Ten Reasons to Avoid ‘Scientology Warrior’

Ten reasons why you should not read Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior:

  1. If you read it, you might get the idea that Scientology is something that one ought to graduate from.  This could be particularly troubling for folk who can’t seem to get over the reunion-of-the-folks-from-the-good-old-days mentality.
  2. If you read it, you might get the idea that for Scientology to assert the idea some of its ideas are sacred and ought to remain hidden is the height of hypocrisy. This could be particularly difficult for those who cling to a sense of mystical superiority over mere mortals.
  3. If you read it, you might get the idea that Scientology is nothing more than, as Ron once noted, ‘a workable technology’.  This could be particularly trying for those who assert ‘total certainty’ on the ‘only road to total freedom.’
  4. If you read it, you might become curious as to the evolution of psychotherapeutic and spiritual practices during the time Scientology has existed.  This could be particularly upsetting to those who find comfort in knowing without doubt that anything developed or discussed outside the halls of Scientology is destructive, dangerous business.
  5. If you read it, you might get the idea that having to have someone to blame or fight is a severe limitation to one’s spiritual growth.   This could be particularly disconcerting to the ‘onward Scientology soldier’ set.
  6. If you read it, you will more than likely doubt every utterance emanating from the church of Scientology from David Miscavige on down.   This could be particularly perplexing for those who find solace in relying upon those they have decided are ‘on Source’ or ‘with Ron’ or ‘with Scientology.’
  7. If you read it, you might find out that L. Ron Hubbard did not live an immaculate resurrection as popularly accepted.   This could be particularly enturbulating to those whose gains in Scientology are based upon the  foundation of the stable datum of ‘doing what Ron would do.’
  8. If you read it, you will more than likely forever lose the ‘ends justify the means’ think that Scientology implants upon its members.   This will be particularly jarring to those weaklings who take some measure of pride in judging, denigrating, and black pr’ing those who don’t see eye to eye with them on Scientology.
  9. If you read it, you might find out that much of Scientology takes away the positive that it is also capable of producing.  This will be particularly unsettling to those who have a weak understanding on the observable mechanics that make Scientology produce results .
  10. If you read it, you might not continue to think Ron is Buddha reincarnated or, on the other hand, a grand con man.  This will be particularly troubling to those whose gains were founded upon, or bolstered by, belief. It will also cause consternation to those who have found  a safe solution in targeting Ron as inherently evil.

Now Available at Amazon Books: click here: Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior


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  1. Marty — you might change this list to read —

    “You might be a kool-aid drinker” if … then list out the 10 reasons.

    I especially loved the last one — the bit about the Buddha having reincarnated as Ron. As a buddhist, you’d be amazed how many scientologists (ex, indies and all the rest) who have either informed me that indeed Ron was buddha OR who ask me seriously if I think Ron was buddha. Part of the reason, I think some ex’s etc., accept me is because “after all Ron was Buddha — Ron has just done a better job at bringing a tech to the west”

    OMG 🙂

  2. Marty — you might change this list to read –

    “You might be a kool-aid drinker if” … then list out the 10 reasons.

    I especially loved the last one — the bit about the Buddha having reincarnated as Ron. As a buddhist, you’d be amazed how many scientologists (ex, indies and all the rest) who have either informed me that indeed Ron was buddha OR who ask me seriously if I think Ron was buddha. Part of the reason, I think some ex’s etc., accept me is because “after all Ron was Buddha — Ron has just done a better job at bringing a tech to the west”


  3. Best of fortune with this one, Marty. Speaking as one author to another, I admire your fortitude in plunging into the self-publishing world.

  4. Marty: That is really great. I am not afraid of any of those things happening. Most people today accept the word of the internet OVER the word of the Church of Scientology. Some people, Marty, not that this is THE way, but some people have gone to school for 10 years and still do not fully understand all there is to the universe. But, walk into a Mission or Org anywhere and the staff there learned all of this 2 weeks! 🙂 I am very happy you finally wrote and authoritatve memoir from the viewpoint of a church insider. 🙂

  5. So happy you have done this. Anxious for my opportunity to order. I appreciate your courage to confront sacred cows of all kinds and the wisdom that you are willing to share. It takes a lot of hard work to separate the wheat from the chaff; the workable technology from the unworkable policies. You are the poster boy for spiritual growth over dogma.

