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The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In

The church of Scientology and David Miscavige have had zero influence on my recent announcement that I will no longer wear the label “Scientologist.”   Scientology Inc. lost in their effort to silence us and to prevent us from using what we learned of the mind and spirit from L. Ron Hubbard’s work.  We succeeded in our four-year effort to free the methodologies of Hubbard for independent application in accordance with practitioners’ consciences.  What prompted me to eschew the “Scientologist” label was the conduct of those we paved the way for while we were withstanding  the very best shots Scientology Inc. could and did take at us.

I hold no malice for any particular individuals.  I understand – and so too might you if you read and consider Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior – that these folks really are doing everything they can to be the very best Scientologists they think they can be.  And that is at the heart of the sickness they exhibit. While we were fighting for their right to practice Scientology, eleven folks instead of practicing it figured out how to monopolize it, at least in their own minds.  They put together a corporation that proclaims ownership of independent Scientology under the name Milestone Two Ltd.  Based on my experience with its secretly chosen 11 founding member ruling council, having read as much as I could of their charter before giving up after losing count of the points of hypocrisy (and duplication of the original Scn Inc intent and activity, including policing in KSW and a ‘justice committee’ to deal with ‘out-ethics actions which are destructive to statistics’) within it, I concluded that if these folks were honest they would call themselves “Scientology Inc, Ltd” or perhaps “Squirrelbusters Light.”   And that is how I will refer to them from here on out.

I am going to share some facts that led to this conclusion (mostly in the chosen 11’s words).  But I am not going to single out individuals.  I care for them all.  I still hope one day they too can graduate from the cult mindset within which they are imprisoned.  And while some of them have declared me an SP, in Treason, a Squirrel – and as we shall see worse –  I will not return the fire because I understand, like their alleged second biggest bogeyman (apparently I am number one now) David Miscavige, how they are simply an inevitable product of the Scientology system.

The new self-appointed leaders of the independent movement dramatize – self-righteously, arrogantly and defiantly – all that is wrong with the church of Scientology (except perhaps in a  less disciplined, organized and competent fashion as the church – hence the adjectives ‘Ltd’, and ‘Light’).  That their war-like attitude is inculcated by Scientology is evident by their insistence in wrapping themselves in L. Ron Hubbard tech and policy with every one of their hostile utterances.  Another tell-tale indicator is their apparently irresistible compulsion to target and blame at every turn.  They will insist they ‘supported’ us in our fight all the way – while instead to a one, they hid, rode coattails and served as persistent distractions.

I will not refer to the chosen 11 by name and won’t allow witch hunting, and ad hominen diatribes in the comments threads.  That is their game, and apparently one they learned in their Scientology experiences – given their continual assertions of how ‘on Source’ they are.

Let us start the facts rundown with something perhaps fresh in people’s minds – the Roast Beef Productions documentary Scientologists at War.

Scientology Inc Ltd founder #1 (numbers 1-11 are arbitrarily assigned since they have represented – or misrepresented – to the public that they all are of equal import having somehow miraculously gravitated together into a cluster) published the following with respect to the historical events chronicled about my wife and me in Scientologists at War:

“They were themselves [Marty and Monique Rathbun] using the harassment to establish their cover.”

I submit nothing else need be considered to justify the conclusions that I have already shared at the outset of this post.  However, since I don’t foresee addressing this issue again, and for the benefit of the conscience impaired who haven’t seen all they need to see with the above,  I’ll continue quoting Scientology Inc Ltd founder #1’s published views about me and my work.

“[Marty] justifies [his]own cesspool of past crimes (instead of taking responsibility for them) by “lessening the overt” i.e. criticizing the subject and blaming it for [his] own harmful deeds, still pretending [his] corrupted version of Scientology was the real thing.”

His screed goes on to call me “weak”, “blind”, a “Career Nazi”, an “SS Officer”,  “Gestapo”, “a legitimate 2 ½ percent CoS war criminal”, compared me to “professional psychologists and mental counsellors”,  and a “sociopath”.

