Scientology Black Bag Roster

Mike Rinder posted an informative piece today called The Black Bag Department.  In it he exposes the identity of some key Scientology ‘professional’ operatives used to terrorize and intimidate perceived enemies as well as some of their tactics.  Mike’s article reminded me of a couple other important names that need to be added to the roster.

For many years in the Washington D.C. area Scientology’s go-to gumshoe has been Harry Gossett.   Gossett, like Ingram, has apparently been fond of the Scientology bonuses available when he impersonates an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, see link.

Another important operative historically has been John J. (aka J.J.) Gaw of Moreno Valley, California.  Gaw was responsible for the original electronic and physical surveillance set up on Pat Broeker in the late eighties and early nineties. Mr. Gaw also handled the sensitive assignment of investigating the personal lives of IRS agents, flanking the quest to attain tax exemption for Scientology.

An even more important, as yet unnamed, Scientology espionage operative is Doug Jacobsen.  During the eighties and nineties Jacobsen was one of only five former Guardians Office intelligence staff who survived the ‘GO disband’ and who remained trusted enough to run black bag jobs against perceived enemies. Jacobsen left staff in the late nineties, but is reportedly an active OSA agent in the field.  A couple years ago Jacobsen attempted to infiltrate the fledgling independent movement while operating a limo service specializing in catering to out of town Celebrity Center public.





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  1. Good old ARS!!

    I remember thinking back in those days how the CofS must feel, because every single utterance put out by them, every single antic, was researched by literally hundreds of people who then posted all over the world what they found out. The CofS could no longer hide; everything it said, did, tried to hide, was found out and exposed in great volume. When A Lerma exposed the CofS’s attempt to con the world with it’s turn of the millennium photo, it was obvious then that the CofS no longer controlled the discussion, it was now in the hands of it’s enemies.

    Good old ARS. Someday someone should write a history of the critic movement, it is absolutely fascinating!!!

  2. Details. I love it.

  3. Marty – thanks for posting all of this very valuable information. Do you have any thoughts on why the United States Government has not shut this cult down. I mean, come on! The IRS website states something to the effect that if there is enough media coverage that a Church or non-profit Organization is hurting people and/or committing FRAUD – their tax exempt status can be revoked by a high ranking official.

    There is just way too much information hitting the airwaves for this Cult not to have been shut down by our Government.

    Are they in bed with each other? If you have any thoughts – I would love to hear your opinion.

    Is this part of Operation Paperclip? Part of mind control experiments?

    What is up with our government NOT protecting citizens from deceptive mind controlling practices from a Church that bankrupts and destroys people?

  4. Marty – I realize this is a tough subject so feel free to edit my above post to whatever you want to edit. I would just love a post about this subject. What has to happen in Scientology for the US Government to “do something about it”? My god – murder in broad daylight by Miscavige himself?

    What ever you decide to post or nothing at all is okay – just sick of this cult operating one more day, hiding their crimes from unsuspecting, trusting souls!

  5. Idle Morgue:

    What’s up with our government?

    Without delving too deeply into conspiracies perhaps I might ask what is up with our government and the media endless discussion about the disappearance of an airliner with 200 plus mostly innocent lives on board? I never followed “Lost” but plenty are pointing to the parallels …

    But more importantly I think — why in the world would Marty share on a public blog his ideas or theories about “what’s up with our government”

    I suspect that you haven’t followed this blog for very long — and going back to the beginning and reading the comments would be a task that might take a full year …

    In any case — it’s been my experience that Marty and Mike and Karen and a few others expose based on their personal knowledge — not suppositions or theories or hopes or dreams —

    And they expose in their own time and place.

    Head on questions typically go unanswered … it’s called respecting the boundaries of your host.

    I mean — do you walk into someone’s home and ask? How much do you left on your mortgage and how were able to come up with the down payment – considering you are working at Dunkin’ Donuts?

    Or — maybe you do.

  6. gretchen dewire

    Well. it certainly good to find out finally where all my IAS donations went.

  7. Windhorse –

    This is a little different than walking into someone’s home and asking how much their mortgage is – don’t you think?

    I understand your point. But people have been harmed here. That isn’t the same as asking personal financial information.

    Sometimes it’s important to ask important questions, especially while people are being harmed.


