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  1. Isn’t that amazing, how deftly a well-written, well-delivered song can sum up the essence of your experience?

  2. I love “Hootie”‘s voice. A great success story as a cross-over artist too.

  3. You are the first person whose gotten me to listen to Mr. Rucker sans Hootie…and believe me friends have tried.
    This is a fantastic song! The lyrics are perfect.

  4. burnedbutnotbitter

    Hi Thanks for that. Realized he was the front for Hootie and the Blowfish…Thoughtful day….

  5. Awesome Marty! A song you might have written and sung yourself and I know you sing it in spirit every day.

  6. We can’t all be Darius but we can all find songs for those we love …

    As Marty has done for Mosey …

    You have never stumbled. Yes, true believers – you may be one heartbeat in the darkness but know you have

    a multitude of friends wishing you well, praying for your triumph but happy knowing that you have the love of one another.


  7. This is a great song for tonight. The world is watching Marty and Mosey! I wish you an excellent day tomorrow! Go Get em!

  8. Marty,
    I’d like to take a moment to remember those victims of the atrocities of 911, twelve years ago.

    ML, Midge

  9. Okay, I’m boo-hooing. You guys are the very best on so many levels. Love you both and look forward to justice in Comal County.

  10. Sending you all strength and peace.

  11. Perfect song for the moment (and for any moment).
    Viktor Frankl would say, “Well done! You got it!”

  12. Nice!!!! heres to a wonderful and well deserved win tomorrow and all tomorrows to come <3<3<3

  13. Hey Dave, And you are too busy erecting one of your tents ahead of two hurricanes?

  14. We wish you the best tomorrow and every tomorrow that follows.

  15. What a beautiful song which communicates the essence of what the 2nd dynamic really is. Beautiful, Marty & Mosey!
    Godspeed on your journey.

  16. Madora Pennington

    That was a nice post! It’s so depressing – seeing people still so terrified of, trapped and enslaved in Scientology. We call them the “True Believers.”

    But I like this interoperation of a true believer much better.

    Can’t wait to see David Miscavige in court.

  17. one of those who see

    Perfect song. You could hear him yell out FOR MARTY & MOSEY! You have all our love and all our postulates.

  18. I wish you guys all the luck and success tomorrow. You deserve it.

    The force is with you.

  19. Amen. The lyrics could have been written specially:

    Church bells ringing on our wedding day
    Climbed in that limo and rode away
    Guess you will always hear people say,
    Man, they’re never gonna make it.

    We settled in and we settled down
    In this quiet little seaside town
    You are the rock I built my world around
    And life will never break it

    We are one heartbeat in the darkness
    We are one lasting answered prayer
    We are one unbroken promise
    and We are two, True Believers

    It wasn’t easy getting here today
    sometimes we stumbled on lost highways
    But every roadblock was a chance to say;
    take my hand I’m here beside you.

    We worked that day through the toughest part
    Now every day is another chance to start
    Look around and see where we are
    It’s where we were trying to get to

    We are one heartbeat in the darkness
    We are one lasting answered prayer
    We are one unbroken promise
    and We are two, True Believers

    We are one before our God in Heaven
    We are one when the going gets rough
    We are one now and forever
    We are one name, one life, one faith

    We are one heartbeat in the darkness
    We are one lasting answered prayer
    We are one unbroken promise
    and We are two, True Believers
    We are two, True Believers

  20. The love and support for you both today pours in from all corners of the world.

  21. Sending you both love today.

  22. Vaya con Dios, Mosey. Marty, ain’t love grand?

  23. Marty and Mosey… you have my postulates (Christian Prayers) for today’s hearing…Lots of love

  24. Good luck, and kick some ass today!

  25. Love it! 🙂

  26. Very befitting lyrics for the occasion & your love for one another.
    As you know you both have an abundance of support and my most positive postulates always, but especially today-to you, Mosey & Ray! Look forward to hearing of your win!!!

  27. Whatever the outcome is in Comal County, Mosey and Marty,
    you have helped so many people over these last years and
    should be very proud of that.

  28. This made me cry. You two are the best. ❤

  29. On this post I felt you! And you and Mosey have my postulates along with those of so many others.

  30. All the best luck today in court. Watching the Scientology lawyers is sooo much fun. They have been coming up with priceless arguments.

