The Scientology ‘Why’ Trap

“We’re in a society that is so psychology-ridden that it’s almost hobbled with ‘why did I do that and this and that?’  Although psychology has a powerful cleansing function, like any method it can become a trap, and it’s trapped many of us in the West. But the more we act from the heart, from that deep intuitional space, the less the spinning of the mind will interfere.  The more awareness with which we do something, the more heart we act on, the more that self-acceptance will allow us to trust those acts.”

–          from A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine

That is a very apt and insightful statement that, while not attempting to, precisely describes what might most be wrong with Scientology.  I have in the past noted the ingrained proclivity in Scientologists to practice excessive judgmentalism on others.  For example, see Sitting In Judgment.                           .

Perhaps the ‘why’ trap of the Scientology pop psychology scheme will be more apparent by viewing it on flow 0 – that is, what one does to oneself.  Please take a moment to review this.   Have you been saddled with the habit of asking yourself, or possibly seeking the answer from your auditor or the organization or even Ron,  ‘why did I do that and this and that?’  A valid target of psychology or psychotherapy, but as noted by Levine, up to a point.

If so, I believe it would behoove you to learn a bit about the crippling nature of aristotelian two-valued logic thought.   A great place to start is the first several chapters of a book called The End of Suffering by Russell Targ and J.J. Hurtak.  You will learn the uncredited provenance of Scientology’s purported ‘infinity logic’; which has been with us for millennia prior to Scientology.  For a deeper appreciation of, and thus potentially greater freedom from, the two-valued logic trap, the first few chapters of The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra will give you the history of how we in the West came to take two-valued logic for granted as a way of life.  A review of both books just might help you break that vicious cycle, should you find it present.

Recently, I summed up in one sentence what I have evolved toward doing with former Scientologists, ‘connecting some dots so that they can see that the only thing that is wrong with them is the ingrained belief that there always has to be something wrong with them.’

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  1. Hey Marty!
    I didn’t read your books and the books your citing .
    I think you think that Scientology finally is no good.Am I rigth?
    Are you the new “Guru”? The MAN to show the Way?

  2. Nice, and a nice quote.

  3. As many wonder over at the Anon websites these days

  4. I totally agree. It’s so incredibly easy to spend your time trying to fix yourself,
    improve yourself,etc. Too much time spent on self improvement prevents you from living. There is simply living, living, living!

  5. Sensible, as usual. Thanks Marty.

  6. A very thought provoking posting. Something I have had attention on for a long long time. You fix something, then there is something else to fix and it’s endless and countless thousands of dollars more, even if what you just fixed is fixed, you have to mock up something else is wrong to get fixed. I hated that invalidation and evaluation, it’s a money making washing machine. When I get some time I will read those books.

  7. I guess ARC means Antagonistic Rude Critic (or Cultie).

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  8. Quite right Marty, and this “wrongness” is pointed out right away by anyone looking at a grade chart in reception area.

    You look at the grade chart and the abilities gained, from first glance I could agree that I did not feel comfortable communicating to anyone on any subject. I thought it was part of my nature. It was a disability. And looking then at the long grade chart, I understood how wrong I was by the items addressed to fix there. Some not so much as others, I never had a problem solving problems for instance. Didn’t have much to run on that grade. I did tend to make myself right and others wrong. I did have an issue with drugs.

    Maybe all of these things were alright too.

    I took my adventure with Scientology as an educational learning curve. But I didn’t beat myself up for being dysfunctional. After all, I made myself dysfunctional. All with the best of intentions.

    I truly do not believe these “standards” of rightness and varying degrees of rightness and wrongness , belong anywhere in this body of experience outside of the ethics office. And I don’t believe the ethics office was a good idea. People are right enough to want explore, reach and learn. There is a rightness within all of us for just being curious.

    Not sure how others take these things. It is assumed in the culture there is everything wrong with you, that is on the grade chart that gets “corrected”.

    But this does not correct such things as a person’s intrinsic nature, character and motivations. People have been around a long time, Scientology is new. People have their own ethics codes, desires ambitions and reasons way before coming into contact with Scientology.

