Scientology and the Sea Organization

The report on Laura Decrescenzo’s ordeal filed by Tony Ortega is a must read.

It is sobering. It probably catches the reality of being subjected to Sea Org captivity more authentically than anything I have read to date.

Godspeed to Laura and her team.

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  1. Thanks to our judicial system, this material (PC folders) are seeing the light of day…

    Scientology got it’s start in this land of freedom (as opposed to UK in 60’s, Russia and China at anytime) but this is also the land of laws. And sooner or later the law will take these a**holes to prison where they belong…

  2. Another night mare for a girl of that age applauding.
    My best wishes to her

  3. 100%. It is a tough read but a must read.

  4. There is a statement by Laura where she says (paraphrase) “I get griefy not being with my family and I need to get something handled but I don’t know what it is”.

    Laura what you think you need handled is love for your family. What the Church of Scientology thinks is a problem is love for mom and dad. Straight up!

    This is what I have been saying. To get a person to think that their normal human nature is a problem is part of church doctrine.

    Thoughts to be unraveled

    Love of family = your bank
    Feeings of sadness for loosing loved ones = your bank, pts
    Listening to your conscience = your insane bank
    Disagreeing with the above as true = your evil intntions
    Child abuse = superior knowledge of children being eternal thetans: SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

    There is no sympathy in scientology. Because sympathy is below hate on the tone scale and who wants to be judged for being down toned.

    Thank you internet. This evil is finally getting the attention it deserves.

  5. A re-post, but worth seeing again.

    A little sparkle

    I recall when life was lighthearted and fantastically fun. Doesn’t work to always be deadly serious about becoming lighthearted. A minor mistake I sometimes see in others. I want to get back to this state and the work has to be enjoyable. Every time something went bad and I said “I’m not going to make that mistake again.” things got a little less fun, a little of the sparkle was gone. Every time I realize one of these times and see what happened, a little of the sparkle comes back. These are troublesome times for the Scn. community, but each time someone realizes what is really going on and is freed from it, a little of the sparkle is returned. Each time pain and evil is discovered, confront it head on, keeping your own integrity intact, handle it as best you can, but don’t ever forget to turn around and notice the beautiful sunrise over the hill. There is sparkle to be had. Please don’t abandon your quest to find it again, no matter how dark it seems. Thanks, Marty and others for keeping the sparkle within reach.
    Love and ARC Mark

  6. So what we have on David Miscavige’s “programs” today are this:

    He is in the Texas courts fighting for the right to wallow in domestic terrorism.

    He is in the Florida courts fighting for the right to take 500k from Luis Garcia and his lovely wife without having to put in any exchange or perform his part of the bilateral contract with regards to that consideration he received.

    He is in the California courts fighting for the right to engage in child labor, corruption of a minor, child endangerment, slavery, and forced abortions.

    This is what the International Association of Scientology donations are funding this week.

  7. By the way, all of the above are being funded to forward criminal purposes.

  8. Thanks Laura for having the guts to start the “impossible”
    and now make it possible.

  9. Yes, Laura, “something does need to change”!

    I salute both Laura and Mosey for taking a stand and speaking out about the horrific abuses perpetrated by Co$ and specifically DM.

    I too signed a Sea Org contract in 1978 or 79, but after really looking at the conditions they were forced to live in, I declined to initiate the contract.

    The behavior of the “Church” is long overdue to be exposed. It’s ironic to me that whenever I mentioned they (CoS) were in a lower condition, that always resulted in punishment: MAA or Ethics and then a Comm Ev (over the phone) and subsequent Non-enturb order & disconnection from my step-son (whom I got into Scn). The “Church” doesn’t apply the same policies to themselves that they mandate their members apply.

    So, again, I applaud and thank Laura, Mosey, the Garcias, and anyone else who’s exposing Scientology. You all have my gratitude, support and admiration.

    ML, Midge

  10. By the way, where is the Milestone 2 group? They said on their web site they were going to deal with the crime.

    “Milestone Two is engaged in:

    5. Dealing with society’s ills, such as literacy, criminality and drugs”

    So far this task has been on the backs of Marty, Mike, Karen and David’s victims who ere not too afraid to speak out.

  11. Very sobering. A prison of a life. I wish her freedom, and victory, and most of all, happiness and a chance to catch up on the life she missed.

  12. My God. What a travesty of an organization.

    I think her treatment could be considered torture. Bare minimum brain washing.

  13. I had a vision of the future last night. David Miscavige was in an orange jumpsuit and his wrists and ankles were cuffed. He was being led somewhere and camera lights were flashing against him in a huge crowd. And, he was smiling about all of the attention.

  14. Laura was also the victim of FALSE IMPRISONMENT. And she wasn’t the only one! Until the U.S. Government creates a witness protection program or police protection for these people, they may never come forward.

  15. Just extending an invitation for those members to get on over to Texas and contribute as a witness. Every little bit helps. The platform has already been built by others, not even Scientologists, to deal with this crime wave going on under David Miscavige.

  16. The IAS might be funding all of that, but no luck getting a tax write off for those “donations” in Canada:

    Scientology donors can’t claim tax credits October 11, 2013, Julius Melnitzer, Financial Post

    Hall v. The Queen – donation to Scientology does not result in tax deduction in Canada October 10, 2013, Mark Blumberg, Canadian Charity Law

    I’m sure that Miscavige (who doubtless approved that court action) won’t take that lying down.