    You two are the winners.

  31. Your first day of court should be over. I hope it went as you expected. May no smoke be blown up the ass of Judge Waldrip. I wish you both the best of luck in this lawsuit. You are standing up for many and EVERYONE is standing behind you. We are one…

  32. Marty and Mosey especially – wishing you strength and luck today but hoping you don’t need it, on account of truth being on your side.

    But, how many goddamn lawyers do they need??!!! Unbelievable. I wish those who had donated to the IAS had some clue that their money goes to protect Little Davey’s ass after he gets caught harassing a women for 4 years. I wonder what the cost per second has been of defending the Demented Dwarf today?

    Tony Ortega is liveblogging from the courtroom, and has so far 2,300 comments from his readers. Everyone is wishing you both well, and we are all hoping that Monique is ok – it must be intimidating and that clearly is the Dwarfenfuhrer’s aim. Still harassing even now.

  33. Mosey, you rocked today! I bet you’re exhausted. But you did a great day’s work.
    Love you, love you, love you!

  34. I just want you two to be happy no matter what.

  35. By all accounts, great job today Mosey! I would guess the first day is the hardest,and then the delays would be the second hardest thing to deal with.

    Go get’em!

  36. Almost 7pm on the West coast and there are almost 4000 supportive posts today at Tony O’s blog.
    Go Mosey go!
    Congrats to both!

  37. Love his music and his voice. Love the message.

    Always wishing you and yours the fulfillment you your own desires.


  38. Love Heber. Truly was a great guy. Too bad he let the snot take over.

  39. Looking at the logistics here with accommodations and transportation costs and bringing in witness’ to San Antonio right now it’s got to be very, very tight. Sending a donation myself, and for the love of God if you readers have found personal rewards in reading this blog and being heard and listening, now is the time to come forward and help out as best you can.

  40. WE ARE ONE. Even though we each have our share of special love relationships and special hate relationships that reinforce the apparancy of extant differences and separation…the pure and perfect Oneness that we really are uses all the special relationships on our behalf to help us all return Home.

  41. poisonivyherself

    Hang in there, Marty and Mosey. Many of us never-ins who have been tangentially touched by the abuses of Scientology and have long been outraged by COB’s maniacal arrogance were there in spirit, rooting for her. You must be so proud to have such a strong, courageous, and unflappable woman as your life’s companion.
    Stay strong and carry on!

  42. Rosalie Hamilton

    Mosey, you, Marty and Ray were prayed, postulated, and meditated for, and sent energy yesterday — no spiritual stone left unturned! I hope you felt it. We’re all with you in spirit, and making a lot of physical noise at our own locations, hootin’ & hollerin’, HA . Much love.

  43. I have had an incredibly crazy couple of weeks, not going into them as you have so much more horrific things going on in your life, but I haven’t even had time to keep up with the blogs and am just now reading Mosey’s testimony from day one.

    I just got to the part where she was talking about you were trying to have a baby and I broke down in tears. Those very private things are none of the public’s business, and for her to have to testify about them in open court simply destroys any feeling human being. Tony Ortega’s comment was what hit so close to home for me. “At that moment, we were embarrassed and ashamed to be in the courtroom.” Amen.

    I am not a violent person. I do not believe in revenge, but I had thoughts I did not believe could come into my head regarding the person responsible for the damage he had inflicted on you and Mosey. And yes, you, I and the wall have no doubt who that person is.

    She is an amazingly strong woman to stick by you when she knows that she would just have to walk away from you and they would leave her alone.

    They are amazingly cruel people to treat her the way they do for simply loving you. I am so glad this testimony is coming out in open court and that the Judge is paying attention. It is my hope that on some small level the attorneys for the other side are also paying attention and realize what they are representing.

  44. Day Two…I hope you both woke up feeling well and ready to tackle the world. I included you both in my prayers today. God Speed.

  45. Mosey and Marty,

    I wish and hope and perceive you’ll all have a relaxed weekend. Tony Ortega has provided a competent blow-by-blow of the court proceedings.

    My sense and gut-feelings tell me that you’ll be moving back to the community you found home, IOB.

