Going Clear Movie, Part 3


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  1. Slimy pedophile enabler Tony Ortega is one of the last people I’d ever want to be associated with yet it’s almost darkly comical and deeply ironic that Gibney would use him as an “expert”.

    You’re right Marty. Gibney will rue the day once the word gets out what a bottom feeding pervert Ortega really is get’s out that he included him in his “documentary”.

  2. These videos are very instructive on the indispensable need for skepticism in this day and age.

  3. Almost all reporting on Scientology is secondary information based on emotions. If the intent is to smash all religion, let it be known at the outset. There are no logical contradictions in the Xenu story if it is viewed as an ancient symbol of evil. There are rejected Biblical narratives with less substance. The moral good that Scientology does promote is certainly superior to the drug related culture now in existence. Personally I have long ago rejected the theoretical basis of Scientology. There are those who have used it as a stepping stone and they have that right. I have empathy for those injured by Scientology. May they someday be compensated.

  4. The most obvious contradiction in almost all criticism of Scientology is that it is centered in Hollywood and in the TV industry. Thus I have watched numerous emotionally charged videos both on the screen and on You-tube.
    Most of the books written about Scientology report on the long history full of crimes such as Snow White, the breaking into government offices.
    Any serious attempt to treat Scientology is rejected.

  5. You nailed it with Tony Ortega. At best, he is stuck in the identity of a juvenile delinquent. Posting his selfy’s to show off his friends. Ridiculing and humiliating others like the high school bully. I can count the number of photos of him on the Internet before he started exploiting former Scientologists on one hand. He did not have any friends, any group, any fans before he managed to tap into his current enterprise of profiting off the misery of the disenchanted. Before that he made rent off the misery of women and children being sold for sex. He tried to start up an ethnic cleansing group to go after Muslims but couldn’t pick up enough traction. Then he found his gang with the revenge motivated hell bent on wiping out another culture. He is a spelling excuse for a man. He has eeked out a living profiting off other people’s misery and other people’s ethnic cleansing purposes.

    Few things trigger revulsion like the sight of maggots writhing through rotting food or decomposing road kill for its sustenance.

  6. donald king

    Page 369 of ‘Going Clear’: ‘Tony Ortega has been writing about Scientology since 1995, for the “Phoenix New Times”, and he continued as a valuable resource in the pages and the blog of the “Village Voice” until his recent resignation.’

  7. donald king

    Tony Ortega is mentioned in a footnote on page 326 and eight more times in the ‘back matter.’

  8. When Marty says the name “does appear in the book”, please. He wasn’t talking about foot notes. When you say someone’s name does not appear in a book that means the book is not about THEM and neigher includes them as the main terminal. This phrase, “does not appear” depends on if a person’s name is being used as a proper or common noun. If the person is propelled forward in a work as a unique identity/character in a book, they are propelled as a proper noun in mention. If they are referenced they are placed more as a common noun. Appearing in footnotes does not usually qualify as a “mention” in a book.

    When someone says, “Speak of the devil and he appears”, that does not mean he is really there.

    I suggest you look up the various definitions of the word appear. ” feature or be shown”.
    “the symbol appears in many paintings of the period”

  9. Someone in the footnotes is not featured. You may also want to look up the word “featured”.

  10. Geeze Christ this makes me wonder if most of the animosity towards Marty comes from the fact that he is literate.

    Take Tony Ortega publishing “Monique fires everyone without cause seeks payout” headlines for instance. People who could not read or understand the court document, depend on Ortega to translate for them, left spinning with totally false information.

    “Marty makes no sense..jibbberish..” = “I can’t understand what he is saying so he must be insane”.

    Lord have mercy.

  11. So in other words. Tony’s merely a footnote in Wright’s book.

    Funny that Wright doesn’t mention that he was a “valuable resource” for pedophiles and perverts by promoting Back Page when he was editor and chief of the Voice.


  13. Tony Ortega dismissed my research about the 1958 lecture about Xenu. Then months later wrote an article using my exact research and calling me a “tipster.” What a class act! (sarcasm)


  14. Ortega and his follower cult never look for their own faults. They have none. Those who dare to differ are all bad.

  15. “Appear” does not = “mention”. Marty never said Tony Ortega was not mentioned.

    Marty used the word “appear”. Appear = featured. Featured = have as a prominent attribute or aspect.

    Footnotes and back matter are not “feature” material.

  16. His value in the book can be grouped to a common noun.

  17. ” If the intent is to smash all religion”.

    And this is wrong because…?

    (Taking this to mean the current major organized religions here.)

    Smashing “religion” isn’t the same thing as smashing spirituality.

    The really problematic people in what Mark calls the ASC are after smashing *actual* spirituality. Scientology happens to be one place where even a HINT of that shows up here and there, and that’s about it as far as it goes. Just hints.