  17. That is horrible, both forced abortion and the former article about oppressive tactics.

    Hubbard had a bright and a dark side.

    To some degree he was an incarnation of Dr Jekyll and M. Hyde.

    M. Hide in his late years, as he had to hide from human justice for all his transgressions.

    Again I think that cannot continue this way.

  18. Oh hell, I didn’t even know he was fighting the courts in Canada to with hold taxes from the communities up there for roads, schools, education, law enforcement and medical. Perhaps he was hoping to ship his staff up there for their abortions?

  19. So true Brian! And if you “fight back” against the bullies, that too = your “evil intentions”.

    The inval and eval is all done “peacefully”, but it is viscous and brutal. And in Laura’s case, they were able to “apply reason” to force her to CREATE / MOCK UP, a purpose to murder her own child. And living with that purpose, has made it hard for her to co exist with herself since it happened! How is that for “evil intentions”?

  20. Hey David! How many women would you reckon under your religious leadership have been implanted with the purpose to “kill my baby”?

    Is this how the Sea Org is making the world safe for auditing to occur?

    The average life span of a Sea Org member is two years. Are all of these women turned lose on society now?

  21. Did you notice also that two very crucially damning pieces (damning for the church) of info from her pc folders were missing? They were the pieces that would hurt the church’s case and help Laura’s case the most. And they were flagrantly missing. I hope she lets the judge know that in no uncertain terms. They are criminal to pull stuff out and shred it. But that practice was made known in Marty’s book and other books from people who were there who witnessed full time shredding going on.

    Laura, we applaud you, we support you, we admire you and are behind you all the way. You are very brave to have your personal life all over the media in order to shut down the human rights violations of the SO members and the unborn ones too. I hope DM goes to jail over this.

  22. She’s coming after YOU now David, How does it feel?

  23. It’s not for property taxes–in Ontario, they don’t have religion status due to lack of Canadian charity status, so they pay property taxes (unless they can BS the locals).

    This is for claiming an income tax deduction for contributions to the IAS. Denied!

  24. Oh, and he can’t just ship staff in an get “free” healthcare. Even if the staff are Canadian, there’s a six months per year residency requirement and a waiting period before their coverage kicks in again. For non-Canadians, it’s a lot more complicated than I want to look up right now.

  25. Tampa Bay Times did a fabulous piece on enforced abortions which included Laura de Crescenzo,
    God speed and great Justice to Laura.
    If any work is every needed to interpret a pc folder I am at your service.

  26. What I would love to see: The IAS applies to the Government of Canda for Charitable donation, tax deductible status. The Government of Canada says we won’t accept your application without a Full and Complete record of your books.

    Ahhhh…errrrrrrr…ahemmmmmm…we’ll get back to you with that.

  27. Laura, thank you so much for having the courage to hold your position and make these people responsible for their actions.

    The facts of your case hit home even harder a difficult to confront truth:
    I was in a cult! A thought-stopping, behavior modification, mind numbing CULT. It seems that every day I read something that knocks against some ingrained datum that I have “believed” for years. Uninspected, unevaluated, dare-not-confront data that shuts off the fruits of honest observation.

    Even after seven years, I’m not done realizing the full impact of having been a member of and having contributed to this cult.

  28. Mark,
    I sincerely hope you post this reply. In this instance, with the atrocity that is relayed by Laura De Crescenzo and the ordeal she experienced, you and I are in complete agreement.

    This is to “Oracle”. You could not possibly know that at that place, my wife and I went through the horrible circumstance, forced by group bank agreement to abort a life, as Laura endured. The first instance of a terminated pregnancy was by mis-carriage. There, alone, she suffered. I came in to find her on the floor of the bathroom, bleeding and then the awful truth became real.

    The next time, an abortion. Something that tore from each of us a piece of life that cannot be replaced, and never was for either.

    She tried to leave that place to come to me to raise a family, to live our lives and fulfill that marriage. She went back and after mind numbing coercion, caved in and lived the rest of hers alone, dying slowly until she was gone.

    I am absolutely appalled at this evil, perpetrated in that group. Carried out by its members to the death of each and every one of them. I was a part of it, and ashamed at what I did to take part in the abortion and then not to decry as loudly as I could for others who went through that hell.

    What I have done is speak out, now, and have for the past many years, beginning with my story as part of the Truth Rundown series of articles in the Tampa Bay Times. Here is that link.

    Here is what Lana Mitchell has done, to speak out against this grotesque.

    Another member, without great fanfare and need for approval, works tirelessly to audit, including working with Veterans who served this country, today, and every day.

    Other than that, we carry on with our lives and do what we can to help others live better in their estimation.

  29. Okay all you legal minds and Marty too cuz he worked in legal at the church. What about the angle of DM sending all the SO women to get “free” abortions on the state’s dime by billing Medi-Cal for it when he had tons of money to pay for these abortions? Is this a route to go in on?

    Or another legal question to ask about is is it legal to pay UNDER minimum wage? When you do the math on the hrs worked and the money received, it is $1 or less per hour in most cases, which is way under Minimum Wage requirements. Can they be brought down on that one?