    My advice to any remaining RCS Kool-Aid drinkers- Don’t EVER seek legal advice or any kind of direction from the sawed-off lunatic wanna be Hubbard replacement pope and usurper AKA the “ecclesiastical leader”.

    It’ll cost you millions…..

    And your sanity.

  46. Remember, Something CAN be done about it!

  47. Time for ZERO tolerance on that Restraining Order on DM, one false move by the prick or his minions and that Arrest Warrant gets issued IMMEDIATELY!

  48. Madora Pennington

    Marty, so glad you got on your motorcycle, fled Miscavige-the-Savage, pulled your life together. and are STOPPING THE INSANITY like no one else can.

  49. Thank you Mosey and Marty for giving Karma a helping hand…
    Here is Part One of the first day, opening statements before cameras and recordings ordered turned off. Credit to Mike Bennitt.

  50. Here is part 2 of the Court Proceedings

  51. And here is Part 3. This is 3/6 all occurred on 12 September 2013.
    Ray Jeffrey, Mosey’s lawyer is magnificent.

  52. Jean-François Genest

    Merci ! Great song & great singer-song writer. ♫

  53. Jean-François Genest

    ♫ Rock me Mama like a wagon wheel ♫ ↓

  54. May peace return to your family, Monique & Marty !

  55. The church lawyers are people in suits who have compromised
    principles for personal gains. Whores! First amendment, yeah
    right! Take that to the bank and see what it will get you. Some
    very very critical reviews that will stab you in the back in the

    Honesty and compassion will ALWAYS win in the end. Sugar
    Ray has the good karma on his side.

  56. Yup.

    It’s a big rock being moved uphill. Presidents add push.

  57. You got it Rosalie lots of hootin & hollerin here in Prescott!!

  58. THE LAW OF CONNECTION – Even if something we do seems inconsequential, it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected. – Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on. – Someone must do the initial work to get a job done. – Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance, – As they were both needed to accomplish the task.

    THE LAW OF GIVING AND HOSPITALITY – If you believe something to be true,then sometime in your life you will be called upon to demonstrate that particular truth. – Here is where we put what we CLAIM that we have learned, into actual PRACTICE.

    THE LAW OF CHANGE – History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

    THE LAW OF PATIENCE AND REWARD – All Rewards require initial toil. – Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil. – True joy follows doing what we’re suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come in on its own time.

    THE LAW OF SIGNIFICANCE AND INSPIRATION – You get back from something whatever YOU have put into it. – The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it. – Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the Whole.


  59. Thank you,Oricale for the reminder !

  60. Listen to the lawyer spout out these LIES
    David Miscavige does not know Marty Rathbun
    David Miscavige does not care about Marty Rathbun. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the lying and lies in a court of Law under *Oath* is a wonder to behold.
    How ridiculous to pretend Miscavige does not run the show. Everyone in the world of Scientology knows he runs it all with an iron hand.
    Pretending he does not think or have Marty Rathbun in mind …….
    Even a Hollywood fantasy screen writer couldn’t make up that one !
    These court hearings were a tissue of lies presented by Church Lawyers.
    Part 4/6 of first day Church hearings on
    Temporary Restraining Order on David Miscavige and his henchmen
    12 September 2013

  61. Believer songs. I don’t know about believing. But I know a little about love.
    I am pretty way far behind believing and dreaming. I can swear I know a know a little about love.

  62. To Monique: you are an inspiration.
    To Marty: thank you so much.
    To David Miscavige:

  63. Just wanted to give you my moral support with your court case! I follow as much as I can on The Underground Bunker. Good luck!!!

  64. Great country music album. Highly recommended!

  65. He lied on his statement giving his address as Hollywood . The first sentence of his written statement was a lie:

    Declaration of David Miscavige in Support of Special Appearance

    My name is David Miscavige, my date of birth is April 30, 1960, and my address is 1710 Ivar Ave. Los Angeles, California 90028.

    Perjury: criminal law, the offence committed by a witness in judicial proceedings who, having been lawfully sworn or having affirmed, wilfully gives false evidence.

    per·ju·ry [pur-juh-ree]
    noun, plural per·ju·ries. Law.
    the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry.

