice aforethought to Destroy Scientology !
    Off to another 12 intensives of Sec checks. Let’s find that Evil within you and exorcise it !
    Hence harsher and harsher abuses and sadism perpetrated on the hapless Sea org member such as RPF or RPF’s RPF.

    The constant blame game. Point to someone who is “Holding down the stats” or who is “causing the entheta” and on with a public lynching.
    And they honestly believe they are saving the planet !

  96. Interesting Martin. Mine would be about 1/2 a million. So that is gone!!
    Doesn’t matter anyway – I was there working for LRH and he up and left me.. (us)
    I don’t wonder why. He did the best he could. Thanks Ron. It was worth it in the long run. If not for you, I’d not be where I am now. And I like where I am now. Thank you Ron :).

  97. Thank you Naomi — this is very true. Mario deserves the same respect we would wish for ourselves. He’s been a great friend to scientology as many have noted on this blog.

    Contributing to his Legacy Project is one way to kindly support him in sharing his knowledge and love of music. Or if you want something tangible – buy a CD or DVD or two. You’ll love hearing this music.



  98. “Consider their ‘rationale.’ Consider the factors that resulted in such obvious denialism.”

    Fear I would guess. Lots of leads in Science of Survival.


  99. One more thing —

    I just ordered through paypal one of Mario’s CDs. I decided not to give to the Legacy Project for 2 reasons — the lowest amount appeared to be $100 which isn’t really in my budget right now but more importantly because the Legacy Project is being administered etc through F.A.S.E (Foundation for the Arts and Sciences) – which unless it’s changed it’s stripes is definitely run by very avid current church members. Not staff per se as it was set up YEARS ago by Jack Dirman and Steve Heard … have no idea who currently runs it … donate with this caveat in mind 🙂


  100. Thanks Roger.

    And welcome to our blog!

  101. Thanks Silvia. Our blog is already gathering momentum.

  102. I dig how he has his own “tech” for determining if someone is an “SP”. Stuff like: Doesnt come to events. Doesnt donate to the IAS. Doesnt donate to Ideal Orgs. Doesnt donate to programs. Isnt onboard with command intention (COB).

  103. Life is a big competition and everyone is your enemy or opponent. You win by getting the best of them by whatever means necessary- by being aggressive and grabbing a bigger piece of the pie while they are not looking. Your trophy is money and stuff- cars, houses, etc.
    I think even his other dynamics are first dynamic. Maybe someone has a reference for that. When you read his letter or watch his videos you can see he is acting on higher dynamics only for the first. His 3rd dynamic Scientology is so he can get OT superpowers for his first dynamic, or status. It’s probably more about the status I think. It’s just not how I would want to live.
    Maybe someone should send copies of that article and the attachments to his associates and business partners and see how he likes a taste of his own medicine. He’s a punk.

  104. RCS appears to excel in both Disassociation and Denialism.

    The church’s objectives and policies mandate Disassociation. While the real world is having to deal with economic strife, the church decides to build opulent cathedrals. This is not because the church or its members are affluent. I had a passionate discussion with a veteran Sea Org member about the Ideal Org strategy a while back. My point was that flash quarters were unnecessary, that most orgs were struggling just to get by, and that orgs should be concentrating on delivery and getting people up the Bridge. His response – “That is the genius of COB! He’s got it all figured out. He’s going to flood the orgs with people. That is why we need big Ideal Orgs” I really didn’t know what to say. The disassociation with reality was so stark that I momentarily had to look away, I just could not look at him.

    Disassociation is woven into the very fabric of RCS.

    Regarding Denialism, one could say that for many years now, the church’s official PR strategy has been Denialism. They really do nothing else, but deny anything or everything that does not align with their disassociated reality.

    I see harmonics of both Disassociation and Denialism at all levels of RCS, from DM all the way down to public Scnist. The willingness to disassociate and deny are now prerequisites for being a member.

  105. I found this quote by buddhist monk, author and photographer – Matthieu Riccard that I found appropriate to this discussion of dissociation and denial.

    “Confidence is closely linked to how well our perceptions match reality.”

    It’s not terribly hard to figure out how the lack of confidence amongst those who are so fixated into false realities and delusions creates a rock solid (false) wall around themselves in order not to start babbling and bouncing into walls.

  106. one of those who see

    Thanks for this. This way we can help regardless of the Church insanity which he is the effect of. Love the idea of contributing to his Legacy Project.

  107. Isn’t onboard with command intention (COB).
    Yeah. I thought the same.
    Exclusion, exclusion, exclusion. No comm-ev – just let’s ensure our sheeples stay disconnected from this self-thinking individual.