  6. Correction: FORMER church insider! 🙂

  7. Three words: bring – it – on.

    BTW, I don’t know if you intended it as such, but you’ve just applied a near perfect piece of reverse-marketing; a highly respected and relatively new kind of marketing. This post, and the previous reminded me very much of a series of Adverts for a slimming pill called slim-a-sleep which actually was nothing more than a concoction of various vitamins and minerals. It gained some notoriety in the UK and eventually fell foul of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). The bulk of the copy was the usual blah blah about the wonders of this slimming method but a highlighted text box contained these words: “Warning – DO NOT take too much of these pills as you may lose weight too fast”. It was one of the most fabulously successful adverts if its kind.

  8. Marty, I think once people have read this book, they will realize that you truly are ‘A man for all seasons”. Well done my friend! Love, Sarge

  9. I like it…for me I always looked for what was workable period. Perhaps reading this book could wake a lot of people up,perhaps not. Those with fixed ideas, whether real or imagined will never wake up I suppose.WE are all free in this time and in this moment to think for ourselves. looking forward to the read!! Happy Holiday!

  10. Sapere Aude

    Marty, I am of the opinion that any person with personal integrity will have nothing to fear by reading this book. The only conflict would be anything that one has not found to be true for themselves. I do not fear reading this, nor do I believe it will harm in any way. Maybe it will make many think, even to the point of waking up the inquisitive side that have hidden. This could only result in a more thorough understanding, enjoyment and participation in life. Truth has nothing to hide from the direct sun light of exposure. It will not melt or fade. What is true before reading will only be enhanced after reading as long as nothing is taken as dogma or must believe or agree with. Looking forward to it.

  11. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    love it ! 🙂

  12. Holy moly! Tell it like it is Marty.
    I’m looking forward to your book.

  13. Point #3 is interesting.

    Although I feel I understand your overall point, I am curious that, by this statement, you seem to hold the point of view “that Scientology is nothing more than, as Ron once noted, ‘a workable technology’.” I am guessing that the book will bring your viewpoint on that more into perspective.

    To me, I find that, although Scientology has some workable technology, that is not all that it offers by a long shot. Some of the things that I value about Scientology are some of the wisdoms that are contained in its philosophy.

    I feel that the value of that philosophy transcends the “workable technologies” that Scientology has, in that it is largely from its core philosophy that those technologies have sprung in the first place. (Although I also note that the application of its own technologies has undoubtedly lead to greater philosophical understanding. I know it has in my case.) The technologies of Scientology are essentially “static” in that they are considered and practiced as “standard” and “unalterable” procedures. Also, auditing technologies generally have specific uses for specific types of “case”. Once that specific piece or type of “case” is “handled” on a person, they become redundant to that person. (note: not all processes and procedures of Scientology fit into this category, but the bulk do.)

    The philosophy however is essentially mobile. One can use the philosophical viewpoints to create, and/or evaluate data, and new viewpoints. One can use this same philosophy as a yardstick to evaluate the procedures and results of Scientology itself.

    Also, the philosophy allows for, and even encourages, its own transcendence.


  14. #9 and 10 are particularly interesting to me.
    even though I know everything there is to know about it already…just kidding..it could be #11

  15. martyrathbun09

    Also, the philosophy allows for, and even encourages, its own transcendence.
    If that were the case, I would have shut up and moved on a long time ago.

  16. Marty, I’ll give you 9 out of 10, but I’m not planning to “graduate” from Scientology, for two reasons. First, I’ve collected quite a few useful tools and concepts during my time in the Church which I plan to keep and continue using, and giving credit where credit is due, I will continue to refer to this collection as Scientology.

    Second, I find that my strongest friendships are with people who have also been through the RCS wringer. It doesn’t matter whether they consider themselves exes or indies, we have a shared intensity of experience that is somewhat similar to troops who fought side by side in wartime. In fact I’m hoping to meet more such folks and create some new friendships, and I’m looking forward to attending one of these July 4th independence parties.

    I’m also looking forward to the day when some of my other old friends decide to break the bonds and can associate openly with me again.

  17. Marty, Are you going to have this available for Kindle?

  18. martyrathbun09


  19. martyrathbun09

    Graduates use the tools they have learned. They simply don’t hang around campus trying to re-live school days.

  20. I don’t think there is any reason to fear your book. You have opinions like everyone else. Some are great.
    Best wishes.

