Scientology Preview – 60 Minutes Australia

Will be available to international viewers shortly after airing at 60 Minutes Australia.

69 responses to “Scientology Preview – 60 Minutes Australia

  1. We’ll be watching!

  2. The end of the Church of Scientology is a possibility now.

  3. Wow! Another stunning blow! Looking forward to this.

  4. Perfect timing, Marty. The church seems to be getting beat up left and right lately. You and Mosey are doing some very honorable work.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, we will watch the program.

  6. Thank you


  7. Do they broadcast live on the Internet or can I watch it on their site later? Sorry if this is dev-t, I’m not familiar with their site.

  8. I am looking forward to this. Thank you Marty. Today my grandson received a letter from Flag on one of their letterheads. It was from his grandmother. She is a Flag auditor. It was a disconnection letter. She said she can no longer be connected to him ‘due to Jane’s status’? Never received notice of ‘my status.’

    The sad thing is that this boy’s father disconnected from him when he was an infant. He grew up without any paternal support, financial or otherwise. This Flag based grandmother phoned him on the odd occasion, and was his only connection to his paternal side of the family.

    This is why this cult needs to be stopped.

  9. Yay!

  10. Is this 60 minutes UK or something?

  11. martyrathbun09


  12. Nice! Looking forward to seeing this Marty!

  13. Good trailer! I hope it makes it to YouTube so people in the US and other countries can see it.

  14. I’m going to the grocery store to get a huge bucket of popcorn, then I’m going to the mall to pick up a special blanket that I will sit on to watch this, a special shirt to wear, and a hat.

    I need some kind of a hat to mark this special occasion. Maybe like one of those Swiss Hiker’s hats with the big feather shooting out the back? I don’t know yet.

    Anyway, I will have my special shirt, my special hat, my special blanket, and lots of popcorn for this one.


  15. Oh! And a chair.

    I need a special chair, too.


  16. This is going to be HUGE!! Lol!!

  17. Thanks Marty. There’s something very reassuring about that calm yet slightly mischievous look you have on camera, I always enjoy your media.

  18. Lookie like to me that Marty is loading his little stone in the slingshot.

    Aim between the eyes Mr. Warrior Dude.

    Thank you for your conscious evolution being played out in the glare of public discourse.

    Your wife must be quite a soul to be by the side of a samurai.

    Or should I say a master of the sling shot.

  19. Can’t wait to see it. Thank you Marty.

  20. Robert Almblad

    I think Australian’s and Texan’s share a lot of common attitudes that make them love you and hate that dwarf and his dirty tricks.. If Texas was a country, Australia would it’s “sister” country. Anyway, it looks like a pretty tall cowboy is rounding a formidable legal and PR posse in both “countries” to track down that little worm and his gang of well paid thugs. Way to go Marty.

  21. That trailer sounded ominous…very ominous.

    Can’t wait to see the show.

  22. martyrathbun09

    UPDATED post as follows: Will be available to international viewers shortly after airing at 60 Minutes Australia webpage.

  23. Great news, thanks.

  24. Great, Marty! I watched you on “Nightline” in 2009, and that was the start of my education about the CoS and moving on up a little higher.

  25. Sentiment well communicated through humor – very funny, Al!

  26. Jean Kowalski

    Yea!!!! Looking forward to this!11

  27. Webmaster,
    Please fix the hyperlink address of “60 Minutes Australia” in the OP from to

  28. Marty – just great work! You are doing it – exposing the truth and setting people free out of the hell-hole! Thank you and Mosey – for hanging in there and telling the truth no matter what the cult pulls out of their arsenal of dirty tricks. Can’t wait to watch the show and forward it to my entire e-mail list!

  29. martyrathbun09

    Bad links.

  30. Is this going to be aired on TV or on the internet?

  31. I dont think thats available inUk to listen too.

  32. Cooper Kessel

    Take em to school Marty! Then clean their clock. Nice work.

  33. Cooper Kessel

    So will HE …………… with a hole in the middle!

  34. The current hyperlink address of “60 Minutes Australia” in the OP is which is a bad link (obviously a mistake).

    After airing, when they post the video, there will be a direct link to the video’s web page.

    Before they post the video, it looks like, the best link is which is redirected to
    If this link is not ok, what link is ok?

  35. martyrathbun09

    Ok, now I got you. Link fixed. Thanks.