  8. I used to feel so proud when my “cherch” squashed their enemies like bugs.
    I am sure what little the still in know about these operations are very impressed.
    Mans only hope and ect.


  10. Marty wrote:

    For many years in the Washington D.C. area Scientology’s go-to gumshoe has been Harry Gossett. Gossett, like Ingram, has apparently been fond of the Scientology bonuses available when he impersonates an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Another important operative historically has been John J. (aka J.J.) Gaw of Moreno Valley, California. Gaw was responsible for the original electronic and physical surveillance set up on Pat Broeker in the late eighties and early nineties. Mr. Gaw also handled the sensitive assignment of investigating the personal lives of IRS agents, flanking the quest to attain tax exemption for Scientology


    Are those cockroaches I hear scattering when Marty turned the lights on?

    These guys have probably been waiting for justice for a long time. This will probably be a relief to them to know that their Scientology nightmare is finally over.

    Well done, Marty.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and please continue….


  11. I am glad this information is finally coming to light. The entire network needs to be unravelled, every last thread. Some operatives may be playing double or even tripple-sided games. I think living in the cloak-and-dagger world irrevocably changes the way you act and see the world.

  12. Very good post Marty. Tweeted and reposted.
    The 501C3 “tax exemption” allows for payrolls for Dirty PIs and Dirty professionals to act out on Miscavige targets for his personal gratification and satisfaction.
    Taking information out of my confessional folder which I trusted was given in the sanctity of a session, OSA operatives repeatedly visited the mistress of my CPA to shake her down for *Dirt* on me.
    Ecclesiastical, religious actions……

  13. Small correction : My FORMER CPA.
    And this was done after they were responsible for the death of my son Alexander Jentzsch by cutting off my rights to be a MOM by enforced disconnection.
    The criminal cult has enjoyed a 30 year crime wave….chickens coming home to roost.

  14. Cooper Kessel

    “This is a little different than walking into someone’s home and asking how much their mortgage is – don’t you think?”

    I don’t although your question is much more of a broad generality than the example Windhorse gave.

  15. Mi$cientology sounds just like another secretive government department loosely connected to the FBI, CIA and NSA. Little Davey is probably protected by a hidden protective order signed by a blackmailed in the closet republican.

  16. What about the harm element?

    When people are being harmed, I agree that all manners should not be thrown out the window when asking for information that might stop or slow that harm, but there should be a little urgency that would allow a few questions to be asked that might make someone uncomfortable, right?

    Look at what happened to the Goldbergs – just as the most recent specific example of the kind of harm these people are doing to others.

    Isn’t the price of a little temporary social discomfort from an uncomfortable question or two worth it to see to it that there is not ONE MORE GOLDBERG STORY EVER?

    That’s pretty specific, right?

    Sorry Cooper. I’ve been watching Scientology harm families and individuals for over 14 years. And I’m late on the chain.

    It needs to stop. And I think Marty and Mike are ready to help see that it does.


  17. Doug Jacobsen used to give us a lift when we would go to L.A. for business. (after we resigned form the cult) He said that he was out and that he helped Mary Joe, (not my wife but the woman who wrote the big KR a few years back) write her KR. He said that he edited it. He called himself Jake. He also said that he had a protégée in Seattle that he had trained who I won’t name at this time. It looks like maybe both of them are OSA spies and posing as people that are under the radar. If they are reading this then I guess they now know that there cover is blown.

  18. Alanzo — I’mma gonna try to spell it out real clear

    Marty doesn’t owe you or Idle Morgue any answers

    I try to be polite like — I try to give easy analogies but you and others will ALWAYS jump on this AS IF ITS GOING TO MAKE ONE FRIGGIN bit of difference

    Marty Mike Karen and others expose FROM THEIR OWN experience —

    As for harm — I could tell you harm Alanzo but you might not believe it.

    So — please give it a rest — being lectured by you is … well … unworkable as a technique

  19. I suspect the same persons who are responsible for squashing the FBI investigations of DM and Int are the same ones who squash all investigations into the CofS. I suppose it has to be some one high up in the Department of Justice who calls the shots on who gets busted and who doesn’t.

    And, it’s not just the CofS who gets away with such criminal type behaviour; the Wall Street Bankers also manage to be steered clear of accountability. Remember the White House Petition of a couple of years ago, nothing happened when something was supposed to happen.