    I considered myself quite dysfunctional when I came in, learning how I was dysfunctional by looking at the grade chart, I realized I wasn’t as bad off as I thought! The only thing being sold back then was remedies. Now, you are wrong according to your donations status! Amongst many other standards that have been added as the little store front became culture and then a community tribe within itself.

    It is true that in the mother Church the only way to be “right” at this time, is to follow orders. Do what you are told. Don’t step out of line, don’t question. And of course, they are in the business of selling “fixing your soul” so they need to know there is something very wrong with everyone. Otherwise they wouldn’t have anything to do or an exchange to offer the community. On one level, they live off other people’s misery.

    If I only had this view, I would have found something else to do long ago.

    That is just one avenue. There are places in the Independent Movement where one is viewed as being right, as they are, and people are helped according to their own desires in managing their lives according to their needs. THEIR wants and needs and what THEY would like to address and handle. They are trusted to get to the front door without prompting, they make it to the auditing chair without a routing form . They are made right by the auditor and the conversations that transpire. There is no ethics officer looming in the background monitoring their where abouts. And everyone involved in the exchange is very happy. This is “invitation only” Scientology. You are invited to come for auditing if that is something on your bucket list. The auditor is invited to help you. You work together as trusted friends in a safe space. And in those conditions, one just feels right at every turn.

    Yes, you are viewed as insane when you arrive and “wogs” are viewed as insane and unaware and of no value. That was bit left field for me and I saw it as a ser fac in itself, spiritual supremacy. And some people just can’t get over that fabulous feeling. Although they have never planted a garden, successfully raised a child, cooked a meal, fixed a flat tire, built a home, paved a road, delivered a baby, healed or cared for sick, or baked a loaf of bread. They do this to themselves and become disconnected from the rest of society in this manner, then disconnect slowly from the others in the tribe, as their supremacy expands and grows.

    You can give a book of matches to two different men. One will build a kingdom from it and the other will cause a forest fire.

    People decide losses are all case, as losses, pain and emotion get addressed as case. One gets clear and becomes dismayed that they FEEL. There is a lot of confusion when people get used to being told what and how to think, instead of working this out for themselves. Anyone who cares or loves is capable of feeling loss. “Unwanted” pain emotion sensation attitudes etc etc is what people become concerned about. These are mostly connected to “the past”. People can learn as they go where they are right or wrong.

    The biggest and only real mind fucking wrong fixed idea that held me down was the subject of “happiness”. Because of where this is placed, and within what auditing, I thought anytime I was unhappy it was because of my “evil misdeeds”. That was whatever I was able to do by the time I was 16 and got involved in Scientology. Although I certainly did cheer up admitting my missteps, this was a very, very small part of my being able to experience happiness on a constant.

    Over the last few years I have had some great auditing and most recently, auditing that has left me feeling clearly happier on a constant that is independent of events people and conditions around me. Finding out what is RIGHT about you, can make you happier than thinking of what was wrong with you. I feel like I have been through one big giant happiness rundown for the last three years!

    Sometimes people get upset when they have to shift gears or face an inconvenient truth. I chose not to let people set me up for more losses than I could bear in this game, and I shifted gears right away when I found myself being penalized for trusting.

    Thanks for love Trey. Thanks for the love Marty. Thanks to everyone that can keep moving forward on a given course and still care about the people in front of you. It is the people like you that keep the Scientology working, and a pleasure to have in my life, and nobody else.

  9. “the only thing that is wrong with them is the ingrained belief that there always has to be something wrong with them.’” Luv it!

  10. He didn’t say or imply any of these things. Translating for other people rarely works out, unless you need to translate from one language to another. Even then, there is a loss on the translation. But Marty speaks English, and you seem to have some grasp at it.

  11. Vox Clamantes in Deserto

    Awesome post.

  12. Could there be a better example of “stuck in two-value logic”?

  13. Yes,I suppose!lol

  14. I’m just asking a question.

  15. Thank you, I will read the books you noted.

    On an immediate basis I could say that ‘looking what is wrong with oneself’ does introvert you and prevents you from looking.

    Like the quote you posted, we do need a free awareness of what we do, in the NOW, in the present and a feeling of satisfaction would prevail.

  16. At some point the mind itself becomes the impediment. It’s memory banks, biases, conclusions, extrapolations etc become just so much noise.

