Comal County, Texas

From some recent visitors:

Thank you both so much for having and sharing your beautiful space with me.  The environment here is really perfect for working on spiritual advancement.

This visit has been exactly what I need to sort out ‘confusions’ that lingered – some I didn’t even know were there.

I am looking forward to living with my new awareness.  Thank you.


Guadalupe River

Marty and Mosey,

Today is 5 of 7 and I woke up this morning asking myself ‘if this is what auditing was meant to be by Hubbard,  then what-da-f___  was I doing while in the church?  I do not recall having the kind of experience I’m having here at Casablanca.  I came here with the intention of wanting peace and quiet – and time to reflect on all that has happened in my life.  Since I left the cult I have been trying to sort out all the confusion in my head, and it is being sorted out in the sessions you have been doing on me, Marty.

There is something serene about having deer roam about your property and as I watch them from my bedroom window the song ‘long time sun’ by Snatam Kaur comes to mind.  You can find it on Youtube, it’s four minutes long.



Sweet Pea

Came here with ‘stuff.’

Now – so quiet, so at peace.

This has been a most amazing experience.

I leave with clean water at all levels.  The mud has settled.

Mark, Monique and all the animal friends became part of my life.  I will forever feel this is a second home, a safe refuge, a place of memories and experiences.

The ‘life coaching’ – more than just auditing – was spot on and very validating of native beingness.

Thanks to all.

Loving kindness,

A visiting soul on the awareness journey we call life


Pedernales River

80 responses to “Comal County, Texas

  1. How wonderful Marty and Mosey! You guys rock! If I come across anyone that needs your services I will get them in touch with you.

  2. I want some! It’s wonderful all the help you two are doing. I look forward to a visit some day – preferably via a nice long drive from California, parks in-between and a stopover visit to see my grandson in Austin who’s Mom has (temporarily) diss-owned me.
    In the mean time, I’d love to subsidize Laura D getting a session or two. Thank you for pointing out her story yesterday. I think it would be good to do all we can to make sure she is in top spiritual shape for this. Not sure how to do that quite yet.

  3. Beautiful stories. Beautiful environment – love the trees along the river. They must have seen some things in their time.

  4. Hey if Laura wants some help with Marty lets start a fund for her. I will contribute as much as I can.

  5. Marty this is great. However, you promote Scientology auditing but you pay such a bad service to the whole that is considered Scientology (not the church) that it is not understood.

    Recently at my FB group Free Scientologists a certain Anthony Ardillo asked for an auditor and he asked about you and whether you would audit as you were the closest auditor to him.

    Then he asked the following and here is my reply to him:

    FB dialogue.
    Anthony Ardillo: What evidence do you have to show that Mark Rathbun is distancing himself from the tech?
    October 10 at 8:08pm via mobile · Like

    Theo Sismanides: Αnthony, hi. And thank you for your answer. On your question: nobody says this. However Scientology is not just “the tech”. I have personally been declared (google my name and go to the freezone site) for insisting on the application of HCOBs. Marty thinks that many ex-es are just “radicals”. He made a big turn about a year ago and started invalidating a lot of people who thought that KSW is/was OK but that in the church it was misapplied as it is.

    So, Marty per what I know is an excellent auditor and has results. However on the 3rd dynamic he is not really willing to help a forward motion. For example, there are no auditors here in Greece in the Indie Field. I care so that some appear some day even if they will come from other countries.

    That’s all I personally have with Marty Rathbun. Over to you.

    End of dialogue.

    It’s good that you see the good that Scientology has to offer. Just be a bit more patient with its people who like you, maybe with less knowledge or experience in auditing (or some maybe even more) try to do the same thing like you: help people. Wishing you success!

  6. Beautiful.

    Not all the GAG I or GAG II drills in the world will teach someone how to truly understand and help another being.

    One’s true intentions are reflected in one’s actual results. Some people intend to help others achieve a greater freedom. You have always struck me as one of those people, Marty.

  7. one of those who see

    Beautiful Marty. love these reports. Soooo well done! I am also reading outside Scientology. Right now a book on Buddhist psychology. I find doing this expansive. I find that there seems to be a pointer to the truth. Truth that appears in these various subjects. And it is helpful to find these truths in various places, not just from Ron. This is freedom. I think the restrictions restricted my space and the freedom to find truth where ever, including from me gives me unlimited space. Would a truly free being, free to think to use truth from whatever source make a better Auditor – of course. I admire your courage.

