Scientology Intelligence Manual

The following is from Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology) training manuals.  It is from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Thus, OSA folks follow it without alteration or deviation for fear of being branded a ‘squirrel’ (someone who alters Scientology ‘technology’) by the guarantor of Scientology ‘orthodoxy’ David Miscavige.  It is published here to give folks a heads up on how the Scientology organized crime syndicate operates against dissenters.


by L. Ron Hubbard, 2 December 1969

A Case Officer runs agents who essentially are not known to the executive who is running the Case Officer.  The executive makes known to the Case Officer what he wants or can use.  This is sometimes developed from data already collected, given to the executive by the Case Officer.

        The Case Officer is also known as an “Operator” or an Intelligence Officer.  It is up to him to find agents and come to agreement with them.  He himself knows and pays them. The agent is told what is wanted, gets it or finds how it can be gotten or doesn’t exist.  He is paid for what he gets or documents or data.

        The Case Officer may “run” several agents.

        There is always a chance that not all the money gets to the agents and always a chance the data may be planted by the agent or the document forged.  These are the chances one takes and prevents them as he can.

          A covert operation can be arranged by a Case Officer, using agents but is normally on another set of lines so as to expose nothing of covert data collection by engaging on a covert operation.

        Essentially a covert operation is intended to embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual or possible opponent.

        It is a small war carried on without its true source being disclosed.

        Generally the operation is preceded by data collection to establish the target validity and to plan the operation. It follows all the rules of war but uses propaganda, psychological effect, surprise, shock, etc., to achieve its ends.


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  1. What would Nelson Madela say to such a policy?


  2. Thanks for posting this. The truth will eventually become clear to everyone, both in and out. The obsession of remaining “true to source” amounts to a rote A=A=A that will be the doom of corporate Scn. Data have to be evaluated in context. There are no absolutes. Believing that it knows it all already prevents the corporate church from learning anything new. No change in an ever evolving environment = eventual extinction. Instead of throwing the bathwater out and keeping the baby, the corporate church seems intent on drowning the baby by refusing to throw out the bathwater.

  3. Thanks for sharing this.

    Do you have the 2 refs that are cited at the top of the “Handling Programs” you’ve posted here in the past?


    OSA NW ORDER 64 How Intelligence is Run

  4. Thank you Marty. You are the guy I think you are: Sincere and devoted to truth. I appreciate this. They all need to know this stuff for mass dehypnotization.

    Thank you thank you!!

  5. Marty, In 2000 I was walking back to my office and considering the scene at the Int base. I had recently seen a film called, “The General’s Daughter” — the central character in the film had been in charge of psychological warfare at an army base. My realization was that I personally (along with everyone else at Int) was not being handled with Scientology, I was being handled by the tech of psychological warfare. So of course it was all about creating ARC breaks and problems, punishment and condemnation, fear and intimidation, shock and surprise, propaganda and psychological effect. Examples abound.

    People were fooled because they falsely assumed they were facing Scientology and just not measuring up. But it was not Scientology, but a completely different tech being used on them. Psy ops isn’t really Scientology because it’s just a branch of warfare that’s been around for ages. I cautiously hinted my newfound insight to a few people, but they couldn’t think with it (the key symptom of false data).

    That last sentence really is key: “It follows all the rules of war but uses propaganda, psychological effect, surprise, shock, etc., to achieve its ends.” Thanks for publishing this.

  6. LRH may have considered his best intentions to be beyond reproach, but DM has demonstrated that he, himself, is not.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Steve. Interesting the things we intuited, but under the circumstances couldn’t develop through communication.

  8. When I came to the end of the last paragraph, this is the thought that came to mind:

    As long that it is believed that attack thoughts are possible, that defense against attack is necessary…the concepts of sin, guilt, fear, harm, destruction, persecutor, victim and rescuer will be perpetuated. Our beliefs are always reflected back to us in our experience and our experience always validates and reinforces the rightness of our beliefs.

  9. Madora Pennington

    The insults they put out on Karen, Amy Scobee, Lori Hodgson …. I cringe at how stupid and 1950s what they say is!! It’s not even at the sophistication of frat boy humor. No one cares if you have breast implants, actually it’s a sign of wealth and status. No one cares about anyone’s sex life, either. We live in the age of the reality show, and this cult thinks its still Leave-It-To-Beaver-land, and that calling someone a stripper would be the absolute height of embarrassment and scandal. This cult has no clue how stupid it makes itself look.


  10. Starring: John Travolta!!!

  11. CommunicatorIC

    Steve, you say you were “not being handled with Scientology.” To the extent you were being handled by the Scientology Intelligence Manual, or other similar documents, policies and practices authored or approved by Ron, I don’t see how you can say that. (As Marty notes, the Scientology Intelligence Manual “is from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.”)

    The Scientology Intelligence Manual and similar documents, policies and practices were authored or approved by Ron for use in Scientology, to govern Scientology, and for use against critics of Scientology. Thus, such documents and policies are arguably just as much a part of Scientology as the ARC triangle.

    If a Scientologist follows a Scientology policy authored by Ron for use in Scientology to harm a critic of Scientology, I don’t think other Scientologists can properly assert, “Oh, that is not Scientology.” Convenient, yes. Fair, no.

    Similarly, if a high-ranking Scientologist follows a Scientology policy authored or approved by Ron for use in Scientology to harm a junior or public Scientologist, I don’t think it is fair to say that is somehow a “psy op.” Convenient, yes. Fair, no.

    I think it is intellectually dishonest to say that any document, policy or practice that is objectionable is somehow “not Scientology” even if same was authored or approved by Ron for use in or to govern Scientology, or for use against critics of Scientology.

  12. “Best”?

    LRH considered HIS *Intentions* to be beyond reproach, having “risen” above both conscience and Karma.

    Ref: Cause on All Dynamics lecture, 29 December 1951, and ‘The Affirmations’, 1946.

    “Do What Thou Wilt.”

  13. This is exactly what I didn’t like at all in Scientology. Here you find some usefull informations about life and think you can help your friends and yourself and suddenly you are in the middle of a war. And after a while you go really effect to it and start to see agents all over the place wanting to harm you especially in Germany. You start to get paranoid after a while. When a new person came into the org you suddenly looked at him differently and thought that he is maybe an agent …. (and very seldom it was true). New people felt this and left right away.
    In such an athmosphere you can’t have fun, find things out for yourself, help others, have a great spiritual journey. It’s such a mistrust and a hateful atmosphere. All these enemies and squirrels…. and events to get money to basically stop those enemies forever. And it got more and more enemies – psychs, squirrels, out-ethics, agents/plants, antagonistic people, etc. etc.

    And after I left all this thoughts and little fears disappeared and I thought that it was just like a big bad movie and had NOTHING to do with what I and a lot of my other friends wanted in the first place and tried to achieve in the middle of this insanity.
    I wanted peace, help each other, have fun, basically kind of achieving an awareness of being connected with each other and instead I got the opposite – elite thought, separation, hate, enemies, war.

    I am very glad I am out of this hysterical paranoia. That felt really insane sometimes.

  14. It’s not just policy, it’s also tech.

    There’s a large collection of tech (practical instructions&know how) that constitutes what Hubbard called “Scientology Intelligence Tech.”

    What’s particularly strange is that Hubbard didn’t just use it on uncooperative outsiders but, in various ways, on his own loyal followers.

    What was using “ministers” – naively believing their “Auditor’s Codes” and the publicized ‘Aims of Scientology’ – to, unwittingly, collect blackmail-able information, if not covert data collection?

    What was “erasing bank” and “making Clears,” in a manipulative environment, if not “creating a vacuum” that is, then, “filled with Scientology data.”

    What was, systematically, finding what is wrong with a person, including telling the person that there were things wrong with him that he never dreamt of, if not discrediting and overthrowing?

    And the use of propaganda?

    That yet another “tech” that Hubbard used on his own loyal followers.

  15. Thanks for posting this Marty.
    Only those of us who have been actual targets of Fair Game, dirty tricks, anonymous phone calls to Law enforcement, false reports filed with local agencies and filthy despicable hate pages know just how much the *Religious* clergy (Se org Members) of OSA INT enact this policy. It is followed exactly.
    Most Sea Org members and public would never see this. it is very hidden.
    In my decades in the Church, and 5 years at OSA INT, I myself had never seen this…
    Here’s a video I made on the subject.

  16. Back in the 80ies: Many staff and public blew. Then I was promoted to be the next ethics officer as the former blew. The day I had to drive to Copenhagen I ran into a dangerous situation set up to frighten me. Then in Copenhagen they tried to stop me by putting me on a many weeks (endless) ethics programme. Driving back a US secret agent that followed me spoke to me, maybe in an attempt to frighten me (I guess). Back in my org after some weeks they put me off post (OSA) and someone from FOLO put me back onto post. Then OSA telling me they found out by secret operations that staffmember soandso is connected with a squirrel group and I should by accident find that out and throw her out. I did refuse and they threw me out. But that was the usual operation of OSA. They did not protect Scientology but they did find out that many staff and public had been connected to outside groups and ordered them to be „found“ and removed. So at least in my org OSA played a major role in throwing out many staff and publics. They did not handle outside groups and enemies but they did find out many insiders are connected and had to be declared. Reading through the blogs OSA today still having as their major target Scientologists or ex Scientologists. Not Governments or reporters or other non Scientologists. OSAs purpose is to destroy Scientology. Good that we found this out after some 30 years of OSA operations.

  17. It was also in ‘Intelligence Actions’ of 2 December 1969 – which appeared soon after the ‘Times of London’ published an article on Hubbard’s involvement with Jack Parsons in Pasadena during late 1945 and early 1946, an article mentioning Hubbard’s (officially nonexistent) second wife, Sara Northrup – that Hubbard “explained,” confidentially, to his inner circle, that Sara Northrup was an “alias” for “Sara Komkovadamanov.” (In other words, that Sara was a Russian Communist covert operative working for the enemy to destroy Dianetics&Scientology.)

    Hubbard didn’t just lie to rank and file Scientologists; he lied to those closest to him while, also, conveying very real and practical instructions to them.

    Another notable document is ‘Intelligence, Its Role’, of 1973.

    Besides enthusiastically going on about the wonders of “Scientology Intelligence tech,” Hubbard emphasized the importance of Attack Intelligence tech, recommending use of the euphemism, “Support Intelligence” rather than the more obvious “Attack.”

    “Support Intelligence” complemented “Covert Data Collection.” Of course, Scientology Intelligence tech Data Evaluation (from which came the – non-confidential – ‘Data Series’), and planning, followed data collection and preceded “Support” (or Attack) “Intelligence.”