  108. Many years ago, I spoke with an old-timer a number of times. He told me that in his auditing he experienced spiritual vistas beside which the work-a-day world paled almost to obscurity in comparison, vistas he never dreamed possible. He had full whole-track recall, and no doubt whatsoever of his own nature as an eternal being. There was no way he was going to give up this opportunity to audit. Good, bad, indifferent, to him it was all good taken against the vast panorama of experience. He thought this world, and his current lifetime was very timid and mild, and its worst behaviors were gentle child’s play compared to past events. He didn’t believe this because he read about it. He believed it because he personally remembered, just as simply as you and I might remember having breakfast yesterday.

    He personally knew, respected, trusted and loved LRH very much and was utterly loyal to him, faults and all. He told me that he forgave failures or transgressions on the basis of his own assignment of ka kahn status to Scientology and LRH’s Church. He considered it an irrecoverable overt act of great magnitude to take an antagonistic position against LRH or the Church that LRH formed.

    He worked for many, many years to pay for every bit of auditing he could get his hands on through to whatever the latest release was. He would not allow anything to stop him from doing more auditing, especially what he deemed the “foolish antics” of dumb and oblivious youngsters. He was very much aware that there were people offering auditing outside of the Church, very aware of its detractors. He thought the foolish, the ne’er do wells and the detractors were inevitable but best ignored as silly distractions. He thought it was hilarious that there was all this hoofah about wearing helmets to ride a bike!

    We spoke once of a few of the problems he encountered in the Church. He saw them and very clearly. But he was of the opinion that unless he was willing to get in there and do what it takes to correct those problems then he had no business criticizing those who were working for little pay and with great devotion. Keep in mind that he was a public person and rarely encountered the “dark side” of Church behavior, and certainly he had no idea what the story was on the IAS.

    To him auditing was the most precious thing of all, something utterly unique in all the many lives and past existences he recalled. I am sure that if he was told he needed to disconnect or go live in seclusion on a mountain while getting auditing, he would probably consider it a temporary inconvenience. After all, it was just one more experience in an infinite parade of experiences. He might have even thought it a good idea in the interests of ensuring that he had absolutely no distractions in his life as he completed his auditing. As to the cost, he laughed and said, well, at least I don’t have to live in cave and be celibate!

    He saw the bulk of the human race as completely dissociated from who they really are, in a state of nearly total denial, like fallen gods with a really bad case of amnesia, and scared to death of their own shadows and capacity for harm. Staked to the ground by an imaginary status quo, false history and absolute blindness to anything not seen through the eyes of the body.

  109. I did it Ronn.
    I took it out. Dusted it off and by golly it was only pretending to be dormant.
    I ruffed it up a bit and it seems its ready to go to work again.
    Oh stories galore it has. Like the time a bear bit me and then there was swimming with seals. Yup. After school I swam in the sea in our warm currant Dad said came from Japan. Then right around that time was the jelly fish.
    Sitka Cece 🙂

  110. I think she got that from the book on Marty’s list “The Psychopath Next Door”. I borrowed it from the library. They had several copies (just in case).

  111. Denialism is the plague of our age. You see it everywhere, not just in Scientology. It comes about during times of change where people run out if ideas on how to cope.

  112. Fundamentally, they are not only in denial about disconnection and other destructive policies but, more importantly, about their own descent into viciousness.

  113. This news concerning Mario Fenninger is really devastating!
    He is 90 years old…. please give him a break.
    For sure now that you wrote this in the Blog the Church will come up with some “financial handling”….
    But at least he talked to the guy he disconnected from.
    When I left I wrote to Chick Corea – we had been friends from the mid 80s, and I had been his designer also for all that time.
    I respected Chick very much and I just informed him with an email, no eval, inval, no request for nothing.
    He never responded and I never heard back from him.
    I’m really sorry, really, really, really sorry for him.
    He has been used, is being used and pimped by the Church.
    He will never get out from there –
    The description you gave for denial is really applicable to this situation:

    …Unless data fits neatly into an already formed theory, a denialist doesn’t really see it as data at all. That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just another point of view.

    So I am sure Chick is not even seeing the data and proofs he has in front of him ALL THE TIME.
    The same exacto story happened with my son Flavio.
    And the church says that disconnection does not exist!!!!
    I’ll tell you (church) in french:
    Fuck You.

    (sorry when is needed is needed)

  114. That’s astonishing Gerhard. The writer of the email knows what a great person your daughter is and yet chooses to allow his friendship to be alloyed by the declare and thereby goes into agreement with the labelling of your daughter as an SP. Weak character indeed. It doesn’t get crazier than this. The good news is that it would appear that your daughter is not the effect of this nonsense. What a joy to be out of the RCS and able to be self and pan determined, rather than be so obviously “other determined” as some of those who are on the inside seem to be. What irony.

  115. Geez, add a few names and formatting and Miscavige could publish the above as a biography. Scary as hell that people with these characteristics walk among us, and even scarier that one of them has access to over a billion dollars.

    At least society is beginning to be able to recognize the sociopath, puts the aware in a better position to defend ourselves. Maybe someone will be able to stop the rise of the next COB.