  21. Enough already! I will hibernate to the end of this week.

  22. Does the book have an index? If so, how many of these are in there?
    Minton, Bob
    Brooks, Stacy
    Prince, Jesse
    Morgan, Lucy
    Wood, Joan
    Wollersheim, Lawrence
    Lerma, Arnie
    Frei, Peter
    Pfaff, Heribert
    Havenith, Josephus
    Cazares, Gabe

  23. So totally agree!!!!!!!

  24. threefeetback

    Kinda sounds like the ‘clearing course’ for those who have not graduated on their own.

  25. I am not sure that those people in the index would bring much more light to the subject of actual applied Scientology vs Corporate Scientology…but I know this much…if there was an index listing people the radical church has attacked…a bit off the topic here…the only person I would include would be Gerry Armstrong. That man has to be one of the sharpest people I have ever observed on the face of the Earth, hands down! 🙂 Gerry Armstrong was very helpful in educating the public about what L. Ron Hubbard was really truly thinking at times when he wrote his religion! 🙂

  26. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Great, do we have an ETA? I looked today and it was not there yet.

  27. Actually, I agree with that. Perhaps I should read the book first. I might give you 10 out of 10.

  28. Wow Eric, I sure missed that opportunity! Can you name one person who was graduated with an honorable discharge from Scientology? I mean, besides those that died at their desk in the line of duty?

  29. I just ordered my copy and looking forward to reading it. I hope it fills in history that I missed.

  30. Mary Rathernotsay

    A reason I read your blog, your books and others’ comments on this site is because although I read KSW1 a “million” times, demoed it a “million” times. star-rated it, did every method of word clearing on it, and did KSW1 in clay not just a few times… I never really believed in KSW1. And thanks possibly to the no verbal tech injunctions, in all the years nobody ever came out and asked me, “Are you in complete agreement with this bulletin, KSW1?”
    I would have had to say “No.” Yes, I know this is heresy. I know that by continuing my study of Scientology I must have implied my complete agreement with KSW1. But it always amazed me that no one ever asked the obvious question, Do you agree whole-heartedly with this PL?
    I always thought to myself, “Ron has got to be kidding here!”
    Yes, I am a panty-waist dillettante. It’s not a crime believe it or not to be a dillettante no matter what ANYBODY else says. To thine own self be true.
    I am happy that I never fully bought into KSW1, because if I had, I would probably right now be still trying to scrape together some sort of IAS donation OR (and no disrespect to any former Sea-Org members) be wearing a Sea-Org uniform. I never did because every time I got near a contract and saw the words a BILLION years, my mind just went Whaaaa?
    Dillettantes do not sign billion years contracts…!
    Yes, this sounds like what it is, pure heresy that might shock other former Scientologists. But to believe KSW1 unconditionally is to remain a “forever” member of the Church, unless you’ve woken up to the corruption therein.
    I ask the highly intelligent readership of this blog, is there anybody else out there who can admit that while a member of the Church they never fully bought into KSW1?
    This is why I read Marty’s blog, and why I love his books. I feel that he is a free-thinker, as I believe, are most of the readers of this blog.
    May Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior help to create even more free thinkers.
    Emphasis on FREE.

    Excuse my spelling…I may have an MU….!

  31. windhorsegallery

    Rod: Click on the image you can buy the book — with 330 pages who knows maybe some names on your list are mentioned but it wouldn’t be that much fun to cherry pick the book. You have to read all 330 pages to find those names.

    I’m guessing though — and I haven’t read the book — that Gabe, Wollersheim, Wood are mentioned. Pfaff, Havenith, Frei, are new names for me and I’ve been around since forever 🙂

    Don’t forget Rod … reason #10 NOT to buy Marty’s book is because you MIGHT find out that Hubbard isn’t the devil incarnate. And poof, the game of inherent enemy is over. You’d have to find a NEW enemy.

    No one, not even Hubbard is 100% evil in spite of what you might believe — when we think that someone is 100% or majorly one way — good or evil — when that is proven not true, everything falls apart.

    There is an implosion … which typically isn’t fun to experience. Best to start working on what fixed ideas one might have … bit by bit … it’s less painful.

    For example, I even broke my self-imposed ban on Cruise movies and watched Jack Reacher. I didn’t hate it 🙂


  32. Just ordered it today. Can’t wait to read it.

  33. Mary Rathernotsay

    By the way, I just ordered 2 copies of Memoirs of A Scientology Warrior which is now available on Amazon. I should be receiving my copies Wednesday.
    I tried ordering a Kindle copy so that I can begin reading NOW but it is not quite up on Kindle as of yet. I always click on the button “tell the publisher I’d like to read this book in Kindle” to help speed that process along.
    If this book is as good as I am anticipating it to be I will be buying a few more copies down the road for friends and family.