  8. Trees, deer roaming, beautiful space, animal friends…nice.
    Sorting out confusions, spiritual advancement new awareness…nicer..
    most amazing experience, validating of native beingness…perfect!
    Marty, so nice to read these wins and experiences. Love it!
    In this crazy world, those are the real pearls and the diamonds. Or even better, buckets of fresh cool water in the scorching desert. Please continue, and best of luck to you both with everything that’s on your plate!!!

  9. Wonderful wins. Happy for folks on the giving and the receiving end. Perhaps there is only a receiving end. As to give is itself a blessing. Powerful flows all around. Woe to any who seek to cut across that “help” line.

  10. Beautiful. Truly theta. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Marty, it sounds like you just let a person be who they are, with no expectations of how they should be. That in itself is distimulating, felt even here at my computer, a few thousand miles away 🙂

    If I can ever make it happen, your guidance is what I’d want for myself, and you are a person I would feel safe with.

    I am happy for those who made it to you. Their love and joy shines through.

  12. Thank you both for really caring about the people in front of you. For all that you have faced to keep this holy purpose flowing. You are making the world a better place. You are assisting things which assist survival. Inhibiting things which inhibit survival. That is sanity.

  13. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Serenity Θ
    Bravo !

  14. gretchen dewire

    Letting go , ditto the above

  15. spyrosillusionist


  16. Tom Gallagher

    Mosey and Marty,

    You are such good folks. Here’s the song, offered without comment….

  17. > working on spiritual advancement.
    That’s what it’s all about.

  18. +1

    One time I “imagined” what it would be like to sit across from Marty at his auditing table and suddenly I felt his presence! In the same moment it seemed to to me that I had had a session – just being “in comm” although without words. I was definitely VGI’s. 🙂

  19. I fear that Marty is reluctant to toot his own horn. I have several friends above Clear who were suffering in life. Each and every one who got auditing from Marty handled their issue. Someone I care very much about who had never done any scn was suffering greatly. She had interest in scn as a help for herself because she knew how much Ken and I had benefited along the way. Marty took this totally green pc and did what I guess was a life repair action. She had AMAZING results. Very free from the suffering that was so acute in her life at the time. Best of all, she knows that there is real help available. One would be foolish to underestimate Marty’s ability to help an individual.

    Add to that, he has risked everything to see that the help continues to be available. What more could I ask of a man or a friend?

    ps. Thank you, Marty for showing off our beautiful Texas Hill Country. It nurtures my soul just living here. I know there are so many beautiful place on this planet but I’m still proud to call this place home.

  20. Thanx for sharing this Marty. Here you are on the front lines in litigation with CO$, and you still audit and provide safe haven; while still dutifully attending this blog to “Move On Up a Little Higher”. I raise my glass in a toast to you to recognize your integrity and loyalty in action!

  21. one of those who see

    Very cool!

  22. Theo, I’m not saying this to defend marty, but I think you are making some kind of mistake in this path. It seems like you are still looking to Marty as an upper management, senior Church official or Independent Scientology Leader or something, I dont know. You are saying that something in your area is not right and it’s Martys responsibility.
    I think at this point what I (and I assume others) are going through is a realization that if we are going to do something with and in Scientology then we are the ones to do that. If that means that we connect up with others who have similar admin scale and form groups or operate on our own then it is our own responsibility. If we are not then it is our choice as well. I think your post here is a remnant of the enforced viewpoints we had in the Church. I think Marty has some interesting and insightful things to say, and I also in my gut (and heart) disagree with some of it. For example, I still read KSW differently and probably agree with you on it’s interpretation.

  23. Theo: When I was in the church I read or skimmed a lot of critical material – A Piece of Blue Sky, Barefaced Messiah, a.r.s., etc. Because I knew there to be value in the Scn materials and the people I had known I always found ways to discredit or justify the critics. However, it was finally an article on Marty’s site that woke me up. I value his books and essays and the fact that he has made a place for people to write up what happened – even when this has shed a harsh light on the role that LRH himself played in the fall of Scientology and the church.

    I hate the idea of censoring information in a desire to get a group agreement on how LRH was right. I was suspicious of M2’s ‘forward movement’ because of their original push towards censorship, control and the way they used Marty as a scapegoat because he didn’t want to help them make their new animal farm.