  116. I don’t know Mario, but hate to think of any elderly person struggling to survive, so I donated to the Legacy Project today. I received this email in reply:

    “Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for your donation. I will let Mario know and he will be very pleased.

    If I may ask, how did you find out about this Legacy Project?


    for Mario

    Film/Video Producer

    If I respond, do you think they will refuse the donation? 🙂

  117. “He saw the bulk of the human race as completely dissociated from who they really are, in a state of nearly total denial, like fallen gods with a really bad case of amnesia, and scared to death of their own shadows and capacity for harm. Staked to the ground by an imaginary status quo, false history and absolute blindness to anything not seen through the eyes of the body.”

    Maria. You have a descriptive genius. So well said.

    Whole track recall is still my dream.

  118. Regardless of Cardone’s faults and issues, he is absolutely correct in this video. Selling is a skill people should have. Sales is not a dirty word. Just because there are people who take advantage of other people via selling does not make selling a bad thing – and in fact, it is my opinion that if a person really understands the mechanics of sales, he or she will be less prone to be taken by shysters.
    In my career, I have met lots of people who are salespeople. They are a breed apart. There are harmonics of sales – the low-level sleazy sales guy who doesn’t give a shit except to extract $$$ from people. Up to the salesperson who truly understands the prospect, understands their needs, and can articulate how what he has to offer can truly solve their issues.
    Salespeople perform a function in an organization that is really, really tough, which is why they make bug bucks if they are good. They manage the process of finding leads, working with them to consolidate their needs, matching their needs to the products and services the organization has to offer (or backs off if the lead is unqualified – meaning no money or no need), and then feeds the rest of the company with closed deals.
    I know a lot of programmers are Scientologists, and some comment on this blog. These programmers would be out of work if A. someone did not sell their skills, or B. they did not sell their own skills.
    Cardone is right here. He is wrong when he gangs up on people like Katsalas.


  119. Sales tech is all about making money. That is the job of a salesperson. They are measured by dollars in the door – but in the best companies, they are also measured by customer satisfaction. They aim for the bucks, and work with their company to ensure the customer is satisfied. You can’t deliver pretty products without some sales guy pounding the doors to get them distributed.

  120. Joe Pendleton, You make good points. Let me add to your last line of the only ones who are allowed to come cap in hand asking you for money continually are the IAS and Registrars etc for the Church. This is true, but I might add, the COS reges and IAS and Idea Morgues etc don’t come cap in hand…. they come with their conceit and crush sales hard core invalidative mantel fully in place.

  121. It is laughable that the church denies disconnection. It is so stupid.

    But, other denials are:

    1. That the church is expanding.
    2. That “Ideal Org” have anything to do with LRH’s definition of Ideal Org.
    3. That the new “Basics” books are a breakthrough – no, the breakthrough is when they were first released.
    4. That “apostates” are flat-out liars, and that the media is out to get Scientology.
    5. That you owe your eternity to the church.
    6. That the IAS actually does anything at all.
    7. That Mr. David Miscavige is a great guy and a savior.

    I think it more intentional blinders than denialism as defined above. Denialism as defined above means not facing a painful truth. You can’t deny or turn away from a painful Reality if you aren’t even looking at it.

  122. The church’s treatment of older people is atrocious. The church’s treatment of disabled or injured people is atrocious. The church’s treatment of children is atrocious.

    Anyone who does not actively contribute is cast aside, with no thought or remorse. There are no beans from them, so they are not given any beans. They are cut off from all beans (in the form of attention, help, acknowledgement of existence, or friendship). Only people with beans (in the form of youthful bodies to plow the fields, or lots of $$$ to stock the coffers) are given any attention at all.

    This is called exploitation. And when the exploited are tapped dry, they are chucked out. And if the un-exploitable (like kids) are connected to the actively exploited, they are ignored or blocked. They people are discarded. If they are six, why have them join the SO.

    People who wake up (like in “The Matrix”) are flushed out and called “apostates.” To me, the big story of Debbie Cook was not her letter (although that was really great), nor the battle of San Antonio (which was also great).

    No, it was that this person who was a member in good standing, who kept up her side of the bargain, who was in the SO for years and was loved by many, many Scientologists, was declared and called a squirrel in public by the church in USA Today and other media only 2-3 days after her letter was written, let alone published (by someone else).

    No more beans from Debbie Cook – flush her.
    No more beans from Mario Fenninger – flush him – but keep him on the hook.


    Mark Patterson

  123. Now in this video he is full of crap. It shows he has no concept of the 2D. I’d hate to be his boyfriend.

  124. Yes, that is crazy. That is right though – every mistake is a crime. The crime of being there and communicating.
    But really, this flies in the face of a fundamental truth – it is an axiom, for God’s sake – that absolutes are unobtainable.
    It is the Sea Org that killed the church. Pure and simple.