When weakly  challenged on all this by someone at the Milestone Two Ltd on-line forum, he defended it (also published) by reference to PTS/SP tech claiming he got sick by my supposed operation to fake harassment and “tricking ex members” into providing me with a “safe haven”, and he got well by coming to these conclusions.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founder 2:

Attempted to out a comment poster (by posting the person’s name) on my blog with whom he disagreed.  When I disallowed the post as a spiteful and personal attack on a person he had received a tremendous amount of money from to help – far more than I have ever received for services from anyone – he accused me of being in league with and funded by his client.  Neither charge was true.  He then plied me with a barrage of minister-client privileged ‘facts’ about the character of the family of his client in an effort to enlist me to vilify them with him.  I declined and pointed out his grotesque, unethical (and factually illegal) violation of confidences he was paid handsomely to keep.  Upon investigation it turned out that the person he was going to ‘out’ and personally attack was not even the person he was quarreling with on the blog thread.  Shortly after that kurfluffle he posted this on my blog:

“Watching that video [my own description of the Int base] the other day on The Hole, in a new unit of time, the egregious facts emerge. You were there and very much involved in the entire lead up to that insanity. An integral part of probably the most suppressive group in the history of Scientology, RTC.”

This all broke out in a discussion in which Mike Rinder and I mentioned that we had first hand knowledge that L. Ron Hubbard re-instated the Disconnect policy in 1983.  Apparently to prove how heretical such a notion was – because apparently ‘Disconnect’ is such a diabolical policy –  he disconnected from me and began a whispering campaign with other eventual Scientology Inc Ltd founding members against me which has continued to this day which resulted in the formation of Scientology Inc. Ltd.

Scientology Inc. Ltd Founder #3: 

This individual came out on my blog at the height of the Scn Inc Squirrelbusters raids upon our home claiming our actions were saving Scientology.   Within weeks this individual published a testimonial on one of Office of Special Affairs’ 35 plus anti-Marty websites claiming I was driving people off the bridge by misinforming them that there was no justice to be had in the church and producing nothing but ‘natter.’  The individual claimed to have received 100% standard handling by David Miscavige’s church of Scientology.  Later, the other ten wise men of the Scientology Inc Ltd council were seduced by this individual with similar claims about me, necessitating that they take charge of independent Scientology.    It leaves one asking, ‘taking charge on who’s behalf?’

Scientology Inc. Ltd. Founder #4:

Here are some of the bases upon which he has declared me in writing to be ‘an enemy’ and in treason  and in confusion (apparently I’m in all three conditions at once) to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology:

“Your response to the attack of Miscavige is quite predictably stimulus and response, and is how any trained and intelligent person would respond if he had completely lost the plot and taken on “winning the fight” as his stable datum instead of applying Scientology fundamentals to the resolution of the bigger picture.  It seems to me that, rather than tangling with the cur dogs nipping at the wheels of the fire engine, you have become one of them. “

“Much of the Indy field, having certainty on the fact that DM is an SP, sided with you, figuring that if the SP is attacking you, you must be a good guy!  These are not necessarily correlating facts.  Both guys in a bar fight might still beat their wives.  The point here is not that I think you are an SP, which wouldn’t matter a damn anyway one way or the other.  What matters here is, who do YOU think you are? “

“I think the site [Moving On Up A Little Higher] must attract people who share your confusion and thus find solace in the fact that they are not alone.  This is NOT the condition we need to share!!”

“You had never done, as far as I can detect, a really good handling on the conditions you created with DM.  How many years did you work with the guy?  How much damage to the church – and to the forward progress of Scientology – was done as a result of it?… It puts your recent ponderings and degrades of Scientology and LRH in to  a new perspective as it is not so grievous  an overt to arrest the growth of something that does not completely work, or a Founder who actually put his pants on one leg at a time. Now, let’s all pause to meditate…. !!”

“You supported yourself by taking whatever people would give you in exchange for your auditing skills – which is propitiative and a degrade in its own right.  This does not contribute to Scientology or it’s dissemination.”

“You live in the boondocks, lobbing grenades from your bunker and inviting the Indy field, itself looking for stable data, to participate in the dialogue… This is cur dog activity, however else it is justified.”

““UPPER LEVELS. There are other OT levels above VIII but these will be released from time to time when people are ready for them. We’re already higher than Man has ever been and it can get quite stratospheric.” L. Ron Hubbard”   The notion that you would express opinions so obviously contrary to LRH is treason at the least, and more likely simply another dramatization of confusion.”

