Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 20



8 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 20

  1. Leah Remini is just handing out invitations to hate. The Neo Nazi’s are throwing shade on her though in the deep south. We live in a time where so many invitations are being handed out against Muslims, immigrants, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, Blacks, Koreans, Gays, Hillary, Trump, etc etc. That Leah, loud as she is screaming, is kind of muffled and standing in line behind a lot of other reasons people are being given to hate. In other words, she picked a bad time to start an ethnic cleansing movement. The Neo Nazi’s and white supremacists have totally thrown shade on her second season already with one dead body.

  2. Sounds like the three stooges are disappointed that the Church hasn’t over reacted.

    The irony is that if Rinder was still in charge he’d probably have A&E’s studio surrounded by OSAbots with placards.

    If Aftermath is what A&E calls “Art and Entertainment” then they are beyond redemption.

    They discredit themselves.

  3. Now that there is a dead body on the table from ethnic cleansing and targeting, I will not be surprised if A and E revises its fall menu.

  4. If you haven’t noticed A&E channel has gone in the gutter by popular opinion.
    Shifted to 100% reality television and out of the arts.

    Wendell Pierceā€Verified account
    There should be an immediate boycott of A&E and all of its sponsors as they normalize the KKK with a reality series. Abhorrent

    Hundreds of negative feedback:


  5. All they are basically doing is stirring up a lynch mob of some kind just like spewers of hate in the past. Only these days the list of minorities is somewhat limited to individuals and groups not specifically covered under civil rights legislation.

    Scientology since it is a minority that they can claim isn’t a religion by calling it a “cult” isn’t specifically covered under the CRA becomes fair game.

    The fact that seems to be missed by these mental midgets is that all the great Religions at one time were considered “cults”.

  6. Isn’t It a Pity

  7. The irony is that they were caught scripting the KKK doc:

    ‘It was all made up’: KKK members claim A&E producers paid them to FAKE scenes in their documentary
    Members of the KKK claim that A&E producers faked their documentary
    Some members said they were presented with fictional story scenarios
    And they were reportedly told what to say on camera at a given moment
    Eight-part series ‘Generation KKK’ was canceled by the network last week
    Show followed Klan members in Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee
    The documentary was canceled after A&E learned Klan members were paid

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4080648/KKK-claims-E-faked-documentary-network-canceled-program.html#ixzz4ps6BLinO
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Maybe they should change their name to Lobotomy Television or something.

  8. I doubt if A&E even cares how much dissension and upset they cause. Just as long as their ratings go up.

    In fact like most mockingbird “media” agencies they are probably counting on it.

    Something like that only applies to people who have a conscience and a sense of ethics.

    A&E has proven they have neither.

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