Don’t Read This Book


Those who ought to steer clear of the book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, available next week on Amazon Books:

Folks who consider Scientology their faith and who are unsettled by or uncomfortable with anything that might rattle their beliefs.

Those who wish to live in the comfort of having established who’s and why’s for all of Scientology’s travails.

Folks who wish to remain comfortably numb about the many sacred, yet apparently invisible, elephants in the Scientology room.

Those who might feel threatened by losing their adopted bogeymen that explain everything.  

Angry Scientologists who find comfort in clinging to fixed ideas about the subject.

Angry ex-Scientologists who find comfort in clinging to fixed ideas about the subject.

Folks who just have to have an enemy in order to be happy.

Those who bristle at the notion that Scientologists ought to integrate, evolve and transcend.

If you fit into one or more of the above categories, Memoirs probably ain’t your cup of tea.


111 responses to “Don’t Read This Book

  1. Thanks for the warning, Marty.


  2. I can hardly wait!! 😀

  3. Well, I don’t seem to fit into any of the above categories, so we’re going to go ahead and order a couple of copies.

    Hell, I might even get adventurous and read it.

    Should I be scared?


  4. This should be a great read. I hope it’s available on Kindle.

  5. Well, I happen to think the rattling of beliefs is the sound of personal growth. Guess I’ll buy the book. Or maybe two – one to keep and one to loan out.

  6. martyrathbun09

    If you aren’t in one of those categories you have nothing to fear.

  7. gretchen dewire

    Whew, I am so glad I dont fit into those categories, because I have been waiting impatiently for your book. The first 2 books really put my experiences of scientology in perspective. I thought it was all me that was wrong. You have been the validation I have needed for the last 20 years and did not even know it. I love this blog.

  8. Why do I like it already?

  9. Dani Lemberger

    You got me confused. Again. I know this book might damage me but I can’t quite figure out which one of these categories I fit into. No choice but to read it and then find out why I shouldn’t have. Plus, I’ll have you autograph my copy, just to make sure it’s genuine.
    Well done on the hard work and the creativity, Dani

  10. Marty, am ordering it this afternoon. And looking forward to it immensely. Thanks for writing this.

  11. P.S. Is it available on Kindle?

  12. martyrathbun09

    Won’t be available till late next week. Hopefully, I can get to Kindle formatting in time.

  13. Agreed. And me too.

  14. Jerry Howard

    Too bad I have very dear friends in one or more those categories… They are still sort-of in comm with me, but don’t want to look at anything that might go against the DM grain. I’ll definitely get a copy for myself.

  15. O.o …… Is Green or Black Tea ? 😀
    Well done !

  16. Hi Marty,
    I don’t fit into any of those categories. Your new book sounds VERY interesting. I am guessing on the basis of hints you have dropped in the past that it will shed some light upon who did what and when behind the scenes in the Church that has lead to the mess that exists today. I have just one question. Does it discuss any OT level data?

    The reason I am asking is because intend to do the OT levels and have decided not to be exposed to that data until I am ready to do those levels in session. I realize that others have been exposed to the data prior, but this is my personal choice.

  17. I do believe this will be your best book yet. Very much looking forward to it.:-D

  18. Paul Durant

    Since I am not a Scientologist, Im dispensed from having to qualify along 6 of the 8 criteria. ..:)

    For the 2 others, I’m, glad to confirm that I don’t need anymore an enemy in order to be happy (been there done that, quite a while ago), and also I do feel elated whenever I lose some adopted bogeyman that I did not even know I had.

    So now all ive got to do now is to order this book as soon as it is listed on Amazon (I don’t see it there right now).

    I very much forward to reading it.

    Marty, I enjoyed your first 2 books, and I’m curious to see what this third one will be about. Cheers. Paul

  19. Bring it, man! Kindle is my choice too!

  20. Marty, a cool title and an awesome cover. It’s like a Dianetics cover. Impinging!!!

    I like the title…

    Looking forward to it.

  21. I can normally buy a copy of a book on Amazon before it is available… I checked and couldn’t do it. Anyway, thanks Marty and I look forward to the book.

