Open Your Eyes And Your Heart


If you can spare ten minutes check this out:

Thanks for this, Chris.

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  1. What a great video, for anyone of any background, with any beliefs, so long as they are in touch with their own humanity. Thanks for sharing Marty, this made my day better. 🙂

  2. Amazing. True OT. I think that there are so many people who are OTs out there, like this one who is not a Scientologist, yet touched the hearts and universes of many other people and influenced them. It is GOOD to know and accept that there are many ways, as many as there are thetans to reach for higher consciousness. Thank you Chris – thank you Marty

  3. Gotta love TED, Ideas Worth Spreading.


  4. Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks Chris. Thanks Marty. What a wonderful way to start the day….

  5. Kevin Tighe

    Very nice. IMHO a tremendous amount of truth is contained in this video. Though I often fall short it is how I try to live my lie. Reposted to my FB page.

  6. This is deeply moving.
    Thankyou Marty

  7. That’s simply wonderful.
    And easy to share.
    Thank-you Chris and Marty.

  8. Brilliant! What a wonderful Good Morning, Wake Up. It also gave me a marketing idea for my business. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Beautiful and very uplifting. Thank you.

  10. Takes my breath away. I thank you.

  11. Thankyou for sharing.Its beautiful and pure theta surroundings.

  12. Speaking of business…

    Google “Blake Mycoskie”…

    There is a revolution coming… And it’s a good one… Well it can be if it’s not twisted and abused like Scientology has been.

    But google him… Very inspiring.


  13. gretchen dewire

    That was a wonderful gift waiting for me when I woke up. Through all this crap we go through and get so caught up in. its good to remember to be grateful. Gretchen

  14. Thanks for this. It’s really good to be reminded from time to time what a miracle it is to be alive and able to experience all of the beauty and wonder in this world.

  15. It’s been around a while, but its impact is as fresh as the message it contains. Thanks for sharing.

  16. beautiful……simply beautiful………….thank you

  17. THANK YOU!!!!! Up in the aesthetic level.

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Marianne NICAUD

    So wonderful!
    Thanks a lot for giving us so much space and make us be the dynamics.
    Many many thanks

  20. Nice way to start the day, now I’m getting off my arse and going ou tto enjoy a walk in some of that beautiful nature.

  21. All I can say is WOW!

  22. I think marketing your business is the very antithesis of this song and video.

  23. This was beautiful and perfect….It is how I want to live my life forever.
    “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”
    Lao Tzu

  24. Good morning Marty and Mosey. Thanks for the aesthetic, uplifting communication.


  25. Thank you Marty and Chris. I was raised in SE Alaska mostly in the woods and on water. My father was an avid hiker, hunter and photographer. I had the best but somehow having everything (and thats exactly how I felt – I had everything) there was something missing which I fully became aware of at age 11 reaching the top of a mountain looking over the most beautifull ocean, bays, mountains and valleys; and that I felt sorrow that all mankind could not experiance such wounder and appreciation. When I was 22 along came Scientology which handled that for me. This is of course part of the heartbreak that it is ruined and reasons for my hope that it can be repaired.
    I still enjoy the planet earth and it`s inhabitants and they have become my therapy more then ever. One must keep a balance of beauty in ones heart and spread it far and wide to remain sane even. Im not talking to simply have pleasure – I`m talking sanity! The last few years have made that perfectly clear to me. If not for the tragic events I`ve experanced [including my husband locking me out and blowing his head off on the other side of the wall and the ensuing attacks from his family including sending me to a mental hospital etc], I would not have the knowledge I now have. So all is actually woulderfull and I smile inside. But I live in a campground with much beauty so I have been able to maintain balance for myself. I also know that if I (we) dont each care for ourselfs, we will not be able to help this planet.
    I truly appreciate Marty and all you for helping me with that these last 3 years.
    From my phone – no spell check 🙂

