Viva Los Tres Hombres

As many folks know by now David Miscavige paid a tremendous amount of money in order to attempt to deprive Monique Rathbun of her constitutional right to the counsel of her choice against Scientology’s scorched earth assault upon her rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   The courts in America have consistently found that the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to civil litigation, e.g. see this essay.   Sixteen lawyers were dispatched by Scientology to Comal County Texas last week fighting like wounded steers to attack Monique’s only possibility of legal assistance.  They came from Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas to join perhaps three of the priciest, most prestigious law firms in San Antonio to attack the integrity of the only three lawyers in Texas with the courage and determination to take on Scientology’s war machine.

This is a fact.  In the eight years we have lived in South Texas, I have come to learn a little something about the chances of retaining counsel.  Some of the toughest litigators in this state have approached Monique and I about the outrage visited upon Monique on David Miscavige’s orders.  To a one, when they did a little homework on Scientology’s scorched earth policies and history of attacking lawyers personally, they politely bowed out with comments such as, ‘life is too short.’

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of moral support for Monique that we have heard from folk from around the globe.   We firmly believe in the power of wishes, intentions and prayers (see Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment for scientific evidence that such can be effective).  So, our deepest appreciation to you all for those.

It just occurred to me though that perhaps lost in the fog of war that Scientology is so adept at manufacturing are the men who put their careers at risk to do the right thing on Monique’s behalf.  Miscavige is not only attempting to deprive Monique of representation, in his inimitable style he is attempting to destroy her lawyers by having a court of law brand them as ‘unethical and immoral.’   It is done pursuant to the firm Scientology policy to cause perceived enemies’ ‘professional demise’ or even to ‘ruin them utterly.’

If Scientology were successful in disqualifying her counsel, Monique assures me she is going to manage one way or the other, even if it means self-representation between her 50 hour work weeks, plus 10 hour per week of commuting.

But, Monique is just as concerned about the potential future problems disqualification creates for the members of her legal team.  So, we hope we can direct a measure of your good wishes, intentions and prayers toward the only three lawyers in the state of Texas who are willing to put their careers on the line to right wrongs they just won’t cotton to happening in their great state.

Hot, Blue, and Righteous:

Elliott Cappuccio

Elliott Cappuccio

Elliott Cappuccio,

Marc Wiegand

Marc Wiegand

Marc Wiegand,

Ray Jeffrey

Ray Jeffrey

Ray Jeffrey,

214 responses to “Viva Los Tres Hombres

  1. Tres Hombres, Tres Amigos
    The tide is turning. There are many true OTs on your side. Our postulates and prayers are with you.

  2. These three are the most ethical, true attorneys I have ever seen. I say I would want them on my side for sure!!!!!! they show the truth in representation bar none!!!!! I personally support all that you are doing. Mosey you are a women of compassion, love, strength, care, responsibility…I am proud to know you and Marty. If necessary we will all come to the court. XXOXOXOXOX

  3. Funny how destiny plays out sometimes. Mosey is just trying to live her life and crosses paths with a monster. It is the formula for many great and inspiring stories. Except this isn’t playing out on a screen or the pages of a book. Mosey, her husband and family, legal team, the judge and the Texas legal system, at least, are going to be tested. I thought some earlier cases were going to be DM’s Waterloo but this one has a different feel. Love and luck to all involved on Mosey’s side of justice. Karma to the rest.

  4. Trying to disqualify the opposing counsel is on the front page of the playbook for Scientology’s legal teams, and has been used over and over in the past, mostly as a delaying tactic. It’s ironic, now that the Church is really starting to come apart at the seams, this tactic has become common knowledge in the legal community and is losing it’s effectiveness, like the boy who cried “Wolf”.

    My best intentions are focused on justice for you, Mosey and your courageous legal team, but in my heart I don’t feel there is a snowball’s chance in hell that those shysters on the other side are going to get the best of Ray Jeffrey.

  5. Posted on WWP in the “Mosey thread” sometimes it’s a big plus to be able to post Anonymous to avoid some flak.

  6. Fight on Marty and Monique ! Whatever our beliefs may be, we are united in support that both of you have the right to live in your own way, free from harassment and with the ability to pursue happiness in your own way.
    Proberbs 31:
    A woman of valour who can find? for her price is far above rubies.
    The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, and he hath no lack of gain……
    Strength and dignity are her clothing; and she laugheth at the time to come.

  7. My thoughts are with you both and the lawyers.
    But what I will say is this . If lawyers are able to mislead their position
    in ways described then lawyers standards are open to be used and abused.

  8. I’m in their debt too, Marty and Mosey. If there’s anything I can do to help them directly, please let me know.

  9. Monique Rathbun and her team of lawyer will win. TRUTH always wins at the end. Miscavige and his criminal lawyers will lose.

  10. Viva Los Tres Vaquero Hombres GRANDE!!

  11. Thank you, Marty, for putting a spotlight on these 3 righteous warriors. Ray, Elliott, and Marc represent all of the best in human beings. They are intelligent and professional in addition to being loyal, down to earth, caring and kind. And as you pointed out so well, they are BRAVE beyond measure. David Miscavige has met his Waterloo and it comes with the faces of Jeffrey, Cappuccio, and Wiegand. They are heroes in my book.

  12. Mosey & Marty,
    Please stay strong. The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them. Otherwise the bully will chase you down no matter where you try to hide.

    It is this behavior (bullying non-members, members, staff, SO, disconnection, fair game, etc.) that I fight the abuses perpetrated by this organization.

    This has nothing to do with religion. Is Co$ claiming it does? and even then, can an alleged religious organization commit crimes? Do we allow some cult “on the fringe of religion” to sacrifice virgins on the altar? Should we allow another one to bully, harass, intimate, threaten, interfere with employment to “protect trademarks?”

    I pray the judge sees through these attempts to defame attorneys in the name of “trademark protection.”

  13. You have my postulates and prayers not only for Mosey and you but for your 3 truly brave and compassionate lawyers, Jeffrey, Cappuccio and Wiegand. Yvonne said it straight, “they are BRAVE beyond measure. David Miscavige has met his Waterloo and it comes with the faces of Jeffrey, Cappuccio, and Wiegand. They are heroes in my book.”

  14. These fine gentleman prove that there still are attorneys who are true warriors for justice.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  15. Monique is one tough brave girl! You got a counsel of integrity. And we are behind you guys every step along the way. ♥

  16. The crux of Justice …

  17. Kick his ass Texas style. DONT MESS WITH TEXAS DAVE.

  18. 3 “wog” lawyers fighting for justice, reaching for the stars. While the self-rightous C of S attempts to smother them. Courage versus fear. To say nothing about Mosey. That lady has proved to have they type of strength and class that most dream of having.

  19. God Speed, Mosey.
    You guys have a great team on your side.

  20. +100 Yvonne, so well stated, ” They are heroes in my book.”

    All who stand up for the rights for all beings to live with freedom as they choose are to be supported. This is not an issue of one belief against another. It is the force and control by one over the freedom of another. This has never been accepted in Texas as we know from history. My intentions have always been in support of this action.

    The current issue is being played out in Comal county. There have been others harmed by the enforced will of the same person and group as in this case. Some were mothers who can no longer see their children, husbands, wives, friends. The ruthless scorched earth policy for all who dare to have a different viewpoint should not be tolerated in a free society. That is the issue.

    The words of this song express it so well.

  21. Like the Three Musketeer they are representing honor and truth and many are behind them expressing support with our best intentions, postulates, wishes and prayers. The truth will prevail.

  22. I deleted one sentence, that I do not think added much to your message, in order to keep it clean as we can here. Thanks.

  23. Here are the lawyer’s opening statements from the start of this hearing:

  24. My hat’s off to your incredible legal team and to you and of course, Mosey. Although I love the technology of SCN, it is embarrassing (criminal) the way the church operates. Their “ends justify the means” policy runs through every aspect. Though I’ve had many huge wins throughout my 40 years “in”, my recent SP declare has been quite liberating. Watching what occurred in the Comal County courthouse last week, actually the ability to to watch what occurred without fear of reprisal can not be understated.

