You Will Know

Don’t bother reading Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.   All I was trying to say was said much more succinctly and melodiously by others long before I bothered messing with it.


Mmm…hmm…hmm…mmm…hmm… Yeah, yeah
When I was a young boy I had visions of fame They were wild and they were free They were blessed with my name
And then I grew older And I saw what’s to see That the world is full of pain And my dreams they left me
And then I got stronger Inside of the pain That’s when I picked up the pieces And I regained my name
And I fought hard, y’all To call by my place And right now you could ask me And it all seems in vain
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] You just stick by your plan [Go from boys to men] Go from boys to men [You must act like a man] You gotta act like a man [When it gets hard, y’all] When it gets hard, y’all [You just grab what you know] Got what you know [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] And my background sing
You will know [You will know], yeah…eah… [You will know] [You will know] You will know, you will know [You will know]
And I know you’re cryin’ ‘Cause it’s all in his vein And the things you want you can’t have It just all went away
But life ain’t over Hoo…hoo… Just grab the winds and make demands And the vibe will take you far
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] Stick by your plan, boy [Go from boys to men] Go from boys to men [You must act like a man] I know it ain’t easy [When it gets hard, y’all] it gets hard sometime [You just grab what you know] Yes, it does [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Stand up tall, don’t you fall, and you will know, yeah
[You will know] [You will know] Ah…ah…ah… (You will know) [You will know] Hey, there’s no doubt about it [You will know] Hey, you will know
[You will know] You will know [You will know] Hey…ey…hey… [You will know] You will know, yeah [Oh, you will know] Hey…
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy [You just stick by your plan] Stick by your plans [Go from boys to men] Boys to men [You must act like a man] You must act like a man [When it gets hard, y’all] It ain’t hard, yeah [You just grab what you know] Grab what you know [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Oh…oh…oh…
[Your dreams ain’t easy] [You just stick by your plan] Hey…hey…yeah [Go from boys to men] Boys to men [You must act like a man] I know it ain’t easy [When it gets hard, y’all] [You just grab what you know] Yeah… [Stand up tall and don’t you fall] Come on D and sing this song
[You will know] Yeah… [You will know] You will know [You will know] [You will know] Hey…
[You will know] [You will know] [You will know] [Oh, you will know]

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  1. Hey, I am reading. Don’t rush me. So far I love it.

  2. Ha, ha. Loved the song … but still glad you wrote the book. 🙂

  3. Mrs Libnish AKA Carrie

    At first I laughed, then I thought you have a tortured soul and need to forgive yourself, then I realized you are a tough nut to crack. Finally, you have a wicked sense of humor.

  4. I am sorry, I already started reading it. Should I stop and unread what I did?

  5. martyrathbun09

    Really, I wouldn’t waste your time. That was all I was trying to say.

  6. Sapere Aude

    I thought the book AND the song were great. I have read all three books and found each to be helpful. Nothing has been a waste of time. We are here without a manual. It is up to us to understand and learn how to be in life. Merely to survive is not complete enough. There is a quality and a purpose to living life. I enjoy the journey, even the rocky areas, and I continue to see and thrive to move more into the rainbows and beauty of it all. Thanks for being here. It makes things easier in my opinion.

  7. Thank you for all that you do

    On Friday, June 7, 2013, Moving On Up a Little Higher wrote: > martyrathbun09 posted: “Don’t bother reading Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. All I was trying to say was said much more succinctly and melodiously by others long before I bothered messing with it. Lyrics: Songwriters: ARCHER, MICHAEL D’ANGELO / ARCHER, LUTHER Mmm.” >

  8. Great song Marty!!! I really understand what you are trying to say. :-))

  9. Don’t beat yourself up Marty. We love you man. You can’t do any wrong bro.

  10. The book is great, just great. Your gift at translating the people you have known to the reader is amazing. I feel like I met new people I would have never known from what I have read so far. I even like your Pops. I am mad at the Portland Mission for running a “can’t have” on your brother (and you) and becoming a new , un noticed source of suppression on your lines, while trying to “handle” the suppression on your lines. Never seeing themselves as suppressors.