  34. Tom Gallagher


    I sense this upcoming publication is to be your Magnum Opus.

    I quiver in anticipation of the receipt thereof.

    With that, all my best wishes to you, Mosey and yours.

    Here’s a lingering question, Did LRH want to be Buddha?

  35. I don’t think I fit in any of the categories you listed for not reading it. Is there a reason I should pay to read it? I do understand that Aristotelian logic has it’s limitations, that Hubbard was neither a God nor a Demon and that there is much wisdom in the Tao. Wandering in the paths between extemes is a most interesting territory for those who seek enlightenment but few dare tread there.
    Rod – I fail to see why Marty should follow your agenda in his choice of subject material. Write your own book!

  36. martyrathbun09


  37. I remember a fright I got one day realizing the way I was thinking was with “Scientology” only, was how I evaluated most everything, including whether I should go skinny dipping or not. It was kinda freaky.

  38. It is available on Amazon today. Ordered – expected delivery 5-31. 🙂

  39. Paul Durant

    Marty I was just reading your “Ten Reasons to Avoid “Scientology Warrior” and this one struck me: “If you read it, you might get the idea that having to have someone to blame or fight is a severe limitation to one’s spiritual growth.”

    So many people’s lives are predicated around having something or someone to blame or fight, with the misplaced hope that this will help them usher a better state of things for themselves or the planet.

    I believe there is such a thing as addiction to conflict, and it’s a very toxic one, that is hard to give up, as, with it, comes the conviction that the person is right., And the deeper the conflict, the deeper the conviction that “I am right”.. Although a necessary part of life at times, conflict l too often gets overindulged, like coffee, or alcohol.

    My sense is that everyone runs the risk to end up, by default, into a chronic conflict mode. Finding peace is an active of actively seeking awareness. Sleeping into anger and conflict takes almost nothing, just to let nature do its thing to us. It is way easier and less demanding to slip into state of chronic conflict or anger than it is to find joy, love and peace within, and walk on a road that leads to lasting serenity.

    Glad you brought up this point, it is an important one, and I try to pay attention to it every day in my life…I can see in me a recurring temptation to slide toward conflict and I know ive got to keep my head above these clouds.;)

  40. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Paul. There are a number of factors within Scientology that create this proclivity toward conflict. Many are covered in the book.

  41. Also, the philosophy allows for, and even encourages, its own transcendence.

    I think the main barrier to this being true is OT9/10 (and up, I guess).
    The way that has been handled means there is no escape. It actually seems to be contrary to the nature of the subject.

  42. I’m looking forward to reading your memoirs Marty and I have to admit I didn’t notice that you were the author when I read your blog of 24 May.

  43. You’re not dead yet!


  44. As L. Ron Hubbard *may* have once said “He who laughs last, laughs best”. But…I would have to buy every book, lecture, course pack and affirmation by L. Ron Hubbard and spend over 6 months reading and listening to all these things in order to find out if he did in fact ever say this. Who wants to do that? 🙂 Even if I knew the man personally, I probably could not have been in all the places he has been at once to hear all his spoken words. So, I will assume that is possible L. Ron Hubbard may have found this a workable tech. 🙂 There is an old saying L. Ron Hubbard did say, that I do agree with: “One exchanges something of value for something of value”. Marty’s books are of tremendous value to any community of independent Scientologists seeking answers the corporate Church of Scientology seems incapable of providing at times. 🙂

  45. Your book announcement sounds l like the preview for The Chainsaw Massacre. As it is I am frightened beyond my wits but I will read your book anyway because I’ve always like things that go boomp in the night. I sure hope I survive.

  46. Oracle

    We don’t appear to be talking about the same thing at all. I am talking about an open ended philosophy, as I see it… You appear to be talking about a dead-ended organization, as you see it.

    But who? you ask…

    I feel that when one no longer considers any “truth” as a “Scientology Truth” but simply holds anything that is true for them as their OWN truth, they have thus far transcended Scientology.

    I feel many of us are moving in that direction, and I can only guess that some have already moved on long ago. We may have not acknowledged them simply because we are looking for them among “Scientologists.” (who, by definition, have not moved on.)

    At some level I do not consider any “technology” or “philosophy” senior to my own beingness. By the very fact that I hold the postulate that “the philosophy allows for, and even encourages, its own transcendence.” I have set the stage for my own experience of that postulate.

    Bold statement? Delusional statement? or Truth? Depends on whose universe you are in I guess.