  25. And in this photo you can see some of the Scientology attorneys huddling prior to the start of the first hearing:

    Comal County, TX 12 September 2013

  26. Wishing you all the best in this fight. We know how Scientology plays only by their own rules; it is now time for honor to prevail. God bless you, Mosey and Marty. And for your legal team, which is outstanding.

  27. Marty, your intake of breath when CSI’s lawyer so “graciously offerred” to accept Monique’s affidavit in lieu of her testimony said it all. I am glad I watched the recording and got to hear that. That small sound spoke volumes and Ray’s ADAMANT NO echoed through the chambers.

    On payday, I’ll put my money where my mouth is for you, Tony and Mike, as I certainly hope people have been doing for you regularly during this ordeal because money must be very tight for all involved right now.

    Last night I re-watched Nicolae Ceausescu’s final speech where he realizes that the crowds are not cheering for him but jeering against thought it would be splendid if that could happen at the tent event to David Miscavige. I do hope, however, that Miscavige is not shot by a firing squad as Ceauescu was as I would prefer Miscavige to spend years in prison, even though it is so much cushier than what he had made others endure.

    Thank you for connecting us to your marvelous lawyers. I will send them my messages of support. I do hope that they become famous due to this case. That would be a win win situation for all the good guys involved.

  28. Three Wise Men (although still a little early for Christmas references…)! They look like a sound, respectable trio and, as ever I wish you all the very, VERY best. Justice will prevail.
    IEG x

  29. Those 3 hombres are 3 MEN!

    With Mosey and Marty, they give new meaning to DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

  30. To: Mosey the strong one:
    The following ancient, prize-winning verse has been chanted for you:

    “Whoever, when strong, is forbearing
    to one who is weak: that’s the foremost patience,
    the weak must constantly endure.”

    By the power of this truth, may the victory be yours
    against the legions of Miscavige.

    George M. White

  31. Madora Pennington

    You can see footage of the hearing at “SurvivingScientology” on YouTube.

    I had to wonder … did Davey himself write these legal arguments? They just make no sense. Scientology gets to do anything to anyone because they have TRADEMARKS to protect!!! Religious freedom and free speech are ONLY for Scientology!!!!! Marty is causing the problem!!!!

    I’m worried about the careers of TeamScientology lawyers. What a professional embarrassment, to stand there and say this to a judge.

    Between that hearing and Garcia lawsuit developments, one thing is very clear:

    Davey misses Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder VERY VERY MUCH

  32. These three warriors can sleep at night, can’t say that about the other side. I would hate be the attorneys for the COS, RTC and DM. Defending scum leaves a very dirty taste in your mouth.

    Brave are you all!

    Energy is a funny thing, free flow it and all is well. Resist and try to overtly control it with fear and force and sooner or later it all becomes solid, seizing up. (DM and Company). so like solid MEST,it just withers and dies. Living things need theta Brave souls have theta ……

    All of my intentions for justice, happiness and peace for you and Mosey.

  33. It is very cool you found 3 honest attorneys to represent your rights.Atexas jury will see through the smoke and mirrors,keep s posted on what’s happening,you have my postulate.

  34. Marty, I won’t be offended if you don’t post this as you may not want a discussion on the merits of the case to break out here, but I just wanted to say that, from what I understand of the proceedings so far, the RCS have admitted harrassing Mosey on the grounds that she had it coming because you were practicing scn outside the church.. Wow! I take it that you did not get a cease and desist letter? That there was never any attempt by them to “protect their trademarks” through the courts? They just take the law into their own hands and harrass you! What an admission! I feel sorry for those 16 attys on the other side if that is their brief. If there were no attempts by the RCS through legal means to protect their trademarks, then they can have no credibility. They just follow and harrass you without first attempting to resolve it through legal means? How can a court believe their motives? This is not about trademarks – its just a personal attack without any justification whatsoever (not that a justification would help them either – how can it ever be legal to harrass someone?). The RCS doesn’t know how to play fair. The only game they know is fair game – and it shows.

    Marty and Mosey, your three guys will not only draw the admiration and respect of those who really know what’s on the score card, but I will bet anything, their 16 opponents respect them. It may be a healthy respect, it may be a begrudging respect, but there is respect nonetheless,

  35. Marty and Monique, our hearts, thoughts and postulates go to both of you! Marty, you have a Tone 45 next to you! She is great!

    Los tres Hombres! Gracias signores! And after you are done and triumphant you gonna say to DM “Hasta la vista, baby” (my Spanish is poor, but I guess I got that right) .

  36. Marty and Mosey …

    Your strength, courage and intelligence are always such an inspiration.

    And this post – reminding us of three others who are willing to stand up in the face of outrageous ill will – speaks volumes of your motivations.

    Perhaps the 12-15 attorneys who are defending those named in the lawsuit, who just might be reading your blog MIGHT take a look at something The 14th Dalai Lama had to say:

    “It is the motivation behind an act that determines whether it is violent or non-violent. Non-violent behavior is a physical act or speech motivated by the wish to be useful or helpful.”

    It is clear by her actions in life what Mosey’s motivations are.

    It is clear to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, what the motivations are of the named defendants and it would be extremely difficult to spin it as helpful or useful.

    My aspirations and prayers everyday are for the happiness of all sentient beings and the ceasing of suffering for all.

    HOWEVER, in order to make it real to me — I always include those close up and personal who might be suffering and pray for their happiness and success. Photos of you Mosey and the 3 Heroes are now on my Shrine so I definitely won’t forget you in my prayers.

    With love

  37. You Sir are doing it right. Some Anon praise that is for you.

  38. And they all have very impressive resumes too!

  39. Best wishes from Europe for all of you.
    And big thanks to Ray Jeffrey for the person he is.
    Lots of admiration, love and prayers. Everything will be good in the end.

  40. My best hopes, wishes, and just plain good thoughts for you and Mosey, and you entire legal team as well. Nobody deserves to be bullied.



  41. You are so right!! I’ve included the three outstanding lawyers that make up Mosey’s legal team, in my prayers. And I’m also asking that Judge Waldrip be able to see through the complete BS that CO$ has litigiously been showing down their victim’s throats. I’ve been reading the live blogging at Tony O’s and I have to say that the nickname “Sugar Ray” is quite fitting. I think he is going to knock those sucka’s OUT!!! And I hope he really does go after them for insulting his integrity and trying to have him removed. No gloves style…..

    The outcome of this case is going to go down in history.

  42. I think the CO$ lawyers are damaging their reputations perhaps
    irreparably. They are arguing that CO$ can send free sex toys to anyone
    they choose to protect their “religious orthodoxy”. 😉

  43. Mosey, you are a strong, brave and beautiful woman. They had no right to harass you, and we are hoping for victory for you and Marty in this suit!

  44. God bless them and God bless you both.
    May the Godless evil spawn sink to the pits of Hell where he rightfully belongs.

  45. May I again express my support, admiration and well wishes to both you and Monique. I, along with many, many others, applaud you both in your courage and perseverance and, while I may never know how it feels to do what you’re doing, I do know that it is incredibly hard, extremely stressful, potentially dangerous, and largely selfless, as you are risking so much in the fight to end the abuses of this atrocious organization that relentlessly terrorizes people.

    This post was so very nice of you, and so very true. These three men are the very example of what a truly good lawyer is, and of what it means to fight on the side of good. They serve as a reminder that people never have to just lay down and accept injustice from the “big guys” just because they are bigger, meaner and richer, because there ARE good, honest people out there willing to fight for what is right.

