Walking the Walk

If you have not already seen the Oscar-winning documentary on this extraordinary fellow, Searching for Sugarman, I highly recommend it.  You might learn a little something about walking the walk and the Tao.

18 responses to “Walking the Walk

  1. Fascinating, Marty – thank you.

  2. I loved the documentary, his story is amazing!

  3. I like videos rather than books. Thanks.

  4. 60 Minutes segment on this great singer/writer, poet laureate of South Africa who’d been moving on up for a long time and way before the world finally found out about him. Thanks for doing this Marty…

  5. The movie impressed me on several levels. Just the story at face value is amazing and would be totally unbelievable if not so well documented. On a spiritual level, yes, Rodriguez totally walks the walk. Not the slightest hint of victim or make wrong in his speaking or actions. He just carried on, finding purpose and meaning in his life. He appears to be totally in the moment finding joy in what is in front of him with no thought to the past or future.

    I’ve dowloaded the first album and the lyrics. I find the music riveting and I can’t even spot why particularly. Definitely a spiritual element.

    Thank you for turning us on to Rodriguez and his story.

  6. Not to throw cold water on your 60minute you tube clip but I recommend and have recommended to friends to NOT even google Rodriquez because the twist in the documentary won’t be as riveting …

    Watch the 60 minute clip AFTER you get the documentary from Netflix, iTunes or Amazon streaming.

    It’s absolutely wonderful …

  7. theosismanides

    Thanks Marty I will look forward to watching the full documentary. It’s amazing to see this artist being so humble and so focused on what he has been doing all along. Definitely a happy being in life. A great lesson for all who think they “know” when there is so much there to understand in life and move on not just as a first dynamic but on all.

  8. Scott Cambell I will take an outh to stay mysel and defend the Sanity of my country although it seems insane to the rest of the world.

    I am proud to be Dutch, we are batshit insane and loving it

  9. The dutch are more of a group than a country, here we shit on high horses.

  10. Wendy Munro

    An old soul, but not a worn out soul. A generous spirit – so artistic and articulate (and in his second language, too) and unfazed and unaffected by the twists of his own fate. Very uplifting. Thank you Marty!

  11. Tom Gallagher

    Offered up without comment:

  12. Marty Ratbun, I love you for this contribution. I did not understand it from the start but now I fully understand it.

  13. Bruce Hammond

    I loved the documentary as did my wife. Amazing story – stranger than fiction.

  14. martyrathbun09

    I agree – see the documentary.

  15. Thanks for the recommend. I will check it out. Great music!

  16. Marty – Thank you for this. Stayed up to the wee hours and watched it. A really incredible story. A very humble clean spirit who has only the purpose to help and entertain others. An example of what a person can be like when they actually live their life and walk the walk of having moved up a little higher. This very much resonates with me.

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