    That said, I consider their attacks on scientology to be attacks on a strawman, which is what scientology is. It isn’t the real thing. It’s a doll dressed up to look like it is.

    I probably shouldn’t even bother saying this since it isn’t a “popular” view with the commenters here, but what can I say.

    I think Mark will get it so that’s enough for me.


  18. It is true his first Scientology story was in 1995, but let’s look his Scientology writing history, to show there are years of no such writing.

    1995 One story in the Phoenix New Times
    1999 One story in the Phoenix New Times
    2001 One story in the New Times LA
    2008 Starting his Scientology beat at the Village Voice.

    So with just ONE story in 95, 99, and 01 respectively, then nothing until consistent Scientology reporting until 2008, can one really say he’s been reporting on Scientology since 1995?

    Yes, he first published a story in 1995; BUT saying he’s been reporting on it since then gives the impression he’s been consistently writing/reporting about it since then and that isn’t true. He’s consistently been writing/reporting about it since 2008 and 9 years of that is nothing to be ashamed of. But letting an image be created that it’s been over 20 years isn’t quite the reality.

  19. Ethnic cleansing group to go after Muslims?! Wh-wh-what?! I have no idea what that’s referring to. If you’re made comments about it, I apologize, I haven’t been here in a week or so. I’ll see your other comments to see if I can find what that is, cuz that just shocks me.

  20. One of the best Hollywood attempts to treat Scientology in substance was the movie “The Master”. It is ironic that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a drug addiction. But in the end, I like the reference to a “slow boat to China”.

  21. Before he took up attacking Scientologists, his target was members Nation of Islam.

  22. He didn’t only promote it, the Village Voice was used as a front to launch an international sex trafficking syndicate (Backpage) that was cloaked under “Freedom of Speech” because Tony maintained the front. He violently defended the purpose of Backpage, which was human trafficking, and included children. He wrote the children being sold for sex off as “underage prostitutes”, one of them was only seven years old. He used the Village Voice to violently attack any critics. Upon taking his pay out and departing, his claim to fame was launching an online international sex trafficking syndicate and he bragged about it to the New York Times.

    “I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a Web site into a digital enterprise.”
    Tony Ortega Sept 15, 2012

  23. Nailed it — Mark is literate.

  24. A stab in the back. His “tipsters” are the people he pimps to bring him intel so he has something to write. His intelligence community. Their job is to run around looking for things for him to write about and report it back to him. Little messengers. Also known TMO. Tony’s Messenger Org

  25. One could say self examination is not one of their key attributes. I mean if they exposed themselves to self criticism then it would break their self righteous facade and expose them as a pious bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.

  26. Funny how Scientology’s critics fixate on this one incident and claim it as Scientology’s creation myth or cosmology when it is actually contained in what Hubbard calls “The Factors” which just shows how functionally illiterate they actually are in regard to the subject.

    Even funnier as in ironic is that so called Christians attack it as unbelievable while believing in the Book of Genesis.

  27. Whoa. Thanks so much for telling us about this, Jonathon. This has been happening at Ortega’s blog for years with some of Mike and I’s research (often using others to front who have been PROVIDED our research to make it look like it is “independently submitted”). No need to go into examples, I only mention it as illustrative of a pattern forming here.

    While I am aware that the important thing is that the truth or documentation of whatever kind is the true focus of anyone providing such hard-won information, like you did, still. With the absolute obsession that is totally manifest at that blog of NEEDING ACCOLADES, that, up against the childish unwillingness to truly acknowledge or name the right source (because they are not willing sycophants on the Karen/Tony bus) is downright slimy.

    Note: There are exceptions to what I describe above, but they are few and far between.

  28. According to the surveys I have reviewed, the tracking is based on religion. Very few surveys get into the “spiritual” nature of religion. The teens I have spoken to were not inclining to religion or spirituality. So I just say religion.
    But I do see your point.

  29. Silly me. I thought newspapers were supposed to inform the public not sell children into sex slavery for fun and profit.

    Many years ago Norman Mailer started the Village Voice as an alternative to the Mockingbird Mainstream media and now Tony Ortega has totally destroyed that legacy almost single handedly.

    I say almost because he had some help from the owners of the New Times.

  30. You are so on the money Marty, these scumbags are on the wrong track to hell in a hand basket. May there eternity be in sufferance.

  31. Actually, he was outed by the New York Times.

    I notice lately he has been pimping and exploiting a Baptist Minister in Clearwater. With total disregard of what will happen to that man’s career should headlines read, “Baptist Minister joins cause with notorious child sex trafficker”? This is how perverse Tony Ortega gets when trying to destroy others.

    The Clergy called him out in New York:


    He offered to pay them $ made from prostitution to fly them in for a meeting. Mocking them as “religious zealots” because they asked him to stop selling children for sex.