  36. one of those who see

    Will definitely be watching Marty!!

  37. Still on your side

    Nothing can give you back the five years of peace the church took from you with its constant harassment. You should take comfort, however, in the fact that because of you the church’s crimes are out in the open and the “genie” can’t be put back in the bottle.

  38. Another torpedo from the USS Marty Rathbun. Good times.

  39. Trust me, as strange as it sounds, the boy is better off and is dodging a bullet….now at least he has a chance to live free without being evaluated up the waazoo!

  40. Tom Gallagher

  41. Go Marty! We will be watching and sending the link out! Thank you for doing this show!

  42. Way to go Marty!

    More international exposure is just what is needed right now.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a big deal. 60 Minutes (Australia) is Australia’s most-watched television news program and the second highest watched TV program overall. It has been on the air in Australia for 35 years and is known for its excellent investigative journalism.

  43. Congratulations Marty. South Africa is airing “Scientologists at WAR” documentary. Here’s the S. African schedule:
    In South Africa ~~
    “Scientologists at War”

    In September last year a documentary was aired by the BBC called “Scientologists at War” which details the schism that we have observed over the last 5 years or so. This documentary will be airing locally on BBC Knowledge, DSTV channel 184. It airs this Tuesday 18 March at 7pm. It repeats on Wednesday 19 March at 10pm. I don’t know if this is applicable to viewers elsewhere in the world.
    And Australia is airing a 60 minutes show with Marty ! All happening this week !
    It must be a *Conspiracy* timed with Tampa Bay Times and Good Morning America on Disconnection !
    Maybe the Vatican, Interpol, FreeMasons and the Internet Apostates along with those 12 sinister World Bankers are behind this ! 🙂

  44. How much beating can they take? They are becoming more disillusioned by the day. Harder they would have to lie to themselves and to those still within. Soon even those rich “whales” who have been the supporting pillars for the Church will start to defect one by one, as they probably have already. I sense the Scientology Jonestown is near! Get the Kool-Aid ready David Miscavige! Line them up starting with the RPFers!

  45. burnedbutnotbitter

    Will look it up and watch after Sunday….hopefully more mainstream media will follow

  46. We in RTC take note of the fact that RTC President Warren McShane will be responsible for informing Captain Miscavige of this particular television broadcast. Therefore, please direct all future correspondence to Warren McShane c/o of the SP Hole at Int Base. A comm lag of 8-10 years is expected.

  47. Hot-damn-tamale!

  48. Hell yeah!

  49. Alright! I’ll be watching and cheering.

  50. Martin Padfield

    Scientologists at war had nothing to do with the BBC. Was roast beef productions for channel 4.

  51. If this shows at 7:30pm Sunday night Sydney, Australia time, that means it will be over and available to view on the Internet late Saturday morning for US viewers.

    Is that correct?


  52. It’ll be better than Saturday morning cartoons!


  53. No wrong!

    It’ll be 3:30 am to 4:30am US time, very early Sunday morning.



  54. Thanks Marty for making it safer to swim even though the waters are still filled with sharks. ARC Bill Dupree

  55. I thought the hole was bulldozed? Its going to end up on a repeat of Jones town at this rate god help the ones in there still . David Gorish operation coming who knows.

  56. This 6omins show australia thats being shown . I hope please a link on it is put on ytube for UK to view.

  57. Mary Rathernotsay

    Your last two sentences are not amusing, FreeAtLast.
    How would you feel if this actually happened? It’s no joking matter.

  58. Pingback: Alicia B TV

  59. Awesome!

  60. Is anyone going to put it up on YouTube? I cannot get it here in UK and I REALLY would love to see this, thank you. :-/

  61. Yes please put it up on You Tube so we can watch it in America too

  62. Karen, I tried the link and the video was taken down from YouTube and vimeo. Any new data?

  63. Wow, what an interview. 60 Minutes and Liz Hayes did a fine job. Congratulations to you and to your wife – I love’d it when she said “You can follow any religion, but this just wasn’t right”. I was wondering if I could get an Aussie update from you, now or later? Just email me at

    Again congratulations on making more aware of this cult.



  64. Guys, try this link –
    Is Aussie 60 Minutes site. Otherwise Marty might be able to get the transcript. I can try but need Marty’s approval first.

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