  30. The shocking part of all this is that, unfortunately, Laura’s story is one amongst other hundred, at least. This does not diminish what she went through but, is just one example of many, many others that went through this or worse.

    But she is speaking out and standing up against the abuses of this moron leader and his minions and that is what counts-courage and confront of evil plus do something about it.

    Lets carry on…we are getting there.

  31. Karen, WHY does it not surprise me that the “Church” of Scientology would handle the Laura De Crescenzo legal matter in this way by omitting the information “only” from the documents they produced that demonstrate HOW Laura De Crecenzo was UNWILLING to have an abortion? 🙂 Your guess is perhaps not so good as mine! 🙂 Of course the “Church” had to do this. They had to paint Laura as a promiscuous Sea Org member that the rest of her crew tolerated until they absolutely could not handle her any more, at which point she was sent to ethics and decided to leave the church. Or something very close to that! 🙂 Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people whose writings I have ever read on the the subjects of applying LRH’s tech. I am not sure how highly trained she is, but I would estimate pretty high! 🙂 Time for me to go and have a handful of carrots sliced in organic Grade B maple syrup my dear! 🙂

  32. Oracle, I can’t help but wonder if thoughts like these support actions like we are seeing. If families are seen as only GEs and don’t make good groups, I can then see the dots being connected on seeing the family in a degraded way.

    LRH, From the taped lecture
    “Flows: Patterns of Interaction”
    10 December 1952

    “The GE is a family man; the GE is lost without a family. It’s very strange, but Homo sap i.e. a family unit. The GE is built on that basis. It’s fascinating, fascinating. It’s not important to know it but a lot of your urges toward families and so forth are not thetan urges at all, they’re the GE. The GE can’t survive at all without a family unit. He’s just as dead as a mackerel if he isn’t a family unit, whereas your thetan is just dead as a mackerel if he gets too mixed up in family units.

    You can’t talk to GEs; they’re kind of psycho. And by the way, you can fall into this dreadful trap with a GE. You see, he uses the MEST universe with which to build. He’s gotten very, very bad off and he has to use MEST materials all the time.

    So, you get this situation here with the GE, and your GE is busy: build, build, build, build, and build. And, of course he’s got to have a family to build with.

    You get this terrific family thirst. And you get your GE surviving best and being loused up the most because of inter-family relationships.

    And your thetan, by the way, can much more easily go into a group. Families are not good groups; they’re bad groups.”

  33. Brian — that’s a part that hit me hard too — the child’s bewilderment about not understanding why she was feeling griefy, and the cult’s obliviousness to the obvious.

    In CoS, a child is just an immortal thetan in a little body. There is no credence given whatsoever to what we know about bonding, love, developmental stages, etc. And this despite the fact that Scientology touts gradients in virtually every other arena!

    The kid was feeling grief because she had been separated from her 2D (Second Dynamic, family). What the hell could be more obvious?

    And the pressure to have abortions in the Sea Org? How in the world did this become the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, when Hubbard actively repeated and decried the criminality of abortions in good old book one — Dianetics: The Modern Science of Medical Health. Abortions, and “AAs” (attempted abortions) were overts, they caused engrams, they damaged both mother and fetus physically and spiritually. The Sea Org double-think on abortion rests on the fundamental sleight of hand Scientology does on ethics (as described well in one of Marty’s recent posts) — namely, that something is always good if it helps the Scientology organization, and always bad if it impedes any part of the organization.

    So my heart broke for this young woman and all the others like her, so mind-controlled that she found it confusing why she would miss her parents, and so self-doubting that her valid emotion of grief (not misemotion, because her emotion was entirely appropriate to the situation) caused her not to question the aberrant culture she was embedded in, but rather to question her own motives, intentions, case, etc.

    Scientology is not the only religion that causes this sort of control, but it may be one of the best at exerting total control. And it may have created the true doublethink and Newspeak that 1984 (Orwell) described, with sayings like, for example, “Freedom is Slavery.”

    And Scientology’s ability to promote abortion even when book one condemned abortion is very much like Orwell’s blackwhite — party loyalty to the point that you will say black is white if that is what the party says is the truth.

    Right now, after reading through the report on Laura C., I have three main emotions: deep empathy for what she went through, admiration for her courage, and being royally pissed off at how she and others were and are treated on the supposed road to “total freedom” by an aberated organization.

  34. PS I recall how one escapee had to get her baby out of a “nursery.” One attendant watching wall-to-wall kids, with no special training on childcare. With whom would those kids bond?

    As one good read (“The Sociopath Next Door”) points out, research indicates that preventing infants and kids from having solid bonding and early loving relationships correlates with some of them becoming sociopaths. (This does not mean that all kids in that situation will come out twisted; most by far will not. But if a baby has a genetic predisposition toward sociopathy, that sort of rearing can let that disposition surface in some number of cases.)

    And that is just what we don’t need: another generation of little sociopaths like some would argue COB is. We would then have CoS clearly run by persons who enjoy dominating others, crave power, lack all empathy, do not feel love, and so on.

    Not to mention have mal- and mistreatment of kids and abortions are. Every other religion in the world seems to encourage its members to have as many kids as they can to broaden the membership. (Personally, I feel no child should be indoctrinated into any religion — leave that for an adult choice.)

