War on “Scientologists at War”

David Miscavige and his Scientology Inc picked yet another losing war against freedom of the press and of speech.  This one was an official complaint and proceeding launched against UK Channel Four and Roast Beef Productions for their documentary Scientologists at War.  Of course, only the finest and most expensive lawyers that could be bought in London took up the Scientology cudgel.  The results were published in the official publication of England’s official agency (Ofcom) tasked with upholding standards of fairness in media.   The Scientology case can be found at page 43 of OfComm’s latest journal.  It is an informative read.

47 responses to “War on “Scientologists at War”

  1. Recently left a comment on the video. Wow. Seriously – WOW. Amazing documentary. Amazing. And so very, very brave of Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun* (lovely to see sweet Chiquita in that first clip) to make this. Hopefully, it, or copies of it (thanks to various well-placed “geek-squads”) will remain and help to get the essential truth out there.

    Incidentally, my Twitter-feed seems to have suggested lately that Louis Theroux is involved in a documentary on the less public-facing-side of Miscavige-ism/squirrels**… Not sure if this is true though.

    Keep smiling, even if the darkest hour prior to the dawn awaits.

    Much love, as always,
    IEG xxx

    *articulate, obviously intelligent, and personable in the film.
    ** ‘eccentric and/or brainwashed’ if one is being kind; ‘bl**dy terrifying’ if one is forced to be realistic.

  2. Oh – and also – Mr. Rathbun; I feel strongly that this piece is “your confessional” and believe, rightly or wrongly, that whatever transpired at your hands during the former dark days, you have more than made up for it. I do hope that you aren’t privately punishing yourself TOO badly over and over. No-one can change the past – but one CAN shape the future, and you are doing this with the benefits of hindsight’s wisdom.

    Bless you.
    IEG x

  3. This strategy is working so well for them that it only makes sense to continue it. (Where is the sarcasm font when I need it?)

  4. Marty, the Church of Scientology is at war with people even during times of peace! 🙂 Right? But thanks for heads up!

  5. The Poodle Boy Captain McSlappy hires the most expensive law firms in the world to file harassing lawsuits for him, only to lose at court.

    You would think these silk stocking law firms would want to protect their reputations better than that.

    They probably charge him extra.


  6. Mary Rathernotsay

    After having just read the entire finding, it looks like the British court has come to the fair, sane and rational conclusion.
    The second thing that pops out at me is that Carter-Ruck and the CoS have some nerve to bring up the destruction of evidence in the Lisa McPherson case. If I were Capt. Blackheart, I would want that fact buried from peoples’ memory as far down as it could go. Why keep reminding people that he was so guilty in the mishandling of that case as to make destroying evidence necessary. The fact is that you likely saved Miscavige’s ungrateful neck at that time. Through ignorance and stupidity he caused that woman’s death. At the Event which followed that incident I kept waiting to hear an apology from the Church, along with a few moments of respectful silence to remember Lisa. Instead I was shocked to hear Miscavige at the microphone gloating about some “victory”. I kept trying to follow…..What “victory”? Why has this man no respect for one of his own departed chuch members. Why no expression of condolences to her friends and family?
    Instead he was cold-bloodedly GLOATING that he had won some sort of PR victory. Sick. Evil and sick. So DM has a lot of nerve to have his British lawyers even allude to that case at all. It’s like he wants to remind people of his crime and WHAT HE GOT AWAY WITH.
    The criminal wants to be caught and exposed!
    “Foul deeds will rise though all the world conceal them from mens eyes”-
    Shakespeare (Hamlet)

  7. Still on your side

    Sir John Reith, the founder of the BBC, said in 1924 that British journalists should “overestimate the mentality of the public [not] underestimate it.” This approach seems to be ingrained in OFCOM’s rules. Therefore, it must really rankle Miscavige that OFCOM failed to uphold his complaints since he lives his life by continuously underestimating the intelligence of almost everyone he comes into contact with. His claims that, after he refused to be interviewed, Channel 4 had a duty to just regurgitate his stories regarding Rathbun, a duty to report on unconnected issues regarding Rathbun, and a duty to just accept the “party line” regarding Independent Scientology, are all grounded in a belief that the world is too stupid to ever see through his lies.

