The Aims of Scientology: Part One

From a Guardian’s Order converted to OSA Network Order (successor to Guardian’s Office as the dirty tricks and propaganda arm of corporate Scientology):

(Originally written on 2 December 1969 by L. Ron Hubbard as a summary of data concerning Intelligence.)

Our war has been forced to become “To take over absolutely the field of mental
healing on this planet in all forms.”  That was not the original purpose. The original purpose was to clear Earth.

The battles suffered developed the data that we had an enemy who would have to be gotten out of the way and this meant we were at war. We, a year ago, identified the enemy or at least his central group. Since then we fight battles first on our own ground, now on his.

Our tactics of offense and defense are based on data. We need data to predict his offensives and counter them and data to use in our attacks on him. We remove his agents and vanquish his troops and we directly attack his central group. That’s sound tactics.

By demonstrating his falsity about us we rehab our own repute. By showing his
sources to be false we get them expended. By showing him to be brutal, venal and plotting, we get him discarded. Our direct assault will come when they start to arrest his principals and troops for crimes (already begun).

Our total victory will come when we run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.

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  1. I have yet to see any solution to replace psychiatry. It’s folly to attack the psychs and have nothing to replace them. I’m sure a pilot could be run in some banana republic/atol nation. Anyone know of anything the church tried in this direction?

  2. Somehow I feel that buying into the idea of war is a sure path to suffering. It will leave the actors more deeply entrenched in us vs them, and make it that much harder for them to give up the indoctrination.

    Is it still a war when it is brought to your doorstep? Apparently this conquest of the mental health field went almost unnoticed by the same. So did it really serve that purpose, or was it intended to forge loyal soldiers?

    In the current scene, where the group isn’t even clearing itself, much less the planet, would it even be possible to run a sane organisation after this level of indoctrination?

    Lastly, I thought you mentioned in Warrior that you had seen GO files documenting an actual war on Scientology. Please forgive me if I am wrong. Was there an actual war or did LRH just want to “even the score” with psychiatry over some perceived slight?

  3. Out of the context of an LRH-issued order, this “enemy” sounds like a pretty accurate description of the current Scientology crime syndicate.

  4. OMG. Please, please deliver me from this lunacy.
    Memo to Hubbard:
    Stop practicing medicine without a license.
    Thank you.

  5. Scientology — us VS them is so passé

    The world is changing. Those with us-VS-them-think are old school. Losers and pathetic old men riding horse (or bears) bare shirted who rattle their sabers. The world stands back and say — is he kidding me?

    Today I woke up to see lines of military men, in full uniform march UNARMED to face their very armed oppressors. Now THAT is courage.

    Marty and Mosey continue to face dinosaurs whose brains are so tiny they don’t know they are extinct.

    It’s unfortunate that so much of the time and energy of M&M must be spent to keep these dinosaurs at bay — but their lives haven’t been arrested — their lives have gone forward making 1,000’s of new friends/acquaintances but more wonderfully expanded by one very charming and smiling little boy.

    The dinosaurs only prop each other up — but not for long — soon they will be a graveyard of bones. Ready for the next shopping mall to come and raise the buildings and bury the bones.

  6. Out of one side of his face, he writes this.

    Out of the other side of his face, he writes “What is Greatness?”

    The two faces of Scientology.


  7. Elizabeth Hamre

    Nuts. And this is the man who believed he was pointing toward spiritual freedom? Oh… well, those of us who have found that Path was simply because we meant to find it, regardless of him or the CofS.

  8. Allow me to rewrite the text using “I”, and see if it sheds more light:

    My war has been forced to become “To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms.” That was not the original purpose. The original purpose was to clear Earth.

    The battles suffered developed the data that I had an enemy who would have to be gotten out of the way, and this meant I was at war. I, a year ago, identified the enemy or at least his central group. Since then, I fight battles first on my own ground, now on his.

    My tactics of offense and defense are based on data. I need data to predict his offensives and counter them and data to use in my attacks on him. I remove his agents and vanquish his troops, and I directly attack his central group. That’s sound tactics.

    By demonstrating his falsity about me, I rehab my own repute. By showing his sources to be false, I get them expended. By showing him to be brutal, venal and plotting, I get him discarded. My direct assault will come when they start to arrest his principals and troops for crimes (already begun).

    My total victory will come when I run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.

  9. Tom Gallagher

    “War is the unfolding of miscalculations.”
    Barbara Tuchman

  10. Elizabeth Hamre

    Yes, on a great menu one can find what ever one desires.
    LRH thinking what he has written demonstrates that he was not stuck only within the walls of one idea: belief.
    But he has demonstrated the full scale what the bank IS ..It contains everything, gives a good example what a well rounded human mind is.

  11. Wow.

    Within the context of this Confidential Network Order by Hubbard, this post you linked to is even more powerful.

    It is forgivable to believe in your religion, and to trust your religious leaders when they tell you something. There is no sin in that.

    The sin was taking that open hearted belief that Hubbard’s followers gave to him, and filling his followers with lies.

    There is a saying that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But I heard an update to that recently:

    Power reveals. And absolute power reveals character absolutely.

    L Ron Hubbard was either crazy, or evil, or both.

    Some days I think it’s one, other days I think it’s the other.

    But it’s probably both.


  12. Illuminating. And the subtle “we” includes one in a war without ever asking.

  13. It seems an almost petulant grievance. That in itself is hard to swallow.

    Was there any honest intention on the part of LRH to help people? Sorry if I am floundering.

  14. “Our total victory will come when we run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.”

    All about the money? Billions and billions which can never go to scientology because it was formed into a religion in order to avoid taxes.

  15. Elizabeth Hamre

    when the man condemns others, that man’s mistake is that he wont admit, or believe that he to have those abilities for which he condemn others for and will exercise those ability when the opportunity arises.

  16. Since Hubbard did this, then I will do it.

    A Scientologist’s logic.

    Gotta love it.


  17. Jean-François Genest

    This publication confirms the point I made 2 postings ago. Scientology management is using a 3rd Dynamic service facsimile against independents, Ex-es, “neutrals”, people who ARE. It is presently fighting a battle that is NOT in present time. It was taking place 45 years ago in 1968.

    I have 2 questions:
    1) WHO took these Guardian Orders (and other similar advices, telexes, etc.) and got them converted into OSA Network Orders for indoctrination, and to be put into use eternally?

    2) WHO did NOT refuse to get them published, packaged, and made into training/indoctrination materials?

    These OSA Network Orders did not appear out of the sky like the snow flakes falling on the ground as I type this.

  18. knatherthomas

    I last read this in 1973 as a GO student at the USGO. It seemed daunting to me then. Now it just looks delusional. What a difference actual reality makes.

  19. Elizabeth Hamre

    why not volunteer your self than the results could be be monitored easily; see how your reality changes as the treatments continues. 🙂

  20. And whom is he talking about….The psychs?….big pharma? Because both have increased in numbers and popularity since this was written.

  21. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    I just posted this comment on Mike Rinders Blog:

    ” “Ukraine — Confusion Blowing Off In The Wake Of GAG II”

    70-80 People were killed. A criminal Despot is invading a Country and the Scientologists are cheering:

    Gat2 brings in order , Confusions are blowing off.

    Above are the wins of Gat2 ?

    This organization and any People supporting it are a danger for mankind and have to be stopped. This is a total perverted ideology.

    Who created that ?
    Germs of nazism spread all over the place .
    I hereby would like to announce that I’m fully distancing myself from any subject and People related to Scientology or L.Ron Hubbard and always will denounce their real intentions (=control of People).

    Any wog has more humanity in himself than a Scientologist.ever will be able to honestly display !
    I’m disgusted !”

    And now I read your article. My God. Just unbelievable how blind and foolish I’ve been. The wins made with Scientology tech never can outweigh the harm it did !

    From the first day I was an Adept of your blog and was moving up a little higher. I would like to thank you again for your work, even I haven’t read all your books. I can also think for myself and develop my own conclusions and don’t need a leader for it.

    In the last years I learned more about life, myself, my emotions, Feelings and about the world than I ever did in 35 years of being a Scientologist. It’s hard to look at oneself and owns real Motive and it’s a never ending process. But that’s life and I’m proud of being a homo sapiens. He has created so many good things and will create more.

    No Need for a homo novis !

    Thank you to everybody here, for all your thoughts,creations, introspections and humanity. I’ll miss you but I’ve a life to live as a human and better things to do than cry about my past.

    Goodbye everybody !

    From the Magic Flute from Mozart:
    “…since he’s a prince. Sarastro answers, “More than that he’s a human being!”

  22. Elizabeth Hamre

    maybe that can be a lucky thing?

  23. Wow, this one was powerful. Thanks, Marty. All this time we were told and accepted that the enemy was the psychs. And turns out he was like a petulant adolescent, miffed that this psychiatrist didn’t worship his theories and work and tell others to. The fact that he made a few suggestions as to how to make it more disseminatable, more mainstream, were an insult to Ron who thought it was perfection already. And yet we all galvanized against the psychs as THE ENEMY, all based on Ron’s own reactive mind and ego and self importance. In his own Sec Checking Tech, LRH says that people will accuse you of the same overts they have. The solution is to pull the similar overt. Ron never had that done on his case or he wouldn’t be accusing others of his own overts. And maybe he felt he had to invent an enemy so as to unite his own followers to fight the enemy without instead of question the tech or creator of it within?

  24. Sorry for my manic episode

  25. Actions are senior to words, words are senior to tought. That is why you can get convicted on an action and not on words or tought, unless words drive action.

    In a cult you get convicted on a tought alone

  26. singanddanceall

    12 November 1951, a lecture from the Basics series Thought, Emotion and Effort, lecture called Prime Thought, page 28,

    here’s what Ron said:

    “When I was a little kid, I used to have to get out of a lot of things by telling a flock of lies and I thought this was the training which later on, let me write fiction.”

  27. singanddanceall

    7 November 1952 lecture from the Basics series, Source of Life Energy, lecture called Force As Homo Sapiens and AS Thetan-Responsibility, page 69 & 70:

    Here’s what Ron said:

    “Possession is the way you pin people down. If you give them enough possessions, you fixed them. You fixed them. The way to ruin somebody would be to give him a million dollars! That would just ruin him”

    “Now, actually, the kindest favor you can do for a preclear is to take a good, big fee from him. You’ve made it that much more possible for him to be free. Because he wasn’t able to be free because he has, you see?”

  28. singanddanceall

    10 November 1952 lecture from the Basics series Source of Life Energy, lecture called Introduction: The Q List and Beginning of Logics, page 101.

    Here’s what Ron said:

    “My own philosophy, my own method of existing is far, far different, perhaps in many cases, than the data itself, because I’ve selected out, after all, certain randomities.