  22. I am with you Danny. I will also buy it and read it. I am sure it will cause me a tremendous damage.

  23. Regular Dog

    Marty, I liked your first 2 books so I’ll read your new one also.

  24. Bruce Pratt

    Woo wee! This is the one I really want! Vol 3, more or less?

    I do want to trouble you for an autographed copy :-).

    PS: I’m probably too hard headed to admit being one of those folks, so I’ll read it for sure. 🙂

  25. Marty, This book was a long time coming but well worth the wait. I wish I would have had this book years ago to explain all those nagging little questions no one was willing to answer. This book answers ALL. Well written and the best book I’ve read ALL day!! Love, Sargio

  26. one of those who see

    Agree with Theo, love the cover. Will definitely be buying and reading! I got into Scientology for more freedom not less.

  27. Can’t wait for it. Loved your first two books, and with the third being the Memoirs, I’m more intrigued than ever. Glad you were able to find the time to get them written down.

  28. LOVE!!! this post.

  29. Finally!. Somehow I trust you with the truth , probably because the first two felt so right.Can’t wait to read it.

  30. “Those who wish to live in the comfort of having established who’s and why’s for all of Scientology’s travails.” MR

    That’s one of the most biting statements of Kool-Aid drinker I’ve run across yet. It made me realize I no longer do that.

    Looking forward to Book III Marty… congrats in advance.

  31. Sapere Aude

    sarge – I always look forward to your participation. There are so few who actually knew, I mean really personally knew, LRH and their input is priceless. Just know whatever you wish to say is always welcome as far as I am concerned. Thanks for being here.

  32. Sapere Aude

    I am looking forward to reading it cover to cover just as I have the others!

  33. Great! Looking forward to reading it.

  34. Looking forward to it.

  35. Thanks for the warning!
    I shall thus preserve my eternity.
    Where would we be without you.
    Succumbing with all the elephants and bogeymen.:)))
    Thanks for humbly tendering this gift to mankind.
    With your usual clarity and wit 🙂

  36. Looking forward to it!

  37. Love, your sense of humor!

  38. Sounds like just the sort of “entheta” necessary to produce some major case change and enlightenment. Looking forward to a good read.

  39. SA, Thank you. I know there are questions a lot of people have for me after the Larry Wright book came out. I would like to ask that everyone wait to read Marty’s before asking me more. Marty answers just about everything in this book. It is much more accurate and interesting than the Wright book. Nothing is taken out of context. I smell Pulitzer.Love, Sarge

  40. This will be on my must read list for sure. Well done for continuing to communicate the truth.


  42. Likewise – been really looking forward to this one. As previous ones, several copies necessary due to local demand!

    “Truth is truth, no matter where or when”. (M Padfield 2013).

  43. Hi Marty,

    I have been worried for months now. I am still a follower of yours but I have noticed that lately you have been inferring that there is something wrong with Scientology, the subject, not scientology inc. the administration. It is very disconcerting to read that you fully believe in Scientology, but at the same time you are saying there is something wrong with it. Please continue to point out the faults of the present day administrators of the church but also continue to keep pointing out what is RIGHT about Scientology tech.

  44. The TRUTH will set you free! Nothing else!

  45. Won`t read it!

  46. Christopher J. Barnes

    I miss the reactive mind sometimes! I often get rather bored being always omniscient and omnipresent. So, that is why I came here to this mutual universe to play fun games with you all. The trouble is you guys weren’t playing fair anymore and the games became too solid and frankly, terrible. I hardly ever got laid, the bodies were to fragile and some of you were so very grumpy instead of happy and fun to be around like you used to in the previous universe. So, I left for a few decades and found my true self again. My own universe is kinda lonely without good company, so I came back here for a while to play some better games with you all. So this time do not make the Theta traps last so long! It gives me the shits.

    PS: Does anyone know what is the games score is so far?

  47. burythenuts

    Earl Grey Please!!!! With cream and sugar!

  48. EnthralledObserver


  49. Dear Marty,
    I have both of your books and read them with great interest.
    Good data on all levels. I will get your new book and read it.