    The reward for living long, hard, fast, furious, and all over the place, is what you come to KNOW. THAT is our reward for living.

    The reward for living “safe” and never exploring anything but the ordinary, is to NOT KNOW. People can explore safely through the internet, television and books. They can at least “know about” .

    You had adventures we did not have and it is now possible to have.

    For us to “know about” them, helps us to know more about ourselves, in the world we live in.

    No. nobody else could tell this story or make this adventure possible for us.

    That you lived it and shared it, was a gift to others.

    That some who would never DARE get out and live as you do / did, toss low or no tips in your direction for your livingness and your willingness to share that, do not want to “know about” and don’t care to know, is on them.

    A whole lot of people are not “interested” or “curious about”.

    But let’s face it, the story of your childhood was a hell of a lot more interesting than “A Bronx Tale”.

  11. Is this a case of “Writer’s Remorse”?

  12. I know it can be discouraging when people that have never met you, never bought you a cup of coffee, never suffered as a result of your life, never crossed paths with you, never paid your bar tab, never gave you a ride anywhere, never paid one penny out of pocket to keep YOUR life going, jump up in your face like you OWE them something. Like you have some debt with them.

    It’s a con game.

    And let me point out something, it isn’t just you. They have a LIST of people that never heard of them and never met them that OWE them something. And whatever you give them, they seem to NEED so much more. They are bottomless pits. They have always been and will always be in “Must be contributed to”. It is not about you, or me or us. It is about them. They always make you feel you did not make the right choice, say the right words, do the right thing. There is never enough to satisfy this hallucinatory debt they feel they are owed for living. Yes, they feel they are owed for living. Look at Tony’s review, he gives you “another chance maybe” with your next book. These people will ALWAYS set YOU up for a loss with what you OWED but did not RENDER.

    You do not owe them anything. It is a con. It is a wrong item and a wrong indication. Even when you SHARE it comes back on you that haven’t quite paid them you owe. It’s a con.

    You have a right to live. You had a right to live. You have a right to be you and to be the artist of your life. Just like they they did.

    I know you are very liberal with permitting people to show their wares here, even when it means they get a chance to get a swipe in. I think it has also been run on you that you OWE people the right to post anything they want on your blog.

    Really! If someone’s post get’s blocked they complain as if you OWED them to put it here!

    Just saying, you do not owe it to people to permit them to rock slam all over your blog and you.

    These people that never worked a day in the Sea Org saying “Marty has a lot to make up for” makes me want to puke.

    Needy assed mother fuckers. Thirty years of labor , ninety if you are going by a 40 hour work week . And there they are, insisting they are OWED something else by you.

    This is EXACTLY why Paul Haggis, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and hundreds of others do not join this cause. Once they throw a bone and get down in the trenches, they know, it will never be enough. Never. Whatever they give, someone will always want more or make them wrong for something they did or or did not do.

    All they have to do is log on the net to see how unforgiving and insatiable the street crowd is, to not bother at all.

  13. I don’t think it’s a waste of time. I am really enjoying reading it.

  14. Forgive and love each other. It will all be ok.

  15. thanks for sharing the lyrics

  16. There are people who “can’t understand” why more people are not leaving the Church and talking.

    Really? Look what you have done to the people that DID leave and speak up! No wonder everyone else is sitting tight! Keeping their mouths shut. Why get fair gamed from BOTH ends? You make it UNSAFE for anyone to leave and speak up! And in this way you support David Miscavige and his “Church”.

  17. “Animals don’t behave like men’. ‘If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.”
    ― Richard Adams, Watership Down

  18. We all have a God Given right to flourish and prosper with out an apology. Anyone who demands you suffer, or contributes to your suffering, or tries to unmock you or tear you down or make nothing of you, will themselves, live by the prophesies they try to write for others.