    There are certain things which I have decided to be mad at in this universe. I’ve decided to be mad at psychiatrists. There is no reason why I should be mad at psychiatrists. Really, the sensible thing for me to do about psychiatrists is simply go over and talk to them, make a couple of patients well, show them how they can make bigger fees, pat them on the head, and you’ve got Dianetics and psychiatry. But there is no randomity there. No randomity at all. They’re never going to hurt a preclear, really. I can rave and rant about electric shock and prefontal lobotomy– you can pick them up in the next life and they’ll be as good as new.”

  29. The two faces of Ron. He was dichotomous. He honored no cosmic benevolence: the basic do’s and don’ts of the spiritual path. Hell, the basic dos and don’ts of even common living he denied.

    What I think happened to Ron was; he had a propensity for metaphysics with paranoid tendencies and an insatiable desire for power. Mayo talked about that.

    Also his moral nature was undeveloped. He payed no homage to a teacher or philosophy that would have guided him through his negative greedy tendencies that led to his depraved legacy.

    And defaulting to being an “anti christ Crowley appreciator” he reveals a philosophy that supports the ego and it’s desires for power, fame, name etc.

    Sometimes I think he opened himself up to lower astral regions with meter in hand.

    I also believe he was not prepared or ready to comprehend the whole track as it is.

    The whole track in Scientology, in my opinion, is Ron’s unhandled unconscious tendencies filtered through his unparalleled creative intelligence and made into Sci-Fi; his artistic love.

    One word, one virtue, would have created a 180 degree different outcome if Ron only had the heart for it.


  30. Yes Marty I have metal Illness, that is why I can’t be too hard on L Ron Hubbard. Onley on his actions

  31. Robert Almblad

    LRH talked about the “cultural lag” regarding people’s acceptance or understanding of Scientology. It was going to take time, a long time to clear planet earth. That was understood. This is a far different goal than “To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms.” and “Our total victory will come when we run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.”

    This new goal was obviously a mistake because absolutely no progress has been made to destroy and take over the field of mental health in the past 45 years and the progress towards clearing the planet has all but completely halted in the Co$ in 2014.

    The value of the technology is now mired in a PR mud bath that Miscavige has dragged Scientology in his worship of fame and his avarice for money… and him trying to save his own ass from justifiable prosecution…. Co$ is not taking over anything, including itself…what a mess!

  32. “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.” That is a promise that GOT ME into the Church of Scientology a long time ago. It sure worked because I was there. But now times have changed according to “the church” “LRH says” that if people want a world like this, then go out and start a war with people. That make sense, right Marty? 🙂 Everybody feels this way. If I want to be friends with the man next door, why not just go over there and take a swing at him with a lead bat! 🙂 Is that a world without insanity? I don’t think so! But it is the spiritual advice from the world’s Churches of Scientology. Is it any wonder that EVEN PSYCHIATRISTS think the church is out of it! 🙂

  33. Elizabeth Hamre

    I don’t think you got the meaning of what I said… and that alone is a indicator

  34. Marty ~
    May I express the wish that you post each and every OSA Network order ? It has been memorialized for posterity by Frank Oliver, Investigations Officer, a DSA of Office of Special Affairs International.

  35. martyrathbun09

    That is but a fraction of them.

  36. Wow. All of these OSA Network Orders need to see the light of day. I will take the job of distributing the bunch to key law enforcement. The old trick of trying to get Scientology Inc enemies arrested by some Government agency or another is not working out anymore. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. As to “No Need for a homo novis!” — well said.

    Frankly, if our species makes it to full homo sapiens, it will be a miracle. The monkeys who dreamed of being humans who dreamed of being gods. A truly conflicted, not quite fully sapient set of of beings.

  38. I agree with that, Cat Daddy. As put in some “wog” but very wise philosophies, “I am responsible for my own feelings; you are responsible for your own actions.” “You” meaning Ron, in this case.

  39. Yet Scientology had a definite goal, starting as early as the 1970s, to clear Earth before the turn of the century.

  40. Fascinating, unwitting, self-disclosure from Hubbard.

    1. He is like a parakeet in a cage, madly picking at his own image — his Jungian “shadow” — his split, and unintegrated two selves, the charismatic, inspiring leader and innovator, and the paranoid, vindictive, unforgiving tyrant.

    2. What he writes about the “enemy” and the enemies traits and coming downfalls applies exactly to _Ron_ and _Scientology_ far more than to any imagined enemy. Take this paragraph if I rewrite to shift the focus from the “enemy” back onto Scientology:

    “By demonstrating Scientology’s falsity about psychotherapy we rehab our own repute. By showing Scientology’s sources to be false we get them expended. By showing Scientology to be brutal, venal and plotting, we get it discarded. Our direct assault [on Scientology] will come when they start to arrest Scientology’s principals and troops for crimes (already begun).”

    Pot, kettle, anyone? And yet the deranged bird continues to peck at its own image.

  41. Goodbye and good for you! Wishing you the best. 🙂

  42. Can’t teach an old David Miscavige new tricks, or something like that…close enough. 🙂

  43. This line says it all: “Our war has been forced to become…”
    The presumes the war was already going on and the only thing that changed was purpose for that war.

    This denotes that the original purpose was not strongly set and worked for and/or was betrayed at the first expression of disapproval re Scn.

    The betrayal belongs to the one(s) who gave up his goals, purposes or original intents….or these were not meant to be true in the first place.

    Either one, the responsibility lies in the one(s) that gave up the original purpose, not on the attacker. The latter was only an excuse to cover up something that was already there; in this case, and as stated in the write up, a war.

  44. When you look at this planet then you can think, that something is very much out on this planet.
    L. Ron Hubbard identified the “mental health” business and the people behind as cause. The WHY.
    For example read some David Icke books like I did. He identifies the “reptilians” as Why. This might be wrong, but his description of the actions are very accurate. Some weeks ago it had been in the official news that 65 families on earth possess half of the total wealth of planet Earth. I do not think that those are psychiatrists nor are they reptilians.
    Both and for sure others did see the overt and covert actions and figured out that there is something going on behind the curtains. L. Ron Hubbard pointed to the wrong target. But it looks like that there is a target. Some source of the major actions behind the current situation still under cover.
    I do not know the target. As Scientology did attack the wrong target Scientology could be secretly converted to the enemy that is now assisting the agenda of the enemy. If you want to figure out the goals of the enemy then you only need to look at the micro world of Scientology:
    Splitting apart families, slave work, Rehabilitation Project Force, total control and even some sort of thought control, prevention of free speech, forbidden information.
    But within me are also goals that I would like to reach by controlling others, controlling their thoughts, make them work for me with as little exchange as possible or force them to do things that they would normally not do. I try my best not to do this. So, is there a single person that is controlling all the evil on Earth? One Why and target number 1?

  45. A little more information.

    Before Hubbard wrote about taking over “absolutely the field of mental healing” in his confidential 2 December 1969 ‘Intelligence Actions, Covert Intelligence Data Collection’, he wrote, in a LRH Executive Directive of 24 November 1968:

    “We’re going to take over mental hospitals and *political guidance* and the whole field of mental healing.”

    He who decide who is sane or insane is the one in control.

    Hubbard accomplished this on his followers, the Scientologists, for whom he was the authority on what or who is sane or insane, and he wanted to accomplish it on all Mankind.

  46. Hubbard’s goals didn’t change.

    He inadvertently revealed his secret blueprint, for Scientology, in his black propaganda booklet – meant, at the time (mid 1950s), to smear psychiatry as being commies – and it was: to “assert and maintain dominion over thoughts and loyalties through mental healing…”

  47. christianscientology

    The trouble is that LRH fell right into a trap. The truth is the battle was never about flesh and blood, “but spiritual powers in heavenly places”. Ephesians 6:12

    In the early days Ron realised that psychiatry and psychology were God-less approaches to investigating the nature of man, and then he took his eye off the ball and started attacking the wrong target.

    We are told in Scripture “resist not an evil person” Matthew 5:39, but we are equally told to “resist the devil and he will flee” James 4:7. We are also told that “the devil is a liar and the father of lies” John 8:44

    If only Ron had been wise enough to heed the Word of God instead of “knowing best”, we would be well on the way to “Clearing the Planet” and be the acknowledged experts in the field of mental health.

  48. Marty –

    Wait a minute.

    Are you saying that what Frank Oliver put on the Internet was only a fraction of the confidential LRH GO/OSA Network Orders?


  49. Chee Chalker

    You can get convicted on words alone if words are false and defamatory

  50. Robert Almblad

    FOTH 2012
    I think mental healing and spiritual enlightenment in the hands of a sociopath will produce slavery and a lot of other ills.

    LRH forwarded the field of mental health significantly (IMHO) and discovered sociopaths in charge of mental health, historically speaking and in present time.

    I don’t think LRH was the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe it was more like: “what you resist is what you become”? He simply did not succeed in keeping his own advancements in the field of mental health out of the hands of a sociopath.

    Historically he knew sociopaths took over advancements in mental health, like Scientology, in order to enslave others but he thought his precious HCOPL’s would save the day. And, that did work. For about 15 minutes somewhere in time.

    I don’t know if LRH over-estimated his ability to cure or wipe out sociopaths or under-estimated the tenacity of sociopaths to gain control of advancements in mental health, but either way, it makes no difference, that’s the pickle we are in today.

    LRH picked the right target to attack in mental health. And, if he were here today he would pick Miscavige as the right mental health target to attack. And, he would change his own admin policies to fit the times. But, over time that might not work either and eventually another sociopath would take over… so, it’s best to keep your eyes wide open as you travel down this road of mental health and spiritual enlightenment. Advancements in the subject attract the best and the worst of characters. If you are not observant, you might get trapped. If you don’t move forward, you are surely trapped.

  51. Schorsch –

    So, is there a single person that is controlling all the evil on Earth? One Why and target number 1?

    In my opinion, no.

    Some conditions exist, not out of being directly or intentionally caused, but as a mere emergence or consequence of something else’s existence.

    For instance, carbon dioxide is a result of the decomposition of plant matter. Burning that plant matter (oil) releases that carbon dioxide into the air. Our lives and societies require energy for us to feed each other, build and maintain homes, and to live and prosper.

    Does that make oil companies evil?

    No. Rising carbon dioxide is an emergence which resulted from our need to live and grow. You could call it a “natural” result. What about the people whose families are being fed off the oil industry? Are they evil? Well, just look around. Can you find one single family who is not being fed either directly or indirectly off of the oil industry?

    So, obviously, feeding your family is the root of all evil, then.


    This type of consequential “cause” is everywhere around us. And you have to completely ignore this type of cause in order to look for 1 person or 1 group causing all the “evil” in the world.

    Some things just emerge as a result of the existence of other things. LRH did not tolerate this view. SOMEONE had to CAUSE ALL bad things that happened to him. This is a very blinkered view of cause. This thinking leads to conspiracy theories in too many cases because unintended consequences not only exist, but are the majority of consequences that do exist.