  46. Hey, Dan, if you are a princess who finds a knight in shining armor, you can bet there are a few monsters around for him to take on. LOL

  47. Wishing you all the best Marty and Monique. You guys are very brave in attempting to show RCS’s real and ugly face.

  48. Marty, I watched part of Court video that Karen de la Carriere posted on FB. The scio atty brought up the orthodoxy position of Misc. I have yet , in all the years I’ve been out of the cos ever heard anyone bring up the fact that Misc himself altered that Orthodox religion called Church of Scientology. Specific instruction was left to all members as to the perils of altering ie Tech Degrades, etc. It would be akin to a mortal sin in a Catholic Church and the likely excommunication of perpetrator. Misc is guilty of Fraud. He has bamboozled millions , or maybe thousands, 🙂 of members into believing they are actually following the religion of Scientology when in fact it is a Fake substitute now.

    I have yet to have seen or heard of anyone bringing that valid point up in any of the court battles over the years involving copyright/trademark violations. Please advise me if I just missed this angle somehow. Otherwise I think this is something you can and should use in your case since cos attorneys are bringing up the orthodoxy question with Misc. And also we all know what the cos websites look like as far as “hate” goes. I’ve never seen “you” speak hatefully, maybe some of your responders over the years have? I could have missed something there too but regardless, if the attorneys are worth anything and they have the “correct” information and “complete” information I don’t see why you should not have great success in this battle and I sure am rooting for you and your wife! 🙂

    Also, kudos to your attorneys for having the cojones to take on this Cult! That is not a small acknowledgment in light of how dangerous it is to them to take it on. Power to them! 🙂

  49. Disqualifying the opposing attorneys is why the CofS in Clearwater hires as many different lawyers as possible, each one just to handle some small cost one-time item, so that none of them can then take on an opponent of the church because it would be a “conflict of interest.”

  50. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    The world is watching the US Justice System.
    Those Lawyers try to implement the policies of DM.
    But you already got them to confess a lot:

    – That it is their right to harass Mosey and you because of religious orthodoxy.
    No court in Europe would accept this.
    – That RTC is controlling Cosi and Osa
    – That you dilvulged confidential data (even they are not true) , so your testimony has lots of truth in it.
    – They meant DM is just working in RTC and has no relation to cosi and Osa, while the whole world knows this is a lie.Just bring in any Scientologist as a witness.

    If the judges can’t see this simplicity you still have the possibility to ask for asylum in any European Country and continue the battle in the courts here. You would have tremendous support and they wouldn’t dare to harass you in France ; Gemany, Belgium, Netherlands or other countries as they would know it’s against the law.

    I don’t understand the american justice system.

    So you and Mosey can’t loose, you only can win !

    I wish and hope for the best for you.
    Don’t forget:
    ” The World is watching”

    If you look at the traffic Ortega’s and other blogs had and if my guessing is right, that per one written comment there are about 10 readers, that don’t comment, there were about 100-150 000 people watching worldwide those 2 days and you got all their support. Those people as a group have power and I don’t think somebody wants to upset them.

  51. Michael, thank you terrifically for your video coverage of those two days. It brought to life what we were all following intently in Tony O’s blog.

  52. Ok this proverbs 31 you quoted gave me chills and misty eyes. Says it perfectly. Love and prayers to Mosey and Marty for a favorable outcome. Go Team Texas!

  53. Gayle aka TroubleShooter

    To you and Mosey and to the individual lawyers on this case – you’re all in our hearts here for the success in the cause of justice. On Friday during an afternoon break in delivery – we were all situated around the 52″ monitor catching up on the superb Ortega updates. A room full of people here focused and intending success in your case and enough penetration of the corporate veil to rip it wide open and expose even more.

    A number of us here are focused and determined for truth and support each of you in the roles you have in it being realized.


  54. I’m thinking this one is going to go down like one of the great heavy weight bouts of all time, Mohammed Ali having been replaced by one Monique Rathbun. The history books will redefine what dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee really means!!!!!!

    Elliot, Marc and Ray, you guys rock. Thank you so much for helping Monique and Marty in bringing justice to a cult that is gone mad. Personal Integrity runs very high in your corner of the ring!!!!

    When this is over Davey boy you will only wish your sorry ass was stung by a bee.

  55. I agree Dan. This time it will be different! Some people cannot be bought!

    Davey better start packing some some plastic underwear for his deposition, they will be much easier to clean!

  56. Marty and Monique,

    From your title of this post as “Tres Hombres” along with the accompanying picturesmoves me to say:

    Kudos to both of you for retaining your sense of humor, along with your Code(s) of Honor in the face of “sludge” aka entheta

  57. Years ago, I went to court and won against Sn’s high-priced lawyers. I represented myself since I had no cash. You can do it! We are rooting for all of you with prayers, postulates, and full-unabated intention.

  58. The Implanter at work, Evil comes in any form or skin.

  59. It’s amazing what you all are doing, it takes some serious guts to fight for what’s right.
    We’re rooting for you
    Warmest regards from London UK x

  60. Dear Marty and Mosey, You two are the bravest people (and most theta) people I’ve seen in a long time. Excellent choice on your legal team, who seem to be making monkeys of the opposition! As far as sending positive support your way, it looks like you have the Indies, Freezone, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, CofS members (under the radar), various bloggers/authors/journalists, religious scholars, COS critics, Anonymous, and probably the FBI, DOJ and 1/2 of the IRS on your side already! Wouldn’t be surprised if DM is predicting your win as well. All the best, and let us know how we can help! Thanks, Terry

  61. one of those who see

    The key role of government in America is the protection of individual rights. There is no question that Mosey’s rights have been Extremely violated. Bravo to the 3 heros for standing up for individual rights in America. Thank you Marty and Mosey for your courage. You are standing up for all of us. I see a big win here and justice coming to the true perpetrator of all this misery. Just talk to any staff member and they will tell you who is running the show. Where “Command Intention” is coming from. Mr. Miscavige, the harassment, metal and physical abuse, tearing apart of friends and families, business & financial ruin, the scientology iron curtain which prevents those “in” from learning the truth and last, but certainly not least the disrepute that you have cause the name of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology IS OVER!

    I believe that all beings are basically good. There is hope for DM. Stopping the evil he is dramatizing is step one. Marty, Mosey and their Lawyers and this Judge are doing him service. Then, my hope is that he continues in his rehabilitation.

  62. I’ll get my mother on this – even God would think twice about getting on her bad side! Good wishes and good vibes.

  63. Yes Sapere Aude, They are Hereos Like the people still in the Sea Org, I love them all, I would not go so far that they are all my children LOL. But hey fuck. You have hereos locked up inside that church. I am the joker I am the jester but god damn I love these people locked up in this insane prison of the mind. I saw myself in Marty, i really saw myself in him right from the start.

    written in one blurb

    Anonymous legions: My stable Datum for protest, I am a Humanitarian not throwing money at anything just my attention, and I love Marty Rathbun and Monique Rathbun.

  64. These three attorneys are everything great that has been said about them in this blog. I just add my deep appreciation for their commitment and involvement in this fight for truth and freedom. Mosey and Marty are the bravest of all for their continued relentless willingness to stand their ground for themselves and many of thousands of others.

    Deepest thanks to Ray, Elliott and Marc for putting their careers on the line and helping Mosey and Marty and THOUSANDS of others. You will be looked to in the future as the men who had the courage and legal savvy and integrity to take this to a huge win!

  65. You will get the lawyers you believe in….I’m pretty done listening to how “big” and “bad” church lawyers are and how much money they have etc. etc. etc….The bottom line is: this will come out
    exactly how you see it coming out…By seeing what DM really is and who is lawyers really are, things will go much better for all of you….you will win. And one more thing…Mosey DON’T represent yourself. Trust in your guys.

  66. If I were black I might fall for it

  67. I still don’t understand how a religion can hold trademarks and intellectual property rights.
    Enforcing those would make the government complicit in endorsing a particular interpretation of a religious belief.
    As a Catholic who doesn’t subscribe to Genesis or Leviticus, but accepts the New Testament, should I expect the Popemobile to be parked outside my house and burly Swiss Guards to follow me everywhere?
    Should I prepare to defend myself in court?

