Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 2


30 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 2

  1. Oh, man, active Scientologists are going to LOVE these videos. But at what cost?

  2. Another thing that was bothering me. Acting like an enemy. Literally taking the role of an enemy, and then cry and act like the victim if there is any response at all, and the more response the better, right? I mean, she’s the “victim”, but if the church or anyone who can be connected to the Scientology does anything at all that fits this act it’s like gold. It’s material for the show, good for ratings and profits. I’m not saying Scientology hasn’t done some bad things and doesn’t have some bad policies, but all the role playing is not my thing. It’s tabloid material. It’s Jerry Springer, Dr Phil type stuff.

  3. georgemwhite

    I have noticed that the softer theological views of Scientology have been replaced by discussion of the highly emotionally charged incidents. This is as if Dianetics has been replaced by a distorted Dialectics. This is unfortunate as I have also observed a few more rational viewpoints about Scientology now in foreign countries. It is as if the anti-Scientology movement in the United States super-charged itself.

  4. Some of it aligns with what the Church might say. Does that mean it’s not true? Maybe the Church as an organization is “wrong” or Miscavige is “wrong”, but couldn’t these things still be true? It doesn’t align with the side you may be on. I don’t know if it aligns with whatever “side” I’m on. I’m just listening and observing. I agree with a lot of what he’s said in the videos so far. .

  5. I think Marty is attempting to raise people’s awareness on how insidiously something can be forwarded that isn’t the way it is – in order to raise their ability to see through PR and propaganda, Not just with regard to Scientology but in general.

  6. It’s perhaps telling that no one has mentioned suing Marty for slander.

  7. On the Quivive

    Good for you. Articulate and truthful. Not just this but the series. How can people say the work – all of it – is negative. Irony is that even the hardest critics pepper their views with things like, “I came in because I was curious and the first day I had an out of body experience which was incredible and changed me.”

    I never knew society while I was younger but I do now and I have seen more truth in the work than I knew possible. Anyway, am pleased to see you doing these. Good luck to you and your family.

  8. On the one hand, you can’t blame Leah Remini for the actions of the person who tried to murder Scientologists (which I am not saying Mark is) – just as you can’t blame The Beatles for Charles Manson. On the other hand, yes – I read the comments across the ASC-osphere that day, and just now re-checked at WWP and the Bunker, and of course the comments were “bad aim!” and “Too bad – now she’ll get Scientology mail forever!” and something like she shouldn’t be charged because Scientology isn’t a “place of worship.” In other words, the usual cussing hateful stuff.

    So, yes, the ASC is a hateful bunch, and ANYTHING bad about San is good and ANYTHING good about Scn is bad. Of course. But again, so cussing what?

    I think there are only two values of these videos. 1. It allows Mark to state his case against the ASC, which is truly as much of a cult as Scientology is. And 2. Scientologists who are in can see these, and frankly, they are a good avenue to introduce them to life outside the church. Not ALL ex-members are as hateful and vindictive as Tony O’s group, or esmb. Not everyone who leaves the church turns into a hateful bastard.

    Mark P.

    ps. Call Rinder – I am serious about the fishing trip/video.

  9. One issue I have with this is: The church DID actually do something to Rimini. They slandered her by doing the usual hit-web sites and the usual letters by some flack to every news outlet she was on, again with the idea of slandering her. The usual black PR crap they do all the time, which YOU Marty have pointed out more than once. So, how now does it become the the church did nothing? We know that they did. So, if your purpose is to tell the truth on this, then stick to the truth and don’t whitewash what the church did.

    Look, you have a lot of people in your court, but don’t cuss it up.

    By the way, my best to Mosey and your son! I hope you all are well.

  10. Do you mean as in the actual definition of “Scientologist” as in someone who actually applies the technology whether inside or outside of the Church as opposed to money grubbing sensationalists like Remini, Rinder, Ortega et al who not only seem to be inciting hatred toward not just the Organization but the subject and founder as well?

    What Marty correctly calls the ASC or Anti-Scientology Cult.

    Tell me Dan:

    How do you justify your collusion and association with such people as Hassan and Ross who are good friends of Ortega and who are disciples and acolytes of the Singer and West both known Alumni of CIA’s Mk Ultra in what is called the Anti Cult Movement or ACM by various Religious Scholars?

  11. By active Scientologists Dan, do you mean church members? I’ve been hoping for years that someone call out the haters, i.e., those attacking broad brush not only Miscavige and his abuses but the church (which is made up of individuals, the vast majority of whom are well-intended), . the religion, and LRH as well.

    As Marty states about what he calls ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult), the haters have been duped into generalizing and jumping on to a bandwagon to destroy the church and everything else in sight. Anyone who dares speak the truth about the benefits is cyber clubbed.