  35. The Oracle: Great vision!
    Too many OTs are working towards putting him in an orange jump suit compared to ones trying to keep him out. His fate is sealed.

  36. Tom Gallagher

    Marty, Mosey and Others,

    When I look back through the rear view mirror of my life, the only regret I face is having so ardently supported such an insane and downright evil organizational operation.

    Anyone who has read this account of infanticide and still adheres to the delusional concept that “Ron IS A GOD” nonsense doesn’t and will adamantly not get it.

    Regards the subject, yeah there is and was some really good stuff. Permeating all of that stuff though was some really wicked and downright evil intentions and actions.

    What struck me like a 10 pound hammer to the head is that this utter evil permeates throughout the Sea Org Borg Apparatus.

    This organization is finally hearing its overdue death knell. Pall bearers now outnumber the zombie minion corpses.

  37. Also, stuff like this does NOT go missing from PC folders unless someone purposefully takes it out…. PC folder can get misplaced, but not contents.

  38. Thanks for posting this, Marty.
    Not only is this report sobering, it is SICKENING! What Laura and others in her situation experienced has a name. It is called CHILD ABUSE, no matter how “casually” it is dispensed.

    When the predators came asking me to allow my minor children to join the S.O., I just said NO. Period. End of discussion. When covert threats were made, I laughed, said I didn’t care, and asked to be shown just one HCOPL validating those threatened actions. All I got back was stuttering confusion.
    I had a number of friends in the S.O. and so made sure that my children had some reality about ALL of the spiritual conditions under which most S.O. members lived, good and bad.
    They were then well equipped to make their own decisions when they became young adults. They became very adept at handling recruiters using the “change the subject” drill on Mi$cavige’s squirrely little TRs course (A.K.A., the Success Through Communication Course). I recommend and suggest the above handlings for anyone still IN.

    These abusive policies and this kind of behavior by S.O. members has no place in any civilized society. I have come to the conclusion that LRH should have disbanded the S.O. in the early 1970’s when there was no longer a legal need to have an international headquarters in international waters.

    Laura is doing a great service for everyone by exposing the suppression and abuse she (and many others) endured at the hands of predators. There is no excuse for treating anyone in this manner, but especially not children.
    Hopefully, God willing, her story will touch the heart of the judge in her case.
    I echo and contribute to the postulate you originated, Marty. -Godspeed to Laura and her team-

  39. The very short answer to both your questions is: No,

  40. Joe Pendleton

    We ALWAYS have to remember that EVERY single value and group ethic that the Church of Scientology promotes within its own culture and group ultimately comes from LRH. Yes, Ron came up with some tremendously good things and yes, the Miscavige era has put into practice every one of the bad values on steroids. No argument on those points. But you can still trace back EVERY insane value and attitude to either LRH’s writings/lectures and/or his own way of doing things. I have often quoted HCO PL Conditions How to Assign – groups thrive when ethics are “savage” – but there are TONS of such stuff that can be quoted. (I’m not “literal” by the way; I have done the original Primary Rundown as well as KTL and am a course supe to boot).

    Of course every group that calls themselves independent Scientologists has already jettisoned 75% (at least) of LRH policy in the way they operate, only keeping the sane and workable parts. But it looks like the fundamentalist Sea Org and orgs will keep the insanity in their groups going until they slowly fade away.

  41. agnostic reader

    The church policy on Leaving and Leaves is based on a lie, When L. Ron Hubbard, wrote those words, he created the cult that Scientology has become.

  42. “So, you get this situation here with the GE, and your GE is busy: build, build, build, build, and build. And, of course he’s got to have a family to build with.”

    Well you have admit, this explains David Miscavige and his shopping sprees for buildings and renovations, and his C.M.O. “family”.

    That aside, I have seen this before: “Families are not good groups; they’re bad groups.” This is a consideration. Hubbard’s consideration. Not sure what kind of families he experienced but he had different experiences than I had with families. He himself didn’t make himself very valuable to his parents, he abandoned his wife after she did time in Federal Prison trying to cover his ass. He was ungrateful . That’s the truth. Not sure if he himself was a good family member but I rather doubt it. I doubt he was a good son, husband or father. He hid in a closet most of his life after he left Saint Hill. I don’t think he was even a good “group member” as a Scientologist.

    That does not take away from what I consider to be his genius with magic. I didn’t marry him either. Or join his family. Like all of us, he had potentials that varied across the dynamics. I think he may have been very awkward trying to “fit in” enough to be “real”, as many people who are unique, do. I’ve had to run this problem in auditing with regards to myself.

    His be do have was certainly funky in the end, living in a motor home with 480 million parked in the bank. Loaning the banks money to loan to other people. Living off of interest from other people’s financial burdens. Kind of weird. If every man woman and child’s life depended on what he was doing in Scientology, you would have thought he would have invested in more Scientology Organizations.

    Whatever, I was not part of his personal life in this life. So whatever………… I have been fascinated only with the magical elements of his supernatural offerings. I know the auditing has been amazing. For me. He had some keen insights into the supernatural. Whatever else he was doing just seemed weird to me.