    Eric S

  47. And look where you are now!

  48. If I read it, will it help me stop reading this blog or any other Scientology-related blog and fully move on from my Scientology past? 🙂

  49. Available NOW in the UK and ordered. Can’t wait to read it.

  50. Ed Paulson

    Just ordered the book. Helma and I appreciate all that you do to bring sanity back into popularity.

  51. Your book is ordered and on it’s way to me Marty!!! Can’t wait!!

  52. Pfaf, Havenith and Frei died at Flag. I assume Lisa McPherson is in there, I’m curious to know if there’s anything new about either Scientology victims or dirty tricks against critics, politicians, medical examiners, reporters, etc.

  53. I’m not suggesting he write about anything in particular. I’m curious to know what he did write about, and if it’s basically a retelling of the interviews I’ve already read, or if there is new material. Nice to see you again, Ralph. It’s been a long time.

  54. Joe Pendleton

    VERY much looking forward to reading this book Marty and will get the kindle edition as soon as it becomes available. You have important things to say about Scientology and its context to other religions and philosophies. I also really appreciate your willingness to actually OBSERVE and call “what you see” rather than just hoe to a doctrinaire line JUST because it is “required” of the “right thinking people.” Your voice and ideas are much valued by many people.

  55. SadStateofAffairs

    Long awaited, now ordered. Should be a helluva read.

  56. Oracle, you basically just branded Lawrence as evil for being critical of Ron. In the church that is considered a good, well trained Scientologist. In the real world it is considered a limitation on critical thinking and seeing clearly.

    Oracle, it is ok to be critical of Ron and not have evil intentions. Equating criticism of Ron with evil is, sorry for being blunt, cult brainwashing.

    I think the brainwashing originated in the auditing question:”have you ever been critical towards L Ron Hubbard?” Think that one over. It will yeild great mental strength and freedom.

  57. Tom, Ron did not want to be Buddha, he claimed he was Buddha. Twice in writing that I am aware of. Once in Hymn of Asia and once on some upper level writings.

    As a boy, it was this assertion of Ron’s that sold the deal on me getting into the church. What a friggn sales gimmick. It would be interesting to know how many people were influenced by this delusional or actual lie.

  58. Sorry, Ralph. Apparently my comments are unwelcome. Nice to see you again, it’s been a while.

  59. windhorsegallery

    Marty’s books and blogs have been, for me, the antidote to complacency.

    It’s so easy because it’s so comfortable to become complacent. To be “certain” of my own views and the way I live my life. And to continue to be addicted to THE biggest addiction (according to buddha) … to ME!!

    I would add to those who read this blog but are too complacent to DO anything other than what they’ve been doing for years … whether it’s having a hard-line conservative viewpoint, or a deep conviction towards a liberal point of view. Or perhaps it’s being involved in a painfully co-dependant relationship that EVERYONE else can see is sadly unworkable.
    Or maybe a continued rosy picture one paints about her life when it’s a dog’s breakfast. Or, maybe it is practically perfect. READ MARTY’S NEW BOOK IF YOU CONSIDER YOU HAVE COURAGE.

    Whatever you life if, unless it is viewed minute by minute with awareness and infused with a deep wish to wake up and come face to face with yourself – your own buddhanature, OTness, Christ Consciousness …

    you are falling asleep minute by minute …

    It’s either waking up or falling asleep. I don’t think there is anything else BUT who knows?


  60. windhorsegallery

    Sorry typos — Whatever your life is (not whatever you life if), unless it is viewed minute by minute …

  61. martyrathbun09


  62. Michael Cox

    Ordering it right now! Good luck. Hope it becomes a best seller!

  63. windhorsegallery

    Rod — thanks for letting me know about Pfaf, Havenith and Frei. But did they die in the same circumstances as McPherson? I’m assuming they must have died prematurely (ie — didn’t die of a heart attack or something) otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned them. In any case, I just ordered my copy of the book and it hasn’t arrived yet. AND I’m not Marty’s editor neither do I have an inside track to his book or a pre-release version. I think you should read it. At least on Kindle — you can share a kindle book and someone could split the cost.

    We are a very diverse population here on Marty’s blog … but in actual fact a great microcosm of the macrocosm of earth. I’ve always posited IF I can somehow not default to gossip, meanness, the urge to beat someone silly because they don’t hold my views or aren’t in my camp — that MAYBE I could overcome my aggressive behavior and anger and MAYBE I could effect a small change in my environment because I am no longer oozing anger — energetically if not verbally.


