Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 26


16 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 26

  1. I haven’t posted anything for a number of years but it felt right to say something in support and recognition of what you are doing. I don’t know your status as a Scientologist – be it, no longer one, working for the church under contract/some deal, sincerely wanting to establish a fair playing field regarding the ASC, etc, etc. There is a bit of a mystery about you – that will be between you and yourself.

    But I do know, I appreciate the balance you are creating within the very noisy and seemingly quite hateful Ex-scientologist/staff/SO mob which is being stirred up by BPTony, Rinder and Remini. I have no disagreements on them airing the Church’s dirty laundry – it’s about time some of the evil actions were identified and perpetrators held accountable.

    I definitely disagree on them intentionally omitting time, place, form and event to suit the story line making the narrative fit their tastes – and throwing the complete subject under the bus. I have seen Rinder allow completely misunderstood and altered concepts being forwarded by his ‘guest’ writers without any attempt to correct the falsehoods – false concepts which any novice Scientologist would know and spot, yet left there to create a misrepresentation of what the subject is about. Now Mike should know better – so he either intentionally leaves the confused ideas there to forward his agenda or he actually never knew what Scientology was about in the first place and just followed orders rotely and unawares.

    I don’t necessarily agree on everything you have to say and have, in the past, decided you betrayed some your friends. But, I do like you pushing back a little and exposing the ASC hate mob for what it is and their ring leaders. It gives some balance to some of the insanity this crusade of hate has created. I have seen too many good people caught up into this false portrayal of help and attempt to destroy.

  2. It’s a marvel that people are willing to provide millions of television viewers with false information and fake news. That people are willing to bear false witness under the banner of “justice”. This amounts to a kind of “mass fraud”.

    The Arts and Entertainment channel actually dropped their Arts and Entertainment menu some time ago. It is full-time reality / soap opera and has been for some time.

    Trust me I know, Hollywood is a cult too and it is far more brutal than anyone imagines.

    “Tuesday cable ratings: ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’ returns down.”


  3. Giving Leah a platform to tear down others recoiled on the powers that be in Hollywood, when she included Hollywood’s current marketable products in her fair gaming. (Elizabeth Moss and Tom Cruise). It’s like watching one product on the shelf start to destroy the other more profitable merchandise in the store. Anyway, I think her Buzz Lightyear moment has passed.

  4. +1. Well said, Focus.

  5. “I have seen Rinder allow completely misunderstood and altered concepts being forwarded by his ‘guest’ writers without any attempt to correct the falsehoods – false concepts which any novice Scientologist would know and spot, yet left there to create a misrepresentation of what the subject is about.”

    Yes. This is evidence that an agenda is being pushed regardless of the lack of integrity or truth in so doing. And the posters seem happy to be “enlightened” with the false data – which then becomes something “everybody knows.”

    Great post! Many excellent points.

  6. Marildi, my wife and I have watched you take the abuse, repeatedly, from Rinder and his ASC hate mob for simply trying to present the facts and the truth about the tech. I have meant to acknowledge your efforts but like so many others I know, just never took the time to do so. So let me say thanks, your voice was/is appreciated and paralleled the views of many I know. There are many of us – mostly silent, who do not wish to get caught up in the noise, hate and force of the ASC and just get on with life and producing products with the tech. I know you have much support for your efforts and speaking the truth.

  7. Oh, wow. Thanks for that. I really appreciate it! It took me a while to see that getting “caught up in the noise, hate and force,” as you put it, isn’t worth it. I suppose I was fixated to a degree, because of the lies – especially the hidden ones that Marty has been shining the light on. But I learned a lot, including that there are better things to do with my time and effort. Great to know that you’re producing products with the tech. Happy to hear it! Thanks again. 🙂

  8. More specifically, thanks for letting me know that my efforts were appreciated and my views paralleled! That was a great ack. 🙂

  9. Thanks Guys! 🙂

  10. You are very welcome! I should have said something sooner. I think any sane person has a tendency to try to find and say the truth, in a situation, if it is blatantly full of lies.

    I see miracles everyday produced with the tech – but it is where Scientology ‘isn’t’ being used as a weapon. There is a tremendous amount of goodwill in the field. Good, ethical people applying Scientology with the intention to help one another.

  11. Truly wonderful to hear. (And you never know who else may be reading your comment. 😉 ) Carry on!

  12. Thank you.

  13. The only thing I would add here is that guest writer’s topics about the subject of scn, not personal stories, are from Terra Cognita and a couple from Brian. It’s not really Mike’s job to edit or correct them. That’s up to the people commenting.

    IMO the technical aspects of scn are mostly of interest to people who actually participated in scn. The pros and cons of the subject have been debated on hundreds of blog topics, maybe even close to a hundred on this blog, with tens of thousands of following comments. Correcting misinformation is tedious and most people don’t bother anymore.

  14. Jessie Ventura feinstein

    Leah is just an actress getting paid to do a TV show. People are stupid enough to think she actually cares lol. She is being paid millions of dollars on a pretend investigation . The only thing she cares about is making more money for plastic surgery and to live a lavish lifestyle . She cannot relate with the common man or woman nor will she ever . Wake up Americans your being fooled once again this show is total bs.

  15. Marty I lost you forever now, be sweet, be a good husband.

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