    I think there is much of value in LRH’s work. But the idea that applying KSW will bring everything right ignores the secret history that is gradually being revealed. Like an old communist apologetic after Stalinism you say that the problem is that KSW (communism) was misapplied. In a debate I could argue for your position, but I don’t think it’s true and I would have to avoid some difficult areas.

    Your best bet is to concentrate on being a good example and delivering as best you can.

    For myself, I don’t like you looking down your nose at Marty’s independent attitude (and then re-posting this on his own board no less). He has helped me a tremendous amount.

  24. Thank you! And with your comment I felt the magic of words too, in the form of an ack. 😉

  25. Me too! Right now I have myself, husband, two kids and one mother on the bridge. Everyone is doing great! Eternally grateful for the auditors.

  26. one of those who see

    Just a comment on the picture. Boy would I love to canoe there on a beautiful summer day.

  27. Chrismann, I think that you and I are pretty much on the same page.
    I don’t agree with everything Marty says either. And I say so.
    But I haven’t read any reports about people who beening happy with the auditing and training he delivers.
    What a person says IS important. It can be constructive or destructive.
    But far more important by several magnitudes is what a person DOES.
    And that is what tells the important tale.

  28. Wonderful !

  29. Chris and Archie,

    Thank you both for your very astute comments. Marty is walking the walk here of a savant on his own path. He’s never asked for our agreement or approval, and in fact has said that we all need to find our own way.

    I would not be where I am today without his blog, which has given me a wealth of information, solace and support in the four years I’ve been reading it. It would have been a desperately lonely journey without him.

  30. Not the group but the individual is central. Rogerian based Theraphy.There is a reference in the original Dianetics book if I remember correctly

    Carl Rogers (1902–1987) is one of the most influential psychologists of the last half-century. His contributions in the fields of education, counselling, psychotherapy, peace, and conflict resolution are outstanding. A founder of humanistic psychology, he has profoundly influenced the world through his empathic presence, his rigorous research, his authorship of sixteen books and more than 200 professional articles. His best known books are: On Becoming a Person, Client Centred Therapy, Freedom to Learn, A way of Being, Carl Rogers on Personal Power, and Becoming Partners: Marriage and Its Alternatives.

    Rogers is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and was honoured for his pioneering research with the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American Psychological Association in 1956. The person-centred approach, his own unique approach to understanding personality and human relationships, found wide application in various domains such as psychotherapy and counselling, education, organizations, and other group settings. For his professional work he was bestowed the Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Psychology by the APA in 1972. Towards the end of his life Carl Rogers was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with national intergroup conflict in South Africa and Northern Ireland.

    Based on a 1982 professional survey of USA and Canadian psychologists, he was considered as the most influential psychotherapist in history (Albert Ellis ranked second and Sigmund Freud – third).

    Natalie Rogers, PhD, REAT, is Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School and has previously been on the faculties of the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. In 1984 she founded the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and its parent organization, Resources for Creativity and Consciousness, where she participated as teacher, trainer, workshop facilitator, consultant, and board member until its closing in 2005.

    Dr. Rogers is a psychotherapist whose practices in California, Hawaii and Massachusetts have combined expressive arts with person-centered therapy with children, adults, families and groups. She is the daughter of Dr. Carl Rogers and has written two books: The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts As Healing and Emerging Woman: A Decade of Midlife Transitions. She has trained professional in expressive arts therapy around the world.

  31. Thanks for sharing those successes from your visitors really nice

  32. Beautiful exchange between you two—-and shared by all of us reading.

  33. I hope you do not mind if I take a moment to address an issue that has been disturbing for me, and share with those here, my view. There has been some accusations that Marty “bashes L.R.H.” on this blog.

    For the record, I have never seen or heard Marty “bash L.R.H.”. He honors Hubbard by being a product. By speaking truth. By being genuine and not some “copy”. By being a living example of the grades release. By being a real OT. By caring about the people in front of him. By confronting.

    I will tell you exactly who I think is bashing L.R.H., although very covertly.

    Those who become parasitic on Hubbard’s friends. Those who applaud visions and illusions instead of truth. Those who re stimulate others to dominate them. Those who prey on the believing and the faithful. Those who “pretend” to be with the program but obviously can think with any of it. Those who dramatize being overt products. Those who refuse to know or see. Those who use “Scientology” to harm attack and suppress others.