    It sucks to be Miscavige and to have to coordinate all of the lies. His UK lawyers swore to OFCOM that the church never sent the Squirrel Busters or stalked Rathbun, while his Texas lawyers swore in a Comal County court case that, as part of a “religious dispute” and the church’s exercise of religious freedom, the church had sent the Squirrel Busters, and had stalked Rathbun.

  8. 13 pages, lots of people, time, paperwork and money. All for naught, only showing the “church” up more starkly hateful against a loving background. How they don’t see this is beyond me, and yet it isn’t.

    The walking dead lurch mindlessly onward…

  9. When one natters, they have overts. Period. The Church management natters. They have overts. Period. A very basic piece of tech from the Church itself.

    I used to wonder how mgmt. kept all these overts hidden from the members, but seeing these blogs and by Scn.s falling membership, they are not completely hidden. A loss for mgmt. is in actuality a win for all Scientologists.

    Time for Scientology to wipe the hard drive and reload the operating system. Too much malware to correct one by one. Who among us will take on the role of Martin Luther?

  10. Tom Gallagheer

    Man-kind has arrived at a new universal truth…..


    Bwahaha Ha Ha Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! (OH GOD MY STOMACH HURTS FROM LAUGHING)

  11. Excellent TV show, very worth watching and it’s excellent history.

    And so is your 3rd book, I hope your 3rd book gets further studied, it’s chock full of history also.

    UK lawyers who failed to draw the connections honestly to the squirrel busters, put themselves in a immoral class of other similar US lawyers who like many immoral lawyers, fall back on the long human history of immortal speech that hides the full truth.

    Lawyers can be a disgrace to truth. Glad this TV show won against lawyers who showed willful incompetent ignorance and lack of homework.

  12. Robert Almblad

    This was the 1st time I saw the video. I think it was brilliant and Mosey was fabulous!

    I think anyone from Texas would be very proud of the spunky sprinkler brigade standing up for Marty and Mosey against the unconscionable harassment by the Church of Scientology perpetrated on these two peaceful Texas citizens.

    Forward to present time: Godspeed in Court Mosey…

  13. David Miscavige has no right to harass you. The people that follow his orders should be held accountable as well. David Miscavige does only one thing well…he lies like a rug, and the lies pile up.

  14. The most glaring point is the continuous lies Scn Inc keeps putting forward, and this will be their utter ruin-the lies are now so many that they have lost track of what was said or not.

    Just to name some:
    -Marty was never part of ecclesiastical management.
    Hello!!!!! Thousand can witness he was.
    -Haifa, they have just a few people.
    Well, they have more than 30-35 active public and several people from Europe are now taking services there. This amount of public is bigger than that of Pasadena and other Orgs.

    On the other hand Marty did voice actions he had taken in the past and the reasons for doing them; whatever these were it does not matter, the point is that he stated his truths.

    Black Heart is so terrified and so desperate that he will keep doing what he knows best” attack and try to destroy”. But this will only end sinking him deeper into a world, so confoundedly psychotic, that no decent soul neither deserves, nor will ever experience such.

  15. Another win for freedom of speech, another loss for them in the battle to shut you up.

  16. His UK lawyers swore to OFCOM that the church never sent the Squirrel Busters or stalked Rathbun, while his Texas lawyers swore in a Comal County court case that, as part of a “religious dispute” and the church’s exercise of religious freedom, the church had sent the Squirrel Busters, and had stalked Rathbun.

    I do not understand.

    Why isn’t this illegal?

    Why is it not a crime to lie to a court of law?


  17. 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

  18. Scientologists at War just aired on both Norwegian and Swedish national TV a few days ago. CoS Inc is beyond desperate as this documentary spreads around like wildfire. Their failed attempts to stop truth backfire big time. People not familier with Scientology and their controversial harassment methods find the Squirrel Busters freak show extremely creepy.
    I hope the Rathbuns find peace in the middle of this meltdown.

  19. Reading through the majority of these cases I see nothing else
    but a very detailed analysis and very fair-minded conclusions
    to all the cases presented.
    DM, haven’t you had enough dragging the church through the
    mud. Your shoes must be so full of holes by now it is just one
    embarrassment after the other. And Kurt, Linda et al enough

  20. Marty

    I had seen the video in question on a TV program here in Canada a month or so ago. I am glad that I caught it.

