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This is addressed those who have read the book (by Rhonda Byrne) or seen the film The Secret and failed to have its magic work for them.

The secret revealed in The Secret was the ‘law of attraction.’  In short, that which one thinks one gets.  That upon which one focuses one’s attention will be attracted into that person’s life.  As the book points out the secret is nothing new.  More than 2500 years ago the Buddha was said to have said ‘you are what you think.’ What is new about The Secret is the marvelous job it does of communicating the simplicity of the truth from religious, spiritual, self-help, and even scientific perspectives. The crux of The Secret’s authority is that great human beings throughout history have all apparently uttered the ‘law of attraction’ in their own ways as being a ‘secret’ to their successes.

However, mastering the law of attraction is not quite as easy as the book and movie make it out to be. If the secret was so simple to realize and apply, no doubt in the seven years since the book was introduced, and remained a bestseller, the world would have by now been transformed into something resembling the garden of Eden.  So, what went wrong?

Two things in my view.

First, and this is fatal to the realization of its message,  The Secret omits a most important step of realizing one’s intentions.  That step is doing something in furtherance of that realization.  One can think all the most pleasant thoughts in the world, and absent doing anything to realize those thoughts will result in a person thinking a lot of thoughts.  Every single historical figure that The Secret used for its authority for the ‘law of attraction’ was a prodigious doer.  They did not merely think about what they wanted, they pursued what they envisioned with every fiber of their beings.  Yes, even the Buddhist’s noble eight-fold path begins with ‘right view’ and ‘right intention’.  But, it is followed by ‘right action’, ‘right livelihood’, and ‘right effort.’

Second, The Secret appeals almost exclusively to people’s material interests.  While some of the historical figures used as authority for the book accumulated unimaginable riches I am pretty sure they did not do so by aiming exclusively to attain those riches.  They had bigger, broader dreams and if attainment of those more worthy intentions did not involve attainment riches, they likely would not have been any more wealthy than you or me.

In keeping with the law of attraction, when a person focuses exclusively toward the attainment of matter, they will get matter.  The problem is, that matter might not glitter with gold.  It more than likely will be the dull, painful matter that is most closely associated with thought.  That is mental mass and energy.  And so many a poor soul put all their mental power into conjuring fancy cars and yachts and wound up instead with splitting headaches.  Why?

The answer lies with another historical figure who understood the secret but who was not mentioned in the book.  L. Ron Hubbard built an extensive philosophy, psychotherapy, and religion predicated on the magic of the law of attraction.   He stated it in 1954 in this wise:

Considerations take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.  By this is meant that an idea or opinion, fundamentally, is superior to space, energy and time or organizations of form, since it is conceived that space, energy and time are themselves broadly agreed-upon considerations.  That so many minds agree brings about reality in the form of space, energy, and time.  These mechanics, then, of space, energy and time, are the product of agreed-upon considerations mutually held by life…

…The freedom of an individual depends on that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and forms of life, and his roles in it.  If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved by barriers of his own creation.  Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation.  He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.

Hubbard realized that stating these facts – such as was so artfully done in The Secret – alone did little to liberate people from their self-imposed mental enslavement.  Over the next couple decades Hubbard developed a mental and spiritual technology for relieving the mental mass and energy an individual accumulates since birth while under the mistaken idea that the mechanics of matter, energy, space and time take precedence over the considerations of the individual.  He called the subject Scientology.

There are two Scientology routes to achieving a strong realization of the law of attraction and the ability to use it to one’s advantage. The first, is what Hubbard called the Training Routines.  It is a two to three week course in communication toward the ability of realizing and executing intention.  For some people that course alone will free them to clearly see and apply the law of attraction in their lives.  For those it does not deliver that end phenomenon to, it will not have been a waste of time.  At worst, one will walk away with improved communication skills and the ability to more comfortably be, do and have as one wishes.

The second route is called auditing (from the Latin root, audire which means to listen).  It can be pursued if the first route gave you something desirable, but not all that you sought toward mastering the law of attraction. An auditor does one on one counseling with a person which directly addresses one’s ability to recognize his or her spiritual self, the creator of the considerations that dictate the mechanics in one’s life.  There are six levels of counseling that follow one from another in a gradient approach.  Any one of those levels could result in a person feeling perfectly comfortable and competent in living with and by the law of attraction. There are a number of other skills and abilities attainable with each one of them.

There is an important word of warning in choosing to apply the L. Ron Hubbard approach.  As so often happens with the empowering ideas of a philosopher, institutionalization and monopolization of those ideas for power and profit can pervert them beyond recognition.  By no means should a person go anywhere near a church of Scientology nor any Scientology practitioner who does not practice Hubbard’s ideas in an integral fashion.  Such folk are religionists whose intention to help you is overshadowed by their intentions to convert people to become Scientologists.  That encompasses a world view and philosophy that in many ways is one hundred and eighty degrees diametrically opposed to the simple methodologies of helping people master the law of attraction.

An integral practitioner understands and continues to educate himself on philosophy and science outside of Scientology so as to increase his own worth and ability to apply his skills.  An integral practitioner would understand The Secret and how Scientology methods can be used to realize it and would use them in that spirit.   A true believer Scientologist religionist does not understand that The Secret is simply another way of describing the very thing Scientology was created to achieve.  Thus, a true-believer Scientologist can practice Scientology for a lifetime and never realize The Secret.   Rather than assist you to realize it, he would attempt to discredit it and to dissuade you from even pursuing it.  An integral practitioner serves with the purpose of empowering you.  A true-believer Scientologist attempts to own you so as to ‘save you.’

If you wish to pursue this route, be sure you establish that you are pursuing it with an integral practitioner.

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  1. When I read The Secret, I immediately recognized it in Scientology as part of The Factors written by LRH. The ability to Postulate as we called it in Scientology. As you mention, the idea and law has been around for many many years and if it was easy to do, people would not have any problems. It takes practicing and doing. It does help however to make a person focus.

  2. Yes Marty….I remember seeing the Secret in the bookstore years ago and being so attracted to it but then re-thought it because I was afraid I’d get in some sort of trouble with the Church (God..I was SO brainwashed)

    And I also agree with you in the fact that The Secret does promote “stuff”….But it was a stepping stone for me and I’m really glad I read it…..It’s all been a stepping stone for me…everything I’ve done….I have learned more and more about who I really am and what I truly want…and nothing I ever wanted really was I ever going to get in side COS. Compassion…love…tolerance and understanding were always overshadowed by trying to “save” me.

  3. Very well stated!!

  4. After 30 years of watching people (all people, including myself) more often than not fail to “get what you postulate”, I’ve recently come to a different conclusion about it. Every high school graduate knows of Newton’s 3rd Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I believe this applies in the Theta universe as well as the physical one. The problem occurs when you cross the two.

    If you send out a thought that you want a new Porshe, for instance, the equal and opposite reaction is not the universe sending you a Porsche. That equation just doesn’t add up for me. The equal and opposite reaction to sending that thought is your Expectation of getting a Porsche, and that right there balances the Theta books, so to speak. Now, if you are actually going to get that Porshe you must DO something in the physical realm to cause that.

    Where the postulates come into play is that they focus your activities and energies in the direction of your desires, and that is what the Law of Attraction is all about, but it’s not presented that way. I recently came across a radio infomercial by Mike Dooley, a proponent of The Secret, telling listeners that “thoughts become things”. In his spiel he insisted that if you think of a Porsche (with a little help from his CD) you would then get a Porshe. He even quoted Newton’s law. Sorry, but that violates “equal and opposite” in both the physical and the spiritual realms.

    I do agree with you on two points. The Secret is almost always used for a 1st dynamic “Give me more stuff” effort, and second, yes you must actually Do something to get what you want.

  5. Great post! I watched the movie a number of months ago and have applied the concepts with great success. I think the more auditing a person has the easier time they have in keeping their postulates ‘there’. I found the data in the movie to be very workable and a unique slant on Scientology principles I have been accustomed to.

  6. “A true-believer Scientologist attempts to own you so as to ‘save you.”

    That was very generous Marty. I would have phrased it as domination.

    Much of the fanatic business is about domination. I’ve found oddly enough, the “loyal officers” out here in the Freezone / Independent Movement that are pushing this routine, need to because they use these comm lines to scout out and procure clients.

    The only way to promote and showcase themselves is to have a platform. Kind of like a politician .

    “I’m standard” and “I’m with Ron” and “I’m a loyal officer” etc etc is a say to get votes, and income cycles follow behind.

    When it comes down to doing business I hear things like, “I can get you through ________ (status) in so many hours.” “I can do anything” “I can bring you any thing” “L’s for 2300 a pop” (or whatever).

    I bought one person here that was like that, I kept saying over the net, “I don’t have to be guaranteed you will get me through anything. Let’s just see how it goes.” Kind of messages. I didn’t even want the pressure to have to get through something in two weeks. This was the creme de la creme of technical perfection. I showed up to start at the hotel and after a nice chat I stood up and left the hotel. “Thank you very much keep the change.” That was the end of that.

    Cha ching Cha ching. I paid for the bling. That wasn’t the first and last.

    The people heavy into using Scientology as a method to dominate others, will use it auditing and training to dominate also, not to empower.

    Better to skip around that and get a foot massage, spare yourself the expense and misery.

  7. I had a similar take on “The Secret”. It bypassed the steps you outlined Marty. There is a school of spiritual psychology that has a term for it. It is called ‘spiritual bypass’. Going for the highest before knowing the basics.

    Ron said it nicely: “to much truth degrades.” Or “out gradient”.

  8. As far as I remember another concept in “The Secret” was Synchronicity.
    Marty, you maybe will like to pick up a book by Julia Cameron “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity”.
    She brings some nice (integral) insights into her work and she helped a lot of artists through her seminars and books.

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  10. I had watched both versions, with and without Esther Hicks, of The Secret several times and I also read Hicks’ Law of Attraction. I found it interesting that although this was the greatest thing since sliced bread back when it came out in 2006 – 2007 and afterwords was the financial collapse and recession of 2008.

    IMHO, LRH stole Scientology mostly from other sources, which is fine except then his incredible ego took hold and he started ;labeling others as suppressive who stole from him.

    The definitive book on The Law of Attraction is Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH, in it Hill writes as one of the first steps to be in action. Hill started his work back in the early 1900’s and I am sure that Hubbard had access to this work. It does make sense that TR’s and Auditing would remove the barriers to attracting and being in action. Remember though there are other disciplines such as Landmark Education, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Anthony Robbins, and T Harv Eker.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. It should be noted that Landmark and Robbins were both heavily influenced by Hubbard.

  12. I share your view on the Secret to the letter. You put it very nicely indeed better than I have ever managed to. Very true but much too commercialized and slanted on materialistic achievements. It is a somewhat beautiful description of axiom 2 & 3 though it only touches onto #1 towards the end almost as an afterthought. The Secret is not the end but the beginning which then gives you the chance to come full circle, if you care to find the right person to work with as you so aptly pointed out. Thank you for the article!

  13. While in the cult someone turned me onto the Secret.
    I at once noticed the relationship that it held to Scientology, though I felt because of no doingness it in essence was theetie wheetie.
    The dvd did have an effect on me and I wrote to the ED int at the time and asked him why didn’t Scientology come up with cool dvd’s promoting different aspects of the tech in a way that interested the general public?
    He wrote me back and said that “management” was working on several things. (I never saw anything come out)
    Also while at Flag while on Solo Nots and in HCO doing my normal 6 month check interrogations and checking in with the Nazi youth MAA’s , noticed that there was a golden rod posted on the HCO wall stating that the Secret was squirrel and to report anyone forwarding anything evil like that and distracting them away from the Bridge…

  14. “The Secret” particularly in the revised edition where the Abraham-Hicks material has been edited out, is an incomplete explanation of the law of attraction.

    Omitted from it is an understanding of vibration and the non-physical universe as was described somewhat in the first edition of TAGR and very thoroughly in the Hicks’ fascinating Teachings of Abraham, (a growing body of knowledge, mostly recorded talks, that now eclipses even Ron’s prodigious output in terms of volume of material.)

    Calling law of attraction a “secret” is about as silly as calling the law of gravity a secret.

    The real skill or aptitude that brings about finesse in dealing with the law of attraction is something that’s been talked about a lot on this blog lately, and that is the “art of allowing”. I think it’s also about developing a sense of Inner Guidance.

    In regards to “taking action”, Abraham suggests that we take action only when inspired to do so; to take action without inspired guidance is full of effort and productive of resistance.

    Read the following and I think you’ll see that it lines up quite well with what Ron has talked about in regards to postulates, action and games.

    From the book, Abraham-Hicks, Law of Deliberate Creation, Introduction to Abraham

    “You’ve intended action. That is part of the deliciousness of this physical
    world in which you live. But you did not intend to do your creating through
    action. You intended to do your creating through thought and to enjoy that
    which you have created with your body.

    “If you understand, that as you set forth thought in advance with emotion
    that you have launched your creation. And then you walk through space and time toward that time in the future expecting that it will be there, then we say to you, from that joyful creation that you have launched into the
    future, you will be inspired to the action that is action in joy.

    “When you are taking action in your now and it is not action in joy, it is
    our absolute promise to you that it will not lead to a happy ending. It
    cannot, it defies law.

    “Rather than being so ready to jump into action to do, to “go and get” the things that you are wanting, we say think them into being, see them, visualize them, and expect them and they will be, and you will be guided or inspired or led to the perfect action that will bring about the process that will lead you to that which you seek. And there is a great difference between that which we have spoken and the way most of the world is going about it.”

  15. Sorry if this seems off topic but I felt it was relevant to the mind set these morons have. Try to watch all of it. It is hard to watch, it is so corny and full of lies.

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  17. I agree with you overall conclusion Aeolus, but not necessarily with the mechanics you consider to be at work. If someone really wanted a Porsche, they’d simply go get one unless they are hindered by the (mostly unknown) considerations that Marty spoke to. Those considerations create for him a sense of low havingness, where-in his *want* is unawarely being restrained by his own counter-intentions. Thus, he does get EXACTLY what he is focusing on; he WANTS a Porsche, so he creates in his life WANTING a Porsche, which requires he not actually GET it, since that would invalidate the WANT.

  18. Very true. LRH said this in many ways – you get what you validate, you get what you put energy on.

    I’m also reminded of Peter Caddy, who founded the Findhorn community from a caravan on bare dunes in northern Scotland, getting all the material needed to build an amazing garden and housing for the group. He found that a tone 40 intention attracted what was needed, and called this the law of manifestation. The things would arrive as unsolicited gifts, or he’d find them on a dump, or a friend of a friend would have one that they wanted to get rid of. On one occasion he wanted a greenhouse to start vegetable seedlings; to his surprise it didn’t manifest. So he measured the site and decided he needed a redwood, A-frame, glass-paned greenhouse of such-and-such dimensions… “Oh yes, it arrived the next week.”

  19. Actually, so was NLP … and Eker was heavily influenced by Landmark. Knowledge evolves and that is something to celebrate, not suppress and deride as “squirrel.”

  20. Robert Splawn

    I’ll be damned! I was actually in the process of purchasing “The Secret” on DVD yesterday and today I see that you are commenting on it.
    I agree with your viewpoint about doing more that just focused repetitive positive postulating all the time. You have to include ACTION ( Tone Level 11 I think/ just below GAMES)


  21. I saw the golden rod on ‘the secret’ as well. I loved the secret, it makes me happy but does not really take you any place without the doingness.

  22. What went wrong, try ”Conceive a static”.

  23. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

  24. An Integral Practioner. I like that. That just happens to hit me where I live. Thanks Marty. 🙂

  25. The data in “The Secret” will only work if it is found to be true for a person and if it is apply to doing something. Similar to anybody doing the “OT Levels.” Somebody being a certified OT VII or OT VIII is only as valid and a true representation of what can be done at that level if they can be, do and have what is claimed. Fixed ideas, fear, hatred, blind obedience – none of these are part of that product and if one truly is OT, as in able to operate as a being and not a robotic compliance circuit machine – then that would be obvious by their ability to do things. To be a live walking demonstration of good, ethics, and value on all dynamics.

    For any that may not feel this is that important please watch the following video. Now think of how totally ineffective any current actions by the organized religion of Scientology are in getting the valuable procedures developed by LRH in use to help make people, groups, countries, etc better. After-all, we are all on this spinning mudball together _ aren’t we?

    Effective doingness is vitally needed in our world at this time! There is no need to alter the basic tech of Scientology. However, without integration and assimilation and a move upward in ascension – along with effective doingness we shall see a much more shocking video in the future years

  26. Good Post about the “SECRET”
    and its banned by the Cof$, seesh !

  27. Well said.
    One point stuck in my mind, and that is “The right livelihood”, what work matches ones life-purpose – what is ones lifes purpose? Can “The Secret” help one to reveal that to ones self? Of course. Good starting point.

    Someone who is neurotic (and it has been said that HELP – FAILED HELP, hold keys to that malady) would just venture neurotically into applying “the secret” and then have a neurotic (reach-withdraw-stop-think-doubt) laced experience with it.

    Perhaps in that instance using “the secret” to surround oneself with an abundance of love, help, support and people and opportunities to love, help and support others can raise one out of the neurotic band, into certainty, happiness, confidence, worthiness and FOCUS. And with ones thoughts and heart aligned, I am almost certain “the secret” would fully reveal itself.