    When I reached out to Leah through various channels, because I wanted information, any information I could get about my daughter, Angie LaClare, who I knew had audited and like Leah, I got the same message back from various inroads: Leah doesn’t want to speak to anyone who is pro Scientology, meaning the religion. Now I better understand why and what her motive was all along.

    Through my blogs at SaveScientology.com and ReligiousLibertyLeague.org, I have tried since 2010 to encourage “independents” to not generalize, to be specific in their allegations of abuse, to not attack the church (a generality), and not to be lured in by the likes of Tony Ortega who I have branded publicly as a Black Propagandist (link:http://religiouslibertyleague.org/429-2/ ). Their mission to revoke the church’s tax-exempt status and destroy the church is pure fantasy. And those who try will likely only end up destroying themselves.

    I know many Scientologists in the field who have yearned for someone to speak out against those who have thrown in with Ortega and other prominent haters. I know because I have been encouraged by multiple people over the years to take on a project like that. I didn’t feel capable; I had neither the altitude nor the arsenal of inside information necessary to be effective.

    Marty does. I applaud him for his efforts. I hear a loud Amen upon posting this.

  12. Yep. Us or them turns into all right or all wrong. If one story is true then all stories are true and if you don’t agree with ALL stories then you’re not in the club, you’re in OSA, you’re a traitor and so on. Hitler was evil but that doesn’t mean I have to believe a rumor that he hit someone when he was twelve. But if I don’t believe it, I am shunned. If I agree with one thing Marty says that I must agree with all of them and therefore I am the antichrist. One of the posters on Ortega’s blog actually told Marty to kill himself and not ONE person besides me called him on it. That’s how you know you know you’re on a troll farm.

  13. A big Amen here, too.

  14. Michael Fairman

    The words “hate’ and haters” have been thrown around here like confetti. In all the episodes of Remini’s A&E show, not once has she reviled the technology. To my knowledge In all the blogs Rinder has written, has he disparaged the technology. To call Remini a “hater” for exposing the destructive policies of Hubbard and Miscavige, by showing the people who have been broken and emotionally decimated is asinine. To call Rinder a hater for exposing the lies and false claims of expansion and Scientology;s goodworks, made by Miscavige and his trolls is absurd. And saying that Remini, Rinder and Ortega, have banded together “just for the money” is not true jus because you or Mr. Rathbun says it is. Remind has said countless time she benefited from the teachology as have most of those interviewed on her show. Those shrieking “hater” should take a good look in their mirrors.

  15. Hear, hear Merrell. I myself have been watching the so-disant “Independence Movement” led by Rinder and promoted by Hall,DeLacarrie and others with disgust as they moved from criticizing the Church of Scientology as we know or should know is not “co-terminal” to the Religion of Scientology to attacking the subject and the founder in toto while waving the false flag of the “Scientology Independence” movement with the support of the Deep State shill and pedophile enabler Tony Ortega.

    Thus I applaud Marty for coming out with this series of videos which exposes the disingenuousness of Wright and Gibney.

    By the way I had written them both off long before Going Clear when Wright wrote Looming Tower which was basically rehash of the 911 (C) Omission Report on 911 and Gibney when he did the hit piece he calls a “documentary” on Julian Assange and Wikileaks called We Steal Secrets.


    Again well done Marty for dead agenting used in its proper context Wright and Gibney’s propaganda.

  16. Well said.

  17. Well, lets not pile on Dan like it’s Tony or Mike’s blog. I didn’t intend for my response to read that way, just to clarify.

  18. @Chris

    It marginalizes, discredits and distracts from any actual situation or bad history, which I believe is the point of what these people are doing.

    Note Marks part 1, where he says “old woman with a ton of money” as one of Rinder’s backers.

    Note Marks part 1, where says Remini told him she had UNLIMITED backing.

    Who (or what) is that?

  19. Mike has disparaged the tech many times on his blog. Just a few days ago a new poster named Spike asked him about it:

    “I was looking at an interview of you back a few years, after you had left the Church. You seemed very positive on the tech, just down on the Church with all of its faults. What has happened in the meantime to change your opinion? You seem extremely negative on the tech, and the theme of the blog is very canted in that direction. I would appreciate your viewpoint.” http://www.mikerindersblog.org/an-ideal-org/#comment-176559

    MIke’s reply was:

    “More time. More experience. More reading. More hearing others’ experiences. More understanding of other paths. More recognition of my own understanding rather than what I was taught to believe. I do not believe everything about scientology is bad. But there is a lot more that I see that way now than I did 5 years ago.”