    I just read through the Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin in question and I think Ofcom did a good and thorough job.

    One thing that jumped out at me, though I had heard it before, was the Church’s statement that …

    “…Marty Rathbun has never been a part of its ecclesiastical management and although he has been publicly attacking the Church for four years, his claims have had no discernible effect whatsoever”.

    Hmmm…. So, if that really were the case, then why is the church so strenuously trying to prevent you from any involvement in any court case because they claim you have “attorney privileged” or other forms of “privileged” information about the workings of the Church, its legal strategies and activities, or the various “posts” that you held?

    This suggests that they are trying to prevent you from revealing sensitive information that they have already stated that you could not possibly have had access to, because you had “never been a part of its ecclesiastical management”.

    Curious legal strategy.


  21. Good post, Mark.

    As for the Martin Luther role, I don’t think too many former Scientologists are up for another organized religion. Looks like the way to go is truly “independent.”

  22. The video was full of accurate information. There are more than enough well-heeled lawyers who are sociopathic enough to come to anyone’s aid for an adequate fee. Truth and justice are irrelevant. Winning is all that matters.

    Miscavige is failing miserably in wearing his hat as “big brother” to the world. Oceania is refusing to forward the party line and the party lie. OFCOM is in treason and its members need to be rounded up for re-education, but the population has rebelled and the traitors go free despite the most convincing decrees issued by big brother via his sleaze bag lawyers.

    I wonder if miscavige will ever reflect on this time and realize how utterly stupid he sounds to anyone who is even paying attention.

    In the real world, justice, though slow and ponderous will finally prevail for one simple reason. It is time.

  23. Quote from an anonymous New Yorker I read on Facebook. I think it applies very much to people who are involved with the Church of Scientology these days.

    “I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but I’m gay, and I don’t think there’s nearly as much discrimination as people claim. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced discrimination. But it hasn’t been a huge factor in my life. I feel like a lot of people bring discrimination on themselves by getting in people’s faces too much. They like to say: ‘Accept me or else!’ They go around demanding respect as a member of a group, instead of earning respect as an individual. And that sort of behavior invites discrimination. I’ve never demanded respect because I was gay, and I haven’t experienced much discrimination when people find out that I am.”


    Instead of forcing respect from people as a member of group, if each person earned their ARC and respect from others as an individual, it could improve conditions.

    This idea that they are martyrs is a false report. They have had press like everyone else or anything else that is new. They were asked to pay taxes like everyone else. When they went to prison it was because they broke the law. They have had bad press and pickets and protesters as a result of their unwillingness and disinterest in cleaning up an ARCXen field.

    They are not martyrs. They have created martyrs.

  24. Great Video Marty

  25. The Church told Ofcom that it was not behind the Squirrel Busters and then told Judge Waldrip that CSI had sent the Squirrel Busters.

    This bit of UK perjury is very useful.

  26. Speaking of Scn at War.


    The appeal has been filed. Miscavige has thrown the Judge in Texas right under the bus basically accusing him of professional misconduct.

    He sure knows how to win enemies and influence people. Never mind that. A lot of people are going to be getting new Cadillacs. That’s a good thing.

    Looking at your calendar, the one you submitted to the court about your “busy” schedule? I suspect you added events such as “grand openings” etc etc which would explain why all of these SUDDEN events across the globe with two week notices?

    The grand opening of the test center? The grand opening of the abandoned test center? Grand openings of three organizations that are already opened? Now it all makes sense Dave.

    Sleight of hand , you’re the master.

  27. By now Ray knows very very well this church has
    no respect for truth.

  28. The scientologists in the church lie, cheat, steal, harass
    and behave antisocial when it suits them. So what do
    they expect in return?
    Funny (actually not) but the OT levels to work are based
    on create, affinity, knowingness, being one with,
    permeation and so on…

  29. We finished the test center on degraded Hollywood
    Blvd in 2003 or 2004. Everything was renovated to
    (better than) a five star hotel standards. And now a
    grand opening? And to whom? Tourists who can and
    will check their electronics for the truth. This is 2014.
    Yes Oracle, it does make sense.