    I think anyone here who knows how to pull these strings, knows exactly who is shielding the CofS.

  20. Bob: You are probably right but here’s the deal IMHO

    Those powers that be – shield UP TO A POINT – and then bammo – the world of the shielded-one starts to unravel faster than a new york minute –

    The shielded-one can do NOTHING right, can say NOTHING that helps him or her … and the shielded one becomes a headline … why?

    BECAUSE the shielded one is no longer … shielded

    And those who are shielded live 24/7 in fear of the shield being lowered

    It’s just a question of timing … tick a tick a tick a tick a tick a timing

  21. Tom Gallagher

    At this moment, the deeper we go down this rabbit hole, the deeper I feel a sense of shame and remorse for my one time unbounded and unbridled support for this crime-ridden mafia-like structured apparatus. Oh had I known.

    Actually it’s a lot worse because it hides behind a false cloak of religiosity

    It’s can be concluded Ron is not coming back.

    He’s probably burning in Hell.

    That or he’s bouncing around a padded cell somewhere. That’s based on his own theory of course………..

  22. Radar On Line weighs in on Mosey Law suit .
    Judge Dip Waldrip denied the Church of Scientology’s ANTI-SLAAP motion, which would have resulted in the lawsuit ultimately dismissed.
    Radar Online:
    Global rank 2,135
    Rank in United States
    United States 589

    Oh my, a small fringe of internet apostates creating Tsunamis !

  23. Tom Gallagher

    Here’s the point to chew on:

    Scientology devolved into a sociopathic Borg-like organism.

    It has no moral compass and it has no conscience. Moreover what does that say about Ron?

  24. Just asking questions, Windhorse.

    Nothing wrong with that.


  25. singanddanceall

    If Standard Tech could boom Scientology, as per this tape, from 1968.

    I don’t understand, from my public point of view, why would Scientology need GO, OSA, etc.

    The only thing you can be upbraided for is no results.

  26. I agree with Alanzo and think Idle Morgue has asked a valid question. That puts the host under no obligation to answer.

    I’ll throw out my own thoughts — none of them based on anything but circumstantial evidence and gut feelings:

    1. The IRS budget was driven into the ground by Scientology lawsuits to get tax exempt status. As a bureaucratic organization in tough economic times, they may not want to plow that row again, and may be under higher level pressure to let the public sort things out — at no cost to the government. Evidence: fact of the many lawsuits filed by Scientologists and the costs to defend against them.

    2. Possibly the Church has dirt on the IRS, its agents, and other persons of influence over or power in government, and that has effectively hamstrung the IRS. Evidence: The disclosure (on this blog) that Scientology operatives did in fact try to get dirt on IRS agents, and the many disclosures of the Church’s dirty tricks, planting of false information, infiltration of government offices, destruction of evidence, manufacture of evidence, and so on.

    3. Perhaps the IRS fears the power of religion in general and its protection under the separation clause of the Constitution, and what that could mean for cases going to the U.S. Supreme Court. Or maybe they fear what could go wrong in a confrontation with a cultish religion and a confrontation with authorities. Evidence: Even the Westboro Baptist Church is still running, presumably as tax exempt. And look at the track record of what happens when government agencies get too curious about a cult group: Jonestown, Waco, Ruby Ridge (though that was more weaponry), and so on. If 19 Muslims could fly planes and passengers to their death over “religion,” what might Scientology do with its $1 billion or so in assets? They could probably buy a nuke or two if they were so inclined. They’ve already linked up with American Islam (which has a rich history of conflict with authorities — and which, by the way, is not recognized by mainstream Islam). What strange and fearsome child may someday be born of radical Islam (American or otherwise) and Scientology?

    4. Or maybe the IRS is watching and waiting, consulting with its own careful attorneys to go slow and get it right. Or maybe they are distracted by increasing duties and bigger fish to fry. After all, they have to train up now to handle documentation for medical insurance required under the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare). Bureaucracies are the fastest group to get off the dime and do something.

    What I hope will happen: Everyone keep shining the light where the sun don’t shine and then keep putting what is found in front of the public and authorities.