    If you are the wielder of the secret. And you wield it against yourself, or sideways at your self, if you harm, or deviate from worthy goals, it seems sensible to FIND OUT THAT YOU ARE.

    Or not.

  28. It also raises the question – In processing one can answer the questions of the “lower conditions Formulas”. Seeing success stories like – “I just realised who I REALLY am!!!”

    Going to ethics and getting a think think think, which processing is designed to deal with (why grind over an unknown, when you can just dig in and get a KNOW).

    There may be other cases, I am just highlighting a new idea to myself on this:
    If someone does not know who the really are, and then get run on help processing, and then cognite with an epiphony of epiphonies – “I know who I am and what relationship I wanted to have with others all along – I some how forgot who I really am. Now I know.”

    Seems like tech improves ethics. But we knew that all along.

  29. The Buddhismtpart,

    The integral formula is that “right view” simply means “Knowing the Four Noble Truths” and for the “secrecy” (mysterysandwich) destimulation I recommend a book by Alexandra David Neel and Lama Yongden called The Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects. P4: “I have discovered a profound truth, difficult to perceive, difficult to understand, accessible only to the wise…”

  30. Thank God I never saw this or I would have raised the roof. Members of my family did and they commented to me that they could never bring a friend to an Org to see that and expect them to have any interest in learning more about the subject. Now I really understand why. Everyone was told that they “had” to view it.
    Glad I slipped through the cracks.
    This film was Miscavige’s baby – his introduction to the subject of Scientology for the world. Actually, it really was his invitation to the world to have nothing to do with the subject.
    While listening to this anti-Scientology drivel I kept thinking of the first line of the Auditor’s Code:
    and the last line
    “…..It (the Auditor’s Code) could be called the moral code of Scientology.”

    Nice introduction to the subject, Miscavige. You have accused others of having bad intentions towards and spreading misunderstanding about the subject of Scientology.
    Look in the Mirror.

  31. “We are what we think, having become what we thought”
    Buddha Gotama

  32. Excellent subject Marty!

    This is LRH’s explanation for what happens to those who seek to directly postulate a desired condition, stated in terms of Scientology philosophical materials and technology:

    From Creation of Human Ability, from process R2-41:

    “There is no real reason one should go into the past to straighten the present. There is no time but postulated time. Thus it is all present. Why not, then, postulate the desired condition in the present?

    It is painful to do so, for the moment one does he tends to slip from the ideal to the first lie. One slips because the first lie was TIME. Time persists because it is a lie deriving its force from the absence of time in the static.

    Then forthright postulation of the static at first restimulates time. When the time postulate restimulates the literal blackness of lies, somatics, etc. come into view. All one has to do is endure these and repostulate the static. The reason earlier efforts along this line failed lay in their restimulating the second postulate each time, the lie, and then, not repostulating the static, mooning over the lie or the sign.

    Recent efforts, such as Coue-ism, did not postulate the static, but validated time. (‘Every day in every way I am getting better and better.’) Don’t postulate to become beautiful, postulate current beauty. (‘I am beautiful.’)

    Thus postulating the static at first swings one into Time and the second postulate, then finally the static itself occurs.”

    It should be noted that the original materials from which The Secret and the Law of Attraction were drawn also point this out but in very different terminology, and since there was no auditing technology associated with those materials, the person just had to gut it out! That takes some courage, especially when one’s postulates start shifting one’s whole world wreaking change — and any grades auditor can tell you that change is a very painful area of charge indeed!

    The original materials talk about faith a great deal, faith being moving forward and ACTING on one’s ideas, visualizations and goals as the surest antidote for doubting one’s own ability to create one’s own conditions. The equivalent in Scientology would be tone 40 postulates or perhaps prime postulates.

    The other critical element is that the people who do really well understand early on about the importance of having what Hill refers to as a “Master Mind” group, a group of like-minded individuals that help to keep tone level up and purpose on track. It seems to me that this is the precursor to the “OT alone” phenomenon.

    I consider that studying these original works is an excellent addition to Scientology studies, for they give a great deal of additional perspective on the subject of tone 40 postulation from a completely different viewpoint. This gives a wealth of material for comparable magnitude.

    You’ll find Wattles and Hill at this URL along with a number of other New Thought contributors, notably Florence Schin:

    Napoleon Hill’s earlier work can be found here:

  33. Flanders Field

    Watching the secret gave me a really huge boost. I am no millionaire but the concept of gratitude (which I use daily) has brought me and my family a lot of happiness. Also in the film the concept of God or Supreme being really hit the nail for me. I think Indies could get a lot out of watching this very unique film.

  34. plainoldthetan

    Marty: The Tech Dictionary describes AFFINITY thusly: the feeling of love or liking for something or someone. Affinity is a phenomena of space in that it expresses the willingness to occupy the same place as the thing which is loved or liked. The reverse of it would be antipathy, “dislike” or rejection which would be the unwillingness to occupy the same space as or the unwillingness to approach something or someone. It came from the French, affinite, affinity, kindred, alliance, nearness and also from the Latin, affnis, meaning near, bordering upon. (LRH Def. Notes)

    Based on that definition alone, one would only have to like something for it to end up in his space, right? Conversely, one would only have to have antipathy for something to be so far out of his space as not to bother him. Right?

    That’s the simplicity of the Law of Attraction in a nutshell, isn’t it?

    But all is not as it seems.

    For example, observably and experientially, I have seen people get exactly what they DON’T want. They get what they don’t want anywhere near them. A woman who doesn’t want to be in an abusive relationship gets one…time and time again. A man who doesn’t want to be shot gets shot…sometimes time after time.

    But LRH explained it to me a long time ago.

    Back in the ’90s I was studying the 18th ACC lectures when they were on cassette (Illusion or Truth series) which contains lecture 5707C17 THEORY AND DEFINITION OF AUDITING. That lecture contains a discussion of the Affinity Scale.

    He explains how when someone really detests something, the distance between it and himself drops to zero.

    This is an unfortunate truth deriving from the communication formula: Cause, Distance, Effect.

    Ironically, if one wishes not to communicate with something, like a rabid dog, the only way to not communicate with the rabid dog is to reduce the distance to the rabid dog to zero. A thetan needs DISTANCE to communicate. So dropping the distance to ZERO is the only way to not communicate. A subsequent result is that the person, instead of being CAUSE, becomes the EFFECT in the mechanics of the communication.

    A thetan can theoretically communicate to anything anywhere if there’s distance between the position postulated by the thetan and the thing being communicated with.

    So, paradoxically, one can get exactly what one wants if the desire to communicate is high-toned and clean. He can get exactly what he doesn’t want if the desire to communicate is perverted and twisted and laden with evil purposes and service facsimiles and is low-toned.

    So, in a very familiar way, something can be attracted to a person by postulates at the highest end of the Tone Scale. And something can be attracted to a person by anti-postulates and not-isness at the lowest end of the Tone Scale.

    The discussion of this phenomena is on pps. 91-92 of the lectures 1-3 transcript booklet for the 18ACC CD and on pps. 36-37 of the cassette transcripts. There’s a diagram of the Affinity Scale on pg. 305 in the new Book Of Basics, too, but the information there is insufficient to understand how it works.

    I recognized the Scale of Affinity in operation when I read The Secret. But then I realized that it probably won’t work for a lot of people, because so few people are at a high enough Tone Scale level to make postulate-it-get-it work on a day to day basis.

    So for me, a big missing part of The Secret was to get up high enough in tone to make it workable.

    I also thought that what a lot of people are “thinking” is determined by the reactive mind. And if that’s the case, they’ll only get what they don’t want.

    (As an example of that, take a guy who got hit in a crosswalk by a red pickup truck. His life will suddenly be filled with crosswalks and red pickup trucks and ambulances and hospitals, because that’s what the reactive picture storm in front of him will be presenting him with. And as much as he hates crosswalks and red pickup trucks and ambulances and hospitals, that’s virtually all he’ll be able to see or get from then out. The Scale of Affinity will see to that.)

    Anyway, those are the cogs I had on it.

  35. I really think that ethics, tech and admin was designed to serve life.
    And any use which differes from SERVING life to something else is a kind of reversed Scn.
    These three aspects of Scientology don’t compete with but complement each other.

  36. The reg. point of view,

    Affluence attainment!

  37. I wanted to investigate on my own once what the “Church of Satan” was really all about, like most young people might do, and so I wrote them a letter and asked “What is your religion all about?”. The fact that I was written back an intelligent answer by one of Anton Szandor Lavey’s disciples (Anton Szandor Lavey was the founder of the Church of Satan and was also one of the stars of the Oscar winning movie “Rosemary’s Baby” and he was chosen to play Satan in the movie). Once the ethics department discovered this I was immediately ordered to sec checking because I had connected up with a suppressive group. Simply by asking them what their religion is really all about? 🙂 Didn’t the church have to do this themselves in order to classify the group as suppressive? Pardon me if I am training and auditing and I am not allowed to look and listen to anybody but the church! No harm came out of it. The woman at that church I wrote to, wrote me back an answer. To you or I it did not in any way constitute membership in the group but the Church of Scientology, you are now dangerous and a theat because you are able to decide things on your own! Yeah, I sure am, just like I was able to make the informed decision that I might want to go Clear in their criminal organization! 🙂 Thanks Tony. You’re the best!

  38. There is an old Scientology joke that goes something like this…

    There are three Scientologists sitting in George’s restaurant ( the one near Big Blue). There is a comm course graduate, a Grade four release, and an OT VIII. They have been waiting patiently for a while for a waitress to come over and take their orders. The Comm Course grad says” It;s OK. I got this.” and then he proceeds to relax and just be there comfortably and envision the waitress coming to the table. After a brief time he says “It’s not working, must be doing something wrong.” The Grade four then says “OK, I’ll handle this.” and he proceeds to squint and focus and try to “beam here over”. No luck. So it is the OT’s turn. She simply looks over at a waitress and calls out, “waitress!” and the waitress comes right over…..

    Eric S

  39. Many people who are looking for answers in life and are aspiring to a higher level of spiritual awareness are reaching for things like The Secret; Tony Robbins; The Dalai Lama; Abraham, etc. etc.

    If one looks at the massiive amount of advertizing and self aggrandizing done by the church of scientology, one must ask the question, “why aren’t the orgs full of happy people moving up the bridge and causing tremendous word of mouth which would generate even more expansion?”

    Marty, you have done such a great job of detailing many, many reasons why scientology is shunned. Not the least of which is the group’s propensity to practice the foul action of disconnection. Believing in disconnection with their hearts, souls and actions; the church is merely reaping that which it sows. It is disconnected from the very people it pretends to be saving.

    They wish to be disconnected, therefore they are. Hey, what do you know, the law of attraction has a diametrically opposed law of repulsion.

  40. Yes, and they all owe a debt of gratitude to Korzybski, including LRH.

    And it is cause to celebrate, if you’ve ever tried to read Korzybski’s works, you’ll celebrate even more! OMG he’s a difficult read!

  41. I really like this idea of an Integral Practitioner, Marty. You might want to find a good word to add to it, the term is in use in the human potential movement — for example there’s a body of work called Integral Lifework, and they call their practitioners Integral Practitioners. Other than that it is a great descriptive and it communicates really well.

  42. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    Interesting blog post. I watched The Secret while in the COS and disregarded it.
    I later read the Laws of Success by Napolean Hill after leaving COS and realized that actually the secret was to some degree based on that book and found a new appreciation to it. I too share the views that by just postulating things doesn’t make them magically appear in the universe. A big player in the Secret movie Joe Vitale produced a set of tapes I recently listened too called The Abundance Paradigm Joe dedicated a whole lecture on The Secret, its short comings and what to do to to remedy it. The chapter is entitled the Law of Creation and he goes into the actions needed to carry out the Law of Attraction. There is even a chapter entitled the Problem with The Law Of Attraction.

  43. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    You might read the Laws of Success by napolean hill. Its more detailed and the “full hat” version of Think and Grow Rich. See how much “Tech” is in there too. Somewhere else LRH must have gotten his data.

  44. Marty

    I have not yet read “the Secret” but I would like to offer this on the idea of
    “Positive Postulating”.

    Somewhere Ron said “Wax enthusiastic and you will soon become so.”

    Well,when I first heard that I thought “Oh great… What a load of nonsense. Things are not just going to change because you think happy thoughts.”

    Well, some time later in my spiritual progress I decided to do it as an experiment. Any time that I found myself lower toned than I desired I would just change my mind and act enthusiastic. And, what do you know but that I found I was being much more up-tone much more of the time.

    But this is a somewhat more “subjective” situation, but it still required some actual “doingness” to produce the change. Now I find it quite easy to change my tone.

    Something that may be of interest… Lately I have been observing the phenomena of “thinking of acting” or even “deciding to act”, and “mocking up an action” – as apposed to “just acting”. I am looking for the exact difference between one and the other. I am looking for the key to producing change in the physical universe, at will. There is obviously a significant difference just based on the outcomes of each.

    I would classify it as an OT ability simply because I am looking at being able to use the ability whether inside or outside of a body, and not just with bodies.

    I have heard Ron talk about doing a drill to re-familiarize the being in using “tractor and presser beams” to get this result in running bodies. I have yet to even achieve that one, but “what you put your attention on..”. and all that. And I definitely realize it is going to involve a “doingness” if I expect anything to happen in the physical universe.

    The “ashtray drill” opened some doors, and I know that I have yet to put the gains available from that one to full use.

    Anyway fun and games…The search goes on….

    Eric S

  45. Why I actually resent The Secret is because Rhonda Byrne made a hundred million dollars selling an incomplete, misguided and inaccurate message.

    Several of the guests from the Secret, such as Bob Proctor, have gone on to sell us books and videos with titles such as “What the Secret didn’t tell you.” Furthermore, it’s not a secret! So the title is a blatant lie. A sales gimmick. The law of attraction has been around longer than Betty White.

    That said, I notice that several commenters here have mentioned Esther Hicks. I have a question: Does anyone here actually believe that this woman channels multiple spirits who go by the name Abraham? Youtube her and at the outset of her lectures she tells the audience “Hi.” And then she says “Good bye”, closes her eyes, supposedly goes into a deep trance for around half a minute and for the next hour or two she seems to be speaking on behalf of numerous souls without bodies. She has become quite rich from this. Is it a scam???

    Not sure how I feel about this woman…

  46. The title uses the principal of the mystery-sandwich.

  47. Sure, she could be a fraud. Then again, so could LRH, for the existence of such beings is exactly what he describes in the PDC. I guess deciding about this is very much a matter of personal experience or belief, however you’d care to look at it. One thing is for sure, if you think about it, just about every major religion is based on some kind of channeled or revealed information. Mohammed talking to God, Mary and the angel of the Lord, the Book of Mormon, just to name a few. LRH says he can appear to you day or night in the Hymn of Asia.

    As regards the Secret, its not a secret that her secret came from Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich, which is freely available and in the public domain. Anyone can read it, and she does cite this work as her source. Any non-Scientologist I have ever met who watched that video came away inspired and rejuvenated, thrilled to learn that they were not just a body but a powerful and creative being. That’s worth a lot to people these days. That’s meaning and hope and dreams revived, and the word of mouth is nothing short of amazing. She has put millions of people onto a path of spirituality once again by suggesting that creativity and postulates have value and reality. Sure, they envision cars and pools and things like that but that isn’t what they rave about. They rave about this idea that they are creators, not unthinking automatons running at effect and sentenced to a life of mediocrity. Based on that alone, I think she deserves her success.

    I was shocked when the Church declared it suppressive. To my way of thinking it was a huge open door to rapidly communicating just what auditing could really do, just as Marty has so skillfully described in his post.

  48. Handling case and using The Secret are like hand in glove.
    Awesome post.

  49. Very well put as we have spoken about this philosophy in the past…

  50. Great points.

  51. Great points Martin. Agreed.

  52. “Integrated practitioner”. Good description. Easy to understand. On the flip side, so is “true believer Scientologist religionist”

    Marty, we owe you a debt of gratitude for continuing to find words and descriptions that help us understand. Your words are not worn-out, thought stoppers like “don’t get near him, he’s ethics bait”. Instead, your words serve to enlighten us about the Church from which we were born and to clarify and guide our current, uncharted trek through the land of Independent practitioners…

  53. The real secret to the Secret is to be very uptone when you postulate. That is really where it all falls apart., To be truly uptone one has to have their dynamics truly in alignment and ethics totally in. In other words, one’s case has to be very well under control. As you said, Marty, Scientology can be used for that, based on the assumption that the case has to be HANDLED or ERADICATED. However, I think it is sufficient for the case to be CONTROLLED. One has to have the means to key out anything they want at will, that is all. Nothing more permanent is needed. Esther and Jerry Hicks provide the way to do that whereby one finds all areas of downtone in one’s life and drags him/herself up the tone scale by communicating to oneself in a bit higher than he is on that subject. It may have to be repeated several times. That allows the Law of Attraction to kick in in regards to one’s state of mind in the future. Things start turning around slowly at first with not even the need to consciously postulate. Simply there is always one free parking space next to where you need to go, traffic dissipates, rain starts pouring over there but not over here right now because you have to walk the dog over here right now. This week I wanted to close 3 contracts but only closed one. It is 8:45PM on Sunday night right now. I opened my email right before this and I see one long-forgotten proposal from 7 months ago was suddenly accepted out of the blue and one contract that was already gotten earlier but which was bugged on payments (and so on my commissions) is now debugged and the check will be available for pick up on Monday. Well, that is not really 3 new contracts, it is 2 new contracts plus one debugged existing contract but who is nitpicking? .