    An interesting side note of that issue was Hubbard’s strident dismissal of the idea of the use of psychic (“OT”) powers in the pursuit of Intelligence gathering (spying, etc.) or other Intelligence actions. Did some one ask Hubbard why, being an “OT,” he, and the other “OTs,” didn’t use their “OT abilities” to do things such as spying, etc., rather than using bodies to gain access, and “MEST” such as phone taps?

    Was the Commodore’s “withhold” inadvertently “missed”?

    It was also around this time that Hubbard had more or less completed his Scientology “PR tech” – although new issues would trickle out for some years. Advertized and very visible “PR tech” would be particularly important as a shroud or cover, and distraction, for the covert “Intelligence tech.”

  18. Natural Philosopher

    Thanks for this Marty, and it raises an interesting point. That issue was written in circumstances where externally Scientology was subject to intense covert external attack, and in an effort to counter this, LRH exposed their game and initiated counter-measures. When I first joined Scientology, there was a group effort to survive this onslaught and come out on top. Hence you had Freedom of Information laws activated, psychiatric abuses exposed, drugging of children exposed, and various other social programs which cleaned up the field of mental health and exposed the crimes of those who would run psy-ops against Dianetics and Scientology. That was all well and good, when combined with a money-back guarantee for no results or poor results, we came close to an ‘All Clear’ environment for Scientology in ’83, ’84. However we started to lose this ground when one by one these social programs lost their edge. CCHR was told to stop their campaigns. Social Coordination programs were dumbed down,
    We were told in the UK we would be subversive if we exposed mind control and so reigned in our horns, The technology of external security became applied to internal security – keeping people IN rather than undesirables out – black Dianetics applied to staff cases – staff prevented from looking at the internet – records altered to delete references to Ron or DM – all much of what you read about in George Orwell’s ‘1984’. The history of the very materials we were studying was progressively altered and all previous versions destroyed – a veritable ‘newspeak’. (Compare a ‘fleeting f/n definition to ‘three swings of the needle’) And compare the extensive sec checking to the actions of the Thought Police. (Try not to think bad thoughts about DM!) And the Freedom Mag, once a source of powerful exposes of bad external conditions, became a sounding board for DM to discredit former staff.
    I continued on as a staff member in the vain hope that I could at some stage make a change, but finally got to the stage that I realised that if all the corporate directors and board members of every Scientology corporation had signed their undated resignations, there was no way the ‘official’ corporate officers could topple a dictator who probably hasn’t signed his own and who had an army of lawyers with the undated resignations in their locked cabinets. It therefore comes as a welcome circumstance that you have afforded us the benefit of your blog, which I can see shines a light on these abuses and gives other staff and Scientologists their freedom of choice back. Thanks so much for doing what you are doing.
    In the scheme of things, it would be very easy to become complacent about the state of the world, but really it has gone downhill at an alarming rate. The situation with government violation of privacy by NSA and GCHQ, as well as the failure of regulators to rail in criminal bankers amongst other hot situations indicate we still need a strong force for effectiveness in the world – the hope we all had when we first read and subscribed to the Aims of Scientology. There is still a need for more Ghandi’s and Mandela’s in this world and failing that, lots of people who can think clearly and sanely and cut through insanity to change bad conditions for the better. How ironic it is that the very organization we all pitted our hopes and expectations in, would turn out to need its own change of conditions before it could once again make a change externally! The conditions that Dianetics and Scientology ran into at the outset decades ago, still exist and are amplified – they haven’t gone away. But now we have the capacity to address them with technology we can think with, rather than being subjected to DM’s mind control within the razor wire of the Int Base!

  19. This is why one needs to have their OWN code of ethics, the ones that THEY decide. I do not think it is even ethical, to force a code of ethics on someone who is not the author.

    ” Essentially a covert operation is intended to embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual or possible opponent.”

    If anyone I know has been embarrassed, discredited, overthrown and removed from a position of glory, it is David Miscavige, and The Church of Scientology. Also know as, The Sea Organization.

    And yes, there are still copies wedging themselves into the Independent Movement, who arte still carrying on the same agenda.

    What ruined them? Their purposes to dominate. police suppress and unmock other people. This is ugly on any human being or in any organization or cult or movement. We are in the age of transparency, and common good sense, and the Bully has become repelling.

    I understand what Hubbard was up against in 1969. The Church won it’s religious status and is no where near any condition Hubbard was in 45 years ago. Neither is anyone in it. These people today pretending to be in some similar position Hubbard was in, and therefore, using the same the methods and solutions, are simply confused about what and who they are. Where they are and even what TIME they are in.

    They have excluded the rest of the world from their inner sanctum, their policies habits routines, and have with drawn from the world to the degree they feel they would be put in danger if “anybody knew”. Scientology is KNOWING HOW TO KNOW. They have done a 180 degree turn around.
    David Miscavige is spending a fortune of the Church’s resources to ensure people do “not know” about his actions. His purpose is ensure other do NOT KNOW or know how to know. The people he is paid to serve, are kept in the dark. This is NOT what Hubbard was about. It is just a twisted alter is.

  20. Wouldn’t it be more realistic, if one is determined to use the word “Scientology” at all, to admit that Psy ops have always been a part of Scientology, and are interwoven into Scientology? (Which is one reason why sorting it out can be stressful and difficult and take time.)

    If one insists on using the word “Scientology,” wouldn’t it be more realistic to describe Scientology (the teachings) as a mixture of positives and negatives – with BOTH being Scientology?

    I suppose the term “White Scientology” (as in “White Magic,” etc.) could be used, with the explanation that Scientology is a mixture and intertwining (as established by its founder) of both “White” and “Black” Scientology.

    It would take some time, but you’d end up – after a lot of “sorting out” – with “White Scientology.”

    But then you’d have a new subject wouldn’t you?

    It certainly wouldn’t be Scientology anymore.

  21. Marty, I’m sorry you are recently having to deal with some more suppression. I hope you and yours are having time to absorb the positive changes that are happening in our world right now. Truth and more truth. We are all so lucky to have made it this far to see what really we are going to leave our children and theirs. All you guys speaking out for our rights are thanked.

  22. Steve, so very true! It was like a prison with no other people
    to see and talk to than the zombie Int prisoners around you. They
    (we) were all trying to think and do what everybody else did out
    there in nowhere land. I hated it and finally did everything to get
    out of there (even had to get out twice). Auditing tech was strange
    to apply and of course as soon as I started auditing I got into a
    firefight with one of the Int C/S’s. It was another universe where
    you had to watch your back. Later this attitude (out ARC) came
    down to middle management (for God’s sake “don’t smile) and
    then trickled down to the orgs. The reason for Scientology has
    now been so perverted it is difficult to see why people still stay
    in. But then it took me many years and a lot of study to have been
    able to break out of that cocoon and see that.

  23. Marty,
    I need to call you: end of year, holiday and tax crazies. but here is another interesting one from 1959: HCO Manual of Justice. – links to a verified copy of the booklet.

    This booklet is now public domain, copyright failed, and COS failed to renew it!

  24. Thank you, Marty. It’s helpful to know how things work and it explains a few things.

  25. By you showing this, more will see what this “church” is really about….reminds me of a movie I saw recently…it’s how the CIA operates as well.

  26. “The technology of external security became applied to internal security”. Once the decision was made to use black ops against the outside world it was probably inevitable it would be turned on the members too, and Ron’s own tech could have predicted that.

    Scientology is (was) supposed to be about creating a world without crime, without war and without insanity. This fails on all three counts and what do you know, it has led to an organization where able beings do NOT have rights.

  27. Good evaluation.
    Yes, that is the spin and that is the baggage that comes with Scientology.
    This shit ain’t free.

  28. BINGO!
    Thanks Marty

  29. Bingo Communicator. I believe that is part of the cognitive dissonance. In order to not see the indeceny, a person has to separate out the good from the bad by creative mind juggling:

    Maybe Paulette cooper deserved it
    Ron was a little angry
    he said he was only human
    he is not a god
    he had faults like the rest of us
    leave a poor dead man alone
    look at all the people he helped
    it was not applied correctly
    that’s not real scientology
    poor Ron was a victim of so many forces
    he didn’t have his case handled
    critics have overts
    how can he be indecent when my pc’s are having wins?
    how can he be immoral when I realized I am a thetan?
    He changed my life for good
    I am not strung out on drugs, how can he be what you say, he helped me

    Cognitive Dissonance: the presence of incongruent relations among cognitions that frequently result in mental discomfort. Ultimately, individuals who hold two or more contradictory beliefs and perform a contradictory action or reaction.

    1)We are the most ethical people on the planet vs. kids in chain lockers
    2) we are the road to freedom vs not allowed to have a critical thought
    3) love despite all provications to do otherwise vs ruin utterly
    4) the work is free vs $1000.00 per hr
    5) the orgs owe me money vs suit cases of it to off shore accounts
    6) there are no absolutes vs the only absolute is flag auditing
    7) Jesus civilized Rome vs Jesus was a pedophile
    8) teach integrity vs sp declare for having it

    Inherent in Ron’s dichotomous nature lies the freedom from it. Individuals must come to grips with both sides of Ron to be free from this cognitive dissonance. There is not other way.

    The only way out is the way through.

  30. Beings without a bank aren’t scientologists without a bank, they expose the bank or the scam of $cientology.

  31. And Tommy Cruize the ‘GUIDED’ missle!

  32. Differentiation can be an effective test for the truth;
    What does the individual SAY and what does the individual DO?
    Applies equally to the group………

    Yo Dave,
    What SAY you about all this jibberish?

  33. Sure, in Hubbard’s day, Scientology had critics, and some problems, such as from evading taxes, and issues with the American FDA, but, if Scientology had been under actual “intense covert external attack” why did Hubbard need to invent enemies, such as the 1969 tale of his second wife, “Sara Komkovadamanov,” being a Russian Communist covert operative?

    Why, in the mid 1950s, for example, did Hubbard need to invent a Russian “Textbook on Psycho-Politics,” in which he had the Russian Communists repeatedly denouncing Dianetics?

    And remember Don Purcell? of the Wichita, Kansas during the early/mid 1950s? According to Hubbard, he was also part of the “intense covert external attack,” having been funded by the enemy.

    In the above 1969 ‘Intelligence Actions’, Hubbard even denounced the publisher of 1950 ‘Dianetics’ as a Communist. Apparently, after publishing Dianetics, the publisher criticized Hubbard about something.

    Looks like one big planet-wide conspiracy against Hubbard.

    All of these tales and slants served to justify things such as Fair Game.