    May the red carpet continue to roll out for you, us, our family, friends and all mean well. That is as it should be. That is nature.

  19. Nice withdraw Marty. 🙂

  20. The lyrics may echo Marty’s philosophy but they don’t give the details of his journey or of his unique perspective on Scientology, and Memoirs provides both of those in highly readable abundance. Buy the book, I say. And share it too. My copy is on its way to its 3rd reader and may never return. I’ll probably have to buy a second copy for my library.

  21. Thanks for the vulnerable thoughts Marty. I have come to understand vulnerablity as strength. Assumed certainty as ignorance and ego.

    “It’s only in uncertainty that we’re naked and alive” Peter Gabriel

    Someone who is “total knowing” can be a total jerk. My greatest realizations that have liberated me have come from going through the darkness of self doubt and uncertainty. Pushing the uncertainty away with denial builds up walls and creates unreal masquerading personalities who feign authenicity.

    To reach inside, let the darkness do it’s work, embrace it fully, consciously, even though it hurts is the way to neutralize it and be left with an upgrade in understanding: and liberated.

    Being who we are means letting go of all the assumptions, all the conditionings, all the fears of not being seen, not being understood. The resistence to being wrong, the self judgements, the lashing out against criticisms.

    Being naked and uncertain is the threshold to new knowledge, because there in that broken and open mindset brand new states of awareness can grow on the compost of old and used up attitudes.

    The best lessons I have learned, I never wanted to experience. But after the lessons are learned I am so grateful for them.

  22. You know what I like about you Marty? You wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t care who sees or knows it.

    I hope I can get there myself someday.

    The book is great, by the way, a lot of info I didn’t have before.

  23. Marty. I didn’t read your book because when I read the first few pages on Amazon it didn’t interest me. Perhaps because I have no affinity for the game of basketball. I did feel like I was kind of obliged to read it out of respect for what you had to say but then it began to feel like overkill because I already know exactly who you are and what you stand for.
    Anyway. Just wanted to say that. The lyrics of the song you posted communicate concisely and clearly to me and are less cumbersome in the limited time I have available to get where you are coming from than reading a full book.
    You don’t hear from me much these days as I am living life to the full and continuing to fight the abuses of the cult and help it’s victims in my own manner and so have little time to talk to everyone. But know that I love you and respect you and wish you love and happiness in your future journey – wherever it takes you.
    Love always,
    Sam ❤

  24. Actually Marty I am really enjoying the book. I am glad you wrote it.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sam. Onward and upward.

  26. martyrathbun09

    No beat up going on. Its just really a clarification of the message; some folks are so focused on the sacred cows being addressed in the book that I think some are missing the forest for the trees. And that may be due to my attempting to tackle too many trees (or cows) in one volume.

  27. As much as Hubbard fair gamed Jesus, I think even Hubbard now would find meaning in the phrase:

    “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast you your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. ”

    I know it sounds arrogant. But, sorry, it happens to be a truth. There are people out here calling themselves “Christians” that take whatever offering you have as a gift, in exchange of ideas, and use it to cut you down and make nothing of you. They don’t even realize they are the swine we were warned about.

  28. I loved the book. The only comment I can say about it’s presentation is that maybe you are right about packing too much in there. Maybe not. I could hardly put it down but at the same time sometimes I needed to to let it all sink in….and let my old “knowledge” of those incidents (lies we were told as staff) dissipate and the truth settle in. You explained truths where I didn’t even know there were lies.

    I started to get a sore throat a couple times and after taking a minute to sort out what I had experienced around those times vs. what really happened it would go away. It was a confront process for me. This was pretty significant to me because after living in that culture for so many years I had some of those personality characteristics suppressed within myself and really worked on not acting them out on my new friends and associates. After reading this I have much less of a tendency to want to act like that and have enjoyed being with people more.

    So thank you for the truth in all these incidents and for the chance to settle in more comfortably in my new life.