  54. Here’s my experience and thoughts on the Secret. It is a lovely little book. I bought it when it came out. I then bought the DVD movie and loved it too. Back then I was still involved with the CO$ and found this little book incredibly refreshing and inspirational. It’s all based on very old knowledge and interpreted through modern day teachers. All in all, the book is about positive postulates.
    When the book came out I had recommended it to a few friends because I just wanted to share and pass on the positive information. One of these friends in particular was on OT7. This friend was horrified and informed me there was an order posted at the Sandcastle banning the Secret for it was considered “other-practice” and squirrel. I never saw the order, but had heard about other people being pulled in to get handled on it. What a joke! I am a big fan of Rhonda Byrne’s work, The Secret, The Power and The Magic.
    Personally I’ve had lots of success using the Secret, not only to acquire material things, but to make positive changes in my relationships, health and happiness. I used the Secret and the author’s follow up book, the Power to get through some really tough times. After leaving CO$ I lost the majority of my friends and went though some very lonely, dark days, The Power is about love and loving despite all.
    As far as the Secret not working for some and not for others, I can see why that is. In order to make the law of attraction or positive postulates work for you, you need to be somewhat in control of your thoughts and be able to focus on positive things that you want to pull in. So the less garbage in your mind, the better off you are and the better you can attract things. Pretty simple.

  55. Marty, thanks for this review. I tried to get through this book
    but found it being half-baked Scientology so never finished
    it. However, I can see why it made an impact with a lot of
    LDW makes an excellent point above. So many are looking
    for answers and the church has effectively hindered what
    could be an inflow of magnitude by its bad manners. Thanks

  56. Jean-François Genest

    😀 Cool. Thank you for posting this video. I participated in the making of this film, helped with props, helped Anderson wordclear his final speech, and was an Extra, opening & walking through the right-side door during the final speech. I’m certain that DM forced his influence into the script, which was probably re-written 63 times because he was never satisfied. The end result is a true reflection of David Miscavology → it serves to DETER people from Scientology.

  57. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Thank you. Nice article and info. I will add the book & film to my to-do list.

  58. Jean-François Genest

    So true !

  59. I never saw the movie but something struck me when learning to audit. At the beginning of the session take the time to postulate whether you can actually help this being in front of you, that your intent will be to make he or she self determined, and if you can’t, end off and find out why. I saw this as selfless and dedicated the only pay that meant the most to me. I’d like to continue on both paths but as yet have only found an avenue of training in Florida. I’m looking for some cleanup for myself in the Baltimore Maryland area. ARC Bill Dupree

  60. Nice post. This is so true. This is how almost every religion becomes a cult that wants to enslave and control you. The additional problem (as is the case with Scientology) is that there are truths embedded in the scriptures, and the people (clergy, staff, etc.) that you seek to help you answer your questions, are most often following an agenda pushed on them by an “authority” higher up in the “sacred” hierarchy.

    So when things go awry, the religion (the system of beliefs and practices) is blamed instead of the acts of a few misguided or evil intentioned individuals (Ahem OSA).

    I believe the real secret for anyone seeking a higher truth after having survived a cult is to separate these individual actions from the body of knowledge. This of course requires thinking and doingness…which is why most people just write off the whole subject as cultish and unworkable.

    But, the Real Super Duper Secret is knowing how to…(to be continued)

    Continued from above…..

    But, the Real Super Duper Secret is knowing how to put that Survived-the-Cult experience behind you, and realizing there are many more people occupying the exact Potentially Terrifying Situation you just left…and they need your help.

    So to bring this full circle, the Ultimate Live-The-Life-Of-Your-Dreams Secret is to get off your butt and do something. The “secret” is not about positive postulating, it’s about action. Always was.

    So get your rump off the sofa, stop surfing the net, and go pick up a sign and visit your local CO$. Write a book about your experience. Tell a friend. Tell the media. Something can be done about it.

  61. Personally, I do not think she is channeling anyone as I think that channeling is a bunch of BS. I used to know a lady who claimed to channeling Jesus and as Jesus told a joke I had told her earlier in the week as “herself.”

    At best, Esther is in some Abraham valance but there is still some truth in what she is trying to teach. Remember, if Einstein had thought he was the Grand Pooh-Bha, it wouldn’t mean that relativity was untrue

  62. “there was a golden rod posted on the HCO wall stating that the Secret was squirrel”

    “I saw the golden rod on ‘the secret’ as well.”

    For the love of God! Golden Rod on “The Secret” while Tom Cruise is out filming Magnoia!

    “How to fake like you are nice and caring” episode:

  63. Sorry, that first link died.

  64. Over 99% success stories? Guess what? Success in Scientology no longer means making it up the bridge! Take two steps and disappear. It’s all right! WE have 8 million members and only a few thousand OT’s, we don’t mind! That means over 99% success to us! When someone falls off the bridge, it is STILL a success! This is why Hubbard meant the game where everybody wins! All you folks that are feeling bad because you didn’t make it to clear or OT, NO PROBLEM! Consider yourself a success at Scientology! Parked off the bridge? Stay There! Bravo!

  65. OK that is as slimy as it gets. I really had to put my TRs in to get through. At 5:57 however the video started crapping out. Maybe I needed so much confront that I broke it 🙂

    It seems to have a tone level of an intro video for a fairy tale ride ride in Di$neyland.

  66. One of the reasons why postulates don’t stick is because of the ridge/response system stacked around the body. When there is any effort or energy in the intention, it hits this and immediately you get the counter effort/intention. LRH talks about how to overcome this mechanism in The Creation Of Human Ability process called “Vias.”

    Most people argue with the counter intention, LRH says just ack it and remake the postulate until it goes. Whoosh. That is how the Send button works in your own universe.

    So the postulates that often work the best are the lightest.

    And the more you clean out your OT case, the more your space opens up and the more that this ridge/response system is not there anymore. At that point, there is nothing countering your intentions.

  67. Great post, I loved the secret. The thing it lacks though is the means to help one shed their own counter postulates.

    Thought 1: I want to win the lottery. (VGI)
    Thoughts 2: But there are so many other people also playing. (BI)
    Thought 3: Oh well I can still do this thing! I know it’s real! (VGI)
    Thought 4: But what are the chances? I mean millions are playing. (BI)
    Thought 5: I always knew this was real. (VGI)
    Thought 6: Would it be fair if I won all that money alone? (BI)
    Thought 7: But I know now that others think it is real too! (VGI)
    Thought 8: Oh well, I guess I could try. Off to get ticket.

    By the time polling comes the counter postulates win.
    Even if in theory it would be possible to influence the odds (which I lean towards not possible) most people can’t hold a clean postulate for a long time. The thing is that one bumps into all sorts of counter thoughts even without having to consult someone low tone.

    I just threw the lottery example in because it shows that people may aim for things which might have never been within their power to control. It would be a very good idea for people to be also guided how to keep their feet on the ground and chose what they wish to achieve that way. I’ve seen people set out for all sorts of goals that were never in their arena to have as they were lacking the havingness and doingness for that particular thing. Of course if they fail it can mean only one thing. The secret was BS to begin with. This is where admin scale and L’s can come to the rescue when applied right. One should set their goals according to their willingness/skill.

    Also I agree that it is a little too focused on materialist values.

    IMO the greater the goal and the more people are after the same goal the messier it gets even for those who have gotten rid of their own counter postulates using SC or other means. (rat race)

    A good idea would be to diversify. To be flexible at what one chooses to go after.

    Look for a bone with no pack attached.

    I still think it is useful because it validates the views.suspicions of those already onto the subject. Also does at least open the eyes of people up.

  68. Marty, great commentary on The Secret. I read it 5 years ago and thought, “Well, this would work allright for someone who’s well-trained and well-audited fairly high up the Bridge” because the Law OF Attraction was explained as getting whatever you actually had your attention on, which might be what you want but could just as easily be something you don’t want. I personally experience the Law of Attraction as infallible. Its quite real for me that I get what my attention is on, like it or not. LRH says it, unequivocally (I forget where). Call it whatever you like, state it however you want, for me its true, every time. So the trick is to keep attention off what you don’t want. Not that easy for me. Also, as you’ve aptly pointed out, there’s the doingness factor. At the time, I didn’t spot how action and doingness were missing from their equation of “thoughts become things”. Er, true, but a gradient’s been skipped there, fellows.

  69. “…selling an incomplete, misguided and inaccurate message”.

    It sells because it is uptone and inspiring and encouraging and validating but most importantly, effortless. You read it or you watch it and you feel good for a while. Simplistic MEST illustrations of the law of attraction are shown. Alladin- type guy rubs a lamp and the Genie says, “Your wish is my command”. Kid wants a bicycle = kid gets a bicycle. Didn’t we love it when Jeanie made everything go right for Larry Hagman by crossing her arms and bobbing her head? What about Samantha from BeWitched, who always made a concerted effort to just be a normal woman andnot use her power, but in the end we knew she’d just have to twitch her nose because things were in too much of a mess? These were very popular TV programs, for a reason – no gotta do nuttin’.

  70. Wow… how dare you look! Yep… 180 from anything of value.

  71. Whilst this is an assault on one’s audio senses Hubbard’s original script was also a visual assault the likes of which Wes Craven would struggle to use. Sense prevailed at Gold and while no one was allowed to touch Hubbard’s golden “dialogue” it was visually filmed as conventionally as possible.

    What is very telling is that he wanted this film to be the first thing new “bodies in the shop” were to watch upon entering one of his “churches”. I haven’t heard anyone say that watching this film helped them decide to “get on board”… I have heard plenty of people say watching this film is what kept them away.

    I wonder… was Hubbard subconsciously ensuring the monster he had created did not grow any further?

  72. Brilliant.

    Here’s a little secret I have learned or myself (many times over);

    Every time I focus on the “money” I fail… Or rather I experience a lesson to be learned.

    Conversely every time I focus on getting the product right the money “magically” appears shortly after.


  73. OMG, off topic but I can’t resist. I’d logged out but decided to log back in here and got by mistake one of the $OS Anti-Marty Screed Sites…at the end of one of the paragraphs, in brite blue underlined type, “Marty Rathbun is a disturbed individual who is trying to put a hamper on anyone benefiting their community”.
    A HAMPER!!!! I can’t stand it!!! LOLOL!!!
    OSA, that would be, a “damper”, OK?
    You might want to correct that.

  74. All those „think the right thoughts“ schools have to fail if applied to money or something you can buy. As many people have to work hard to produce what you want. So, those many that have to produce those goods have to be excluded from this game. They have to stay „un rich“ in order to produce what the others that know „the secret“ want.
    A better secret to tell would be something those many can use to better their lives. If we all would decide not to buy every few month a new phone or other gimmics, would build cars and other stuff that lasts as long as possible then the world population could have enough to eat and every one on this planet has to work for not more than 30 years. There is an abundacne of products and goods on this planet. But the „I want to be rich“ attitude spoils the game for everyone. And those books and „schools“ promote that one has to be rich. Maybe they should also tell us why. To buy a Porsche?
    Then we have another factor „intention“. Sometimes intention can backfire.
    A relative had a small farm. My younger brother and me liked to be there. The relative did work in a factory and after work he had to care for his cows. As those had been hungry at this time he went home from work he is busily getting some grass from the field with his little tractor. My brother had been allowed to drive the tractor from the field to the barn. I had been jealous as I wanted to drive the tractor. Thus I wished that he did release the clutch too fast, the tractor jumping forward and the grass falling off the tractor. Next my brother had not been able to put in the first gear. Thus I should do the driving. Then I released the clutch too fast and the grass fell off the tractor.
    In my view thoughts do nothing but intention is the key factor. There is not so much a good or bad or evil intention. This universe does not know good or bad. But the backfire of that you intended will tell you if it could be considered good or bad or evil.
    If you have a look at current Corporate Scientology and the state they are in then you know their intentions they put out. They may have had good thoughts. But the intentions had been different.

  75. I can`t read all that Marty.
    Can you just say `Mind over mater`
    Love you any way.

  76. now watch Thrive.

  77. The horrible truth is that the so-called “Law of Attraction” is always and has always been at work, whether one likes it or knows it or not, by the mere fact that one exists – irrespective of condition or tone level. One’s life across the Dynamics IS what one created first by thought – knowingly or unwittingly.

    YOU are the source of whatever reality you are living. Whose lucid dream or nightmare is it anyway?

    The “Secret” tries to let you in on the idea that, in Scientological terms, consideration is senior to mechanics and that there is such a thing as a positive postulate. But it is bereft of an EFFECTIVE resolution to all the negative postulates that are running in the background 24/7 which, if one doesn’t have adequate postulate horsepower, cannot be punched through. The positive postulates just ricochet around inside your consentually self-imposed mental Iron Maiden.

    Sure, one can key-out of his Iron Maiden occasionally and get off a good, clean, Tone 40 postulate that produces near immediate results in the physical universe. Necessity level alone can help that to happen. But it’s only an occasional, transitory state whilst still chained to one’s mental Iron Maiden. And all the good thoughts or blissfully meditative not-ising in the world won’t do a whole hell of a lot to affect its malleability. It has to be deconstructed from the inside with the help of a good mechanic who can help you remember how the hell you built your Chinese puzzle helmet in the first place. It’s the fact that consideration IS senior to mechanics that allows this to be possible. But wishing alone is an inadequate estimation of effort leading to another dead end.

    Evaporate by inspection your mental Iron Maiden/Chinese Puzzle prison with the help of a good Auditor and the right path (that you’ve already postulated) will be revealed by serendipitous clues without much more effort than walking through the doors that sequentially start opening. Thereafter, opportunity comes as a whisper rather than as a Mission Impossible dossier.

  78. Standing Ovation!

  79. Crashing Upwards

    We get what we put our attention on. The secret is not so secret. As you point out, he ability to stay focused and follow through is the missing ingredient for most of the things we want and have yet to achieve. I would like to mention two earlier works which also cover similar ground;
    “As a man Thinketh”, by James Allen, 1902.
    “Thinking and Destiny” by Harold Waldwin Percival, 1949
    Another great essay Marty. Thanks.

  80. I really liked this post! After YEARS owning practically every book on “positive thinking”, your one post explained something that IS missing in many books and practices of vusualization and so forth.
    I own “the secret” along with the other books like it and could never really apply it. It’s INTENTION WITH ACTION!!!

    Thank you, Marty – I actually feel exited this morning about a long term goal – you SHOUJD start speaking on a lecture tour.

    I can’t thank you enough.

  81. I agree! A lot parallels. At one point I thought he did even Napoleon Hills course and this drill of writing down affirmations. Perhaps the result was Rons affirmations which got discussed in court and published by Jon Attack (?) ….. look very similar …

  82. Too funny! It got banned?!?! This is just hilarious!!!
    It was the same with Gods of Eden or how it is called.
    I would understand (if I really get very lowtone and try extremely) that a “church” would ban books which are intended to just discredit the religion or the church itself (like books about Jesus was married and had children etc.)
    But CofS is banning normal books and even successfull ones and shows with that that all perishioners are way too stupid to evaluate and look for themselves….. even after doing Student Hat and OT levels ….
    “Don’t they believe in their own Tech????” …. to quote the CommCourse Film….

  83. martyrathbun09

    You noted: Sure, one can key-out of his Iron Maiden occasionally and get off a good, clean, Tone 40 postulate that produces near immediate results in the physical universe. I have seen a well administered TRs course 0-9 vastly improve this ability.

  84. martyrathbun09

    If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

  85. Flanders Field

    If she made some money with the information good on her. Why you resent her for that? She did not create a cult around it. She did not beat anyone up. She did not force children or people to work 356/24/7. She is not out to save the planet on the backs of a few overworked and duped. She did not create a fundraising operation to “save the world from all evils” and pockets the money. Ok so there is missing info in the book and it’s incomplete to your taste. I personally think she’s done a fabulous job and the info is quite complete. I mean the info is pretty straight forward and easy to understand but some word clearing would help.

  86. martyrathbun09

    You noted: So the trick is to keep attention off what you don’t want. Not that easy for me. I think that is an additive that borders on resistance. I don’t think that is ‘the trick.’

  87. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that Trey. However, I suggest you need not do the L’s and clean out your ‘OT case’ in order to master the law of attraction. I believe Clear consciousness has been underestimated and invalidated by Scientology itself as covered in What Is Wrong with Scientology.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Or simply move on up a little higher and pull them out by example, eddy current effect, or venturi effect.

  89. martyrathbun09

    Misha, you noted: “However, I think it is sufficient for the case to be CONTROLLED. One has to have the means to key out anything they want at will, that is all. Nothing more permanent is needed.” For some that is right. That is why I first noted the TRs route as I’ve witnessed that course produce it.

  90. Wow….That blows my mind that the Church would actually “ban” a book!!!!…See…This is why I left…this is why they all will, eventually.

  91. If the Universe manifests abundance at a mere thought, why is there so much poverty, starvation, and death? Why do planes crash, and innocent children abused? These questions are mostly rhetorical, but I question the secret’s logic just the same.