    It is in the successful neutralization of the constant wave lengths of thought: the mind itself, that we become truly free.

    If we are constantly looking into the mind, into the past, to understand life, then the looking goes on and on and on and on. It never ends!

    The answer to life is in desolving the mind. Resolving it back to it’s essential roots as pure consciousness.

    There are many techniques to help us to do that.

    It is a lifetime work. But man, the benefits are so wonderful. Worth every effort. Direct perception of our eternal nature. Then we can say like Shakespeare : death, where is thy sting!

  17. If somebody scoots me an E-meter I am going to audit people you hear,

    I am getting fed up with people asking mer if Marty still Audis, wheter he does or does not it does not matter

    I am prepared to declare my house an Org just to spite them

  18. I have been increasingly fascinated with the parallels I can draw between my experiences growing up in a fundamentalist Christian home, with what I am studying and learning about Scientology.

    The Aristotelian duality structure is heavily in place in a fundamentalist Christian setting. You are told that there is something fundamentally wrong with you as a being, and there is only one way to fix it: “accept Jesus as your savior.” Oh, and go to church. And follow tons of dogma. And tithe to the church every week. And take part in church programs. And follow lots of social codes that don’t even anything to do with Christianity or biblical teachings.

    You are repeatedly told to consider your every thought and action to see whether it “measures up” and it is “serving God.” You can’t just live your life, enjoy each day, and grow with the people around you. If you aren’t “serving God” then you are wasting your time, and you are “lost” (a word in fundamentalist circles that is the equivalent of calling someone a DB).

    You are repeatedly encouraged and required to go out and proselytize. And the number one way you are told to do this is by convincing people you meet that their lives are broken, worthless, and entirely without meaning, and that they are going to hell.

    How despicable, now that I think about it.

    By no means is my life perfect these days, but since I have been working toward breaking out of that thought trap, my life feels so much richer and fuller. I no longer live for a church or live in the service of dogma. I can grow, build relationships, build my awareness, and just enjoy who I am and enjoy who the people around me are.

    Tremendous, thought-provoking post. Thanks!

  19. You’re a bad boy!

  20. A worthwhile subject to look at.
    Somewhere (sorry, don’t have the specific), LRH mentions “What you put your attention grows”.
    Then, there is also the Native American story of the 2 wolves. One of them is a bad wolf and the other is good. Which one do you feed?
    It’s nice to have power of choice!

  21. “Why do I do this and why don’t I do that?” (to paraphrase) can be a valid target (I know you said as much). For example, I fail regularly to eat vegetables, although they are doubtless healthy. They never featured prominently in my life, that I can recall. Now, am I avoiding them intuitively, or am I geared toward self-destruction? How can I find out?

    That said, the article reminds me of something else. When buying computers (or anything, for that matter), I always want to get the best technology has to offer at that point, the best superlative. Off I go in the agonizing search for the best “you name it” on the market, reading reviews and deliberating. I find myself in a similar position looking at the grade chart. It all sounds so superlative and desireable, I completely ignore what I already have, and want that too. It isn’t always so much that something is ‘wrong with me’ as ‘there is a state that is even better’. So I’m always looking up, dutifully following the carrot.

    I believe LRH did say something about emphasizing or acknowledging what is right with a person. Focus on ability, maybe that was it. Either way, I certainly am working on self-acceptance and letting go of this idea that I need fixing. It has kept me running from self-help book to self-help blog, and no end in sight. Love me as I am? Ha! Easier said than done.

  22. Joe van Staden

    I have taken this excerpt from a new book I am currently working on. It is made up of close to 100 questions and answers. I believe this particular question and answer is appropriate here.


    We may sometimes wonder why it is that our interactions with some people are so incomprehensibly complicated. The simple reason is; a need to be in control, invariably due to insecurity.

    Indicative of having to be in control and feeling insecure when interacting with others is the need to explain and justify ourselves but, more so, having the other party explain and justify themselves beyond what is required. This serves as a means of solidifying and fixing the positions of those concerned. People become physically, intellectually and emotionally more locatable – easier to “possess” and control – to the extent that they are coerced into defending or asserting their position.

