Ministry of Hate

Many years ago a story about Scientology in a major publication was titled ‘Ministry of Hate.’  At the time I responded with righteous indignation.  Having had many encounters with high level Scientologists over the past couple years, including very recently, I am coming around to seeing how spot on that ‘Ministry of Hate’ sobriquet in fact was, and is.  Scientologists are trained and conditioned to hate.  They are trained and conditioned to lie, defame, and spread hate against anyone who does not toe their white line; all with an air of overblown righteous indignation.  I witnessed one in person earlier this week.  Another one performed a perfect example of that recently on the Howard Stern show.  Listen to Kirstie Alley’s treatment of Leah Remini, beginning about 33:50:

First, Alley outright lies that Scientology does not ‘shun’ people.  Then she lies again stating that she has personally shunned Leah not because of what she has said, but because what she has ‘done’ and because of her ‘deeds.’  Then she falsely accuses Leah Remini of calling Scientology ‘hideous and evil.’  She calls Leah a ‘bigot’ and likens her words to someone saying ‘Jews are evil’ and ‘Jews are a cult.’ All of these accusations are defamatory and, quite frankly, hysterical.

This performance of bigotry, defamation and hate by Kirstie is not her natural personality.  She was trained and conditioned in Scientology to act in this immature, hateful fashion.

This is shameful.  Leah is due an apology, not only by Kirstie, but by the ministry that taught her to hate.

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  1. She lied about the “tens on millions of Scientologists in the world” too. There are never ins who hate qith equal force. Perhaps some people need to hate? I’d like to think this is not Kirstie Alley’s natural personality, but if she really is a sweetnatured loving person deep down inside, then she is a testimony to the control DM and perhaps LRH hold over her.

    It is sad. Don’t they feel how this hatred is killing them?

  2. Kirstie is demonstrating the monkey see, monkey do skills of a fundamentalist Scientologist.

    She sees the statements issued by the church (Miscavige) and then tries to emulate them. After SHE “shunned” Leah and promoted others to do the same, she baldly claims there is “no such thing.”

    She, like her mentor, is only creating disdain and more “enemies” for Scientology. There isn’t a normal person in the world that hears what she says and thinks anything other than “this woman is a nasty, hateful liar”. Just like Miscavige, she cannot let any percieved slight go by — even if that slight is simply no longer being a clubbed seal. So, instead of a gracious “I am sorry that Leah left my church, but that is her right in our free country and I wish her well” she digs herself into a hole.

    The ONLY people that will think Kirstie did a “good job” on Stern are fundamentalist Scientologists (who don’t listen to it or read Radar or any other gossip site that runs this sort of story). EVERYONE else is disgusted and it gives them another reason to be sure that those Scientologists are all wack-jobs.

    Good going Kirstie.

  3. Sorry, Marty. I couldn’t listen to more than a few seconds of this.

    The whole tone of the interview is so false and sleazy it makes my skin crawl. The way Stern talks about celebrities behind their backs (Kirstie included), the way Kirstie has been speaking about Leah over various social media … it’s disgusting. In my real, non-virtual life I don’t associate with people who treat other human beings this way, at least not since I left scientology. Frankly, Kirstie Alley isn’t being a good enough human being at this point for me to listen to what she has to say.

    My admiration for the way Leah Remini has conducted herself, however, grows daily. Nothing but class. Pure integrity. What a beautiful, strong woman.

    And so, you are right. Kirstie does owe Leah an apology, but not for Leah’s sake. The only hope for her own spiritual survival is that Alley takes back control of her own mind, her own values, her own integrity. I hope she is able to do so. But I suspect David Miscavige has quite a bit of “leverage” on Kirstie Alley. Like Winston’s fear of rats, Kirstie’s fears and vulnerabilities are well known to a “church” leader who eavesdrops on confidential sessions and has staff combing auditor reports for blackmail material.