    Yes, I think there is a correlation with positive thinking when it comes to mild depression and sickness…It’s pretty basic at that level. To get back to my original question….we don’t know why bad things happen to good people, only God knows…but as a Christian, I have a thing called prayer. It’s essentially the same thing..except as a Christian, I believe God will answer those prayers..maybe not the way I intended it to happen, but we don’t have the “big picture” until the end. Granted those prayers aren’t for selfish or misguided wants. Not to say that the big man upstairs doesn’t want you to have your goals set low, quite the opposite, he want you to be successful and happy, but to do so you must strive to achieve those things, not sit back and wait for it to happen…

    It’s easy to have a winning story when something you “wished” for comes true..not so much when that “thing” did not happen…you never hear about those….

  92. Yes, Marty, thank you, TRs would definitely stabilize. Another thing suggested elsewhere is lock scanning of incidents where one felt being a victim or that injustice was done to them. Not sure if such a shortcut to increased responsibility level is really sufficient. TRs don’t get into that at all so they are safer.

  93. This is a fun topic and near and dear to my heart.

    As you know Marty, some friends and I love to go hunting for precious gems. For me using the dynamics of the laws of attraction in this activity has been quite a thrill; there’s a little gasp which occurs when one picks up an eight caret emerald or 4 caret sapphire, for example.

    And given my notion of quantum entanglement, there’s actually communication going back and forth in the process of “finding.”

    And a couple of times, it seemed (seems) to me that there was nothing there, and then the lovely gem just materialized

    And of course you gotta’ get out there and LOOK, thus the action you reference.

    Thanks again for a very enjoyable post. And the comments have been quite interesting also.

    Happy hunting for the gems of your desires,

  94. “A true believer Scientologist religionist does not understand that The Secret is simply another way of describing the very thing Scientology was created to achieve. Thus, a true-believer Scientologist can practice Scientology for a lifetime and never realize The Secret. Rather than assist you to realize it, he would attempt to discredit it and to dissuade you from even pursuing it. An integral practitioner serves with the purpose of empowering you. A true-believer Scientologist attempts to own you so as to ‘save you”

    That was wonderfully stated, Marty.

    As I wrote before, the Christian apocalypse of 1500 years ago permanently left an imprint in our collective minds, and I don’t think human beings have ever fully recovered from that.

    That messianic insanity spread like a virus among the general population on this planet, and what do you know, it is alive and well in Scientology!

    It shows, in the religious obsession to convert one and all into their carefully constructed belief system.

    It shows, in the religious compulsion to save others and bring them into their fold.

    It shows, in their appalling inability to understand the Tao, and their obsession with single Source.

    It shows, in their obsession with their so called ethics, a clever scheme for behavioral control.

    It shows, in their carefully hidden intolerance and contempt for any other spiritual viewpoint.

    For the religionist all reality has been collapsed into one. And the way out is achieved by “saving” others into their delusional universe.

    For the simple act of allowing other viewpoints to express and attain totally different goals than the religious imposed meme, will demonstrate and shatter the illusion of Single Source.

    Scientologists had to really pull a number to achieve that single point collapse, since the basis of this philosophy points out and leads you away in the opposite direction.

    Religion is a virus indeed and the death of the spirit.

  95. Oracle, ‘loyal officer.’…………… That title is the essence of the institutionalized dangerous delusion.

    Loyal officers are what? They are military. What do military do? They fight enemies.

    Which enemies?

    That is a topic that the Independents may be able to openly talk about in a year or so. That topic will create a massive schism as it will evaluate the foundation of the holy grail in Scientology. Some will be able to look, the rest will make you an enemy.

    Loyal officer……………… A title and church doctrine needing the scalpel reasoned dissection..

    Where enemies are given cosmic status, there you will find the beginning of the end of Scientology ever being accepted by society.

  96. Yes Trey, soooo true. Give you an in life example of this:
    After grade IV I was flying with many OT abilities in full play.
    I was at Saint Hill and one day was traveling between 3 cities
    around Sussex which would in the physical universe take about
    2 hours. Well, it took about 15 mins. Later, I came back to
    Sweden and “down-to-earth” sort-of-speak and needed to
    go from one city (Uppsala) to another (Eskilstuna) and I was
    in a hurry so I tried to duplicate what I had done in England.
    While driving I worked on getting in the state of mind from
    my previous experience with the result that when I finally
    arrived I was sick like a dog (with normal time lapsed) but
    as soon as I recognized all that expended effort I immediately
    got well.
    There is a reason why Ron had to come up with new words
    (in this case “postulate” and “tone 40”) to emphasize we did
    not have any words to explain what his research had discovered.
    A clean postulate is not the same as a clean decision.
    Effort is a bitch!

  97. Tony, all I can say is wow as I shake my head!!!! how does one even begin to justify this film?


  99. roger weller

    i posted a while back on the positive postulate, it is in the admin dictionary.
    i have used that idea and have made a lot of money. you put out the intention, start doing something and you forget about it and it happens.

  100. Yes, me too. I was talking to an old-timer Mission staff member a number of years back. She told me that the first thing the staff did each day when they arrived at the Mission was TR 0 — why? Because it focused their attention and intention and things just “went right” for them. This was considered to be a primary successful action. But then an issue came out that people in the non-interference zone could not TRs and they stopped doing them. Do you have any info about this?

  101. In my neighborhood we refer to them as “Royal Officers”. The “Glam Rockers” of Scientology. Because “loyalty” is no where in the picture. “Royalty” is really the corner stone.

  102. Marty I have over the years been at many seminars of very high powered speakers. Enlightened millionares and masters of their particular field and centered in a spiritual foundation.
    Many times I heard the influence of Ron. I would mention it to my wife. “did you hear what he just said? That was Ron.”

  103. The easiest way to avoid attracting what you don’t want is to put your attention on anything that will raise your tone level above 2.5 and in the safety zone where locks, etc. are not keyed in. You can simply create higher tone levels and attitudes on a deliberate and continual basis and they will become your predominating attitude and emotional state if you just keep deliberately putting them there. For some it will take several weeks of concerted and deliberate creation of the higher tone levels and attitudes before it fully predominates. You get into the habit of being in those tone levels and the lower tone manifestations drop away. You don’t avoid, you simply deliberately create a higher tone. Anything is valid to do this — happy memories, things you enjoy, smiling, laughing, reading funny things, doesn’t matter — only does it raise and keep your tone level up. This is one of the most valuable uses of this law of attraction. Then, when you’ve got yourself totally in a keyed out or uptone state of mind and attitude, you can then focus on whatever it is you want to do, and want to create in your life without triggering the counter postulates all the time. They just drop away if you just take care of your emotional state and attitudes. For those who still want to do auditing with someone like Marty, for example, it is much easier to go visit if you have the wherewithal to do so! But even after the auditing you still have to address the bad habit of using low tone emotions and attitudes.

  104. It’s all about kingdoms and amassing “groups” to tax. The group subscription is, “Your taxes are your pledge of allegiance, to ME! You are NOTHING if you are not part of this group, and you don’t really matter as an individual. There is no real value in individuality and independence.”

    They are laying out lines of implant commands on the mirror for the “believing” to snort up.

  105. Wallace Wattles died an untimely death at about 50, very shortly after completing The Science of Getting Rich.

    James Allen died at 47 from illness some years after having completed As A Man Thinketh.

    LRH is remembered by the world at large as a crazy man and a fraudulant cult leader. And he created this legacy long before DM really came into his own.

    These facts seem to take away the validity of the authors and their message, at least for me. I’m not saying I haven’t benefitted from all three above, however. It’s just an unfortunate fact that these men either met untimely fates or destroyed their own reputation.

    Anyone here who knows me personally will tell you I’m a funny, nice person.

    But here I’m playing Devil’s advocate in order to get feedback.

    When I see a tsunami kill a quarter million people (tens of thousands of them being children), I pretty much get apathetic about ethics and positive thinking.

    I welcome other points of view because I learn from it…

  106. Indeed, Maria. We’d do them in the morning back in ’70s and it did exactly that. Loved it! Just chilled you right out and focused you for the rest of the day. Imagine – applying that prohibition to everyone blanketly What a shame..

  107. Someone just sent me some survey questions going around now in the marketplace.

    “Do you feel like you are part of a cohesive group?”

    BANG! SMASH! ( The reader gets pushed right into the OT case!)

    “Let me re stimulate the fuck out of you while I arrange some new conditions…. ”


  108. It was and is an awful movie. My last trip (ever) to Flag was when I was told I was REQUIRED to watch this stinking abomination. But, hold on – it was MANDATORY that I watch it with at least one other person in the screening room, so I had to wait around for them to round up someone to watch it with me.

    I queried this bit of idiocy, and was told it was because COB or whoever wanted to make sure there was someone to handle people if they got a misunderstood!!!

    It would have made more sense if they installed racks of vomit bags on the seatbacks.

    The assaultive nature of the movie, along with the robotic stupidity of those in charge at that time, were enough to convince me never to go back.

  109. Here’s another gem for you then, written by Atkinson in 1906 – a short dissertation entitled: Thought Vibration – The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. He discusses the activity of vibration in thought, and its “entanglement” into material existence, which is now being borne out and further explained with the theories of quantum physics and the zero gravity field concepts.

    Click to access Thought%20Vibration.pdf

  110. Maria, I really like your posts. Even when I do not agree. They are exceptionally well reasoned and interesting to read.

  111. So true. And this illustrates the issue very clearly for me: do we acknowledge the rightnesses of the material in The Secret (no matter how superficial), or do we point out (gently, with ARC of course) that it is yet another road that eventually leads nowhere?

    I suppose the “integrative” answer would be the former; while the “differentiative” answer would be the latter.

    I respect the fact that we should not be dismissive of other philosophies and approaches to spiritual enhancement. ANY communication that is received as “make-wrong” or invalidative simply does not work.

    But at the same time, whether we vocalize it or not, we should not lose sight of the uniqueness of Scientology. Just my opinion.

    Scientology (the “applied religious philosophy”, not the CofS) is somewhat unique in that it requires a lot of hard work and commitment just to go up the bridge. You have to work for your gains. You get out of it what you put into it. It is 180 degrees opposite from the many “just change your thinking” approaches that are out there.

  112. I hear ya, Marty. I’ve seen it and experienced it myself. In fact, the first time I got jettisoned out of my then-Iron Maiden was when I first did OT TR-0 Bullbait on the old Comm Course – blew me out and up about 50 feet! The feeling of limitless space and power was incredible. In an instant I re-experienced who the hell I actually was/am from outside this tiny physical universe looking back in. Gave me utter certainty that I was/am an immortal spiritual being independent of a body – instantaneous transcendence, integration and evolution within a split second. Make the rest of the TRs an effortless cake walk by postulate. To regain that state stably irrevocably dedicated me to dismantling my Iron Maiden for good come hell or high water or transitory group insanities and sociopaths.
    The circumstances were nothing like those of a near-death experience – I was just on a fun course – but it gave me total reality on why, when someone goes through a near-death experience, it can be so utterly life-changing.

  113. You know, the whole benefit, any benefit found in the “Scientology experience” from your first blow down in your first auditing session, the GOAL, is to separate the thetan away from the cohesion group baggage. And here is someone presenting “cohesive group” as a GOAL!

    If you are only HALF AWAKE, you are like, For REAL??????????

    What didn’t this person get? Well, reading straight L.R.H. and “duplicating” every word, apparently didn’t work at all! Someone still has to pull them into a corner and point out that this is anti Scientology! This goes AGAINST the goals! And they are using “policy” to kill PURPOSE and GOAL!

    “Well, we are supposed to have a 3D”……….

    Didn’t you get this Hubbard Memo:

    From ORG series 23.

    (HCO PL 16 February 1971,

    Lines and Terminals)

    There is a scale concerning Lines and Terminals.

















    No! So there we have a menacing particle , re stimulating people’s case, and a line up forming at the sign up desk! Unconscious impulse’s being grouped just like an OT case!

    You know, you are there and you are working and trying to get people UP THE BRIDGE and BEYOND this madness while others are running behind you and mocking it all back up!

    “Constant alertness” is not a recommendation. It’s a requirement.

  114. Hi All! and first thanks to you Marty for this nice relevant writing on the link between “The Law Of Attraction” and Scientology.

    I can share a seminar to any of you who would be interested in, made by someone who has demonstrated the workability of The Law of Attraction in his life since his young age and became billionaire very soon but could testify too about realizing one’s own life in a much larger point of view.

    He explains too in these audio why the book “The Secret” couldn’t really work BUT how to make it work (by only the very material contain in the seminar) and what was very precisely that missing ingredients he learnt very soon from people who had too realized, proved, demonstrated themselves, The Law of Attraction fully and indubitably.

    I can’t give you a link here cause I need to send each record from an on-line server but if you send me a mail, I will be able to make the server send you it*. Send me a mail at: m a h a l k o d i d i e r @ y a h o o . f r , if you like to.

    ML, Didier

    *: It is a free 14 hours of record from a seminar given in Switzerland for which people paid 10,000 € to be present to have the benefit of.

  115. When I starting reading your blog, it was to see what insane activities you were being subjected to at the hands of the cos. Now, I come here to gain a better understanding of the spiritual questions in my mind. Thanks!

  116. Publius, it is the use of exactly prepared processes on and off the e-meter and the training materials to use those processes that are truly unique to Scientology. And even they have their precursors and would not have been possible without the e-meter invented by Mathison.

    The truth is not unique to Scientology. LRH drew those truths from many, many sources that used to be common knowledge and freely acknowledged and he drew them from the sessions and cognitions of people just like me and you. Its OUR truth, not his alone. He only owns the copyrights to how he explained it and framed it. Scientology does not and cannot ever have any ownership of claim of uniqueness based on this notion that it is the truth. Truth is truth, however it is worded, however it is found, however it is framed.

    And really, what do you think this means? What is true for you…

    Let’s give LRH credit where credit is due – he really deserves that, and the countless contributors who he drew from credit as well – they really deserve that – instead of insisting that LRH is the source of all these truths. He absolutely is not the source and fountainhead of truth and any truth he chose to include in his vast compilation of human information. However, the auditing processes are really workable, at least they were for me!

    How about acknowledging someone else’s worth, including your own, instead of dismissing, invalidating or degrading earlier and current genius? I find that this business of attributing all other works that seem to be similar to his (when in fact he is the one who used them) makes Scientologists look very poorly informed, badly educated, and incredibly arrogant.

  117. Thank-you Maria, what a delightful reference. It’ll serve up well with The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, which I’m currently reading.

  118. Thanks Publius. I like yours too!

  119. Maria – Thanks. I hadn’t read that one. That seems to be a golden age of many learning to think outside of the box. To view the world from a beingness viewpoint and see how life could be different. There are so many examples of the basics that are codified within LRH writings. Thought alone isn’t the answer as Marty noted. It requires something to be done. Even in that past time others had also noted this. But, LRH also gave us some basic tools, such as TR’s to help with the doingness and get unstuck from just thinkingness.

    The Power of Concentration – Theron Q. Dumont 1918.

    “I know that every man that is willing to pay the price can be a success. The price is not in money, but in effort. The first essential quality for success is the desire to do — to be something. The next thing is to learn how to do it; the next to carry it into execution. The man that is the best able to accomplish anything is the one with a broad mind; the man that has acquired knowledge, that may, it is true, be foreign to this particular case, but is, nevertheless, of some value in all cases. So the man that wants to be successful must be liberal; he must acquire all the knowledge that he can; he must be well posted not only in one branch of his business but in every part of it. Such a man achieves success.

    The secret of success is to try always to improve yourself no matter where you are or what your position. Learn all you can. Don’t see how little you can do, but how much you can do.”

    The Science of Being Great by Wallace Wattles written in 1911. This was part of the inspiration for Rhomda Byrne in her product “The Secret.”
    “Man’s brain, body, mind, faculties, and talents are the mere instruments he uses in demonstrating greatness; in themselves they do not make him great. A man may have a large brain and a good mind, strong faculties, and brilliant talents, and yet he is not a great man unless he uses all these in a great way. That quality which enables man to use his abilities in a great way make him great; and to that quality we give the name of wisdom. Wisdom is the essential basis of greatness.

    Wisdom is the power to perceive the best ends to aim at and the best means for reaching those ends. It is the power to perceive the right thing to do. The man who is wise enough to know the right thing to do, who is good enough to wish to do only the right thing, and who is able and strong enough to do the right thing is a truly great man. He will instantly become marked as a personality of power in any community and men will delight to do him honor.”

    I appreciate the input you bring to this discussion, just as have to others in the past. Thanks Maria.

  120. Actually… And I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t know this… But had it been left to DM this film would have been even worse. A gentleman by the name of Mitch Brisker somehow managed to wrestle something that at least visually looked feasible past DM’s “Les Grossman” producing abilities.

    By the by… Does anyone else find it interesting that the two most critically applauded performances by Tom Cruise were TJ Mackey in Magnolia and Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder?

  121. Great post, and a pleasure to read.

    There are 2 reasons why Rhonda Byrne’s book was so successful, in my view. One is that it rings true to the readers. Readers sense she is up to something fundamental that they and everyone is looking for.
    I agree with Marty that the Secret does a great job of communicating the simplicity of the truth from religious, spiritual and self-help perspectives. That’s the part about the Secret that I’ve liked.

    Second is that the author dangles in front of the reader promises of easy material wealth without having to do much, just by following a few principles. That’s the part I have not liked that much about the Secret.