  125. Dan Locke, You know me but I am under the radar for now. The couple you speak of, is David and Carolyn Holt. I don’t have their phone number but the live in the LA area. And you’re right that they’re good people. David was on staff as Chaplain at LA Org for 2 1/2 years but is off now, although still a Kool Aid drinker.

  126. I would like to see every person here who donates to Mario by either a direct donation or the indirectness of going on his sites and buying things, etc, I would like you to use your name if you’re “out” so that Mario knows that while the corporate Scns turn their backs on him, the ones helping him are the Indies. He needs to know this. It is the Indies granting beingness, showing mercy and charity and love. But since OSA Bots read Marty’s blog, they will then inform DM of what we are all saying about Mario and now the church will step up to do a big PR thing of giving Mario money so that no one can say they didn’t help. But if left to their own devices and if no PR showing them to be unwilling to help someone who helped them for years, the corporate church would have done nothing. It reminds me of Karen De la Carriere Jenzscht’s son’s death where corporate was not doing a service for him and Karen got real public about it and about how she was going to provide a funeral service for him even though the church wouldn’t let him communicate to her for years…… then and only then did the church quickly throw together a service for Alex, and then and only then did the church produce Heber, his father, to talk at the service. It was all a huge PR caper and nothing more to the church. They would not have done it and were not doing it until Karen got vocal about it and informed news media etc. So in that same tradition, now that Mario’s situation is being talked about here, you can bet the church will step in to look like they saved the day, all for the PR and photo ops.

  127. Truer words Karen… Truer words.

    It’s been sometime now since I asked myself this question;

    “What is with all the blame that goes on in Scientology”?

    There are many things synonymous with being a Scientologist but at the top of my list was blame.

    Something goes wrong = write KR, etc, etc…

    I do something wrong = overt, ev purp, etc, etc…

    And whatever end of the flow I was on the same thing was always happening, i.e. someone or something “over there” was to blame.

    It’s an interesting question to answer.

  128. Wow.

    Like… WOW!

    Um… I’ll say this for your daughter though. Having been on both flows of this insanity… She will be infinitely better off without “friends” like that.

    It is extroardinarily ironic just how much my life improved after the last “fence sitters” decided to “Save their own eternity” and stopped talking to me. I stopped feeling sorry for them a loooong time ago.

    Their are far bigger and more important games in life than fretting about one or two who insist that man’s only hope of survival is to close your eyes, cover your ears and breath only the finest of Cadillac exhaust fumes.

    I’d wish your daughter good luck… But clearly she needs none…:-)

  129. Peggy — of course I can’t say for sure but I’m 99.9% positive they will refuse the donation.

    Tom Solari has been a scientologist before I became one in 1972. He was very active at Celebrity Center doing a comic routine with Clark Carr who became the head of Narconon US.

    In any case, he’s a true blue scientologist and while I can’t guarantee it — I’d pretty sure they would send it back.

    Probably because they have receive more donations/and CD purchases in the last few days than they’ve received for awhile.

    You could figure out an acceptable truth … like you love classical music and remembered that Mario was a pianist … blah blah blah.


  130. Um… Yep… But it’s far worse than stress or madness… For many it can be life or death. Harsh but true. And in my experience it is the stronger souls who struggle the most as they battle it all out in their own minds.

  131. Jane — I understand what you are saying … I used my own name but Mario wouldn’t remember me from Adam. I saw him 20 years ago and we were merely acquaintances.

    This isn’t a question of showing Mario who are his true friends … it’s a question of helping someone.

    He knows the score, because his own student tried to help him and he was made to return the money I’m guessing those who are handling his affairs/website/shipping CDs etc are going to monitor who is sending money.

    As for the church stepping in the save the day. I doubt it. That would require money FROM the church. A flow that never goes in that direction.

    At best, we can hope that one of his minders is given a heads up and told to fundraise the money for him.

    THE LAST thing I would want to do is create more stress and heartache and heartburn on someone who decidedly doesn’t deserve this and let’s not forget is NINETY.

    I’d like to start a “circle of care” (something done in buddhist communities for those who are sick or elderly) for Mario. If you are interested please email me at windhorse11@hushmail.com


  132. I feel that they would refuse the donation if the donation is know to come from independent Scientologists.

  133. Tom does website design and SEO for people. He probably designed and manages Mario’s site. He may be expecting an answer like: on a google search or youtube or something like that.

  134. Karen, that is exactly right! Wow. There are no mistakes!

  135. Dear Windhorse / Christine, My hope in letting Mario know who his financial supporters were, was that he may make the connection that the church gave him nada, zip, zero help and the Indies gave him lots of help and that maybe it would start him on the path of inspection of outnesses in RCS.

    What is the circle of care idea? Sounds interesting.

