Mosey’s Maternity Ward

58 responses to “Mosey’s Maternity Ward

  1. Amazing!

  2. Dani Lemberger

    Nice. All we need is love.

  3. god lives in the woods.

  4. Momma and baby had snack and bath too at Mosey’s buffet. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Ahaaaaaaa – what a good mommy. How wounderfull it is that you two can now enjoy your life to the fullest. And you have passed it all on. I haven’t felt so ‘me’ in many many years. Thank you both.

  6. Life in all its glory!
    Thank you

  7. Aquamarine

    Oh my God, this is so heart-melting and beautiful I’m almost in tears. Thank you, Mosey.

  8. Just beautiful! Mosey, thank you for caring! Love,

  9. Thanks Marty, that was very cool!

    And a little thanks to you too, David Miscavige. Marty had to buy a video camera to document the goons you sent to harass him, so he had it handy to film this beautiful event, which he could then share with us.

  10. Oh how beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making my day! It is a beautiful world we live in. Love to you both, Wendy

  11. About the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love the way you two have bonded with the locals. Happy to see all enjoying the brand of love available in the hills of Texas.

  12. Wow. Beautiful momma doe and fawn. Beautiful song. Thanks Mosey and Marty!

  13. Beautiful.

  14. that is soooooo beautiful ❤

  15. Sapere Aude

    Thank you both. Came home, logged on and thoroughly enjoyed a pleasurable experience. Nature at its best – natural and full of life!

  16. Very enjoyable, thank you. Affinity, Reality and Communication in action– no drama, no strain, no ifs or buts, very simple and unobstructed.

  17. Totally precious!

  18. Lovely only if we can think as one. To bring about the greatest good.

  19. Careful, that could be an OSA operative in a deer suit. DM could be in the little one.

  20. Oh yeah…..those mama deer know how to love and take care of their little ones…..damn that feels soooooooooo good doesn’t it! I love it that you enjoy the animals so much!

  21. Nature, love, life…so pure…and, in your own backyard. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. THIS is what it is all about.
    I am so thankful to see this in your life instead of the idiot creatures with cameras on their heads.

  22. Very Theta

  23. Marty, Mosey, that was so sweet.

  24. Bambi Lives!

    Don’t believe the lies shoved out by mainstream media! It’s obvious the real Bambi is alive and well as shown in Mosey’s video.

    However, there are “powers-that-be” that try to take any decent, caring and worthy-of-admiration truth, and twist it to frighten, alarm, and scare the beejeebies out of you!

    These evil doers want to eradicate any form of pleasantness…at anytime…ALL THE TIME!

    Who Are These Theta-Squashing, Vile, Foul and Cringeworthy People?

    One particular “church” (ahem — CO$) comes to mind…but there are other theta destroyer’s lurking in every corner. Witness the propaganda regarding Bambi (obviously false and probably perpetuated by the New World Order, or the Church of Scientology, to demolish any enjoyable thought).

    Don’t believe me?

    Watch this reprehensible disinformation clip claiming Bambi was murdered!

    (WARNING: This footage actually depicts Bambi’s assassination. While it’s now obvious that this footage was doctored to create an ill effect, viewer discretion is still advised.)

    Bambi Murder a Ploy To Scare Innocent Young Children — Church Scientology Scientology Possibly Involved In Dis-Information Campaign

  25. Nice video! It’s hard to make deer feel safe, so well done Mosey!

  26. Mosey! Marty! Life unfolding! This is beautiful!
    Beyond words.
    Looks like you’ve “found it”. 🙂

  27. Regular Dog

    That’s very cool. It seems like you got pretty close to film them.

  28. one of those who see

    What I thought of was all of those years at the Int Base, you must not have had too many moments like this. Just having some space, some nature, some peace. It makes me so happy that you have it now. Thanks Mosey. Beautiful video.

  29. Love, affection, compassion, empathy and true caring. Natural characteristics of humans and animals. (Though not to be found in the church.)

  30. Heart swelling happiness here. Thank you both.

  31. Nice Mosey! Every fall/early winter we’d get moose finishing off the garden in Alaska. Had a trio of foxes (probably mother and kits) that hung out and entertained us a couple winters. Bear meandering through once in a while… nothing like life in the country imo. Good for you guys!!

  32. “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to
    front only the essential facts of life, and to see if I could not
    learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die,
    discover that I had not lived.”

  33. Thank you for such theta video Mosey. Just wonderful.

  34. Grace 🙂 So beautiful and loving

  35. The Bambi Murder footage smacks of Super Power Building and the Ideal Orgs Special Effects run of the mill OSA op. Merchants of chaos, A little known truth is that the Wolf didn’t really die in the end of Little Red Riding Hood either!

  36. Sharon Schick Maas


  37. martyrathbun09


  38. Paul Durand

    Great post, Marty, one of your most inspiring posts that far!

    These images speak louder than words… The beauty in this video reminds me of Leo Tolstoy in “Family Happiness”: “A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.”

    And this one from Albert Einstein: “Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.”