    I don’t remember exactly what Leah has said but I got that she no longer has anything good to say about the tech. One thing I do remember her saying was that that her whole life in scientology “was a lie.”

  20. Another thing that has grown old is Ortega saying that he knows “why about everything (Monique dropping the lawsuit, Marty making videos & various other things but “he can’t reveal it yet” or “You guys can’t handle it yet” or “when everybody stops guessing why THEN I’ll tell.” And “I’m not going to be baited into revealing something yet, I will when I can.” I’m honestly not sure why it’s anyone’s business why Monique dropped a lawsuit. It’s her business and people do it every day. She never said she was doing it for a crusade against Scientology, YOU chose her as your martyr and started throwing stones when she didn’t explain herself to you. She doesn’t owe any of you an explanation, it’s none of your business…nor is it the pundits like smarmy Chris Shelton or Steve Mango. All the people crying about disconnection did plenty of it to their friends and relatives when they were in the cult. They also committed crimes against humanity, regged people out of hard earned money, talked people into joining the Sea Org and told lies. Marty is no better or worse than the rest of you.

  21. I don’t think Remini, Rinder, and Ortega banded together just for the money, and I don’t think Mark does either.

    The fact that they are or may be money/fame grubbing doesn’t change that there is the what/who Mark mentioned in part 1.

    The UNLIMITED backing.

    Mark has also not mentioned yet where Karen and her flying monkeys fit into all this, but I think he will.

    The Remini show, one particular producer (Korean name) contacted Mike McClaughry regarding his experience as a GO staff head of intelligence, because he is the ONLY one to speak on the record as to what he knows.

    If you read this post:


    You’ll see that Mike made it very clear he was going to talk about the actual history of scientology, the deep state connections (Hubbard working as an asset for the CIA to even CREATE official scientology in the first place). See Scientology Roots Chapter 9-2 section starting:

    “A CIA unit called Political Action Staff was created” …

    Mike also told the Remini show producer that IF he would ever even consider going on Remini’s show, that he was going to question Mike Rinder regarding black ops on our family and the fact that he has NOT revealed everythinghe knows or recalls about operations run when he was head of OSA.

    Needless to say, this didn’t make it past Lemini and Rinder when the producer presented Mike demands, and they put crying (and utterly false) shill Len Zinberg on instead (Memorial Day special).

    Jeff, Karen, and the trolls at the troll farm have tried hard to spin this as because “we are scientologists” – we are not – and that we have imaginary conversations with L. Ron Hubbard – we do and did not – and that we must be crazy because we have done drilling on telepathy with very much alive friends.

    Essentially regurgitating the very campaign Mike Rinder was running AS HEAD OF OSA way back in the 2000-2005 period.

    NO addressing of the actual issues Mike McClaughry raised.

    They are cowards and their “backing” keeps them on a tight leash to keep those paychecks and “fame” coming.


  22. Michael, I think there was a mention of “prominent haters”, in which Ortega was mentioned. And he is, in fact a “hater” of scientology. On his blog he does have a small cadre of other cheerleader/haters who regularly chime in with ad hom towards anyone who says anything positive about scientology, and doesn’t enthusiastically follow Ortega’s party line. All of which is not to say everyone who reads or posts there is a “hater”, or that Leah or Mike are “haters”. They certainly don’t strike me as such. All in all, there are perhaps no more than a dozen, if that many, thoroughgoing, dedicated, “hater” posters that travel back and forth between the “anti” sites, always posting the same lines over and over again.

  23. Amazing how many people just can not confront the fact that Tony Ortega, Mike Lacey, and James Larkin launched an international sex trafficking syndicate cloaked under “Freedom of Speech” with the Village Voice. Over 100,000 people have registered their protest of Backpage on a petition and the I Am Jane Doe film has only been out on Netflix three weeks. Why is it that anyone with access to Netflix can confront this issue but if you are connected to Tony Ortega, you can’t see it? The people connected to him just don’t have a problem with selling children on the Internet for sex, they can overlook it. So, this is where their ethical standards are and that is who they really are. When Ortega is subpoenaed to court and facing his victims, his followers will be attacking the victims for showing up in court and hallucinating about who paid them to have their lives destroyed, to get Tony in trouble. That is the level of reason and insanity surrounding him. Not to mention morally bankrupt people. Tony dehumanized his victims when he wrote them off in an article as “underage prostitutes”. Minors being sold for sex are “underage prostitutes”. It doesn’t matter what his friends and followers think, the rest of society sees him for exactly what he is. His “media cred” is just getting started. By the time “The Village Voice” movie hits theaters, he will be unforgettable. He ran the front for a sex trafficking syndicate for over five years. Which is now costing the taxpayers in America over 50 million annually in damages, and that does not include law enforcement expenses!