  64. chrismann

    Hi Chris

    Yes, I think the promises of a “something else” that one needs, is potentially a trap alright. But to me Scientology can be likened to many other paths… you can follow them as long as you choose, (hopefully based on whether they are heading in your direction or not) and should you come to a point where the path just peters out, you check again to see which direction your goal is in and continue on in that direction.

    What if the path heads of in the wrong direction? What if the path takes you to someone else’s goal?

    Ultimately your future is in your own hands.

    If one considers self-determinism a valid quest, then the sooner he grasps it fully, the sooner it will be his.


  65. Brian, do correct me if I am wrong here, but I do believe The Oracle was responding to Rod Keller’s post about a possible missing index in Marty’s work. If you look at the conversation timeline, the reponse is attached to Rod Keller’s not Lawrence’s response. 🙂

  66. Just got the book.
    Really want to get into it …. fast….but couple of days comm lag from UK.
    Will let you know.
    Thanks for taking the time to express and share your thoughts and feelings.

  67. It’s all very well and good to speculate and either deny or affirm the past life of Buddha, but what I find far more interesting and illuminating about Ron’s
    character is the allusive speculation and complete agreement among some members of the Church that he was the patriarchical King of the Olympian order–Zeus himself. If any one of you want to understand more about ambition, determination and the ascension to power and control and authority, I suggest you all read Hesiod’s, “Theogony.” (I, for one, have
    recognized in this life–Athena, Demeter, Hera, Aeneas, Hephaestus and
    others which only illustrates that that past, long forgotten-time, among some
    even doubted that it even existed, is illustrative of anything.) btw, Apollo, I
    knew also, but he was never a Scientologist in this life and died 3 years

  68. I am looking forward to reading this book as I am always interested in any information about Ron. I know some people don’t care a bit about the man, or feel that as long as the tech works for them and others, nothing else matters. That is fine, but I am always fascinated to read bits and pieces about him, and anything about the organization as a whole. I haven’t been delusional in my own perceptions about him for a very long time.

    When I first got into Scientology in ’73, I believed every amazing story about him, but I also noted from the beginning the attack mode mentality on psychiatry et al was always laced throughout the policies and tapes. After serving a staff contract, I felt a release from the think that every group ‘out there’ in non Scientology land was SP. Although I understood, at the time, some of the reasons seemed legit, I also felt that enemy positioning toward so many groups was over the top.

    In LA, while getting ready for my OT levels, I went to a local library to see what Scientology books were on the shelves. To my surprise, there were none. There was one book, Messiah or Madman ? I sat down and read it on the spot. It didn’t shake me as it actually confirmed that LRH was REAL, despite I had no way of knowing for sure if what was written was entire truth or not, but I thought it gave a believable argument that all that glitters isn’t gold, so to speak.

    It is more impressive to see what amazing things some humans can do, rather than to think that they are simply gods walking the earth or messengers here to save us. Actually, if one believes that, then the activities of such persons become less amazing because it is expected and also makes it seem impossible that we can follow such greatness. It places the god like person in a position to be worshiped, while putting the student/reader in a position to obey, without question. Yikes.

    Therefore, being afraid to see, or even to think, that Ron had mixed intentions, displayed ptsness, or dramatized his own case in other ways does not have to equal betrayal or invalidate what one has experienced in auditing or training. It may upset someone who has bought into the idea that their god/guru is without frailty. That is a dangerous place to be because if someone feels that their god was ‘all good’ and then they place this super being into the ‘all bad’ category, this will make them feel betrayed and lost. They may feel total effect and confusion, though they would have probably been there anyway without realizing it. This misses the whole point of Scientology which is to get one up up up the tone scale to operate at cause and to be able to know how to know, not what others say is okay to know. I know of no human who is walking perfection and to believe that one exists is delusional.

  69. Aquamarine

    Marty, I am qual ‘d to read your book per your points above 🙂 so its Amazon all the way and can’t wait!

  70. one of those who see

    Your book is on it’s way! I am no longer afraid of other viewpoints. I used to be. I even started reading on the blogs years ago and then stopped as I was getting a little spinny. Went back into the church, had another disappointment (understatement LOL) and returned to the Blogs and started writing. I am not interested in being closed off. I don’t think that is the way to move up a little higher which is what I am doing and want to continue to do. Glad you continue to communicate your viewpoints Marty. You certainly have walked the Scientology walk regarding the tech and the church management so I continue to be interested in what you have to say.