    People who are constantly pushed into having to explain and justify themselves are almost certain to eventually get upset and resistive. They sense that they are being manipulated and backed into a corner. They begin to feel trapped and pinned down, located beyond their level of tolerance.

    Simply saying, “that’s just how I felt” in response to being questioned about our actions or views is seldom acceptable. People have a need to put each other in a “box” and they do so by demanding that a position be taken on the issue in question. The irony is that simply saying, “I did it just because I felt like it” is often a far more honest and appropriate answer than a string of explanations and justifications.

    People who ask too many “why” questions are seldom interested in answers. Their primary motive is to have the one being questioned “boxed” into a locatable position, thus not upsetting the “inquisitor’s” orientation and adding to his or her insecurity.

    It is our current reliance on information – our insistence on logic and reason for orientation at the expense of intuition and empathy, which dictates that we seek “intelligent objective” responses, rather than “wise subjective” ones. Clearly we do not currently understand the power inherent in intuition and empathy.

  23. Dear Dirk
    I found your post most interesting. Unlike you I went from Scientology to fundamental Christianity.

    In retrospect this has been very helpful because as per the technology of Scientology in order to evaluate a datum it is necessary to have a datum of comparable magnitude. Hence I would recommend both fundamental Christianity and fundamental Scientology, bearing in mind the “Good Book” says “know the truth and the truth will make you free”.


  24. OMG, ain’t that the truth.

  25. loving your evolution…
    my advice: just enjoy your family now…..
    and win that family battle in court!

  26. The Scientology pool

    I undressed and jumped
    Gave my all
    As I learned
    How to swim right..
    In a pool of the most enlightened
    I closed my eyes and tried a stroke
    The best and approved of swimmers..
    They did notice these unrefined moves
    What an amateur
    I buried the shame, added some steel
    Drown the demons, drown the thoughts
    Steel is heavy, pulls you down
    Now open your eyes and
    Knock, the lifeguard’s within
    Yes, you are a bitch and all that
    Live it out, forget the mask
    A lot of times
    You’re best
    Dressed as you please
    Unrehearsed, uncooked
    At ease

  27. Good gawd.. just read the scientology axioms and factors…

    Get a Scientology 0-8 book of lists…

    What a bunch of mumbo jumbo..

  28. Joe van Staden:
    In one’s desire or obsession to control others or be ‘in charge’, insecurity is a factor or common phenomenon. This appears, at first, to be obvious as the cause but there is an actual source for this particular effort. The actual source is so close to one’s original basic purposes that it does not show up as a conflict or inconsistency and can be difficult to locate or recognize. There are exact mechanics surrounding this area which I stumbled upon during my researches. Seeing the computations surrounding this has provided me with a greater insight into some aspects of ‘human nature’ and might prove helpful to you.
    I have written a paper laying out the details, a couple of pages, that you may find interesting. Drop me a note.

  29. This book was pivotal for me…Tied a lot of different ideas together in an understandable way.

    The End of Suffering: Fearless Living in Troubled Times . . or, How to Get Out of Hell Free


  30. Nothing wrong with understanding cause and effect through whys, but any obsession, by definition, is a trap.

  31. Wonderful summation Marty.

    You just went to the core of the problem for which we sought Scientology to help us solve.

    Clearing supposed to answer that basic confusion for people: we are not solid, we are not objects, we are not logical, we are not this and we are not that.

    And yes, becomingness is an obsession, and that illusion is perennially enforced by evaluating wrongness, correctness, etc. as there is no such a thing as a true item for a being, in that we are not made out of parts but just out of the intention to be.

    The corny and continuous Scientology’s hard sell of personality models and life packages, is an indication to me, that LRH went way past his discoveries and devolved back into selling more bank for everybody.

    And I think the current scene shows that is the case.

    Thank for your help Marty.

  32. I would say no cool dude. Marty is not a new guru. I think it is fair to say he is fed up with sheeple mentality and trying to educate people to wake up to themselves. In that regard yes he is a teacher. But that teaching motive does not come from a need for self adulation. It comes from the fact that people have been hurt, families destroyed from an ideology that he once was part of.
    What Marty is doing is taking responsibility. He did not have to become public with his views. He could have stayed nice and safe in total seclusion.