    I think he had good intentions. Just some bad plans. I don’t think it is fair that I compare him with Crowley, because he was in a whole different league as an omega point magus, ( Omega Point exists as supremely complex and conscious, transcendent and independent of the evolving universe.) But I think if he could have just stuck to bringing people into a study of magic, like he started out doing in the beginning, he would have been alright. He cloaked it. I don’t think that was a good plan, just a safe one. Unfortunately people will be reading Crowley long after there will not be a Scientology book available for purchase.

    Crowley: “Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action.”

    Hubbard: “MAGIC is a very precise study. Most people think of magic in terms of stage magicians or something of the sort. It’s not. Magic is not. It is a method of producing effects by using for cause the supernatural. 5203C10.

    Hubbard: “If you want to get real tragic, forget it was just magic.”

    “But mysticism/occultism isn’t our source. Our source, actually, is magic. Magic is something that, today, is performed on a stage with prestidigitation. But magic actually has a much more vivid and noble history than a stage magician. It is quite remarkable that the magician attempts directly to use spirits to perform his will. And that is his basic modus operandi. That is his goal in practicing magic.”from a Lecture given on 29 January 1958, The History of Clearing by L Ron Hubbard.

    “Scientology has opened the gates to a better World. It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.” This is from 1954 edition of COHA.

    I have no idea how that evil pretend military man David Miscavige ever connected up on these avenues beyond sticking to the synthetic threads Hubbard wove into this fabric. He personifies the cloaking Hubbard used with his craft. Like some moth that stuck to the wizard’s cape. And has been eating away at it.

    The magic dynamic has great panoramic breadth, infinite, between holy and evil. And it is an obscure dynamic not visible to many. To most it does not exist. Yet, in every culture it manifests itself to a minority and in some cultures, for instance in Asia, and Louisiana, it is wholly woven into the culture as a dynamism of existance in every day life.

    He had a right to be here too.

  43. Well very interesting Brian. Thx for posting. Cece

  44. Thank you for posting that — I remember being shown that exact quote while in the RPF being handled to “not want kids”.

  45. Laura Di,

    My best wishes goes to you. I sincerely hope that you can slam these son of bitches into oblivion for all they have done to you.

    What a bunch of mind fucking cowards. Mind fucking and abusing defenseless kids, repulsive zealots.

  46. “We ALWAYS have to remember that EVERY single value and group ethic that the Church of Scientology promotes within its own culture and group ultimately comes from LRH.”

    Really Joe, that is the same as saying no body else is of any measurable influence. Even clothing designers know their wares are made to look or bad by the people who wear them.

    I have no urge to abide by your instructs of what I “always have to remember”. Your memories are different than mine. You create yours depending on your own purposes, as do I. Dominating memory in other people or how they are to remember things seems a bit of an odd hobby to me anyway.

  47. Thank you Jim, Lana, Tom and all 🙂

  48. Potent testimony. Valuable information. Vital information. Thank you! This could be an all hands effort. I trust if you are needed you will be there.

  49. I am sorry I meant Claire Headley (in your video) was the trained one that I read the articles on Tony’s Ortega’s blog about. The church painted Laura Decrecenzo as a bad hat (which she is not) by omitting some of her folder data from the authorities that asked for it, but I meant Claire Headley is crowd-stopping when it comes to tech. Sorry about the misnomer. 🙂

  50. Jean-François Genest

    Laura Ann ←
    Way to go, I am so proud of you !!!
    I take this to heart. My best wishes. Thank you for pushing forward and persevering with this. [well, you DID make that promise 😉 …
    ” 18. I promise to make things go RIGHT, and to persist until they do.” ]

    You won’t fight this alone. I marked my mental calendar, and i will be present with you at the court hearing to support you and make the judge have a few “cognitions” on Wednesday October 23, while my meat will remain in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Yes we can!
    Cheers! 😀

  51. Espiritu, Good for you for protecting your kids from those horrors!

  52. My point exactly! The SP’s culled her folders before giving them to her and took out the things that would hurt their case and help her. Tampering with evidence will get them a fine or worse.

  53. “But I think if he could have just stuck to bringing people into a study of magic, like he started out doing in the beginning, he would have been alright. He cloaked it. I don’t think that was a good plan, just a safe one.”

    T.O. What an interesting post! Could you expand on the above – i.e. how was it exactly that LRH started out “bringing people into a study of magic”?

  54. In the end I think he just wanted to become, comfortably numb.

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone home?

    Come on
    I hear you’re feeling down
    I can ease your pain
    Get you on your feet again

    I’ll need some information first
    Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts?

    There is no pain you are receding
    A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
    You are only coming through in waves
    Your lips move
    But I can’t hear what you’re saying

    When I was a child I had a fever
    My hands felt just like
    Two balloons
    Now I’ve got that feeling once again
    I can’t explain
    You would not understand
    This is not how I am

    I… Have become comfortably numb

    Just a little pin prick
    There’ll be no more aaaaaaaah!
    But you may feel a little sick

    Can you stand up?
    I do believe it’s working
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on
    It’s time to go

    There is no pain you are receding
    A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
    You are only coming through in waves
    Your lips move
    But I can’t hear what you’re saying

    When I was a child
    I caught a fleeting glimpse
    Out of the corner of my eye

    I turned to look but it was gone
    I cannot put my finger on it now
    The child is grown
    The dream is gone
    I… Have become comfortably numb

  55. He came here alone. He had new ideas and new realities. Where is the mercy?

  56. Speaking of “cloaking”, at about 14:40 of this lecture, LRH talks about how, per R6, any man that tries to save the world must be mobbed, so he (LRH) shifted his valence over to more of an R6 valence. He goes on to say, “People don’t respond to reason; they respond to R6 symbols…You are the people who OWN the planet; you are not the people who are going to SAVE the planet – and thereby, you WILL save it.”