  66. To Monique : You endured more than many of us would have accepted. We have been keeping watch of the court proceeding. You have an army of people who support you.

  67. Many other false reports in his declaration also. But, at the end, he sets himself up to get busted:

    “I declare under the penalties of perjury of the states of Texas and California that the foregoing is true and correct.

    Executed in the United States of America, state of California on the 28th day of August, 2013.

    David Miscavige”

  68. Good luck to you both.

  69. Wanted to leave a message of support to Monique, please know there are many people cheering you on!!! Marty’s a very lucky man to have you and when this is all over, you both are going to have a wonderful ‘squirrel buster free’ surveillance free life!! I’m keeping up to date on Tony Ortega’s blog!
    Peace and strength to you both!!

  70. I admire your courage, Monique and Marty, for taking the steps you have to regain your peaceful life. Cheering for you both and watching anxiously as this case unfolds. I know justice and truth and freedom will prevail. Very best wishes to you both!

  71. A Texas judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige!

    Making history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miscavige has a restraining order against him! For your info THIS IS ON THE RECORD that this guy had a restraining order issued against him! He should have had one issued against him when he was beating up Church executives DECADES ago!

    Hey Toto! We ain’t in San Francisco anymore!

  72. Hey, get real! Whores put in a valuable exchange to a lot of people. And still conduct every business transaction on a hand shake or a promise.

    These attorneys of the David Miscavige entity are lying through their teeth and wouldn’t give David Miscavige the time of day without reams of written contracts and thousands in retainer fees up front because they can’t trust their own client. Their client is a criminal! They are getting paid to get their client OUT OF ALL RESPONSIBILITY for his crimes! They get paid to LIE and DENY. To push others into a DOUBT condition and to create a NOT KNOW.

    These guys really don’t belong on the same page with entertainers.

  73. Been following the updates on Underground Bunker and you have lots of support out here! Stay strong Mosey and Marty!

  74. Marty and Monique, my mind is on you these days like with so many others here.

    Marty, whatever disagreements we may have from time to time, you should know and I do know you know it that true affinity cannot be alloyed.

    We have fought for the same purpose for many many years. And it was and it is a Higher Purpose, a Higher Goal.

    Such a high goal that kept us going through a lot of obstacles in this lifetime.

    I am following Tony’s blog who gives an excellent account of the trial though most of the people there are anti-Scientologists. But this is a celebration not just for anti-scientologists but for Indies too. Much more for Indies because we have had so many things at stake here on this endeavour. And this endeavour cannot just be ignored. This is now known by most of us. There is a lot at stake with it.

    I wish you and Monique good luck and may justice prevail.

  75. Bravo and thank you both for your courage and integrity. You have the power of truth behind you and so many, many people too. Hang in there and may you receive justice and peace.

  76. Thanks for all you’re doing Monique and Marty. Your strength, courage and love are so inspiring! I’m blowing on your wings.

  77. Best postulates and Bright Blessings to Marty and Mosey
    *New Video* Day one of hearings. Part 5 This is 5/6
    Yes, the *CHURCH* stalked, surveilled, Fair gamed, yes, yes, we did it all but we were protecting our ORTHODOXY !!!!!!!
    You have to hear it to believe it ! The criminal CULT believes it has the right to use vigilante stalking, to preserve its ORTHODOXY !
    This lawyer mumbles as is hard to hear even with volume turned up.
    CSI lawyer argues that CSI could Fair Game, because look ~~ there is “hate” against the Church on Marty’s blog. What a donkey !
    Has he read the Church hate pages ? No one can propagate *HATE* like the Church of Scientology. With sprinklings of data from Confessionals told within the sanctity of a “session.” Riddled with hatred, David Miscavige and his henchmen continue to run several 100 hate websites and they whine about Marty’s site having Hate ? LOL. 300 hate Websites on Marty with tax free money paying these web designers, web hosts and web upkeep.
    The Religion that vampire suctions every last dime from every last parishioner and does not sue for Trademark violations but executes *VIGILANTE* justice as dictated by Fuhrer David Miscavige, pleads “Trademark” justification.
    Credit to Mike Bennitt for videoing this before recording devices were ordered switched off

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