  50. Can’t wait to get and read your book – even though I fit into all the categories. I like living my life dangerously.

  51. Sapere Aude

    sarge – Yes, I will be reading it. I didn’t mean comments about the Wright book, which I haven’t read. Whenever you have stories about whatever they are enjoyable. I just wanted to acknowledge your input and that you had been missed. Again, thanks for being here. Enjoy your day and we all await a major shift in TA ahead. Truth brings about as-isness; brings a change of awareness and new viewpoints. Can anyone say maybe – a long hot summer, again.

  52. Thanks Marty for taking the time and the care to put down your feelings about your adventure navigating this thing called a life.


  53. Could I buy one directly from you and have it shipped? I would be asking for an autographed copy, this will add to my “collection” Scobee, Hawkins, I only need Jenna, Rath, & rinder whenever he gets around to finishing his. !

    Belly up at the bar, waiting on those shots with Mike & Marty

    The resident Co$ outsider” Bed Man in Okc

  54. Courage.

  55. Michael Cox

    Biding my time in anticipation.
    Thanks Marty!

  56. Can’t wait to read it!

  57. “There is no greater misfortune
    than underestimating your enemy.

    Underestimating your enemy
    means thinking that he is evil.

    Thus you destroy your three treasures*
    and become an enemy yourself.

    When two great forces oppose each other,
    the victory will go to the one that knows how to yield.”

    Lao Tzu

    (*Simplicity, patience, compassion.
    These three are your greatest treasures.
    Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies,
    you accord with the way things are.
    Compassionate toward yourself,
    you reconcile all beings in the world.)

  58. Well it sounds like my cup of tea! Can’t wait to read all of your insight in this next book of this fascinating saga of Scn.

    Make it Rain, Rainman

  59. Can I buy directly from you and get it autographed?

  60. Not to go too much off-topic, but I thought readers here might like to see a perfect (recent) example of the reverse results of Miscavige’s extremism — this final quote from the article sums it up best:

    “If the CCHR didn’t exist, the psychopharmoceutical complex would have to invent them.”

    Full article is here:

  61. You don’t want to read it because you fall in one or more of the above categories. You have made that very clear by your earlier comments on this and other blogs.

    If LRH had been sucked into the above categories then Dianetics and Scientology would not exist today. We are lucky that he preferred to look and confront and take action.

  62. I am looking forward to reading the book. All in one sitting.

  63. I will savor every page with a bit every day if I can
    contain myself.

  64. Daisey, there is much to be pointed out that is not good. Policies that hurt people.

  65. Paul Durand


    Your Warrior title reminds me of this quote from Lao Tzu:

    “Peaceful warriors have three great treasures: Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion.

    Simple in actions and thoughts, they return to the source of being.

    Patient with both friends and enemies, they live in harmony with the way things are.

    Compassionate toward themselves, they make peace with the world.

    Some may call the teaching nonsense; others may call it lofty and impractical.

    But to those who have looked inside themselves, this nonsense makes perfect sense. And for those who put it into practice, this loftiness has deep roots.”

    How wonderful!. I And what a uplifting nice feeling to aspire to become that person, each day…

  66. Snowhite, please do NOT read this book as it will do you irreparable harm! Stay far, far away…….

  67. Aquamarine

    I’m chomping at the bit to read this!

  68. Phil Bruemmer

    I’m looking forward to it.

    I hope the SPCA doesn’t hassle you for slaying the elephants.

  69. Because, it is not that people WILL NOT listen to anyone from the Church of Scientology (in spite of the kind of dangerous people that belong that to that church), it is because their ideas about Marty Rathbun cannot be trusted as genuine and truthful. People want the truth to live with not a prettied up pack of lies that the Church of Scientology qualifies itself to deliver to others. Marty’s book is his memoirs and I believe they are true his experience. A good read for anyone. 🙂

  70. Yay…it’s here!

  71. Wendy Munro

    Marty, whatever your book contains, if it be truth (which I don’t doubt), then it should be palatable to all – even your detractors. Looking forward to the book – and its impact!

  72. Wendy Munro

    Also like the cover – the sun breaks through the black clouds and takes centre stage.