    I think this is also the Class VIII tape that Marty posted the quote “There was no Christ” (it’s at about 19:40), on the blog post “Forgiveness.” So anybody who is interested can listen to how he said it.

  57. So the dots are connected. Thank you Laura for your post.

    It would seem actual abuse of people has it’s source.

    Removing the spiritual element from the family and associating it with “a psycho GE” ( there is no evidence for such a being) has it’s consequences.

    Thank you Marty for allowing this post about the GE and family. It was not allowed on another site. I posted it trying to connect the dots as thought preceeds action. But obviously some folks are not ready yet to connect dots.

    And Oracle, for me, I have never been interested in magic or powers. In yogic practice they are considered a byproduct not a goal.

    If the ethical nature of a being, Dharma, is not sought first, there is danger of a spiritual fall as handing a sharp knife to an infant will cause harm.

    It is possible we are seeing the outcome of such a philosophy: spiritual power as goal without perfection of the ethical nature.

  58. One more thought regarding spiritual powers: in all my studies and research I have found that the ones who sought powers as a goal never aquired them ultimately. Because they never had the self discipline to be “at cause” over their own minds and lower nature. They sought control of others, matter etc.

    And the ones who truly have the power, sought mastery over their own selfish motives first. Those folks powers are uncanny. But they hide these powers from the general public. They don’t promote them. They promote joy, love, service, self discipline. And that is the types of students they attract.

    Love of God, service to humanity, liberation from the true cause of suffering, actual realization of the bodiless state, unlimited capacity to rearrange atomic structure, levitation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence are attainable on the path, from my research and experience.

    But mastery of oneself is first before mastery of others.

    One direction is ego and ends in infamy, one direction is Spirit and ends in true hero status.

  59. Laura, do you accept small donations to help with your legal costs? If so, where?

  60. All the stories seem so real don’t they? All the personalities, the trials, the tribulations, the struggles, the pain, the losses, the wins, the overcomings, the good fights, the bad fights, the good people, the bad people and so on and so on…it all seems so very real. And man oh man…is it ever one helluva distraction as well as being the impetus for all manner of isms, ologies and myriad diversity of thought systems.

    The good news is, the world and the life we think is real is not real. None of it actually exist. That noted, we can, through a conscious mind, or an unconscious mind, believe it’s real and it will seem to be utterly real. That’s just a tiny inkling of the scope of power we have. I very much doubt, though, that we, from a conscious mind, would ever choose to make a world like the one we have (a temporary world of duality) and maintain it as a reality.

    We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS. We are not Human-Beings. We need no defense, we need no protection, we need no rescue. Nor do we need births, or marriage, or families, or funerals or multitudes of lifetimes. Again, we are not Human Beings. Human is matter and Being is Spirit and the two, no matter what kind of high-tech blender is used, just won’t ever really fuse together. We can, though, as mentioned earlier, pretend that they do and we can even build a entire cosmos around that pretense. In other words, an unconscious mind (I think only an unconscious mind would do this) can dream that we are something other than what we are e.g. we can play the game of being human and we can forget that we’re playing that game. We can get so caught up in the polarities of the game as well as the meanings and values we have assigned to every single speck of the game, that we completely obscure our spiritual perspective (our conscious mind). With the conscious mind obscured from perception we believe that the only answer we have to attaining a higher state of consciousness is to seek and discover, in the world that we believe is real and has purpose, the ‘truth’ and ‘the way out’. But there is no ‘truth’ or ‘way out’ in an unconscious ever-looping dream of space and time. The only truth there is is with Spirit and the only way out of a dream world of imperfection will not be found in the dream but will be found when we align with Spirit and our conscious mind. This is not theology I’m speaking of here, it’s experience.

    The Loop –

    Just Relax –

  61. Fascinating. Had heard some of this before. BTW, sure sounds like he is saying Xemu instead of Xenu. Even when he spells it out.

    So if modern civilization is just a dramatization of the far past, why couldn’t Ron predict, say, the Internet? Or explain how to supposedly travel faster than light? Or any number of facts that could have been scientifically verifiable or falsifiable?

    Any such proof would have made Scientology successful beyond imagination, and therefore by Scientology’s own internal ethics, such proof would have been the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, and withholding such proof would thus be an overt.

    Just saying …

  62. Speaking of fading away, I had an opportunity to walk by the Portland, OR ideal org the other day. On the first floor, there was one staff sitting at a desk with back turned toward the window, two staff sitting at the front desk as you come in, one person (probably public) watching a video (he looked young and impressionable and I felt for him and wondered if he was a lost youth as I was once), and a man wheeling a garbage bin in on a side door on Oak St.

    Of course, the building appears to be either six or seven stories, so on floors two on up it may have been humming with straight up and vertical activity, as COB and others claim. (Is it possible to be straight up and not vertical or vice versa? Does someone need some word clearing?)