  4. It saddens me that a person such as Kirstie behaves so badly to others. She was not that type before she was put through the meat grinder that the corporate church is today. I cannot in good faith watch her shows or any other artistic output because it is tainted by hate and parroting of DM and his minions. Please Kirstie get out now, apologize and mend your ways, love is an aweful thing to lose. ARC Bill Dupree

  5. Dwindling spiral.

  6. Marty, I would really like to see you return to the distinction between Corporate Scientology and the subject of Scientology. I’ve enjoyed watching your blog and seeing you evolve as you let go of attitudes that your forced on you that were not your own. And I’m sure your own practice of Scientology does not include forcing your viewpoint on others as is done with such a heavy hand in the Cult.

    Others have also successfully migrated to the free practice of the subject and have let go of attitudes that restricted the self-determinism of others.

    The Freemans in Idaho, Trey Lotz and the Kreniks in Washington (where I’m onlines) have been successfully helping others to freedom since the 80s when they saw what was going on as a power-grab that would destroy the subject. And they are not creating hateful partisans. They are using Red on White to do the best they can to help others.

    You’re very right that the corporate atmosphere in the cult is destroying self-determinism. Personally, I see that as a result of amin, not tech. I’m just on Grade 2 right now, so you’ll have to forgive this serve-fac ( =D ) but I see the the tech as man’s best attempt to give self-determinism back to people, and amin as man’s best attempt to take it away. I believe we should purge green on white from needing to be included as part of the definition of Scientology if we want to turn the name of this subject around.

  7. Well typical. I just wrote an extremely long letter to Howard Stern. I hope he reads it. I would love for him to contact me. I would be more than happy to sit there, with Kirstie and let her know what is really going on. I loved working with her. She was fun and funny. Too bad she is really not there any more.

  8. The “Church” of Scientology does nothing but spew poisonous venom lately via their various representatives and celebrity mouthpieces. They seem bound and determined to join the ranks of hate groups like Westboro Baptist Church.

    They may as well go ahead and appoint Kirstie Alley as Director of PR to accelerate their demise.

  9. I still like her new show. She could use a pair of Spanx.

  10. Spot on Marty. On a related note, I remember back a decade there was a phrase not uncommon which went something like; “this is YOUR church, take responsibility for perceived outness and care for your fellow Scientologist”. I highly doubt that Leah received ANY phone calls from concerned fellow Scientologists when they heard she was disaffected. And by the tone coming from Kirstie Alley, my guess is she showed zero “care factor” for Leah during her crisis. My message to Kirstie is; if you did nothing to find out why Leah was upset and leaving the church, then I suggest you politely decline to make further comment about her now that she has officially left. Show some class.

  11. To anyone’s knowledge, is there a link to a recording of the Howard Stern interview of Kirstie Alley. I’d like to hear it. Leah is a very likable and courageous person who does not deserve to be vilified

  12. I posted on Howard Stern’s blog about giving Leah equal time to respond to Kirstie’s accusations. I hope others do this too so maybe Leah will get onto his show. If she would?

  13. My observations at the Int Base were that some people adopted a personality that they felt was what DM himself would do or say when faced with a similar situation. DM tried to create an ideal of what a tough, no-nonsense, super-dedicated Sea Org member or Scientologist would be like, how they would act and what their attitude towards the world would be. To adopt that personality meant, to some, that DM would favor them and thus it became more survival to try to become that “ideal.” In my experience it was mostly women who tried hardest to emulate that ideal: Lisa Schroer, Jenny DeVocht, Angie Blankenship, Barbara Ruiz come to mind immediately. I didn’t notice too many guys trying to adopt that valence. Maybe Henning Bendorff who I recently heard is now the CO Gold. The people who one thought would have bought into it hardest were Guillaume, Marc Yager and Ray Mithoff, who were the most frequent targets for DM’s ire.
    This whole game was just another operation DM ran on people at the base and now apparently he is running it on public Scientologists. Very, very few bought into it that DM could directly influence and anybody in the wider world, of course, sees through it in a second and just laughs if off.