  73. The very fact that we have a whole church full of “clubbed seals” willing to shell out all their current and future earnings to a completely corrupt individual and organization, who believe every utterance of Mr. David Miscavige, who are afraid to look at anything outside their bubble, who refuse to communicate with anyone who challenges them in any way, and who then believe the line of BS that they are totally free, are extremely brave, and are on “the road to total freedom” despite being petrified, well that proves one thing:

    Scientology tech is not perfect and it is not complete.

    There are flaws – significant flaws – in the tech itself and in (especially) admin tech. In order to advance as beings, we need to really understand that. We cannot mold ourselves to something written by Ron (or David Miscavige, or David Mayo, or others) just because it we MUST believe it because it MUST be true, or we DIE or we are EXPELLED.

    In addition we cannot close ourselves off to wisdom. Wisdom is all around us, and it is okay and, actually, vital to tap into it. The whole of Ron’s philosophy is but a small part of the overall wisdom available to us. The parts of Scientology that truly are true are essential pieces of the wisdom we have, but it is not all of it.

    Looking for yourself and reading what other great thinkers have written, as well as learning Scientology correctly, adds context to what Ron wrote, and, for that matter, what Jesus and the Buddha taught. There is nothing wrong with learning.

    I know Scientology is well worth learning, and learning well. You can help people immeasurably by using and applying Scientology. The tech is valuable and it needs to be taught and learned as itself. But it is not perfect, and people need to understand that too.


  74. Wisdom. As Bob Dylan says: “Lao Tzu: Smart fella.”

  75. This quote by a well known and highly respected buddhist lama – Dzongsar
    Khyentse Rinpoche reminds me of what Marty is going and has no doubt done with his new book. He’s really going to be “disturbing people” – replace the word “dharma” (which means teachings) with “Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior” by Marty Rathbun …

    “Never think that you will be able to settle your life down by practicing the dharma. The dharma is not therapy. In fact, it is just the opposite. The purpose of the dharma is to really stir up your life. It is meant to turn your life upside down. If that is what you asked for, why complain? If it is not turning your life upside down, on the other hand, the dharma is not working. That kind of dharma is just another one of these New Age methods; the dharma should really disturb you.

  76. TYPO: …what Marty is DOING and has no doubt done …

  77. Have you read the previous two books, WIWWS and The Scientology Reformation? Pretty much clears all that up.

  78. For you that’s probably a very wise decision…

  79. Great quote – the best literature challenges and unsettles…

  80. Strong medicine not cup of tea, ke-mo sah-bee.

  81. Mary Rathernotsay

    Hello Marty,
    Big congrats on getting your new book out there so quickly!
    I join your long list of fans who cannot wait to read it! (Maybe fans is a wrong word, more like admirers).
    I am proud of you and you must be real proud also of such a courageous accomplishment.
    I am all stocked up on tea and ordering several copies of your new book the minute its available on Amazon. I’d also love to read it on Kindle for when I’m on the move, it’s so portable.
    Please tell us how those far from Texas can get an autographed copy!
    And will you please join the many in now persuading your pal Mike Rinder to begin writing his memoirs?
    Very Well Done, Auditor Dude! And Author Dude!

  82. You are a star Marty!!!!!

  83. Mark, I’m interested in what you see as the flaws in the basic philosophy or tech, especially in the philosophy. As for the tech, the only flaws I’ve heard of so far have to do with OT case that comes up for lower level pcs which isn’t handled at those lower levels (David St Lawrence apparently now handles such with his pc’s, applying what he knows overall).

  84. Just returned from seeing the fantastic and inspiring movie “42” based on the true story of Jackie Robinson who with the help and encouragement of Branch Rickey, broke the color barrier in baseball.

    The line that reminded me WHILE watching the movie that reminded me of Marty came from Branch. When asked by Jackie WHY he fought so hard to get him (Jackie) into Major League Baseball …

    Branch said : “You let me love baseball again.”

    Marty – through this blog and his first two books and I am SURE his third book

    Let me love Scientology again

  85. p.s. I almost forgot the controversial level OT III, which apparently for some pc’s is not real. However, according to a post Dan Koon wrote, LRH wanted a pilot done where pc’s would go straight from OT II onto NOTs, but DM never did the pilot.