  34. Brian,
    Keep going brother!

  35. Despite all the propaganda and blatant PR manipulations, inherent in Scientology, and besides all the healing that auditing can and does produce, the OBSERVABLE facts remain:

    That there is massive systemic failure in Scientology, and that Scientologists are unable to detect IN Scientology itself, the very negative effects that they sought to remedy with the subject.

  36. These are the words of a coward that, due to fear plus hiding from crimes he himself may have committed, refuses to be courageous enough to front his opponent himself. It gives to others his problem and the task to use very dirty and low means to handle the so called opponent.

    The real situation here is that, because of his own crimes he – or anybody else using these means – he created his enemies/opponents. Additionally it indicates obsession to control and dominate but, at the very bottom of all this, the person is in terror, in deep fear… and all as a result of his own committed crimes.

  37. L Ron Hubbard stopped “knowing how to know” somewhere in the 50ties

  38. It’s interesting to me how the “shadows” of SC continue to bubble up to the surface. This is a good thing. Once on the surface they can be released. If we’re ever going to move up a little higher we have to first take the shadows to the light. And what are shadows but the darkness we have given solidity to through our avoidance, through our not responding to (taking responsibility for). The world harbors many shadows. In this groove of thought, have you heard about The People’s Voice (TPV)?

    The People’s Voice is a free global TV and Radio station broadcasting the background, information and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch. Here’s a couple of excerpts from the “About TPV” page:

    “The People’s Voice (TPV) is a free-to-watch service established to give a voice to those that never have the opportunity to appear in the mainstream media and have their views, opinions and experiences discussed and communicated.

    “Our news presenters will question everything in pursuit of the truth behind an event, situation or opinion and not simply accept the official version by default. TPV will give voice to all sides of opinion including the official and conventional ­to allow the viewers to reach their own conclusions. Many programmes will be made by the public themselves to this end.”

    Perhaps TPV could be a viable means to expose more of the shadows of SC to the world.


  39. Northern shewolf

    Having been a frequent visitor here for a few years now, I wish to covey to you and your expanding family the very best wishes in this Holiday season. May the New Year bring you both complete success in your legal travails, and 2014 be filled with Peace, Health, Strength, Happiness and greater Wisdom always.

  40. Wasn’t this summed up in Battlefield Earth? It’s all about leverage.

  41. Hmmmmpf. “Gray water”, “Gray magic”, “Gray Scientology”. Interesting notion.

  42. What to say? I can’t think of anything clever. Thanks for publishing.

    LRH said in Scientology we are trying to be effective. Looks like it worked to a degree. I don’t know what the truth is, but I know I came out of Scientology with a very one-sided utilitarian view. Anything goes and everything is okay to protect and save Scientology (and thus LRH). Anything. Literally.

    Should the organisation fail due to lack of membership and interest, doubtless there will still be some minless souls twitching away to the short-circuits built into every unexamined aspect of the ‘tech’.

  43. Thank you Marty, very educational.

  44. Marty, I have been reading you for a while now. I have left a few comments in the past but I am much more a lurker. I must say that I have enjoyed reading about your spiritual journey. You are a seeker and I respect that tremendously. I also must applaud you for making me spit coffee onto my keyboard. I was in mid swallow when I read “the Scientology organized crime syndicate.” Kudos my good man. Kudos.

  45. Marty, is there any evidence that this policy does exist? I am involved in trials and would like to use it.
    Has this policy been part of any court statement already?
    As long as this policy is not confirmed, judges always have to reject this information as hearsay.

  46. One has traveled for months to meet and battle an enemy. Before the battle is engaged, what must one first ask? Has my journey ended,

    It seems that some are more willing to fight, overtly or covertly, than to ensure the real enemy has been found. But hasn’t it always been that way?
    To discover one’s true friends is one of the actual goals of Scn. As one’s wisdom grows, so does the list.

  47. This to me is the essence of the cognitive disconnect:

    In one of Ron’s writings in sec checks he makes this statement:

    “We are not moralists”

    Ok, think about that for a few moments and then ponder this actual definition.

    principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
    synonyms: ethics, rights and wrongs, ethicality
    “the morality of nuclear weapons”
    virtue, goodness, good behavior, righteousness, rectitude, uprightness;
    morals, principles, honesty, integrity, propriety, honor, justice, decency;
    ethics, standards/principles of behavior, mores, standards
    “a sharp decline in morality”

    A brain could explode justifying that Scientology is at all ethical when it’s founder makes that statement.
    How in God’s name can a brain get around this.


  48. Every living force on this planet knows how to know. The salmon know when to swim upstream. I do not think you could declare Hubbard “know less” from “somewhere in the 50’s” with clean conscience.

    Long, long ago, some policies for living together were volunteered called “The Ten Commandments”. Although religion has come to be somewhat unpopular in it’s methods that become outdated, all of the laws in our civilization are based on these simple policies.

    A “new and improved” religion will not unfold within a group that can not recognize the value of fundamental decencies. The Church of Scientology has become notorious for “Bearing False Witness”.

    Authority gains it’s power only when backed with credibility. That is why is is good to live with some standards of truth. When one becomes reckless with these standards, one only renders themselves less powerful.

    It is a signal of failure when you find a Scientologist who can not live with the simple ten commandments. This is a signal that the person has failed with earlier religions.

    Scientologists do not treat others as they would like to be treated themselves, for the most part. They do not observe the platinum rule, which is to treat others as THEY would like to be treated. Although this is elementary policy in the non existence formula, “Find out what is wanted and needed, do and or produce it”.

    The management of the Church is becoming more and more famous for bearing false witness. These policies are not just “Christianity”. These are simple agreements for living in a society where every individual could have a chance at experiencing life without too much trauma and some promised degree of pleasure.

  49. The stated purpose of the Sea Organization is to “get ethics in on the planet”. Yet their exchange with the world is false reports, noise madness and out P.R. clogging the courts and our legal systems, unhappy celebrities ranting and attacking through the media in a quest for spiritual supremacy and condemning others and entire sections of the community.
    An ARCXen field.

    With results such as this, one has to ask themselves, who would want to buy the “tech” after “ethics go in”?

    The Sea Organization is a most unethical group. Each one of those people makes their own decisions about who and what to be. Each staff member in every Org or mission makes their own decisions about who and what to be. They did before they ever heard of L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology. They will continue to do so through out time.

    This is NOT 1969, DM is NOT Hubbard and neither is any Sea Org member. The tech is out in the field and the mystery has been snapped out of that universe. They have nothing left to sell that is unique or unattainable someplace else. That is why 80% of their activity is begging.
    The Church has been kept afloat by beggars, not auditors.

    Because the culture, environment, penalties and losses that are part and parcel of being a part of that group, are a bigger problem now than someone’s case.

  50. Hi CommunicatorIC;

    I completely understand what you are saying, but there is one thing that people lose sight of when talking about ‘Scientology’. Scientology is not everything LRH did or said, or everything the CofS does or says. Scientology is a very small, limited body of applicable data. I believe it is on the Class VIII course where LRH indicates the the entirety of the subject of Scientology is about 50 bits of data, such as the Factors, the Axioms, and so forth. That is the entirety of Scientology. LRH also stated we had to learn the difference between the subject, Scientology, and his (LRH) opinions of it.

    Scientology as a subject could be fully covered in a booklet at most. The huge volume of what LRH wrote and said and did are applications based on that data. The applications are not ‘Scientology’, but we do tend to think that way.

    I’m not defending the questionable ‘tech’ used by LRH or the CofS, created by him or others, but a clear and distinct idea of exactly what IS Scientology is missing in much of the discussion on the subject. I think that is part of the problem in these discussions, because what is being discussed is called or referred to as ‘Scientology’, but really, it is not. What Marty is exposing above is NOT Scientology; it is something entirely different.

    I don’t think I’m splitting hairs here, I think it is important to know what is and what is not Scientology.

  51. Thanks for the pertinent quote from Ron’s scripture. I guess we should all hail the lunacy.


    Honestly though, I’m about ready to choke on my own puke.

  52. David Miscavige has kept the group together through the “we have common enemies out to get us” routine for decades.

    In Hubbard’s time, there was truth to that.

    Given full license to practice as a religion by this nation, David still insists on having huge enemies, most imagined, except for the ones he creates. The enemies of the Church now are the ones he created. Most people couldn’t care less what is going at the Church of Scientology, until one of them gets busted planning to executed a cop. Or until someone complains about his domestic terrorism agendas.

    And now, after raising billions to unmock psychiatry, David is now insisting on their help in a court case.

    He is down to playing his final hand.

    Yes, David Miscavige is appealing to the psychiatric community for help now.

  53. If your purpose was to “Put order into Chaos”, what is the first thing you would need?

    Some chaos right?

    If your purpose is to “put ethics in” what is the first thing you need?

    Thetans are basically gullible.

  54. There IS a mass exodus in progress:

    “But another recent downtown unveiling several blocks south — the Church of Scientology’s Flag Building — has emptied Cleveland Street of many if not most of the hundreds of uniformed church workers who had for years thronged the street, patronizing its restaurants and shops.”

    “Sales have fallen off by about half at his store since the Flag Building opened in mid November, said Henschen, mostly because of the sag in church-related traffic.”

  55. And on top of everything else, he is holding down two wives.

    The one who lives in common law with him at Int and the one he is legally married to.

    I suspect he does not divorce the latter so she can not be compelled to testify against him in court, and also do he does not have to make his financials public through a divorce proceeding.

    The creates a condition of bigamy.

    Bigamy does NOT mean simply a “polygamist with only two mates”. Bigamy is the actual term used in law, pertaining to the act of obtaining any number of “secondary” would-be “legally recognized” marriages beyond the “first” government-allowed one, at the same time.

    In California people that co exist legally inherit marital rights.

    With that understood, there are then actually two distinctly separate classifications of accused “bigamists”.

    Dishonest Bigamists – Accused of bigamy for turning secret affairs into secret “secondary” would-be “legally recognized” marriages beyond the “first” government-allowed one, at the same time,
    and being DISHONEST, as their other mates do not know of each other.

    Since Shelly no longer has the keys to her own home, it stands to reason she is aware her husband has been cohabiting with someone else. She wasn’t even given a 30 days notice to move out after decades of marriage.

    If he can treat his own mate in this manner, and literally bury her alive in that vault up in the mountains, he is capable of anything.

  56. Hey Bob Grant. Please tell me one person who ever survived this one line you said:

    “LRH also stated we had to learn the difference between the subject, Scientology, and his (LRH) opinions of it.”

