Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 21


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  1. The teaser for Aftermath was shown last night. It featured two women, one who was sexually abused by her scn-ist father when she was a child. This is somehow going to be tied into the subject of scn? Ugh

  2. Thank you. Every little bit of truth matters. It will never cease to matter even against the backdrop of perpetual misinformation and false reports.

    It is interesting that Mike Rinder, and Leah Remini have stepped up to replace the I.R.S. in its former role with Scientologists as an enemy.

    But we fought and laid blood in WWll against the Nazis and now we have Nazi movements growing in the U.S. of A. People who shape shifted into a mimicry of threat and foe. “Neo Nazi’s” from Virginia. Laughter!

    I don’t think some people really care about why they fight or what. They are parked in perpetual enemy conditions and just need to manifest it. Parked in fixed purposes to destroy. It could be any invitation to hate extended to them, and they just flip on automatic. Clearly, throughout time on Earth, there flows a purpose to create war.

    Miscavige was wrong when he said, “The war is over”. The discrimination is at an all time high. In one blog post by Ortega, he claims Scientologists shouldn’t “anywhere near the White House”. He has already started a campaign to have them banned from public places. That was ages ago. Anyway, as they whittle down the Scientologist population, they whittle down their relevance also.

    But if anyone thinks these people will go home and rest if Scientologists are suppressed into none existence, they are dead wrong. The basic purpose does flow through time.

    They will seek a new target. If any planet could be defined as “The Killing Fields”, it is the planet we all sit on right now. War, discrimination, ethnic cleansing, sociopathy, and greed keeps this population in a perpetual danger condition.

    You can only rise above that dangerous condition as an individual, by rising above the anti humanity. And I think this is where religion matters. And why it matters to some and not others. But you can place yourself in a secure position on that dynamic. As a being. Because there are roads that are blocked to an anti humanity menacing species. Places they can not enter. Some call it “heaven”. But it is a state of mind that places you in a parallel universe where no harm can befall you. And it is a very real place.

  3. Season 2 begins tonight. From what appeared on The Underground Bunker today, I’ll be interested to see how this gets spun. People abusing children is tough to defend. Even the Vatican has sent up the white flag on this one.

  4. If Mike’s job was to gather up policy relating to the GO and cancel them then it just shows how incompetent he was. According to the HCOPL Policy;The Source of, policy can only be canceled by another policy specifically canceling it.

    I remember pointing this out to Rinder who believed that by virtue of the fact that they were omitted from the current OEC Volumes they had been “canceled”.

    Also he seemed confused about the Seniority of Orders as he posted the LRHED From Clear to Eternity to prove that Ron had canceled the original OT Levels.

    Anyone who has read the above PL by that title knows that an LRHED can’t cancel HCOBs relating to the delivery of the OT Levels such as HCOB 3 Feb 72 on the No Interference Zone which includes the original OT Levels and is in the current Technical Volumes.

    Moving along. Rinder is obviously suffering from hallucinations if he asserts that the IRS event was about attacking the IRS in fact at the event Miscavige nauseatingly embraced them as “friends” and even threw CATS (Citizens For an Alternative Tax System) under the bus after regaining Tax Exemption for the Church.

    Not only that but included one’s tax status (whether a parishioner paid their taxes or not) as part of Eligibility for the Advanced Levels.

    In other words under the formerly “Secret Closing Agreement” the Church not only received exemption but became a de facto tax enforcement agency.

    BTW I agree with almost everything you say except I have never seen an order issued by the Old Man himself where he proposed abolishing the GO.

  5. This is why I take issue with Tony Ortega and his history of exploiting women and homeless children by holding down a front to cloak an international sex trafficking syndicate.

    Oddly, Leah Remin has endorsed him with her star power, and Mike Rinder continues to endorse him through friendship, interviews, and intelligence.

    If Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are highlighting a child abuse situation to focus ill will towards Scientologists, while they have their hands down Tony Ortega’s pants fondling him, they are more twisted than I imagined. That is sadistically perverse.

  6. I don’t think that type of abuse is tied in to “the subject’ of Scientology but rather to Scidentology as an organization. This is the usual problem – conflating the two.

    I watched the show tonight and can easily believe that there would be a cover up of such abuses, as that’s the culture of the church. It might also be the case that no assistance is given to the child, but probably not in all instances. Hopefully, some of the children did/do get help, including auditing.

  7. I’ve been asked over the years about my persistence to know. To continue to plow through the fragments of what has happened to us all, on every side and from every angle. Some people have qualified the rise and fall of Scientology as a third dynamic engram.

    I figured out some time ago engrams are connected to identity. So one’s engrams are relative to their part with an identity in any theater.

    I do not have any engrams connected to this theater as I have only been, myself. Not, a “Scientologist” or a “Sea Org Member” or an “anti Scientology” or any other identities being sold on the sidewalk of life.

    I will say this. Exploring the evil had been a worthwhile lesson. The idea of disconnecting from it and therefore not knowing about it collides with a purpose to know. It does not disturb me because all darkness gets its relevance from light. That may take some time to duplicate. There has to be light to even perceive dark. There has to be good will to even see bad will. Evil people get their meaning from good willed people becoming repelled by the evil. If everyone was evil, they would not matter at all. Anything you depend on, you become the effect of. This is true. So, all evil people are basically the effect of good people. And this is why they do not disturb or overwhelm me.