  63. I agree with Mike on the “no” answer. Yes, the church could have paid for abortions, but then it would have had its “fingerprints” all over the action. And the Medical or other government payments went to the doctors or clinic, not to the individual Scientologist or the church.

    As to the minimum wage argument, you are quite logical of course. But churches get a big exemption from such rules in certain cases. For example, clergy don’t have to be paid minimum wage, and CoS argues that Sea Org members are part of ecclesiastical order (hence exempt).

    There has also been an occasional legal question (raised at least by non-lawyers) as to whether Miscavige has violated federal law on inurement — using 501(c)3, tax-exempt funds for private, personal gain. I am not aware of that being a viable charge though.

  64. I hope she wins.

  65. Juche is indeed the religion — and the only one accepted — of North Korea and the state. The Kim worship is so great, that in the event of a fire in one’s house, the main thing to save is the portrait of the Kim family that is required to be hanging in every house. Like a picture of LRH everywhere.

    According to some refugees, North Korea is not so much a state as a vast cult. It might in fact be a possible model for how the world would look, sound, and feel if run by Scientology fundamentalists, radical Islamists, or other fanatics.

  66. I would be willing to support too if needed.

  67. Thank you for the gift of you.

  68. FOTF2012: “So if modern civilization is just a dramatization of the far past, why couldn’t Ron predict, say, the Internet?”

    I don’t think he ever said modern civilization is “just” a dramatization of the past, but I would agree that he thinks there is a lot of dramatization going on.

    And I agree with you that he is saying Xemu rather than Xenu. I think he said somewhere that it could be either way, but I don’t remember whee. It might have been on the handwritten OT III materials I read online. If you’re interested, here’s a URL for all the OT levels and other confidential materials:

  69. I think it’s fabulous you were able to protect and orient your kids properly about the SO and kept them put of it.

    However I do not believe STCC was a “DM squirrel course”, I believe it was fully approved by LRH.

  70. Thank you Jim, thank you very much for your story. I am glad you safe now. May all good come to you.

  71. burnedbutnotbitter

    Did not mean to read it all but I did, looked up a couple of legal terms and finished it. I did not go thru the documents. I really hope this makes bigger news headlines. I am exhausted and speechless, as though I have gone through some of it with Laura. Hope she sees this thread….Godspeed!

  72. Would not “the GE” correspond to at least part of what you refer to as “the lower nature”? Don’t many of the “great religions” condemn or look down upon “the body” and its base appetites? Does the Spirit you refer to, separate itself from the body? Your slant seems just as condemnatory of the body as LRH’s; actually more so, as to me it seems he had a sense of humor about it and a kind of tolerance that you lack.

  73. Regarding the STCC, it was release almost 10 years after after LRH passed away. There was no way for him to approve what was finally issued even, if any alleged “notes”, “instructions” or “advices” regarding it actually existed. I referred to it as “squirrel” above because the materials were falsely advertised as an issue by L. Ron Hubbard.
    Also, I notice several tell-tale differences in the drills. For instance in LRH’s TR0 people are instructed to “be there, comfortably and confront”. This addresses a spiritual being… is told to BE there. On the other hand the STCC course directs people to “Sit There” on its comparable drill. That instruction is addressed to a BODY. A subtle, but in my opinion, telling difference.
    I admit that there are elements of the TRs in the course, and it can still be therapeutic for people. But why not give them the exact, and very powerfully beneficial original drills?

  74. Thank you, Jane and Valkov. I hope that my little instant hat is helpful to someone in the same situation.
    My basic message is that if ANYONE is messing with your comm lines with your family, they are messing with your loved ones’ lives and they are also messing with YOU. So, just end it on the spot and take no bullshit.
    Mosey and Marty are setting a good example of how to deal someone who attacks one’s family right now in a courtroom in Texas.

  75. Entertaining Science Fiction. Not much to do with reality.

  76. Valkov you missed the point in your desire to defend. The point is clear: Laura was given this writing to justify control over her womenhood by trying to convince her that her natural instinct is a degraded need.

    And you choose to defend the writing as valid. That is your right.

    And it is my right to consider your views the way I do. And I’ll keep that to myself.

  77. Cat Daddy, how do you KNOW that? Ever heard that truth is stranger than fiction?

  78. OK, I get where you’re coming from. The STCC was presented to me as a Div 6 course to improve a person’s “social communication”. I had already been doing a lot of TRs, starting with the HAS course in the early 1970s. I found several (3 or 4) of the drills very valuable. I do not think the STCC is a substitute for doing TRs, especially the TR0s to EP and “major stable win”. But for me the additional drills clarified or “connected the dots” for me about the basic TRs that I hadn’t really got to that point, by breaking them down a little more. I do believe that in principle they were intended by LRH. The wording you describe would not be his, as you say.

  79. Brian, I was not responding to your post about Laura, but to your next post in which you posted the LRH excerpt. This was your post in responce to Oracle which began with “Oracle, I can’t help but wonder if thoughts like these support actions like we are seeing. If families are seen as only GEs and don’t make good groups,……”

    It is very obvious that the attitude you depict illustrates Sea Org aberration, as it flies completely in the face of LRH’s concept of the Dynamics.

