Class Act


In response to the Ministry of Hate and its disciples, a lesson in Class:

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  1. Just perfect.

  2. I hope Kirstie reads a newspaper today and educates herself on the passing of a man who defined magnanimity.

    Whatever she hopes to accomplish with her current behaviour she should take a moment to compare it to everything Madiba accomplished and how he went about it.

    Lea of course needs no such reflection.

    Class act indeed.

  3. Mary Rathernotsay

    Leah seems like a real nice person.
    Because I don’t watch much TV, I was unfamiliar with who she was until she abruptly left Scientology. The more I see of her (thanks to posted links) the more I like her.

  4. Leah is real. It’s got to be frustrating dealing with such things but, she did it with grace and compassion. Love that girl!

  5. Still on your side

    Leah has an innate warmth cements friendships with her fans and the media. This is remarkable because the Church of Scientology, as evidenced by Kirstie Alley’s behavior, is as cold as an ice cube. Man, did Kirstie Alley misjudge the effect her attack on Leah Remini would have. Last I looked, there were over 4,000 comments on the ABC website, most attacking Alley.

  6. Leah has acted with poise and integrity. She asked a question and was made less because of it.

    Kirstie, yes, usually tends to be a cheerful, friendly person but in here she takes the valence of attack, destroy, obliterate, defame and so on; not per se her tactic, but that of others that with subterfuge attack those who dare oppose the so called C of S’s views.

    Agreed, an apology is due to Leah

  7. I will watch at every opportunity.

  8. Eohippus the Wan

    I am glad that “I would rather kill her with kindness” was not quoting her. Very well played – gently understated.

  9. See? THAT’s what I’m talking about!

  10. There is a scathing slide show of Radical official Taliban Scientology by Radar on line, just released. Marty and Mosey grace the front page

  11. +1
    I never watched her sitcom and watched only one clip of her dancing on DWTS, then i watched this clip and fell in love. Pure class.
    Thank you, Leah. Thank you for not engaging with the dirty “church”, and thank you dor being true to yourself.

  12. Robert Almblad

    Q: They are not shunned… not chased?
    A: That’s just bullshit

    You are so right Marty… RCS Scientology is a Ministry of Hate (crimes). Other religions admit their shunning. But RCS does not admit anything like shunning, because what they actually do after shunning is criminal.

  13. Vox Clamantes in Deserto

    Class Act is right!!!!

  14. Now Tom has seen a real SP.

  15. Leah’s a class act. Seems like the church is vomiting out the good people by being a toxic environment.

  16. Leah looks like she’s just herself, and probably has been so all along. Let’s hope Kirstie can drop DM’s persona and get back to just being herself. The world would be better for it. I’ll try not to judge Kirstie or others any more, it is not my place. I don’t really know anything about her life, but think she may become acquainted with humiliation soon. I don’t say this from Schadenfreude, it’s just something I’ve experienced myself. The world will smack the Scientologist’s attack, vilify and nullify persona down, it’s just not wanted. Maybe it contributes as a lesson – humility is definitely a lesson I am still learning (kicking and screaming).

  17. “Class act” is “New York City cool”. That is when you step back from it all because you feel you are getting played, and FOOLS rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Like the FOOL that rushed onto the Howard Stern show and permitted herself to get totally restimulated by a the “Shock Jock”. She got played, again.

    “I want everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology.” Kirstie Alley. She admits she knows HUNDREDS of people that have left, but discounts Remini’s “reasons” for leaving. She probably hasn’t asked any of her “hundreds” of friends that left, why they left either. Howard Stern wrapped her around a pole and got her to spit out that she knows HUNDREDS of people that have left the church. Look at the publicity he is getting this week because he bull baited her. She got all tangled on those mean streets of New York. What a mess!

    And there is Leah, New York City cool. You got it Babe, it’s all good!

  18. It’s nice to see Leah take the high road. Kirstie, not so much.
    The main person Leah was critical of was DM. I haven’t see one celebrity, including Kirstie, take up for him.
    The only celebs that showed up for the SP building were the old-timers, Cruise, Travolta and his wife. The ones under 40 all were smart enough to stay away.

  19. Joe Pendleton

    I’ve always liked Kirstie Alley, but the plain truth is that she is going down the tubes. She’s getting worse like everybody else who stays in the CoS long term. You get saner and actually recover latent wins by LEAVING. Kirstie’s staying and a once uptone great actress is becoming an old bitter ….. well, you can fill in the last word.

  20. Not only did Leah say the right thing, she radiated warmth. And she looked simply marvelous. Kirsti on the other hand, well, like Leah, I wish her well.

  21. The more I see of Leah the more I like her. She does have class.
    And this was obviously unrehearsed. What a beautiful smile on top
    of it.