    This is once again cognitive dissonance. It sounds so benevolent and enlightened. But tell me about one person who disagrees with Ron and survives in Scientology.

    If it isn’t in writing it isn’t true. That is the real state of things.

    Disagreement in the course room is word clearing not a pat on the back for having an idea that counters Ron.

    Words are cheap. Actions are king.

    Regarding what is real Scientology. I am a Scientologist. I love to study knowledge. I am a Christian. I love God. I am a Buddhist. I seek enlightenment through meditation. The study of knowledge knows no limited made up boundaries of sectarianism.

    But there is a Scientology that Ron Hubbard created. It is an admixture of the spiritual goals of India, the narcissism of Crowley, the tyranny of black ops intelligence, the business ethics of Madoff, and the imperialism of a hegomonic power hungry conqueror.

    That Scientology exists. It is quite different from the study of knowledge. The study of knowledge occurs in this Scientology by only studying one man’s knowledge.

    It is really Hubbardology. The study of what Ron knows and has discovered or imagined. Scientology is a beautiful word.

    I used to be a Hubbardologist, but now I am a real Scientologist. I love truth and the pursuit of wisdom.

    Ron pursued knowledge to a point. But power became his muse. And infamy became his legacy.

  57. David Miscavige has used Scientology to invent the needy.

    They need orders, permission to roam outside the building with two escorts, permission to marry, Yes, they even need permission to marry.

    All of promo coming out screams “We NEED we NEED.’ We NEED your help, we NEED real estate we NEED you to contribute and ask for no exchange.

    The Sea Org has turned into a tribe of needy beggars, that is what kind of leader he is. He invents the needy. And they haven’t dwindled down in that kind of degradation because they are the most ethical people on the Earth.

    He has the group in court now requesting psychiatric help to resolve their problems.

    He is not and has never been, a provider for anyone. He himself has lived off the resources of Hubbard. Hubbard’s friends and Hubbard’s customers.

    And at every event for the last two decades he has declared Hubbard an overt product maker. And he is dramatizing being an overt product of Scientology if ever there was one.

    Inventing the needy was not one of Hubbard’s missions.

  58. Declaring that you are the “leader of a religion” in court while asserting you need psychiatric help is actually comedy.

    Now they NEED psychiatric help. According to them.

  59. The issue in question is one of many damning documents. These docs have been known and confirmed for almost 35 years, being, first, part of Federal Criminal Case no. 78-401, in the late 1970s.

  60. David Miscavige has a long history of setting people up for losses.

    I would catalog them here but it is no big mystery.

    Think of all the Scientologists that donation ed thousands and hundreds of thousands dollars to the Citizen Commision of Human Rights racket he set up, finding out today he has asked for psychiatric assistance in court.

    His “buddy”, Tom Cruise, has been set up for loss after loss after loss. Today, laid to waste on Bisiness Insider:

    All of the OT8’s told afterwards they have to go back down the bridge, all the way to objectives!

    Cancelling the certs of every auditor on the planet with “golden” aged punctuation changes.

    All the staff on the Freewinds, living on an empty ship CLEARING none and NOT making auditors!

    Spending billions on uinderground vaults only to declare everything buried them in an overt product.

    This guy just delights in setting people for losses.

    Right now he would rather ask for psychiatric assistance in court than make amends for some woman’s suffering, torture and abuse she experienced under his command. Seriously! It is not about JUSTICE or RIGHT and WRONG, it is about making sure everyone else LOSES.

    The mistake he makes is setting people up for more losses, when they have nothing left to lose!

    And now the only person standing with someone left to lose, is HIM.

  61. Setting people up for losses around the world!

    “This Org has about $300,000 in the bank and “owed” its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit. It annual financial accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253. And this org “owes” more than 8.6 million to Int! The Org purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International!
    Seriously! Int management put this Org in debt millions of dollars, and it isn’t over yet! Because not only have they not paid for the Org, when income stats have crashed, they are into debt for the RENOVATIONS.

    What about the people that donated millions to Philly Ideal Org?

    Behind every announcement of some GAIN David Miscavige makes to his “members of this club”, there are HUGE unveiled LOSSES.

    He is the GRIM REAPER! Promising to take everyone to heaven and beyond!!!!!!!!!! ONLY HE owns something, EVERYTHING, in this arena. NOBODY else is allowed to HAVE.

    And when someone else decides they are going to HAVE or cause others to HAVE, he will spare no expense to ARRANGE MORE LOSSES.

    You heard Tommy Davies touting, “We have new buildings….” What new building does Tommy Davies have? There is no WE in that culture. Tommy Davies LOST his right to speak when he left that place! Not sure what they paid him, but they made him think he was getting SOMETHING while he was being set up for a LOSS.

    Miscavige owns it all, he makes every call, only HE has power. Those staff do not have the power to marry another human being with out his permission! They have to get written permission to leave the front yard!
    They have lost the freedom to walk OUT OF THE FRONT YARD! Hell, I am not sure they have the freedom to leave the building and explore the front yard! I think not.

  62. He had opinions about radiaton and other topics that did not change anymore regardless of science.

  63. “The Sea Organization is a most unethical group.”

    depends on what your Ethics are

  64. Quote from the end of this manual:
    Suspect people who have the following:
    Criminal connections or background.
    Communist membership or leanings (they attack all source).
    Low OCA/APA graphs.
    Auditors who get bad results on preclears.
    People low on the tone scale particularly physiologically (physiology not always reliable).
    People who don’t pay their bills and who want it all free.
    People who tell you you could reach so many people if only you’d help them or their friends.
    People who can’t work.
    People who break up machinery or Mest.

    It you simply swept all these out of every central organization you’d be a real winner. (Never consent to a post being filled with a bad person because the post is empty. An empty post is better than one badly filled always.)

    Trust the following:
    Auditors whose good results you have actually seen on graphs (never by repute the best auditor in town – this is press agentry not results).
    People who are able to work.
    People who get a job done easily.
    People whose Mest is in good shape.
    People who are routinely in good health.
    People whose cases run easily.
    People with high OCA or APA graphs.
    People in general. ”
    End of quote.
    I found especially the last point of WHOM TO TRUST surprising. “people in general.”
    Today, this point seems to have been moved into the WHOM TO SUSPECT-category. (it is not the only one of these points)
    If applied to the DM, IAS or the CofS you’d find them currently clearly in the WHOM TO SUSPECT-category. (criminal background, want it all free, bad results on preclears, etc.)

  65. To me this document looks like a “solution” for some circumstances from then. Do you know anything specific about these? I would like to understand how it came about. The first mention of attacks I remember to have seen in RJ 67 in 1967. Only little I found about what happened in this period.

  66. Jesus, Oracle! You just wrote the briefs for I-don’t-know-how-many-cases in your posts today. Wow. You cut through it all and get to the nitty-gritty like a hot knife through warm butter! All of the attorneys in all of the current cases against the COS should read your comments here and then send you a check!

  67. Look at it from the viewpoint of the average fee-paying public or the poor putz at Int who’s not privy to the sekrit intelligence manuals. People define Scientology for themselves, for most of us it was some form of “knowing how to know” with good intentions, ARC, the ability and right to make up your own mind about what you were studying. That’s the golden coin we were sold.

    Even when we knew something about about how GO/OSA/Intelligence operated, we compartmentalized that info into a small and very localized box – “all construction requires some destruction”, “you have to take out the very few bad apples to get the show on the road.” Did you think along those lines? I know I did. I was also convinced those same techniques would never be applied to me as I was one of the good guys and had inches-thick ethics folders and O/W write-ups with F/N afterwards to prove it.

    So the PsyOps angle becomes something else over there, something necessary for a limited time or maybe a necessary concession to reality but not *actually* a part of true scientology. Something that one day RealSoonNow(tm) won’t be useful anymore (just like the psych patients being illegal PCs – temporary).

    Then one day we wake up and realize it’s not like that at all. But it used to be true in our own minds, so when Steve mentions a thought he had years ago it must be evaluated against what he believed at that time. I think we all know what Steve meant

  68. The “subject” of “Scientology” is LRH’s opinion. The factors, axioms, etc., are opinions. It is an opinion that thetans exist, that there is an absolute state of “Clear”, that illness is caused by connection to a “suppressive person”, that we are all infested with the parasitic spirits of ancestors past. Opinions, opinions, opinions. You can’t separate them. There is no established scientific data to separate them from. Scrape them all away and “Scientology” would be just a bare bones form of abreaction therapy – of questionable scientific value.

  69. Ron suffered from some mental conditions. I know, I know, some of you completely reject that and consider me being negative.

    Ron successfully dead agent any and all family or friends that said that he was was troubled.

    From all accounts, from the family he completely demonized, they said he had a persecution complex. Ron had some paranoid tendencies.

    And at they end of his life he was screaming and talking to BTs.

    The info is out there. But the decades of mind control and Scientology education is like a rampart around the truth ready to “ruin utterly” anyone who disagrees.

    What is the effect on a mind, to have this question asked of you decade after decade, knowing YOU will be perceived as having overts:

    “do you have any critical thoughts towards L Ron Hubbard or Mary Sue?”

    This question and the consequences of having a critical thought revealed is like planting a land mind in your mind. Any time anyone steps on it Boom!! They are evil, have overts, are SPs.

    L Ron Hubbard had some mental problems that translated into a world view of enemies with him as the only world savior.

    And those that disagreed needed to be ruined utterly.

    If Ron got his way, and took over the world, we’d be living in tyranny.

  70. I also think a huge part of the problem is that Scientologists generally are good decent people. They only see the good parts of what Ron wrote.

    Save the world, free the soul, heal the sick, attain enlightenment etc.

    But try to talk about Ron’s dangerous side, the one that said “we are not moralits”. The one that wrote Bolivar, and you are relegated to the well educated, well word cleared, well clay demoed “certainty of being anti religion, anti Ron, an SP etc.

    The mind control was very effective. Many good souls brainwashed into submission for the “only hope for man.”

  71. I remember when I was first declared after I quit (funny how I was kicked out after I quit) I was in a restaurant and Chik Corea and his girlfriend Gayle Moran came in and sat besides me. I knew them through some circle of friends and my x wife dates him.

    They knew I had left. Gaye says to me “did you know that Scientology is expanding like never before?”. They both then stopped and looked at me. I knew what they were doing. They were trying to see if my head exploded because nothing drives an SP crazy more than telling them Scientology is doing good.

    Where the hell did that info come from? It came from Ron. And I have one thing to say about that.
    Ron, fuck off for poisoning good people with your para military paranoia.
    And fuck off for all the people you have harmed with your elitist mind control bullshit.

    Ooo, that felt good lol.