    Was LRH wholly responsible for the Sea Org’s aberration? I don’t know. I never liked the Sea Org, but neither do I know that it is the same Sea Org today that existed when LRH was running it. I have heard it has changed for the worse, that is amply attested to on this very blog, but I have no personal knowledge of that. Nowhere that I have seen or heard LRH say what Sea Org personnel have reportedly said to these women. To my knowledge LRH never encouraged much less demanded that women in the Sea Org get abortions. But then, he never did a lot of things the current regime has been doing.

    Nor does the actual quote say or even imply that there is anything wrong with the family, as the quote is referring to the characteristics the GE.

    You are really very good at not responding to any of my posts/questions; you did not answer any of what I posed in my last post. I can’t help but be awed by your single-mindedness. Did you learn it, perhaps, in the Sea Org? So how about it, how does the Yogananda school view the body? Is it part of humanity’s “lower nature”?

    I am not missing the points you make at all; how could I? You repeat them ad nauseum as though you think if you say the same thing over and over again, without ever responding to what may be valid comments/questions about what you post, everyone will just say “Oh yes, it’s all good”?

  80. As an ex-SO member, I have experienced some of that insanity. As have all SO members, current and ex-.

  81. Valkov, I am an anecdotal case. But found the STCC very lacking in substance. I took it as a favor to be a twin with a friend, perhaps that was part of the problem. I had already had a few hundred hours of TRs and felt like the drills were not taken to EP. They seemed superficial and psychology-like. Maybe their value would be realized if they were done like the CCHs. Do it till you are tired of it, then to you hate it, then till you separate from it, then till you have fun with it and have a win, cognition.
    Just my take. I don’t recommend the STCC.

  82. Thanks Mark, but I do recommend the STCC, if you want to put it that way. Or rather, some of the drills on it. I can look up the ones that benefited me, if you like, and probably explain why, too.

    Fundamentally I don’t think it is your call, or anyone else’s, to recommend or disrecommend it. My own experience with it is contrary data to what you just posted. The most you can say is, it wasn’t your flavor. It helped me sort some things out about the how-to of communication, that the HAS and other TR courses I did, did not get sorted out. This may have been shortcomings in the Supervision or whatever but that’s moot.

    That said, I do think the OT-TR0 is fundamental and needs to be done to the major stable win, and TR0 also needs to be done to EP, before anyone will really benefit from subsequent TRs.

    Just because for you STCC was an undercut you did not need, does not mean it is so for everyone. It’s about handling the actual pc before you, after all.

  83. Thanks, Valkov for that bit of advice. I put in a couple of disclaimers, but I was still giving my opinion on something that I had little experience in and had never even supervised. I shouldn’t wish my failures on others.

  84. +1. All the best to you. Laura.

  85. That is true, Oracle. The Church of Scientology views all whistleblowers as “defrocked apostates” and worse, and simply goes after them. There is no safety to speak out, and they use that – I think the legal term is “undue influence”. It is OVERWHELMING odds against a person, amazing when individuals actually gather the strength to buck it and fight back.

  86. The Church has a long history of removing and/or destroying damaging information. Remember the people who went to jail for breaking into offices, including Mary Sue Hubbard?? You can’t be surprised by this, it’s normal. At one point I was involved in an “emergency all-hands” that was going through every piece of paper in the Data Bureau to remove L. Ron Hubbard’s name to try and show he had no control of the Church’s activities, which he clearly did from all I saw, and most people know. Marty has posted about this I think, under an effort to achieve an all-clear so L.R.H. could calm down and not feel hunted by the US government.

    What a mess. It makes me gag to think what kind of things people have been going through to protect the Church and some of its principals from actual clear crimes, and committing crimes themselves/ourselves in the process.

    Yes, this is a recognized CHURCH, and it uses that privilege and cries Fowl to try and dodge the “bullets” from its “critics” who are horrible terrible people, according to them, but who are actually trying to shed light on horrid and illegal abuses. Thugs are honored as dedicated members; critics/whisteblowers are fair game to be attacked and destroyed.

  87. You don’t bill Medi-Cal, actually. The individual Sea Org member applies for Medi-Cal, because their income qualifies them for it, and they use it for all kinds of medical care, because so often the Org’s Financial Planning cuts this expense. I don’t remember how my abortion was paid for, my husband worked it out somehow. It was one of those things that, when I became pregnant, he said “Of course you have to get rid of it” – we were both on “important posts” and nobody had to “handle us”. I feel sick thinking about it. I am haunted by it to this day. At that time, we both would have had to be sent to outer organizations, as they were phasing out the childcare etc.

  88. The farther inside you are, the more you are controlled, and you control your own self for a lot of this. We were Sea Org members, and our children were “born into it”. Imagine that horror. We did not protect our children from it, we were proud they joined. Good cult members, us. Not any more, but the children, joining in early teens…. The suffering that resulted to them covered quite a bit under the website I think it’s called Scientology Kids.

  89. Agree, Laura’s story is sickening. Early 1970s would have been a logical time to disband the SO. Really hard to confront Ron;s part in creating all this. Thank you for fighting back, Laura.

  90. Yes, O.O. this kind of destroying of evidence has been going on for decades all in the name of “for the greatest good.” What a justifier and crock that is! I just hope that somehow the truth gets to the judges who are presiding over these trials so that they know evidence was destroyed.

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