    A great theory that addresses these ideas is called Emergence Theory. When you really look at it, it is quite profound.


  52. this was not OSA, it was GO – LRH was there – not DM. DM is just a Frankenstein made by LRH.

  53. The monkey aspect certainly explains a lot about society and human behaviour 🙂

  54. Karen,
    Thanks. Very illuminating;


    Well now then, why didn’t I think of that? I need medication. Lots of it please.

  55. Mental health? or “Appears mental”?

    From the L. Ron Hubbard archives. Written soon after the writing of ‘Excalibur’, in 1938:

    “Personal immortality is only to be gained through printed word, barred note, or painted canvas or hard granite… I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form … that goal is the real goal as far as I am concerned… It’s a pretty big job. In a hundred years Roosevelt will have been forgotten – which gives some idea of the magnitude of my attempt… Psychiatrists reaching the high of the dusty desk tell us that Alexander, Genghis Khan and Napoleon were madman. I know they’re maligning some very intelligent gentlemen…”

  56. singanddanceall

    lest not forget Ron declared everybody insane in DMSMH & SOS because everybody has a reactive mind.

    Until somebody went “clear” they were still insane.

    And lets not forget Ron said in DMSMH that two people could clear each other in 20 hours.

    “He who decide who is sane or insane is the one in control.” Ron attempted this with DMSMH & SOS

  57. True that, but you have to really spin it. And I believe play it on the person. The trouble is companies and some church we know can sue a person into oblivion.

  58. You left out the sentence that follows the last one you quoted:

    “So anybody who dares say that maybe he’s going to cut things up considerably is immediately branded as an egomaniac, or something equally ridiculous, so that little men can still save their hides in the face of possible fury.”

  59. HI Karen;

    I wonder, do ‘we’ have all, or a very large percentage of, the GO orders and the OSA orders? If so, maybe we can have them put up side by side to forever dead agent the PR that the GO has been disbanded. I think that having a site with the data on it will put to rest any doubt about the continuing evil intentions of the Scientology Religion.

  60. Schorsch: “But within me are also goals that I would like to reach by controlling others, controlling their thoughts, make them work for me with as little exchange as possible or force them to do things that they would normally not do. I try my best not to do this. So, is there a single person that is controlling all the evil on Earth? One Why and target number 1?”

    What I take from what Schorsch is saying is that all of us have the above ego-driven tendencies, and that all of humanity has contributed to the evil on Earth. Personally, I would add that dwelling on the evil beyond a certain point is yet another way to continue it. That idea is based on the principle that our thoughts go out into the universe and create what it becomes.

  61. I have to agree with a lot of what you wrote, Brian. You didn’t mention that he was a genius, but it suppose it doesn’t matter in the context of your point. Humility is your point. And the proper one. All the money in the world cannot buy it. Its a form of Grace, earned and granted, but unable to be bought with any amount of money. However it does come at a price. The cost is your false identities, that or those persons who you think you are. I will finish with a quote from the Irish Poet Thomas Moore; “Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot.”

  62. Thanks for posting that.

  63. Well shit. I didn’t have anything I came into Scientology to get fixed. I just wanted to help the persons I saw crying around me. Shhheeeesh what a waste Ron. Well you are going to have a bunch of amends and bet it’s not in the next galaxy as planned. Don’t worry – the way out is the way through. I’m so glad that a few years ago I stopped the ‘What would Ron do” for solutions in my life. Things started to get better. Amazing.

  64. That is what he said (insinuated) no, said Alanzo. Amazing just when we think it could get no more evil, no more new news of the actuall intentions – there we go – more. Guess it’s a ‘confront of evil’ practical. Can I have a check out now? 🙂

  65. Don’t forget this line from the same 1938 statement, made in reference to those who might stand in the way of his plan of to “smash” his “name into history”: “I can make Napoleon look like a punk.”

    Thirty one years later, in ‘Discipline – SPs and Admin’, Hubbard wrote:

    “I’m not interested in wog morality… If anyone is getting industrious trying to enturbulate or stop Scientology or Scientologists I can make Captain Bligh look like a Sunday School teacher.”

    Notice how Hubbard’s goal of self aggrandizement was disguised with the publicly displayed “Aims of Scientology,” etc.

  66. Well, Thank you for posting Marty. I seem to recall a FO where Ron changes the purpose of the SO ‘To get in Ethics’ (from ‘To clear the Planet’). Those who found it did not match their purpose were allowed to leave. That was b4 my time (’77). I wonder if all those that left were then declared? So much more to be learned about the fascinating history of the SO. The more truth that gets out, it all becomes simpler and so much easier to let it go. Thanks for all your guys!

  67. Thank you Robert. I agree with some of what you say.

  68. Jean-François Genest

    Good point 🙂
    For example, according to 3 friends who are teachers in USA & Canada, 12 friends who are parents, plus my own involvement in schools as a tutor/homework helper, I estimate that ± 95% of school children are currently on psychiatric medication, for all kinds of conditions ranging from ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, paranoia, low self-esteem, violence, addictions, lack of exercise, and criminal tendencies. [it was supposed to be OSA’s and ABLE’s specific mandates to handle this]
    Oops! Has a withhold been missed??

    Now, just thinking about it, the above psychiatric conditions & disorders can also be found in the current Scientologists so, someone could conclude that Scientology must have taken over the field of mental health.
    In addition, current Scientologists seem to suffer from:
    • Addictive Personality Disorder to donate to the IAS and Idle org projects
    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    • Delusions of Grandeur / Delusional Personality
    • Refusal to face the truth and confront reality
    • Paranoia of SPs everywhere → more security guards than auditors
    • ∞

  69. Allowing oneself to be comfortably wrong, to cop to your shit, constructively self critical, giving others the biggest piece, the best seat, the last say.

    When I realized that I could be comfortably wrong, it was a very healing way of being right. Very liberating.

    Arrogance takes so much damn effort to keep the facade going.

    Humility is the key to the heart. Those are not just nice words.

    Successful marriages are based on it. Believe me I know.

    The practice of humility is probably the most powerful practice with humanity I know. It gives so much real personal power because the ego doesn’t need to justify itself forcefully. The mind doesn’t have a need to “crush the enemy.”

    The best time to practice humility is when someone is harshly judging.

    Mirildi helps me 😉 Thank you Mirildi.

    Being agreed with is so blasé. Being personally attacked and maintaining equilibrium is a joyful challenge. Sometimes I am good at it. Sometimes not so good.

    That’s where Marty’s editing comes in handy.

    Ron’s pride took him down. What he was protecting with black ops and all that foolishness was himself, not Scientology.

    He made us believe he was protecting and saving the universe. So we decided to protect him so he could save the universe.

    He wasn’t saving the universe. His goal was power. And the innermost self of Ron knew that if we found out who he really was. He would loose that power.

    “The highest attainment to truth is to the attainment of ones illusions”

    This statement has inherent in it, a concept that locks in association the word “truth” and “illusion” together.

    Just meditate and deeply think about what he is saying.

    It is the key to understanding Ron.

  70. Here’s the whole paragraph, which shows the context of that sentence. Overall, what Ron has to say about himself comes across as honest and unpretentious.

    “People used to come up to me and say, ‘Well, I would have written too, except that I never could get to college.’ I used to go nuts on this. They were trying to say all you had to do was study and then you would get to be a writer. I felt very
    defeated about the whole thing because it was my belief that writing was a talent. I find out, now, it is nothing more nor less than self-confidence and ability to use the English language. Very few people are allowed to. What talent there is, I don’t know. When I was a child I used to have to get out of a lot of things by telling a flock of lies, and I thought this was the training which later on let me write fiction!”

    Click to access R&D09.PDF

  71. Thank you for the ref referring to GO order First of all GO office is not in existence, any more ( be it what it was and what written ) I do not beleive LRH would go to the extreme as what Dm is today or he has brought forward and twisted the justice ethics sytem to what it is today . Its out of the question.Neither he or any one of them are hear to comment, or if around ignore or don’t comment.
    I do recall written both with the days of LRH ” Lets clear the planet ” but aswell ensure ethics is in ” Theirs no standard of tech / if ethics is not in , anyway, Its simple if there wasen’t ethics in , and in such a large organization it would have been madness and nothing would have been done ,and blame againwould be LRH ,There wouldn’t have been products produced, but chaos. Its open to arguments for those wanting to carry on the issue Theirs such a thing is LETTING GO. The source is not there .
    The current church if one can call it so I do not beleive is reconigised by many that left and they are indept and getting on with helping people get better and that’s the prime purpose. Making a better place for all and getting people more sane.

  72. Brian, you presented a quote;
    ““The highest attainment to truth is to the attainment of ones illusions”
    LRH. I bet Walter Mitty could appreciate that. I like a lot of the examples you present on the subject of humility. Another opportunity to self-check humility is the absence of patience. Impatience can expose ones self-importance. Whatever self-importance we are protecting is usually another false identity we are carrying around. Dismissing it provides relief from pretense. Gaining self-knowledge like that is always humbling in a good way.

  73. The reason I have had nothing to do with the Co$ since about 2002 is because the staff in the Co$ were always playing this game , the game of their public being poor things that need to be helped , that is a very psyched activity , the Co$ organisations are the modern psychs who need to be taken over completely and replaced with the free zone or rons org or whatever else that works, because the Co$ does not work .
    To say that people are things that need to be helped does not work , that never works and it s useless to do that .

  74. Perhaps the greatest disservice I can think of is to live ones life through a series of seemingly workable and certainly easy to remember — pithy slogans.

    “The degree of complexity is directly proportionate to the degree of non-confront”

    “The greatest good for the greatest number”

    “What you resist you become”

    “Home Sapiens is a family man”

    “Rewarding upstats. Penalize downstats.”

    “Degraded beings”

    “All illness is caused by being connected to a SP”

    When picked apart one can see how each of these WORDS OF TRUTH (ha)
    can dramatically skewer ones view of the world AND how the person is BLAMED for any shortcomings.

    In other words — degree of complexity for example — if your life has become COMPLEX because it’s a real life — you then HAVE to say that it’s because you can’t confront — oh my. The person now is introverted thinking he has is a weak non-confronting fool.

    LRH was not a hero. He ruined numerous lives and those who are now out are leading lives not THANKS to LRH but in spite of him. Regardless how they slice and dice it.

    I may not be anyone’s hero but I haven’t calculatedly ruined lives because of my ego. I don’t believe LRH is blameless. Let’s start getting real here.

    Sorry for the rant …

  75. BTW — scientology isn’t the only “religion” with pithy slogans and therefore the potential for unexamined “faith” …

    An unexamined faith isn’t a faith — it’s superstition.

    Yet another pithy and seemingly true slogan 🙂

    Life? It’s full of almost endless questions and we all do our best to answer them … or bury our heads in the sand so as not to even look at them.

    It’s not easy peasy.

