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Anybody Have a Viewpoint on Scientology Front Groups?

Ref:  Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Lisa Hamilton does, and allowed me to share our email conversation on the matter:


Hello.  I needed to write to you about your most recent posting.  And perhaps I am missing data, but it seems that what Mary Shuttleworth (who is not an SO member, but is public) is doing is a good thing by traveling around the world promoting the Declaration of Human Rights.  If this message is something that does get across it could change how people are being treated on the planet.
I knew Mary for many years in PAC and maybe this is why it struck me odd.  Mary has been traveling for many years.  I am guessing that she is at least partially funded by the IAS….I do remember her having trouble with funds.  I do know she is very passionate about her work and about Human Rights.  Having been on the road for so long and being so concentrated on Human Rights, it is very unlikely that she knows much about what is going on with DM.  Maybe she does.  If she doesn’t and she is doing good things for the planet, then she should be supported.
Yes, if DM gets credit for Mary’s hard work, that is disgusting.
It seems like a bit of a dilemma…if someone IS still associated with the CoS proper and they are doing good works and helping people I am not sure why we would speak out against what they are doing in order to harm DM.  If what Mary is doing is making a difference, she should be supported.  Unless she has changed drastically, she is a good and social personality.
In my mind, the right thing to do would be to expose the bad and support the good.
Maybe that is what you are saying to do.  The article seemed so full of hatred that I could not see it.
What you are doing for, in and with Independent Scientology is vital.
However, I do believe that there is good being done for the planet by people who are unfortunately still in the CoS.  I don’t think we should blanketly condemn them and their good works while we get rid of the real SP.  Yes, expose the suppressive, but don’t harm people of good will doing so.  Maybe this violates the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, but in Mary’s case anyway, she creates good effects across many.
I did not send this to your blog as it is just a comm from me to you.  It is my observation and of course you can do what you want with it.  However, I would appreciate your viewpoint on what my thoughts here are.
   Hi. Yes, it is a dilemma. See the follow up post on Tony Ortega’s article.  The Human Rights campaign is being big-time funded by the church these days – using incredibly sophisticated a/v products, flying dignitaries around the world to attend events, hosting the same at lavish events at Scn celebrities’ homes.  All date coincident with Truth Rundown original series, summer 09.  Bless Mary for her work.  Pity her for being used as a tool to unwittingly be used to cover for the most heinous human trafficking operation in recent American history.  As a note, I am not trying to harm David Miscavige. I am working to prevent the continuing harm he visits upon others, and from my perspective, because of his position, all of humankind.  I’d love to post your email to me and my answer, if you believe that would be helpful.
Thanks a lot for your answer.  This indeed was a helpful perspective.  I did look at Tony Ortega’s posting and that made sense too.  I am so glad that any Independent Scientology individual can share and discuss their viewpoints and work together to make the world better.  It is so very different from being within the organization (and especially in the current Sea Organization) where you are afraid to say what you think or you expect to be put on the meter for an Ethics Interview to FIND YOUR CRIMES if you express an idea/opinion that may question what was said.
Feel free to share this with others. Thanks for being there.
Take care,


Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Re: Last night’s post, Scientology and Human Rights.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has posted a follow up article to one we linked to a few weeks ago about the Corporate Scientology sponsored Writers of The Future contest.

The new story is about a contest winner named Carl Frederick.  Frederick has decided to cut ties with the contest.  Tony’s reporting created the effect I was suggesting be created on the “church’s” Human Rights propaganda campaign front.  The article gives an inside look at what goes through the mind of someone supporting a corporate Scientology public relations program when he is informed about the criminal activities such a program seeks to create a cover for.

Frederick speaks of the corporate Scientology love bombing:

“You’re never treated anywhere in your life as a writer better than you are there. Tuxedos, parties on rooftops — there were evenpapparazi. They give you the whole works,” he says.

Frederick speaks to the question of why continuing to engage in such an innocent sounding activity would be an unethical choice:

“I had blinders on. Self-fitted blinders. I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my appreciation of the contest,” he says. “I still think the contest is a good thing. But once you’ve gone through it, you should probably leave. It’s the long-term association that I have a problem with,” he says. “It implies an acceptance of everything.”

Of course in this case, “everything” would include the atrocities of David Miscavige.  It would also indirectly support them by making his torture chamber matron, and Executive Director Author Services Barbara Ruiz – the sponsor of the contest, appear legitimate.