  68. If you stand up for someone in need when nobody else will, then you are a true hero.

    Best wishes to you all, from Norway.

  69. Gail, the fact that you went to court against DM and the church all by yourself with no money and representation, and you WON, well this is the best David and Goliath story I’ve heard in a long time! You prove that yes, something can be done about it and you did it. You did not have to HAVE before you could DO or BE. I’m proud of you.

  70. OMG Lynne, when I read your post the light bulb went off. I never knew that. Can you pass that comment on to Tony Ortega and many others so that maybe the judge somehow will “get” that this is an evil tactic of the church so as to disqualify any attorney of merit that someone may use in the future to sue them with? How diabolical.

  71. Best wishes to Mosey!!

  72. I love you, but I think Dm ‘s mind never grew up adult

  73. It’s a birds of a feather kind of thing. Theta seeks out theta and the reverse is true too; low-life, lying scum will seek out it’s match also.

    Mosey’s lawyers are exactly what I expect her to have; clean, upstanding, honest, ethical men.
    DM’s lawyers are exactly what I expect him to have;….. you can fill in the rest.

  74. You guys will win this, big time. I have 100% confidence that the two of you, with Elliott, Marc and Ray will show the world that the “church” of Scientology’s evil intentions can be defeated. They will be ordered by the court to leave you alone and pay up to make up (some of) the damage they caused. This is a positive postulate if there ever was one.

    Thank you for doing what you are doing.

  75. How do we handle these things

  76. The Gallaghers

    Mosey and Marty,

    Money doesn’t trump ‘prayer’.

    Mary Beth and I will have an entire Catholic convent praying for you and your brave and ethical co-parts within the next few hours.

    Sister Pat Keanny, now close to 85, a close friend and relative, will bring this to bear and fruition.

    God help all those on the dark side.

    I mean it…..

  77. “It is done pursuant to the firm Scientology policy to cause perceived enemies’ ’professional demise’ or even to ‘ruin them utterly.’”

    The sad reality at this point in time is that if the F.B.I. or other government officials want people to come forward and disclose what they know, about David Miscavige, they are going to have to form a witness protection program for former Scientologists, until they pull David Miscavige out of there.

    But from what I understand from recent local reports, they are beginning to the light on this and it very well become a reality very soon.

  78. Thank you. This is the first time I have been acknowledged for that in a long time. I did have the policies of the church to show the judge and he was disgusted with them. He recommended they not pursue the issue any further in his court. They backed down. An attorney friend of mine was coaching me from behind the scenes. Thanks to all who help and power to truth!

  79. Fabulous video. Loved it.

  80. Love and support to Mosey and Marty. The enormous courage of all involved confronting these big bullies is truly commendable. Big huge hugs. ML, Jan

  81. Damn I love him , how about loving his future

  82. I do believe in spirits, just not in Hubbard, I believe in spirits with feeling, I mock and dgrade, I can take mock and degrade, But I have a stanard Mosey is a beauttifull human being. So Marty is ……NO FUCK MARTY IS MY HOMEY SINCE LONG nuff said

  83. Call made-

    To be done with virtuous holy fortitude.

  84. Cat Daddy,

    Have you ever considered that you are perhaps something approaching or even having been OT?

  85. Or even are perhaps OT here and now?

  86. At some point the black mass of lies, deceit and deception will recoil on miscavige and the minions who give him what little power he has left.
    I really don’t have any doubt that this is the point.

    I admire you all very much.


  87. Mosey & Mary,

    You have my unconditional support! You need something, name it. I am here to help any way I can: time, money, friendship, love and the most positive of postulates-pure unadulterated intention that your 3 amigos will prevail.

    It was not surprising Scn & their fascist leader DM are trying to discount Mosey’s attorneys- since they have stats, measurable stats of winning against he and his criminal organization! In the face of fear what else can they do but try to make less of them? So of course they want to discredit & eliminate them, they are in fear!

    I trust if we all stay OT and believe Mosey will win, she will win. Simply because you are both incredible beings. ML, Midge

    It just shows what a sick game the diminutive Davie plays. But, in the end he will get his.

  88. Sending out love and best wishes to Monique and to her three gutsy lawyers. I am confident that the judge will do the right thing.

  89. You Go Girl!
    And the “church”? You go Fuck yourself!

  90. “Enormous courage. ”
    “Truly commendable. ”
    Indeed. So true.

    Peace, fortitude… and best postulates.

  91. Sorry about the missing words. Keyboard getting protesty on some words. Like, “see” and “may”. I am in the process of removing it from the environment.

  92. Mosey, Marty and “3 Hombres”:
    Your integrity makes it possible for you to stand up to this opposition in much higher numbers.
    Who can hurt a clean heart?
    Thank you all for doing what you are doing, you all have my full support!

  93. You guys are braving it against an evil organization. I know you will prevail. I know these courageous lawyers will stick with you to victory. The judge looks like he is not buying the goods co$ lawyers are trying to sell him. Victory will be yours.

  94. We do better together.
    Wishing you, hoping you – The best of best possible out-comes.

  95. Uninfluenced and un-corrupted Judges and Lawyers in Texas (as opposed to California) are honored and admired for their ethics and competency.
    Thanks to Mike Bennitt, the first part of the hearings got videotaped.
    In this one the Church’s righteous indignation abounds.
    Marty is a witness in this case.
    See how they splutter and spatter over “privileged” communication.
    No one in the world violates “privileged communication” more the “Church” of Scientology.
    Flagrantly plucking juicy tit bits out of confessional folders and broadcasting the data on their hate websites against whistleblowers, they are now sobbing afoul that Marty Rathbun, never an attorney and a witness to this case must not speak up.
    Where was David Miscavige when Marty’s mother’s mental condition, his brother’s mental health was made into Internet business?

  96. I believe Judge Waldrip will remember that this case is actually about Mosey’s rights, despite the opposition’s best attempts to obfuscate the matter.

  97. The orthodoxy question is pure distraction and an attempt to derail the actual issue of the case, which is Mosey’s right to a normal life, free from harassment, stalking and psychological abuse, and the right to compensation for damages incurred. Many people have many hopes riding with this case, on both sides. If Mosey is granted her rights, it may open the door for many people suffering similar abuse, not only that perpetrated by DM.

  98. My hat is off to Messrs Cappuccio, Wiegand and Jeffrey for their courage to stand up for human rights. And to you, Marty, for bringing the magnitude of their decision to our attention.

    May justice and human decency prevail.

  99. It is not with out dismay that I bring up this avenue of thought, but what do you do when your ruin is Scientolgoy?

  100. And you know, you never get your ruin handled. because it had nothing to do with being “OT”. or drugs, and it had nothing to do with grades, and it had nothing to do with reason, and it all had to do with love, and you are in a herd of no emoting robots? I mean, that is a very real situation to some people. I mean, where is the love? The A in the arc triangle? It is nowhere………………that is a situation???? The only LOVE I have seen is with very good auditors. Does David Miscavige have any good reputation as an auditor or a tech terminal? No. Keep it real. The last person on the Earth you would allow to audit you right? He is running the C of S. How does this shit happen?

  101. Summerwind, you wrote: “…By seeing what DM really is and who is lawyers really are, things will go much better for all of you….you will win.” I totally agree with what you have said here. It is interesting (but not a surprise), to me, to come across your comment just as I was thinking about an Abraham Hicks video I listened to yesterday. I was thinking how apropos a discussion that took place in this video was to the current courtroom drama that is being played out. The discussion was between Abraham and a teacher in regards to the teacher’s dealing with his unruly and tough students. I’m including the video in this comment. The discussion I’m referring to begins 9 mins into the clip.

  102. Following is an excerpt from the book, Return of the Bird Tribes, by Ken Carey:

    “I remember the day when I walked across the open prairie with my head held high and my feathers blowing in the wind. The soldiers saw only my silhouette against the sky. I walked slowly toward them, arms extended from my side, palms facing them in a gesture of peace. I watched the waves of love emanate forth from my hands, as powerful as the love I expressed before and after Golgotha.