    “I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a website into a digital enterprise.” Tony Ortega bragged to the New York Times Blog Media Decoder on September 14, 2012 after leaving the Village Voice.

    The “digital enterprise” was Backpage.


  24. “In bad company, the three poisons grow stronger, (greed, anger, ignorance)
    Listening, reflection, and meditation decline,
    And loving-kindness and compassion vanish –
    To avoid unsuitable friends is the practice of a bodhisattva”

    “The Heart of Compassion: The Thirty-Seven Verses on the Practice of a Bodhisattva” Dilgo Khyentse

    Bodhisattva = one whose wish and thrust is towards enlightenment for the benefit of oneself and all sentient beings.

    Former scientologists can relate to the above through what LRH often said — aberration is contagious.


  25. Also preachers with almost daily sermons suggesting that anything and everything gained or learned in the subject should be discarded. I suppose they feel they are helping people, but I think it leads to materialistic atheism.

  26. I never took their START website or the one it was predicated on Religious Freedom Watch seriously which are based on total miscomprehension on how to apply PR policies.

    That said.

    The fact is that Remini has by her own actions made herself a target of OSA an off policy organization that was ironically established by Rinder.

    A perfect example of reaping what one sows.

  27. This trailer is powerful and very timely.

    Child sex trafficking and pedophilia has reached epic levels. (Link: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/fbi-epidemic-levels-of-pedophilia-child-sex-trafficking/article/2569241)

    Moreover, it goes into the highest levels of the intelligence community (IC). (Link:

    Note, particularly, one passage from the second article:

    For over a half century the global intelligence community like the CIA, Mossad and MI6 has in fact functioned as pedophilia pimps for the rich and powerful, supplying them with child victims from poor communities, orphanages and group homes around the world, joining the sins of the church in destroying countless young people’s lives and then covering them up.

    I’ve always wondered what link existed between Tony Ortega and the IC. It is quite apparent that there is one: his black propaganda techniques are classic IC. His role with the Backpage at The Village Voice is an interesting string to pull.

    Marty once said that Ortega would rue the day. His videos started with Lawrence Wright, moved to Leah and the Troika. Will he produce a series involving Ortega?

    That could be interesting.

  28. Windhorse – That was “refreshing”. Thanks for posting it.

  29. Tony Ortega gained fame or more accurately notoriety by interviewing Rick Ross who was one of the gurus of the Anti-Cult Movement back in the early ’90’s when he worked the now defunct Alt Journal “New Times” then later he latched onto the once respected Village Voice which was founded by Norman Mailer and as Editor in Chief brought in Back Pages and pretty much destroyed their reputation as an Alternative Journal before writing his Magnum Opus “Little Miss Lovely” allegedly a code word Ron used for Paulette Cooper.

    As both of us know. Paulette Cooper was called many things but “Miss Lovely” was not one of them 🙂

    Anyway after his hiatus he moved on to Raw Story which currently has been doing its best to “debunk” what is being called “Pizzagate” while running his little “Underground Bunker” on the side.

    Just brief research on Ortega suggests that one for one that any Alt Media publication he hitches his star to or vice versa either ends up in trouble or eventually defunct which suggests either these publications have suicidal tendencies or he has got backing from other sources who want to eliminate any alternative voice in the media.

    Why he is obsessed with Scientology? I do not know but I strongly suspect the above.

  30. I don’t think it matters anymore. He has about 1,000 people clinging to him as they complain about hippies exploring the occult. Meanwhile, over 100,000 U.S. citizens have expressed their outrage on a petition in the last three weeks, about his involvement with sex trafficking minors. Legislation has been passed in several states in only the last few months, establishing child sex trafficking as child abuse. With consequences. People in everyday life tend to do the math on all things relevant. TO THEM. Not some exclusive self-interest group.This is a true crime story and a great American scandal. The conversations have just begun. Children are a trust from God. Exploring the occult is a hobby. It’s just that simple. For me, this has absolutely nothing to do with his blog or his current cyber group. Nothing. Those people do not even belong in this conversation. Obviously. They don’t even care about his crimes against women and children.In fact, they have been applauding him for years for his abilities to abuse and dehumanize people. And I am sure they will stick by him until the end. And somehow connect this to things that have no meaning in the current marketplace and social intercourse in America. The average American does not explore the occult or condone child sex trafficking. All I want is for him to be acknowledged for his crimes against homeless children. Whatever else he is doing with his group of 1000 or so people, that is their business and clearly, I do not belong in those conversations. Or in that group. I very much belong in the other conversations. Because I had to deal with the consequences of people just like him, dehumanizing people for “profit”. When that is your last trick, you are lower than the women and children being sold. Way lower.

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