    He became public with the Truth Rundown because of the terrible activities of Scientology’s black ops thugs. Which at one point he was part of.

    He has the integrity now to see his faults and is ashamed of them as he should be.

    This man Marty is a brave man with integrity. Trying to make things right. That is my understanding.

  33. The trick…trap…con…whatever you want to call it is this:
    Scientology says “unless you do this and that, you’ll be trapped for eternity”
    But the truth is: if you actually do do what it says, you WILL BE trapped for eternity….the con of all cons.

  34. Thank you, Kirsi. Nice.

  35. Jettero, I studied them over the years to the point of nearly inducing insanity. For example, if you look steadfastly at something long enough, it will start fading in and out — sort of disappearing. As-is-ness by perceiving the exact truth of something, or depletion of chemicals in the cones and rods of the retina? (When you hear hoof beats in America, think horses first, not zebras.)

    And contrary to what Ron claimed, science is _not_ based on axioms. Ron certainly did not understand much of anything regarding physics or astronomy. He apparently did not realize the stars in what we call the Big Dipper are not all some uniform distance from each other. He had deep misunderstandings on radiation. And he did not understand science, scientific method, or research.

    Where he got good stuff, he often “lifted it.” Even some of the axioms are, uh, well, “borrowed” (with no attribution). Take “space is a viewpoint of dimension.” Words very close to that have been used to describe space and dimension in art for perhaps centuries.

    By shutting of communication with the rest of the world, Ron cut off (a) access to the wisdom of minds every bit as great as his, and (b) tried to ensure that no one would figure out how much of “his” work was borrowed from others.

    So, a good study of the axioms would be to trace down their original sources or specify the philosophies that predated them. This is not to say that Ron did not have some original stuff — he did, and it is not to say that he did not have some valid insights — he did, and it is not to say that he did not try a unique approach to therapy by melding directed recall with a rough stress/charge/lie detector — he did.

    But he leaves Scientologists thinking he invented it all, and that there is nothing worthwhile anywhere else in the world. And that’s a lie.

  36. After reading the excellent post, it struck me that, beyond two-valued (binary) logic of false dichotomies, Scientology has one (another of many) major pitfall in Scientology therapy. That is the restriction on talking about case and the prohibition of the auditor from sharing knowledge (for fear of TRs going out or Q&A or evaluating for the PC). You reveal your innermost soul to your auditor (and all the other people who may read it — C/S, DoP, Ethics, David Miscavige, etc. etc.). Yet you have no way to compare notes with anyone else who has been through a similar experience.

    You may not even know if someone has gone through the same experience.

    Take abuse like rape, for example. Auditing can leave the PC thinking that the rape was a “motivator” that he/she “pulled in” because of his/her past overts.

    Since Scientology posits that we are all ageless thetans, there is no understanding of society’s power structures, developmental stages of human beings, the symbolic and other dynamics of relationships, or differential power in relationships — like in the crime of rape, where one person has taken power over the other.

    There is a reason there are support groups for people with common experiences, whether the experience be war, rape, other sexual abuse, loss of jobs, you name it.

    Scientology has applied two-valued logic to great detriment in such cases.

    First, something is either case or not. If it is bothering you it is case. You can’t talk about it. If it is not bothering you but you handled it in auditing, it is arguably still case. You can’t talk about it. You certainly cannot put a flyer up at the local org saying “Hey, anyone else gone through an incident of X? Let’s get together and talk about our experience and how we survived.” How fast would that come down off an org bulletin board! If nothing else, it would come down labeled entheta and restimulative of the cases of others. You would have committed a misdemeanor or maybe even a crime. Off to Ethics with you!

    Second, once you get your chains of overts and motivators handled, you should feel great. Like Tony the Tiger! But maybe you don’t know if anyone in the world, or at least no one in your org, did the same wrong thing that you once did. They all look like they must be perfect to you, with the fixed epigenetic smile, the Kools at hand, and the dedicated glare hypnotizing the money to rise from your purse or wallet like an Indian snake charmer. This can leave a PC feeling quite isolated and inferior. But those other faces hide all the same things all we humans tend to do, good or bad. As an auditor, you tend to realize this after a few PCs, but you still may always wonder if your “crimes” are worse or at least unique. This is an absolute stifling of the kind of communication that would indeed be a universal solvent: kids realizing they did not “pull in” the abuse they received (which kids are prone to believe anyway) and knowing they are not the only ones; a rape victim realizing that the feelings (flow 0 and other flows) are very understandable and do not reflect some failing of her or his part; and so on.