  26. Very beautiful! Thank you!

  27. Beautiful video, sometimes you need to be reminded to look. Thanks!

  28. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Wonderful insight and viewpoint which brings into focus the spirit of Scientology as it is expressed in many of LRH words and the creed of Scientology.
    The essence is, the being and its ability to play the game of life is where all value is derived from. There is no value inherently in anything else. No idea, no golden calve, no technology, no MEST should be worshipped and put above the being and its inherent value.
    And the value of a being is absolute. There are no different values for different beings; they all have the same absolute and inherent value. Many teachers in history have taught that simple piece of information. “Whatever you did unto one of the least, you did unto me.”
    And as some of the problems of beings come about when they are upside down because their mind meant to serve them became their master, so the problems of Scientology come about when Scientology became the master of beings.
    If you take a look at what we call the abuses in the church, really it is the worship of a technology over the value for beings and life.
    Scientology was meant to be a servo mechanism of the mind to end all domination of the mind over beings and yet in the COS it became the absolute value itself. It has to be worshipped as standard tech enclosed in splendor, not to be touched (thought with) and to be held above all. Even above beings and their lives. Thus we have disconnection that destroys families and friendships, fanatical Hitler youth as MAAs, splendor over spirit and the many others outpoints, yet even crimes of the COS.
    All because this basic piece of information got lost. Only the being has value. Scientology, medicine, science, religion, MEST are sub servant and derive their value from beings. In itself Scientology is worthless, and then again in the hands of a trained auditor and when studied with understanding it is one of the most valuable things we have, because is serves to free a beings and enhances current and future lives.
    What we are seeing in some of the discussion within the independent field is that beings exposed to the upside down viewpoint in the COS have to be abused of the concept and practice to worship Scientology and valued above beings and actual life.
    The reason Scientology in society in general is assigned so little value is because the way the COS is practicing it is not enhancing beings and life but reducing it. The general public has it right.
    I think this is the point that is made over and over in this blog.
    So this “with Ron or not with Ron” discussion is irrelevant. First of all independent Scientologists need to get their bearings right in the recognition where true value is to be placed.
    Thanks Marty, this video really brought this home for me.

  29. Chris, THANK YOU for this most uplifting, aesthetic and theta communication. The corporate Scns try to say through DA packs and other things, that the Indies only deal in entheta and natter. But that is not true! We deal in trying to see the beauty around us now that the gauze has been unraveled from our eyes. The Reformation is underway.

  30. Michael Fairman

    Beautiful! And let’s not forget to open our eyes and our hearts to the animals of this world, who are also our brothers and sisters.

  31. Beautiful, I will never understand the phrase “Oh my God” the same again.

  32. What a joy! Thank you!

  33. Thanks………….I needed that.

  34. Awesome. Thanks Christine and Marty. We are truly blessed.

  35. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thank you Marty. I’m still a crotchety old bag at times and have a lot of anger and grief to work out of my system yet. But slowly and surely I’m finding peace at last.
    This is beautiful xxx

  36. Thanks for this Chris and Marty. Beautiful.

    Something I have been working through recently, or become aware of, or whatever, is that when involved or obsessed in this battle and noise, and upset, and blame games, and victim mentality folk, etc. I seem to loose awareness of the wonder and beauty and excitement and opportunity of life and the world we live in. A wonderfully refreshing and uplifting perspective.

  37. Well that certainly put a different (and better) spin on my current viewpoint, so thank you Marty and thank you Chris for sharing. Very cool guy. I shall be checking out his other work with time lapse.

  38. Simply beautiful. Thanks. 😀

  39. Continue the Journey with these recommendations:

    Koyaanisqatsi – Life Out of Balance (1983)
    MGM DVD 1003766
    September 17, 2002

    Powaqqatsi – Life in Transformation (1988)
    MGM DVD 1003767
    September 17, 2002

    Baraka (1993)
    September 25, 2001

    Samsara (2011)
    January 8, 2013

    The Tree of Life (2011)
    20th Century Fox DVD 2274934
    October 11, 2011

    Little Buddha (1994)
    Miramax Classics DVD 17375
    August 3, 1999



  40. Sapere Aude

    That was a beautiful video. The real story is about living life – and that includes all dynamics. Only those of us willing and able to view the world around us outside of the box can enjoy and really expand into our life as it is and can be.

    This reminded me of another short video I have always enjoyed.

  41. Oh my, so beautiful, so sublime. Ever new joy, ever new life! That is why my favorite word for God is Satchitananda! Ever new, never the same, infinitely changing, full of love. Such a great video. I will repost on other sites.

    Thanks Mr. R. This is what it is all about. We live in such a magic kingdom!

    Namaste Namaste!!

  42. Wendy Munro

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  43. Sunny V – do you think chris is really Blake Mycoskie —

    But, Blake IS a very inspiring entrepreneur — would we were all so talented AND generous.

  44. One of the TED tenets that might be applicable to Scientologist and your efforts here is the idea to think outside the box.


  45. Wonderful -thanks for posting.

  46. Thanks for a better day!

  47. Regular Dog

    Very revitalizing. Thanks.

  48. still smiling!…
    The right thing at the right time….just saying….

  49. So simple and yet so moving. I loved it — all of it. Does anyone know the man behind the older voice we heard. He sounds very special and I’d like to hear more from him. Thank you!