  14. Still on your side

    I haven’t listened to that tape, Howard Stern is too vile for me, no matter what he is doing. I can imagine that he will be commenting on Kirstie for days, saying things like: “can you believe how nasty that woman is?” Leah Remini is a sweet, funny woman, and her sweetness comes through. Even when she was being interviewed by John Sweeney. Kirstie is “off.” Scientologists are not being carted off in cattle cars, stuffed in ovens or branded with numbers. Comparing criticism of the cult with the mass murder of Jews shows how ignorant she is. I cannot comprehend how she thinks such rubbish will promote her show. When is she going to say something intelligent? A great man just died. What does she have to say about Nelson Mandela, a true freedom fighter? Does she even know who he is? I have seen Kirstie degenerate over the years, to the point where her formerly boisterous good humor now comes across nasty, loud and distasteful. I hope she gets Kirstie back before she follows Miscavige into further disgrace.

  15. This was sickening period. Kirstie Alley had her head up her ass in my opinion!! As far as Howard Stern goes in my opinion he is nothing more than a opportunist!!

  16. Kirstie’s argument is a logical fallacy. STRAWMAN is what she uses here by saying Leah’s argument, or stance is completely different from what it is thereby garnering sympathy from others who also would not like that (completely false) stance.

    How manipulative and disingenuous.

    As an aside, there is a reason I have never, ever watched an entire show of Howard Stern’s.

  17. Agreed. Calling Leah Rimini a “bigot” is ridiculous, and ignorant, and plainly heartless. “Hate” is a good word for what Alley is practicing. And it is doubly bad because she is hiding under the label of “It’s my religious freedom!”

    Someone who condemns the Catholic Church for its handling of the pedophile priest tragedies are NOT bigots. Nor are they necessarily anti-Catholic. They are stating an opinion that sheltering criminals is wrong, and people should be held accountable. You don’t hear Priests or the Pope condemning critics as “bigots.”

    And yet, in Scientology – you raise one iota of any impropriety by members of the Church, and YOU are the bigot, and YOU are the one with the crimes. IN this case, Alley says Leah did something she did NOT do, and then calls her a bigot for doing this imaginary thing.

    Also, in the same interview, Alley condemns Roman Polanski as a pedophile who raped a child. Rightfully so. But her blindness on what is happening in her very church, under her very nose is inexcusable. Kids are neglected, chucked into “cadet orgs”, and now are even prevented from existing. Child abuse in Scientology orbs is documented. Polanski raped one girl and Alley condemns him as “unforgivable.” DM and his supporters harm hundreds of kids, and shelter rapists (Australia, anyone?) and Alley calls people who notice this “bigots.” Heartless. Soulless. She’d be better off going back to Cocaine.

  18. I am amazed that otherwise intelligent persons can be brainwashed in the manner that I was. Brainwashing is something that Elron understood.

  19. And here she, is using her power to lie on national radio and describe Scientology as a “FAITH”. Scientology is now a “Faith”. This must be the new line that explains everything. This also disputes everything Hubbard had to say about the subject and the practice. She labels Leah Remini a bigot?

    Bigot Definition
    n. noun
    One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Where is her tolerance? Where is her integrity? What has she done to take any responsibility for this matter beyond bitch slapping another human being through the media? This is a poor excuse for a Scientologist and if this were 40 years ago she would be declared an S.P. for out P.R. and permitting an ARCxen field.

    She doesn’t mind going on Howard Stern to bitch about injustice towards her “Faith”? Howard Stern is one of the biggest jokers and degraders about Scientology and Scientologists!

    “People get caught in in that Scientology, it’s REAL sad! How can you believe in that stuff?” Howard Stern

    Go Kirstie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kirstie is so smarty smarty! DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The above are only TWO, 2, clips of his analysis on Scientology!!!!!

    According to the ethics book he is guilty of suppressive acts. And here is Kirstie! Using his show as a platform to smack down an OT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh no, she isn’t confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. And hey, Howard already had a conversation ON THE AIR with a Scientologist that says it ISN’T a FAITH! Now he has Kirstie saying IT IS a FAITH. No wonder he thinks Scientologists are whacky and asserts this at every opportunity!!!! Kirstie snuggles with Howard for an opportunity to deep six nine and OTV who devoted YEARS to the Church! She is willing to hob nob with Howard but she can’t pick up the phone to call Leah! This in itself is a fine example of how it goes in that place these days!!!!!