    “The soldiers shot me dead.

    “I knew they would.

    “But their children have been brought up on my teachings, have loved my spirit and have understood enough of my creative principles to sail to the moon. Could I have taught them in another way, when their bullets flew and my feathers blew in the breeze that day? Could I have spoken more plainly than through the example of my deeds?

    I have died a million deaths and lived as many lives to teach the warrior tribes what they would not learn in any other way. In the end, I am the victor, because the warrior tribes are changing, fundamentally, while I am rising again and again, leading them and their kind ever onward toward their destiny among the midnight stars.”


    The warrior tribes are beings very much asleep dreaming a nightmare they believe to be reality. Their nightmare world is dark and full of fear. Those of us who are awakening often refer to our sleeping brothers and sisters as being “the dark”, “the cold” and “the evil.” But what is dark but an absence of light, what is cold but an absence of heat and what is evil but an absence of God?

    We are the Bird Tribe. There is a joining that has occurred. A Oneness, if you will, that is here at this place and at this time to, not wail upon the dark, cold and evil, but to fill the void with the light, warmth and Love that is who and what we really are. In other words, we bring true perception to a false perception.

    This joining into a Oneness that is light, love and peace is very real. Those assuming their roles on the stage..Mosey, Marty, Elliot, Marc and Ray are so much more than what they appear to be just as the ‘drama’ being played out is so much more than it appears to be. This is definitely that place in the movie where a turning point of some magnitude occurs. To reiterate, the Bird Tribe has returned and we are that tribe.

    “God is indeed your strength, and what He gives is truly given. This means that you can receive it any time and anywhere, wherever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Your passage through time and space is not random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God. Such are His gifts.” From A Course in Miracles.

  103. Spot on. Jeez, it’d take a whole task force to keep track of CoS outpoints.

  104. I agree with that view. Classic characteristics of childhood abandonment. From my own Scientology childhood, I cannot honestly say I would have turned out any less narcistic or cruel if I had been handed the reigns. Luckily, I was humbled by life instead.

  105. Marty,
    I sent my cheers to los tres amigos.

    I also send a little something to the courageous Monique for all her troubles.

    You guys are the light on this dark journey.


  106. O.T. We let it go. That is it. We just let it go.


  107. I know you are very smart. You’re intelligence shines through your words, as does your ARC.
    And, I surmise your question is rhetorical. But, if not, and you’re really asking, my answer is the obvious: GET AUDITING FROM MARTY! He’s the best auditor I ever had-including Class X11 auditing.
    ML, Midge

  108. Thank you for reaching out and your kind words I will think long and hard about the concept. What I do believe that there are extrodinary people and that sometimes people can live up to be extrodinary.

    I alsoo know that the Universe has punished me for my misdeeds. I had to work today with a big headache. I think I need to find myself a nice woman because single life brings me to places that are not that sensible

  109. I do not know about that but I must not do the can’t have thing with being OT, if people have fullfilment in the path they have chosen and harm no others I should be happy that there are so many different people in the world and that there alsoo is a place for Scientologists preferably outside of the Church.

    And again you are too kind, Seems that you use Hubbards “communication is the universal solvent”

  110. Thank you, Mike Bennitt, for being there and getting these videos.

  111. Oh – and Mr Spencer sounds (from Ortega’s summary) like he really is just a sacrifice in this undertaking. It would not be surprising to hear his client stating he mispresented corporate structure, due to his being unfamiliar with it.

    May you live in interesting times indeed.

    (Btw., I’d love to have a t-shirt with the question “How is something false confidential?” emblazoned on it :D)

  112. You rock Mosey, you both rock! Positive postulates all the way to the fitting end !!

  113. I like how this is titled – Tres Hombres. Texas has a deep history with Mexico and many similar customs – barbecue, big pickups, ranches and cowboys. Esos Tres Hombres are what Texas is about – a bit macho and quite a bit brave. The story of the Alamo was one of our nations greatest tales, embeded in our history, our roots, as a nation and as a people. Esos Tres Hombres are truly Texan and so are you and Monique. Be strong, be macho and fight for what is right and what is just. Make it Rain man!

  114. Mary Rathernotsay

    Power to The Three Hombres
    Power to Monique
    Power to You
    My intention joins with you

  115. Marty. Strength to you and to you Monique. My admiration as well to Marc, Elliot and Ray. Stay strong.


  116. Why, Thank you Midge. Scientology certainly isn’t ruining MY life, not by a LONG shot! I am thinking of the people that spend several decades on staff without ever getting anything in return and then get forced out onto the street with nothing,

    The people who get abused in that system.

    My friends that I still care about that are still there. And the ones that passed away over there. All of the people that wake up every day and do not have a CLUE what is really going on, because their “leader”, (this is some new post David created, not even in the church policy) forbids them to read, own a phone, television or a computer.

  117. It is a shock to me, that David has all of the OTs on objectives. Do you know demeaning that message is: “Now that you have made it all the way up that bridge, we are putting you on the same auditing program as someone on the H.Q.S. course!”

    I mean, just think about that.

  118. burnedbutnotbitter

    Thank you, Mr. Bennitt, and please keep videoing and posting the trial for us…Mosey and Marty, go go go….

  119. When y our ruin is Scientology, even that can be handled. But it has to be handled outside the church (I use that term advisedly), and has to be handled by a competent and standard Indie auditor. They are out there. “Pick up the cans.” Good luck to you.

  120. The church’s stupid argument about Orthodoxy is the old kids’ game of: “He hit me first!” “what I did wasn’t bad cuz she deserved it”. And as our counsel wisely pointed out, if Orthodoxy was so important to the church, why haven’t they fought for it before this? Why years and years of Marty’s blog and Steve’s blog and Mike’s blog and others, have gone unchallenged? And why did all three of Marty’s books, and many other ex-Scn’s books all go unchallenged onthe orthodoxy question? And why then are all the Indie auditors who freely and openly advertise their wares on web sites, why are they unchallenged as to orthodoxy of the religious scripture? It is because the church knows they have no case here. This is just a MISDIRECTOR and attempt to obfuscate the issues. And it is the old, “she hit me first” argument. How pathetic their defense is.

  121. Many well wishes for Mosey, you and of course the Tres Hombres. Hats off to all of you.

  122. Monty, that was beautiful.” Return of the Bird Tribes”, ordered!!

  123. burnedbutnotbitter

    Ah, I am reading Ortega’s blog on the trial because they said no filming….which is quite good….

  124. Hubbard says a case with holds will not clear. Here David has OT’s on six months security checks! I mean, he really didn’t get it.

  125. “The tide is turning”

    Heroes like Mosey and Leah and those 3 classy lawyers popping up all over the place.

    It must feel lonely going to court maybe, we all just try to insert a little joy, critics, Scientologists , anons, exes, rest of the world.

    Wham Bam Thank you Mam Leah Remini

  126. ORTHODOXY ~~ “Protecting their Orthdoxy” by vigilante street justice, stalking behavior, the willful, malicious and repeated following and harassing of another person for 199 days in a seige shows the world the mind set of an Al Capone “Religion*. Here’s an excerpt of an essay written on another blog:
    Under the Lanham Act, RTC had three years to file a lawsuit against Marty Rathbun and any other Scientologist who was violating Scientology’s “orthodoxy.” Because Marty set up shop in June 2009, the statute of limitations has expired. RTC is now forever barred from bringing a trademark suit. Arguably, the trademarks of Scientology have become part of the public domain, meaning that Miscavige may have lost the trademarks of Scientology rather than protect them, as he was charged to do.


  127. You’re a cool cat, CD. i wish you well.

  128. Tom, what is your definition and criteria for being an OT ?

  129. Admiration to Ray, Elliott, and Marc, along with you, Mosey and Marty, for your courage. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  130. Marty and Mosey, I would be remiss in the extreme if I didn’t take a moment to stop by and express my best Tone-40 postulates for your ultimate victory over the evil that has beset you and so many thousands of other good and decent people.