  22. Raging Bull versus the Babe. Lol!!

  23. I wonder if some of the celebrities really think that there are “tens of millions” of scientologists around, and that that is a large part of their fan base. If only they knew!

    Well done Leah for taking the high road!

  24. Howard Stern certainly didn’t sound convinced.

  25. So great!!! 🙂

  26. Jethro Bodine

    What Krustie said was a half-truth: People who leave Scientology are not shunned/disconnected, UNLESS they speak about it, which probably explains why Lisa Marie has very silently left the building.

  27. one of those who see

    She’s the angel from Brooklyn. Well done to Leah. In addition she set a good example for Kristie who hopefully will see this. Leah is what Scientology can be.

  28. Jean-François Genest

    Yes, good class and etiquette indeed. Leah is respectful; a higher-toned lady. Kirstie Louise Alley on the other hand, regurgitated Tommy Davis’ wording patter.

  29. “You’re not shunned, you’re not chased. All that stuff’s bulls—.” Says Kirstie ….as she stalks and attacks and works to harm and suppress Remini through the media. In Remini’s home town. Laughter!

  30. I noticed that as well. Most of the people in the front row seemed to be in their 70’s or 80’s. Most likely people that put OT 9, 10 11 and Super Power on layaway and came to collect something. Anything, as the clock ticks. Only three celebs there.

  31. He set her up. He used her to make a point. He has dragged Scientology, Hubbard, and Scientologists and Scientology celebrities through the mud for years on radio. I mean, he really goes out of his way. She was like a little disorientated fly landing on the web.

  32. David Miscavige got played by Howard Stern! Laughter!

  33. Robert Almblad

    Nice observation Sheldon. I don’t think any celeb will stick up for DM… his name is mud and he’s not LRH. But, you wouldn’t know that listening to some of these people.

  34. One does not have to leave Scientology to be shunned in that madness. When the most dedicated and loyal are sent to the RPF, their own peers shun them. You can rise to the top in that religion, and yes, it has become a religion, a “faith” as Kirstie so aptly described it, you can “volunteer” for 20 years, never sleeping, working daily for the promise of a bed each night. And be shunned by everyone in the organization if Miscavige throws a temper tantrum on them. Kirstie Alley is so mislead and deceived, it is sad to see her set up like she has been. That is cruel. And she will not make the effort to find out what is going on, because she just doesn’t want to deal with an inconvenient truth.

  35. P.S. Howard Stern interviews Church of Scientology P.I. :

    Stern: Did you ever wonder what they were doing with that material? Did you worry that they might be using it to discredit guy or to frame a guy or to do something like that?

    Howard Stern curious about Leah Remini and disses Kirstie Alley for being too fat:

    “So, Leah said, ‘This is ridiculous, I’m quitting.’ Which is a good idea. Well, now the Scientologists–who shouldn’t even care too much–get freaked out anytime someone leaves. Now, Kirstie Alley is going public and has told everyone to unfriend Leah Rimini on Facebook, to me which is like third grade. If someone leaves the religion, they are shunned. And they’ve enlisted Kirstie Alley to go around and rag her.” Howard Stern

  36. DM got played so bad. This was an ass whipping. An ass whipping.

    “First of all, I just want to everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology,”

    Kirstie Alley

  37. “You shouldn’t even care if someone leaves your religion, but Scientologists care so much. Anyway, I hope Leah comes on. I’d like to talk to her about this. It says she was tortured because she asked where the leader’s wife is. They always have this kind of f—ed up stuff going on. ”
    Howard Stern

  38. If Howard Stern knows, can you guess who else knows? The people out here really for the most part, are not interested in pretending they just can’t see. I think David Miscavige, and his minions too, think because they stay hidden in remote or secure places where secrecy and close conspiracies can be conjured up, they have actually come to think people can’t see them or know what the hell is going on. Howard Sterns knows for crying out loud!

  39. Yes he let her fall on her own sword to give her maximum space to show her colors.

  40. Kirstie is very just and passionate about other people’s religions:

    “The thing about me is, I don’t care what religion you are. If someone is attacking your religion, I will have your back, and I will defend you. I think that is the most repulsive thing a person can do, attack another person’s faith,” the Kirstie star, 62, told Stern.

    The only thing Kirstie will NOT tolerate in others, is a small dick: From her transcripts with Stern:

    *”While she has been in mostly long-term relationships, she has had a few flings and one night stands. One particularly regrettable one was with a gentleman with a tiny, tiny penis.

    He didn’t warn her about his micro-phallus, and had the nerve to dirty talk: “Tell daddy what baby wants. Kirstie replied: ”Baby wants a dick bigger than an eraser.”

    She “SHUNS” men with small dicks. NOT because of their religion. She is into dick shunning, not religious shunning.