  71. My delivery from Amazon guaranteed arrival tomorrow…I will post some more as I read it.

  72. I have no reason to think Marty has any info at all on these people. Since you asked, here’s a link for you


    I think I may order it, but I’d like to read some reviews first. If it’s 300 pages of how workable Scientology is, except nobody is doing it precisely enough, then I’ll pass. Different readers get different things from a book, and authors can’t control that. Some people want an immersion experience, and others may want just a few passages. I’m probably going to be only interested in stuff about Clearwater and the Lisa McPherson Trust.

  73. Mmm, maybe this is one of those misunderstandings that takes place in text only forums. Maybe Oracle was being humorous?
    If I misread I apologize to Oracle.

  74. Thank you Lawrence. Yes, my response was, as following the response line. Words can be their own strange magic. They can conjure up. In this case, injustice. Wrong item, wrong indication. That is just how fast it can happen. Now that I have thought it over. 🙂

  75. Nice web site. Thank you! How interesting. What a treasure source of knowledge! I book marked it.

    Exchange of ideas brings about personal phenomenon intended either to meet individual needs, or to bring about social phenomenon serving a collective purpose.

    I tend to distinguish between those two dynamics within the communication cycle , and go beyond the words straight into purpose.

    I believe the collective purpose of this blog is higher understanding, not personal attacks.

    However, if I notice someone floating on the purpose line of personal need to degrade somebody else, I see no reason to avoid a kind acknowledgement for their efforts.

  76. Brian. I plead innocent to these charges.

    Furthermore, after refreshing my knowledge with the various texts and references, I have not been able to find any reference that states a rock slam from someone = “That person is evil”.

    And, I did not inject the word “evil” into my post. “Good and Evil” are not part of my usual analysis when viewing.

    Sanity is assisting things that assist survival, and inhibiting things that inhibit survival. Rock slams denote inhibiting purposes. A purpose to destroy. A wider education of particulars within the Scientology teachings, for a person connecting the dots, would indicate that a rock slam = survival if one has chosen to destroy that which inhibits survival.
    Therefore, a rock slam could = survival.

    The teachings within the exploration of reason and sanity, would imply that Hubbard injected the word “evil intention” in the rock slam definition,
    behind a purpose to destroy.

    However, the willingness to destroy, can be a sane decision.

    If you make it clear you mean to degrade, unmock, destroy or inhibit another person, you are clearly saying you believe that person is inhibiting survival. It is an indication that you see them as a current virus in society that you are working to undermine.

    That can be sane or “good” if you prefer to think in terms of “good and evil”.

    After wide consideration with regards to these various dynamics, I have come to the conclusion that a person would actively stalk and work to unmock that which they see as inhibiting survival, in a sense of self protection and an effort to survive. Therefore, the basic cause would not be “evil”, but FEAR.


  77. So being, if I were auditing a person and a rock slam came up, say, on the word “Marty”. My addressing of the situation would be in the form of addressing the “identity” threatened by or afraid of Marty. As is:

    “Who / What would be afraid of Marty”?

  78. Well pardon me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  79. It was just so spot on! 🙂

  80. Sorry I misunderstood you Eric. I understand better now with your additional comments.

    “At some level I do not consider any “technology” or “philosophy” senior to my own beingness.”

    We are in harmony on this.

  81. Technology and philosophy are here to serve mankind, not dominate them.

  82. Or, say for instance, someone was rock slamming on Hubbard. I would approach this with, “Who or What would be afraid of Hubbard?”

    At the bottom of this you would find an “Identity” that is afraid, and / or a being that is fighting to protect an Identity.

    You would care to know how they see that Identity threatened by Hubbard.

    When we rise above these themes of “Good and Evil”, with a purpose to UNDERSTAND, you would want to understand the WHY behind the person’s fear. You would be curious to KNOW about it. You may be able to get them to open up about it and share with you, ease their burdens.

    That is the purpose of the auditing cycle, a better understanding. Getting it from under the person’s cloak and out on the table, if they feel safe enough to put it out there. Easing their fears.

    People have identities that are threatened or the Identity perceives a threat. Power frightens a lot of Identities. Truth can threaten an Identity.

    It doesn’t mean the person is “evil”. It means they are afraid of someone or feel threatened by someone. People. like animals, attack things that threaten them. FEAR conjures up it’s own powers and forces.

  83. Marty, writing this blog post had to be a blast! This is so much fun!

  84. Brilliant! 🙂 My favorite old saying: “At least I ain’t no List One RS’er!” 🙂

  85. Ordered a copy today. Looking forward to the read.

  86. Jose Jiminez

    Hi, Marty,

    Ok, I won’t read your book.