    And also Ron, may you find the freedom you sought. May you find true happiness. And may all beings be happy!

  72. Sorry for the run on ideas. I am glad I never experienced Scientology under Miscavige. I left with the hords in the early eighties. That is probably why I keep going back to Ron and not DM as source of this madness.

    When people are assigning this craziness to DM alone all I have to do is remember and realize that the same mind control was happening then. And I cannot for the life of me understand how people cannot connect the dots to Ron. Maybe it is because I missed 30 years under Caligula.

    But realize, the doctrines that DM follows is the doctrine of Ron. Ron is source. I am not anti Ron.

    I am just not brainwashed anymore. I just want people to be able to think what ever thoughts their reasoned intelligence reveals. Minus the fear and condemnation that Ron’s written words educated you to see as truth, but in fact was not.

  73. I’m not trying to “attack” your other statements on this blog (some interesting viewpoints indeed), but here you are using a wrong definition.
    “We are not moralists”; the correct definition in the context would be (to me): “person who seeks to regulate the morals of others or to imbue others with a sense of morality”.

  74. Hi Brian;

    True, while in the CofS you weren’t allowed differing views, it was either Ron’s way or the highway.

    However, that doesn’t change the importance of what LRH said as related above. Out here in the real world of real Scientology what LRH said has greater value and should be given a more credence because we CAN openly discuss the subject.

    I think the above morphed from a good intent, the idea of not disagreeing with LRH regarding the tech. Initially, disagreeing with the ‘tech’ was boo’d because the tech had/has a very high degree of workability, so why get into ‘other’ ideas. I completely agree with that, and support it. If someone has an opinion that some process doesn’t work, or some principle is wrong, then they need to apply the stages of learning; being there confronting it, duplicating it without your own additives or filters, then understanding it, evaluating it with your own experiences, then judge it. If one goes through these steps on tech points, then usually LRH’s insights are seen to be workable. If not, then go do your own thing.

    The morphing of banning disagreements to include EVERYTHING LRH said was disastrous,, a symptom of just how far off the rails the organization was heading.

  75. What I really don’t understand about this GO ‘OSA’ order by L. Ron Hubbard, 2 December 1969 is how he can make such declaration in RJ68 about the ‘Reform code’ that CANCEL the ‘Fair game’ strategy, disconnection, sec checks and SP order? You can listen to here the complete one:


  76. Vox Clamantes in Deserto


  77. Vox Clamantes in Deserto

    You’re a smart guy.

  78. Steve: the Church of Scientology is nothing more than “psychological warfare” of sorts. A church that has eternal truth as its basis and uses lies to cover it up. 🙂 That I think is the worst possible fate imaginable.

  79. That’s your opinion. 🙂

  80. I see your point bob and agree. That is true pursuit of knowledge.

  81. Moreno,
    That is because he just LIED.
    Read Marty’s books, it will help you understand this mess.

  82. Ok maybe he did mean that. But then again maybe he did not.

    His actions define which definition he lived by. At least in my opinion. And it is his actions of harming people to protect power that demonstrate for me that Ron honored no Transcendent Benevolence whose universal Dharma teaches love and kindness to all human beings. Even the so called enemies are treated with a light of friendship and openness.

    If you think I’m drowning in hippie shit think Gandhi, King, Mandela the Great Jesus and all the rest of our heroes.

    Ron was immoral. He bowed to no teacher or God. Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law. No wonder he hated priests and Jesus. They ask humanity to have a bended knee to a higher calling. Not fucking move objects with your mind.

    There is an elegance and poetry to the teaching of true wise men. They all ask their students to develop a sense of the sacred, a sense of something bigger then the ego and me me me.

    When we feel our oneness with people and have true love for them, it is completely impossible to hurt them…….. completely impossible.

    That is how I see it.

  83. Fair Game was never canceled, read the issue carefully.

    Calling it Fair Game is what was canceled.

  84. He lied.

  85. It’s simple. Hubbard lied. He lied to “wogs” and he lied to Scientologists. He sometimes lied in HCOBs and sometimes in HCOPLs.

    According to David Mayo, Hubbard’s pronouncements regarding “Clear” – in 1978 – were made due to “PR and marketing considerations.” That means that Hubbard was willing to lie about the “tech” to Scientologists.

    So is it any surprise that Hubbard was also willing to lie, when it was convenient, in “policy”?

    The “cancellation” of Fair Game, Disconnection, and Security Checking was a PR handling.

    Naive or new Scientoogists will say, “Oh, but Ron said never tell lies in PR.” Yep, and Ron called that “PR of PR.”

    Behind the “PR of PR” was actual PR, which wasn’t so “nicey nicey” (as Hubbard phrased it). Read PR Series 18, for starters, then read the various confidential issues (including confidential HCOPLs) on Propaganda. Per Hubbard’s teachings, lying is fine as long one can get away with it.

    In Scientology, Hubbard’s confidential instructions trump his publicized instructions.

    Hubbard’s GO Orders, Advices, etc. were confidential or very confidential.

    “PR [such as the ‘cancellation’ of Fair Game, etc.] is overt.” [Visible] “Intelligence [and Scientology at its core is/and always was run like an intelligence/organized crime operation] is covert.”

    Read the Scientological Onion and Brainwahing Manual Parallels.

    As old Sea Org Exec and auditor John Ausley stated many years ago, “Ron was a sneaky motha’.”

  86. From Radar on-line:
    “A rep for the Church of Scientology tells Radar, “These discredited allegations are nothing more than the same tired propaganda spread for nearly five years by the same tiny clique of anti-Scientologists. These people remain obsessively bitter at having been expelled from their positions in the Church nearly a decade ago for malfeasance and incompetence. Shopped to virtually every media outlet since 2009, these ever-morphing myths—including one lifted from a best-selling autobiography entirely unrelated to the Church—are being spread yet again by the clique’s propagandists who have shown they will lie to whatever extent it takes to get media attention for this frivolous, get-rich scheme now being hatched in a Texas courtroom. Orchestrated by a handful of bitter ex-Scientologists and unemployed bloggers with axes to grind, these made-up tales have been discredited by countless Church officials in sworn statements made under penalty of perjury.”

    She had a lot to say. What does she mean by this, does anyone know?
    “….including one lifted from a best-selling autobiography entirely unrelated to the Church—”

    And she really should check out the site stats for Mikes, Karen’s, yours ….
    So much for a “tiny clique of anti-Scientologists”. LOL!

  87. To Moreno, and as a footnote, and a clarification, to my prior response to Moreno: Fair Game, Disconnection, and Security Checking were continued, not only in confidential issues, but also in not-confidential, but not-publicized, issues.

    If you get a hold of an OEC course HCO Division (Green) volume from the mid 1970s, and look up the HCOPL ‘Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists’, you’ll see a list of suppressive acts that is 40 lines long. Included are such things as having membership in a divergent group, continued adherence to a suppressive person, failure to disavow or disconnect….”

    Does that sound like Disconnection was discontinued?

    And, as already noted by another, Fair Game (in another HCOPL) was cancelled in name only. The practice of Fair Game was to be continued (without using the words, ‘Fair Game’); and if anyone (such as a “wog” or uncertain “raw meat”) expressed concern, he or she could be showed the other (PR handling) HCOPL, or have the tape (RJ 68) played where Hubbard announced that “Fair Game was cancelled,” etc.

    As for Security Checking, that had its name changed to Integrity Processing, and Hubbard changed the name back to Security Checking, around January 1977.

    Sneaky, huh?

  88. SKM, things I believe are immoral:

    1) Being married to Mary Sue and hitting on Yvonne
    2) Lying about his past
    3) Telling his daughter Alexis that his mom was a prostitute
    4) Using up Mary Sue and discarding her like a used rag
    5) Nuturing violence in a young naive impressionable boy: DM
    6) lying about orgs owing him money while suit cases of to offshore accounts
    7) Paulette Cooper
    8) Teaching against drugs and then having the largest drug stash that Otto Roose ever saw
    9) Stealing other’s ideas and claiming them for his own
    10) claiming to be the only one to save the universe

    In these examples are hypocrisy, lying, greed, betrayal, child abuse, criminality, narcissism etc.

    My views of Ron being immoral do not pop out of thin air because I am anti Ron, an SP, a religion hater, a Psyche etc.

    My view of Ron being immoral comes from me observing the obvious.
    If you find it difficult to observe these obvious obviousnesses (ha ha a new word) then it is possible that:

    1) you truly don’t know about these facts
    2) you have been trained to not see them for fear of punishment or loosing your eternity.

    So, it is extremely easy for me to conclude that the meaning of “we are not moralists” means what my definition implies SKM . Maybe he meant both.

    But I think not as he, Ron, inflicted his own sense of ethics and morality on Scientologists. So once again we have a cognitive disconnect. The definition you are using to defend him is bogus because Ron did enforce his motality/sense of ethics.

  89. Hi ‘splog’ wich issue you mean? thk

  90. Ok Norwood I’ll read this material. Thk you!

  91. It is also my opinion that Ron’s sense of right and wrong came from this one criterion : the greatest good for the greatest number.

    Mao, Hitler used the same computation to determine what was good for humanity. They both considered themselves the emperor of saving earth.

    One man thought he was the divine gardener pruning from humanity faulty genes so a superior race could bring 1000 years of prosperity to the world.
    One man killed 50 million people because Communism’s great compassion and equality would forever destroy poverty.

    But these computations are based on a personal narcism and political ideology that sees the greater good as the outcome.

    So, it is then reasonable to conclude that Ron, seeing himself as the emperor of enlightenment for all human beings can easily discard one wife to save the world. What is one meat body wife? one meat body kid? one meat body friend? They are insignificant compared to saving billions and billions of human beings from an agonizing future of implants and torture.

    And thus you have inherently decent disciples of Hubbard living and acting like thugs and thinking they are bringing ethics to the planet.

    Just like the Germans murdering Jews and and Mao’s Cultural Revolution students killing land owners and business owners.

    They all thought they were doing good. They all thought they were advancing humanity. But they were all immoral.

  92. Ok Conan, I’ll go true the Marty’s book, I wish to buy it days ago and now is arrived that times! 🙂 thk you


    From its establishment in 1966 to its demise in the early 1980s, the Guardian’s Office (GO) of the Church of Scientology carried out numerous covert operations and programs against a range of perceived opponents of Scientology in the United States and around the world. The GO sought to discredit, destroy or otherwise neutralize – or “depower”, in Scientology jargon – any group or individual that it regarded as anti-Scientology. Instructions for such operations were distributed in the form of individually numbered “Guardian Program Orders”, abbreviated as GPgmOs, which were distributed from the GO leadership to GO branches in Churches of Scientology and ultimately used to task agents.