  136. It is always heartwarming to read about acts of kindness and care, as Marty evokes here. I don’t know Allen Barton and I’m only superficially familiar with the story, but there is such a power in any kindness and care…We must be deeply wired for these values..

    Which leads me to asking… what prevents us (me) from dedicating our life solely to exerting kindness and care, if it so profound and attractive?

    As a former member of a new religious movement, I’m intimately familiar with rollercoaster of emotions during and after the exiting process. I went first through a phase of raw anger, I even was for a while intent on revenge. I then went through a phase of systematically criticizing the culture, structure, strategies, systems, and staff of the religious organization. Then I went to criticize how the message itself was being framed and disseminated.

    Then I realized that in the scope of life, what mattered more was that I keep moving on my own path, rather than looking back. I started becoming clear on what values I resonate most, with me, and wanted to only feel this every day—kindness and care among them–. I often felt the pull to look back and to criticize and settle scores, but, as time passed, kindness, depth, and a thirst for truth and clarity, a thirst fr feeling the good, rather than point to what does not work, came to resonate more than anything else.

    While it was therapeutic for me for a while to reminisce what was wrong about the spiritual movement that I had left, at the same time, I see now that, in the big picture of life, every breath spent looking back was a breath stolen from me by this movement.

    When I lived in an ashram in India, one of the mahatmas there one day explained to me that they have this word in Hindi,. Called Monmot., which denotes someone who was a devotee of a particular master, but is not anymore, and who always remembers the Master, but negatively, and cannot feel anymore the love, the inspiration, and is stuck in this space.

    This is a tough one as, on one side, one may find a duty to denounce what one knows to not be fair. But at the same time it can be argued, that, in the scope of life, one has a greater , a duty toward one’s self, to move forward (i.e in Marty’s “The Road I Must Travel”, I love this title.. ) and break new ground. And the road ahead is long, and the time available is short…

    How does one balance one’s ultimate responsibility to move on, move forward, explore new horizons, discover new lands, and at the same deal with the inclination to denounce what was not right about the spiritual movement that one left? Whatever one does, one can do only one at a time, and life passes one breath at a time..

    Such a balancing act. I would be interested to hear what others have to say. Thanks to Mary and you all for the great content.

  137. Martin, you just said what I was thinking too. The stronger the outside enemy is perceived to be by those inside the cult, the more vociferous their denials.

    No matter, we are always right, they are always wrong…They don’t want us to clear the planet…they’re out to get us…”

    Very unhealthy viewpoint at best and worst case scenario, quite dangerous. No harm in pointing up similarities between the current Kool Aid Mindset and former cults who self-destructed.

  138. Jane — of course I understood that was your point. My point is that it doesn’t matter. We aren’t attempting to gather stats and watch the daily/weekly numbers as they rise showing the blog is gathering followers. And contrasting ourselves to the ogres within the church.

    We are people. Who care.

    Simple. And Mario is going to figure things out for himself; I’m sure he already has. And if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. But at least his lights stay on and he is fed.

    Just email me on my hushmail account and I’ll explain a circle of care in the buddhist community and how I see this one forming.


  139. Wow, I didn’t know that. There are no such things as errors? Every mistake is intentional per the Sea Org? What about DM’s mistakes, since he signs off on everything? How does that work?

  140. There’s been something special about the commentators here. I’ll liken it to some cream-cheese icing on carrot cake.

    There are some voices from the past I look forward to hearing from again.

    And again.

  141. Thanks. I’ll be sending him something. Good energy.

  142. Acceptable truth: You saw the donate button on Mario’s web site. 🙂

  143. Paul, wonderful depth from you. Great heart felt question. For me, I have been critical of Ron more than positive. I think the reason is so many people have been hurt and this forum is not a happy one at times. It is a halfway house of sorts where folks are letting go of things. And I get a chance to re- experience things that need to be looked at within myself.

    For me I keep it positive within myself by knowing that I have never been a victim of anyone. Every step I have taken in life, I have taken. Every abusive relation I have been in, I have been in.

    No one ever forced me to become anything. I became the things I chose to become.

    Regarding judging teachers that were once up on a pedestal and now not. Ultimately they were my teachers. I have learned much from each and every one.

    So for me it is a balance between being true to my present values, if those values now transcend a past value, and recognizing the valuable lessons learned from past.

    But if a principle from a past teacher is discovered to be the source of violence against detractors, that is very different from a simple theological argument.

    And it is incumbent upon any person who loves freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press to do all they can to reveal the dangerous doctrines of, for instance: fair game, destroy detractors and ruin them utterly if you can.

    When I left Scientology early eighties it took me years to sort out what was true for me and what was negative dogma. The parts that made me a better person I said,”thank you Ron.” And the parts that created elitist tendencies and booby trapped my spiritual path with wrong knowledge I said, “No thank you Ron, I must warn others of what lies ahead.”