He also talks about the moral dilemma attached to such decision making:

“I feel good in my mind that I did turn this down, but I am conflicted about it,” he says. “They really do a lot for us. I’ve had nothing but niceness from these guys.”

Ortega’s article is your inside look at deconstruction of the propaganda front activity.  A great primer for anyone inclined to do something about the Human Rights propaganda activity of Miscavige discussed in last night’s post.



WTF? sort of sums up my initial thought upon completing Tony Ortega’s mini opus on Writers of the Future (WTF) at the Village Voice.  

Uncharacteristically, Tony uses an awful lot of ink to get to the heart of a matter.  I think it was out of respect to those he interviewed who had a lot of good things to say about L Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest and publications.  I respect and appreciate that.  WTF has served to open doors for a lot of talented writers and artists.

Fact of the matter is WTF was originated by L Ron Hubbard as a Public Relations action. It was created during a time in his life where a tremendous amount of blowback was occurring; so much so that number one priority for church resources at that time (early 80’s) was attaining an All Clear (a legal and PR climate that would allow for Hubbard to return to the Int Headquarters base near Hemet California unmolested to complete production of the technical training films).  The promotion of and resurrection of LRH’s SciFi career was orchestrated during that time ultimately, by LRH’s copious directions, to forward his legacy so as to drive more people toward Scientology books and organizations.

I am sure that WTF continues to give breaks to those in the ScFi arena who deserve them.  It probably also continues to create positive impressions of Hubbard.

However, it serves another purpose not so overtly emphasized in Tony’s article.  That is, it serves to create a patina of respectability to the criminal who ultimately runs its operator Author Services Inc.  Meanwhile, that criminal spends hundreds of thousands  of dollars of those who ultimately do get into Scientology organizations to suppress the exposure of his crimes.

If this were the 1930’s and the German Nazi party were operating such a shift, it would behoove the public to know of its provenance.  If this were the 1940’s and an organized crime syndicate was the beneficiary of such a worthy endeavor, the public would be entitled to know it.  If this were the 1970’s and this was a front operation of People’s Temple head Jim Jones’ (of Jonestown Massacre infamy) the public would deserve to know.  If this were the 1980’s and a South African company effectively profiting from slave labor were behind it, the public would be entitled to know.

Well, it is the 2010’s and one of the main beneficiaries of this salutary activity has been using it to immunize himself in his running one of the more horrid Human Trafficking operations in recent American history.  Perhaps more importantly, in terms of the public’s right to know – at least for friends of L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige is using Writer’s of the Future to prolong and protect his carrying out of the precise opposite purpose of WTF.  He is in effect using  something designed to enhance Hubbard’s legacy to enable his attempted destruction of that very legacy.

In my view, the public ought to know that.



Miscavige and Misogyny

Definition of MISOGYNY

: a hatred of women

— miso·gy·nic adjective

— mi·sog·y·nist noun or adjective

— mi·sog·y·nis·tic adjective

Origin of MISOGYNY

Greek misogynia, from misein to hate + gynē woman — more at queen

First Known Use: circa 1656     – Merriam-Websters.com

Many here have expressed dismay while attempting to divine David Miscavige’s “logic” in launching perhaps the largest footnuke in Scientology history by suing Debbie Cook.

Mike Rinder and I went through the same process the moment we first finished reading the lawsuit and motion for Temporary Injunction.

However, Rinder in his inimitable, deliberative style soon summed up what I believe to be a perfectly accurate estimation of Miscavige’s thought processes in one succinct sentence.

Mike read the following from Debbie’s 15 January email to the “church”:

“I put out a simple message to not support anything not covered in tech or policy by L Ron Hubbard and to go up the Bridge.  How is that so horrible and despicable?  Oh, I forgot, I dared to challenge DM.  My OL (Opinion Leader) is L Ron Hubbard.”

Mike turned to me and said, “I know exactly what happened;  Miscavige read this and said, ‘I AM GOING TO TEACH THAT BITCH A LESSON’.”

Mike was spot on because Mike understands that at bottom David Miscavige is the worst sort of misogynist.

When I joined the Sea Org in January 1978 one thing that impressed me about Ron Hubbard’s international organization was that it was way, way ahead of the times in terms of gender equality.   Some of the most powerful figures in Scientology – all appointed by L Ron Hubbard himself – were women.   Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember on the Guardian’s Office side, and Dede Reisdorf Voegeding and Gale Reisdorf Irwin on the Sea Org side.

Well, the first order of business in Miscavige’s rise to power was the calculated, systematic destruction of all four of those women.