  23. “She, like her mentor, is only creating disdain and more “enemies” for Scientology. ”

    Your prediction was spot on Mike, over 3,000 protest reads under comments.–abc-news-celebrities.html

  24. A shame she lies for Miscavige and too herself. No such thing as disconnection? Kirstie can be funny but now she is the joke…

  25. Is it really necessary to be vulgar to get a point across? Kirstie may want to review the policy on MANNERS.

  26. Here we have Leah Remini, she has NOT attacked the tech, the religion, ANY Scientologist, she has only criticized David Miscavige and his “management”, and she is being fairgamed by Kirstie on Howard Stern’s show, after he has fair gamed L. Ron Hubbard, The Church of Scientology, the tech, and her “best friend” John Travolta.

    She must be in grooming phase as the new Int Justice Chief!

  27. martyrathbun09

    Bull’s eye, as has become routine for you.

  28. martyrathbun09

    Bull’s eye.

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  30. Has the Church of Scientology of any of it’s spokespersons ever admitted to any wrong doing or mistakes on the Church’ s part?
    It’s almost like misdirection by turning things around, making it a religious issue and blaming the wronged person, IMO.

  31. I’m trying to imagine how embarrassed Kristie will be when she realizes that the person she’s defending really did do “that” to Debbie Cook, and Mosey and Marty and Jeff and Mike…

    I’m also trying to imagine how diplomatic she would be with me if we were discussing my personal religious beliefs.

    The amount of hatred she’s harboring in her own mind and soul is really such an unnecessary burden.

  32. Now she’s working in the real world…..lets see how long it takes her to offend her cast and crew. She’s “special” you know.

  33. Leah has acted with poise and integrity. She asked a question and was made less because of it.

    Kirstie, yes, usually tends to be a cheerful, friendly person but in here she takes the valence of attack, destroy, obliterate, defame and so on; not per se her tactic, but that of others that with subterfuge attack those who dare oppose the so called C of S’s views.

    Agreed, an apology is due to Leah

  34. those girls having gone into his valence, imagine how easy it would be for him to be sleeping with all of them, in a way that none of the others ever finds out about it. Would not surprise me a bit if that turned out to be the case. Makes total sense!! That once he bedded them they become him. Because they think he is some super high powered being anyway, you know? That is just Classic CULT attribute!

  35. Kirstie is such a LIAR!! Truly laughable. Nice try wench! Notice in that video, that when Robin asks about kicking people out (@35:45 mark), Kirstie’s knee jerk response was “No”. She initially said NO!! Then her little inner voice said, “I can’t say that, too many people will know that is a lie, I need to amend that statement.” Then again we hear a complete misdirect at the 34:26 mark, when she implies that Leah has been “generalizing and saying that an entire group is evil”, when in actual fact all Leah did was question the methods of the guy at the very TOP! That is just a complete criminal redirect – a steadfast LIE about the actual facts of what happened in Leah Remini’s case. And for someone who just came out with a new TV show, this is an appallingly Stupid move on her part to be talking about Scientology At ALL on Howard Stern. Honestly, I cannot think of anyone in Hollywood I am more disgusted by than Kirstie Alley. Tom Cruise comes in a close second, John Travolta comes in a distant third. Only because those two clowns actually showed up at Big Tent Day recently in Clearwater. Wow! They are STILL on board???

  36. “We are hypnotized by our surroundings and we cannot see anything beyond the horizon of our experience.” Sri Yukteswar

    “The world is as we are.” Ramana Maharshi

    There is a wonderful analogy the yogis use regarding delusion. If you are walking down a dark wooded path and look down and see a long swiggly slender thing, a reaction may be fear of a snake. The heart races, blood pressure goes up and terror grips. If a person decides to inspect it and finds it’s a rope then the delusion, the terror would vanish into a giggle.