    1 Operations
    1.1 Operation Big Mouth
    1.2 Operation Bulldozer Leak
    1.3 Operation Bunny Bust
    1.4 Operation Cat
    1.5 Operation Chaos Leak
    1.6 Operation China Shop
    1.7 Operation Cut Throat
    1.8 Operations Daniel and Dynamite
    1.9 Operation Devil’s Wop
    1.10 Operation Fickle
    1.11 Operation Freakout
    1.12 Operation Funny Bone
    1.13 Operation Information
    1.14 Operation Italian Fog
    1.15 Operation Keeler
    1.16 Operation Kettle
    1.17 Operation Orange Juice
    1.18 Operation Rook
    1.19 Operation Smoke
    1.20 Operation Snapper
    1.21 Operation Sore Throat
    1.22 Operation Strike
    2 Programs
    2.1 Program: Humanist Humiliation
    3 Projects
    3.1 Project Snow White
    4 References

  94. Exactly. Just as good a lie as Clinton saying he never “had sexual relations” with that woman, aiming for the narrow meaning of sexual intercourse while trying to skate around the truth.

    As splog says, Fair Game was never canceled. You just could not call it that.

  95. Yep, Hubbard lied, and people died, as the political mantra might go.

    I do know that Scientology can trigger growth and changes in states of consciousness through a rich exploration of the mind, structured in a way no psychotherapy has ever been before.

    But people have to face the truth: if there had been one, just one, person who had achieved the capabilities of a clear as described in DMSMH, the membership of Scientology would equal the Earth’s population, less those too young or too disabled to participate.

    Yes, Hubbard lied. But look how karma came around to bite him in the end, alone, in hiding, counting his piles of cash in the dark, with a syringe full of Vistaril in his butt, possibly as suicide, maybe as murder, or maybe just as the Great Thetan’s drug and lie-addled mind and body finally gave out, at about the typical age for males in comparable shape.

  96. The immortal words of Ms Pouw… sigh. Funny that she says “same tired propaganda” and then goes on to spread the “same tired propaganda”. It does get old after a while.

    Can’t help you on the best-selling autobiography, though.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    HCO Policy Letter of 21 October 1968


    The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease.

    FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations.

    This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.

    LRH:ci:cden L. RON HUBBARD
    Copyright (c) 1968 Founder

    That’s a reasonable facsimile of the original PL, I pasted it from

  98. That is not an idea to reject. LRH Ran out of time and tech in his life to sort out the rest of his own difficulties, in spite of his good ability to help other people sort out theirs. 🙂 He is fondly remembered, and as they say in good old South Dakota “Happy Trails to you. Til’ we meet again!” 🙂

  99. Anyone has a right to “do their own thing” whether or not he or she goes through the “stages of learning.”

    The people labelled “Squirrels” in the 1950s, who, in the 1955 ‘Manual on Dissemination’, were described as “not authorized,” were to be “ruined utterly” for doing their own thing.

    Old Timer, Jack Horner, who disagreed with Hubbard over the idea of “single source,” was Fair Gamed with a vengeance in the 1960s for doing his own thing. (Google Amprinistics.)

    There’s plenty to disagree with in the tech. Many experienced people have concluded that parts of the tech as not as workable as you seem to believe.

  100. Strange to hear that “we are not moralists”. Moral Code, What is a Withhold (level 2 tapes) makes clear each group has (AND ENFORCES) a moral code, and the overts and withholds are simply in relation to it. To say Scientology does not forward, and ENFORCE and REGULATE morals is ridiculous – what is the RPF for? How is ethics used (mostly to punish or at minimum make guilty). The dichotomies described by Brian are so interesting and true, and the moral code of all Scientologists, I say, is that you are REQUIRED to believe both (good luck with that) and just keep going until you “really get it” “get all your misunderstood words cleared” or “get all your overts cleaned up”. The PRACTISE of Scientology in relation to its members is very much involved in regulating morals, and imbuing the idea that what is good for Scientology is to just plain “tow the line” though they will never call it that.

  101. Yes, Oracle, beggars and cons. BEGGARS. Poor us, give money. I’m surprised not to see MARTYRS as a new highest highest ever IAS status.

  102. Oracle: This is not the first time in history someone from the Church of Scientology has requested help from the psychiatric community to solve the church’s woes at hand. I say this as no boast, but with something of amazement. In 1994 (about 20 years ago) in New York City, I was at the Org inquiring about what had happened to the money in my account there I was issued invoices for that no one in the church could any longer locate. OSA Called the police on me, and told them “the story” and suggested to the police that they send me for psychiatric help immediately because I needed it. For asking where is the money associated with my account I should see a shrink? 🙂 Don’t grab my balls so tight if you are going to work on staff! 🙂 Of course I never did any such thing, as a matter of fact I filed a complaint against certain staff at the church, and as you may have guessed to this day the money has never been found. It must be invisible people I guess at the Org hiding in the walls that come out at night that go into the offices and take the people’s money and then go back to the spririt world with it. 🙂

  103. Gerhard Waterkamp

    “It is also my opinion that Ron’s sense of right and wrong came from this one criterion : the greatest good for the greatest number.”
    the problem is, he also thought some numbers are greater than others and he himself was the greatest number of them all. 🙂

  104. Lamont put his knickers in a twist trying to apply this in the courtroom on Wednesday. All he could is wine about not settling without a deposition and trial.

  105. All he could do is whine . .

  106. Agreed Norwood, yet I believe free investigation is a universal right. It seems the Scientology world is in a new phase minus Ron’s mind control. I applaud free investigation.

  107. It is possible that a new approach can be developed. A new form of Scientology minus the insanity. A real spiritual therapy based on real love and service. Without the lies

  108. Bob Grant.
    One of the most cunning, crafty, misused and deceptive lines used in the Scientology culture is “The greatest good….”
    It actually means, only the greatest good for the “Church” even if your bank accounts are raped, even when thuggery and vicious MAA cycles are executed and families are destroyed from disconnection.
    If it favors the Church and screws the individual and even destroys their dynamics, it is still justified as “the greatest good…”
    How do normal good Sea org members who wanted spiritual advancement initially end up as vicious OSA thugs running programs to utterly destroy targets ? (real or perceived enemies)
    The greatest good !

  109. You can whittle down what you consider to be “Scientology” to a toothpick if you’d like, but that’s just being silly.

    Hubbard, obviously, considered more than just the Axioms and the Factors, etc., to be Scientology.

  110. In late 1966 or so, Hubbard had a mental breakdown in northern Africa (wouldn’t get out of bed, popping pills, etc.), after his failed mission to southern Africa, and after briefly returning to England – after which he had left for north Africa. He left England for non payment of taxes. The Inland Revenue was after him.

    In southern Africa he had thought that he was the reincarnation of Cecil Rhodes, and that his charisma and “flair” would make things go as he wished. It didn’t work out as he had envisioned.

    In the midst of subsequent mental breakdown, he re-created himself as the “Commodore” and invented Xenu, etc. (He had much earlier – early 1952 – invented the trillions years long time track and its incidents with its implanters, and himself as a kind of cosmic savior, after other personal difficulties.)

    And, as usual – and this was a pattern that went back to 1951, perhaps earlier – he envisioned that he had many enemies who were plotting against him. (See the Russell Miller interview of Richard DeMille concerning Hubbard 1951.)

    The “Intelligence tech” contained in the ‘Intelligence Actions’ issue is a part of a greater collection of “Intelligence tech,” and, before calling it “Intelligence tech,” Hubbard had written other things of a similar nature – before the late 1960s.

    The issue itself appeared shortly after the appearance in the Times of London of an article exposing Hubbard’s doings in Pasadena, California in 1945&46. I believe this was already addressed on this thread, and also has been covered in various books.

    But this kind of thinking, envisioning many enemies, attacking these “enemies,” etc., was normal for Hubbard and had been so for many years.

    But it was only now that the Scientology organization was big enough and had enough money – people such as (by then, “SP Declared”) “first real Clear” John McMaster having helped expand Scientology during the mid 1960s – to enable Hubbard to have, and run, his own private Intelligence operation, on a significant scale.

  111. Yep, ‘Clear’ enought to use a Ron terminology..:) very, very Sneaky Thk

  112. Rest in peace, Amen
    Ps:Interesting how is the ‘Karma’ working!

  113. Isn’t it great Bob. Free communication. It is not my opinion that Ron suppressed it.

  114. That’s it Gerhard, the value and outcome of “greatest good” as a decision making device is determined by the person’s value system using it.

    So a tyrant vs a Mother Theresa would have a different outcome.

    Mother Theresa’s outcome is more people fed

    Tyrants outcome is to destroyed enemies, money in, discarded friends and family who are no longer useful, more secured power and territory conquered.

    Greatest good is really not a cosmic standard of decency. Love thy neighor is.

    I have also been thinking about “what is true for you” as a standard of integrity. It is not. What is true for a thief is getting past that pesky dog to get to the good.

    Ron was a genius. He created his own language with definitions that fit his Greatest Good and his integrity. Ron’s integrity, what was true for him, was the only integrity you were allowed to have in Hubbard-ology.

    Hubbard-ology: the study of what Ron knows, discovered or imagined.

    Scientology: the love and study of knowing.

    Ron was not a real Scientologist. A real Scientologist has the wisdom to know that one man does not have all the answers and has such a love of wisdom and knowledge that he seeks to study it in whatever way he chooses. From any source he chooses. Any way he wants. Without fear of being punished by “the greater good”

    Ron suppressed real Scientology.

  115. Hello Brian,
    I only pointed to the correct definition to the sentence above.
    It’s differenciation that leads away from extrimism.

  116. Lucky you, no one can force you to be part of Radical Church of Scientology (or any other group for that matter).

  117. I should say………. Without fear of being of being punished by Ron’s version of “greatest good.”

  118. “So, it is extremely easy for me to conclude that the meaning of “we are not moralists” means what my definition implies SKM . Maybe he meant both.”

    Brian, you have a wrong estimation regarding my insights into Ron’s character. And maybe also in the beneficial effect of a well done Sec Check in a not politically oriented environment.

  119. “What is true for you” and “do as thou wilt” are the same idea.

    “What is true for you” is ego based and does not compare “that truth for you” against common standards of decency or basic spiritual precepts common to all subjects of true wisdom.

    In all other religions there are the shall and shall nots. They are commonly understood ideals essential on the path to liberation.

    “What is true for you” is a friggn values free for all based on the ego’s need to fulfill it’s personal desires.