“You need a good, thorough ethics program.  I don’t know how real all of this is to you, but it is real enough to me to alert you in this regard.”

He pronounced me to be in treason for not ruthlessly following the seven points of power in the policy letter The Responsibilities of Leaders.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member #5:

“I think your attack on Scientology and LRH is because you are going to take Scn, and “fix it” and become the new “source”. The only thing blocking your way is “KSW”. It made no sense at first for you to say that KSW blocks thought. Made no sense at all because it is just a treatise from LRH to protect his tech. But then I realized that if you blow KSW out of the water, then you are free to take Scientology from LRH (who is also bad) and turn it into your own technology.”

“Marty, you haven’t been around enough to be the scholar you think you are. You write only from an Ivory Tower. I look at your past products and they align with your new track. When you get into life and start experiencing it and getting good products – in volume, then I will treat you as someone who has somewhere to communicate from.”

“It makes you look a little 1.1 – gather up all of the field, get them listening to you and then doing a 180 and trashing Scn in front of them is pretty much making you look like a modern Pied Piper. Please – realize you have unhandled o’s and w’s”

He too pronounced me to be in treason for not ruthlessly following the seven points of power in the policy letter The Responsibilities of Leaders.

This fellow who accused me of having designs on the “Source” position is garnering a lot of credibility in the Milestone Two community by pronouncing that he’s got OT IX, X, XI, and XII (so, don’t despair wise man #4) which apparently he received telepathically from Ron.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding members 6, 7, and 8:

Have made repeated assertions that they are my friends, yet have encouraged and supported this assault.  They plead ignorance.  And just as quickly I will note that that too is the hallmark of a Scientology organization.  If you want to create an organization and profit from its collective power, then you are responsible for the fruit it produces.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 9:

Don’t know much about this person except that this person publically invalidated wonderful efforts by an OT VIII, integral Scientologist friend of mine to get another Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member on his feet and into practice – and when pointed out to both of these people,  neither took effective action to restore the damage done to my friend’s reputation.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 10: 

A wonderful, tolerant person.   He is absolutely being used – for credibility purposes – and has no inkling of it.

Scientology Inc. Ltd founding member 11:

I really don’t know him from Adam.  The only thing I’ve heard from him is an impassioned plea to reconsider that the late-Kingsley Wimbush was misunderstood, that de-dinging was really on Source.

None of the people whom I have repeatedly publicly recommended as the only integral Scientology pracitioners – each of whom has far more training and decades more products than any of the eleven – I  regularly refer people to were consulted or offered positions on the council of secretly anointed 11.  Not surprisingly, neither was I.

I will tell you honestly that I found communication with the Scientology Inc. Squirrelbusters far less evaluative, far less hostile, far more uptone, and far more infused with ARC than the communications I have received from the core of the Squirrelbusters Light, the Scientology Inc Ltd 11.

Five of the eleven Scientology Inc. Ltd rulers have spent time in our home in the past year.   All of them were invited for the express purpose of telling me where I am wrong, proposing how independent Scientology should proceed, and make any other suggestions.  All of them expressed nothing but cloying admiration for our work (to the point it was uncomfortable for us).  Not one of them raised even a hint of any of the condemnations I have re-published above, nor even asked any questions that would indicate I should even reconsider any step in my life journey.    It is my experience with these people that has led me to investigate what is it about Scientology that encourages an attitude of entitlement and a character marked by cowardice and deceit.  More on that in my next book on the subject of how to graduate from Scientology.

If one didn’t fully understand Scientology,  it would fairly make one wonder whether Scientology Inc. Ltd was not simply a creation of the original Scientology Inc.   But, the question is purely academic.  That is because certainly, the published founding documents of the former guarantees that ‘independent scientology’ ultimately must become that which it resists, the latter.  If you read and consider Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, you might come to a similar conclusion that I did: the whole thing was predictable, even inevitable.

I don’t plan on spending any more time or mental energy on them.  I consider them – at best – a distraction.  Its authors and directors have already drained enough of our resources – physical, mental and spiritual.

Suffice it to say, the way out is not the way back in.

I have represented since before the inception of this blog that my purpose is to help folk graduate from this type of madness (reference: Welcome page).   After all we’ve experienced in the past four years, that purpose is stronger than ever.