    But there you have a person, experiencing all the emotions and conviction that it is a snake before the inspection. The possibility of it being a rope, to that person, doesn’t even remotely occur while fear is raging through the nervous system. The “truth” for that person is that it is a snake.

    In Scientology, that inspection is forbidden and anyone inspecting and looking directly are branded as anti-religion, as Kirstey did.

    They are not allowed to inspect the long swiggly thing to directly experience it’s true nature as a harmless piece of rope.

    These poor souls are victims of an environment and education that actually molds a person to only see a snake and forbids any other option.

    They are, “hypnotized by their surrondings and cannot see anything beyond the horizon of their experience.” And as their internal world sees a snake, so the world before them has a snake, as Ramana Maharshi says.

    This is the nature of our lives here on earth. And this is our challenge. To dehypnotize ourselves from delusive interpretations of experience/reality.

    Sometimes when fools are being foolish and I get frustrated at how they can be so foolish. Then I consciously allow myself this thought: I have been there as well. And in my present state I have many snakes to debunk.

    The difference between a Kirstey and a sage is: the sage enjoys having dear beliefs crumble beneath the weight of direct perception: the only road to true knowledge.

    Some people are just not ready to look. There is too much at stake keeping the Truman Show going.

    Or so they think.

  37. Very effectively

  38. “First of all, I just want to everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology,…”

    Kirstie Alley

  39. Leah said she herself left, Kirstie wants everyone to know HUNDREDS have left!

  40. deElizabethan

    My gosh, it’s over 4,000 now and I had to give up. Never have I seen such response from different people. Amazing! People are certainly becoming aware of this, thank to the Bigot Kristy.

  41. With all the suppression around her, Kirstie Alley cannot see straight for a long time now, and to be acting like this,.. her tone is so much lower. Sad. Hope she doesn’t do so much damage that it stops her from waking up as soon as possible and see what is really going on. Maybe if she gets ahold of some of the declarations, like Amy Scobee’s or Mike Rinders etc., these summary versions, – versions that are not too long for her attention span, hopefully something will click. Leah is big enough to forgive her. Yes, Leah is a class act.

  42. David is on such a motivator flow with women even when they step forward to assist him they rip the rug out from under his feet!

  43. Eohippus the Wan

    Mike, very well stated. Scientologists (being ordinary human beings) are so desperate for a role model who can personify the Ideal Scientologist. Hubbard could not fill the bill, so he HAD to recruit “opinion leaders.” The CoS promotes Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley as the role models to emulate.

    And then the Chosen Two parade around like Hubbard did in his hedonistic “do as you will” personification, and expect to be admired not only by Kool-Aid drinkers (that’s a given) but also by people of sound mind from all walks of life who are expected to hang upon every word and action of a high profile “opinion leader” from Hollywood. Hubbard never anticipated that there would come a day that Hollywood personas would eventually be ridiculed for their eccentricities.

    Really, does anyone take Kristie Alley seriously???

  44. What I experienced at the int base for many years was no “care,” but instead increasing pushing and prodding from one staff member to another to get them to change their ways. Whatever those were. It was incredibly judgemental, evaluative and invalidative and became the desired suck-up-to-DM personality. This was supposedly “caring” that the person didn’t end up screwing up his eternity or something. One of the things that pushed me right out the door was seeing that everyone in my immediate environment had gone into that valence, and I saw how “successful” it was to be that way and tried to think of ways to act that way too so I’d be safe. That was hard for me to do because of my auditor training and no real desire to act so evil towards human beings. I was gone about three weeks after that. Now that’s Relief!

  45. Meee-ow! Nicely put. I couldn’t watch it all either. Stern just really gets into whatever he can to look cool and helpful with spreading the news on the outside when in fact he’s pretty slimey-covert. Of course Kirstie would go for this in her present state of mind. She is probably doing some sort of Liability condition because she and Leah were friends and Kirstie didn’t “spot Leah’s bad behavior” and didn’t “handle” it when she could have. In her dreams, but that’s the think often pushed on friends, family and associates of people who take off. YOU didn’t see the bad indicators and YOU didn’t handle it and now look at her! What are YOUR crimes so that you allowed this to happen? You better handle this RTFN or you’re toast. I’m sure Kirstie’s Liability condition application also includes a little financial boost to…something….!