    There is a lot said within CoS and elsewhere about “Scientology works!” Really? So does a Pentecostal experience, or talking in tongues, or Buddhism, or any number of other beliefs.

    And does Scientology _really_ work? No. But when it fails it is _always_ the fault of something other than Ron’s tech. The PC was not sessionable, or was PTS, or was an SP. But certainly it was never Ron’s fault. Except for the fact that persons who could not be helped by Scientology (those “failed cases”) in many instances could be helped just fine with the richer and deeper understanding of human dynamics in the “ignorant” wog world.

    Now that would be an interesting study: of those who explored beyond Scientology after Scientology, how many people found philosophies that work for them?

    I will of course print and eat my words when someone can show me one clear as defined in DMSMH or one OT VIII who is demonstrably at cause over matter, energy, space, time, life, and thought, both subjectively and objectively. Heck, I’ll even settle for one rigorous, scientific, independently monitored study that shows that auditing raises IQ, using a control group getting no therapy, and a comparison group getting conventional psychotherapy. Or even easier: one comprehensive study that shows that Scientologists live longer, are healthier and are prone to fewer diseases than comparable groups.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that if we really want to achieve consciousness of ultimate truth, we had better first be able to confront the realities surrounding Scientology with steely eyed clarity. If we cannot confront one flawed human organization, it would seem unlikely we will hit total freedom that would lie far above one warped third dynamic effort.

  37. Introverted Scientologist self-listing. (This is a lot more common than realized)
    Whats wrong with ME ? (fall)
    I am not winning (Long Fall)
    I am PTS (Fall)
    I am a dog pc (Fall)
    I am a slow-case gain (Fall)
    I am a no-case-gain (x)
    I must have overts, witholds and evil purposes (Long Fall)
    Forcing myself to be a “scientologist in good standing” is not working (BD FN)
    Wow Mass blew !

  38. I agree with you.
    I wrote that because I feel like now we have to agree and follow what Marty says and I not very bright so…

  39. Nicely said, Marty. I am glad you are doing what you are doing.

  40. Hey Cool Dude, you sound like a nice intelligent person. Could you help me understand what you meant by agree and follow Marty. I really want to know your thoughts. You sound very bright! 🙂
    Have a good day:-)

  41. Madora Pennington

    What a nice post.

  42. You raise a very good point. In the COS, one IS warned about “talking case” outside of session. I have never seen an LRH reference saying this. There may be one. The instruction is usually intended to mean that one should not talk about anything that goes on in an auditing session to anyone except tech terminals.
    There is no denying that this is the usual practice in the COS.
    The purpose of discouraging “talking case” outside of session as I understand it is to keep people from restimulating themselves unnecessarily without resolving it. But the way this is interpreted in the COS exposes two big outpoints:
    (1) If one has audited out something it is no longer case, is it? So what’s wrong with talking about it at that point?
    (2) The end result of grade II release is the ability and to communicate with anyone on any subject in any situation. A ban on using this ability communicate would actually be a suppression of that ability gained, now wouldn’t it?
    Rote applications of anything lead to upset and foolishness.

  43. Still on your side

    ““the only thing that is wrong with them is the ingrained belief that there always has to be something wrong with them.’” If someone is told over and over they have things wrong with them, and those things are never fixed, it’s a good bet that person doesn’t reach out to help others. This is a perverse way of “paying it forward.” Someone who feels incapable will not man a soup kitchen, or volunteer at a hospital, school, or homeless shelter. How can a church devote so much time to undermining its parishioners, and so little time to actually helping others? (I know the answer. The homeless, the ill and the poor have no money so Miscavige’s church has no interest in them.)