  29. Marty, I for one loved the book. I think the book is important and anyone interested in Scientology or ex Scientologists should read it. It answers a lot of questions and helps make a controversial religious philosophy easier to understand. I think you did a great job putting it together. If some people get their sacred cows stepped on and a few bubbles burst that’s a good thing.
    After all “the truth shall set you free!”
    Love, Sarge

  30. Marty, I am about 1/4 of the way through your book and I love it. My admiration for you has skyrocketed from the reading I’ve done. Wow, what you overcame, what you tried to help, what you confronted and kept confronting…. it puts most of us to shame. There is such a spiritual thread through it that it is rehabbing me along the spiritual lines just reading it. And when the Msn refused to help your brother and the reason stated was that all problems had been traced to people connected to psychs… I think that has some truth to it. But the other truth may just be that the churches don’t want any failures on their hands if the auditing doesn’t work and the press were to get ahold of the failures and tout it publicly… maybe some of it is self-serving, only take the cream of the crop so that our stats look good. And leave the broken pieces to the psychs to handle hoping that that makes the psychs look bad when they have failures from the rough cases. That also could be part of it . I admire your drive to help first your mom, then your brother and then mankind. You are doing that Marty. You are helping each of us who read your blog and many more. Keep on doing what you’re doing and know you are racking up some big time good karma.

  31. It’s not what you are communicating that is making them uncomfortable, it is the discomfort of their own fixed ideas being jarred loose from a tight knotted mooring.

    Only faith can be threatened with communication. Someone who truly knows what they know could never be threatened by any communication.

    True knowing would be happy to engage in civil dialog.

    When you are attacked pesonally Marty, just know that you are dealing with people of faith. When they send barbs of emotional screeds your way, observe your internal reaction and neutralize it.

    That is the essence of Buddhas teaching: our enemy is our greatest teacher. Because we need to protect nothing, defend nothing, prove nothing. Except being unconditioned by all external stimuli. Centered in the eye of the storm while tongues are lashing out diatribes.

  32. Marty, nice song! and great book!! my love to you and Mosey.

  33. Your latest, 3rd book, explains much.

    I’m only at page 101 this morning.

    If anyone wants to donate copies of Marty’s books to various interested students and members of academia, who would like copies, email me, I’ll give people addresses of scholars and students who anyone can email and get their addresses, to send them ex member books.

    Professor Kent always likes multiple copies of the ex members’ books, and also Jim Lewis in Norway appreciates extra copies. Both share their extra copies with students.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea org (1975-2003)


  34. Regular Dog

    Marty, I’ve got about 50 pages left to read. I, for one, do appreciate the opportunity to read your book and thus share in your life and experiences. Your book is helping me. I’ll have more to say after I finish the book.

  35. gretchen dewire

    Marty, I have almost finished the book and I must say it is teaching me alot.When we dont take responsibility for our creations the shit really hits the fan.The overt motivater sequences in this book are outrageous.I never expected Lrh to be a Ghandi or a Nelson Mandella, but geez. Dont get me wrong, I love Lrh tech and have had big wins, at least on the lower bridge, but man am I glad you are out of there. That is not a spirituaally enlightened place to be.. Thanks for writing this book and doing what you do so well. Gretchen

  36. windhorsegallery

    Recently I came across this by Phatchok Rinpoche:

    “I like this word “grassroots”. Grassroots Buddhism is based on direct experience, which becomes realization, then you begin to change, which means you empower yourself. Then you become the Dharma, meaning you embody the teachings, without trying to convince anyone.” -Phakchok Rinpoche

    I think it’s got a nice ring to it — Grassroots Scientology and/or Grassroots Scientologist.

    Seems that’s what Marty has been saying for these few years …

  37. Tom Gallagher


    I’m awaiting delivery from Amazon via snail mail both of your latest 2 books but as well The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. Thanks for a summer reading list..

    That said, I’d like to comment that your blog and insightful comments and those of all of the contributors herein have enlightened me and un-discombobulated me regards this whole cluster-fuck LRH set in motion. Scientology and its fundamentally truthful religiosity, went by the wayside because of its early on and tragic and internally enforced cultification.