  46. David’s other offspring:

    Don’t compete, DOMINATE! Grant Cardone

    “It’s not enough to be good at what you do. In today’s business world, you must dominate.”

  47. Jean-François Genest

    I recommend you LISTEN to the audio clip, and pay attention.
    Kirstie DID NOT mention, nor make comparison to (your words):
    ► “Comparing criticism of the cult with the mass murder of Jews”
    Totally out of context.
    Jean-François Genest – me
    (sorry, I don’t hide behind out-of-valence pseudonyms)

  48. Jean-François Genest

    Yes, good class and etiquette indeed.

  49. Thanks for that Brian

  50. Joe Pendleton

    Kirstie Alley – a woman who continues to go DOWN the Grade Chart! (is there any grade she cannot attest to the reverse of the listed ep?)

  51. Agree with you 100%. Look at the dignity and conduct of the two women. Which appears the most debased, deluded and ranting? (CLUE: it ISN’T Leah). It took an enormous amount of incredible courage for Miss Rimini to openly admit that she had mis-judged and been wrong; never easy in any case but even more so for one in the public eye. I am sad to say that Kirstie Alley is rendering herself even more laughable than she probably is in actuality. Nothing is achieved by her rants, least of all credit to her sorry, deluded self.

    Love to all,
    IEG xx

  52. Thank you for addressing this, Marty. I know you have concerned yourself with other, more philosophical issues of late so I am glad to see you addressing KIrstie Alley’s attack on Leah Remini. It strikes me that Alley’s presumed enhanced status from her new show has emboldened her to belittle and bully people she views in a weaker professional position.

  53. Well, I think Kirstie like many Scientologists has been subjected to, and became the effect of definition #3 of an IMPLANT: an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought. An intentional installation of fixed ideas, contra-survival to the thetan. (6612C06)

    She will eventually wake up and regain herself.

  54. For a revealing contrast, see Leah respond to questions from the ‘paparazzi’ about the Kirstie interview. Note she is accosted whilst leaving a restaurant at mid-night. Watch how she handles the situation…I see maturity, humour, and grace under pressure.

    NB, this IS the notorious TMZ, so opening the site may be NSFW for raunchy photos, etc.

  55. I agree with your point, which is Kirstie presuming that official Scientology is the only community of Scientologists. The freezone and various factions of splinter and ex official Scientologists practicing around the world, the Ron’s Org, for instance, the Ron’s Org in general behave spectacularly more benign and decent compared to official Scientologists.

    And Kirstie is in a bubble.

    Most shocking is Kirstie has apparantly NOT read Lawrence Wright’s book, and Janet Reitman’s book and Hugh Urban’s book.

    The celebrities of Scientology should read minimally Lawrence Wright’s book which gives them a public challenge to face the abuses in official Scientology and do some kind of reckoning.

    Kirstie, seems like Tom Cruise, and Travolta, they can’t be bothered to read the 3 recent books by Wright, Reitman and Urban, and they really need to do some reading, and face their religion’s history.

    But even so, the freezone and Ron’s Org people have been operating for a couple decades, as Scientologists, and Kirstie doesn’t even notice she’s failed to accept this fact.

  56. Michael Fairman

    Kirstie Alley thrives on vulgarity. It is her modus operandi, and she relishes the effects it creates. So it is natural for her to choose to appear with Stern who is a master of vulgarity. She echos the Miscavige party line giving it her unique stamp. Her comments in the interview are filled with blatant lies and ad hominem attacks purposely designed to squash, diminish and ultimately destroy Leah Remini’s character as per the dictates of what is church policy. Whatever true sweetness, charm, and goodness that Alley may have once possessed, is long gone. What remains is a being with no more soul than a ventriloquist’s dummy who sits on the knee of her puppet master. For Leah to choose to answer Alley’s spewed vitriol on Stern’s show or any other forum would be far beneath her. Leah has seen the truth, and It saddens me to think what will happen when that truth finally bursts upon Alley and the others, and they realize how they’ve been duped and robbed.