    In 1991 Kirstie Alley won an Emmy for her portrayal of Rebecca Howe in “Cheers.” The actress showed her gratitude to her husband in an unconventional way, “I wanted to thank my husband Parker, the man who has given me the “big one” for the last eight years.”

    Here is a woman in her 60’s that hasn’t been laid in 13 years fair gaming every man on the planet that doesn’t have a big dick. Seriously? Is this for REAL? This is a ser fac. Did she really go on national media and ser fac on every man on the planet that does not have a big dick?

    Yes, she did. She EXCLUDED certain people from the population she could possibly admire. Based on dick size, not religion.

    She has some strange ideas about “promotion”.

    Right Dave?

    “First of all, I just want to everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology,”

    Kirstie Alley

  41. Dave, you turned her lose on national media, and you put Mike Rinder in the hole. You gotta own that Dave. You, I mean, that is miserable wild stupidity Dave. Your resources for quality are growing ever slimmer. It must be a drag to have your bank accounts and can’t find a P.R. rep who doesn’t hang you and the religion you get paid so handsomely to protect , when they hoof it out onto the streets to get product. This is too funny how New York is coming back to haunt you. You must have some overts there, like shutting down the mission network and Org with your herd of “Finance Police”. I’m thinking Helen Geltman, Howard and Mary Rower, and a whole lot of people that had money on account that you took and never provided an exchange with, are simply wishing you to trip up on the red carpet. You have some serious bad karma coming from New York. New York is out to get you Dave.

  42. And it isn’t because you have been a friend to that city.

  43. New York was good to me Dave. So was the Scientology.

  44. Standing just behind the three celebs, Tommy Davis looks as though his entire nose is brown.

  45. This notion of being declared an SP is CofS’s form of ‘shunning’ is a red herring. It is true ‘shunning’ happens, but it is a side effect. Being declared SP means you are insane, you hate but are too weak to actually act upon it, that you are motivated by the always continuous intention to destroy all those around you … etc. Disconnection is a side effect, the most visible effect, true, but putting attention only on the disconnection aspect distracts from the full meaning of such declares. Persons who have access to the media should put out the full, the FULL, meaning and intent behind the SP Declare. Putting attention only on the ‘shunning’ is a distraction, and plays in the favour of the CofS, helping it hide. Yes, scream far and wide about the disconnection and what it means, but also bring up the rest. ‘Shunning’ is an attempt to disinfect what being declared SP really means.

    My opinion.

    Oh, also, there are no scriptures anywhere in the tech of Scientology, so stop helping the CofS cloak itself by using that term. LRH wrote HCOBs and HCOPLs, no scriptures. That is a DM alteration.

  46. Great point Bob. The shunning is secondary to condemning people lepers. Especially when they have thousands of dollars on account, have contributed to the birth and growth. While you are hanging on their children, friends and spouses.

    Injustice always recoils on those who deal in it.

    Napolean said it and Hubbard echoed it. And we can witness it for ourselves. It is justified and dramatized in public from the people there now, and a “religious freedom” to harm attack and suppress others according to their own juries and prosecutors. People continue to compare them with other religions. However, In most other religions people are content to let “God” to be the judge. They do not become the “Gods” who judge.

  47. wow , Leah……. I just watched it. Could’t open I iPad. Just now in studio with computer.

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. A Classy song for a Classy Lady

  49. This has nothing to do with this thread (or maybe it does!) but I just wanted to post it because it is something the spiritual warriors here would be interested in:

    Study Suggests Fear Passed Through Genes

  50. piggybacking because I can

  51. I admire your perfect judgement on your personal affairs.

    Keep it up

  52. Chris, by any chance do you catch Kirstie Alley’s recent interview (of which Leah Remini was a partial topic) where Kirstie states that they’re are currently “tens of millions of Scientologists” around the world? I did. And I was shocked that she doesn’t fear to insult the intelligence of people especially people involved in demographics and statistic gathering with that story? Tens of millions? 🙂 I can understand a person standing up for their religion if they believe in it, but to deliberately “lie to the ignorant public tuned in to the show”. I call Kirstie Alley the “Roller Coaster Queen”. 🙂 One day she is the spokesperson for a weight loss company, the next day she is obese again, the next week she is back down to her “normal weight” and right after that she gained 40 lbs. again. 🙂

  53. I loved her from the day she emerged out of the cult

  54. Very nice Oracle. You have delivered one spot on observation after another all up and down this thread. If you don’t mind I’ll just step aside and let you do what you do so well………cheers!

  55. Imagine that: Sam making a public statement on your blog back in the day..

  56. Oracle – OMG. I always love your posts. And now Rankin – YIKES – it’s been forever. Got to see him many moons ago in NYC. You are a kindred spirit! Thanks for veering me towards him again.

  57. Speaking of class acts, Monique Rathbun wins in my books, hands down, no contest!

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