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Paul Haggis Demoted to Projectionist

Paul Haggis can’t seem to make up his mind. He wants to be a victim while continuing his predator behavior. Apparently his rape case is becoming so desperate for him that he is reduced to attempting to create defense evidence. See Tony Backpage Ortega’s latest fiction thriller, ‘Betrayal.’

Once again, Haggis plays the role of victim. This is not the first time Paul has claimed to have been done in by me.  I addressed his pathetic act more than three years ago:

Paul Haggis and Backpage Tony Ortega

And just like Paul blaming his alleged rape victim for his own conduct, he did exactly that in 2017:

Paul Haggis Damns Lawrence Wright

Haggis is like a projection machine – hysterically and illogically blaming others for his own sordid intentions and acts.

Clearly, Haggis did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the latter post. 

Instead, he teamed with the troika (Remini, Rinder, and Ortega) and their ethics-challenged lawyer to participate in yet another coordinated, attempted pile on of me. Seems no matter how hard I try, they just will not allow me to cease being their daddy.

Let’s break down the latest underground bunker post.

Haggis now claims that he disclosed to me his plans to produce the expose of all exposes on the Scientology Guardian’s Office, L. Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard, and “Operation Snow White”.  And then adds that I ‘must have’ blew the whistle on him to Scientology because I disagreed with his fiction writing (masquerading as non-fiction).  Little problem. I never heard of such an intention of Paul’s until reading the underground bunker post claiming it.

In August 2014 Haggis did attempt to recruit me for a consulting role for a film he was considering about the Lisa McPherson tragedy. Of course that all took place 15 years after the demise of the Guardian’s Office and resignation of Mary Sue Hubbard, nearly ten years after the demise of L. Ron Hubbard, and twenty years after the termination of the Snow White Program.

In any event, I spent a good hour telling Paul the Lisa McPherson story from my perspective – beginning with my first involvement with it, investigating it after the fact. Haggis was thrilled and committed to working up an outline to run by me.

Nearly a year elapsed, when in July 2015 Haggis finally provided his pitch.  It bore little resemblance to my account which he had assured me was what the project was all about. I informed Paul in writing:

“Your narrative summary is about as informed, nuanced, accurate and partisan as Freedom magazine’s takes on me. A thirty minute google search would bear that out, let alone a single meaningful conversation with the subject of the piece.”

Yet, Paul now touts himself in “Betrayal” as only wanting to portray the truth:

Haggis: “I didn’t want it to be sensationalistic, I wanted it to be the truth.

Seymour: Right, so you wanted him (Rathbun) to help, with…

Haggis: Yes, consulting the project.

Seymour: …getting the story right.

Haggis: Absolutely.”

But Haggis said the polar opposite in real time, in July 2015. Compare Haggis’ latest acting gig to his response to my pointing out to him that his proposal was anything but the truth:

“I never thought of it as a documentary. I was never thinking of telling a ‘true story’.”

  • Paul Haggis, July 2015

Stepping off this feigned honest-intentions foundation, Haggis lays on the drama by claiming my response to his proposal was only that he was ‘being an anti-Scientologist.” In fact, my response was only about truth, integrity and fairness and Paul’s lack thereof:

“What I care about and always have cared about is truth.  And when I am condescended to and attacked for making that my guiding light – refusing to play the game in order to satisfy one side or another – I really don’t care what those playing the game think of me. I simply am no longer going to allow narcissists to pimp me out to promote narratives I know to be dishonest, slanted to satisfy ends, and partisan.”

Of course, there is no room for diverse views or opinions in the ASC (Anti Scientology Cult); if you espouse anything diverging from the propaganda bureau line you are labelled a “scientologist” and are treated as fair game, with no rights or recourse possible. 

Haggis, Seymour and Ortega also used the Rinder “time is just a consideration” propaganda technique (see Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology) by inventing time sequences:

Haggis: “About six months after I sent that (July 2015), Marty started doing some very strange videos online. And so he’d obviously turned over all of my communication. Everything he turned over to the church, so they knew exactly what I was doing.”

My videos started in June 2017.  That makes it nearly 2 years later. But hey, that doesn’t fit the narrative, so they’ll just make it up as they go.

As to the value or even significance to Scientology of knowing Haggis’ plans – even if it attained such knowledge, he clearly warranted in those “secret” communications that any plans he may have harbored in 2014 were no longer extant by mid 2015:

“You obviously don’t see it at that way, and I would not approach this story without you, so I leave it at that.”

-Paul Haggis, July 2015

In other words, the “plan” that I allegedly snitched about, was a plan NOT to proceed with any plan.

That Haggis has resorted to weaving such incredible stories with his ASC chums in defense of his rape rap is not a promising indicator for his case. So far it seems Haggis’ legal effort is making progress in atoning for his alleged sins, even though he clearly keeps trying to do the opposite: 

Paul Haggis Appeal Ruling – New York Times

As always, I hope truth somehow prevails no matter where the chips may fall. And that Paul comes to grips with his conscience.