    Like many others have said here, something feels different about this particular fight. It’s become a ‘wave’ phenomena. The world is watching, and they’re all on your side. People across the globe see that you’ve chosen to fight back against what most (rightfully) perceive to be a destructive, criminal cult, and they’re flowing their collective love and intention your way. I can’t help but think that you must be feeling it right now. It’s real.

    More power to los Tres Hombres. They (and you) have our eternal gratitude for standing up for what is right and decent. The truth is on your side.

  131. It’s been said that power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. I want to know if Davie was already corrupt or if he became that way after he took over. But it seems like if he is an SP, that he didn’t just all of a sudden turn into one… it would seem he was an SP for a very very long time prior to taking over. Thoughts?

  132. Dear Marty and Mosey!
    I have been a scientologist for about 20 years. I had no idea that the church was engaged in harassment of people, who merely practiced their God given, inalienable rights to “think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”. The harassment you have been subjected to by “the most ethical group on the planet” is beyond belief and crucial in my decision to leave that group

  133. Bert Schippers

    Monique & Marty – my intentions are fully with you guys!

  134. Marty! The little square one can write a reply in is extremely annoying. The text jumps up and down while I´m writing and I´m unable to scroll up and down to edit what I´m writing. For this reason I was unable to finish my last sentence with a period. Can you please get a bigger and less lively square for writing comments?!

  135. Men and women that have integrity and clean hands are pure of heart. These guys are awesome! I’m blowing on their wings, a continuing postulate of strength and justice.

  136. I am going to less use the words “Fair Game” which can be claimed as “Church Doctrine.” What this Crime Syndicate does is vigilantism. They are not law enforcement but they seek to avenge, punish, without recourse to lawful procedures.
    This is ordered, authored and dreamed up by David Miscavige.
    Here is the Urban Dictionary definition of “Gang Stalking”
    Here is part 2 of pure Ray Jeffrey in the 2nd day in Court.
    What a Top Gun Lawyer.

  137. Here, here. Those guys are indeed truly admirable for their integrity, courage and fortitude. I couldn’t speak highly enough of them for demonstrating this in spades through this one action alone. My most sincere wishes to them and to you both for the positive outcome this case and that of those to follow warrants and deserves. I may be paraphrasing but I believe LRH said, ‘Truth, although fought, in the end will prevail’. Paul

  138. These three attorneys epitomize good lawyering. Thank you Ray ,Elliott and Marc for standing up for justice. Marty and Mosey your integrity knows no bounds. Best wishes to this awesome group of beings.

  139. Thanks, Oracle.

  140. There is another Scn who won a lawsuit against the church for libel and slander from their Fair Game policy that “doesn’t exist.” It’s on Tony Ortega’s site on Sept 18th in the Jon Atack piece. The Scn, Bonnie Woods, won and the church had to publicly apologize to her and pay her a lot. So there are several who have won against the church with or without lawyers. Mosey and Marty will win this. We have the truth on our side.

  141. Since I have experienced you both through Marty’s blog I have seen a synergy develope. Strength through love but much more. I experience this with my wife as well so I see and send good intentions y’alls way. I just this past week and I realized that synergy is co-communication, co-respect, co-understanding and yes a co-admiration. So with this team in place and all the elements by all means have a big WIN. ARC Bill Dupree p.s. I left out my auditor’s name because I did not have his permission to do so.

  142. Don’t forget he bitch slapped a PC when he was on his interneship
    aged 12 or so.

  143. Yes, viva-los-tres-hombres.

    Ray Jeffrey, Elliott Cappuccio, and Marc Wiegand, thank you for standing up for Mosey when others buckled at the very thought of going up against Miscavige and his lapdogs and thugs. You deserve our adniration.

    Mosey and Marty, even in the shadows love and good wishes surround you. It pains me to know what you have gone through already and the measures you must now take to recover some peace and privacy. I’m so glad you have each other to find strength and comfort in.

    Thank you also to your witnesses, Tony Ortega and all the workhorses and supporters behind the scenes.


  144. To the Moderator,

    The deletion puzzles me. I guess my interpretation is a whole lot different form what could be used as ammunition for baseless attacks. In my naivety, I saw it as an invitation for him to wake up and see that his actions are leading to failure, nothing more.

    Thanks for your vigilance. This is a wonderful blog and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it and keeping it that way.

    No need to post this comment.

  145. These three Hombres look like “Bad Company” to me!

  146. Thanks Jane! When I use the word “Scientology” here I should have qualified that. I am not talking about the tech. Auditing is just having a conversation. It is widely recognized this can be therapeutic. But I am talking about the out tech under Miscavige and the mob he has created.

    Mainly he was able to do this by INSISTING than NONE are properly INFORMED. Making people NOT KNOW. In fact, he has made it a crime to obtain information from people outside of the Church. And, as he bragged in his St. Petersburg Times article, “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    He has maintained whatever power he has because he has made it against the law for Scientologists to “listen” to anyone but him! And he LIES.

    Let’s see how much power he can wield in Texas getting people to listen to his perjury. He isn’t speaking to a gullible faithful religious membership down there that is threatened by him. He will not be able to derive power through the FEAR he restimulates in others. He doesn’t have anything to hang over that judge’s head unless the judge decides he should be afraid of him. Bullies tend to lose their power when they can not cause fear in others. This is REALLY the only power to prevail when people “listen to him”. The power to restimulate them. To get them to “listen to you” = “To get them to OBEY”.

    I doubt anyone in Texas is going to become so intimidated by this man they are going to be compelled to obey.

  147. “Because Marty set up shop in June 2009”,

    If Marty ever “set up a shop” it went right over my head. I think this is a false report unless I just missed it.

    If he ever used or profited of off trademarks it is news to me also. The Church is making the issue Trademarks. But I do not think that is the real issue.

    They do not want him to talk and have made an issue that he has employee obligations to “with hold”. But the Church has already established in court that they do not have employees, only volunteers. Therefore the Church neither the volunteers have employee / employer obligations between one another.

  148. Karen, here is some “Fair Game”. Did you mean David “Garlic Breath” Miscavige had a hand in this? Well that goodness he isn’t a Vegan God forbid, he might have his lawyers declare vegetables unethical! 🙂 I love you Karen. I am so glad you are always around too! 🙂

  149. Speaking of which, I also think David does not want to open his financials and make them public, which is one reason he has not filed for divorce. Even though he is in a common law marriage with another woman. But he also knows Shelly can not be compelled to give testimony if she is legally married to him. Meanwhile he explains that away by saying. “I can’t get divorced because I am the leader of the Church”.

    He carved out a niche for himself with this “leader” bullshit. Hubbard’s goal was make to people independent and self determined, not a mob of groupies to be “led”. The word “Leader” is not in any post hat in Scientology. The purpose of Scientology is not to LEAD people. So what the hell is a “leader” doing in this mix?

    The purpose of Scientology is education and help. David is a blown P.C. and a blown student. He hasn’t taken the time to train and is uneducated. He hasn’t helped anyone with his bizarre ideas , beggar units, body guards and thugs, fraud, adultery, voyeurism and domestic terrorism.

    He has dragged whatever good and promise was born with this knowledge right through the mud. At every event for over a decade he indicates that Hubbard was a total liability and throws him under the bus. And then he sends people to Martry’s home to engage in domestic terrorism because Marty permits criticism on his blog???? For REAL!

    Marty has never “set up shop”. He is not or never has competed with David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology. Ever! He has kept his door open for people seeking advice, knowledge, a caring ear for their losses, troubles and confusion. He has never established any sort of business connected with Scientology neither billed or invoiced anyone for any Scientology service. This is a false report generated by and perpetuated by OSA and their staff.