    Their response:

    “And as for their response to the accusation that they ignored the Voice’s offer to fly members of the coalition to New York for a meeting, effectively blowing their chance at an agreement? “We certainly aren’t going to take money from Village Voice Media when they are making that money from this Backpage site,” Henderson says.”

    Tony Ortega then mocked them as “religious zealots” along with “feminists” for harassing him.

    “Congress hauled in Craigslist on September 15, 2010. There, feminists, religious zealots, the well-intentioned, law enforcement, and social-service bureaucrats pilloried the online classified business for peddling 100,000 to 300,000 underage prostitutes annually”.

    And basically bellowed that he had more “rank and power” than God.

    “Neither government officials nor God’s advocates can dictate such arbitrary control of business or speech,” … (The “business” and “freedom of speech” is to sell children for sex.)

    Now, Mike, Leah, and Tony have dragged a Baptist Minister into the theater without any regard to his career or congregation having him in bed with Tony Oetega. Who thinks anyone with religious inclinations is a zealot and he panders to the atheists, accusing others of dirty tricks.

    There is no place this two faced, hypocritical entity won’t go to set someone up for a loss. He is totally willing to devalue any member of the clergy if they speak out against him. But if they speak out against someone else, they are show cased on his blog as opinion leaders. And while they wallow in fifteen minutes of “fame”, they are set up to lose everything they ever worked for. Should some journalist decide to do an expose why a minister is in bed with a child sex trafficker.

    Tony Ortega is like one of these people with aids who lures others into bed to infect them. This is not about Scientology. It is about evil. With Tony Ortega sadistically flaunting the minister in bed with the devil. This is how sick and twisted Ortega is. The Grimm Reaper.

  32. Tony has been running his blog “Running Scared” followed by “The Underground Bunker” and seems to have quite a seemly following of anti-religious zealots.

    One wonders who these people are and why they’d support a known child trafficker?

    Then again the above seems rhetorical because these people who patronize his blog have no moral compass whatsoever and only pretend they do by pointing their bony fingers of contempt at Scientology.

    If they did they wouldn’t be hanging with immoral and ethically challenged slime ball like Tony.

  33. You are right about his having help from the owners of the New Times. He was their water boy and hit man. He was the one they sent in when they bought a new media source, to work as a plant and decide who to fire, and then boot them out of the street.

    “I’m a card holding member of the Evil Empire, a New Times hack who’s been at it for ten years, the boogeyman every Birkenstock-wearing hippie burnout still clinging to a paycheck at alt-weeklies sees in his sleep, coming to take his job and turn his paper into a soulless corporate moneymaker.” Tony Ortega


    They did destroy what was left of the Village Voice. It was descibed as a “former shell of itself” after Ortega and Backpage crew pulled out. Ortega with his pay off / hush money.

    “Barbey has said he plans to invest significantly in the paper, which has been diminished to a shell of its former self over the past decade through aggressive cost-cutting. ”


    The “aggressive cost cutting was Ortega firing a large percentage of the organization (starting with women and blacks) as the paper was only being used as a front for Backpage sex trafficking. He decimated the Village Voice news.




    “In the years since Village Voice Media took over the paper, many of the paper’s biggest names have been fired or quit, including Tom Robbins, Wayne Barrett, Nat Hentoff, J. Hoberman, Lynn Yaeger and Rachel Kramer Bussel.”


    It was already a free flyer when Ortega took it over, to use it as a front for launching the sex trafficking syndicate.

    “In 2005, when the Voice was acquired by New Times (later renamed Village Voice Media), circulation was around 250,000, according to the Alliance for Audited Media; the vast majority of those papers circulated as free copies distributed around the New York metropolitan area in the Voice’s signature red newsboxes.”

    The paper was supported by drug ads and prostitution, human trafficking and child sex trafficking, as it was a free flyer. No charge for the paper itself, that was useless. That was Ortega’s product. They couldn’t even give it away.

    “Like most alt-weeklies, the Voice depends on sex and drug ads for its very survival. The paper’s so desperate for revenue that it’s suing Time Out NY for using the phrase “Best in NYC.”


    In New York City Tony Ortega is known as “The man that sunk the Village Voice”. By the time he split they could not give the paper away for free.

    Tony Ortega had them stop most of the printing so it became essentially, the web site to enter Backpage.

    When it got too hot to handle, they paid Ortega to reinvent himself and keep his mouth shut, they dumped “Village Voice” and parked Backpage under a CEO in Amsterdam.

    I mean, this is real organized crime, the kind R.I.C.O. statutes were meant to address.

    Tony Ortega and his Backpage crew were criminals involved in organized crime, cloaked under “the press”. They were human traffickers, sex traffickers, and child sex traffickers. The only value the Voice had was as a cloak for the criminal activity. There was no other value, they had to give it away for free and even then they couldn’t. It was the launch pad for the trafficking syndicate. Ortega was not hired to write, report, or be a journalist. He was hired to edit, fire and manage. Defend and protect Backpage.