    Never-the-less, I am eternally grateful for all of the measurable gains and benefits I’ve experienced from its primary and underlying original principals.

    Thanks for all you’ve done and you do. Cordially and affectionately yours.

    Tom Gallagher

  38. Tom Gallagher


    original principals should be read original principles!

  39. Marty, I love the song and video. I only wish that the first time my parents tried to communicate a similar message of life and wisdom to me, that I had actually listened. They are so much smarter now that I am older. 🙂
    I think we each have to learn this lesson for ourselves. And, part of my learning journey has been from being willing and able to see and appreciate the experiences of others and comparing notes to mine. I’m still reading your newest book, and it has been enlightening. Thank you.

  40. Marty, you have a lot to say and it will take time to properly unpack it all. Mega thousands of people globally are listening to you with rapt attention; and all of them have their own individual expectations of what they hope they will hear from you at any given time.
    I’m on chapter 5 of Memoirs and loving it as I loved your previous 2 books.
    It seems to me that you are addressing a good balance of trees in the forest and sacred cows. You and we have to keep in mind that you have much time and more books ahead of you.

  41. OK, Marty. I bought the Kindle edition of your book and I’ve started reading it on my laptop. If’ my poor brain is turned inside out and I become a gibbering drooling idiot in an institution as a result of reading it, some relative of mine will sue you on my behalf. Just warning you. 😉

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  42. 2/3rds through this book. I find I can go for a few chapters and then I have to walk around and reorganize my thoughts. The P.R. , the briefings, the false information, the assumptions, some of the disbelief. Lots of false and inaccurate information passed down to “members of our Church” that I have to rifle through and reorganize.

    I have to admit I was floored by some of the memo’s sent out and some the decisions he made. Mainly, because a long time ago I read something he wrote, where he said, “Why is your neck so precious?” And I remember thinking, “I have had that exact same thought so many times towards people”. I could feel his disappointment. But after what I have read today, and all of the people that were wasted, just wasted, I was left thinking, “Why was Hubbard’s neck so precious? What did he do after all of that legal mess? Write Battlefield Earth? Did all of those people go down so he could write science fiction? And why now, is David Miscavige’s head so precious? That millions upon millions of dollars are spent to handle his out P.R. and his legal flaps. That the Church is literally folding under the weight of his confusion and mismanagement yet every effort is made and spent to cover up for him. Why is his head so precious? We were expected to abandon and sacrifice all, lay our lives on the line. And these guys, these guys will go to any length and expense to protect their precious necks. ”

    And, it just made me laugh. I will never know why their necks are so precious and nobody else’s is. But it must be pure hell to live like that. Pure hell.

    The book is fascinating. The memo from Hubbard about cutting anyone loose connected to any S.P. found in the Organization was telling of his fear of the power of others and his fragility.

    Some of us may have been going up the bridge, learning, loving and making good memories. But not all of us. Very sad in so many ways.

    The math sure does add up different than I thought it would.

  43. That Hubbard allowed himself to go into a condition of doubt, and then treason, towards his wife, as a result of Miscavige’s false reports, and he did not notice himself being dragged into lower conditions, was a surprise.
    He himself, wrote the bible on how to spot your enemies. And here was Miscavige dramatizing every single one of them. Perhaps he just stopped being “hungry”.

  44. Phil Bruemmer

    There hasn’t been a real teacher in the history of this planet who hasn’t had stones cast at him, hasn’t suffered betrayal by the terminally ignorant, who hasn’t shaken his head in despair at one time or another.
    The enlightened often end up assassinated – at least their character.
    You do reach people and there are those who love you for who you are.
    There are those who pay heed to what you teach. They need you.
    The others can fall away.

  45. I have to give Miscavige credit for staying hungry. He is so hungry he now demands money in exchange for nothing, like someone half starved. Money Money Money. Buy me, buy me, buy me. I need, I need, I need. Gimme Gimme Gimme. Get me Get me Get me.