  50. Beautiful Marty.

    I want to see you do a TED talk one day!

  51. Just a heads up. I wanted to forward that beautiful message and video far and wide but just to be safe I emailed it to myself to see if there would be any “incriminating” things on it (as I’m still under the wire), and sure enough, it came to my email with a notation that it was from the web site Moving On Up A Little Higher, Marty Rathbun.” So if you’re under the wire, be careful who you forward that to unless you want to be out on their terms and not your terms. Chris and Marty thank you again for posting this theta.

  52. That deserves a standing ovation! Thank you for posting that!

  53. This touches my soul. Thank you for sharing this very beautiful tribute to God and nature.

  54. Tom Gallagher

    Thank you! Simply beautiful!

    I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.

  55. Michael Finley

    Thank you guys for posting this warm wonderful video. It pleasantly reminds us of who we are, where we are, and what we can become. You have shown time and again that you make available the aesthetics that we all need to have flowing through our hearts and in our universes. Thank you Marty for what you do!

  56. Just had to post this. It is short and sweey

  57. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  58. Ah… But windhorse… We are… That is the beauty of it…😊

  59. Indeed… And sometimes the most beautiful of things can e found in the most ugly of places… Like this… Displayed in an airport no less…

    “Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper”.–Albert Einstein

  60. “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” Albert Einstein

  61. The thanks should really go to two people;

    1. Louie Schwartzberg


    2. All of us… “Being” can be as beautiful as you want it to be… And there are a lot of beautiful people here…😊

  62. Jane – you will see in the routing the following ” feature=player_embedded&…” That is what links back to where this is embedded (in this case Marty’s blog). When it plays on youtube from Marty’s blog you can see it was uploaded by “RepertoireFilms”. Click there and get a list of what they had uploaded. Find the same video – click and you will get a version with the “embedded….” In this case is would be as follows: youtubeDOTcom followed by “/watch?v=GxbOjp0qSjs”. Notice the ….embedded…. is not there. That version does NOT link anywhere.

  63. burnedbutnotbitter

    Thank you. Last 3 posts have all been great and very different from each other. Any comment on the Jenna Miscaviage book?

  64. Agree!!!

  65. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    I post this video, often, and send it onto people. It’s A M A Z I N G…and I finally put it on my desktop so I’d watch it at least a few times/week, if not once/day. It’s SO easy to get caught up in “Stuff” that is so much less than the joy and beauty that this one video reminds me of. He is wonderful…as are the others in it, and the photographs I never get tired of. Blessings to ALL 🙂 Pass it on …. Tory/Magoo

  66. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    Here’s one more video that helps me remember what matters! Enjoy 🙂

  67. Sounds like Einstein was defending casual determinism at the time.

  68. The Joy of Creating. It makes me want to try harder. 🙂

  69. Love it!

  70. Thanks for the mini hatting on that Saper Aude.

  71. You know…

    You never know…


  72. Did I miss something… Is this “blogging with the stars”…?

  73. Thank you Marty &chris
    Beautiful and up lifting ,it made my day

  74. Thank you Marty, Chris and especially Louie, for “being there and communicating”.

  75. This is a wonderful video. Could not help but share it ! thank´s

  76. Watching this video reminded me of why I’m a Scientologist, but not for the reason you might think. If you were to make a video that represented my level of affinity across my dynamics as a result of Scientology auditing it could be this video. I’ve heard it said that heaven is a place of absolute, almost indescribable affinity. I don’t know that I’ve experienced that in this lifetime but I’ve come close through auditing.

  77. Link Raymond

    “High Aesthetics” is the first thought I had watching this video. Thanks Marty. While watching it, the thought crossed my mind that I don’t recall the former Church of Scn presenting any such visual aesthetics in the past two decades. I pondered other aesthetic scenes that I’ve experienced e.g. the amazing cloud formations that occur at times above Chicago, the massive landscape of golden Aspen trees in October driving into the Rockies, the sight of Denver at night coming back out of the mountains from Aspen, the awe-striking sight of the expansive Seattle landscape at night (looking across Lake Washington) as you drive west over the ridge coming out of Bellevue, etc. — then I thought “what aesthetical sights have I experienced that were provided by said church” — there are some e.g. the foyer of the Fort Harrison hotel, the Sandcastle restaurant, the restaurant in Celebrity Centre in L.A., etc. A thought I came away with was that since DM coerced his way into power of COS, he has focused on, and is very good at, building MEST. As I recall, MEST is low on LRH’s list of things to accomplish. LRH proposed that enhancing MEST comes ONLY as a result of successfully selling and delivering Scn services to the public. What a concept.

