Lessons From Man’s Best Friend

A little something we can all likely learn something from:

Thanks to Michael Fairman for passing it along. I learned a few things from it.

38 responses to “Lessons From Man’s Best Friend

  1. Had to be a Blue Healer (Australian Cattle Dog). My mother has a dog like this, and they are truly an amazing dog. This is a beautiful story but there are many ‘Bluees” that can do this. I have seen many and been touched by many similar dogs. They didn’t get famous, but, they were just as intelligent and just as caring.

  2. What an amazing individual that Skidboot is!

  3. What a wonderful comm line they have and a wonderful loyalty. Very heart- warming. Thanks for sharing Michael and Marty – a nice dose of theta for the day!

  4. Touching!

  5. Another better day. Thanks for this one. I have a similar connection with animals. It’s a dynamic of it’s own that is very powerful. The communication is in some parallel dimension that has it’s own awareness characteristics. You rarely see a dog go into a lower condition with it’s owner / mate. You can trust your dog. I have found them to be in stable conditions of normal or above in exchange for just being part of the pack. They do not withdraw allegiance once granted. And keep in the other points of the honor code as well. You give them a hat, they wear it like a prize possession. You can learn from them every day. And like people, no two dogs are the same.

  6. Skidboot for President!!

  7. Anyone who knows me can easily confirm how much I love animal breeds close to us, like horses and dogs. So this was really a treat for me.

    But I am curious how Michael scooped Marty on this Texas story… nice job Michael and thanks again for the pleasure moment, Marty

  8. God is Good. 🙂

  9. Wonderful piece of theta. Thank you for this.

  10. I love Texas. My family and I moved here 53 weeks ago and haven’t regretted a thing. I couldn’t help but notice that cowboy was from Texas too. There are a lot of good folks in this great state. Thank you for the video.

  11. That was very moving and touching in multiple ways. Having just lost a dog we loved, appreciate each and every moment!

  12. Wonderful dog!

    “Creatures all beneath the sun
    Two feet, four feet , more or none –
    How I love you every one”
    Buddha Gotama


  13. Regular Dog

    Now that’s a dog I would salute.

  14. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Michael and Marty for this interlude.

    Multiple times a day Fritz the Schipperke dog and Elmo the panther-sized ‘house cat’, both of whom consider each other brothers of sorts, remind me of the situation and condition we possess.

    Simply put, we are spiritual beings.

    I’m forever grateful for the reminders and nudges these fellow beings prod.

    Sometimes I think we (people) try to be too much ‘human’ and not enough ‘beings’.

    That’s my nickel.

  15. Martin Gibson

    I love this!!!

  16. The best!!!! I had seen Skidboot on the tonight show, loved it then and love it now!!!! Skidboot you are awesome!!! They are all unique and have a lot to give!

  17. Every Planck second life’s experience has the potential to be a classroom. Whether it is or not has to do with choice. Looks like David Hartwig is choosing to have life’s experience be a classroom. And Skidboot’s doing the same. David and Skidboot, both simultaneously being teacher and student.

  18. When you open your heart to an animal they pay the love back ten fold.

  19. deElizabethan

    How truly wonderful to have a special friend. Nothin’ better.
    A really neat story!

  20. Bravo Skidboot

  21. one of those who see

    Wonderful story. What a great attitude that cowboy has!

  22. burnedbutnotbitter

    Thank you.

  23. I don’t know exactly what it is about some animals, especially I think dogs that can touch your heart, your very being. Unconditional love and unconditional loyalty is the only way I can describe it. I believe animals understand far more than science proves, but science doesn’t have to, to my mind, all you have to do is get in comm to see it.

    Good one Michael and thanks for the post Marty.

  24. Thank you for sharing Michael and Marty.
    I was fortunate to also have a dog like this in my family.
    One day my daughter and I walked down Vermont to enroll her in Karate lessons. She and her girl friend had recently attempted to kill themselfes (with over the counter sleeping pills they`d shoplifted at Vons or Albertson`s on corner of Sunset and Vermont while on libs from the PAC ranch). I had taken over her care and part of the program I drew-up included lessons in whatever she wanted. Well the Karate shop was closed but next door was an open pet shop. We both walked in straight to the rear where there was a box of puppies and we both reached for the same one. We bought her for 100$ and the owner let us give her the required vacination b4 we were allowed to take her home. At home (Anthony Building) we had to keep her hidden. A few nights later the Flag Bureau was under new command and the new ED (I forget his name but he came from CO FSO post) was doing berthing inspections that evening Yikes! I tryed to find a public to take the dog (now named Lucy after I Love Lucy) home but ran out of time. I hurried home after post and took all the light bulbs out in our berthing so the dog would not get found out. It worked!
    Shortly thereafter we all got kicked out of the AB because I was kicked off my `part time` post. We moved to nearby Edgemont Apartments. I could not see my computer screen when the kids left the light on in the kitchen so the kids taught Lucy to turn the light off on command. She learned insantly as if she knew what we thought. One day my pet bird got out and I glimpst a hauk grab her then I heard a crash in some nearby bushes. I searched in the rain in the bushes and could not find my bird. I went home and was crying. Lucy wanted out. I let her out and in a few mins she came back carring my bird gently in her mouth and set it at my feet. When we would go for walks she allways knew which way I intended to go. There were 2 houses for the one mail box and after I sorted the mail I would call her and she would take the mail for the other house and deliver it.
    Uncanny how she preceived our thoughts.
    An ability so lost in our current civilization.
    It is an ability based on love I believe.

  25. A dog once taught me telepathy. My dog Violo.

  26. Great video. Got a little misty when I watched it…

  27. Jethro Bodine

    Touching video. Makes me believe in re-incarnation. Some dogs are very spiritual creatures.

  28. plainoldthetan

    It’s really marvelous what true being-to-being communication can accomplish.

  29. Finally, you humans are wising up.

  30. Freedom Fighter

    What a great video!! Animals have a lot to teach us if we just take the time to observe and listen and they are loyal beyond just about any human I’ve known. I might not be here today if not for mine. Oraclemysticism and Alaska Ronn, I think you both summed it up for me.

    A couple of good books I recommend are “Considering the Horse” and “Horsemanship Through Life” both by Mark Rashid. Mark is one of the best horse trainers out there and his books really capture the essence of what we’re talking about here.

  31. Grasshopper (Mark P)

    Great story! What a great relationship.

  32. Thanks Marty and Michael. 5th dynamic, what a wonderment!

  33. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL video! Love it and thank you for sharing!

  34. 🙂

  35. Cece, I love what you’ve shared. Talk about unconditional love. I’ve got a lump in my throat.

  36. Thanks for sharing…loved it.

  37. Good point. Telepathy is accepted with animals but not humans. Your point is a good one about love. It causes miracles.
    Reaching a high state of being is not possible if you are taught to fear your fellow man. (2 1/2% and up to 20% are destructive beings) and all people’s who question the veracity of C of S. how can that be the bridge to total freedom.

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