  86. Paul Durant

    Grasshopper writes: “The tech is valuable and it needs to be taught and learned as itself.” One thing that really strikes me about people who have left mainstream Scientology is that none of them has anything negative to say about the tech itself.

    My experience has been that, Normally, when people leave a new religious movement, they find faults not only with management, but also with the religious technology in use in the movement. Not the case here. This says a lot about the quality for Scientology technology: the positive views about it survive the angers and disappointments with the organization.

    Whether one believes in and practices Scientology or not, my sense is that the core of L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy is vastly misunderstood, and unfairly buried under media stereotypes. From the outside, he appears as one of these few oversized human beings that come periodically on this planet and who end up being more a topic of debate rather than being appreciated for what they did, regardless of the apparent flaws.

    I look forward to reading your book both for what it may contain about what it was like to work with L. Ron Hubbard, and for the insights about your own experiences.

    Wishing you all a great week end. Paul

  87. Paul, there is a nice movie with the title “Peaceful Warrior” starring Nick Nolte:
    Very nice “spirit over matter” movie, btw.

  88. Wow, I am moved..

  89. Same to you, Paul. 🙂

  90. Sapere Aude,
    ….Everything you just said. Thanks for saying it.
    And Sarge, I appreciate very much that you have been and are Ron’s friend.

  91. Sapere Aude

    Paul – I always enjoy your participation. As one never “in” nor very steeped in Scientology, its language, its concepts it is refreshing to see how it can be viewed in a new unit of time. You bring other concepts, philosophies, authors etc to the feast and make it truly a better experience for all. From my first book I have always known there are basic truth’s found within the technology – or methods of application – for the concepts written and spoken about. This is probably true for most of us. Wishing you a great weekend also.

  92. I think you nailed it, Paul. What Hubbard developed is truly remarkable and was way ahead of its time, irrespective of the man’s own personal peccadilloes.

  93. Marildi, re. this “controversial level OT III”, I have said it here
    before that I have met 2 totally oblivious to anything about
    Scientology and LRH (one of them long before the Internet),
    who both of them in detail described the result of OT III.
    Now again, just last week, I met a man who had had extensive
    dealings with the Hopi Indians. They had a medicine man who
    was healing people through the use of some of this technology.
    Did LRH get it from that tribe? I’ll say what Steve Martin as the
    Pink Panther said when he was going to have a date with Beyonce
    and was asked if it was not against protocol; “who cares!”.

  94. Sapere Aude

    marildi – I don’t think there is a “controversial OT III”. There are those that don’t wish to agree with the narrative. The OT case handled is not invalidated whether they believe the story or not. As far as coming up at lower levels if the auditing is correct the pc is handled with standard tech just as everybody else. It just shows up as case and is handled. The auditor need not even know or be OT III and it will still handle.

    There is always the datum that the pc is audited on what they can handle and not forced or overwhelmed by the auditor and driven into the bank. If the auditors code is in and the pc in session then as Lars says “who cares.”

    As to Lars and the stories. I would agree. If the charge and concept are true – then would not we expect at times others to have touched upon this area of case? I had an awareness of this long before scn but only once I was on the level did I then understand more of what I had perceived. This didn’t make me special. I would expect many around the world at different times to have a perception even if they had no answer or basis to understand it. To me that is more a validation than a negation of the charge to be handled.

  95. gretchen dewire

    Paul, I also love to read your posts,however on this blog are mostly people who know the tech works even if all the other bs does not. There are many ,many people out there who think differently, Many ex scientologists hold onto huge resentments for everything about scientology. I do not frequent those blogs much. To me resentments are like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Not a very productive activity

  96. Great data, Lars. Thank you very much. (A wise and funny comparison to the Pink Panther’s line, too. :D)

  97. Wow, more great data from you Sapere Aude. Very much appreciated. I totally got it, and that has been my personal experience with the tech.

    I thought of one other “criticism”, which is that pc’s who run either faster or slower than the average can have a rough time of it because the C/S may make incorrect interpretations and, with the faster running pcs, not accept the EP that that occurred so fast and push them to the point of overrun; and the slow-running pc’s may be sent to get checked out in ethics, for example. Things like that. Supposedly, the C/Ses are just following standard tech. My guess is that if it really is standard, the C/S “errors” would quickly resolve anyway.