But, that was not the end of it.

Upon formation of Religious Technology Center, which was intended to carry out an international Qual function so as to guarantee the practice of Standard Technology in churches of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard appointed two more women to its highest positions, Inspector General – Annie Tidman Broeker; and D/Inspector General  – Vicki Aznaran.

Both very competent women were ruthlessly taken down by Miscavige.

By the late eighties there were but four remaining high-profile, internationally recognized women executives heading major Scientology entities, Terri Gamboa at Author Services Inc (ASI, before it became a glorified sales con outfit), Janet Light at International Association of Scientologists (IAS), Bitty Blythe Miscavige as Commanding Officer CMO Int,  and Debbie Cook at Flag Service Organization.

When Miscavige’s ordered criminal reg tactics of ASI were creating big external threats for the church, he blamed it all on Terri and blew her off.

Bitty rose to the position of Inspector General – chiefly on the merits of her years’ long projects to help upgrade Flag into a two million dollars a week income cash cow.  Janet was left to get on with it as she turned IAS into an even more profitable outfit, albeit out-exchange and criminal, than Flag.

Bitty had her ups and downs and ups, but in the year 2000 she too was blown off by Miscavige’s misogynist behavior after having the temerity to challenge him.

Then in early 2007 Janet was imprisoned in the hole and broken after expressing disagreements with Miscavige’s  increasing greed and criminality.  Shortly after Miscavige sent his own wife, COB Assistant Shelly, to a gulag because she too began to question Miscavige’s sanity.

That left Debbie as the last powerful woman in Scientology standing.  If you’ve been following since her New Years message this year, you know the misogynist behavior Miscavige visited upon her.

And when Debbie drew a line in the sand and told the dictator “make my day” he could not resist his own evil, misogynist impulses.

My guess is that if there were a support network like the Independent Movement in place back in the day none of these powerful women (all friends and trusted confidants of L Ron Hubbard) would have given up and left Scientology behind.

In my mind Debbie stands for all the great women of Scientology.

When Debbie told the SP “no!”, she represented every former great woman in Scientology that Miscavige blew off or destroyed.

When she prevails it will rehabilitate the power of female legends in the history of the Scientology movement.

It will restore complete gender equality in Scientology for the future.

It will quite possibly mark the end of Miscavige’s reign of terror; for the simple reason that I imagine he cannot live with the fact of being bested by a woman.

Note: While the above is only a brief overview, the details of the misogynist, sexist nature of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader and its effect in destroying Scientology Inc will be fully exposed in my upcoming book.


Settin’ the Record Straight

Rachel Denk is a productive member of the independent community, having contributed finances, meters, books, lectures on CD, lectures on cassette tape, an LRH framed photo, friendship and advice, and lots of data. She comments on this blog as Hallelujah and TheWidowDenk. It is her sincere hope that – through her contributions – others are made aware of the gross misapplication of Source by Miscavige and his minions, and find the initiative and wherewithal to do something about it.  She has shared with me the facts surrounding the church’s treatment of legendary Scientologist, L Ron Hubbard’s personal doctor, and her husband Dr Gene Denk.

Dr. Denk was head of the Shaw Health Center. His many years of service to Hubbard, Sea Org and staff members, and public Scientologists created a large, loyal patient base. Chiropractor Stephen D. Price was Dr Gene Denk’s partner and, supposedly, his friend.

After Hubbard died and Miscavige anointed himself king, Stephen Price apparently began to value another “friend” more highly than Dr. Denk. Stephen became a personal pet of Miscavige, visiting him every weekend at the Int base since the eighties to the present.  Stephen gave Miscavige chiropractic services and special, lengthy massages.  He also regularly went out to play golf and go to the movies with Miscavige, and when at the Freewinds they would go scuba diving and to lavish dinners with one another.  Miscavige had Price hang around the base all weekend long (almost every weekend, and many times extending into the work week) for years waiting for whenever Miscavige needed or wanted Stephen’s magic fingers or a recreation break from his fellow Sea Org members whom he considered to a one to be riff raff.  For the last two decades Price has regularly accompanied Miscavige on his trips around the world, along with Miscavige’s entourage of hairdresser, stewards, and chefs.  Whenever Price happened to mention a personal problem with any org, Miscavige would be on it like white on rice, as if Tom Cruise himself had squealed like a stuck pig.