  27. Oops, where I wrote “Bureaucracies are the fastest group to get off the dime and do something” I of course meant NOT! 🙂

  28. It’s a good question. There are multiple lawsuits going. The Internet has torn the muzzle off people who are no longer afraid to speak. The SP declares are now practically a status symbol — and a lot cheaper than becoming a patron!

    So lots of conversation going on and legal activity. But I wonder … are our senators and congress members being kept informed? Petitioned to take action? Etc.?

  29. Chee Chalker

    Perhaps he respects and values Marty’s opinions. Sometimes it’s just interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on things, particularly someone who thinks things through as Marty does. I don’t think Idle Morgue meant any harm by asking the questions. I agree with Alonzo on this one.

  30. I’d love to read that Bob – there seems to be a lot documented post-anonymous and some around the Lisa McPherson Trust but it gets a bit murky before then (if you weren’t there)

  31. With the way Scientology exploits the justice system the answer may be as dull as money – from John P at the latest Bunker article:
    ” I don’t yet have any certainty that the IRS would prosecute even if there is evidence of fraud, because of the fact that litigation would be perhaps the single most expensive fraud case that the IRS has ever fought, and budget considerations could, unfortunately, trump justice. In other words, the IRS might decide that they don’t have enough money in their budget to try the case, even if potential recovery is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    This is similar to what I believe happened in the FBI’s investigation into human trafficking a year or two ago — the DoJ didn’t have the budget in the Human Rights section to try the case, so they walked away; they made the (probably correct in the larger scheme of things) calculation that their money is better spent going after illegal alien smugglers, which offer more “bang for the buck” and more deterrent effect.”

  32. martyrathbun09

    That is one major factor. The desire not to suffer harassment is another major factor.

  33. martyrathbun09

    I think your assessment is pretty accurate.

  34. Windhorse – Yes, after getting fleeced and betrayed by a cult – I do walk into blogs on the subject and ask questions of those involved with the inner workings on their opinions with the ope that perhaps the information they bestow on me will help me unravel the mystery as to what was done to me! What a stupid response Windhorse – just retarded!

  35. Thank you Karen! Another great video!

    Here is a video posted today on another blog. This answered my question Marty as to why, perhaps, the United States Government does not do anything about the cult of Scientology:

  36. ^^^ditto on Ron! I think it is so much worse than one can ever imagine. The more I look – the darker it gets! It is pretty bad!

  37. If it did boom everything would start to vanish and then there would be no game , the why of thetans not allowing it to boom is the game must go on .

  38. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

  39. Cooper J Kessel

    The harm element is real. It is not up to ‘our government’ to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT nor is it up to Marty, or Mike or whomever…….it is up to US.

    The idea that our government should do something because ………..(fill in the blank) is where we really get into trouble IMHO.

    If we observe there is a problem then WE (spelled you and me and not spelled Marty or the Government) need to figure out how we are going to handle it.

    How can you handle anything if it is always assigned to someone else. Each of us does a part …………….the part we figure out on our own determinism and decide to take action on.

    I suggest you splurge on it as there does not seem to be a shortage of issues. And remember …….. when the Titanic went down, there was a shortage of lifeboats so even if you don’t want to get into the fray, there is plenty to do.

  40. Well then Marty doesn’t have to answer IM’s question..nothing wrong with asking.

  41. I think there is a bit more to it than that eladha – what is the result of this game thus far? It is simple – money, real estate, slave labor camps and total control over members so as to obtain money, free labor and a nice real estate portfolio that can keep the cult alive for a while longer!

  42. I would like to know if anyone knows who was started on the ops against freezoner Ken Ogger.

    Every time I raise this issue amongst his “friends” I am shouted down. So don’t jump on me for “conspiracy theory” like OSA did the entire time I was their DSA.

    I am talking about 1999 when Ken, a major target of DM, was outed by his wife, and then he caught someone employed at his computer tech job red-handed spying on him and sent a message to OSA warning them he knew he was being watched and he would out this guy. This guy never showed back up the next day or later. Therefore, it appears OSA initiated the ops.

    I just want to know where this begins so we can get some partial closure.

    We will assume that the later black bag ops implied by his subsequent writings were off the books and DM settled a grudge.

    There is no way he was not a high-priority target, since the tech was being freed for the first time by his book “Self-Clearing” and RTC would have been on high alert.

    Again – just looking for how the op started and who.