    More than ever I am certain that if Hubbard had just built up the simple franchise network, and kept his finances straight, he would have been O.K.. They were doing great. They were independent businessmen licensing the technology. It is not easy to put people all over the planet out of business, and the Missions took care of their ARCXen staff and issued fast refunds on request.

    And Narconon was doing just fine without David Miscavige.

    This book is going to cause some shifts, that’s for sure. Vital information.

  46. It is actually funny why i like this book so much. The
    author is demonstrating how someone with his grades
    and levels “in” is looking at life.

  47. I am currently taking courses in Social Media , you could also put up a Facebook Page for the book.

    Many outlets for promotion through social media. The book has a lot of history in it. The reaction to Hubbard’s Dianetics in itself is a valuable part of history.

  48. windhorsegallery

    I believe from almost the beginning – the Franchises later called Missions to sound more in line with a “church” were under the Guardians Office.

    The 10%’s were sent to GOWW. Which is how the Guardian’s Office financed themselves.

    However, Jane Kember started to have a strangle hold on Missions and stopped allowing a mission holder to have multiple missions. Those that already did – well, OK but she wouldn’t allow new ones.

    More over, although in theory the Mission Network was under the GO – it was Diana’s network (Deputy CS 6’s) that managed the Missions.

    Mission holders would come to Flag to discuss Mission problems with Diana, not go to Jane in the UK.

    So — I think the problem isn’t the Mission network not being allowed to function per se BUT the existence of the Guardian’s Office as the start of the problem.

    Mission Office World Wide was in the backyard of St. Hill — right under the nose of the GO.

    Later, the Mission Office World Wide was morphed into SMI and that was truly the beginning of the end for the Mission Network. Over managed, poorly managed, expensive mess.

    IMHO 🙂

  49. Too late for me, I’ve already finished reading the book. I’m having trouble feeling remorse for reading it though when I could have just listened to the tune above. Sigh.. I guess I’ll just have to try to not have all the mental calm I got by having so much mystery cleared up from your account of the historical events of scientology, not to mention the more sane evaluations I’ve made by looking at your viewpoints. (:

  50. mimsey borogrove

    Marty – have you ever considered going the Jenna Miscavage route – getting a contract with a major publisher? Of course you know what they would want – the ultimate tell all of your years with DM, where the bodies are hidden, what the truth behind the Lisa P. story and much else that you were privy to. You have the name, you had the rank, you were at the top, and as such you have the juice. You would have a much larger forum, there would be an advance, a book tour, media exposure, the sales, the money etc. True, you would be working with a professional writer much as she did, and would have that relationship to deal with. But the exposure would raise the sales of your self authored books. If you want to put Miscavage in his place, set the record straight, and correct what is wrong with Scientology, me thinks this is the route.


  51. Sapere Aude

    WH – The franchises started in the 50’s. Later changed to missions. When the management of “WW” was disbanded that function was moved to the SO, aboard ships. The Mission Office was left at WW and that is what was funding GOWW. Management of the missions, as you stated, really did stay with CS-6.

    I would say it was the move to make everything more church like to deal with the IRS and the mother church of C of S of California. This greatly reduced the “independence” of the mission holders. Then the entire changeover to SMI. At that time the missions were basically controlled by what the SO said.

    The missions, per policy, were supposed to be managed more as a PR function and not heavy duress or control. After Diana, as CS-6, I believe almost all PR, or light control was gone. Nothing from then on but heavy handed dealing with mission holders. The coup de gras, so to speak, was the mission holder conference under the influence of one, DM.

    Toward the end I would agree with you – “over managed, poorly managed, expensive mess.” I would add the enforced demise of the free function of missions introducing masses of people to the bridge was a main driving force behind all of the great orgs, AO’s etc of the time. With their demise the support and flow were cut off abruptly. The collapse of stats internationally and the now internal cannibalization of the remaining public. No new flow, continually recycle of old public, no new services, more control, more declares: truly a self perpetuated internal death spiral.