  87. I Completely undertand Oracle. Nicely put.

    My post was a reaction to some mentalities use of this term, as a form of judgmentalism. Like the phrase, “Oh, he’s 1.1.” Or “He’s a Rockslamer.”

    Some popular usage of psychological terminology can be destructive. It’s interpretation being filtered through fixed biases and the varying degrees of self knowledge in the communicator. Thus Scientology language can be used as psychological weapons on minds that are not strong enough to see through the fog of feigned intelligence.

    It must have been lonely, Oracle, having a mind that thought critically and directly understood these things, in a benevolent way, while being constrained by idiots at the helm.

    I apologize for the misunderstanding and grateful for your response.

  88. As I recall it, and it’s been quite a while, in Hymn of Asia LRH questioned whether he might be Metteya(Maitreya), “the buddha to come” who was prophesied to appear around this age of history, in the West , and with red hair.

    There is actually nothing in buddhist teaching that indicates Metteya would necessarily be the same individual as the Gotama buddha of 2,500 years ago.

  89. Paul Durant

    I went to order the book, but it’s not on Kindle yet… I’ve got already more than 3,000 paper books in my house already, and I swore about 2 months ago that from now on I would only buy Kindle…

    I hope the book will be on Kindle soon, I really want to read it. I read the description on Amazon today, and it actually deepened my interest..

    Also I was reading the ten reasons Marty wrote why NOT to read the book. Reason #2 struck me today… “This [book] could be difficult for those who cling to a sense of mystical superiority over mere mortals..” …I’ve seen so many of these people who walk around feeling spiritually superior…worked alongside them….and felt the unpleasantness…and the sting, at times..

    Why is it that walking on the road to spiritual discovery so often leads to developing feeling of superiority when a person should instead become more humble, caring and compassionate? Why this feeling of superiority?

    My sense is that if the deepest motivation of the person is less than pure and selfless, any knowledge acquired on the spiritual path will serve to sustain the 5 causes that Buddhism and other religions have described for millennia as being the roots of all ignorance: ego, anger, greed, lust (in terms of “I wish, I wish..”) and attachment.

    The last time I was in Thailand, I opened the newspaper… there was a story: “ Buddhist monk kills another monk who had stolen his belongings…” This true story was the epitomy of religious absurdity. Are monks not supposed to have any belongings, and to respect life in all its manifestations?” Im sure the murderer monk felt a feeling or righteousness,…

    Similarly, feeling spiritually superior is such a misplaced way to live life…… Feeling superior because your hair is more pretty or because abs are firmer is one thing… but feeling superior because a person believes they are more holy than others is reflective of a stage a confusion whose depth is rivaled only by grand canyons in the Pacific ocean..:)

    As Saint Augustine wrote: “ Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.”
    Love to all

  90. Yet also some might hang around the campus or go to other campuses and choose to become teachers, passing on those same tools to others as an altruistic spiritual gift, and helping and encouraging others to use them for their own benefit and the benefit of their friends.

  91. Are you saying you have recognized in your friends and family the character traits of the mythical Olympian Gods, or are you saying you believe you have actually met the “re-incarnated” or thetan spirits of the real Olympian Gods?

  92. Just caught up on your blog entry here. Started reading with a negative attitude, ended up enjoying your ten points, having experienced them!

  93. The witch hunters are the ones with a purpose to destroy people.

  94. I do appreciate your frisky ways. 🙂

  95. Marty- Best comment on the subject I seen.

  96. Referring to Martys comment- “Graduates use the tools they have learned. They simply don’t hang around campus trying to re-live school days.”

  97. Ruff!

  98. Tom Klemesrud

    Imagine how much “Clean” Gene Ingram could make with his tell-all book.

    BTW: Marty, did you see the obituary of the live-in handler of Ms. Bloodybutt, Barry N Rohrbach? All it said was, date of birth, date of death, and that he was a resident of Burbank, CA. He was a United Airline B737 aircraft mechanic, and successful investor, the father of a LA County sheriff deputy, lived in a studio apartment with a woman that bled from a prolapsed rectum; and, that was his full obituary? Any ideas why?

  99. Bill Straass

    I did! (But only by a whisper. I was FBed out in 2002 after I was all but dead having gotten AIDs from a blood transfusion in the Freewinds’ home port. The only reason I am alive nowis I failed t follow their advice.

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