    But in the grand scheme of things everyone and every circumstance is pregnant with truth, realization and transformation, when the the attitude is positive and learning is the prime directive and ultimate outcome of all things.

    That’s how I see your question. Honor what is true and use reason to explain the untruth in past teachers, as we see them now.

  144. I would like to thank Marty too, and everyone sharing here. I’ve just had my own cognition about disconnection. It is really so simple and so obvious that I’m already self-inval ing that some may think, “Yea, well, duh!” but anyway here goes, bear with me on this because I’m still sort of working my way thru it.

    Disconnection in the RCS is real. It exists. It is reality, and reality exists by agreement. Disconnection within the RCS is strongly agreed upon or agreed to by RCS members, so it exists. Disconnection was created and it survives by agreement as does its opposite, connection. By agreement with disconnection (or, possibly, connection) one agrees to be trapped. Its like the example LRH gave of those tribes of people who created shadows in the water in order to trap the fish – the fish think the shadows are real barriers and they don’t move, so they get caught. Well, many have solidly agreed that disconnection is real, but it isn’t, its just a shadow. No-one can force anyone to disconnect – not in the USA, not legally.

    What allows Disconnection in the RCS to survive is agreement and what will allow it to perish as policy is disagreement (and, of course, this is the “Duh, what else is new” part). But as moronically simple and “far easier said than done” as this undoubtedly sounds and is, that’s the only solution and it IS happening.

    Many, many have ceased their denialism and have disagreed with disconnection and stepped thru the shadows of their own agreed upon traps. I postulate many many more will do the same.

    In the meantime, I urge that we have compassion for the still-trapped fish who have not yet realized that they can swim thru those shadows and away to safe, sunlit water anytime they choose. Yes, some of done things to make them hate-worthy or ridicule worthy. But Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Shakespeare said, “The quality of mercy is not strained…” and LRH pretty much said it all with “What Is Greatness”. While decrying the insanity, exposing the injustice, while protecting ourselves from both, it is also possible to not hate, to grant beingness to who they really are, not their frightened, low-toned valences.

    The commitment to truth combined with the granting of beingness are what I perceive as eminating from this blog.

    Thank you so much Marty, Mike, Monique for what you are doing.



  145. Windhorse, I agree, one does not combat anything with hate successfully. A wife forgives her husband for looking at a blonde in a bikini a certain way. A mother forgives her daughter for staying out after 11:00 p.m. when the daughter was told to be home by 10:00 p.m. These are acts that CAN BE forgiven. One does not forgive someone for denying another individual their brief breath in eternity to take advantage of not only the road out but any armor of knowledge that will guard them. To true beings it is a crime. To the Church of Scientology it is a joke. Disconnection is a 2 way street. Sometimes it is not the Church that disconnects from someone but someone that disonnect from the Church. 🙂 I disconnected myself from the Church. They called my house, I didn’t know it was them, I answered, found out and hung up. They sent someone to bang on my door and scream at me in front of my house, I just didn’t answer the door. They sent me 10 letters one week, I threw 10 letters in the garbage that week. I do not even want to challenge them on anything. It is a relationship that just simply is not. One that would never turn hateful! 🙂

  146. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I just posted this as an example of Koolaid thinking. It blows my mind how anybody can be so completely stupid, while still thinking he is doing the “right” thing. Ironically the money grabbing COS terminals promoting doomsday scenarios to extract money from the sheeple and their adherents are the living prove the world could be lost.
    When all common sense is gone, when all reason is gone and nothing is left than sheeple think, the end of the world for sure is near. Since the numbers of the sheeple actually dwindle, the end of the world may be still a bit away.
    My daughter is fine, she is on an accelerated growth path and doing very well.

  147. Very nice, Tom.
    And thank you for Diana! This is one of my favorites of her. 🙂

  148. He obviously missed the memo about outflow being more holy and more remunerative than inflow.

  149. Oops…this was supposed to go under Tom Gallagher’s post…

  150. What a brilliant, pan-determined, long-haul viewpoint that old-timer had. And you articulated so well. And it begs the question, what would one with such a viewpoint do when fully apprised of the current situation and the unfeasibility of affecting the needed changes internally?

  151. This is evil. This is one friend your daughter is better off without. “Fuck you,You are too evil now so I cannot chat, I love you!”

  152. Hear, hear.

  153. Agreed in full.

  154. What IS the Church of Scientology?

    It is a corporation. That is all there is to it.


  155. I found out from recommended reading by Marty. I recommend:

    The sociopath next door

    The psychopath test (words about the C of S and CCHR in here, also incredible statistics.)

    Snakes in suits.

    All Vital Information.

  156. Here’s the thing: Disconnection does come from the mind of the parishioner. The Church manages to convince the parishioner that it is the right thing to do. The parishioner agrees and so it happens. So in a way, it isn’t forced. It is worse than that. It is a perverse mind-fuck. I have a friend who refused to disconnect from her son and the MAA backed down. They are the worst kind of bullies, the ones who are doing it for your own good.