Price, no doubt, received an earful from Miscavige about Dr Denk.  Miscavige nattered heavily about Dr Denk.  Seems Dr Denk missed all manner of withholds while serving L Ron Hubbard in his final years of life, while Miscavige was calculatingly positioning himself to use Hubbard’s name and fame to rocket himself into a position of unquestioned power and wealth.

Dr Denk passed away on November 5, 2004 after a 10 month painful bout with cancer. Less than a month before his death, Stephen Price caused a “To Whom It May Concern” letter about Dr Denk and his wife to be delivered to the Denk household where home care was nearing the end-of-life stage. Rachel intercepted the letter before it reached Dr Denk’s eyes as it certainly wasn’t going to assist his spiritual or physical care.

The document has been transcribed here for easier reading (a scan of the actual document can be viewed at the end of this post)



5336 Fountain Ave. Los Angeles CA. 90029


To Whom It May Concern:

Shaw Management Corp., DBA Shaw Health Center, (SMC) is a corporation for the purpose of managing the administrative aspects of health care services to the general public. Gene Denk and Stephen Price are 50/50 share holders in the corporation.

SMC was located and operated out of the property 5336-38 Fountain Ave. Gene Denk and Stephen Price, as individuals, own the property at 5336-38 Fountain Ave. SMC leased the property from Gene Denk and Stephen Price.

The structure of SMC was that all gross earnings of Stephen D. Price and Gene Denk, as well as the independent contractor health care providers were to be paid to SMC. From those Gross earning, ½ were to be used to pay overhead, equipment, administrative and other financial obligations of SMC. The other half of the gross earning was distributed back to the health care providers, including Stephen Price and Gene Denk.

Gene was absent from SMC for two years (1984-86). During this time he made no contributions to SMC, notwithstanding he was earning money as a health care provider elsewhere. During this time Gene did not contribute any income to SMC. Consequently, Gene contributed nothing toward the overhead, equipment, administrative and other financial obligations of SMC.

While Gene was gone, and contributing nothing to SMC, Stephen continued his practice full time contributing his gross income to SMC. Out of that Gross income (approximately $500,000.00) SMC kept approximately $250,000.00 of that gross income to pay overhead, equipment, administrative and other financial obligations of SMC.

Between Gene and Stephen, Stephen was the sole income contributor to SMC. For 2 years Stephen was solely responsible for the administration of SMC with no help from Gene, reasonably valued at $500.00 per week for 104 weeks = $52,000.00.

Stephen has reason to believe that Gene received over $350,000 for his work elsewhere. (This is only an estimate, as all the exact data has been withheld from Stephen throughout the cycle.) All of Stephen’s and SMC financial data was passed to Gene through Rachel throughout the cycle. When Gene returned he used the money he made elsewhere, that should have passed through the corp., to loan to the corp.

In 1986 when Gene returned to his practice at SMC he loaned $100,000.00, to SMC. The check did not come from Gene, it was written by a church related organization to SMC. This caused Shaw to pay taxes on it as income and allowed Gene to avoid paying personal income tax on it. Accordingly Gene got a personal tax benefit at the expense of SMC.

To bring all things equal Stephen will need all his contributions of ½ his Gross income back from the corp. and his full pay for administrative work. Plus ½ of the total taxes paid on the $100,000.00 and Gene would get his full 61,000.00 from the loan.

The Truth of the matter is:

All debts and financial obligations undertaken by SMC are the sole responsibility of SMC and must be paid solely from SMC assets, if any. The Property at 5336-8 Fountain Ave. is not an asset of SMC.

The SMC corp. is no longer in business and is unable to:

  1. Pay Stephen for the administrative duties performed
  2. Return the $250,000 of Stephen’s own money contributed for 2 years.
  3. Refund the taxes paid for the 100,000.00
  4. Pay Gene back the balance of the loan to SMC.

SMC went out of business when Gene decided to form Optimum Wellness Medical Group and separate out chiropractic, massage and vitamins from Medical. Gene’s decision ended any chance we would have of collecting any monies from SMC.


Stephen D. Price

Secretary, Shaw Management Corp.


Twenty years after the fact, twenty years in which Stephen Price spent perhaps more time away from the office servicing David Miscavige than at the office, Stephen Price hounded Dr Denk on his death bed regarding money.   His basis of claim is that Dr Denk allegedly did not share his earnings from his service to L Ron Hubbard during the last 1 ½ years of his life.  1 ½  years in which Dr Denk had to leave his family, spend months at a time holed up in remote hotel rooms at the direction of Miscavige to be “on call”, cross state lines and start all over on a moment’s notice, and always be there to assist when Hubbard called on him.