    So, if what you “think is true is true” than you can do whatever you want in the field of action. You can “do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.”

    “Do as thou wilt” is not wisdom. Do as thou wilt and what is true for you is true is infantile.

    But if you already are a decent person, then “what is true for you” is a benevolent philosophy. But the concept of “what is true for you” considers no standards of decency.

  120. Here is the commonly known definition of Integrity


    Adherence to MORAL (my caps) and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; HONESTY (my caps)

    Like the words:

    Open minded, reasonable, sympathy (below hate on the tone scale) integrity, Ron manipulated some words with such great rhetorical skills as to completely hide the immorality that conceived it.

  121. Hi Karen;

    Yes, you are correct; in the CofS, what is good for the CofS is the greatest good, always, which is why the CofS, and the SO by extension, can do no wrong. It’s a ser fac.

    But, if you don’t subscribe to that proviso, then the ‘greatest good’ is indeed quite valid.

  122. Bravo! Absolutely. Pure Scientology, and in addition, interactions with other views.

  123. Hi Norwood;

    I have no disagreement with those who have disagreements with Scientology tech. If it is honestly viewed, and then dismissed in part or in whole, fine, I’d never speak ill of anyone who did that.

    I, personally, find that significant parts of what LRH did tech wise are very workable, and do bring about a betterment of one’s condition, one’s ability to play the game. Is it the only route, I have no idea. If others find a path that for them brings about betterment, and doesn’t harm or hinder others, I think that is wonderful. As a Scientologist, I read as much as I can about other practices because I sincerely believe the day you close your eyes is the day that you can no longer see, and you will end up in some ditch.

    Scientology tech as it has been presented so far doesn’t bring anyone ‘total freedom’. I doubt if any single tech can, but it sure gives one a boost. At some point, at the top of that boost, you are on your own, and your eyes better be open.

  124. Not true.

    LRH specifically stated that Scientology consisted in it’s entirety no more that about 50 basic principles, if I remember correctly. It is on a Class VIII tape, and I’ll see if I can dig it up.

    The rest of ‘Scientology’ is application of those basic principle to bring about some end, and opinions. I agree that that former part is also considered by most to also be ‘Scientology’, and if that is what you mean, fine.

    It’s not being ‘silly’. It is the the very basic on which all rests. If one doesn’t know and understand how to apply these specific principles, then to that degree one is applying them robotically, as is done in the CofS these days.

  125. I don’t know if the judges read the Internet to form an opinion, but If by chance they read this page, they will get at the root of the current scene.

  126. “DEC. 6, 1968

    DEAR MO [Budlong, Deputy Guardian for Information World Wide],










    [GO despatch of 6 December 1968]

  127. You ‘ve got to love the LOVE at the end of that

  128. This is off topic and I don’t care if you don’t let it through. TheHoleDoesNotExist hasn’t posted at the Bunker in quite sometime. She just came back today and said this:

    “TheHoleDoesNotExist • 13 minutes ago

    I see many posts speculating on a settlement in this case. Just want to say look at the history over the decades. Silencing litigants is the end game in lawsuits Scientology lawyers know they can’t win.

    Miscavige will never agree to a settlement that does not include a silencer. Mosey will never agree to a silencer because she knows that her child will never be safe if she does.

    The only possible avenue of settlement is if it includes enough Billions of $$ to bust his war chest or create a fund for other litigants who are not too happy about being fair gamed but don’t have the money to sue.

    The only way that this is going to end is a trial. A mountain of documents and witnesses and facts exposing Scientology’s Fair Game practices as illegal, fraudulent and criminal behavior and activities in a long term ongoing pattern of fanatical policy will be exposed on an international, legal and human rights stage.

    Monique knows that the child she holds in her arms is the child of all Scientology victims, every Scientology family, every single one. She holds the key to their release, their future.

    She knows. Any “settlement” would be one that Miscavige would never agree to. So no, there won’t be a settlement.”

    We all feel the same way. A huge burden has been placed upon Monique, but she also has an army behind her. We are with you until the end has come upon us. Remember when everyone stood behind the Headley’s and donated money to their fund? Your family is now in that same position. Anything you want or need, we are there. Just say so.


  130. In 1965, Hubbard provided a long list of “suppressive acts.” Two amongst them were:

    “…public disavowal of Scientology… public statements against Scientology.”

    Do you think he was referring to the “50 basic principles”?

  131. Bob Grant,

    You’re delivery is smooth, and I can’t help but wonder how many vulnerable people you’ve confused on this topic, although I’m sure you mean well.

  132. “Ron suppressed real Scientology.”
    What a brilliant observation. From his and our insights, and from our experience of his practices and policies in place for years, we should relatively easily be able to condense a methodical, broadly workable system of real spiritual enlightenment. Surely, with a little effort and obnosis, there are a few thousand of us who can do something worthwhile.
    Love and accurate data, combined, can create real gain.
    From Mr.Enthusiasm I/C, Mark

  133. I enjoyed Integrity Processing when in the Sea Org. Had some real beautiful moments of spiritual realization.
    Though in retrospect I can see some introverting aspects to the approach of looking for evil done to relieve suffering.

    What these approaches do not take into account is deeper aspects of why souls are in darkness and why they act against divine laws, as they evolve in this caravanasary of souls, up the spiral stairway of awareness and wakefulness.

    There are many deep reasons why these things exist but Ron did not touch on them. He may have been too busy acting against divine laws to recognize these deeper truths.

  134. That is your right to choose that definition. I have already made my case for why I believe it is the other definition. Actions, not words.

  135. Lamont, Good to hear that this blog is on your radar. Good job on having all the questions and documents lined up for denials by the judge. Now, if you can lead the Pope into a trial, you will do even better. Just remember your mantra: “billable hours.”

  136. Confusion and the stable datum applies?

  137. Hi Norwood;

    I separate out LRH’s admin policy from LRH’s tech. I don’t consider any policy as having anything to do with ‘Scientology’. There is actual Scientology first dynamic tech which can be exported to other fields, such as the Admin Scale, Data Series, and such; these are based on some of those basic, Scientology, principles.

    What you are referencing to above is not Scientology; it has absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. It is admin policy, and it leads to disastrous results.

    To answer your question, I suspect he was referring to anyone who opposed anything he said.

    I know you think this is splitting hairs, but I have found it very helpful for me to really be able to separate out the corn from the crap. Doing so really frees up thinking and understanding.

    I think some of the confusion is due to the fact that a culture grew, and that culture is what is meant when people think of Scientology; the organizations, the policy, OSA, all the positive and negative results of that culture. I understand that. It’s like confusing Christianity with the Catholic Church, one has nothing to do with the other. Scientology has nothing to do with the CofS, and it is in the CofS where you find all the crap.

    All my opinion of course. 🙂

  138. That was some very inspired writing!

    If you were a boxer there would be a referee standing between you and your unfortunate opponent to halt the devastating blows while he completed a mandatory ten count on an unconscious body.

    Please move to the center of the ring to accept your gilded belt.

  139. It’s wonderful Karen!!!!

  140. Exactly MarkNR. Free to investigate any mode of knowing. As long as people aren’t hurting each other we should have a bit of fun with our search.
    Ron made it pretty solid. It’s much more fun than a chain locker!! lol

    My personal view is that the grades are wonderful. My view and it was an early post for me : Indie Scientologist have to separate out the lies from the truth of Ron’s experience. He had both. And that’s what sticks people.

    He really helped people and he was a real ass hole.

    But the investigation is yours to do what your heart desires now.

    Mordor is loosing power

  141. Mary Rathernotsay

    a happy day in my book! go, Ray Jeffrey!
    Judge W. rocks today 🙂

  142. Different subject: I have been reading a great deal about Nelson Mandela since his death. This quote particularly stuck me. Journalist Sylvester Monroe asked Mandela on his release from 27 years in prison how he could not hate white people. Mandela replied, “If I had allowed myself to become bitter, I would have died in prison,” See

    Mandela found it was directly non-survival for him to harbor bitterness. Kind of stunning.

    This is something we might all think about as we consider our feelings towards DM and LRH. I certainly have been.

    Love to all as we strive to move on.

  143. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Brian, Ron was not a genius. He was a manic Narcissist. This gave him the ability to break through conventions and go to places outside of the “norm”. He did this In good and in bad ways. This was his life and he lived it the way he wanted. The observer has to make his/her own choices about the material LRH offered. One of the best statements I have heard was when somebody allegedly told LRH he was like a cow that after it gave a bucket full of milk it kicked the bucket over.
    I guess one has to be faster with the bucket than the cow can kick.

  144. what is going in Toronto, Marty what you have been going through in Texas is happening here in Toronto in much massive scale ; more then 3000 PI and security guards are employed to watch a Pakistani middle age person ,known as Mark ,amongst the Scientology community.The surveillance spans USA,Canada,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,India,Bangladesh and UK, a mind boggling scenario. The worst case is the infiltration of some of the influential groups of the region. This all done in the name of US President died 50 years ago, reincarnated soul

  145. Context is part of as-isness.
    Your PR says LRH was dichotomous, but at a deeper level you consider him all black. Bon vouyage.

  146. I think since that “nobody staff member” (according to David Miscavige), from Vegas that got popped planning the execution of a police officer, caused law enforcement to take a closer interest into the evil war lord. I think there is a conspiracy now nationwide to get him in the school yard. He wanted to be interesting and now he is.

    That said, I think David deserves a commendation.

    It isn’t easy taking on the identity of the evil oppressive war lord, monitoring so much destruction and abuse, playing hide and seek and cowboys and Indians for these lengths of times to keep people restimulated and on the edge of their seats. It is a lot of hard work and there is always the public executions at the end. Societies need people like to him to remind the rest how sane and well intention ed the rest of us really can be. These sociopaths volunteer for these radical positions and keep the thrill of living going for the rest of us.

    Thanks for the roller coaster ride Dave.


  147. Gerhard, he was a genius. You can be brilliant but not wise. You can be a genius and have mental problems.

    He was an incredible genius. Genius is not indicative of character. Genius is an intellectual capacity not a character assessment.

  148. Marty, thanks for writing the blog and helping to get rid of the abuse. So very brave and determined, you truly have guts! Thank you for making it easier to be in the indie field to experience all the wins and gains.

  149. Hi Marty – Legal issues, religious/philosophical issues, everything else aside, I would like to congratulate you on the addition to your family. I hope being parents brings you and Monique much joy, along with the attendant grief, and hope you have a happy healthy child throughout his life. Hopefully one who isn’t spied upon. Damn, I tried to avoid that…. Best. Rick

  150. It’s not PR SKM. It is my observation. Do you know any of these facts I have blogged here? Any of these from books and internet with interviews of people who were with him?