    All of this is further evidence of the inability to use what LRH wrote that is workable and separate it from other comments and writings. The application of all policy as equal to all other policy is what is seen with the collapse discussed here.

    Onward and upward for those with the ability to see, evaluate data and importances, apply what works and get their personal lives on the path of their own personal journey.

  52. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Marty, you said a lot more in the book than that.
    I just finished reading and I now understand why anybody with an agenda will not be happy with the book. I found it very interesting and very well written. I also found it very valuable to be able to see the experience, thoughts and reasoning of somebody who was so closely involved in the COS.
    To me it is a very valuable book to read and assess, relate to once own experiences and use these observations to come to some peace of mind about what the freak happened with the subject. That is not what people with an agenda do, they have already all the answers.
    Thanks for writing it and sharing your experience. I found it a fascinating read.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Gerhard. I appreciate your feedback.

  54. Thanks. That was interesting background information I didn’t know.

  55. Laughter!

    Marty, I am thinking you were recruited for the Sea Org under false pretenses. I am thinking they had a nationwide mission for recruiters to find someone, anyone, with a high school education and some years of college to make sense of all the legal flaps and explain what was going between them and the world.

    The mess you were presented with, and the obligations put on you are astounding. A consultant would have been making 300K a year minimum with the hours you put in. Back then. I can’t even think of what your post title should have been all through those years. “Fix it man”? “OIC Man”? (Order Into Chaos) Man.

    Let’s take the “Scientology” out of the equation. Let’s look at profession and career. That David has issued the web sites, home invasion squads, false press, slander and out P.R. against you as an executive, after piggy backing on you for 30 years, is worse case scenery for injustice.

    If this was me, I would file a 20 million dollar law suit for ruining my career as a professional executive and a consultant. It is obvious some that post here, have even bought into it and use it as a means to attack you. There are forums that have swallowed all of it, bought into all of it, forward it, think with it and have dedicated threads to hating you. There are mountains of evidence of this injustice, it is spread all over the internet.

    If it were me, just saying, I would be making them pay to play. They have Mike Rinder’s own child fair gaming in him on the net. If this were me, I would be making them pay to play. That they think you OWE them more, like, to suffer this, is telling of the nature of the Church.

    People can’t see this in it’s extremity with out reading the book.

    I hope the both of you are making copies and taking photos of the hate sites, the statements the Church is issuing and has issued, keeping copies of the filmed news. I can hook you up with the best attorney in the State of California. When this guy arrives for court, Judges have to step down, as “not qualified to rule over him”.

    No gag order in order. This is just penalty for undermining your professional careers. Not even connected to the Scientology.

    Worse, worse, you gave as a “volunteer” and they stuck it you.

    Look at what they have done to your counseling profession with this! They sent someone to my home to interrogate me as to whether I was a client! A covert form of domestic terrorism!

    Yes, I would ask them to pay to play.

  56. Mary Rathernotsay

    I love your taste in music….
    Music makes the world go ’round
    Or was that Love?
    Or, is Music love?

  57. Here’s the scary part – nothing is exactly how we think it is… there is no spoon. But how we feel it? Undeniable. Flexible. Changeable. Extraordinary. No matter how you talk or walk. Extraordinary.

  58. When jackie chan wanted to excel in martial art films he had a contender. Bruce lee. A friend and also a force of nature. He decided to take a line along a film ledge nd unlike Bruce. He followed buster cheaton. Bruce had his way and jackie had his also. Both masters. One for seriousness the othe for comedy. Equals in their art. Bruce unfornately not here today. I watched your uk tv film the s. and have been fascinated at how the s. works. I am catholic and have faith. I am not a practicing catholic, but have faith. I try not to judge, especially without knowledge, but I have to say…well done. There is more I like to say, but when s. is concerned. Less is a lot more. When a religion? goes that far…one has to ask why are they so frightened? God bless and good luck. If anything can make one a good human being then let it continue. God Bless.

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