  76. Experience or not makes these kinds of statements real or not. I had a remote in-law relative stalking us. She worked really hard at tearing my marriage apart. She did not have a life of her own. So she fixated on mine. I finally contributed to buying her a home. In fact, I made it happen. Knowing once she had it, (and she had never owned a home before), she would be come stuck in it as a possession. And get off my fucking ass. Sure enough, I made it happen to buy her a home and she became so fixated in it she moved right off me. It is the same as throwing a dog a bone. I just can’t explain it any other way. I parked her back in time, right off my track. Although it was a “loan”, she has never paid me back. Not that I have reminded her she owes me! She avoids me to keep her home. Hell of a lot of truth in that. She is so stuck in owning that home she took all of her anchor points off of me and sunk them in that house. Which she worships. Still stuck in illusion. The government owns all of the land and rents it back to us under the banner of “property taxes”. If you do not pay the rent they come and take your home. She will pay that rent and that is her big PTP now. Not me.

    Look at how the whales buried David Miscavige with their big donos.

    That guy is six feet under too. He has had “house fever” for decades and is running it on everyone. He is extremely feminine with his wants and needs, from the houses and buildings, tailors, to the make up artists to the chefs and personal servants and hostessing at the Int Base. He morphed into a material girl.

    The problem with so many guys leaving the Int base is they are, well, “I’m a man, I got my pride, don’t need no woman to hurt me inside”.

    How simple is that?

  77. David turned into a lady and the other guys couldn’t think with it.

  78. That made them all “bad men”.

  79. “Life? It’s full of almost endless questions and we all do our best to answer them … or bury our heads in the sand so as not to even look at them.”

    I love that one, Windhorse. Thanks.

  80. Not really a bad indicator. People think David went effect of Hubbard? Uh Duh? More like Elizabeth Tailor!

  81. Good one Vicar: patience

    Pity that these decent and simple virtues were absent in Scientology.

    My greatest expansions in self have occurred in constructive self criticism.

    The antithesis is the state of clear. No more pictures. All the internal noise is someone elses cause.

    I’ve thought recently about the repercussions of someone actually having as a thought process: all these imperfections in myself are someone elses pictures.

    How utterly disempowering.

  82. Franks Oliver’s 1990s stuff is not complete. By then, as a protective measure, the material had been compartmentalized. There is more. You’d have a better idea if you could see the documents seized by the FBI in 1977, the Information Full Hat, the Branch One Hatting letters, and other items. Only a small percentage of these documents are on the Net.

    Scientology did not reform after the FBI raids of 1977 and early 1980s imprisonment of Mary Sue (taking the rap for her husband), it became even more secretive.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s confidential and highly confidential – think: ‘pink legs” – instructions are still being followed.

  83. Elizabeth Hamre

    long as you experience those pictures thoughts no matter whos are those: you experience them too: now how empowering that is….you figure that one out for self. and the only way YOU can get rid of them is by taking responsibility for those experiences.
    Blame never erased a pictures or a thoughts if blame would work this Planet would be clear by now, in fact if blaming would work this planet and the Universe would never accumulated shit as it has.

  84. Elizabeth Hamre

    Brian since you can point out so well what is wrong with the world, what is wrong with its occupants since you are soooo smart, knowledgeable than why not go out and do just that. Change the WORLD.. Your evaluation and invalidation will not make a better place. only shows that you feel very superior.

  85. Elizabeth Hamre

    Right Pip…. let us not worry about anything… only Ron should have been wiser and embraced what you believe in than scientology would not happen and you would not have gained different experiences: nothing to talk about.
    But all is well, we have Jesus and I am sure by now that he and LRH are best friends.

  86. Elizabeth Hamre

    “”Perhaps the greatest disservice I can think of is to live ones life”” is not thinking for self.

  87. Elizabeth Hamre

    Yes that is a good one, what do you think got you into the mass you are in?

  88. Elizabeth Hamre

    is that a rumor or fact?

  89. Elizabeth Hamre

    Oh..wise one you are pointing to the path of enlightenment.. we are sure to attain spiritual freedom.
    slinging dirt will do that every time.

  90. Brian


    I am not sure exactly what point you are trying to make when you quote LRH above regarding “truth” and “illusion”. Could you clarify how you find this statement “is the key to understanding Ron.”?

    From my point of view, I definitely can see that “truth” and “illusion” can be associated. Both are based on perception, viewpoint, and postulates. “Truth” could be described as an “illusion” that you have decided (postulated) is not an illusion. If you replace the word “truth” with “reality” the above statement still seems to apply.

    Obviously how we each define the terms, and the sum of our current postulates on this subject, comes into play here, and I just seem to be ending up missing what you were trying to say.

    Eric S

  91. Norwood, this time you got me interested in the “wog morality” and Captain Bligh quote. Here’s the part you quoted:

    “I’m not interested in wog morality… If anyone is getting industrious trying to enturbulate or stop Scientology or Scientologists I can make Captain Bligh look like a Sunday School teacher.”

    And here’s some of the context:

    “So I don’t care what men or women do if they just wear their hats and keep their stats up. Only when Scientology is being slowed or stopped do you find me rigging up the tools of discipline.

    “In actual fact, I rather hold the person who is inactive because he is afraid of punishment in contempt. I respect only those who are strong enough to be decent without the ‘self-protection’ of evil.

    “I use discipline to hold the edges of a channel, not to stop the flow.” (HCOPL 15 Aug 67 II)

  92. “Out of one side of his face, he writes this.
    Out of the other side of his face, he writes “What is Greatness?”
    The two faces of Scientology.”

    Intelligence includes the ability to discern differences.

    What is Greatness is a general statement of principle, a GO order is a specific instruction on handing a specific situation in one small part of an organization.

    Two faces?

    Or a face and the back inside fold of the left ear. On Tuesday.

    All part of a larger context still.

    Scientology is what it is and can not be described by any major or minor part, only understood with a though knowledge of all the parts and their relative importances. And that is what is required to be able to be at peace with it.

    Holding scientology up as the great evil and ignoring what truth it contains is equally as damaging as believing it is the source of all truth and infallible. No true understanding, or peace, with come of either.

    It’s nice that we have the internet for scoring simplistic points about a man long dead and his former and dying organization, isn’t it. With out it we would be stuck living our real lives.

  93. Elizabeth Hamre

    Oracle why do you think that is When a man only want or only can point negate out in the other person? Each persons universe contain equal amount of negative or positive believes. You see good can not exist without bad they balance each other out as in example : game.
    When one point at the negative that negative first is experienced by the person who point to that energy… It can not be any other way.
    What the person believes in, how one thinks, what he writes is the expression of that persons universe.
    Every time we open our mouth to speak, what ever comes out that was born inside, the reflection of our universe.

  94. “Home Sapiens is a family man”

    And being a “Saps is bad so family is bad and Thetan does not have family.

  95. What I basically don’t agree with is putting so much attention on all the bad things that have been said and done by LRH and others in the name of Scientology – and sometimes even exaggerating those, or outright fabricating additional wrongnesses. That will just keep people from looking for themselves to see the parts that are valuable and that can be used by anyone to improve conditions.

    At the same time, I agree with Marty that those who are using the tech need to “integrate, evolve and transcend” so as not to lose the contributions LRH made. Rather than keeping the tech isolated and stagnant and putting a ceiling on its potential, it can be made even more beneficial.

  96. LRH Excerpt Nov ’68 – Reform Code of Scientology

  97. The aims of John Lennon, killed by a gun:

  98. Please think about this, analyse this and have an opinion, please do that.

  99. Elizabeth — I have yet to see what side of the aisle you are on — it seems you shift from side to side while always claiming to be wisely in the middle.

    I do not for one minute belief you are so obtuse as to MISUNDERSTAND what I was saying …

    Thinking for oneself is paramount to having and living a life. Much easier said than done.

    I was merely cautioning myself AND others to not be fooled by pithy slogans that might speak truth — or might not.

    Go ahead and carve me up — I don’t believe your name is Elizabeth Hamre — I would say it’s more “agent provocateur” —

    But then perhaps you’ll prove me wrong. Something I’m perfectly able to have.

  100. Makes me think of Marty and Monique;

  101. Cat Daddy — Precisely. Homo Sapiens is a very very dirty word in Dianetics and Scientology. LRH said that Homo Sapiens was a family man. PROVING that IF you put family OVER the org, stats, LRH etc you were a mere Homo Sap …

    People who went on vacations with their kids, spent time with kids were “FAMILY MEN” and therefore expendable and basically stupid.

    Of course — everyone wants to be Homo Novis — right? 🙂

  102. Indeed please think for yourself

  103. Eustace Tilley: “Holding scientology up as the great evil and ignoring what truth it contains is equally as damaging as believing it is the source of all truth and infallible.

    Yes, there are true believers on both sides.

    Great post otherwise too. Thank you!

  104. Let’s a say a certain Catholic priest gives the most inspiring sermons that contain the greatest truths assembled by Man. But he is also a pederast who has forced sex with the altar boys every chance he gets – ruining their lives.

    Since there are other Catholic priests who give the same or very similar sermons, and who can be trusted with the altar boys, why not just send the pedophile priest to jail?

    There are other religions which contain the same truths that Scientology contains, and which do not also attempt to bankrupt, enslave, and destroy the minds and families of their congregations through a greed for money and power. There are religions which do not perpetually generate enemies through written records and taped lectures, such as the Scientology writings that Marty posted long after the writer has died.

    So while there is good in Hubbard’s writing and taped lectures, Scientology was created, maintained, and continues today as a toxic spiritual deception.

    After 30 years both in and out of Scientology, my conclusion is that, on balance, there is more bad in Scientology than good.

    You would warn the altar boys and their families about the pedophile priest if you knew about him, wouldn’t you? You would do what you could to get him off the streets so that he can not harm anyone else, wouldn’t you?

    Exposing the bad in Scn to people so that no one else gets harmed is more important than clinging to your personal wins in Scientology. You can get the good in Scientology elsewhere with little to none of the bad.

    And living my real life without any Scientology in it, and while watching Scientology die so that they can not harm anyone else is just fine with me, thanks.


  105. I have always listened to all you had to say, I alsoo have made fun of you a bit on other blogs, I alsoo have defended you. And I do believe in your good intentions. I alsoo believe Auditing people that you did helped the people. I KNOW that Auditing is a very strong and powerfull tool to help people. When people say I don’t understand the “lofty”words of Marty Rathbun that is just an euphinism for I don’t want to hear what he has to say:

    I believe in you

  106. Norwood wrote:

    L. Ron Hubbard’s confidential and highly confidential – think: ‘pink legs” – instructions are still being followed.

    Yes. That’s one reason why the “L Ron Hubbard is dead” argument never held water.

    His writings and lectures act as a perpetual war machine for each new generation of recruits. And they all must apply them 100% standardly no matter how long ago Hubbard died.