    I agree with Marty that the book does not say much about the humongous amount of work that needs to be done in furtherance of realizing one’s aspirations. “Instant, effortless magic” sells well, but is somewhat deceptive. Little about life, and less in the realm of spiritual fulfillment, comes through effortless magic.

    I believe that’s why this book, while successful, was never taken seriously. Also, the emphasis on material success obscured the deeper points in the book.

    My sense is that this book is now seen largely as a “get rich quick by highjacking some spiritual principles” kind of book. Which is sad since, as Marty points out, it indeed points to some deep truths. I guess from time immemorial there have been people whose sole interest in spirituality was to see if it would help make a quick dollar.

    I appreciate the clarification that L. Ron Hubbard’s predicated much of his work on the law of attraction.

    And I appreciate the premise that “an integral practitioner understands and continues to educate himself on philosophy and science outside of Scientology”. Positioned in such light, then the work of a Scientology auditor, as I understand it, then becomes to help achieve the real promise of the Secret, but in a much more fundamental, wholistic and substantial manner than anyone could be achieve by just reading the book.

    As Marty points out, the Secret is simply another way if describing the very thing was created to achieve. I would say: “that Scientology and other paths were created to achieve, each with their own unique strengths.” So many paths, trying to achieve the same thing that everyone feels needs to be achieved. I still find it puzzling that this one thing that everyone is trying to achieve has been for millennia a source of divisions, animosity, fragmentation, wars, when it ought to have been a source of shared amazement at how the same most profound pursuit unites all human beings..
    What the world needs is for people to see the commonalities rather than the differences, to seek oneness rather than separations.
    We are all one. We get born one day, try to realize something we innately feel need to be realize, struggle at that, and die. Why cant’ we live this time on earth in peace and brotherhood? I guess all we can do is “walk the talk” and “start with me”.

    Thanks for bringing up the “Secret”, Marty. Love to you all.

  122. Hello Maria,
    this looks like a good read. Saved the PDF for later.

    Here is another quote from Since of Survial by LRH.
    It’s a nice quote from the chapter 3 “The Mechanics of Aberration”;

    “According to the basic theory of Dianetics, theta, by which is meant the life force, life energy, divine energy, elan vital, or by any other name, the energy peculiar to life which acts upon material in the physical universe and animates it, mobilizes it and changes it, is susceptible to alteration in character or vibration, at which time it becomes enturbulated theta or entheta.

    A description of pure theta acting in a harmonious control of MEST is to be found along the 4.0 band of the chart. Here we see theta with an affinity very high in all spheres of attraction, capable of high communication both perceptically and with ideas, and with a high sense and appreciation of reality.
    An individual whose theta is unenturbulated in his current environment, whose education is not enturbulated by poor data and bad teachers in an unreasonable culture, and from whose life has been deleted all the physical and mental pain, given an average genetic background, would be a very high order of clear.

    The things which reduce the individual down from the state of clear and bring him lower on the tone scale would be a turbulent and unhappy environment, a poor and unreasonable education in a not too rational culture, poor physical endowment, and what is most important to the auditor, theta trapped as entheta in moments of physical pain and further theta trapped as charge as later consequences of that physical pain.”

    The last paragraph also emphisizes some of the points Marty made in the opening post.

  123. Thank you Oracle, that was a lot of energy needed communicated. Thank you!

    Re restim of OT stuff, wasn’t that the goal of the original book covers?

    To key you in, to hop on board.

    That was a pre Miscavige technique as well.

  124. I agree with most of what you said. With respect to the point you make in your last paragraph, though, I think there’s bit of a false dichotomy going on. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree, that by acknowledging Ron’s genius, including that he came up a completely unique series of methods by which his philosophy could be applied, we are not “dismissing, invalidating or degrading earlier and current genius”.

    It’s true, we COULD be doing that. But it’s equally true, we are not necessarily doing that. Depends on where we’re coming from.

    Also, hugely admiring LRH does not mean we don’t hugely admire self and others as well. Nor does it means we are dismissive of the worth of self and others either.

    I fully agree, that there are many inside the CofS, past and present, who attribute pretty much all that is of value in the universe to LRH. However, I’ve always looked at those folks as the true cultists – uneducated for the most part, lacking prior experience in life and the study of history & ideas.

    I could be wrong about this, as I never met the man, but I have never believed LRH wanted to inculcate this slavish mindset in Scientologists. There are too many contrary indicators, among them my favorite, the SHSBC tape “The Free Being”.

    But, especially in the admin area, I think it was probably inevitable that such a mindset would develop, at least as pertains to the less experienced, less educated people. The admin writings are so voluminous, cover so much ground, from the widest view down to the most minute detail, that I think it takes an extraordinary amount of intelligence and judgment to apply that tech sanely. Few if any have succeeded; and many of those who might have succeeded were brought down by the Lilliputians who themselves had no clue what it was all about.

    So much of Scientology application is about evaluation of relative importances – an ability that requires a great deal of intelligence, judgment, experience.

  125. Actually you only quoted the first line of Wikipedia regarding “right view” and your simple definition is not actually right view.

    Moreover while others are of course free the follow your recommended reading of Neel’s book. I do not. The secret teachings make very little sense unless you have studied a great deal AND meditated. It will just seem very blasé, not particularly secret and be a disappointment.

  126. Sapere… Thank you… That is a very valuable video… I hope everyone watches it…

  127. I believe my all time favorite quote of Marty’s:

    “A true believer Scinetologist attempts to own you so he can save you”

    Slavery called by any name is slavery.

    I’ve always rebelled and done what I can to free others from their shackles. I’ve learned, sadly, some are hell bent on putting those shackles back on.

    I now MAKE myself walk away rather than rush over and carry them away from the shackles.

    Each man and woman must become keenly curious and interested in his/her own life.

    You cannot care more for someone’s life than they do. Not possible.

    Thrilling to me to watch the blog and those participating in it integrate, evolve, wrestle with concepts and move up.

    Always thank you to Marty and Mosey


  128. Yep… For whom the bell tolls indeed.

  129. 😊

    The days of “choosing a path” are not long for this world.

    Marty is a pioneer on that front.

  130. Ok – it’s likely my comments are going to be lost in all these comments, but I do have my two cents worth to say on this, as it’s very near and dear to me.

    For those who don’t know me from Adam, I was in Scn for 22 years and drank the kool aid. I was the KSW type, believed all (most) of what Hubbard said without question (lol, or at least I never mentioned my disagreements for the sec checking would start in!)….that’s enough said me.

    First of all, I completely agree with Marty, in the end.

    Secondly I will show how it’s all about TONE LEVEL and is no “secret”.

    My biggest wins from Scn was what I got from OT TR 0 and TR 0 – having done hours and hours and hours of them and the rest of the TRs. It served to put me very stably in present time with the ability to recognize when I’m falling out of PT and “put my TRs back in”, meaning just get my focus back to PT, easily and causatively. These wins have been solid, stable and are part of me now.

    Lots to be said of tone levels when you are in PT and not worrying about future or dwelling on past.

    I remember reading somewhere LRH said that all he was trying to do was raise one’s tone level.

    The higher toned you are, the more ability you have. The higher toned you are the more your harmonics are in alignment with positive things and the positive things are in your environment. You create your own universe (reality) and things are attracted to it by way of your tone level (law of attraction).

    I have spend extensive time breaking this whole concept down and conclude it is true for me.

    What about all the bad “luck” falling on those others? Seriously, we all make decisions every single day that put us where we are (LRH said “responsible for our own conditions”). I’ve come full circle on this concept and it is true.

    People who are living horrible low toned lives and around them is pain and suffering (like what some have said in other comments) – ugh – I find it difficult to put all this into words in this post comment – bottom line is if this stuff is in your universe then you are creating it in your universe…..On the other hand, .to be aware that stuff like that IS part of other’s universe is just that perception or awareness (perceiving the universe). Dwelling on it, reading about it, becoming low toned about it makes it YOUR universe now. Vibrational match. You will pull in all sorts of stuff that make it your universe.

    In my universe people are lucky, happy, doing well and life is good. The more uptone I am the more beautiful things come my way.

    So, everything I can do to stay up tone and the more I keep my attention on things I want or like or feel good about (vs the opposite of those) causes the harmonic (tone level) or in another word, vibrational matches to come my way.

    It’s all about tone level. Law of attraction, all about tone level. LRH said the goal was to get a person uptone. Read all you can about what he says about this because it’s the answer. The key is how to stay up tone the MAJORITY of the time.

    If you are not in PT you are likely not uptone. A lot of folks are in the future (worrying about something) or in the past (dwelling on past hardships, regretting something) – TRs or even meditation (which I see as the same thing, if you are simply “being there and perceiving”) is completely relevant to tone level. (Please keep in mind, a person can be creatively in the future as well, like imagining beautiful things in the future, LRH said so much about postulating and using mockups and imagination).

    I agree completely with Marty on the Training Routines being one route.

    Some folks do need more to clear out cobwebs that keep them from being uptone. I love Abraham Hicks stuff, because it gives people many tricks they can do to take a downtone situation and flip it right around to an uptone situation……however, I believe Marty’s other route is also valid as he says, with the right practitioner and only with the right one.

    The law of attraction is just like the law of gravity. It is just what happens in this material universe.

    I agree with much of Hubbard’s research where it has to do with tone levels and postulates etc. I fully disagree with some esoteric parts of Scn, like the theory that this is a prison planet and that we are trapped here against our will etc. When you pass on and separate from the physical body I’m positive you realize again who you are, what you were doing, why you were doing it and what the game you were playing this time was all about.

    So – as far as The Secret goes. It think Robin Byrne put it in a way that she could capitalize greater with it and made it most appealing to the masses. The movie became the book. The original movie contained Esther Hicks and when Esther wouldn’t agree to give up all rights she was taken out. When I found out that, I decided to go find out more about her and the law of attraction and I’m so happy I did.

    So that’s my silly two cents. And I have been all over this for a few years now from a DOUBTING THOMAS viewpoint (that I’m so famous for). I’ve finally reconciled the whole mess with what I knew of SCN and what I felt disagreement with and points that I thought didn’t make sense.

    In fact, I wrote about it on Jeremy’s blog in my latest post. It took a couple other things for me to arrive in this spot.

    I fully agree with Marty here!!! Keep in mind, “truth is a pathless land”.

  131. Back when I was drinking the Kool Aide a Scn friend of mine played the Secret DVD for me and I remember thinking how cool it was and how like “The Factors” it was and that maybe he’d been influenced by LRH. Well it came up in session somehow and I was sent to ethics and made to stop listening or reading it and was made to write a KR on that friend that introduced me to it. And later I read the goldenrod on “The Secret” because “…it is diverting people off the Bridge…” Really? I think the church was afraid it would divert money for the Bridge off their lines. It’s all about the money and always was. Someone on this blog made a great point that Ron admits borrowing from other great thinkers who came before him, but the minute someone borrows from LRH, they are declared suppressive the parishoners are told not to read that book etc. And we think for ourselves?????

  132. Paul,

    “…I agree with Marty that the book does not say much about the humongous amount of work that needs to be done in furtherance of realizing one’s aspirations. “Instant, effortless magic” sells well, but is somewhat deceptive. Little about life, and less in the realm of spiritual fulfillment, comes through effortless magic…”

    I could not agree more.

  133. Conan,
    “Religion is a virus indeed and the death of the spirit”

    I followed you carefully until that last sentence. It seems to me that
    even though Scientology has turned to “rituals” such as fund raising,
    the inner core of the religion still finds expession at least in
    the “theory of the spirit”. On a practical level, I agree, Scientology
    is spiritually dead.
    This reminds me of a book I recently read about the taming
    of the American West. In the late 1800’s the Indians of plains
    started following a new religion called “Ghost Dancers”. Their
    spiritual teachers convinced them that after the “dance”, their
    shirts would stop the white man’s bullets. After a warrior was killed
    by a bullet, the religion fell apart. It reminded me of Mr. Miscavige
    and Scientology. However, a scienologist would still even now
    expound on the spirit. Maybe “death of humanity” is a better way
    to explain Mr. Miscavige?

    George M. White

  134. And here’s one from the same book that I have memorized: “MEST moves in automatically under good theta. MEST moves out from under entheta.”


    “As an example of entheta consider the thief. A thief is chiefly entheta and prefers enMEST to MEST. A thief will make enMEST out of the MEST he steals, which is to say cloud its title and possibly injure its form or substance. EnMEST, possessed by theta, has a tendency to enturbulate the theta. Thus, an honest man attempting to own a confused and dishonest property will himself become enturbulated. A whole series of axioms and optimum conduct codes can be derived from these principles.”

    I found, after a substantial amount of auditing that it was much easier to maintain a more “theta” approach to life. I also found that I had to start false data stripping the series of values, attitudes, and habitual operating methods, wherever they came from and whoever they came from. This was particularly true after attesting to the state of Clear — I discovered, to my fascination and sometimes horror, that I got exactly what I focused on, good or bad. I even had to give up this idea of suppressives because sure as hell, the moment I started thinking in that direction and focusing on that way of thinking, kaboom! running at effect and all hell would break loose!

    So now I try to choose the most truthful truths I can muster to use as values and the basis creating my life. I try never to see someone as low-toned and must be gotten rid of, I try to practice “namaste,” I recognize the divinity in you. I try not to be judgmental or condemnatory of an individual, but at the same time I try to establish the truth of a matter for myself and have the courage recognize and acknowledge what the truth is, and stop accepting disempowering, false or misleading information. This does change over time and gets better all the time. The progression has been really rewarding.

    This isn’t to say that I have attained any kind of perfection on all this! I wish! LOL! But I keep setting the destination and setting the destination and it gets smoother and easier and more and more rewarding.

    I am rarely enturbulated by anything that anyone says or does any more and shame, blame and regret have practically disappeared from my vocabulary. I have to tell you, it feels good. It works well.

    I think of it as cultivating my garden of life.

  135. Your view of course. But you missed ”integral formula” and “demystify”.

  136. I do not really believe in that book, But there was an old indian and his grandson asked him why do you not hate the white people for what they have done to our people? The old Indian answered: There are two wolves inside of me. One of hate and one of forgiveness. I onley feed one of them.

  137. So Very Thanks, Meshell, Having Taken Time To Write Down Your So Positive IMO “silly two cents”! 🙂 I think you will very appreciate the records 😉 ML, Didier.

  138. the (official) Church of Scientology is down to 60.000 members worldwide anyway.

    when will the independants pass that number ?

  139. gretchen dewire

    To me, all these paths are all heading to the same place. All the truths have been around for thousands and thousands of years. No secrets.But it is hard to get there.Why? because there is all this crap on our lines. Call it case or karma or whatever, its there and it gets in the way. The great thing that Lrh did was invent a way to get rid of the crap so everything could flow. We feel good, our postulates stick, there is high ARC etc. etc. That was his genious,all the other stuff has been known practically forever.

  140. Publius,


  141. I heard that rumor, I never heard it from Hubbard though.

    Psychometry is just opening up as an avenue of exploration.

    If people remove the “Scientology” label, and look at this business as the study and application of “psychometry” , is falls quite nicely into a field of science.

    Hubbard can then be seen as an explorer that made vast advances in this field of science in his lifetime.


  142. Some folk here might also be interested in “The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol written in the late 40’s. He was the first to widely disseminate psychometry and even even has a small test you can perform with it in his book. There are some later editions in paperback but they have been brutally edited.

    Click to access The-Magic-of-Believing-by-Claude-Bristol-1948-Success-Manual-Strategist-Edition-2010.pdf

    Chapter 3: What the subconscious really is.
    Chapter 5: The art of mental image pictures.

    Welcome to have it read to you from Youtube also:

  143. Why it is actually healthy, NOT sacrilegious, to pick apart the Scientology and inspect it piece by piece.

    For BETTER understanding.

    There are people that go out and buy a brand new Apple Computer and race home to use it. All goes well until one day the computer does not turn on and then they go total effect of it!

    They have to take it to a computer repair man, who can be cause over it, to get it up and going again.

    The truth is, people who use computers , but who can not build them, are actually not at total cause over that computer as they imagine themselves to be.

    I know someone who got the earliest version of a computer available on the market when computers first hit the market. The first thing he did was bring it home and promptly dismantle it piece by piece. The first thing he wanted to understand, was how the keyboard worked.

    Why is it when you hit a button on your keyboard, it has an effect on the screen?

    He started from there, rebuilt the computer piece by piece. Started building his own computers after that.

    After more than two decades, now a master Software and Hardware Engineer. Has worked in this field all of this time. Never spent a day on college but has far superior knowledge than those coming out of college today with a degree in Engineering.

    He was able to pick up 22 Computer languages while learning to speak read and write English in 6 months.

    Anyone discussing Scientology at all is still CURIOUS. That is a plus point.

    When you RAM the Scientology in the enforce band, and disallow curiosity in any field, you have just driven it all down into the enforce band.

    Enlightenment does not belong in the enforce band. Either does education. Down there it become another implant.

    One way to blow people off the bridge real quick is to make the Scientology experience feel like an implant experience.

    And the people that are raised that in the Scientology experience are total effect of it, not cause over it.

    Keep on exploring, wondering, questioning, and being curious.

    That is as good as it is going to get.

  144. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty and the other commentators above. In my own somewhat twisted way, there came to mind a song. I don’t think it even pertains to the subject at hand. But maybe it does regards its relevance and innuendo.