    These are conclusions after investigation. Not just my emotional need to dis Ron. The facts are out there if you choose to find them.

  151. “Mr. Jefferson how does somebody personally oversee the matters of the church without having any personal involvement?”

    Music to my ears Judge, music to my ears.

  152. The beneficial effects of being hooked up to an e-meter and asked such questions as, “Have you ever done anything that your mother would be ashamed of?” or “Do you collect sexual objects?” or “Have you ever had unkind thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard?”

    I think people do just fine without the “benefits” of that bit of Hubbard “tech.”

    Do you also recommend Hubbard’s Children’s Sec check for children, ages 6 – 12? Or do you draw the line at that degree of Hubbard toxicity?

  153. You seem to have your own very special definition for Scientology. What you like in Scientology = Scientology. What you dislike = not Scientology.

    Most people are more realistic than that.

  154. Bob Grant:

    My point was that your smooth “Mr. Tech” and “PR theta” responses have a sweet aroma but place a person in a kind of contented Scientology stupor.

    And, no, it’s not your Scientology “truth” interacting with “false data” resulting in confusion “blowing off.”

  155. “The imagination and spiritual strength of Shakespeare’s evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology. Ideology – that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes…. That was how the agents of the Inquisition fortified their wills: by invoking Christianity; the conquerors of foreign lands, by extolling the grandeur of their Motherland; the colonizers, by civilization; the Nazis, by race; and the Jacobins (early and late), by equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of future generations…. Without evildoers there would have been no Archipelago.”

    —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The gulag Archipelago,Chapter 4, p. 173

  156. Something ran false when I got to the part where the son sues for control (DeWolf). Mr Rathbun dismisses his accusations completely, but how does Rathbun know one way or the other? Even if the son were the “drug addled” guy he says he is, that dies not equate to his statements being false. Maybe yes, maybe no. People who come out of this cult seem anything but ‘clear’, sooner or later. It bothered me, how self serving this book seems to be in the end. I know its not a good/bad simple scenario, and that Mr Rathbun has helped people, but would he be doing all this if, for ex., someone had offered him a ton of money? And no offense to anyone, but its hard to ignore the same old/same old vision of white haired guys in (now or formerly) pisitions of power with younger women. Would be nice to occasionally see a different outcome. I know this is pretty much irrelevant and unfair, but its just so darn prevalent in politics, churches, everywhere. Men still run the show. Rathbun seems proud of how he manipulated Mary Hubbard, calling himself ‘friendly’, when he made sure she could not hear her son speak out. Scary people.

  157. Perhaps i missed something, this IS a lawsuit. The goal is justice. I think Miscavige will settle and make up for the damage he has done. Because if he does not do so willingly now, the courts will order him to a few weeks from now or whenever the trial is over. There is plenty of perjury to account for also if he chooses to let it go to trial. That is a mandatory prison sentence.

  158. Brian,
    again I wonder whether you really understand what I am trying to get across.

  159. Which bit of Hubbard Tech would you recommend?

  160. Hi Norwood;

    I understand that others consider the organization and all its antics as being ‘Scientology’, and in the every day world of this blog and others, I have no problem with it; for the purposes of communication, I do it myself.

    But I am also keenly aware of the ‘truths’ that lay at the very root of this, some specific observations made by LRH, but not only LRH, that are at the very boundary line of theta/mest.

    To me, and to LRH, those observations are Scientology.

    If people want to also consider what follows from those observations, including obvious non-truths, as ‘Scientology’, then fine, but it is an alteration and it does muddy the waters.

    ‘Scientology’ is a collection of observations, some conclusions based on those observations, and that is all that it is.

    The rest is something else.

  161. Wow. It’s like declaring the E.D. of the Beverly Hills mission an S.P. for snorting a little bump, while they had Scott Campbell doped up on the Freewinds telling him they were giving him VITAMINS!

  162. Of all the names you create to annoy, stalk, harm attack and suppress Marty, “becky” suits you the best!

  163. Sorry SKM, please write what your basic idea is. I will pay attention. Please keep it simple if you could.

    An aside( this open communication amongst Xs, never ins, almost ins, barely ins is just great!!! How wonderful to finally be able to talk about this without fear. Man, what a concept. The internet has saved us from continued tyranny.)

  164. Hi Norwood;

    Not exactly. I ‘like’ the Levels, the Grades, the tech vols; they are all products of Scientology, but they are not Scientology.

    ‘Scientology’ in it’s purest form, consists of things such as;

    The Logics, The Prelogics, The Axioms of Dianetics, The Axioms of Scientology, The Factors,

    These are the kind of data that everyone who studies the subject knows and can easily list off without any understanding, but ‘Scientology” also consists of seemly ‘unimportant’ concepts few consider such as;

    “What turns it on, turns it off.”
    “The way out is the way through.”
    “Incidents exist in chains, the first incident being the holder of the chain.”
    “Thetans are basically good.”
    The definition of ‘theta’.
    The “Theta Mest Theory”.
    Withholds are the bridge to the bank,

    and so forth.

    These and other such observations ARE the basic principles which ARE Scientology;

    I suppose opinion can enter into the discussion, such as which is basic and which is not, which datum relies on the assumption of a more basic datum and which does not, but then, to me, when you get down that far into the subject, it really doesn’t matter.

  165. Thanks for that, Norwood. 😉

  166. I wouldn’t recommend Security Checking which came into being with the dual purpose of collecting blackmail, and making “souls turned inside out” compliant ball bearings in the Scientology machine.

    What parts I would recommend: auditing in its *most elementary* form.

    You mentioned the beneficial effects of Sec Checking. I asked if you recommended the Children’s Sec Check. Do you?

  167. Bob Grant,

    “To me, and to LRH, these observations are Scientology.”

    Fine, enjoy your make-believe world.

  168. Thanks Norwood.
    “auditing in its *most elementary* form” can mean different things to different people, would you agree?
    I would say auditing should be done for the benefit of the preclear and never for the protection of a organization.

    Would I recommend Children’s Sec Checks? I never used them.
    And I wouldn’t run the list on a kid. It’s much wiser to know your children trough direct communication.
    To be honest I don’t know how these Sec Checks have been administered and in what circumstances they have been recommended.

  169. Hey Brian.
    I try again:
    if you say, LRH was dichotomous, this implies that at least partially he had good intentions.

    I would say that the benefits of the application of Scientology and Dianetics start to disappear at the point when the person is “doing it for Ron”, is doing it in order to “clear the planet”, “getting rid of abberation (or CI)” or for any other purpose (statistics anyone?) instead of helping the person or situation in front of them.

  170. Bob Grant,

    Obviously, it’s important to you to identify as a “Scientologist.” Most of us don’t have that need.

  171. Yes SKM I see what you mean. I agree, motive and intention is everything. Loving service to others for their happiness means so much to a theraputic outcome. Maybe it is everything.

    But please……… Dump the Sci Fi BS. That is a transference of delusion. An internalization of lies as a world view. The best case for Ron’s unbalanced mind. After all OT 3 came from a drug experience he had.

    A realization I had a long time ago, when I was in a philosophic and procedural conflict, and I wanted to be able to evaluate was:

    The Validity of a Process is Determined By It’s Outcome.

    This criterion disabused me of the false notion of process worship as a criterion for evaluation.

    Students of various thought clubs sometimes get over emotional when praising their respective proceedures. They worship their techniques and process more than outcome. Or they truly have no knowledge of other outcomes from other paths, yet are “certain” that theirs are superior.

    I think that is called stupidity.

    Ron fell into that catagory. It was good for business to claim superiority.

    The danger in Scientology is being able to sort out the lies from the obvious truths.

    I think it is also imperative, when sorting these things out, to recognize implicitly, that these truths are not Ron’s truths.

    No man is the author truth. Truth is discovered not created.

    Ron was not a real Scientologist. He suppressed it. To assign one man to “only savior status” is to be effective sold of one man’s delusive narcisism.

    Hubbard-ology : the love and study of what Ron knows, discovered or imagined.

    Scientology: the love and study of knowing.

    Ron supressed real Scientology. Ron made it criminal to be a free Scientologist.

    That one fact could be the king daddy of all cognitive dissonanceseses ha ha 🙂

  172. Sorry, I miss quoted myself. It is:

    The Validity of a Process is Determined by the “Quality” of it’s Outcome.

  173. Quentin Hubbard 1954 -1976. Death of L Ron Hubbard’s son. My story.

  174. Bob, I think you’re doing something many religious people do: They separate out the good (“God is love”) and de-emphasize the bad (stone homosexuals to death). Scientology is what LRH said it was, and KSW#1 illustrates Ron’s true intentions. If you want to separate out that in Scn which truly helps, I think you will find that most of it came from other sources.

    ML, CW

    PS: What a wonderful conversation, one I never thought I’d see on Marty’s blog.

  175. Without mockery; A great Thetan has moved on to another game.

  176. GAOT ll! Issue picture dictionaries for fourth grade reading level and put EVERYONE on objectives! Cancel all certs! (again). Get people to run in circles!

    When I think of what his opinion is of his fellow Scientologists it makes me cringe.

  177. “Ron made it criminal to be a free Scientologist. “
    Indeed, I think Ron could have had a better game if he just let “squirrels” (people who audited without HASI license) go their own way. Instead he went after them. He could have concentrated on good results in order to keep people in the shop.
    But who knows? Maybe without his aleged flaws he would never have the urge to find ways to handle certain case aspects and there would be no developement at all in the technologies.

    It’s not important anymore. Scientology (i.e. it’s technologies) has become open source in recent years and what we look at right know is some kind of confusion.
    There are people who successfully exported or assimilated parts of LRH-technology and this trend will continue. As will also continue the use of the so called “standard technology” (or what people identify as such – it’s based on personal understanding and group agreement).
    People who really want to help others will always find a way.

  178. I have learned about a physiotherapists in Brampton and a fork lift operator in Toronto amongst the informers.

  179. It is our viewpoint in life most often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes this alteration is good and sometimes bad but it is our outlook that controls the way we feel.

  180. By now, anyone who has spent a few hours of research on the net knows that Hubbard made scientology from just about anything that he read or could mock up. It’s not just the handful of things one can have wins on. It’s also the mistakes, the black dianetics, the secret wars and policy assembled to manipulate, coerce, silence and destroy. people. To not acknowledge this is similar to saying nazi’s were only working for the good of humanity with their science, ideals and pure morals while denying the cruelty, inhumanity and destruction which was such a core element of that regime. Spot on observation

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