    The Village Voice founder’s son even stood in front of the building and protested what they had done with the paper.

    This is what Tony Ortega did for New York City. He enturbulated and destroyed. Planted an international sex trafficking syndicate that bled out all over the planet.

    And since he has lost his job with Lacey and Larkin, New Times owners, as a hatchet man, he has basically been unemployed by every one in the industry.

  34. http://www.rawstory.com/2012/09/village-voice-media-dumps-papers-to-keep-sex-ads/

    None of the Ortega crew cared about the Village Voice. It was not paying anyone’s sushi tab. It was women and children being sold for sex that was keeping a roof over their heads.

  35. By the way, Marty’s testimony in his video where he brings up Ortega taking a pay out, and Backpage owners freaking out about him drawing attention to their sex trafficking syndicate, was spot on.

    “An anonymous former staff member told the New York Observer Ortega had been increasingly worried about his job security after the addition of writer James King, an alleged favorite of Lacey’s.

    “Since James’s arrival, it’s been clear that Tony is afraid and saw that James had been sent in by corporate to keep an eye on him, and maybe even serve as his replacement,” the staff member said. “Hence Tony’s willingness to pretty much lick King’s asshole–he was hoping, it seemed, that this would be reciprocated positively by corporate.”

    Village Voice Media had also come under increased scrutiny for operating Backpage, which features ads for “body rubs” and escorts, and has been accused of enabling underage prostitution and human trafficking.”


  36. Personal Integrity is a shield against fraud, deceit, treason, greed, sloth, gaslighting, approval from others/applause, and a host of other needy issues.

    We see here, in this arena, a glaring issue with personal integrity. The word “personal” is key here. Nobody can grant or award another personal integrity.

    That is on you. And it always has been.

  37. Tony Ortega’s contribution to New York City, Backpage, has cost American taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars in damages and law enforcement efforts. 52 million annually right now in damages only, this does not include law enforcement all the way to Washington and the Senate. His efforts to defend and create Backpage are now being published under “True Crime” in the Washington Post.


  38. Geeze, this is breaking news! Yet, I see no mention of it on Tony’s blog. Even though this was published three days ago. I can’t even find mention of Backpage on Tony’s Wikipedia or other bios. He was so proud of Backpage and so passionate about it when he was the spokesperson for it. Yet, he takes credit no place for his part in launching this international human trafficking syndicate since he left the Village Voice except in a brag to a New York Times blogger.

    “I’ve been an editor in chief of The Village Voice for five years, and this seemed like a good time to try something else,” he said. “I think we did a good job of focusing the paper back on New York stories, and I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a Web site into a digital enterprise.” Tony Ortega


  39. The United States Senate has been consumed with testimony in closed sessions for WEEKS. They are fully aware of Tony Ortega’s part in Backpage and the organized crime he was involved in, in New York City.

    New legislation has been put in motion to curb the damages and expenses upon Americans Tony’s efforts in New York have burdened the American people with.


    56 million U.S. tax dollars needed to handle damages in just ONE YEAR.

    Tony Ortega has proved himself to be a total liability as a U.S. citizen.

  40. Actually Back Page Tony moved on to Berserkly to a new target of opportunity Raw Story:


    Here’s what the folks at the Daily Cannibal say about his move to the Gawker clone:


    Anyway I did a search of Raw Story’s site and couldn’t find any articles written by Kiddie Porn Ortega. So my guess his posting as “Executive Editor” is a sinecure of some kind for his services as a pedophile enabler.

    Last I heard Back Page Tony wrote a book about AFF sweetheart Paulette Cooper under the title of “Miss Lovely” allegedly code name used by the GO for her.

    As I’ve written earlier having audited GO staff I know for a fact that “Miss Lovely” was not a moniker they used to describe her.

    So I don’t know what Tony was smoking when he wrote the book.

  41. You know, I had a lot of empathy for his blog followers for a long time. I thought of them as victims. Easily mislead, desperate. Betrayed. Forgotten. I felt bad for them. I felt they were being exploited and saw them as victims. But when the truth came out and they just brushed it to the side……no problem with him selling children for sex, the wall came down. If they are O.K. with that, they are not victims. They too are predators. When you are comfortable with Tony making his income from children being raped and exploited? Who on Earth do you turn to for sympathy or allegiance at that point? And you have Karen de la Carriere who should have been an advocate for the victims Tony creates, running around waving Tony Ortega like a trophy. A maggot is her fkn trophy. This is a Shakespearean tragedy.

  42. Sorry I posted this in the wrong reply. It was meant for remoteviewed under this. As an aside I had more than the usual emails today asking me why I do not post music anymore. So I thought I would just slip this in. I am still mostly, musical.

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