  78. Grasshopper (Mark P)

    Absolutely. Man is greater than any idea.

  79. very beautiful

    “Clear quiet waters ever show
    All, be it fish or shell, that lies below”
    Jataka #185

    George M. White

  80. Wonderful. When my wife watched, it brought tears to her eyes. There is so much beauty around us.

  81. A message well worth the time spent. Living life on “automatic” is a choice.
    Thanks for posting.

  82. Marty, thanks for posting. It is so easy to forget. This is what life is about. Disseminating this is rehabilitative.

  83. Go to Youtube and get the link there.

  84. That old man kicked my ass.

    One aspect of Scientology I think is very important is validation and rehabilitation of the ability to change. To change your mind. That one has the ability to change the world around them and their self by changing their mind.

    This society makes you believe you cannot change (without pharmaceuticals or ECT), so I think some guy speaking his thoughts on the world in a way that makes the trees greener on my drive to work this morning is pretty cool stuff.

  85. I have been the last 3+ weeks in Indiana. My 88 year old uncle had an accident in his home (severe burns) and was in the hospital. We “walked thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death” as he contemplated that dying was preferable to the treatments he had to endure. He has made it thru and we are now in rehab.

    So much I want to share with all of you but will try to stay on topic.

    I love the video. It is so very creative and life affirming.

    One of my personal all time LRH references was toward the end of the Science of Survival lectures. What I took from it was that at any given moment,
    I am either adding theta or entheta to my own track and others. My goal is for my every action, every word, every gesture, even every thought to affirm life. This leaves no space for judgement, criticism, complaints. And beyond the ability to “do” this is the aim that this is just who I am without effort.

    To this end, a message with the qualities of this one lifts me up and raises my awareness of my own spirituality and my connection my connection with ALL.

  86. I love TED talks, and this one is just exsquisite and inspiring. Thanks for passing this along, Marty! I can think of at least two people I’ll be sharing this with today.

  87. Good one, enjoyed it. Thanks Chris, Marty.

  88. I’ve been working on an idea I haven’t quite finalized yet on stuff like this.

    One could watch this video and listen to the guy in the last half and say- this is truth- this is a morsel of truth I have discovered.
    I think it might be more accurately described as a way of seeing the world. In this sense, truth is what you think it is. You create your own “truth” in other words. You create the world around you and when you compare your creation to his words you think maybe his is a little cooler than yours in some way. It’s got an aesthetic to it that is nice, so maybe we can adopt this into our own creation or some part of it. He’s painting a picture called “life” and you like his colors.

  89. Just lovely. Thank you.

  90. This is one of my favorite TED Talks. It was a real treat to see it here. Thank you.

    Numerous messages in this video but two in particular that caught my attention are…

    “Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then it really will be a good day.”

    “If you learn to respond as if it was the first day in your life and the very last day, then you will have spent this day very well. Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes you can open.”

    In the second message cited it seems the old man is encouraging the viewer to be in the NOW with the NOW being a day in wakefulness. Speaking of being in the NOW, I was wondering if it is possible to be in the NOW while having a memory? Too, I was wondering if one was to actually be in the NOW, without memories of what had been and expectations of what might come, would the experience be worthwhile i.e., would it be “juicy”, have “zing”, be something to remember (lol)? How would we know if something is beautiful or unique if we didn’t have memories?

  91. “There is so much beauty around us.”

    I very much agree voltaire2003. There is so much beauty around us. Indeed, I suspect that there is a point of view one can assume where everything that is perceived is beauty. Perhaps, too, there is an infinite beauty and it is the WE that is the ME.

  92. Really spectacular and aesthetic. Very theta!!!
    Thanks for sharing it. I emailed the link to all my family and freinds.

  93. The little girl: “When you explore you get more imagination than you already had. And when you get more imagination it makes you want to go deeper in so you can get more and see beautifuller things…”

    The existential questions like, who am I? what am I? why am I here? and so on are questions that make one an explorer. Consequently, as a person embarks on their exploration, they get more imagination than they already had and they go deeper and they get more and sometimes see more beautifuller things and sometimes…not (but it’s all good). My search for the answer to the question, “Who am I?”, over time, has pulled me into many experiences and associations including Scn. And I keep wanting to go deeper in so I can get more and see more beautifuller things. 🙂

    Are you familiar with Gangaji (gone-ga-gee)? If not I would highly recommend getting to know her through her videos on YT. Personally, I resonate to much of what she speaks about but especially to what she has to say in the following video.

  94. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

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