    I am familiar with Frank Oliver’s full hat. The “pink legs” references would be very important to expose.

    Hubbard made certain parts of Scientology hidden and “confidential” so that people could not examine them and think with ALL of Scientology.

    Well I say let’s get it ALL out so we can all think with ALL of Scientology.


  107. Flunk!

    You have something dripping from that knife, and it doesn’t have a label on it.


    Alanzo (:>

  108. Audrey Hepburn is one of my OT people

  109. I have never had a goal for “spiritual freedom”. I have never considered that I wasn’t free spiritually.

  110. The purpose of a ser fac is to make someone like them self less. When you make someone wrong, you are asking them to like them self less. That isn’t exactly holy either. But I have no goals to be holy either.

    Pointing out the negative in Miscavige, and I admit I got stirred up today being informed of the latest Sea Org witch hunt, is “mentioning something” ethics gradient. Nobody here has lopped off HIS head.

    How many clears have been made in So. Africa in 2013? I think the Sea Org made more SP’s than clears in 2013. Dead body count from a few Sea Org members stomping into So. Africa with tourist visa’s:

    Gaye Corbett – 22 October 2013
    Ernest Corbett – 22 October 2013
    Tracy Henley – 22 October 2013
    Guy Henley – 22 October 2013
    Lisa Goosen – 22 October 2013
    Warwick Goosen – 22 October 2013
    Dave Jelley – 22 October 2013
    Molly Jelley – 22 October 2013
    Wendy Bowman – 22 October 2013
    Alan Bowman – November 2013
    Shirley Wartski – 22 October 2013
    Craig Howarth – 22 October 2013
    Cameron Wannenberg – 22 October 2013
    Carol Krieger – 22 October 2013
    Karl Kroeger – 22 October 2013
    Sandy Kroeger – 22 October 2013
    Kim Downing – 22 October 2013
    Rodney Corbett – 22 October 2013
    Ueli Gostelli – 22 October 2013
    Ryan Hogarth – 29 November 2013
    Andrew Jackson – December 2013
    Shelley Ashurst – December 2013
    Lawrence Retief – December 2013
    Jenny Retief – December 2013
    Sophy Thlabadira – December 2013
    Francois Groenewald – December 2013
    Kelly Groenewald – December 2013
    Candice Mitton – December 2013
    Ettienne Mitton – December 2013
    Margaret Corbett – December 2013
    Paige Dennis – 2013
    Kerryn McKay – 2013

  111. Thank you Marildi. Seems if he “used to have to get out of a lot of things by telling a flock of lies” sad place to be to me. I could not live like that no matter who was at fault and still be a happy person. Even if it was “Why didn’t you empty the trash?” or “Why the C in math?”. Too bad. Clean Hands make a Happy Life is maybe more what he got out of that. Doesn’t mean he practiced it. I don’t do a lot of things I should – Juice my carrots….

  112. Mark my words, and remember I foretold this. In your lifetime you will see David Miscavige dressed as a woman. And living as a woman.

  113. Marildi: Nothing you’ve posted changes the meaning of what I posted.

  114. You could think this is Propaganda, And you are right, But the stories are real for a change.

  115. Big GPM right now in the Church with the ethics. “Mentioning something” is an ethics gradient. But if one “Mention’s something” (see Leah Remini’s case) you are punished or expelled.

    So being, nobody is permitted to use ethics with regards to the Church, David Misscavige, or the Sea Org.

    Not even the slightest mention!

    When David has all of the ethics power, and nobody else is permitted to use ANY, not even the slightest application of ethics in their environment, to have a master / slave relationship going on.

    Why has Marty been stalked harassed attacked?

    He mentioned something. Look at David’s reaction to someone using the slightest bit of ethics!

    What are all of these “S.P.’s” guilty of? Mentioning out ethics! It is now suppressive to use ethics tech.

    Look at the ARCXen field that has been CREATED. And all of those people are expected to keep their mouth shut and mention NOTHING about it.

    A new staff contract has been made up and everyone on staff anywhere in any Org or Mission has been ordered to sign it. It is a pledge to MENTION NOTHING about any out ethics!

    CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY OF __________

    Religious Covenant of Non-Disparagement

    …..” The inviolate strength and integrity of the Church and its staff therefore are critical to the spiritual life of Scientologists in the area. If the credibility or effectiveness of the Church or its senior staff, or executives of higher ecclesiastical Churches such as Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) and Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) is diminished or harmed in any way, Scientologists throughout the area will suffer incalculable spiritual harm.


    4. The term DISPARAGE means:

    A. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do negatively affect or cast the Church, LRH, CSI, RTC or any Church of Scientology, their staff, officers, directors, or trustees or the religious practices, materials, technology and services of the Scientology religion (“Staff and Religious Practices”) in a negative light.

    B. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the reputation of the Church, LRH or any Church of Scientology, CSI, RTC and Scientology Staff and Religious Practices including, but not limited to, negative or derogatory comments and statements about financial status, operations, and the character of any Church of Scientology or its senior staff ecclesiastical leadership.

    C. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the Church, CSI and/or RTC’s relationship with any Scientology parishioner(s) including, but not limited to, comments that could or do harm any Scientology parishioner’s confidence in or hinder their spiritual growth in the Scientology religion or progress up The Bridge.

    5. I understand the gravity of the action I am taking in signing this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I know that I am accepting responsibility for some of the most sacred and important obligations that exist in my religion. …..

    (And that is keep your mouth shut about ANY out ethics)

    They are asked to forfeit their constitutional rights!

    “….I further understand that the spiritual well-being of my fellow Scientologists depends on my ability to keep the promises I make herein. I also know that I am giving up forever some very important personal rights under the United States Constitution. But I also understand that I would not be permitted to serve as a member of the Church staff unless I agreed in advance to the terms of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I take this action because I believe my personal spiritual commitment to Scientology and the betterment of humankind take precedence over any rights of free speech I may have as to these specific matters.

    6. I understand and agree that the promises I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant relate to special, unique and extraordinary matters and that a violation of any of my promises will cause irreparable injury not just to the Church but also to the Scientology religion as a whole and that there are no legal remedies available that could correct this injury. I further understand and agree that such harm is likely to be very substantial and that it will vary with the nature of the disparaging comment or statement, making it extremely difficult and impractical, if not impossible, to measure the full extent of the actual damages caused by a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. For these reasons I therefore agree that if I breach or threaten to breach any of my promises in this Non-Disparagement Covenant that, among other things:

    A. The Church may seek a court order to stop me from breaching or threatening to breach my promises. Because a public hearing to enforce any provision of this Non-Disparagement Covenant might cause disclosure of information deemed confidential information, I agree that if there is litigation concerning this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I shall cooperate with the Church to seek an appropriate order from the county court, or any other court of competent jurisdiction, to seal the file and issue a protective order prohibiting disclosure of confidential information and/or limiting the disclosure of any other information obtained through discovery, to the maximum extent allowed under law.

    B. In addition to anything else a court may require me to do for violating this Non-Disparagement Covenant, that I shall pay the Church $25,000 as liquidated damages (and not as a penalty) for each individual violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant and/or for each individual instance of causing, participating in, cooperating with or encouraging the publication or broadcast of information that results in a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I understand that it is difficult to ascertain the exact extent of damage and harm a violation would cause the Church, but I acknowledge that $25,000 is fair and reasonable.

    7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, I understand and agree that the provisions of this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall not apply to the disclosure of information as compelled by law or pursuant to subpoena or order of any judicial, legislative, executive, regulatory or administrative body, provided such law, subpoena or order is valid and constitutional.

    8. The promises and agreements I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state without reference to the laws of any other state or country. I agree that if legal action is necessary to enforce the promises I have made, that it may be brought in the court of the county in which the Church is located or any other court of competent jurisdiction, and I agree in advance to be subject to the personal jurisdiction of that court. This Non-Disparagement Covenant shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon the persons or organizations that received or are assigned the rights and duties of this Non-Disparagement Covenant (i.e. successors and assigns).

    9. I understand that all the promises and other obligations I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant will be legally binding on me forever. However, if a court happens to rule that one or more of the promises I have made or obligations I have agreed to are not enforceable, then I agree that the rest of the promises and obligations I made shall remain in full force and effect and legally enforceable against me for all time.


    Executed this ___ day of _______, 20__.

    (Printed Full Name)
    (Home Address)
    (Printed Full Name)

    By its: ______________________________

    Personally, I do not know if it is legal to demand that someone sign away their constitutional rights in order to be part of volunteer group.

  116. EnthralledObserver

    I think it’s clear what you meant – a buffed and polished version of the childish saying ‘It takes one to know one’. Wrong, and a narrow-minded view… LRonny was good at teaching such things apparently.

  117. This new contract over rides a person’s constitutional rights. This should be entered into court evidence. Anyone being called forth as a witness from Church staff can not be trusted. They had to surrender their rights to speak, and that means TESTIFY. This is David’s solution to testimony against him. First the staff have to sign a vow of poverty, then a vow to keep muzzled.

    How is this supposed to help anyone with BE DO HAVE? When you insist someone agree to remain in poverty and keep their mouth shut about it too?

    This is David’s solution to an ARCXen field. Make sure nobody else complains! Make sure nobody else will testify!

    That man, while he is down in Texas SCREAMING about HIS religious rights and “Free Speech”, he is running around the back lot getting everyone connected to him to agree to forfeit their constitutional rights!

  118. Laughter! You think he is sitting up at the Int Base saying,

    “Geeze, maybe I should stop beating people up, stuffing them in holes, spending gobs of church money on voyeurism, stalking, attacking, domestic abuse domestic terrorism, forced abortions, cancelled certs, maybe I should let up on this a little.”

    No! His solution is to make sure nobody else is going to mention it!

    The problem isn’t HIM! It’s the loose lips! Laughter!

    I’m telling you, that man is capable of ANYTHING.

  119. I want to know if he has a walk in closet. Does anyone here know if he has a walk in closet?

  120. He is also over riding “the bridge”.

    On Grade Zero, the promised ability gained is an “ability to communicate freely to anyone on any subject.”

    He is asking anyone connected to him to surrender that back to the Church. How can anyone connected to him on staff in any Org even attest to grade zero? That would be a false attest wouldn’t it?

    Just another GPM he is working on people.

  121. Hi Cece. I know what you mean. It would have been good if LRH had elaborated on what he had to lie about to “get out of.” But I think the gist of this excerpt was that he was basically mocking himself – by indicating that he ultimately realized writing wasn’t a matter of having talent, though he had wanted to believe otherwise prior to recognizing that.

    Anyway, I like how you were able to consider the possibility that he had learned “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life” from his childhood experience. That may or may not have been the case, but your willingness to consider it says something good about you, IMO. Enjoy your carrot juice. 🙂

  122. Definition of nuance:

    “a subtle difference in implication, or a hidden meaning This can refer to the use of a single word, or to the effect of the entire communication.”