  30. Hehe! 😀 Love your post yvonneschick!
    IEG x

  31. File Independent Scientologists under the “Spiritual, not Religious” category.

    I’m in that category, too, although not an Independent Scientologist or Scientologist of any kind.

    I think a lot of people who were once involved in Scientology have seen just how corrupted and toxic religions can get, and want nothing more to do with them. Some people even joined Scientology not thinking it was a religion at all, and wanting nothing to do with religion.

    Imagine their surprise.

    Maybe all religions are toxic spiritual deceptions to some extent.

    But no religion beats Scientology as a toxic spiritual deception, that’s for sure.


  32. You are right Les. Now is the time. He is totally out of favor with the Gods. He is also making a mockery of the Supernatural. This really angers the Gods. He is not only a Godless man, the Gods are fed up with his fucking bullshit. Texas legal sits are the least of his problems. I see swift justice in the near future.

  33. “When one natters, they have overts”.

    Actually, the Scientology Tech is that if one is nattering, they have *Missed* Withholds. Missed Withholds do not necessarily mean “undisclosed overt acts” in the full theory of O/W. For instance, there is such a thing as a Missed Withhold of Nothing which can result from false accusation. It has exactly the same manifestations.

    Of course, in David “Darth Midget” Miscavige’s Church of Black Scientology, perfectly true and correct reports of policy violations and other outnesses are treated as “nattering” and result in Sec Checks at one’s own (great) expense instead of correction of the situation reported.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  34. MarkNR,

    Marty already has.

    But he has also made it abundantly clear, that he is NOT building Scientology II.

    Most independent Scientologists are moving away from any kind of organized movement anyway.

    It is an old OSA trick to try clustering Scientologists for easy targeting, as they did with David Mayo’s group and others.

    It is also target #1 of Hubbard’s blueprint from his ” Psychopolitics: A Manual for Brainwashing”, to target effective leaders.


    It is time to grow up and move up on your own, we can still maintain open comm lines and keep loose associations.

  35. Thank you Michael:

    I obviously fired off without thinking. An overt of my own. Glad you didn’t miss it.


  36. Thank you for clarifying that Michael

  37. I don’t understand. Wouldn’t Lou have a spread sheet with all the lies cross indexed so this doesn’t not keep happening?

  38. For the lurkers who are still in:

  39. Yah Alanzo – like a monthly payment for life transferable by will. I’m sure the lawyer is smart enough to cover his ass and do his homework.

  40. The “War” program is well worth watching. Two thoughts as I watched it:

    1. The “Squirrel Buster” woman who cackles and calls out to Marty as “Mr. Squirrel” comes across as a lunatic. Frankly, all the “Squirrel Busters” come across as ridiculous, but the wild cackler just looks and sounds insane.

    2. So the guys doing the filming were just waiting for Marty to arrive. Okay, so if they were just there to film ex-Scientologist Marty, why were they busily filming Mosey all by her lonesome? Their actions put the lie to their words.

    The judge in the current case cannot help but see the false Church position on Mosey. But maybe Scientology will hire a bunch of Jedi Knights to use the Force to warp the mind of Judge Waldrip. They would have OT VIIIs do it, but … ain’t no such thing so far.

  41. I have written numerous times that I believe a well organized research center is sorely needed.

    But on the subject at hand, a well run, well connected center of information would be very useful in ‘putting in ethics’ on the church.

    Also, a defense fund?

    Just a thought.

  42. Jean-François Genest

    Wow! That is quite a long write-up for the defense of a complaint. It is obvious that it would be dismissed. The Church can’t handle fairness. It just can’t confront truth and fairness.

  43. Jean-François Genest

    Good call Cat Daddy !

  44. On Page 51 of Ofcom’s statement, Carter Ruck is quoted as stating:

    “The Church of Scientology denies putting Marty under surveillance but admits conducting a legal investigation into him ‘in furtherance of potential litigation”.

    This was dated 17th Feb 2014, by which time the ‘church’ was blithely declaring their ecclesiastical right to put ‘Marty [and Mosey] under surveillance’ in a Comal County court.

    What else could they have possibly lied about in an official/legal capacity either here in the UK or elsewhere? 😉

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