    In short, I came around the mountain. I perceive I’ve moved on up a little higher.

    Sincerely a Merci beau coup!

  145. Tom Gallagher

    Final comment and or observation: The future is our past.

  146. Tom Gallagher

    Gretchen I wholly agree. Unfortunately he, LRH, threw in a whole lot of additives, and here we are in 2013 sorting this crap out. Ugh…….

    None-the-less, we’re all a bit better for it. Whether, intended, unintended or otherwise.

  147. Sounds good, Maria.

  148. And I like yours Brian…😊

  149. George,
    Thanks for your comment. The Plain Indian analogy of the “Ghost Dancers” is pretty real to me and somehow painful, as I saw it as their last attempt to survive before their final demise.

    I guess my views on religion are a bit extreme because in my experience organized religion tends to inevitably led you into the “Ghost Dancers” delusional experience.

    Also I’m some kind of old Zen purist. Which I’ll post something about when I get a hold of Dr. Zusuki’s book intro to Zen.

  150. Thanks. Another for my library!

  151. With respect to postulates about things you don’t want (i.e. things you are resisting), I heard a lecture where LRH says to “think a zero” about it. Sorry, don’t know the reference. But I’ve used that little tip to good result – takes the resistance off.

  152. Sadly I did hear it from Hubbard. I regarded the use of buttons as a huge mistake. He covered the use of R6 buttons in a tape lecture called “Briefing to C/S 2 David Ziff” entitled “Symbols” It is not available in the FZ to the best of my knowledge. I heard it at Flag when I was responsible for the vault of secret data kept behind a foot of solid steel.

  153. Landmark (EST) was heavily influenced by LRH. Robbins came from NLP and my impression is that the founders of that were more influenced by Chomsky and Korzybski than LRH. Later contributors to NLP obviously had read LRH. My impression was that Robbins read little or nothing of LRH.

  154. LRH never read Korzybski. His friend Robert Heinlein did and gave LRH a summary of it. LRH said that on a tape I heard 20 or so years ago. I did make it through the whole of “Science and Sanity” and the lesser known work “Manhood of Humanity” The latter book makes excellent reading and could usefully be applied in our quest to create a workable Independent Scientology.

  155. I remember listening to the Esto tapes 30+ years ago. On one of them LRH talked about the material in “The Secret”.
    My opinion is that he observed that few people could apply such material until they understood the repurcussions that could occur from it’s misapplication.

  156. Whichever process brings the mind into equilibrium so that thought is in the pure state is the best process. I agree with you Trey theoretically. When thought is unalloyed by dualistic tendencies and muddied with counterintention, it is light as a feather and strong as a bull.

  157. Funny thing, Tony, when I saw The Secret about 7 years ago, I took what it said there, and – without even realizing it until now – added my own understandings about 1) how doingness, or at least a complete willingness and intention to take action, must follow from the postulate, and 2) how even thought these guys were mostly applying it to money specifically, it could apply to any achievement that you want to achieve.

    It never occurred to me that the film did not say anything about doingness because I just had my own reality that doingness must follow, and assumed that the guys on that film must have been saying that as well.

  158. Brilliant comment, Oracle. I would think this is the attitude to take in all things in life and with life itself.

  159. That is very well said. Thank you Marty for writing it. I enjoyed reading this article very much and learned from it.

  160. Yes Ralph, I agree that Manhood of Humanity is excellent reading! Science and Sanity is really some heavy slugging! I guess we owe our celebration to Heinlein then! It certainly explains Heinlein’s books — no wonder they were so fascinating!

  161. Jethro Bodine

    A bit off topic, but Scientology actress Karen Black needs money for cancer treatments. Could the “vulture culture” be responsible for this? $17,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money.

    “So here is the big question; why would someone like Karen need money,” Eckelberry acknowledged, and explained:

    “Yes, she was an actress in movies, but most of the high-paying work dwindled out many years ago. She has a modest pension and medical insurance (thank goodness), but as anyone knows who has fought cancer, that is not enough. In the last two years we have used up all of our savings keeping Karen alive – traveling – treatments, getting people to help her. We have nothing left. And the European treatment is not covered by insurance.”

  162. Hi Ralph! Just to tell you I’m very happy to see you posting here, been myself so very thanksfull for the realisations I had when you deliver me the FPRD intensive I had asked you few years ago; not only because of the process but because of your reality on the international scene in scientology at this time and on one of the basic out-point of CoS: the contracdictory lack of ARC and “co-responsability” between the members of the Church and especially from seniors to juniors, opposing to the goal to bring beings towards an Infinite ARC and Infinite Co-Responsibility (=”Pandetermism).

    I want to thank you too for the sharing of you own reality on the upper-level of your web-site.

    Sincerely, ML to you and Edith, Didier.

  163. Agreed, Marty.
    I lazily used the word “trick” to convey my own concept of a PC having been suffiiciently well-audited with and/or well-trained in LRH tech to the point where theta well surpasses entheta on the case so that attention on what is not wanted can be easily spotted and as-ised, so that postulates would not be unwittingly made for for unwanted things or conditions.

  164. And here you are… Your summer wind breezing through this blog…😊

  165. Ok Oracle, you have stated a strong feeling about someone purposefully restimulating “OT” case to get you to signed up.

    What are your thoughts now that Ralph confirms that Ron originated that technique to get people to sign up.

    And what about the people who did not sign up. Were they just left to freewheel? Tough cookies?

  166. “Just because you know a lot of these things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know, to use it as you think it ought to be used, to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That’s a wide license, isn’t it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it.”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    550606 The Game Called Man
    Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress

  167. Hi Ralph!

    Perhaps the advertising business is effective when it is all about re stimulating locks. Someone even did a retake on “The Farmer” ad and wrote an essay called “the auditor”. I don’t know too much about that business. Very interesting to me now that it has been bought up.

    Nice seeing you again. 🙂

  168. mmm hmmm. Sounds great! But he surely did take this back later on.

  169. I agree Maria.

    I always found it interesting how supposedly, things written later trumped things written earlier. If you deleted everything from his body of work which was trumped by other things, I wonder what would be left?

  170. Thanks for sharing Tony. Love it.

  171. Someone posted on this blog a while back that religion is philosophy that has crystallized into dogma and a set of practices. I’ll go a step further and assert that once crystallized, the philosophy itself gets either largely perverted or thrown out altogether. The actual philosophy of a religion is what gives it is life, and etymologically “philosophy” means “love of wisdom”.Now, I don’t have my dictionary with etymology handy but I do recall from a prior word clearing on it that the word “religion” has its roots in the concept of subjection and obedience to some authority.

    So I’d like to include my heartfelt agreement to: “Religion is a virus indeed and the death of the spirit”. Evidence of this abounds in history and in our present.

    This new direction of this blog with Marty’s essays and our posts will keep the true, workable philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard’s tech alive even as it is being killed by the RCS. We’ll just out-create the bastards!

    My postulate 🙂

  172. Meshell, I loved your post and agree with you about tone levels being the key to the workability of the Law of Attraction. I take exception to only one thing you stated, to wit: “A lot of folks are in the future (worrying about something), or in the past (swelling on past hardships, regretting something). Anyone who is worrying about something is not in the future, Both these examples are of someone who would be in the past.

  173. Hey Cat Daddy, where did you get that 60K figure? Interesting!

  174. One of those who see

    This is the Scientology I signed up for!

  175. Brilliant reference – R2-41. This is a great example of how Scientology is clinical vs the language of The Secret and other pop stuff. In R2-41, we, the beings, the source of all life, the wonder of Man, and the incredible spark of devine fire, is referred to as the “static”. But, look at it: Eckard Tolle is there (“There is no time but postulated time. Thus it is all present.”). The Secret is there (“Why not, then, postulate the desired condition in the present?”).

    But, what is uniquely Scientology is there also – 1st postulate vs. second postulate. 1st postulate, time, is a lie.

    I tell you, I have wrapped my head around this one. There is NO past. It is all present in the NOW. So, why should our time track affect us at all? The past is gone. The past situations are GONE. I am here and now. I am NOT on staff, I am NOT in school, I am NOT under water in a rafting accident. I am NOT working with jerks I worked with in the past – some are dead. I am here, and now. I personally feel that if we can figure out a way to TRULY GET THIS – why, we will be OT right then and there. In fact, we are OT NOW. We need to act like it.

    This is The Secret. It is an attempt to circumvent the physical and go direct to having what you need in the here and now. Scientology is supposed to help you remove barriers to be able to get to this.

  176. The concept or gratitude is truly a great thing. This is something Scientology should use. There is NO concept of gratitude in Scientology. None. There is a lot of the concept of Duty. Of “flowing power to power.”

    We applaud LRH all the time – standing O’s all around. But we are not grateful for him and his work. We are not grateful – we are obligated. We are obligated to serve Ron and COB to ensure Scientology is forever pure. Scientology is not a gift – it is a command, a burden.

    There is nothing on being grateful to just be alive, to be part of this great universe (the universe is an enemy in Scientology), and to be grateful for the people in your lives right now. This one thing is huge.

  177. The Secret is a pop way to describe some very basic truths – but I like the way it was presented, and I like the folks on the movie – especially Bob Proctor. To me, the secret is a bit like ‘No case on post.” Just cut to the chase – and postulate. Get your havingness up. Drop the considerations that you are where you are and will never be anything else. Change your mind.
    In the words of the immortal John Mellencamp, “Change your mind and you can change your life.”

    This is not theetie-weetie – it is life. Why focus on the negative when you can be positive? Why put attention on the evil when there is so much good in the world?

    By the way, I love this song. It is Truth on the radio.

  178. That brings to 21 the number of OTs I’ve met personally who have contracted cancer, 18 of whom have died from it. By comparison, I only know 3 non-Scientologists who got cancer and all 3 of them are still alive.
    Maybe that just means I restricted my circle of acquaintances for too long, but I suspect something else is going on here. I’m just not sure what it is.

  179. “Aeolus” writes: “That brings to 21 the number of OTs I’ve met personally who have contracted cancer, 18 of whom have died from it. By comparison, I only know 3 non-Scientologists who got cancer and all 3 of them are still alive. Maybe that just means I restricted my circle of acquaintances for too long, but I suspect something else is going on here. I’m just not sure what it is.”

    If, as Marty has pointed out, and so many of you have acquiesced, Scientology is characterized by a Yang excess, then Yang excess has been documented to cause cancer. T

    here is an excellent article by Dr. Pokea called “Out of Control Yang: the Root of Cancer”/ According to Dr. Pokea: “Cancer may be understood as out of control cellular growth, the consequence of weak suppressed Yin, expressing itself proportionally to weak out of control Yang squashing identity. The experience of having one’s identity crushed may start in the outside world, but as it is internalized it can deeply disrupt the healthy function of our bodies, even affecting our DNA. Distorted, self-centered Yang attempts to squelch everyone else’s healthy and meaningful identity within, while it keeps itself blind to healthy relationships that we all need as we participate in the whole collective body of human beings…… Yin reacts and becomes weak in response to Yang’s attempt to have unhealthy sole identity dominance. Yin, in its weakened state, over-expresses creation in some of the body’s cells by having them make more copies of themselves than is necessary. The damage of hurling insults at one another can unravel us and unravel the twist of each cell’s DNA. The external injury to our real identity that we receive in bullying one another, whether we are the perpetrator or the receiver, does affect our body.” Pretty amazing stuff…

    If Dr. Pokea is right (and I have not seen anyone contradict him that far) if we don’t want to die young, we need to keep a healthy good balance of yin and yang in our life. This means we need overcoming anger, feeling more love, becoming more accepting and tolerant, relaxing more, having fun, enjoying artistic activities like music, dance, indulging in enjoyable friendships and relationships, exercising our sense for beauty, appreciating the moment , sleeping well, not rushing. Feeling and manifesting kindness and all this good stuff that may appear irrelevant for a Yang junkie, but without which our cells will soon or late desintegrate.

    So the stakes are high: bringing more yin harmony into our lives is not just a :nice to have” it is a means to not die young… Love, tolerance, kindness, may not just be a luxury or an option, they may be a nutrition without which our body will die sooner than it should..

  180. A creative writing break from my friend Andy:

    My in-basket is over flowing with telexes, (Telexes? What decade am I in?) which I am gleefully ignoring and their spawn: computer generated non-compliance reports.

    Each day I remove them all from the in box and scan them thoroughly to see what Scientology International Management thinks I should be doing. I marvel at the stupidity of the telex orders. My Org has just moved into a new 26,000 square foot building and the rent is about $18,000 a month (our old building was 5,400 sq ft and about $6,000 a month for rent) and we have a total of 14 staff. The sane (sane used here as a relative term) thing to do is to work to attract more students and pre-clears, make sure to service them well and see that they are having big wins and so create great word of mouth, attract more students and preclears and expand the org.

    But the telexes are filled with orders like making sure that LRH’s Office is properly furnished and dusted, or sorting through the enormous and completely outdated central files (which are FILLED with names and addresses of people who have long since moved and left no forwarding address…) or get an all-hands called for the staff to make them do call-in for the next majestic International Scientology Management event so we can see how Scientology is expanding like never before across the 7 continents of Earth (even Antarctica???) and how our Glorious Leader has discovered (again!) that some Suppressive Person has mis-punctuated the LRH original materials requiring a re-issue of said materials, for all to purchase.

    So, I vacillate between chuckling to myself about the idiocy of the orders and disgust at the stack of non-compliance ethics reports while I, smiling now, shove all of these into my pending basket.

    There! Done with my in basket for the morning! Feeling encouraged by all that hard work I get up and start to walk through the Org. My first stop is the Academy where there are a grand total of 3 students in a course room which seats 150. The course supervisor is standing near his desk carefully eye-balling the students, being extra vigilant that they don’t manifest any mis-understood word phenomena, ready to pounce at the first yawn…he looks more like a cop than someone there to help which is possibly due to my presence and the fact that he knows what’s coming next: I stand close to him and whisper in the meanest tone I can muster: “Is this the complete list of students for the entire day!!!??? You need to get more people in here!!” I try to say this in the most serious tone I can muster, mimicking those above me on the food chain, on the insane theory that if I am tough with him, that he will some how miraculously manufacture a full course room. I know, deep down in side, that this is a stupid thing to do, but brushing this decent idea aside I tell myself that he must be full of overts and withholds for his course room to be so empty.

    My course room inspection done I wander off to hunt for further targets. Making my way through the labyrinth of empty corridors I head down to the Office of the LRH Communicator. The woman holding this post is one of my favorite targets for harassment. She is a kindly middle aged mom of 3 or 4 children and probably would be great at working to supervise courses for new students and using her kindness to help people. But somehow she has been sentenced to this post. Her duties are assigned from somewhere in Los Angeles, she is sent telexes (reams of telexes!) with programs for her to complete. These orders include targets like: Recruit and Post a HCO Secretary (the Executive in charge of Human Resources, Ethics and Communications), or Qualifications Secretary (in charge of seeing that the Org actually delivers a good, valuable product, and that the staff are properly trained and corrected). The idea being that IF the Org had these posts filled with competent staff the Org would deliver standard tech and be booming. But sadly these targets are beyond her ability to fill. So, in order to “get her stats up” (and stay out of trouble) she has scanned the Management Program she received and has selected more doable targets, like cleaning the Bust of LRH in his office, dusting in the bookstore and other such trivialities and she is typing up compliance reports to send to her seniors before the weeks end.

    I berate her for the fact that the ORG still does not have anyone in HCO, or Qual and “bait and badger” her for her lack of confront. Again, I know I am basically being a dick, but, I also am painfully aware that if I don’t give her a good ration of shit, than I will be in line for a double heaping myself.

    I leave her office with her looking even more hunted (if that’s possible) then before I come in.

    Welcome to staff at a Class V Scientology Organization! Desperation, anxiety, irritation and despair are the ruling emotions. The average weekly pay check for a staff member is between $50 to $100 per week. Our work hours are supposed to be from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but we all put in many more hours, nights and weekends. Or work a second job, a real job that actually pays money so that we can eat and pay rent.
    According to policy we should be productive and so well paid, and then in the evening we would be able to take courses and/or auditing ourselves. But that is not happenin’.
    There is a very distinct military-like pecking order in Scientology. Those of higher rank or post are supposed to be obeyed, unquestioningly, no matter how insanely mean or stupid their orders.

    Ironically one of the marketing slogans for Scientology was to “Think for Yourself”. But anyone who has been on staff for more than 15 minutes knows full well that this is definitely NOT what you’re supposed to do. The truth is that the management “style” of Scientology is to invalidate, berate, threaten and harass employees, or rather staff members. Being “unreasonable” is considered a highly valued trait. So is being ruthless. There is a policy that says the YOU will be assigned the condition that YOU fail to properly assign and enforce on others. The way this is used is that you better be mean and nasty FIRST. If you are meaner, nastier, more unreasonable and more cruel, well, great, you will do very well in the current Church of Scientology. David Miscavige (aka Fearless Leader) is the meanest, nastiest asshole of them all, hence his meteoric rise to the top.