  157. “The church’s treatment of older people is atrocious. The church’s treatment of disabled or injured people is atrocious. The church’s treatment of children is atrocious.”

    Absolutely agreed. Mario’s been in for decades, but now that he’s getting on, he gets dumped. Along with every other elderly or otherwise disabled Scientologist. “He pulled it in.” They take all his money and then tell him he pulled this in. Assholes.

  158. burnedbutnotbitter

    It is late, but I must post now: It was a year ago today I clicked on an obscure blue news link “Scientologist claims torture in open court” and my life changed. After Debbie Cook’s video, I researched the internet for months. I confronted that evil is alive and well in the Church of Scientology. I signed onto the Indie 500 log. I remain undercover here to protect a couple of people, for the time being.

    Thank you Marty and Mosey, for the blog. I have devoured your books and look forward to the next one. I turned one of my Scientology friends, my husband and son on to everything. Not everyone is afraid to look at the truth. I agree that Scn needs to integrate. I want Dn 101 to be offered on college campuses alongside the ubiquitous Psych 101. Keep writing.

    I came across many corroborative accounts of OT3 in my travels. BTW, it has been a year and no one in my family has been mentally or physically injured from discussing this. My thoughts:

    1. I would never argue with anyone over what happened 75 million years ago.
    2. I had a great deal of trouble with OT friends based at least in part on this being a giant “should have known”.
    3. Yes, I should have known what I was flowing $6000 towards.
    4. I am very perceptive and have had people without bodies around me a few times in my life, and I have communicated and gotten them to go, or have left them behind. ( ala “The Sixth Sense”) So I get the gist, but…
    5. I am not interested.
    6. I don’t believe in holding a grudge. I admired John Brousseau when he said he looked at his time in the SO, even the really shitty parts, as a great adventure.

    And so, this song has become my anthem.

  159. burnedbutnotbitter

    Here’s the video:

  160. I’m not sure that is your reactive mind Cece, or just good ol’ Alaska experience. Did you bite the bear back? I know of one old man in Alaska that killed an attacking grizzly as he was cleaning his deer kill, with a knife no less – it happened – not without consequence, he was messed up big time, arm and leg chunks missing, but he lived and the bear didn’t.

    That is perhaps a fabulous reaction as told, but those decisions and actions were not a concept, more like a massive conscious impulse to survive. I once crossed the Cook Inlet alone in a 16ft flat bottom boat that nearly came apart in confused 6ft seas, and I got a good hard long look at terror, and there was nothing to react to, I was in it – I had no choice but to manage alert and keep going.

    I hate to suggest one should, as that is tantamount to an evaluation, but we can understand the differences.

  161. Jane, it is so unbelievable that the church loves to use people for their talents and celebrity status, but refuses to help in return. What if we said, I’m sorry IAS but you should have planned the money you needed a long time ago. Why do you keeping asking for money for the power building when clearly there is no policy covering such donation. Mario is a very sweet man. My son played piano for him and Mario was impressed with his ability and told him that he didn’t need him because he was going in the right direction on his own. The ED of CC has called Mario to listen to my son play. I’m sure the idea was to give him a student. Mario could have offered to teach, but he did not. In his heart he is NOT like the corporate church, yet …I guess he is old and figures he HAS TO MAKE IT or else…. It is very upsetting to think that people put their own bridge progress above friendship. Even if I didn’t think I could do more OT levels outside the church, I would not disconnect from anyone just because the church said so..I never listened to that nonsense even on staff. Why do the pts/sp course if you can’t use it to make your own decisions about the people in your life?? Does Mario know that you are officially out? I’m just wondering if you could ask him why he agrees to not talk to a friend. It’s almost like he needs to do a repetitive process on the fact that he needs to disconnect.

  162. oh, just read your P.S. Until these people say, “i’m not pts to this person and I like them, so fucking leave me alone, the disconnection vs eternal freedom button is in force.

  163. He isn’t saying anything new and I don’t think he is wrong. BUT, he is insisting/ enforcing that we must need to learn how to sell, and that we NEED HIM and he spends his whole rant on that one point. He is using force instead of interest. He is trying to give me an item. He is assuming a ruin that I don’t have, and then he tries to bring me to understanding. We need Cardone! Hip Hip Hurray! I am not buying his pitch. Really, he is just talking manipulation, not ARC. I bet his ‘help’ is costly.

  164. Wow.
    Actually I see how much affinity this person feels for your daughter.
    It’s great he wrote her personally and the content of the letter seems to be very honest.
    I can see the pain he is going through, as well his inner dis-agreement.
    He knows your daughter is a beautiful, able being and this loss will keep his eyes open.
    Sooner or later he will encounter the tipping-point.
    Maybe even he will emanzipate from his dependence of his parents, church terminals and will see clearly through the the suppression.
    He knows your daughter is no suppressive at all.
    I hope your daughter sent him a letter with the same amount of affinity.
    I feel utmost compassion for this guy.