    “a slight difference that may be difficult to notice but is fairly important”

  123. Elizabeth Hamre

    since I have a female body, I don’t see anything wrong wanting one, he is not unique in wanting different body.. most people are unhappy about their bodies and would like to have a different one.

  124. You are a smart girl

  125. Elizabeth Hamre

    🙂 than you are where you are.

  126. Elizabeth Hamre

    Thank you for that advice… I am sure you had to think hard to come up with that pearl of wisdom. 🙂

  127. (more than a bit)

  128. You’de better believe any staff member subpoena’d or mentioned on any law suit has been ordered to sign one of these. Any staff member with ANY knowledge of David’s misconduct has been ordered to sign one of these. Any staff member who has a valid gripe has been asked to sign one of these.

    This is testimony and evidence right here as to David’s true regards as to constitutional, human, and civil rights.

  129. How typical! David has bought more out P.R. on the “Church” and the subject of Scientology than any other person ALIVE or DEAD. And what does he do? He suggests to all staff THEY could be dangerous in creating out P.R.!

    A. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do negatively affect or cast the Church, LRH, CSI, RTC or any Church of Scientology, their staff, officers, directors, or trustees or the religious practices, materials, technology and services of the Scientology religion (“Staff and Religious Practices”) in a negative light.

    David, it ain’t going to get any more negative than YOU have already made it! You out created EVERYBODY on that score!

    You OSA staff (and little plants), I know you think anything can be fixed in a second with auditing, so dabbling in this black magic and injustice and suppression is something you can just wash off in a few minutes.

    You should have a look in the mirror at what you have become and what you have contributed to, and do some new calculations. I’ve got news for you, you have crossed the line just a little too far to come back.

    Can you even recall a time when you were good natured,well meaning, honest and straight forward? Can you even recall a time when you had the ability to communicate freely to anyone on any subject.? Because that is all it is right now, a possible recall.

  130. Elizabeth Hamre

    Thank you for your assessment..Love to have what I have… and being simple and childish.:)

  131. Elizabeth Hamre

    Ps since you know that saying yourself.. it seems Ronnie’s teaching not have fallen on deaf ears:) Is seems we both had a good teacher 🙂

  132. The “new” “staff contract” is a contract to have with holds!

    LAUGHTER! A case with with holds won’t clear! Good one Dave!

  133. M: You’re trying very hard not see what is directly in front of you.

  134. It’s “The Aims of David Miscavige” now! To make it policy that Scientologists have with holds, do not go clear, can not attest or make grade zero and surrender their constitutional rights !

    What the HELL are you getting paid for David Miscavige? To “protect” Scientology and Scientologists?

    Let’s get real! HCO BRING ORDER! I mean, Texas bring order!

  135. EnthralledObserver

    Except I haven’t said or heard my peers say any such retort since they were in Primary school… and I certainly wouldn’t live by such standards and morals.
    As a never-in, and never having even heard of LRonny Hubbard until a little under two years ago, I can proudly say he didn’t teach me anything. What I needed to know I learnt from competent, compassionate and intelligent people, who continue to educate me as the years pass… and then there’s the nonsense and downright evil practices LRonny taught.
    Good luck with life… I think you’re going to need it.

  136. I hereby declare David Miscavige and anyone assisting him in programs to suppress others, to be an enemy of mankind, the planet, and all life.

    May your souls be useful in future lives, to nourish others who make themselves beneficial to mankind, the planet, and all life.

  137. Hi Eric, great question!

    Here is my experience:

    What we postulate, create, agree upon etc, are things we experience. Things we create.

    But there is an experiencer, a maker of these things.

    The maker, the Thetan, the soul, God or whatever you want to call it, is senior to it’s creations.

    The attainment to truth, is the attainment of realizing that we are souls: the maker of perception, and agreement of realities.

    In the world of art I can see a possible corelation with what Ron said, but not in the realm of philosophy or spirituality.

    In my opinion, this statement can make a delusional person.

    Because a person with a propensity for magical thinking or mystical delusions, can justify their illusions as truth.

    The highest attainment to truth, is complete knowledge of ourselves as spirit: the maker of illusions.

    In another way one can look at it: the highest attainment to truth is the realization that we create illusion. Not that we attain “to”illusion.

    That ape in the back seat was more interesting than the truth of an empty taxi back seat for Ron.

    He told us which version of truth he prefered: imagination

  138. That’s one way of looking at it Elizabeth:-)

  139. Elizabeth Hamre

    yes.. definitely you are a superior being , but to whom or to what.. that question is not easy to answer for me since I only went to kinder garden..:)

  140. N, are you sure it’s me who’s trying not to see something? 🙂

    Your original criticism was this: “Notice how Hubbard’s goal of self-aggrandizement was disguised with the publicly displayed ‘Aims of Scientology,’ etc.”

    I don’t know if you have read the whole PL recently, but compare the above interpretation with the following additional context, which is the last part of the PL:

    “The truly evil only want to succumb so discipline threat is no answer. The truly evil LOVE pain and suffering and deprivation. So it coerces nothing and improves nothing when you seek to solve all evil with discipline. Only the already decent can be disciplined. It only obliges the evil ones. So all you can do really is to get the evil ones parked off the lines.

    “The executive in disciplining is concerned with those who would stop or hinder the flow and those who are just plain idle or stupid. So he severely leaves alone all upstats and only acts to move the suppressives off the lines and not let the idle and stupid slow the flow. An executive could never make the world reform by discipline alone. He can by processing. So his only use of discipline is to continue to make processing possible. It’s as simple as that.”

  141. I should have noted that your criticism was in reference to the quotes from the PL about “wog morality” and Captain Bligh.

  142. Elizabeth Hamre

    Brian.. you have not given the answer, what do you do to change this wold to become a better place.. You believe that your way is the better way, that your reality if embraced every one would be better off. Now id we offer different view for others to have if that viewpoint is not accepted we only cause friction. Every time we [I include self here] evaluate for others, that evaluation is just a new piece of energy created but it do not dissolve the ones already in existence.
    Evaluation and invalidations never ever solved any problems or eliminated the existing ARC-B’s..
    I know you want others see that they have a choice… but what we offer is the answer? what makes us think that we have those answers?.
    By now I believe that each individual know the all answers to their problems, and ARC-B’s they have with others with the Universe it self. Those things exist for them because they have created those them selfs, so those are self created problems and ARC-B’s
    Nothing can exist in any ones Universe if that created by the self. I cant ARC-B you any way if you don’t agree to that. I cant give you a headache if you don’t agree to have one.

  143. Brian

    OK, Got it. Thank you for explaining your view more completely. I can better see where you are coming from.

    I tend to agree with your viewpoint that “The highest attainment to truth, is complete knowledge of ourselves as spirit: the maker of illusions. ”


  144. An astounding write-up, Oracle. Thank you! I copy and pasted this on my Progressive Scientology Facebook group. Every word you said should be in BIG red letters, and scattered down from the sky, with many copies landing all around every org.

  145. Ah, but not totally my point.

    Ignoring what truth scientology contains, is to miss valuable knowledge about how it has a hold on you or others as well as missing out on some truth.

    As much as people attempt to have a pure dichotomy they separate themselves from the truth.

  146. Sorry to have struck a nerve and required you to trot out pedophile priests. Pedophile priests is the modern Godwin’s law against which no argument can prevail.

    My more subtle point was that truth is in the aggregate, not in the extremes. Dealing in the extremes is good fun, but less productive than the hard work of thorough knowledge.

    But yes Alenzo, the extremes are good tools for pointing the sheeple in the direction you wish them.

  147. martyrathbun09

    Yes, unfortunately Scientology ultimately demands pure dichotomous thinking.

  148. One of the burdensome delusions that was happily discarded by me Elizabeth, was the ridiculous notion of saving the world.

    We save the world by saving ourselves. We save the world by being good people, decent people.

    Ramana Maharshi has a great line: “the world is as you are”

    And just a heads up:

    Every time you condemn others for making a judgement, you are making a judgement.

    There’s gotta be a word for that.

  149. Eustace –

    With your “thorough knowledge” of Scientology you are “more productive”.


    What does that mean besides a way of avoiding the factual evidence of the cause of abuse in Scientology – which clearly comes from the writings and lectures of L Ron Hubbard?

    The reason for the pedophile priest example was to show that the priest might give the greatest sermons in the world, and most all of the congregation gets a lot of “wins” out of his sermons. But he is also ruining the lives of dozens of altar boys the longer he is allowed to operate.

    You never addressed the example. You just tried to dismiss it by comparing it to Godwin’s law.

    It’s not Godwin’s Law – the question is very valid: Why let the pedophile continue to ruin peoples’ lives when there are other priests who can be trusted with the altar boys?

    You should go ahead and demonstrate your thorough knowledge of Scientology and show us clearly why it is more productive.

    Don’t you think?

    Otherwise, your use of the terms “more productive” and “thorough knowledge” are just whispy generalities that sound good, that give a good feeling>, but when closely inspected – as with so much of Scientology – we find nothing there.


  150. Elizabeth Hamre

    Oh.. my dear, every time we otter a word we display our universe. but unfortunately no one can see or understand how we really meant what we said.. so we are never been understood.. not once. Even a hug I sent you will only have meaning what you put there! 🙂

  151. I get it, Eustace. What should be highlighted is the fact that both extreme “prisons of belief” can be resolved by a knowledge of Scientology itself, and that this freedom will also make it possible to not miss out on some of the truths. Awesome. What irony. What a riddle!

    I think Ron himself said something to the effect that eventually we would need to become free of Scientology and free of him. I take that to mean this would be required to be fully self-determined and our own source. And Scientology itself can give us the kind of self-determinism to eventually become free of it.

    Thanks again for your input! I hope it continues.

  152. Perhaps we should work to abolish catholicism too, as they seem to be the main source of pedophile priests.

    Ahh, but you can’t. They have more sheeple than you can hope to influence.

    Catholicism and its pedophiles have ruined more lives than scientology ever will, but it is not personal to you, as scientology is. Your passion supplants logic at times. Understandably.

    I didn’t address your example as it was a devise you set up for me to then be the apologist for pedophillia AND scientology.

    My “thorough knowledge” of scientology would of course include that it is an abominably abusive cult. That has been very productive knowledge in my life. Yet I still find the ideas that once held so much interest, valuable to compare to other ideas, and learn and grow.

    Yes I do think.

  153. “What does that mean besides a way of avoiding the factual evidence of the cause of abuse in Scientology – which clearly comes from the writings and lectures of L Ron Hubbard?”

    The cause of the abuse in scientology comes from the minds of the abusers. We were NOT insentient robots programed to literally function by the instructions in tech and policy. But we certainly seemed so.

    Why? Did the words grab hold of the controls of our actions? Could we not discern and judge?