    Now, there are FIELD practices out here (Marty doesn’t have one as far as I know) but for the Church to reach out and work to squash these, (Like they did to Trey Lotz) is illegal AND. AND, there are REAMS and VOLUMES of policy by L. Ron Hubbard SUPPORTING such groups and CONDONING them. It is NOT off policy to have a field group. It is right in the volumes.

    Somebody out here, or in the Church, show me a policy where Hubbard says these people are to be taxed by the Church of Scientology.

  150. Yep Terril, no more benefit of the doubt for him. He was rotten to the core even as a kid.

  151. Good points, Oracle. Texas is the perfect venue for this trial. Why? Because Texans as a general rule are individualists who don’t take shit from anyone. They are fighters (Remember the Alamo!) and they value their privacy and property, and would fight anyone who tried to tread on it. In fact the state motto is “Don’t tread on me.” So of all the places this could have gone to trial at, Texas will be the last stand for little Davie. He’s going down!

  152. The endeavors the Church does to knock out it’s competitors, is actually illegal. It has a long history of suppressing competition.

    “Competition law is law that promotes or maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies.
    Competition law is known as antitrust law in the United States and anti-monopoly law in China and Russia.”

    an·ti·trust [an-tee-truhst, an-tahy-]
    opposing or intended to restrain trusts, monopolies, or other large combinations of business and capital, especially with a view to maintaining and promoting competition: antitrust legislation.

  153. Hubbard did not consider a field practice, competition with an organization.

    However, it could easily be proven in any court of law, the Church does not now and will not ever, get a monopoly or exclusive right to help other people. To teach. To educate. Or organize. This is a God Given right, or, a “natural right”.

  154. Hi Marty,
    I share the outrage of so very many other people at the criminal harassment that you and Monique have been forced to endure at the hands of Scientology. I was elated when I read of Mosey’s lawsuit on Tony Ortega’s blog. Finally, someone landing the fair game policy squarely back in Scientology’s front yard, someone asking David Miscavige directly to answer for his vindictive decisions. One of the key things that activated my anti-Co$ feelings was seeing the video of the demented squirrel busters at your door and in your street. The ‘fair game’ policy is criminal and has to end. I know that a lot of Indies still believe in LRH and his policies while rejecting Miscavige’s corporate Scientology. Does this mean that LRH loving Indies are happy to adhere to ALL of his policies? Given that LRH was responsible for the fair game policy, not Miscavige, doesn’t this mean ultimately that if the Indie movement accepts all of Hubbard’s policies without question that it is doomed to reenact the exact same behaviour that resulted in jail time for Mary Sue and galvanised a generation against Scientology? You may have commented on this before, Marty, forgive me if you have and point me in the direction of the relevant post, but can you outline which of LRH’s policies you accept and which, if any, you categorically reject?

  155. Would totally love to hear your story, Gail! Something like that would also be bound to feature on Tony Ortega’s blog as well. 🙂

  156. No, he really does not get it. He never got it. And if he did, he only saw it as something that must be destroyed. He is a SQUIRREL in the TRUE sense of the word because it is his hidden intention to destroy the subject of Scientology and probably always has been from the first time he encountered it. If he was ever really an auditor, please introduce me to some of his bright, happy, smiling PCs…..preferably one who he has never punched. Yes, there are witnesses who say they remember this young “auditor” being kicked out of Saint Hill Manor for doing just that. But never mind that. Just introduce me to one happy person who he has audited in the last 5 years. 10? 20? 25? Ever? Anyone?

    There is no case gain that is not accompanied by an increase in Affinity as well as Reality and Communication.

  157. David Miscavige’s name is up, he knows it and will be even more dangerous to his surroundings. Wow I sauid a little while back that I suspected David was in panic mode. Now Marc headley has a fine post on that on Tony Ortega’s news channel.

    David your demons are coming to get you. Your Eternity looks very dim.

  158. Thanks for posting these, Karen. I have not seen them posted anywhere else. Ray Jeffrey is calling the bluff of the logically twisted, yet covertly arrogant accusations of the COS’s attorneys. He is responding in the way any innocent and honest man does when falsely accused of wrongdoing. In addition, he sees that the accusers are actually accusing him of their own crimes and I think that the judge will see that too. The COS attorneys are clever legal technicians, but they had better not underestimate Mr. Jeffery’s legal knowledge. And also they had better not underestimate his pure heart and the power of truth, or they may wind up being sanctioned, themselves.

  159. My best wishes of success!

    And also

    May those who are in the hole be liberated
    May the orthodox scientologists awaken and see the evilness of their leader

  160. The policies of “no children” in the Sea Org violate several Federal laws. The truth is, the world has changed since David Miscavige instituted that law. MANY laws have changed over the last 50 years that the Church refuses to acknowledge as their “religious freedom”. Yet, they choose to live as citizens in this country. With the VAST conflict they have more or less evolved into an organization that disregards the laws of this country and this group of people in the United States. They even violate fair housing laws by throwing staff they no longer want onto the street. It is against the law the throw someone on the street with out a 30 day notice once you have provided housing for them for over 30 days. You think the church cares about the laws outside of their own group? No. They could care less.

  161. I think DM is a simple little boy who has grown up in a Lord of the Flies environment. He, personally, knows no positive technology or love. He is a Napoleon.

  162. Thank you. I may write one day. Right now, I am still cautious. I am sure many, many folks feel this way. It is the only power of the suppressive church.

  163. I just this past week (received some auditing from an excellent indie auditor who is about to go through these trials no pun intended and tribulations) and I realized.. bracketed text dropped for some reason. Bill Dupree

  164. “to reenact the exact same behaviour” That’s a nice way to define Dramatization.

  165. Atta girl!!!! 🙂

  166. It is time for you all to use your Refunding Powers, reverse flow
    Engelmindus George Praag and Virginia McClaughry – Follow the Money to Curacao
    Posted on July 8, 2011 by tabaccanist

    I would like to call everyone’s attention to this post found on an internet forum.

    The post links to an absolutely stunning documentation of that what Virginia McClaughry held as true in 2000, is still true today.

    The IAS money and trust administration is still in Curacao.

    The rest of the thread is not worthy of mention, it’s just a bunch of yahoos falling for a deadly troll and not even realizing what they got sucked into – until it was too late. Plus, it was largely an attempt to get attention off of Curacao – which is too close a link back to China, where the rest of the money is lodged. We’ll be getting to that, with full documentation, in due course.

    AFAIK, Virginia and Mike (and Greg and Debra Barnes) were the first to get refunds from the IAS.

    Virginia’s contacting their bank directly – is a very large part of why.

    Former, or “ex-church” Scientologists should not be deterred by troll-bait on internet forums, go ahead and address your IAS refund letters as follows, and do NOT allow any misdirection of communication. Meaning, if you get a response from somewhere else, go ahead and answer it, but send it AGAIN to E. George Praag. (the E. is for Engelmindus, if you’d like to use his full title)

    The motto of his CTM Trust company is: Because our client is our business we only mind our own business.

    I have an account in Curacao as well, although I haven’t accessed it in years. In my experience, I do know that George does his job well. He will properly handle your communications.

    The current address as of May 2011:

    Foundation International Membership Services Administrations
    Attn: E. George Praag
    Van Engelenweg 23, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

    Robert Van Heusen

  167. You’re right Oracle, the church, translate, David Miscavage, couldn’t care less about adhering to laws of the state and nation. They deal in human trafficking. Scott Campbell’s story is one example of many of being held against their will, being drugged against his will, etc. And evicting staff members with no notice is against the law as you pointed out. LRH was against abortion, see references in DMSMH and SOS his views on abortion and attempted abortion. Yet DM’s regime has SO women getting multiple abortions against their will, for the “greatest good” and then sticks it to the state by having Medicaid and Medical pay for it. In WTF he states to “obey the laws of the land” and yet DM flagrantly disobeys the laws of the land and trains his minions to do the same. I can’t wait till some federal or state agency or both investigate him and free those held at Int.