    Enjoy the beauty. Lucky you to be surrounded by beauty and love… According to Leo Tolstoy, you have it all!

  39. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for this beautiful video.

    Our same-aged dog and cat enact the same affectionate behavior.

    Life is truly a beautiful thing, sans the sociopaths.

  40. Beautiful!

  41. Such beauty and grace inherent in those natural tendencies of the mother’s love. Deep within all things lies that power of love. I truly believe and feel that.

    And we humans with the unique power of free will to choose to act against our true nature, must wend our way back to the place we once belonged: freedom in spirit, freedom in our unconditional nature of ever satisfying being. Finally relinquishing the crutch of being hynotized by our reflection in space and time bodies.

    Something arises in me perceiving the elegance of this deer’s love.

    What wonders await us behind the darkness of closed eyes! Churning in our hearts is the clarion call of that supreme happiness able to skip across the Milky Way unencumbered by rude gravity. Freedom! Joy! Life Itself!

    Such sweetness in their relationship.

  42. So sweet!

  43. Still On Your Side

    Congratulations on creating a world where there is no fear, and this mother is able to take very good care of her little one. It doesn’t matter how big or little that world is, it exists, and I think that says it all.

  44. Your dog is cooler than my dogs.

  45. It isn’t safe for a bird to land on my property.

  46. Predatory little city slickers.

  47. Hi Mosey, I keep going back to this video as it is so very
    wonderful. Thank you.
    Also, I have to tell you I live out in the forest and we have
    deer families coming up close to the house. They are such
    beautiful animals, and the small ones are so playful.
    We, in addition, have horses, dogs, sheep, chicken, ducks,
    rabbits and turtles. It is a virtual zoo. So much life!

  48. Truly beautiful. I am so happy that in the midst of all those storms you both have braved that you have managed to create your garden of love, peace and solitude!

  49. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

  50. Wendy Munro

    Beautiful Mosey and Marty . Theta follows you around!

  51. I got lured into a camping trip once with a huge group of people that were having a “reunion” on the Colorado River. After I arrived and all of these tents were spread out and people were drinking and cooking fish soup from fish they had caught in a nearby river, in a big black cauldron over an open fire, I realized we all pretending to be homeless. That is what camping is, pretending you are homeless. If you have ever been homeless, it is kind of depressing. I started saying, out loud, and after a few drinks, “I don’t want to be homeless. I don’t want to pretend to be homeless. Why do you think it is fun to be homeless?” I was handed a whole bottle of Jim Beam and soon I was sleeping off from the rest, who had grown suspicious of me. Oddly, I was invited back the next year, and I rented a spiffy R.V. and drove it into the camp site. That was the last time I was invited. But maybe the experience of living in the woods deliberately has some revitalizing effect on people that are scared of the woods or scared of being homeless.

  52. Very funny Oracle. Yes, some people love going to
    the woods with just the bare necessities but I also
    have friends who would not be caught dead without
    all their TV’s, computers and indoor toilets. Fortunately
    I live in a 10,000 sq. feet mansion fully renovated so
    there is everything a city slicker and an woodsman
    could ever want.

  53. I don’t mean to imply I am spoiled. It is the mere fact that 22 generations before me fought for what? So I could sleep in the woods? That is a slap in the face or what? If you can’t provide for your dogs after all of that … what the hell? I am into the effort of the human race.

    I am in a 4500 + sq. feet mini mansion that I just flipped, in Vegas, and I can’t wait to offload this place. 24 hours a week just to keep the 800 sq ft kitchen clean. How the hell are you keeping it together in 10,000 sq ft?

    Real Estate is real moody right now. I just a took a 200K hit in California on an offer. Five years of very hard labor a total wash.

    A trailer park is looking real good to me.

  54. Beauty in your backyard. 🙂

  55. Do not think you are spoiled at all! But I thought you were
    an east coaster!? If you also are in LA, I just read Ken
    Shapiro’s (he used to be the super reg at ASHO, and now
    out of the SO is a broker in the Echo Park area) blog,
    saying how real estate is starting on an upswing again,
    so hold on a bit longer if you can.
    We are digressing from this blog but just so you know
    we have a lady coming in 3 full days a week to clean.

    Nothing wrong with a trailer park as long as you do not
    trash it.

  56. Good to see you here freespirit!

  57. Laughter! Too funny!

    I’m in Vegas. Staying here too. There is something very unreal about this city. It is all blatantly unreal. You can’t stay serious here. Everything is new, there is no “history” here beyond the sand. There is nothing here to remind you of anything, except the good times. LOT’S OF COMMUNITY TRUST. You can carry your drink on the street and your pistol in your pocket. The city was built on the backs of showgirls. How cool is that? It is a very feminine city. The only thing here for guys is Radio Shack and golf.

  58. You sly teases, you. 🙂 This post title now makes a lot more sense.

    Seriously, all happiness to the three of you with the birth of William James Rathbun. He’s absolutely gorgeous. My husband and I are so happy for you all.


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