    But I digress from my Daily BattlePlan…

    Feeling emboldened by my Napoleonic display of nastiness I head to the Registrars office to see about income for the week. The Reg is sitting at his desk looking at the sports page when I arrive and we small talk about the Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds. Now I am in a more respectful demeanor and I ask him about his battleplan and what income he expects to get in today. My job, as I understand it, is to put sufficient pressure on him so that he gets out there and makes money for the org. Of course he would undoubtedly do better if I wasn’t there to “product officer” him and nag him all day long but again I am myself being pushed to push others and so I mock up my best version of a serious administrator and go through the line-up for the week. I impress on him how much we need the money, reminding him of the rent that is past due and the fact that we are behind on our phone bill. All with the pretended purpose of helping him “make it go right”.

    Inspections done for the moment, I head back up to my office. Knowing that what really needs to be done is to develop a sensible line for attracting new people for courses I feel a sort of anxiety, a nervous hysteria building, I feel caught between two opposing forces, having an idea of what should be done and trying to look like I am complying with the moronic orders from above…I don’t know if I am coming back to my office to hide or simply marshal my thoughts… but I see the two Sea Org Missionaries there, in my office awaiting me. They were sent to Seattle to “assist” me in getting on post and expand the Org. What they are really doing all day and night long is following me around, questioning my next step and egging me on to further stupidity and meanness.

    I stride in meaningfully and explain that I was just inspecting the Org. I try to say this in a tough manner, showing that I was unreasonable in my demanding production from the staff. Apparently I put on a good show as the lead missionaire looks impressed. Feeling better now that I have shown my worth to the group by being an asshole, I take a seat and delve into detailing my daily battle plan for my prison guards, er, Missionaires….

    Often I sit and wonder how the hell I ever got myself into such a fucked up mess…I started on staff in a mission many years ago, working in the public divisions, interesting new people in Scientology, giving lectures, evaluating tests and signing people up for their first services. From there I “rose up the ranks” becoming a divisional director and then, after completing more management courses decided that I could do better at running the place than the current director and soon was the boss, or rather Mission Holder. From there I received more management training, completing the OEC course and started to feel that I could boom any scientology organization (it says right there, in the course, that if I complete the course that I could boom ANY organization…).

    Scientology had just sponsored its first sporting event, the Indy 500. It didn’t end so well for the Church, the driver they sponsored, Roberto Guerrero, crashed on the first lap and was out of the race with his Dianetics Emblazoned car …but hey, it was a start. The Good Will games were coming to Seattle next year and I dreamed of the church sponsoring the event and the resultant influx of thousands, or tens of thousands, of eager people into the church…

    I dutifully telexed my seniors in LA about the idea, went to events designed to expand the Org and was soon recruited to leave the Mission and take over the Seattle Org to get it ready for the Games, which church management had now decided to sponsor. I let my ego take over my thinking and agreed to run the Org. So I don’t really have anyone to blame for my sorry state beside myself.

    This realization does little to improve my mood.

    With the Missionaires out of my hair for the moment I now retrieve all of the telexes from my pending box and quickly place them all in the Out Box. I am having a productive day so far…

    I spend the next part of the afternoon downstairs in the Division 6 area, doing a few test evaluations. The Org moved into this monstrosity of a building on the hopes that the Good Will games would boom the Org. but this has not happened at all. It turned out that at best the GW Games were a sort of PR action for the Church, really only useful as a way of getting our name out, and associating Dianetics with other large corporate sponsors. Not only did we rent the new space, (for $18,000 a month) but we filled the building with rented furniture and purchased a new phone system and awning for the front entrance with credit. To top it off the New Org is located some 15 minutes from the city center, where there is little body traffic. So, when the Sea Org Missionaires arrived they noticed this oversight and ordered us to rent another new building downtown to be used as a testing center.

    This new building was also furnished with credit and set up to operate, the only small oversight here being that there were NO staff to work in it!

    To remedy this more Sea Org staff from LA were flown in to man the new test center and the pressure was ratcheted up on me to recruit more staff to work there. I managed to recruit 3 more new people, all with little experience in dealing with new public, and the results were not very promising.

    At about 6pm I head back upstairs to “debrief”. My evening meeting with the Missionaires does not go well. They start by demanding to know what my production was that day. I don’t have much to report that’s actually done. So they start in by telling me that I need to be more assertive and try to “pull strings” to see what is distracting me. I don’t have the guts to tell them to fuck off, or that THEY are distracting me, or that their incessant orders and hounding me only make it all worse. So I sit and endure their efforts to berate and belittle me (all in the name of “baiting and badgering”) and act contrite.

    Now its time to go off post, I am scheduled to work until 6pm and there is another entire staff, the “Foundation” staff arriving now to take over. But the Missionaires have different ideas. As Sea Org Members they are well trained in how to Make it Go Right and Being Unreasonable and all other forms of Dickdom and so they make it clear that I cannot go home or study because there is more work to do.

    Instead I am urged to find more victims, er, people to recruit for staff. Another fun aspect of the Church of Scientology is the way that anyone who is below you on the food chain is regarded as some lower life form of out-ethics scum. If you’re on staff, then anyone NOT on staff is a lazy asshole. If you’re in the Sea Org, then anyone on staff in an Org or Mission is some sort of fuck up. And if you’re in Management, then they are all cretins, those below you.

    So, I sit and review a list of all the people I know who are into Scientology, who know how bad things are here on Planet Earth, who KNOW that Scientology is the ONLY way out of the mess and who are not is so deep of debt as to prevent them from working full-time for next to nothing.

    I have learned that passion is what works on recruit cycles, that and the old saying about how misery loves company. I have managed to recruit onto staff, here at the Seattle Org about 8 or so people. Many are close friends of mine. Some are new acquaintances. All of them I helped convince that there was no better use of their time, of their entire life, than working for the Church of Scientology.

    Even after all these years I still cringe when considering how I convinced these people to give up their dreams and join staff.

    And so my tenure as the Seattle Org ED followed its missile-like trajectory, quickly up, up and up… then a complete crash. I endured about a year of this, amassing a lifetime of overts and motivators not to mention a mountain of debt. My pay was not sufficient to pay my rent or bills. In the recent past I had lent money to scientology public so that they could buy scientology auditing. Each month they paid me back, all money which was owed on my credit cards. What I should have done was to use this money they were paying back to pay the credit cards, but instead I used the money to buy food, buy gas and pay rent. So now I was in about $30,000 of debt.

    I hated my post, hated being on staff in the Org and wanted out. My stats were down and I hoped that Management would realize what an incompetent executive I was and remove me. And this was partly true, the management did consider me a loser, but not enough to remove me! Once I realized I would be here, on the post basically forever I decided to act. I got some money and flew to Los Angeles and went into the CLO (management office) and told them that I wanted to route off staff. I explained that I was too much in debt, that I was a poor administrator and that they could do better than me. Some young Sea Org Officer was assigned to handle me. He told me to follow him to the staff canteen and while we walked he explained to me that I needed to stay on staff, that only a real pussy would bail out, that I’d be betraying the group and on and on…we arrived to the canteen and he got himself a 32 ounce coffee and proceeded to lay into me about wanting to route off staff.

    He was a real dick and at this point I was strong in spirit and I told him that despite his opinions I still planned to route off staff. Now he started to get more agitated, surprised that I would possibly think to disagree with him. He jerked his arms and spilled his coffee all over his white uniform. Looking at me with a sneer he said that I made him spill the coffee because I had an evil counter-intention, that I had suppressed him.

    This made me smirk all the more and he stopped being “nice” and we went back to the office where I was assigned to work on building renovations 16 hours a day until I came to my senses.

    The story from here is long, convoluted and painful: Blowing the Scientology Base and starting to hitchhike back home, returning to Los Angeles in the middle of the night, being threatened with declare as a Suppressive Person for having left, and finally finagling a way to get off staff at the Org…

    But returning now to my evening on post at the Seattle Org…I made phone calls to try and schedule some appointments with prospects for recruiting for staff. This didn’t last long, no one answered their phone, and so I was off, back to the Registrars Office. All I wanted to do was to go home and relax a little, try to gather myself and my thoughts, sort out my head and get a grip on how to make this mess better. But instead I am aimlessly cycling through the 26,000 sq. foot monster, checking in with staff here, torturing other poor souls there and generally trying to escape the notice and wrath of the Missionaires.

    The last thing I do before “securing for the night” is to head back to my office, take all those fucking telexes and computer generated non-compliance reports and throw them all away in the garbage can. At least I got one fucking thing done today…

    Finally I make it out and home by midnight. I don’t feel any sense of accomplishment other than a slight lessening of stress from having escaped the building. The fresh air reminds me that there is another universe, out side of this madness.

    I smile, knowing deep inside, that someday I will be free of all this…

  181. The etymology of the word religion is not well covered and is full of speculations.
    The most sound explanation (to me) is latin re (again) and ligare, ligo (connect), meaning “to reconnect”.
    If this postualated etymology is true, religion then would mean “the means or process to reconnect”.
    But, as I said, the etymology is not well covered.

  182. Tony, nothing you do or say is off topic. 🙂 It is not even the real atmosphere of any church that is actually portrayed in this video. This is not the only one. There are a lot of them. It disgusts me that somebody can take a real priceless treasure like LRH tech and turn it into a pack of lies in front of people. Which is what this video is all about. And it is a good way to make enemies for them too. Every person I have ever met that knows about my involvement in Scientology has sworn to never get involved with them. I met only one person in my life that was still in favor of the church’s activities, but he drinks a pint of vodka a week and smokes marijuana to handle stress and IN THAT STATE he thinks highly of the church and I am sure they admire him as well. At least they found one drugged idiot to swallow their bull. 🙂

  183. Something about this topic is brining out the Shakespeare in me Publius. 🙂 You hit it right on the the head, and MU a misunderstanding. The church blows the public off feeding them MU’s. Try and picture this if you can, you are 18 years old, you have been out of high school just a few months and you are called in to ethics for an interview. The ethics officer was trained for a full 2 weeks and became top org EO in record time. This EO then tells you (who may not even be familiar with what an L or OT level is yet) that “your out ethics stems from your implants”. I walked away, honest to God asking my self “What in the hell in the world is an implant? What does she mean?” I had to read the “History of Man” before I realized I had an MU and THEN I wasn’t let back on to course because “I was in Ethics”. The subject of Scientology is ONE THING. The Church of Scientology is another and it is not in any way borne from true Scientology. 🙂

  184. Jenna Miscavige Hill

  185. Brian, I am no expert here. I never purchased a book by Hubbard until I was in the Freezone / Independent Movement and was looking for originals to establish my own library since they were fading fast from view.

    If the book covers were meant to restimulate people maybe that is why they looked so repelling to me I had no desire for the books. I thought the covers were ugly and lacked imagination. Well, the one with the doggy on it was alright enough I suppose. What was that? Child Dianetics? The rest were dark and looked unprofessional. No cover should go on a book that is not worth framing by the author.

    As far as his writing, I liked whatever look magical (the ethics book with formulas for casting spells) or mathematical (books with scales and numbers).

    Anything that approached story telling of his, bored me to death. Sadly, I am not one of those who got involved in Scientology to spend time and money for Hubbard to tell me what he thinks.

    I was interested in the basic tools that would help me sort out and develop my own think, by myself on my self own my own terms.

    I wasn’t even looking for new tools on how to get along or succeed in life. Or how to control or change or dominate others.

    I wouldn’t know much about selling books , I don’t even buy books because of the covers. Or even by the authors. I go for certain subject matter.

    I do know enough to know when people are re stimulating others. And it isn’t because Hubbard told me. It’s because I find social intercourse interesting. And because I dabbled in psychometry myself.

    I have only been interested in certain areas of the Scientology. The parallels with magic, science, psychometry and math. These things align with high magic. The rest align with low magic. I am already familiar with low magic and field magic or best described today, my latest coined word, “street magic”. Book covers and selling by curiosity in the market place is “street magic”.

    When people pretend to be masters at high magic, while dabbling recklessly and unprofessionally in common street magic, it just pisses me off.

  186. But I must admit it, now that you mention it, as I was O.K. with the doggy book cover of Hubbards, I did have to take up “dog” as a hot item on L12.

    Why? The purpose of the dog is to take the first bullet. Yes, in my home today, the purpose of the dog is to take the first bullet. I have four of them, so hopefully anyway, they can take the first four bullets in case I need more time to to get my gun off safety and empty the chamber in case of a home invasion.

    Back on the track, it turned the the word “dog” had similar purposes in military strategies relating to who / what was organized to take the first bullet. When you can control where the enemy bullets are going to go, you are in control of the fight.

    In the auditing all of this unraveled like …swooooosh!

    So, perhaps the the doggy book cover did restimulate something. But I would NOT have gotten to the bottom of THAT HUGE CASE we dragged out, reading Child Dianetics!

  187. I doubt seriously that Hubbard shared his greatest secrets. People have this idea he did. If they find out he held something back, they get all protesty about it.

    Hubbard was brilliant. I’m only a little street smart, and I don’t share my secrets and knowledge for making my way in the world. And I have a lot of methods.

    Hubbard shared some basics. What he chose to share he put up for sale. That doesn’t mean he didn’t hold back. He held back a LOT. And considering how things have gone, I think it is a good thing he did. Why should he have given more? Look at what people have made of their purchases from Hubbard. I have just been careful in my purchases, and taken the time to make my purchases mean something for me. All of that is personal choice.

    How he sold books and the methods , I see the purpose behind that was to LIFT. Not to dominate.

    Sure, later he got dominating. He got frustrated. Where did he have to go shopping? Who was lifting him? Who was leading him on new adventures? Who was telling him bedtime stories? Who was his muse? Who was his captain? Who was showing magic dust about his universe? Who was lifting him while everyone else was tugging at his robes?

    Needy people have little mercy to spend. And if anyone was surrounded by needy people, it was Hubbard.

  188. SKM,
    Very well stated. The etymology is not well defined.
    The word used in Theravada Buddhism is Agama, and
    is translated as “handed down scripture or doctrine”.
    This is a very poor translation.
    The best definition I ever heard of the Pali word
    Agama was from a Pali scholar from Singapore who
    has since passed. He translated it as:
    “to correctly approach”. I really like that definition.
    It is the one I use.

    George M. White

  189. I doubt if it occurs to most people, that at the time periods where Hubbard had little or no mercy, he was needy also.

  190. Tom Gallagher

    I’ll tell you what. Here’s the REAL secret.

    Makes me want to puke….

  191. Phil Bruemmer

    I know it isn’t funny but I split my sides laughing anyway. It’s so unbelievably insane that one has to laugh, or die.
    Been there, done all that. Unfortunately I managed to get busted (twice) and ended up hanging in there a few more years.
    Are you going to tell more?
    I hope so.
    You’re a great story teller, with a good story!

  192. Or that if someone could have handled his doubts and fears, his upsets and losses, we could have gotten so much more from him. One way streets are very limited. People contributed time and energy, but most did not rise up to “cause over Hubbard”. Only a few. Most of the few that did , did so covertly and betrayed his trust. The rest served.

  193. I will posit that many Scientologists are suffering from a lack of medical care, since they do not trust doctors. I know many, many Scientologists who smoked who considered that they were immune from cancer because they are not PTS. Also, many people who could have lived through their cancer did not because of late discovery of the cancer, or they want to do all these BS off-beat cancer “cures” like apricot pits and all that.

    If you do not take care of the body, it will die. This is different from the “care of the body cult” – this is straight-ahead maintenance of the body.

  194. This is somewhat amusing, but mostly depressingly accurate.

  195. And that, folks, is the real deal.

    Thanks Tony and Andy.


  196. GH, there is certainly some truth to the points you make, but I don’t think it’s the whole story. I only started keeping count of this after I heard about a woman in Treasury at Flag (sorry, I don’t remember her name) who was doing an investigation into an increase in medical expenses and discovered this high proportion of cancer cases, specifically among OT VIIs and VIIIs on staff. Most staff (and most public, for that matter) are not anywhere near OTVII but they still smoke disproportionately, avoid doctors and opt for alternative treatments. However, I can’t recall a single person on the Bridge below OT V who has contracted cancer.

    I kind of like Paul Durand’s explanation below, that it’s due to an excess of Yang.

  197. Indeed. Well said.

  198. A very apt description of the culture of nullification and domination within today’s C of M. Depressingly funny. BTW, if you were on Cl V Org staff back in the good ole days when Orgs actually were booming, those CMO “Ideal Org” Missionaires just automatically know that you’re full of shit and treat you accordingly.

    This, too, shall pass. The sooner the better.

  199. Andy,
    Really funny, I laughed so hard that I had farts coming off my ears!!!

  200. Vital information Tony! Sounds just like what Marty has been saying for the last four years! Thanks for posting!

  201. I love stories. You tell one simple story about a day or an incident and it reveals so much. This was great one! Thanks Tony AND Andy. XXOO

  202. It is possible that the constant looking for “stuff ” to run is setting up distortions on a cell level.

  203. In my experience a postulate has no force and thus cannot create an equal and opposing force. It is as light as nothing. It is more in the realm of knowing than thinking — and for me, certainly is not the same as thinking “hard” about something — that’s force, and MIPs, and MEST.

    I am not at cause over postulating. But when I do it, it is very different than anything else. It’s not an intention, or an effort, a thought, nor a picture.

    What would be interesting would be to see what a group of people at cause over the ability to postulate could do if they all made different postulates regarding the same thing in the same place and time. Does the “postulator” with the most lug nuts win?