    Btw, are you an experienced auditor yourself, if I may ask?

  98. SadStateofAffairs

    I do not believe I fit into any of the categories you have warned, but even if I did, I would still be looking forward very much to reading your latest book. My own evolution in relation to life, Scientology, and the Universe seems to generally in the same direction as yours. I actually had tremendous gains in Scientology, but many of them were only latent and unrealized until I started to disengage from the Church, apply my own judgment on the subject, and re-engage with my own integrity. You have been tremendously helpful to me in this process. Thank you.

  99. “Let me love Scientology again” . . . such an honest and heartfelt comment. Just like marildi, I am moved too.
    RE: “42” . . . I know of a principal in an underprivileged area of Harlem who used precious school funds to pay for all of her students to go see the movie. . . . if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, go.

  100. Thanks SA, bullseye!

  101. Paul Durand

    gretchen dewire writes: “To me resentments are like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”,
    Well said.

    I remember, in the mid 1960s, reading a book which enchanted my teenage years: “In Quest of God, The Sage of An Extraordinary Pilgrimage” by Swami Ramdas. “ (Available on Amazon) The book is a biography of Swami Ramdas, an Indian holy man who passed away in 1963. After raising a family and having a business, he gave away everything he had and left on a lifetime pilgrimage looking for god, taking on the name Ramdas, and living on charity (though he never accepted money).

    His practice was to view the world as forms of Ram – and thus to see everything that might befall him as the will of Ram. He said a mantra which became a round-the-clock practice. In 1922 he encountered the sage, Ramana Maharshi, and received his grace. He then went into his first retreat, living for 21 days in solitude in a cave. Upon leaving this cave he was filled with the realization that, “All is Rama, nothing but Rama” . It is said that, some time later an experience near Mangalore fully erased his personal identity, so that only all he experienced all the time was Oneness.
    As I hitch hiked to India for the first time in 1971, the only book I had with me was his book and it was tremendous inspiration.

    I remember that one day, and that’s why your post, Gretchen, reminded me of him, Ramdas came across some swami in a village, who was jealous of him, and tried to poison him. What happened is that Swami Ramdas took the glass of poison and drank it, and soon thereafter the man who had given him the poison collapsed, suffering from the effects of the poison. And Swami Ramdas, who had drunk the poison, did not feel anything. The story goes that Ramdas told the man who had tried to poison him: “See: what poisons is not the poison, but what is in the mind.” This story stuck with me and Im still trying to fully learn the message of Swami Ramdas…

    Gretchen, thank you for bringing up that resentments are like poison, This is so true…

  102. Love the artwork on the cover.

  103. Bed Man OKC, there is a good reason why everybody of every persuasion can’t help liking you…’s because you are a good, likeable guy.

    By the way, when I was going to reply to this, I clicked on your name instead of the ‘reply’ button by mistake, and found out where your handle comes from. I laughed because I had imagined so many different possibilities: Does the “bedman” thing have something to do with sex? Are you bed-ridden? Why did you come up with such an odd name? Turns out that the answer is as simple and straight forward, as you are! 🙂

  104. EnthralledObserver

    Maybe you should visit Tony Ortega’s blog for the other perspective from ex-Scientologists… they tell a very different point of view of the ‘tech’ and it’s workability. Look out for Derek (dbloch), ChuckBeatty and Alanzo’s opinions, among others.

  105. Interesting that each of the categories as you described them Marty is what I would interpret to be a manifestation of fear.

    I look forward to reading this book.

  106. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter

    I’m in the “I’ll decide what’s true for me” group so I guess I’m the correct public too. Looking forward to it!!

  107. Good point, Monte.

  108. Yes, the ‘other perspective’ is worth looking at. It can be found in its fullness on ESMB.

    But what I found is that there are ‘true believers’ over there too. Often the more dedicated they were to Scientology, the further over they flipped to the other, negative, side, when they left for whatever reasons. Now they could be called ‘true unbelievers’. Like the fanatical antismokers who were once smokers and now cannot tolerate, and decry, even a tiny whiff of smoke….

    Who you choose to believe says more about you than it does about Scientology.

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