  44. Let becky lead the way.

  45. I agree.
    Any kind of logic is a fabricated, secondary and invented matter. To accept one’s self-determinism, to be sufficiently free to be simple, this is far above logic and the need for it and governs it. Who needs a reason why he likes a sunrise, a flower or a beautiful landscape? But after he likes it, one can invent any amount of reasons.
    If a person is uncertain or confused, the desire for a stable datum – even if understandable – can lead to a practice of some middle class PTSness, wherein one person attempts to hold the other within a certain frame of “stable data”.

  46. I’m hopelessly under mind control in Scientology, and it won’t end until I get the fuck out!
    Wow,Wow, LFBD, COGS, FTA!!!

  47. And you learn as you live.

  48. Nope, Ron Hubbard never said. He did, however, say, “What you resist you become — if you lose.”

  49. Hey Marty,

    I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye on things, but I always have to remind myself that there is one thing that everyone has in common on this planet and that is our humanity. After seeing you in court the other day, it was immediately apparent to me how tired you are. I am sure that this legislation is exhausting for your family. I am glad that there was sort of a step forward on Friday.

    I sincerely hope that Monique and your family get the justice that you deserve. It disgusts me that David Miscavige hired that creepy Sloat guy to spy on your kids. The fact that you even have to sue him and that there weren’t immediate criminal charges involved is indicative of the devolved nature of our current justice system. What a piece of shit, both of them, Miscavige and Sloat.

    I am wholly convinced that you aren’t on a “warpath” and that Monique is doing what she needs to in order to protect your family. It didn’t seem to me that you were looking for revenge at all. I’m glad your wife is strong enough to go through with this and that you are still strong enough even after everything you’ve been through.

    I wish you only the best Marty. I hope you have a fulfilling Christmas. It’s probably been nice to finally have a holiday season that wasn’t plagued with sleazy PIs and insane Squirrel Busters.

    If there is anything that I can do to help you, please feel free to contact me.



  50. My solo C/S, Anne Woodruff, would often refer me to the HCOB “The Rightness of a Being” when I felt I was being swamped in session.

    The lesson I took from that, generally, is that no matter how bad you seem to be doing, you are also doing something right, so pay better attention. Keep doing what you are doing that is right, and you will come out of whatever it is you think you are in.

    Good advice.

  51. Love it! 🙂

  52. Off topic, but of interest.

    My meter is only a couple of years old, but I just noticed that the serial number is such that assuming every Scientologist in the world has ‘one’ meter, the number of meters out in the world is less than 52,000, so … doing the math …

  53. “The homeless, the ill and the poor have no money so Miscavige’s church has no interest in them.”

    Pretty much sums it up…… Darwinianism.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Derek. Happy Holidays.

  55. Right, Espiriu. If you take the original DMSMH model of the mind, once an engram is cleared (and its locks and secondaries blow), the incident is supposed to be transferred from the reactive mind to the analytical mind. Once in the analytical mind, how could it possibly still be case?

    So, OK. I get that in this model of the mind, my cleared case may have similarities to person B’s uncleared case, and I wouldn’t want to restimulate person B.

    But if that were the basis for the restriction, I would expect OT IIIs to all be able to sit around and talk about their remembrances of Xenu, the volcanoes that did not even exist on Earth 75 million years ago, the Wall of Fire, the Loyal Officers, the idiocy of Xenu in using space planes to make millions of trips across the galaxy to dump thetans and blow up nuclear weapons when he could have simply shot everyone into the nearest star — which would have been the same as throwing them into a multi-billion-year nuclear fusion furnace rather than using little matchstick nuclear bombs that would go pphht, flash, and wink out.

    So, do OT IIIs ever sit around over wine and sushi (or Dos Equis and tacos or whatever) and talk about this stuff openly? If not, why not?