    As you say – the numbers of the sheeple are dwindling.
    There will come a time when he makes his postulate true and meets with your daughter again.

    I mean, look at the teens in Scientology.
    Many of them for the second time in Scientology looking down on this bullshit.
    They need to handle the bullshit somehow. Some of them are still teens and they are not grown up enough to make their own choices in life.
    They know disconnection is so wrong and they even look for ways in arts and such in order to healthy dramatize their losses.
    Here is an example of a young Church Scientologist who clearly tries to “overcome” a loss.


  165. OMG and I’m not letting that sexist view go by either. Women need to find rich men. WTF. He does also say that guys should dump a woman who has a low credit score…like she can’t raise it with a little effort? Oh, but that would take helping the person or granting beingness to the fact that maybe the person had a bad situation or whatever. How about, gee this person has a hard time with paying bills, so I guess I’ll wear that hat.

    Guess I should have aligned with his thinking and been a trophy wife while I had the chance. Two people need to be compatable no kidding, Cardone. But, he isn’t just leaving it at that, no way. He is saying that money = happiness. Nope. But, real poverty sucks. And, once again, the guy is fucking assuming that we can’t be happy unless we are money motivated. This guy is making HIS perspective THE ONLY PERSPECTIVE. But, how about the idea that people create TOGETHER. I agree that he exemplifies the DM view of life…the church’s obsession with bringing in the almighty dollar. I should listen to him more because maybe I’m being too harsh, but so far I’m not impressed with his enforce.
    Funny to watch him and then the Dali Lama (although the throne the Dali Lama was sitting on looked like it cost some bank).

  166. Interesting post, and yes, how he saw his track and the state of affairs on the planet is accurate from my view too. Would this man give up his auditing in side the church if he knew of all the suffering others went through in trying to deliver, or the abusiveness of DM? I am wondering because I personally didn’t experience anything bad enough to make me leave, but I sure didn’t like what I saw in other ways and things done to other people. As far as freedom, we are immortal and we are stuck with our condition until we raise it.

  167. This is cruel regarding Mario He was a lovely person I met him many times
    and he’s been in for years and were freinds of two artist in Paris who I had
    met and we all enjoyed amany occassions .they were from Lyon
    John Mc Grew and Andre Gonnet who had simpliar treatment under
    Dms regium.DM is heartless and he obvioulsy doesn’t care a shit.

  168. Paul and Brian both – two terrific posts with great advice and thought. Thanks.

  169. I would ask him myself, but I lost touch with him at least a decade ago.

    My guess is that he has already left the C of S as he sure as hell wouldn’t be repeating things on command! I’m also sure he wouldn’t think much of the events where DM goes on about the blind leading the blind and the “golden age” of this and that, especially where that “golden age” denigrates, cancels or alters the original books, materials and training under LRH. He would definitely see that as invalidation and betrayal of LRH. He had a great library of first edition books, course packs, tapes, etc. They were his pride and joy. I just can’t imagine he would throw them out and I wonder what will become of his collection.

    He was in his mid-70s when I last spoke to him, so he’d be mid-80s now. I thought of him while reading about Mario at 90.

    As to his viewpoint on supporting the C of S, he probably wouldn’t but he did tell me that the “cat’s out of the bag” and there’s no stuffing it back in the bag now — he thought that was the whole idea of selling so many books over the years. Its really hard to collect them all up and burn them when they’ve been sold by the millions!

    One thing is for sure, Scientology’s notoriety in the press will escalate the value of first edition books and materials — eg. I recently saw a first edition Dianetics book with a starting bid of $12,500 so the originals are unlikely to disappear. That includes e-meters and tapes and so on.

  170. burnedbutnotbitter

    I agree. I loved both these posts. Read them the next day. Thank you Paul and Brian.

  171. Exactly said Bob.

  172. Thank you Christine. Always good to balance the en-theta with the theta…
    I also knew him way back when. A magical fella with a very warm heart.
    Thank you for the site.

  173. Elder abuse by the Church of Scientology. At least, that is the way social services is taking it in California.

  174. Happy to read this report from France.

  175. Yes I had the pleasure to attaned that performance

  176. Amazing! Hi Lars!

    I thought those times when you were my “watch” person, and I insisted on taking hikes to Griffith Park, were about the only ways to get around the crazy RPF rules. I had to be a worst case scenario person, to insist upon my rights to just go take a walk. And you had to be sent along to ‘watch’ me, and I knew it, and I took the whole situation as an opportunity to give you and my other ‘watch” persons the chance to get out, just like Sea Org members who had a kinda good time taking walks during those years when we did the KTL course enforced “walks”.

    What a life the RPF was!

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