    You make this statement as if we lost our volition. If so there are powerful things to be learned. If not, it must not have happened.

    That brings us back to the questions of man and his mind. Something Hubbard certainly seemed to know something about as proved in your assertion his writings caused abuse. His words caused us to violate our own innate will.


  154. “Yes, unfortunately Scientology ultimately demands pure dichotomous thinking.”

    Which for years you were tasked with enforcing.

    Yet some of us didn’t. It demanded, we noticed and ignored it.

    That is about as non dichotmous as you can get, firmly holding a concept that trucks no other model of thought, as well as considering the same core ideas in other models.

    Can something be both true and untrue?

    That is the zen question.

  155. And David Miscavige is the true test for the scientologists, a leader of a scientology so doctrinally literal, yet so far from true, using the same words as one so true, yet so elusive.

    He can’t be removed using scientology, and you are violating scientology principles if you use the tools that work to eliminate him.

    A riddle indeed!

  156. martyrathbun09

    What is your case level and training level?

  157. You go first Marty.

    Per church certs please….


  158. Awesome replies, Eustace.

    I’ve read both of your replies to me, and I am so happy to see someone who defends Scientology, and who DOES THINK..

    There are other Scientologists who DO THINK too, just as you do, and I am always very excited when I find a new one.

    Thank you so much for your reasoned replies.

    I will get back to you tomorrow on both of them.

    Be ready with your rational, reasoned, logic and the evidence for your conclusions, okay?

    Because you will have to display your reasoning with me, so everyone else can inspect it, too.

    Then, with the skills of critical thinking and logic that you display, we will examine your conclusions, and the reasoning which supports them, so we can all come to our own decisions about the soundness of your rationale.

    Sound good?


    See you tomorrow.


  159. martyrathbun09

    You began the covert personal attack. I have opened my life through three candid books and nearly 1200 blog posts, and numerous interviews; including with your august employer. Identify the basis upon which you judge me – your qualifications – and we’ll continue the communication. Otherwise, I have pretty much rejected Scientology brand judgmentalism on this forum for some time.

  160. Eustace, you wrote: “My ‘thorough knowledge’ of scientology would of course include that it is an abominably abusive cult. That has been very productive knowledge in my life.”

    Mine too – that lesson may be the most valuable one of all, one that I hope not to lose and fall into such a trap again. It’s a lesson about maintaining one’s own orientation point.

    And you added: “Yet I still find the ideas that once held so much interest, valuable to compare to other ideas, and learn and grow.

    Exactly. It gives a point of departure and enough self-determinism to be able to carry forward on one’s own. I think that can happen for some people without having done the whole Bridge, or even a lot of Scientology.

  161. I will always accept a hug.

  162. Only a riddle if the closed system of Scientology is considered as the only resolution.

    Freedom from limiting dogma and regimented doctrinal blindfolds sometimes requires intellectual tools not available within the closed system.

    Which requires being an iconoclast. Which requires a rehabilitated freedom of independent critical thought, which requires the recognition that the individual is senior to the problem and senior to Scientology itself.

    When a subject is agreed upon as senior to the individual, that subject defines the outcome, the search, the tools of resolution, the data used to compute with, the limits of independent thinking etc etc.

    When a teacher or subject demands regimented membership, threatening independent thought with expulsion of other forms of retribution. It is possible that that subject is not mature enough to free one from its conceptual prison.

    Out of the box comes to mind. Intellectual sovereignty comes to mind.

  163. Marildi wrote:

    Mine too – that lesson may be the most valuable one of all, one that I hope not to lose and fall into such a trap again. It’s a lesson about maintaining one’s own orientation point.

    Please explain!

    If it is the most valuable lesson of all, and that will keep us from falling into the trap again, what exactly is it saying about an “orientation point”?

    What is an orientation point, exactly?

    And what salvation happens when we maintain it?



  164. Oracle, Maybe you’re right. Maybe DM will have to escape and run with the money, and so he gets a sex change operation and becomes a woman. He’s the right height for a short woman. And he is petite so all the guys will go for him and his baby face. Should we start a pool to place bets in?

  165. It is the equivalent of the Catholic Priest head honcho recruiter telling the newly recruited priest that he has to sign a contract saying that if he sees other priests molesting altar boys that he will never tell on them and will never talk about it, even after he leaves the priesthood or even the Catholic Church itself. Crazy!

  166. Hi Al. I’m using “orientation point” to mean what you orient yourself around. So if a person is his own orientation point, he basically is self-determined, i.e. thinks and acts from his own view-point, from what he can observe and know for himself.

    What most of us did in Scientology was to accept Ron as our orientation point and to assume that whatever he had to say was truth. We also assumed that management must know what it’s doing, and we went along with it. Eventually, we learned the hard way that this was a dire mistake.

    The ability to SEE truth depends on the ability to LOOK for ourselves. With that lesson learned, we can even see the truths in Scientology. 😉

  167. No, I’m seeing what’s there quite clearly.

    The HCOPL that you are defending was written in 1967. A year that began with Hubbard lying in bed, moping, surrounded by bottles of pills, continued with him resurrecting himself by making himself the Commodore, inventing Xenu and Incident 2, and creating the Sea Organization, complete with slave labor, draconian “ethics,” and children used as servants, a year in which ‘Fair Game’ flourished, and in which the Bolivar ‘pink legs’ HCOPL was written.

    Hubbard was a manipulative leader of a mind-control cult.

    Really. No kidding.

    Best wishes to you.

  168. Thanks Marildi.

    Very good point, and well written, too.


  169. Eustace you said ,”What is Greatness is a general statement of principle”.

    I agree. But principles are ideals that people live by. Characteristics and virtues we use as guide posts, moral rudders if you will, that inform how we act, so as to make these characteristics part of our nature.

    To state a “principle” as one’s philisophy, as Ron did, in “My Philosophy” and then to not live by it is:


    Statements of principles are not just a nice PR tactic to elevate oneself to spiritual messiah status. Being a principled individual means living by those principles.

    Ron was not a principled individual. Ron was a liar, betrayer of friends and family, a fabulist, plagiarize with a taste for violent retribution against critics.

    What is Greatness was window dressing for his messianic PR manipulation.

    Wisemen live what they teach. That is how they teach: by example, action.

    Words are nothing unless backed by actions.

  170. Elizabeth Hamre

    I read your post but I answer here. on [LRH] Before judgement usually is assessments, collecting all data available. Not only the bad but the good deeds are presented. By viewing all evidence than comes the judgement and I am sure you too would ask for the same treatment and you will do just that when your judgement day comes.

  171. Elizabeth Hamre

    I wonder what make you believe that you are so pure at hart.. Only those people claim to be so saintly who never confronted their own dark side, their own dark deeds. In other words they never coughed up they own overts.

  172. Elizabeth Hamre

    Brian when you want to dismiss something you say ”it is a illusion or delusion” now if we live a illusion.. do that apply for every one or just to some beings? If we live our own illusions which is our own beliefs, than how come other can commit crime, being bad? and for their crime they should be punished.. When you talk of that we live in the universe of our created illusions.. What was LRH living in? cant have it both ways. We live in dual universes at the same time and that only IS because the BELIEFS the being has.. Those beliefs places that person into the MEST, yet he operates in the universe where only light weight energy flows are in use.. I thought I just mention this. 🙂

  173. Eustace wrote:

    The cause of the abuse in scientology comes from the minds of the abusers.

    Then why is the abuse in Scientology the same on every continent, and committed by completely different people who have never met or spoken with each other?

    Their only common denominator is that they are Scientologists committed to applying the words and lectures of L Ron Hubbard 100% standardly.

    Is it just a coincidence?


    We were NOT insentient robots programed to literally function by the instructions in tech and policy. But we certainly seemed so.

    Why? Did the words grab hold of the controls of our actions? Could we not discern and judge?

    You make this statement as if we lost our volition. If so there are powerful things to be learned. If not, it must not have happened.

    There are powerful things to be learned. And it comes right down to one of the fundamentals that Scientology is based upon: Man is basically social.

    I know. Hubbard said “man is basically good”. But the idea he was hiding with his choice of words in developing Scientology was that Man is basically social.

    We exist in groups. We follow the rules and the morays of our groups, and we do what we are told by our leaders.

    If you compare Man to other animals, like reptiles for instance, you see that they don’t have leaders and followers. They do not exists in groups. They are not social animals like Humans are.

    This is a very powerful thing to learn. And Hubbard learned it and he built one of the most intrusive brainwashing cults ever devised with it.

    That brings us back to the questions of man and his mind. Something Hubbard certainly seemed to know something about as proved in your assertion his writings caused abuse. His words caused us to violate our own innate will.


    Influence – read up on it.

    People who belong to a religion generally do what their religion tells them to do. If they are a member of an ideology like communism they look to the writings of communism to figure out what to do to handle life.

    It’s the writings and lectures of L Ron Hubbard, just as Marty has been showing, which are the genesis of the abuse in Scientology.


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  175. Elizabeth Hamre

    Eustace Tilley:
    Mans is basically good and please Keep that in mind at all times and don’t compromise your reality… if you go into agreement with alanzo than you will be the replica of alanzo… Just imagine this planet if we all would agree to one persons belief we all would have the same reality and to be alanzo, or Marty or Obama…. or the man who lives under the bridge…well no thank you but that has been done in the history by strong mans forceful personality and it never worked in the long run… Mind you Jesus’s valance is so strong still pulls people in, and those who believe walk around covered with the holy spirit which I call, sh…[implanted]

  176. Best wishes to you to, Norwood!

    JFYI, a few posts back I picked up a nice vibe from you. In spite of all your rants. 🙂

  177. What you think me to be is your own mental construct gained by reading words on a screen.

    I am no saint. I am just a dude who is working out my shit and sharing thoughts along the way. If my thoughts are not useful or are perceived as self righteous, I invite you to change the Brian channel.

    What you think of me is none of my business.

    I am simply sharing things that have helped me in my life. Things I strive for, ideals in which to readjust my life to, in order to become a better person and spiritually aware.

    And more importantly, on this site, to hold open the doors of spiritual possibility that Ron so greedily debarred with threats of excommunication and violence.

    The rest is meaningless to me.

  178. christianscientology

    Hi Marildi

    Self-determinism will never free a person from Scientology; what we need is pan-determinism. Jesus said “be in the world but not of the world.” When I was a Scientologist I was OF Scientology, now I have “seen the light”. I wish to be IN Scientology but not OF it. I believe this is where LRH made his fatal mistake. He developed Scientology and then found himself IN it, and instead of letting it go he tried to protect it and became OF Scientology. When a technology becomes more important than the person it UNMOCKS them.


  179. christianscientology

    “Can something be both true and untrue”, that seems to be the way it is in the quantum world.

  180. christianscientology

    Hi Marildi

    Scientology was my “orientation point” until I met Jesus. I am reminded of a line from a Christian chorus “Here on the rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand”.