  56. FOTF2012:
    “Once in the analytical mind, how could it possibly still be case? ”
    If you would like, I’ll tell you why. This is not to say I am defending any errors which came from Ron or currently in Scn. or any other spiritual or mental science. This was not laid out by Ron in anything I have read or heard, but he and a few others probably realized it more and more as they looked deeper.
    The amount of things we have done, opinions we have gained, thoughts we have had, decisions we have made, is enormous in the extreme. The portion of our existence that relates to large, common universes, let alone dealing with bodies of various sorts (meat bodies, doll bodies, mechanical, etc,) is a relatively small part of our existence. A lot has gone down. There are few truer things said by Ron than “All postulates are aberrative.” Any decision you made and then forgot, you’re stuck with.
    And there a lot of em. Then make a few or a thousand decisions that conflict with that one, and then, well,,,,you understand. But underneath those are the basic considerations decided in the first portions of your existence. And all of them conflict with some other basic considerations made along the way. Add to that the big game of tricking others into certain ways of thinking or not thinking, doing, not doing. It became quite popular and is still going on. It’s a mess. But it isn’t hopeless.
    Straighten out half a percent of it and you get a completely blown out person on a dial wide FN for months as seen occasionally in Scn. But it doesn’t happen in a minute. You can’t just read about your beginning and say “Ah, it all makes sense” and suddenly you’re near native state. One must view his own decisions and why he made them. But there is a big pile to dig through. If fact, it is almost impossible to see very much of the basic stuff in our current state.
    So, the development of tricks to release you from small pieces of your case, strengthen you up a bit at a time. Some better than others. Take back a somatic or emotion via, R3ra, 100 incidents to billions of years back, to full Dianetic erasure, and you have a temporary release. There are still 1000 other chains that relate to this one in some manner, and there are still basic considerations beneath that and an infinity of conflicts and confusions. Jumping chains, at first, can get one screwed up. but eventually all the relationships between occurrences need to be sorted out.
    Cognition:- The resolution of a confusion.
    I am of the opinion that one must be able to view his entire existence and use it, in present time, as useful knowledge. A lofty goal. I have spent the last few years on this path with great benefit. I have a long way to go. I realize this is ONE path and many others will be explored along the way.
    The point here is of the quantity and interconnectedness of one’s case. That the ‘tricks’ to release some of it that have been invented so far just scratch the surface. Drop me a note and I’ll let you know some of the things I have stumbled across.

  57. Potentially a valid point. Mike’s blog is a good place to bring this up. He or someone else may know more about the serial number format.

  58. Espiritu,
    You are right on both counts. It is suppressive.
    It is a veiled attempt to control you, under the cloak of various and generally specious arguments.

  59. FOTF2012, another way of explaining the “transfer to the analytical mind” is where Ron states that CHARGE is “the sole thing that is being relieved or removed by the auditor from the time track.” (HCOB 13 Apr 64, Scn VI Part One Tone Arm Action).

    In other words, the facsimiles that make up the time track are not erased – the only thing that occurs is that the charge in them is removed. And without any charge to block them and make them unavailable to the pc, they can now be viewed by the “analytical mind” (i.e. the pc) and are thus said to be transferred to the analytical mind.

    As for “no track,” in the State of Case Scale (see Tech Dict), the highest on the scale is “Level (1), no track—no charge. Level (1) is of course an O.T.” (HCOB 8 Jun 63)

  60. Conan, Espiriu:
    You both probably know that there are certain instances when it is best not to discuss one’s case. These are exact times which should be known to one in that position along with the reason why.
    As for restimulating others, with fiction stories, science fiction, horror movies,and video games, people are pretty much run out and hardened against such perils. Common daily interaction is much more restimulative.
    Practically any broad, general rule against comm. of almost any kind is certainly suppressive. Ron made this somewhat unwritten rule in an effort to solve an occasional problem, but the rare prevention was worse than the disease. One doesn’t feel suppressed when others consider it rude to talk about how sick you were or how bad your diarrhea was last week. Simple common sense.
    When individuals in the church say generally “Don’t discuss your case outside of session.” I simply recognize their error and go about my business. One doesn’t have to be suppressed by suppression around them. I am the source of my own state of being.

  61. Hey Brian!What I mean is that “What Marty says now,seems to be The Thruth”. What I know of Scientology is what I have experience,which is not much,but most was very positive and listening to lots of lectures.
    I would like to suddenly hate or dislike Scientology or Ron but it’s not the case. Maybe one day,who knows!!
    (sorry for my writting,i’m french)
    By the way,I know that I don’t have to read this blog.

  62. Gotcha cool dude. Sometimes it takes a couple of posts to get each other. I see what you are talking about now.

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