  43. Ken’s mother was Louise, the Qual Sec on the Apollo to whom LRH gave the briefing, “A Talk on a Basic Qual.”

  44. If the IRS were to try, they’d likely get a lot of counter-lobbying and legal pushback from other religious entities. As I recall, Scientology’s petition of the Supreme Court, part of their resistance to Laura DeCrescenzo, received support from the National Council of Churches.

    NCoC is basically a group that lobbies on behalf of member churches, and they are inclined to resist anything that could create precedent unfavorable to churches. Even, in the DeCrescenzo case, if that means putting in a word on the side of Scientology in a case that involves coercing a teenager to have an abortion.

    If the IRS tried to take Scientology’s tax status away, groups like the NCoC would lobby Congress and hit the media to stir up opposition, on the grounds that “If they do this to Scientology, it’ll be the Baptists next!” Especially if a Democrat was President at the time.

    Congressional attempts to investigate and/or curb buckraking televangelists and “Prosperity Gospel” preachers have also been stymied.

  45. The IRS has been around a lot longer than Scientology, and has seen plenty of sketchy religious organizations arise and dwindle away.

    They may figure it’s a self-correcting situation. In terms of lost revenue, vastly larger potential revenues are lost through clever but legal offshore tax arrangements used by hugely profitable companies like Apple and Google, along with more traditional nuts-and-bolts companies.

  46. Anonymous-62

    Not quite Tony. =)

  47. Mark: You recently said the following in one of your post. I just saw it and had to ack it. Have not read anything so positive recently. We need more of this LRH support to keep the dream alive. To many people complaining and not giving the recognition (at least some) that LRH deserves for all that he did do in the name of ‘Help.’ Many thousands of others (myself included) can attest to life changing results – due to having the opportunity to study and having the access of Scientology / Dianetics. Regardless of who may be running it today, it still works and results are made – even for new members who come aboard. For those who are complaining and blaming about the current trend of where Scientology may be today, you may want to take a different stance. My suggestion? Perhaps something more productive as a start.
    Marildi, Letting Go
    My father was a cataloger for the Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal. He became a Dianetic auditor in 1969 and did quite a bit of auditing. He audited 2 co-workers that knew that they knew each other but couldn’t remember how. It turned out they had both been subjected to PDH at the Air Force base in Maryland.
    That is pretty specific, first hand (I met them both) information.
    The instant Ron published that Dianetics handles these engrams easily, genuine attacks began. Ron’s policies to handle these attacks may have sewn the seeds of destruction that later, disturbed individuals latched on to, but hindsight is 20/20.
    What would you or I or anyone do when being shit talked by several large and powerful organizations around the world. It’s a wonder he could do the valuable work that he did after that. He made errors, but still retains my admiration. Even in his mistakes, I and many others have learned what not to do.
    I was reading the Management Series( ’74′), and most of the work is brilliant and sensible. If people could look without fixed opinions, they could see what is wrong and what is right with it. If you pay attention to people’s actions around you, every day, the right- nesses and the errors become clear. It’s not that hard, just look.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

    Over the last few months, I have made some observations and come to a decision, (for now)

    As I read, or talk to people, and I find some disagreement or believed error in their data or thinking, it has served no purpose, produced no improvement, to invalidate, correct or even disagree with them. It has only lowered ARC.

    In the future I will OFFER information, insight, clarity, perhaps some wisdom. IF IT IS CORRECT, and they can have it at the time, it will indicate to them. If they cannot have it right now, at least I have put ‘a bug in their ear’. If my insight is not correct, or if it is incomplete, or shortsighted, or otherwise in error, hopefully someone will offer some corrective or additional data. In the far past, when someone disagreed with something I ‘knew’ to be true, my first thought was, “Oh yea, well f##k you”. I have discovered the source of that and it is gone.

    I have come to believe that my life and the lives of those I communicate with will be better for it.

  49. Marty: thanks for being ‘half a man’ and posting some of my comments. Can you now try and present the other half of you (show up ‘fully’) and post this one too?

  50. martyrathbun09

    Guy, I refer you to my long-standing moderation policy and the analogy I used to this blog being like a conversation in my living room. You long ago exited the building and joined Allender, Lubow and company in the streets.

  51. Brenda j. parker

    White racist along with scientology=illuminati.

  52. Brenda j. parker

    No one is safe!

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