    These are the people that are really bashing L.R.H.. NOT Marty!

  34. Really, I am holding myself back from an explosive rant right now, and I am chanting the word, “mercy, mercy,………..” I do want to show mercy, because I think in all of the Scientology I have explored, to have mercy is the greatest ability one can obtain.

    I am grown tired of the abuse and viciousness people think they have to a license to dramatize” in the name of Hubbard. It is these that are “bashing L.R.H.”, NOT MARTY.

    Let’s keep it real people. If you want to honor Hubbard, be a product.

  35. Marty honors Hubbard and his knowledge on a constant basis. By being a great product.

  36. “Step out of line, the man comes and takes you away….”

    Hubbard, “stepped out of line”.

  37. You said it LDW. Beautiful.

  38. These “Success Stories’ (for lack of a better term) are great. Thanks Marty. I had never quite realized the amount of crap you must get until I made a comment on the recent Tony Ortega blog you referenced — I said that “it was not like that when LRH was actively in charge” — WOW!!! I could not believe the haters that climbed on that comment — Christ, the outrage was so bombastic — I had no clue. You must get that all the time — so VVWD for staying sane and persevering with your work. If I ever get the money, I will be down there to receive service from you.

  39. Whatever the technique, modality, philosophy that is applied, if it is serving to raise consciousness in one it is serving to raise consciousness in all. In receiving what Marty’s recent visitors expressed, I too, experienced peace in mind and a raised awareness of who and what I really am. And once again I am reminded that every single one of us ends a journey that we never began and returns to the Home (Love) that we never left. I am most grateful for this gift. The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.

  40. Contrary to those who are not just unforgiving but woefully uninformed –

    Marty has embodied in his life these words by His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

    “In my own life, I have experienced many joys and sorrows, and I have encountered many difficulties. But when I think about the difficult times, I can see there has always been one thing that has given me hope, whatever the circumstances. The main reason I can feel, in my heart, that my human life has had purpose and has been worthwhile is that I have based my life on the wish to help others.”

  41. Very, very nice indeed and VWD.

  42. Intresting not onley because of the whipe out of his son but Hubbard talking some theory. Wish I could see the whole unaltered tape

  43. Awesome post Marty!! In light of it all, you keep on going! You obviously specialize in “destimulating – easing and erasing! Scientology specializes in “restimulating, never erasing, never easing” and we all know what that means.
    Thanks for helping people for real! The true test of a good person – the ability to ease, erase, calm and help heal! You are just that!!

  44. I’m moving over to your table.

  45. Emilie, well said. I would like to add that Marty has provided a lot of context which allows us to see where scientology did or could fit into our journey. It does not have to be all or nothing when it comes to the study or use of the “tech”. He did for scientology what scientology would or could not do for itself. He integrates the good and tosses the bad. That has enormous value. The orthodox purists are in a box. Marty stepped out of the box. His choice, our choice, their choice. To insist on an “only way” control which denies others a choice or the freedom to look and apply strikes me as an approach doomed to failure, whatever the motivation. KSW is a spiritual straight-jacket, in my opinion, to the extent it stifles anyone from reaching for more light. But to each their own.

  46. This pope is dangerously close to making me a Catholic


    Marty he just fucked himself from the past

  48. Marty: I responded weeks back to a comment you had made about eventually having to change the way you make a living because you’re basically putting yourself out of business. I think I mentioned becoming a life coach and posted a few links to organizations that certify such expertise. Today’s post I noticed referred to life coaching you were doing. And it made me happy. Though I haven’t met you, I’m fairly confident that your people skills, curiosity, authenticity and altruism will do well to support you after you’ve “cleared” the ex-Scientologists and have to work with another demographic. -Rusty

  49. Theta disenturbulating theta; everything else is a construct.

    So happy to see it, makes me want to get back into session right away.