Here is the punch line.  Rachel Denk, who helped handle Dr Denk’s finances and coordinated filing of his tax returns, never heard of the $350,000 that Price, twenty years after the fact, alleged existed.  Legal Director Author Services (ASI) Ryland Hawkins vouched for Price’s allegation claiming to have documentation of the payment.  (Note, I held the Legal Dir ASI post from its inception through a year beyond Hubbard’s death, and then subsequently worked for Miscavige for another seventeen years – and I can tell you such a representation/reg tag could not and would not happen absent being ordered by Miscavige directly.)

Shortly after challenging this nifty set up, Rachel Denk, who worked at ASI for many years on the Writers of the Future activity, was inexplicably and rapidly routed out of ASI, treated like a security threat.

Rachel never caved to this con.  After Gene’s death and after enduring an IAS reg assault to take out a home equity loan to donate to the IAS because “Miscavige has a really big situation,” Rachel was treated with increasing disrespect by the radical corporate Scientology corporations.

Recently, in order to clear the air on this saga, Rachel requested copies of the documentation that Hawkins claimed to possess about Dr Denk’s “secret” earnings.  Her written request has been ignored.

Rachel asked me to analyze the situation from my experience and substantial bullpen data on ASI and the Estate of L Ron Hubbard.   Having no access to records I can only speculate.  Overall, it sounds to me like a sick sociopathic game of David Miscavige; pimping Stephen Price to play David Miscavige to Gene’s L Ron Hubbard.  Enturbulating, lying, and cheating him to the grave.

Here is further opinion, with facts provided in order to support that view.

Pat Broeker, who coordinated Estate matters and finances during Hubbard’s last five years on the road and at the Creston ranch, and David Miscavige put the church’s tax exemption at serious risk in the eighties because they could not account for the millions of dollars of cash relayed by Miscavige to Broeker to keep Hubbard’s operation operating over the years.

After Hubbard’s death, while we were negotiating with the IRS for tax exemption of all church related entities, the IRS required a detailed accounting of Hubbard’s Estate as a starter.   Miscavige used the predicament in his inimitable Machiavellian way to scare Broeker away from asserting “church” leadership because of his alleged personal criminal liability surrounding 1.8 million dollars that Broeker had received but could not account for.  Miscavige assigned attorney Monique Yingling to supervise a several month project wherein Broeker was made to hole up at Creston and through “creative accounting” make the missing 1.8 million dollars magically re-appear.

I know that a tremendous amount of that “creative accounting” involved Broeker doctoring a pile of receipts he possessed to add defensible significances to them.  Beyond that I do not know how Broeker, Miscavige, Yingling and Norman F. Starkey (the nominal executor of the estate of L Ron Hubbard, working for de facto executor Miscavige) managed to pull it off. I do know for a fact they were 1.8 million short and somehow wound up after several months “accounting” for it.

Knowing all this, I offer a possible scenario, that — while speculation — is far more credible than Miscavige’s silence.  That is, the Miscavige team created a half dozen or so “big ticket” item expenses that were never in fact expended to cover the substantial shortfall.  They could have carefully monitored Denk’s and other possible imaginary recipients’ tax filings to create income that would never be noticed or questioned by the IRS, given the timing and status of Hubbard’s final returns and the final returns of the “recipients.”  Not undoable, given that Denk along with other potential recipients had their returns prepared by compliant, cooperating Scientologist tax preparers.

Caveat.  This is speculation and opinion.  But, I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts given these facts:

  1. I witnessed Starkey and Miscavige joking on numerous occasions about the ongoing “creative accounting” project of Broeker.  They thought themselves so clever by killing two birds with one stone: a) keeping Broeker off church management lines, and b) defrauding the Internal Revenue Service. I know for a fact they had to create 1.8 million dollars of “expenses” during the lifetime of Hubbard retroactively  – which they did to the satisfaction of a skeptical Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Rachel Denk – like the authorities investigating the death of Biggi Reichert, e.g. – was flat out stonewalled by Miscavige’s Author Services Inc (ASI) when seeking to investigate the mystery.
  3. There should no longer be a mystery as a great deal of information has now been made known to set the record straight. There is no possible reason for Miscavige to hide the ball unless of course disclosure would reveal fraud of the order of magnitude I have surmised here.

In short, the entire matter reeks of the skullduggery, fraud, deceit, cover up, vengefulness, and just plain nastiness that are the trademarks of David Miscavige.

If he has a better explanation, I am all ears.