That’s my new primary email address.  As some folks noted in the comments, my yahoo account was compromised.   Yahoo has proven incapable or unwilling to restore the account – including its 9 year history – to its original, operational status. So, I have abandoned it and switched to gmail – the address is above.  If you have sent me a message in the past week and receive no response you now know why.  

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  1. Robert Almblad

    I had the same problem with my Yahoo account and switched to Gmail and have had no problem with Gmail for 2 years now

  2. Got it, Marty. Thanks.

  3. Did the cult buy Yahoo???

  4. Marty, when I click on your mail address (gmail) I get your homepage. Is that intended?


  5. This scam “stranded traveller” is one of the most widespread scams that even Nightline did a show on it. Yahoo is THE service provider that lends itself to this scam. I receive the same scam almost weekly. If anyone has a Yahoo account, sooner or later their address book will be grabbed and this mail that used Marty;s account on yahoo will be replicated.

  6. “What your donations buy !?!”

    I wonder how much this high-tech scam cost the tuxedo-ed clubbed seals as they applaud and titillatingly offer ovations and donations. It’s sickening….

  7. Marty, no need to run for cover! 🙂 I didn’t even know you had a Yahoo! account! 🙂 I am glad to hear you switched to a more secure server. Yahoo! is kind of Yahoo! (they’ve been around a while!) 🙂

  8. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for the info.
    Peace to you and family. I mean it. Θ

  9. Hey dude. This whole organization (the “church”) reminds me of my apartment host when i studied at 16-17 years old.

    All psychopat 😦 This is propably the worst religion/belief-system i ever got to know.)

    phew 😦

    Anyways, some years later, the dude jumped a 50 meter bridge into ice cold water

    I just CANT believe people go into a sect like this, and how fu***** psychopat they are/behave on people that jumps off. *shakes head in disbelief*

    Hang in there, and stay safe. Dont screw up things, it just embarass me, lol.
    Good luck vs those bastards trying to ruin your life, and your wifes life too. I wudnt mind the whole “church of psychopaty” went away. somehow ^^

    Anyways, cheers from Ismael in Norway

  10. I’ve been told that gmail is the most secure of the major free on-line email account providers and that everything is encrypted. Any opinions on this?
    Hushmail is still iron-clad isn’t it?

  11. They must have bribed all the news outlets because the video footage of Tom Cruise being booed at the LA game are gone, Huff post no mention at all of the booing
    Bleachers says true but no video

    What your money buys: Censorship

  12. No. But the US Government owns both. =) (kidding)

    Well done, Marty. Any move from Yahoo to Google is almost always an upgrade. Now if only DuckDuckGo offered email service …

  13. Excerpt from “Cowboy” at ESMB not to be confused with other cowboys:
    “The coldness I saw in Hubbard toward others, including his family, the distance he kept… the absence of the qualities I would have envisioned most in a spiritual leader…. qualities one might have imagined in Christ, or Ghandi, but Hubbard was bereft of such qualities. I was ordered to barge into someone’s room at three in the morning and threaten to assign the man to the RPF if he didn’t get his ass up and work more on a project, despite the fact that he’d been up for 24 hours, to find him in his wife’s arms, stunned as I delivered the message… then his asking me how he could possibly satisfy Hubbard…. He wanted desperately to please the old man, but couldn’t imagine how. I think he would have taken his own life if Hubbard wanted him to. The agony of trying his best but his best (which was good) not coming close to satisfying Hubbard. The vile and derisive names Hubbard called him by, the snide remarks to the messengers about this man…”

  14. Hushmail is safer. Gmail scrapes your email for ad words and tracks your browser history. The safe way to use it is to make sure the https; (not http) secure version is active, which is the default nowadays, and LOG OUT after you check your mail. As long as you are logged in to any google service, google+ etc. they are tracking you. It is smart to go into your settings and turn off “Enable location sharing” and “Show geo location information…” as otherwise any photo you post shows the world your actual location. Also go to history.google.com and turn off your Web history.

    They do not use this web history and tracking to sell to the NSA or anything, but they do use it to sell targeted ads to companies that are looking for your demographic. That is why sometimes if you look at a travel site you get ads for hotels and flights for days or weeks afterwards. They can’t track you if you are logged out, so just log out.

    Also, use a secure password with numbers, upper and lower case, punctuation symbols AND DON”T USE THAT PASSWORD FOR ANY OTHER SITE. This is most often how free email gets hacked, you use the same password on another site or it is easily guessed, then suddenly a spammer is sending thousands of nasty emails from your address hoping your friends will trust you and click on the evil link in the email.

    I don’t say not to use gmail, it is a pretty good service with a lot of features, just take care.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Bruce.

  16. Well this sums up Hubbard personality. Would a warm compassionate human being like Ghandi write and condone an evil policy like ‘fairgame’? No it takes a cold-blooded heart like Hubbard’s. He is ground zero for all things wrong with scientology.

  17. FYI, I’ve loved fastmail.fm — no ads on paid accounts.

  18. Perhaps Gandhi is being idealized in an unrealistic way? A look at his own statements show a different picture of the man:

  19. You should turn on 2-step verification to make your account more secure:

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