  181. christianscientology

    Hi Brian

    What you write is very true except although Scientology is a closed system, critical thought cannot free one from it because it embraces thought itself.

    Man may well be “basically good” but he is also basically INSANE, and that goes for every one of us. That is why the bible says “not one of us is righteous” and “our righteousness is as filthy rags”. Only God can turn that around and then only if we are willing to humble ourselves. Let’s face it every one of us has “sold our souls to the devil”.


  182. christianscientology

    I am reminded of the Confusion Formula, “Find out where you are” and then I think of that great hymn Amazing Grace, “I ONCE WAS LOST AND NOW AM FOUND”.


  183. christianscientology

    I agree Marildi, however there is a trap which Ron explains. Man is basically lazy, if given a datum which he/she can align with their experience they will accept it, but at the same time it will undermine, imperceptivity, the critical reasoning powers. The more datums they accept because they align with their experience, the more their critical reasoning powers are subordinated until eventually they will accept what they are being told without question.

    Most children when they get into their teens, especially if they are girls, are warned against getting “too serious” with one possible life partner too soon, but rather to have a wide circle of friends. The same is true of Scientology; I remember when I first got involved I was advised by St Hill “not to mix practices” to concentrate on Scientology alone, which I did but also observed how Scientologists behaved and I soon realised that some of the behaviour I observed was not congruent with the Tech. both with the “rank and file” and some of the executives. That is when I was deemed to be an “Ethics case”.


  184. christianscientology

    I resemble that last remark. Incidentally THETA is wholly spirit. Nothing but Spirit.

  185. Delusions:

    Third party “law”, criticism = overts, Xenu, anyone attacking Lientology is a baby eater, all psyches are murderous space aliens, thetans are entities independent of moral imperatives, Scientology is the bridge to “total” freedom.

    Ron was delusional, paranoid, a genius. These characteristics have been imprinted into willing minds through faith, study and granting messiahship to Hubbard.

    Thus apologists can see a benevolence (greatest good) in Ron’s violent retribution.

    The more the Independents are free from the bubble of Hubbard’s regimented membership and enforced false life assumptions the more freedom will be learned by the common everyday wog.

    Cults are so hypnotic. The best thing to happen to the mental health of Scientology is the detruction of this mean spirited centralized church so diabolically orchestrated by one of the world’s most accomplished fabulists.

    Thank God the lies are being aired for all to see.

    At some point, a liberated Scientologist will say,” holy shit!!! did I really think like that????????”

  186. Elizabeth Hamre

    Your horse , not mine.. your horse’s name is Blame and the whip you use is no responsibility for the actions you are in. Have your race.. there are many others who are in the same race. Do have a wonderful one. You are a winner already! OGH!

  187. Elizabeth Hamre

    Just to let you know, my life was not ruined by scientology or LRH or my parents or any one on this Planet. No one caused harm, or hurt me in any ways. I had so far a wonderful life and it will continue as… . Do have a lovely day:)

  188. I don’t feel that I have stated a judgement about you. Any case level and training level per scientology are not relevant qualifications anyway.

    Would you accept judgement from me if I were highly trained and processed? I hope not!

    But if I had an idea, I would hope you judge it on its merits not my “qualifications”.

    The reason I jumped into this conversation was to make the point that holding up fairly specific and limited documents from the GO as a major indicator of the Aims of Scientology had certain logical flaws.

    Granted most every aspect of scientology technology and policy has at some point been used abusively, and the quoted documents point to a certain institutional arrogance and superiority. They are not however “The Aims of Scientology”, but plans and programs in support (however mistakenly) of larger purposes.

    My more immediate point about dichotomies was that it is possible to function using them as well as holding larger viewpoints that do not rely on them.

    I have been curious for some time what part of your scientology experience and training was formalized, as with certs, and what you did more seat of pants.

    I have a clear cert and the last course I was on was standard dianetics, although I didn’t complete as it was replaced with NED. I also completed SS 0, 1, & 2 before being removed from staff, all about 3 decades ago.

    My current spiritual practice is buddhist in nature, although I am no longer willing to label myself or commit myself to an organization.

  189. Yes, the observer effect. And the quantum world is the one we live in.

  190. Brian, would you compose music on a system that had no interface with others in the industry and could not even play on anything but your own system?

    That of course is another extreme.

    Sometimes a subject needs a certain coherence that is brought about by rigid control.

    Scientology long ago went too far in the direction of control at the expense of the very aims it had.

    This does not mean there are not valuable concepts in it. And valuable experience to be had from it.

    The riddle is there to be solved by the people in it, not us.

  191. Elizabeth Hamre

    No one can predict the “”FUTURE” and how ones perceptions of the universe will change.. assumptions are a bunch of collected realities and those who believe in them are not thinking clearly. In the NOW there is no past or future therefore predictions don’t have room in that NOW..

  192. martyrathbun09

    Slippery. You attempt to speak authoritatively about a subject of which you have scant knowledge and a person whose life you are unfamiliar with. As to your stated reason for stepping into the conversation, have you read Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior?

  193. Hi, dear Pip,

    Assuming LRH did not already know it years before (and was simply addressing the Reality level of most people to reach them at all), by 1954 he wrote the following in *Creation of Human Ability*.

    “As an up-to-date Scientologist knows, Self-determinism as an ideal state went out the window with Dianetics. As long as you consider yourself intimately one thing confronting another thing which is not yourself you are not balanced in your environment. Self-determinism is a much higher peak than that attained by Homo Sapiens previously, but, in Scientology, there is a much better concept — that of Pan-Determinism.”


  194. Elizabeth Hamre

    Marildi.. well said by LRH, fantastic. and it is great that you have post post that quote. Thanks. E.

  195. I agree Eustace. There are can be some wonderful things in Scientology.

    But it is not the wonderful things that are the cause of these sites. Nor the cause of this diaspora.

    I am all for benevolent Scientology. I am for anyone to research, investigate, define, be critical, praise, scrutinize anything and anybody, anytime and anywhere.

    But I am also a firece opponent of some of the evil doctrines that Ron taught.

    In particular, I consider it a spiritual crime creating an “only way.” It can cripple people’s ability to make a choice to leave an abusive group.
    This is an evil old world doctrine that should not see much more light of day in this opened source age of information.

    I am also an extremely fierce opponent of the intellectually crippling effect of threatening any criticism with excommunication, loosing family, friends etc.

    And I am solving no problems. I am only sharing my take on things after 31 years out of the Scientology thought club in hopes that some smidgin of a glimmer of something sticks and causes independent thought.

    And that is really all I have to say.

    I am selling nothing.

    But I am a pom pom boy for intellectual sovereignty: whaterver the outcome. Whatever the chosen path, Scientology, atheist, Buddhist or Yogi etc.

    That is me in a nutshell. And that is where you can nuts…………. in a nut shell :-))

  196. It should have read: “And that is where you can “find” nuts”

  197. Pip, a free mind can free us from anything. The soul is senior to problems. The soul is senior to Scientology.

    Another Ron lie that comes to mind: “Scientolgy is senior to life because Scientology handles life.”

    That is entree level cult agreement.

    We are senior to Scientology. Because we are the makers of our moments, thoughts and philosophic procedures.

  198. Nice words Pip
    Greeting from Hadley

  199. So I see you ARE going to judge my ideas based on what you consider my qualifications rather than their content.

    This is the logical fallacy “Appeal to Authority” “the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether their claims are true or not.” It is a seemingly logical thing to attack a persons “authority”, especially if one does not want to discuss their ideas. But it is ultimately using untruth (a fallacy) to argue with.

    My scant knowledge includes reading the tech volumes from cover to cover and much else. As well as decades of being in a family and broader social circle of more devoted scientologists.

    I also worked with the GO during my time of activity.

    I discontinued my close association with the corrupted church well before you figured it out, and felt the effects of the regime you supported.

    Now you have me citing my points of authority, slippery there Marty.

    Yes I know, buy the book, all the answers are there. And pointedly not here.

    I am not here to judge you. I would like to discuss things you have said with your audience though. We will see how much of that you will allow.

  200. “Then why is the abuse in Scientology the same on every continent, and committed by completely different people who have never met or spoken with each other?”

    Well Alanzo you have certainly proven beyond a doubt with your logic that the abuse in scientology has as a common element; scientology.

    But cherry picking the writings of Hubbard and then pointing to abuse and saying “see there? Thats the cause! I’m right!” is hardly intellectually rigorous.

    I know, its a pattern.

    But in social mammals patterns are set by the dominant, “Alpha” members.

    And yes Hubbard had his megalomania and vanities, but the dramatic turn of scientology to a cult of abuse occurred as Hubbard was being removed from power by the young turks.

    You could argue they just fell into his mold, his valance. But Hubbard had his genius and compassion too and why didn’t his successors inherit that trait?

    Because they were not little clones of him, but much more flawed people who acted out their own psychosis on the organization. It was not powerful men who took over the church but weak men looking for power. Seeking power to hide their weakness.

    Thats my theory. Scientology could have gone either way. Evil prevailed.

  201. martyrathbun09

    No, you did judge me. And no, don’t buy the book. Borrow it. Read it. Then come again.

  202. All right, Eustace.

    I believe that Marty is publishing the writings of LRH right now which show why the evil prevailed. You have to remember that Scientologists are controlled to apply 100% standard LRH – and to never squirrel – like few other religions.

    For instance, in Islam, there are no priests. There are very few to no intermediaries to the interpretation of the texts found in the Koran. Each Muslim is considered to be inspired by Allah directly in his own interpretation of the scriptures of the Koran.

    By contrast, in Scientology, there is word clearing, clay demos, qual actions, even sec checking and ethics actions leading to Declare and expulsion for interpreting L Ron Hubbard policies and tech in your own way.

    We often forget about the immense social onslaught there is on Scientologists to apply L Ron Hubbard 100% standardly.

    So really, while there might be 1 or 2 Scientologists who were psychotic criminals when they got into Scientology and who did whatever they wanted when it came to abusing Scientologists, most all Scientologists abuse other Scientologists 100% standardly – totally per LRH.

    The fault of Scientology’s failure lies with Scientology. It was and is an unsustainable philosophy, religion, and way of life.

    That’s my theory. And I have plenty of evidence which supports it.


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  205. christianscientology

    Hi Brian
    I beg to differ. the soul is not senior to Scientology, it is THE SPIRIT that is senior to Scientology. It is the soul that is the problem “the soul that sins will die”.

    No! Scientology is not senior to life but it is senior to LIVING for living is what LIFE does.

    The entry level into “cult agreement” is to buy into the idea that “you are a SOUL” rather than YOU ARE SPIRIT and HAVE a soul.

    We are senior to Scientology for the simple reason that we are MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD – who is spirit.

  206. christianscientology

    Hello oh lovely one and thanks.

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