    I hope they will stop disturbing the anyone reading this here, too.

    They have taught me very valuable lessons. I would not be who I am today or know myself with out them. The problem good people make is to overestimate them and underestimate self. That is when good people turn evil.

    There will always be puzzles, games, and mathematics to understand.

    The evil people in this theater are beginning to bore me now, so I guess I am getting over run. The winner in any game is the one that can sort out the wrong items from the right items. And that is all I care to share. It is cruel to toss people in a game where the rules change and the players change identity. But it is still possible to win.

    Hubbard wrote a motivation scale once.

    “Money is important in the world. But it is the grease on the machinery, not the motors.”

    “There is nothing wrong with having lots of money. There is everything wrong with having no money. But to work only for money is the dreariest thing there is, very short term indeed.”

    “The weakest motivation is money. People and businesses that are motivated only by money are wobbly people.”

    “The scale of motivation from the highest to the lowest is:

    “Duty — highest
    “Personal Conviction
    “Personal Gain
    “Money — lowest” — L. Ron Hubbard

    But we can see now several items were left off that list. None of the above are items of mine. That is a list and Hubbard’s items are on that list. Revenge motivation is quite an issue but I can tell you this, once you land on that hamster wheel you head south fast in the game. And there is a wide difference between revenge and justice.

    One thing I have learned is this, I am not going to share any more of my personal insight. Every person has their own treasury called knowledge and integrity. We have seen in Scientology what can happen when you begin to share. This is not a tragedy, it is an omen of things to come and how to be. It is all understandable and manageable. Nothing much was put at risk on this trial of exploring the supernatural. Nothing much at all. As with any trial, you have different results. All of that information is valuable. And this understanding is what brings you into a tolerance of it all. Even the revolting treason and hypocrisy.

    I always believed in myself before anyone else. I had to, to survive at a very early age. I am grateful for that. All evil I have crossed paths with has served me very well. And it can serve you too. Have a little faith. Because I do the ability to foretell the future and I can tell you this, all things good are right beyond the horizon for so many. With or without Scientology. Take the motion that comes in, and use it to win. If you are winning motivated.

    And Marty is.

  8. You can’t win without knowing. He knows that too. The celebration of the unknowing and losing motivated does not include him. Or me. Sorry if that disturbs some people.

  9. I agree. That teaser almost seemed to suggest that scn, subject of, CAUSES people to be neglectful or even abusive of their children. That wasn’t exactly the case. The women shown as examples were from sea org families. Still, the general impression to the public might be that all scn-ists are neglectful of their children which is false and sad. Apparently having or raising a family in the sea org is no longer allowed.

  10. Hey Oracle! – I enjoyed your comment above! I’ve noticed that you have been delving into “why people are so bad” lately. That’s a very nice expression of your thinking above. Just words on the internet from me. All good intentions intended. 🙂

  11. To add – for anyone who didn’t see the 8 or 10 minute teaser.

    Mike mentions that he was neglectful of his children. Leah chimes in and implies that all scn-ists regard their children as old souls in little bodies and don’t assume “ownership” of their children. I’d like to see her accuse some scn-ist mother of that face to face and see what happens – lol

  12. As far as Hubbard is concerned, once you worship someone you dehumanize them. I have never dehumanized Hubbard. Hubbard went out of ARC and mainly with affinity. He was human. That means he is included in humanity.

    Apathy, I think he went into apathy at some point. When he began to make concessions and exclusions. “out qualing ” P.C.s and staff is apathy. You have given up on someone’s promise or potential. That is apathy.

    I have to understand what we did to him, as well as what he did to us. But I do not A=A myself with others and my potentials with theirs for doing the math.

    Neither do I have to get so apathetic that I can applaud despair.

    If this violates some people, and it will and did. I do not belong to many groups. This is just another one. I am not a politician and I do not sing for my supper or perform for tips. Not that I never did. So I do understand that desperation. I just repositioned myself.

    I am happy with everyone and what they have taught me. I always paid more than I promised and delivered more than I promised. I have no debts. I do not owe anyone applause.

    I stand by Marty because he is sane. There is no other reason.

  13. And I stand by Marty because he is not motivated to set other people up for losses. He is motivated to set others up for wins. And if you want to get into forensic science with spirituality, this is the only index in another human being you need to know.

    Are they setting others up for losses?

    Are they setting others up for wins?

    Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega, and their tribes, they are setting up people for the loss. Not me. Not Marty. Don’t hang that on this clothesline. We do not belong in that group.

    I, for one, will begin to respect the rights of those free-falling south.

    But I would rather be blind than stupid. I too, have freedoms, to make my own choices. Stand out of my way too.

    The people out here bitching about knowledge, I know, would have died in my shoes before they were eight years old. No doubt.

    I did not think I was killable until I fell in love. Some people think they are killable from reviews – who knew?

    Some people are not commercial. Never will be. We do not fit in the market place. Exploitation is not possible.

    That does not mean we are fair game.

    Just, get off of this cloud. How hard can it be to relocate?

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