  168. So true, Espiritu! Great post.

  169. Noni Mause, LRH cancelled the Disconnection and Fair Game policies in either ’66 or ’68.

  170. Actually if you are good in Semantics.

    The Announcement of it was cancelled but SP’s would be handled the same. THINK PLEASE THINK

    link to the announcement.

  171. Marty I must tell this, When Tom suggested if I might be OT now , My Ego swelled up. because I know it is a big compliment coming from a Scientologist and it gives you Status.

    I felt it, I felt the lure of the trap, I felt the lure of the one ring like Frodo

  172. YES, wish I had more understanding of the meanings american slang tough.

  173. Lawrence 🙂 🙂

  174. Cat Daddy, I’ll give you a much bigger compliment – you communicate! Whether an individual has the official or status of “OT” or not doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. The real value of a being, IMHO, is the ability to freely communicate. That is freedom. And that is truly valuable to others. 🙂

  175. Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness

  176. gretchen dewire

    How does this workI dont quite understand. What do you say if you want your IAS money back? How does this work exactly? Thanks

  177. Perserverence , once you devoted hours to reaching OT or Clear, use that to educate yourself and don’t ever believe if they say that you have no right to your refund. BE SMART, In lack of a better description BE OT IN GETTING A REFUND.

    Other than that I can recomend Graham Berry as a lawyer

  178. But that is not onley the domain of Scientology. And I am a bit of an introvert, I saw myself in Marty tough.

    I will defend audithing and the gradation and Classification chart up to 1965, but not KSW or OT 3, that failbook History of man or any Sci Fi he Hubbard inserted in the Mix

    Other than that i will defend him on the chain fron freud to Meta psychology

  179. Cough! You can stop waiting. 🙂 He has become very interesting to a lot of people lately. And, that is right along his purpose line, to be interesting.

  180. Of course communication isn’t only the domain of Scientology! No disagreement with you there whatsoever. The principles are universally agreed upon by beings, and some people are intuitively aware enough to apply them without having studied about them in Scientology.

    And I really got that you saw yourself in Marty. That’s what I meant – you communicated. Openly and with self-honesty. Introvert, you say? Well, it doesn’t seem like it, at least not in the written mode of communication. 🙂

    Btw, it’s good to know all the things you defend in Scientology – that’s quite a bit more than I thought. Since you are pro Anonymous, I got the idea you had never done any Scientology but maybe I assumed wrong.

  181. In fact the state motto is “Don’t tread on me.”

    Jane, I wish we Texans could claim that famous motto as our own, but I’m afraid our state motto is simply, “Friendship”.

    It’s a good motto, as it really does speak to the basic character of Texans, but as you’ve said, we’re equally well known for facing any fight head on.

  182. Oops, thanks for correcting me on that quote, Ronnie. I looked it up and Wikipedia says, “The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words “Dont tread on me”. The flag is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden, who designed it in 1775 during the American revolution. It was also used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag, along with the Moultrie Flag.”
    It seems like it fits these times when the Indies are like the revolutionists revolting against David Miscavage and the corporate church.

    Holy Vatican City


    The practice of declaring people APOSTATE and HERETICS will cease. Execution by burning APOSTATES and HERETICS at the stake may not appear on any Inquisitorial Tribunal Orders. It causes bad public relations.

    This Papal Bull does not cancel any Papal Bull on the treatment or handling of an APOSTATE or HERETIC.

    POPE Innocent IV

  184. In this 56 min video uploaded today (the 19th) aprx 36 min in the subject of Monique, Marty and what’s going on in Texas is discussed.

  185. You assumed right, Anons do have their own minds tough. I got a lot of flak over at WWP for posting on this blog as I do. And I am not much of an Anon these days

    I like to see Auditing to prove itself under the scrutiny of being in the open or not , stripped from the hocus pocus religion and space opera stuff.

    If John MC Masters stilll believed in Auditing despite to have been overboarded for getting a deaf-mute girl out of a chainl locker on the Appolo to displeasement of Scientology’s God LRH,breaking his arm and Auditing finding it’s way shaped in another form into Meta Psychology I am curious how it all will work out.

  186. How nice to see you posting here again Ronnie!

  187. AND famous! Yes, it is right along his purpose line to be famous. When all is said and done, he will be even more famous. He is right along his purpose line.

  188. Well, how about some cheer, and some Rockabilly? Rockabilly , you know, you have to own a huge tribe of people from West Virginia and/or right across into Maryland, to understand Hill Billy and rockabilly. But it is all very very soulful. Someday Someway, we might hit some requilibrium as a tribe.
    Here’s to all you good people that have meant well. Every action counts. Never be dismayed!

  189. Alsoo Lawyer Barry Van Sickle on this thread

    and two other threads you can read.

    Graham Berry and Barry Van Sickle may point you in the right direction.

  190. The Ego venerates anything that separates and abhors anything that unifies. The lure of being ‘special,’ of being more than another, is indeed most tempting bait for the trap (the world of false perception, the world of fragmentation, the world of fear).

  191. Thank you, I enjoyed watching that.

  192. “Infamous”… Davie will be infamous. And since he is semi literate (failed student, failed auditor, has had no auditing in decades and never done green on white training either, alters tech probably due to MU’s etc) — Davie will mistakenly think all the attention he’ll soon be getting will make him famous when in reality he will be infamous as one of the world’s most evil and suppressive scam artists, as a huge violator of human rights, and on and on. Envision him doing the perp walk. Make it so.

  193. Cat Daddy, did you ever get auditing?

  194. Never, I got the education of my Mother.

  195. A Thetan that doesn’t mock up shit is in the end a serene Thetan (I am not a Thetan I am an earth Spirit)

  196. I hope this one isn’t in the cult

  197. Jim Henson had the power exchange of dictators pegged:

  198. Fucking LOL, Scientology lost a big one in him

  199. Howdy Oracle! I still stop in to read, but haven’t posted in a while. At least not like I used to. Life just got busy is all 🙂

  200. I wonder how the court case will end.

  201. No, all Indies are not the same.

    Not sure who the “LRH loving” Indies are, I guess that would be Jim Logan’s tribe?

    Plenty of folk can be interested in Scientology as a body of information without having the need to worship. Or the need to be dominated. Plenty of people can pick and choose from the body of information just like they would decide about any other body of information.

    The entire time I was involved with the Church I disregarded the entire justice arena there. I just didn’t agree the Church had power to condemn others or tell me who I could or could not communicate with. I felt that would cross up against the wins and gains I got on grade zero.
    I did attest to the ability to communicate to anyone on any subject. Why would I then give up that power and hand it over to the Church to tell me who I could go out and talk to? I never signed any contract with Church Volunteers to let them decide how I was going to live either. That group has gone so far south they are into owning bodies. “Members” if you will. “Sea Org members” if you will.

    Who owns all of these people? Why, David Miscavige.

    I didn’t care to be owned by David Miscavige and I am not buying into “memberships” out here so I can be owned by Jim and Lana Logan either.

    Using phrases or labels to define all people such as “Indies” and “What do they believe” is reminiscent of former type casting such as “All blondes….” “Women ……….” “What do the Jews…………” “Where do the blacks……..”

    Now, I know there are people who feel most comfortable when they can label humans en mass into categories and therefor “know” them. But that is a reckless way to go. It is called floating on illusion.

  202. Oh boy, just imagine if we all got our mothers to gang up on DM! Beware the Wrath of Mom! 😀

  203. Since David Miscavige has testified in court as the authoritative head of the Church of Scientology, I wonder how thin his excuses of no involvement will get?

    Crimes outraged church trial told May 29, 1992, Peter Small , Toronto Star

  204. As a Scientologist in good standing, I really hope Monique wins this battle. Ethics is so far gone at the top of the org board that this technology’s only hope is by affecting the organization from the outside. And OSA is or has become worse than the GO ever was. For every bit of infiltration the GO did, OSA has taken on a worse valence.

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