  57. Ignorance is bliss.

  58. I know Oracle, that one is pure unadulterated ever wafting stinking bullshit lol!

  59. Your welcome tetloj

  60. Spelling alert: “you’re” welcome tetloj

  61. Well played mister Stern, well played.

  62. On second tought. No doubt Howard Stern serves a fuction bu:

    One thing for Lori, Howard Stern gave Kirstie maximum space to fall on her own sword in front of the world, no need to revisit that. Howard Stern is still a big clown and looks for circus monkeys to perform in his programm.

  63. Dear Kirstie and Leah,

    I am most grateful to Marty for this opportunity to address you both publicly.

    In Truth, You are Me and I am You. Our interests are identical. As You are Me and I am You, in addressing You, I cannot help but address Me. There is no difference between us. We are One. However, in perception, we appear to be distinctly separate identities living very different lives. Neither one of you knows me nor do I know either one of you. Perception, though, is not real. Perception is the manifestation of a belief in more than and less than, therefore, all stories generated within perception focus either on the more or the less of something. Perception is one fantastic self-propagating story that does nothing but beget a seemingly infinite series of dualistic stories one after another. Perception is fragmentation. The stories we invent are, of course, just artificial constructs we use to support an artificial self-concept that is either more than or less than whatever other story we happen to be comparing it to.

    Kristie and Leah, no one desires pain. But, a person can get their “wires crossed” in such a way that they think pain is pleasure. No one would avoid their happiness. But, again…a person can get their “wires crossed” in such a way that they believe joy is painful, threatening, even dangerous. Through experience, we all get reflected back to us what we believe as the ‘self’ we believe we are. Indeed, though, people can be confused about the ‘self’ they believe they are, the things they believe they want; the state they would attain.

    When we choose to believe that the stories we and the seeming ‘others’ invent are real, we choose to remain out of alignment with the spiritual perfection of love that we really are. We thereby perpetuate a belief in an unreality, a mock-up, an artificial construct, a perception, that is continually vacillating between two opposite poles along an artificial construct of linear time, where it seems that the ‘present’ is sandwiched between a past and a future.

    Kristie and Leah, I encourage you each to choose again. Instead of choosing a world of fragmentation as your reality, choose Love. Choose to be in the NOW not in the stories. And when I say NOW I’m certainly not referring to the pitiful substitute for it that seems to exist in perception i.e., the ‘present.’ NOW has never had anything to do with the artificial concept of time. The constancy of NOW is before time.

    I an only assume that when you choose Scientology as your path that you were looking for a better way. Perhaps, even, a higher truth. Scientology was a story you invented. And your scientological experiences are never anything more than a reflection of what you believed in. Stories are fabrications and you will never find a constant truth in a story. You will only find a ‘truth’ that leads to yet another story. Stories beget stories, that beget stories that beget stories and so on and so on….stories = the proverbial hamster wheel. Choose to get off the wheel and get in touch with the self you believe you are. Once in touch with the self you believe you are, take a close look and see if that self-concept is who you really are or…is it a story you’ve been telling yourself.

    Kirstie and Leah, neither of you, regardless of the stories you might believe, has done anything wrong at anytime or at any place. There is nothing to fix and nothing whatsoever to make amends for. YOU are LOVE. You are an extension of the pure loving perfection of your Source and YOU cannot be anything else. By the way, LOVE has no timetrack. 🙂

    Much Love, from the Me that is You and the You that is Me (Monte willingly serves as the conduit).

  64. I hope Leah doesn’t. Why give the time to hateful words.

  65. Thank you very much for this blog entry. It is important for people to understand how hateful Scientologists are when defending thier “religion” and that they can’t even describe it to others without sounding defensive. It continues to turn people off and dislike Scientologists. You are right, Scientologists are indoctrinated to show hate and anger, not compassion and love for others.

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