  204. HappyGoLucky

    Hello Marty,
    I started reading your blog probably 4 years ago. I love where you are going now. Originally, and with good reason, it seemed so focused on being angry at Miscavige and outing his many transgressions. Now it seems you’ve really come into your own. I love the cross pollination and discussion of Scientology along with other philosophical viewpoints. It is refreshing and a discourse that is long overdue.

    Thank you for having the courage to step up to the CofS so many years ago and for continuing to hold your ground.

  205. Sadly, the people that have come to a bad end or an end with little or no victory, lived vicariously through Hubbard. Or expected his followers to provide a life for them. Hell, I have met people that can not even find their own words, they can only recite his.

    I don’t think this was ever his purpose for creating Scientology. He wanted comradeship and peers, he wanted people to explore the supernatural He was looking for co create, not a hoard of people leaning on him and becoming bad copies of him.

    I think he knew there was a lot of illusion and people were in bad shape, but I don’t think the reality of it hit him until he was in the thick of it. Then he felt he owed, more and more. Breathing life into people. And the more they paid and the more they offered the more needy they got. Like some kind of thick black magic.

    It wasn’t just Hubbard, you see a lot of able and creative people followed around by others who copy. Who want someone to think for them.

    The guy who started Facebook was brilliant. He only connected with other brilliants who could co create to make the whole thing and then they sold it off real quick for everyone on down from there to puddle around with. Even then, it is up to the user to create their own facebook page. Personalize it, add their own friends, and create their own scene. You would think the people coming into Scientology could have done the same thing. You don’t see Facebook users sitting outside the founders hotel room waiting to be told what to add to delete from their facebook page.

  206. The sickest thing to see is when you see someone who does make an effort to incorporate Scientology into their life and construct it among their own ideas and values, and purposes, as Marty has, as the mission holders and field auditors did. To become attacked and eaten up by others who were not able to in any way. By the viscous little copies who would not have an original idea of their own if they sat and looked at a rock for thirty years. You check those people out. They have always lived propped up by some structure or copied someone or someone else’s job. There are not people anyone can lean on for anything really.
    They are very fragile but in some kind of a herd they can manage. These are the people that made Hubbard look like a fucking sheep herder. These are the people that are the most “disappointed” with Hubbard. These are the people that become bad copies and blow people off the bridge. Not the people that became more themselves and made a value of the math laid out in that arena. People don’t fall because of other people. Unless they are leaning on those other people . That is WHY “Associated terminals” is at the top of the scale. That is why some people can not ASSOCIATE. They can only run with a herd or dominate. They find new herds out here to run with. There isn’t a herd here on this blog. This is not a comfort zone for some people. To attack Marty for not running with a herd is actually comical. He has become a “menacing particle” because he is an “Associated terminal”. You see how people can twist things depending on where THEY are at? You see how it is really possible to make Hubbard or Scientology a bad experience? Check the library of declares in the Church, It’s bigger than the library of L.R.H.. That is because people that don’t run with the herd are “menacing particles”. According to, oddly enough, Menacing particles! In the rest of that policy Hubbard states that a person on that scale is not even aware of the items above it! I have explored this scale fully and found it it to be an accurate math equation. He sorted out a problem and the equation is right there. Do you know how much confusion this simple sorts out? “Thing that didn’t add up” before suddenly add up!

  207. What a great analogy. You just described the highway to conceptual understanding so perfectly. A+

  208. Oracle, your story about the item ‘dog’ is a great example of what happens on the Ls. These items that come up are masses packed with significances, and when you hit them with the auditing, they unpack very quickly, they spring apart and blow. Usually it happens too fast to reconstruct, so very cool that you are able to lay it out like that in your example.

    It also answers the questions that some people have about why you can’t run out GPMs with Dianetics tech. You can’t because they are not incidents per se, but a whole section of track collapsed into a ball of significance embedded in mass.

    Quite a trick for LRH to have figured out how to handle them, a tribute to his genius.

  209. Oh sure, not a requirement at all.

    There is a way to improve this ability which involves studying the subject, and drilling. There is a lot of great data on Postulates in the R & D vols around 6 & 7. This improves your KRC on the subject.

    The subject of postulates is not the same subject as thinking the right thoughts. Thinking and postulates not the same order of magnitude at all. I have talked to a lot of people over the years who are worried because they have some kind of negative circuit that generates negative thoughts, who then worry that they are making ‘negative postulates’. Postulates are at a much higher level. I think of them as a permeation and a wordless certainty that the way things are is the way they should be.

    Clearing out your case is the other route to effective postulates since this is also OT. The only thing a thetan can do is postulate and perceive after all.

    I noticed for me, that the more bridge I did, the more I noticed that things would just work out, effortlessly. I wasn’t just thinking thoughts, or sending messages out into space. In fact, I was hardly thinking about it at all. Things were just happening that way because that was the way I wanted them to happen.

    This was particularly noticeable after I finished my Ls.

  210. Tony,
    I do not think that later stuff is supposed to cancel older stuff unless it specifically says that it is cancelled. As a matter of fact several tech bulletins admonish students of the subject not to declare things “old”, “no longer used”, or “historical only”. It seems that what one is supposed to do is to integrate (here we are again) the later writings with the earlier writings. This is necessary for full understanding.

    Despite his ridiculing the medical profession in some of his writings, he also requires medical treatment and examination in many circumstances and recommends it in other writings. So while it is true that many Scientologists have refused standard medical treatment when it was needed, that is not necessarily part of he tech, but many times their own dub in of what the tech “says” or the bad advice of other Scientologists.

    Christian Scientists have done this alsoto an even more extreme extent. Maybe I missed it, but I never read anywhere in “Science and Health” where Mary Baker Eddy said that people should not receive medical treatment. From what I have read, she only gave testament to the superior power of prayer and trust in the power of God (Truth) to heal. the body. To my knowledge she never told anyone not to go to the doctor. But many of her followers could not integrate this concept with the truth that many physical medical remedies actually do improve physical conditions.
    That’s how I understand this: It is just a persistent epidemic of A=A=A.

  211. This is a nice one, too, George.

    At this moment I ask myself, if Scientology is a religion, what is it corporate Scientologists would want to re-connect with?

  212. martyrathbun09

    It has been described in a lot simpler manner than that by Ron. Listen to the lecture The Granting of Beingness for example. Per another lecture Scientology and Effective Knowledge we do ourselves and others a great disservice when we add complexties and mysteries to that.

  213. martyrathbun09

    And so, Clear really ain’t much of a state consciousness to achieve after all?

  214. SKM,
    I had a similar thought about six months ago when I did get
    a “secret” from a corporate Scientologist. The secret was that
    Miscavige was “doing the best job that he can”. The best
    job he can to protect the “unreleased OT levels”. I think,
    if anything, corporate scientologists cling to the “hope”
    that an “unreleased level” will spring every member to super power.
    It would be a “re-connection”. Miscavige would be the
    “Ghost Dancer” in this mystical experience.

  215. “The subject of Scientology is ONE THING. The Church of Scientology is another and it is not in any way borne from true Scientology.”

    Lawrence, truer words were never spoken!

  216. Thanks Espiritu,
    How would you interpet the two or more policies regarding using the tech? The one I posted and say KSW for example?

  217. GH, I think this is the first time I’ve disagreed with you, at least to some degree.

    Isn’t gratitude a state of mind that would flow naturally from being high on the tone scale? To me, gratitude implies high ARC. To be in high ARC with a person or a town or a country or a planet, would seem to carry with it an appreciation for same, admiration too. I’m finding it hard to envision high ARC without gratitude being a part of it.

    LRH made reference to what a nice “playing field” this planet was. And how tragic it would be if it were to be consumed in a nuclear conflagration. To me, that suggests gratitude or at least appreciation for the very existence of Earth.

    I’m grateful for having found Scientology & have known many others who felt similarly.

    All the “obligation” stuff, “duty” etc, is low toned BS and not a part of real Scientology. It is a perversion of the underlying concept of Help.

  218. Clear was a big leap for me. That was a real experience. For me, it was the eye opener. The point where the rose colored glasses came off. That was where I got pushed out of the womb. It was an inconvenient truth moment for me.

    But the L’s, for me, and that is an important tag to put out because everybody is different. FOR ME, L12 was the big bang. That pushed me into places I didn’t know were there. That was like being shot from a sling shot from one planet to the next. That is where I felt I got the big bang for the buck in the Scientology experience. Because I had not even had that experience as a goal or purpose. I hadn’t know it was possible to experience that.

    Up to that point I had been focused on negative gain. Getting rid of unwanted trash and obstacles, chains and barriers. 40 years of auditing later, you know, I was feeling demoralized on some level plowing away at my existance. I was up for a positive experience. I doubted if positive gain was possible. I thought on the L’s it was even going to get worse. I thought this was where I was going to confront the very worst of myself.

    Then I started this L12 and it was like, WHOAAAAA! Total opposite of any auditing experience I had ever had. The good stuff is suddenly bought to mind. I mean, a person has good ideas and purposes too, but this just never came into focus before in the auditing. And you tap into one of these and EVERYTHING sitting on top of it just blows. It is a clearing experience in itself that for me was some kind of beautiful violence. Because sometimes I would look at something and it felt as if I was being shot up in an elevator ride. Whatever had been sitting on top of me lost all of it’s weight. It almost made whatever trash I had had to dig through up to that point, insignificant. It IS clearing. You are just dealing with purposes and goals.

    If I had to make a story to illustrate the magicality of it, imagine you are driving down the road on a beautiful day and the red carpet is rolling our for you and you are going somewhere you always wanted to go and you are really on top of the world. Then you get hit by a mack truck. You wake up in the hospital and you are missing a few limbs, whatever, your goals are wiped out that’s for sure. You make maladjustment livingness from there on out over the next few years. Every condition changes.

    Then one day someone knocks on your door and says, “I can take you back to that place right before all of this happened. I can restore you into all of that rightness. ” You say, “how much?” The person say’s, “A sixpence.” “Oh alright,” you say, not believing in any way it is possible. You dig out a sixpence and place it in his palm. The minute the coin is removed from your hand, there you are again, driving down that road in your car. The first thing you do is notice the curve where you got hit last time, and you pull off the road. The truck goes by. You get back in your car and start up again. This time you know though how you got messed up. So you are in control of the mechanics of getting to where you want to go without mishap. And the world as you knew it all once is put back in front of you.

    That is hwo the L12 worked for me. You just get picked up and placed back into all of those “right” moments and you reclaim everything that was there.

    It is a different kind of clearing. It was not auditing where the auditor was taking my hand and leading me to some mess I left behind. It was restorative auditing. Mercy auditing.

    And it just felt a lot more powerful than the other stuff. It was empowering to me on a level that the other auditing was not. I was being shifted into another dimension of my beingness.

    I had the feeling when I was done, that before I started I had not known who I really was . So it was like being lifted out of a lower condition on some level.

    Then, there is the education you find inside of it. What you become aware of as a result of it. And that was priceless.

  219. For me, there has not been any insignificant steps in Scientology. It is a combination experience where every action counts and makes whatever happens after it possible at all. I still count grade zero as the most highly beneficial of it all. If you have the conversation about it, the rest can’t happen.

  220. That doesn’t mean I am blind to the fact that Jamie Fox has better communication skills than I do. And that doesn’t mean he isn’t on that beautiful road today where the red carpet is still rolling out for him. The auditing is a personal thing that you really can only measure in value to yourself. Nobody else can assess the value or promise you what the value will be for you.

  221. Anyway, When I was there, the majority of the others at Trey’s were getting standard bridge actions. Grades, Dianetics, clean ups. He was treating all of it with the same importance.

  222. Sorry, I wrote: “If you have the conversation about it, the rest can’t happen.” I left out a word. I meant, ” If you CAN’T have the conversation about it, the rest can’t happen. All of case gain in Scientology is the result of a conversation.

  223. Clear not that important of a state??

    Not at all. There is no way to overvalue what Clear really does for someone. It not only frees them from what LRH properly calls ‘the ruin of mankind’ their own reactive mind, but it opens the door to moving out across the other dynamics to overcome all of the other factors that one is susceptible to being the effect of coming from these other dynamics.

    Nobody could could achieve OT stably without being Clear.

    Clear is a monumental achievement, and at the same time it opens the door to the rest of the journey.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Ok. What is your understanding of the difference between the states of Clear and stable OT? States, not routes, or phenomena dealt with. Simply states of consciousness.

  225. I would say that Clear is a state of being. OT is a state of being and operating. When a Clear begins to operate he runs into hidden factors that inhibit his ability to operate. He is Clear on the 1D but has not become cause over sources from other dynamics. He is also running into things he is not normally aware of, his OT case and his GPM bank.

    In a ’66 bulletin, LRH said that the route to OT has 3 major sections. Clear is the first, handling your OT case is the second, and the GPM bank is the third. When you no longer have your own reactive mind, you can then move forward and handle the reactive mind of others. And once you clear that complexity out, you can handle your GPMs.

    At that point you are able to Operate as a Thetan.

    That is my understanding of the bridge and how it works.

  226. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Trey.

  227. This is actually a misinterpretation of Newtons 3rd law. ‘Actio est reactio’ means action equals reaction, not: action is followed by reaction. For example, if you are leaning against the wall, the wall is – at the same time – leaning against you; with equal force yet opposite direction. It says something about the balance of forces and describes the same thing from two perspectives.
    That’s why it hurts when you bang your head against the wall. Even though the 3rd axiom is disputable since Einstein, my advice would still be to not try this at home.

    Apart freom the specifics of your analogy, I hold a similarly critical view regarding the law of attraction. The most potent effect I observed in people trying to apply their knowledge of the law of attraction, is the suppression of negative thoughts. Those are perceived as a hindrance and are quite easily pushed away. Of course this works, but it works against you. You accumulate ‘shadow’, and there is often a backlash. (Ruediger Dahlke made a very valuable contribution in his lectures on the law of polarity about the disregard of the shadow.)

    Thoughts and emotions have their place in life and need to be addressed, but I wouldn’t know why I would want to primarily revolve my life around controlling my circumstances and ‘feeling good’. This very striving only deepens the split of duality and true spiritual practice should show us who we are beyond. But coming back to ‘positive thinking’: the real danger of ignoring and suppressing thoughts, that are perceived as undesirable, is that it takes away from the quality of witnessing. It instills an inner censor.

    But as I remember, after reading through the eight or nine chapters, all stating the same ‘secret’ to a happier life with faster cars and more beautiful mates, there was a chapter on gratitude. I liked that. It took me 29 long years to ‘get’ gratitude. I only did when a friend of mine, in a stroke of genius, taught me how to be unconditionally grateful. So I tried it, tried gratefulness for feeling like sh%&. Only then did I understand that gratitude is a state of being, not a causally determined emotion. This experience has made me even more sceptical of any direct approach that tries to change your thoughts and emotions by classifying them as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

    To be clear, I am not saying that the law of attraction doesn’t have its sphere of influence.

    Marty, you state that “The Secret is simply another way of describing the very thing Scientology was created to achieve”. If your time and patience allows, could you elaborate on that? Is Scientology merely targeted on living a better life of improved conditions, or, if it goes beyond that, how?

    Oh, and I really loved that line “One can think all the most pleasant thoughts in the world, and absent doing anything to realize those thoughts will result in a person thinking a lot of thoughts.” Too funny! 🙂

  228. Phil,
    I’m glad you’re laughing! And yes, more Diary entries are on the way!

  229. Hey Conan, Wow! Farts coming off your ears! Not bad!!!
    It’s amazing to look back and see from a distance how insane it all was, how insane I was…writing about it is a sort of therapy for me…maybe I’ll even write a Success Story about being on Staff and how it has made me almost impervious to group insanity!

  230. If I may interject my viewpoint here, I think the issue is context. In the quote from The Game Called Man lecture, the first line is, “Just because you know a lot of things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living.” It assumes that you actually “know” Scientology, which is point 2 of KSW – knowing the technology.

    KSW was initially written in the context of the Tech Division to ensure students, course supervisors, auditors and case supervisors got in and maintained purity of application and achieved standard results. It was a “malware program”, if you will. He wanted to ensure that all concerned COULD in fact know and correctly apply the material, and not some adulterated version thereof.

    Now, assuming one actually knows and can correctly apply the real thing and “owns” if for oneself, “the materials is yours” and one moves into the realm of judgment as to when, where, how, why, which and to whom with respect to the context of the wider world of life. THAT is one’s “license” – not a license to adulterate it.

    “That’s a wide license, isn’t it?”

  231. Thank you. I am well aware. 🙂 I get quoted a lot! 🙂

  232. Wow Marty. You are smart! I was just thinking about this today! 🙂 If I am Clear or OT then what in the world would I need my L’s for? To keep face with DM and make the church rich? No way. If a person’s case is gone in their universe, it is gone, period. I will never get my L’s, what for? 🙂

  233. And who gives such a license?

  234. Felicitas Foster

    I fully understand you being afraid getting in trouble with the church for reading or watching The Secret. I know about a person that did get int trouble for it!

  235. Looks like the Old Man did per the reference you quoted, eh?

  236. I don`t know if you know this, but in case you don`t — Theron Q. Dumont is William Atkinson — one of his many pseudonyms. He was also Yogi Ramacharaka, Magus Incognito, Swami Panchadasi, Swami Bhakta Vishita, and is even thought to be one of three initiates of the Kybalian.

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  239. I read this again with so much pleasure.Thanks Marty

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