  50. You are an intresting guy, how about what your grandmother taught you ?

  51. Damn now I have to behave myself, my quote of him at ESMB is this:

    “With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

    -Dalai Lama

  52. Emilie, I think Monte said it beautifully in a comment today:

    “Whatever the technique, modality, philosophy that is applied, if it is serving to raise consciousness in one it is serving to raise consciousness in all. In receiving what Marty’s recent visitors expressed, I too, experienced peace in mind and a raised awareness of who and what I really am…”

    I felt that you expressed this too when you said this exchange was “shared.” Thanks for that! 🙂

  53. I need to confess. I am an Atheist, I do not believe in the one God, I believe in goodness. I believe I have a soul I am a soul and a spiritt. Marty and Mosey kmow I am a Spirit, I have a body, and we or I better take care of it GOD DAMNED. The body is the temple of the soul.

  54. Auditing in itself is a wonderful process if it is administered to the individual. And that is what Marty does.

  55. If there is no afterlife, we must be nice to eachother

  56. Why not have auditing without all the Case of Hubbard

  57. My mother loves you Marty if you get down with lennon

  58. FUCKIN, yes yes , you cute

  59. Slap your face! 🙂

  60. You cant stop us on the road to freedom
    You cant keep us cause our eyes can see
    Men with insight, men in granite
    Knights in armor bent on chivalry

  61. A very entertaining commentary on a ‘God’ made in the Ego’s image. Thanks CD.

  62. Nearly every major religion and wisdom tradition has a mystical aspect:

    Muslims = Sufi (read poetry of Hafiz, Rumi etc)

    Buddhism = Tantric

    Jewish = Kabbalah

    Catholic = many of the saints

    Mystical as defined by Father Richard Rohr (Catholic Franciscan) “‘mystic’ simply means one who has moved from mere belief systems or belonging systems to actual inner experience …

    Some call this movement conversion, some call it enlightenment, some transformation and some holiness. It is Paul’s ‘third heaven’ …

    Consciously or not, far too much organized religion has a vested interest in keeping you in first or second heaven, where all can be put into PROPER LANGUAGE and deemed CERTAIN. THIS KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO THE CHURCH AND IT KEEPS THE CLERGY IN BUSINESS.

    …transformed people transform people.”

    I know Marty has said that he no longer wishes to call himself a scientologist but I’m thinking … perhaps a mystic scientologist might work 🙂

    The above quotes are from Richard Rohr’s book “The Naked Now”

    I put several words in caps for emphasis — they are not part of the original text.

  63. Thanks for connecting all that, windhorse! I’m more “down with” the word ‘mystic’ than I was. The way you and Rohr put it, it describes what I have meant by the word ‘gnostic’, because ‘gnosis’ means ‘knowing’, in the sense of knowing directly, experiencing the knowledge rather than just ‘knowing about’.

    I like it, that meaning of ‘mystic’.

  64. Yes, CD, it’s true. Auditing done for the PERSON is very therapeutic. It’s one of the big reasons people stay in. Like abusers staying with their spouses, hoping for the love they know is there, and putting up with all the beatings. We kept hoping for the GOOD parts. We kept sacrificing ourselves, our children, our integrity, our everything, for the GOOD parts. We knew that stuff was really good, and we wanted it, and it had helped us, in amazing ways. The good parts began to become scarcer and scarcer….. in that place, in that Church of Scientology.

  65. I like the thing L.Ron Hubbard said – (paraphrased) the tech is free, keep it so.

    For god sake, Marty is not senior management, and he is not God, and L.Ron Hubbard is not God either, and I am very very sorry L.Ron Hubbard made a church out of it, and made KSW and a bunch of crap about how people had to win or die in the attempt. Such dangerous BULLSHIT. Makes KoolAid drinkers, and actually UNMAKES Scientologists who try and use the good technology to help self and others, and turns them into loyal unquestioning soldiers.

    Do you still want to be an unquestioning soldier? Do you think it’s possible to “Clear the Planet”? I’m not interested in that effort, which I don’t think can happen without destroying people.

  66. +1 million for Marty. No joke. You are one of the decent, good people. Too bad your/our former church doesn’t want any of those, just people who salute, give money and stop their own thoughts.

  67. Spot-on comment, Oracle.

  68. yes, Theres a lot of good.

    Mother Teresa got in quite some trouble with the Catholic Church because she buried people according to their own faith, not the Catholic rites. But at least they didn’t exccommunicate her and she kept doing it. In the Church of Scientology, Mother Teresa would have been recalled, sec checked within an inch of her life, and then declared a supressive person. Plus everybody would have to unfriend her on her facebook page….of course there is no official disconnection, right?

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